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"In the zone of Alto Huallaga to date we have 30 modules established and more are being installed in agricultural areas in which HOMA THERAPY is being applied, each one with 40 hectares. This makes a total of about 1,200 hectares. All of them are under an integrated system of permanent crops such as plantains, bananas, papayas, cocoa, citrus, avocados, coffee, tea, star fruit, mango, etc. These cultivations are combined with plants of short vegetative cycle such as rice, corn, soya, nuts, sesame, etc., and complemented with apiculture activity and breeding of cows and bulls."

Republic of Peru, Ministry of the Presidency-INADE (National Institute of Development). Special project Alto Huallaga

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Eng. Fernando Valladares organic garden
Prof. Dhananjay Jog jatropha curcas
Dr. B.G. Bhujbal grapes


Eng. Carlos Augusto - update 2008 mango
Eng. Gilberto Navarro tomatoes
Eng. Hernan Posas bananas
Eng. Carlos Augusto 2005 mango and bananas
Field trip 2004 mango
Industrial Agrarian Co-operative Naranjillo Experiences with Homa Therapy
Higher Tecnological Institute Cotton
Transitory Council - Ucayali Department of Investment
Ministry of Presidency variety of crops
National Agrarian University cows and pasture
Eng. Irma Jimenez beans
Tech. Agr. Isuiza Salas palm oil
Eng. Augusto Pajuelo mangos and asparagus
Ministry of Presidency variety of crops
Ministry of Presidency mango
Ministry of Presidency plantains and bananas
Ministry of Presidency coffee
Ministry of Presidency citrus
Dept. of Presidency - Tingo Maria cocoa
Transitory Council - Ucayali various crops
SENASA beans
Dept. of Presidency - Satipo cocoa
Naranjillo Agrarian Industriell Coop. coffee and cocoa
Mayor of Puerto Sira Elimination of Black Sigatoka
Mayor of Nueva Requena Eradication of Black Sigatoka