"Until the last days of my life, I will continue to practice Homa Therapy, because, thanks to it, I recuperated my will to continue to live, working in my agricultural land and I no longer think of selling my land and going to Tingo Maria or another town to search for another means of economic income. I feel happy, because I have always been a farmer. I wanted and I continue to want to be a farmer and with Homa Therapy, this is possible. I would like that this letter transmits the happiness that a farmer feels when he really can have material prosperity and also good health, a reality that for many years has desappeared from the man in the country side in High Huallaga and in other areas."...

Agricultor Edgar Arevalo Patow, L.E. N° 23014258. (Peru).


Below is a list of some testimonies from farmers, who could save and better the productivity of their land thanks to the application of HOMA THERAPY

Bernarda Guerrero Flowers
Tapovan Turmeric
Tiwari Mango
Tapovan 1000 sq. meter project
Tapovan Cotton
Abhay Mutalik Desai Vanilla and Sugar cane
Enzo y Lucia Destro Lemon, apple, wheat, corn, etc.
Augusto Bedoya Cocoa and Plantains
Francisco Roman. Lemon, Papaya, Yucca and Sweet Corn
Edgar Arevalo Patow  Plantain, Tangelo, Mangostinos, Papaya, Sweet Corn, Beans, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Roses and Flowers
Eng. Franklin Vences Mango, Mandarins, Papaya, Lemon
Benito Palermo Avocado, Lemon, Flowers, Mango
Technological Institute of Sullana Citrus fruits, Beans, Papaya, Lemon, Goats
Honorato Garcia Flowers, Mangos, Lemon, Avocados
Eng. Luis Jorge Calle Ortega Mango and Lemon
Marco Ramirez Lemon, Beans, Plantains, Papaya
Americo Perez Cattle
Hernan Ernesto Bottger Rengifo Potatoes, Pumpkin, Earth, etc.
Alejandra Mendez Papaya, Nispero, Plantain, Passion fruit, Guayaba
Mario Aguilar Sweet Corn, Acelga, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Maca, lettuce, beans etc.
Farmers of Huánuco Potatoes
Farmers of  Nueva Requena Eradication of Sigatoka Negra in Plantains