Powerful Tool for Healing from Ancient Wisdom Tradition

The Yantra is a powerful and dynamic sacred symbol which arouses the inner life force to its fullest. These symbols have been used traditionally in India for millennia to harness healing energies.

Yantras are geometrical figures made from linear elements intended to represent, in a synthetic form, the basic energies of the natural world. It is the physical expression of mantra, which is a Divine aspect in the form of sound vibration. Yantra is in the form of a geometrical figure.
This particular Yantra engraved on copper is the Shree Yantra. Copper is a healing agent, according to the ancient science of Ayurveda. Shree Yantra is the most powerful geometric formation in the world, consisting of nine criss-crossed triangles in two- or three-dimensional form. Criss-crossed triangular geometrical formation has tremendous amount of cosmic powers capable of aligning the positive cosmic energy in one's favor.
Tradition says that Shree Yantra enhances prosperity, affluence, peace, harmony and health for the entire home; and, of course, for the person wearing the Yantra at the heart chakra, over the thymus gland. (That means, with the Yantra placed at the center point of the horizontal line between the two nipples; with the geometric design touching the skin.)
This copper Yantra has been infused and charged with Pranic Energy (Universal Life Force) in order to activate the healing power. This is generally done by maintaining the Yantra in special places of Shakti for a certain time and then charging them with vibrations of Mantras. Prana is the vital energy which pulsates through us and connects us with the Cosmos; and it is the Pranic energy contained in this Yantra which
makes it a powerful device ready to operate to protect you, to bring health at all levels and also prosperity, both spiritual and material. With the recent ecological disasters in Venezuela, with tremendous destruction from floods and mud slides, it was proven that the Yantra coupled with the practice of Agnihotra healing fire provided amazing protection to Agnihotra practitioners who carried them.
According to ancient tradition, Yantras emanate healing energies when they have been charged in the appropriate manner, causing a positive effect in the healing of mind and body. Most important, the Yantra must be charged by a pure person whose mind is always full of love, i.e., one who practices Love thy neighbor as thyself in his daily life, and not simply by anyone who knows the process of Tantra in an intellectual way. Thus, the power is transferred to the Yantra.
In the case of this Yantra everything necessary has been performed according to the ancient, traditional manner. You may place your Yantra in your room or meditate with it. You may keep your Yantra submerged in water all night long and drink the water the next morning. (Try to avoid using plastic or aluminum vessels.) Ancient tradition says that the water receives healing energies. Alternatively, you may place the Yantra directly on the body wherever it needs healing energy, with the design side next to the skin. The Yantra should be worn with cotton, copper or gold thread or chain. Also, you may place the Yantra on the soles of your feet, particularly while sleeping.
During the period of healing, the Yantra may become discolored or even turn black. This is not uncommon. The Yantra may be cleaned with toothpaste, tamarind pulp, vinegar with salt or lemon with salt.
When first using the Yantra it is possible that any symptoms may become more pronounced. This is also normal and would indicate that the body has gone into a healing crisis. Do not worry about this. If necessary, reduce the amount of exposure to the Yantra, but try to use it as least some time every day.



A man who had lung cancer was told that he had only three months to live. One night he dreamed of a geometrical design projected on the wall of his bedroom. Next day, he was surprised when a friend of his came in to visit him and gave him the gift of a Yantra. It was exactly as that he had seen in his dream. From that day he drank the Yantra water three times a day, held the Yantra in his heart and slept with the Yantra under his pillow at night. Less than a month passed and he went to his doctor's appointment. When the doctors examined him they were very surprised, because they could find no trace of cancer in his body.

A woman had been suffering for several months of severe pain in her spine. When she received the Yantra she placed it for a while on her sacrum and then for a time on the area which was most painful. The next day she awoke with no pain.

A woman could not get up from her chair. She had severe intestinal and kidney pain. After placing the Yantra on her kidneys for five minutes she was able to stand up smiling without pain.

A woman with an ear infection placed the Yantra next to her ear. She immediately had relief from her pain. On the fourth day after placing the Yantra next to her ear before going to sleep, the infection and inflammation in her ear had totally disappeared.

A young man had an operation on his foot and was told by his doctor that the wound would close on the fifth day. Two weeks later the wound had not healed and he went back to the doctor with great pain. For another five days he followed the doctor's treatment with no success. One evening he placed the Yantra on his foot and the pain became so intense that he became afraid. He removed the Yantra from his foot and went to sleep. The next morning the wound was completely healed and he had no more pain.

A woman was suffering from severe pain in her stomach and on placing the Yantra on it, the pain increased. She became alarmed and was advised to use the Yantra for only a short period each day. After three days the pain disappeared and has not returned.

There is the story of a dog who for the past seventeen years was having an epileptic attack once a month. Recently, her belly had grown very big and the family was afraid that she was about to die. When the family bought the Yantra the young girl put it on the belly of the dog. The dog relaxed totally and fell asleep. The girl kept the Yantra on the dog's belly for half an hour. The next day the dog awoke bleeding. After a few hours she delivered something black like a dead fetus. She was filled with new energy and vigor. Since then, she has had no more epileptic attacks.

A woman was unable to stop smoking cigarettes. She started drinking the water from the Yantra three times a day and was able to give up at last. Six months later she is still not smoking. Many other people have been able to give up smoking simply by carrying the Yantra with them.

Many overweight people, even some with thyroid problems, have lost weight by drinking the water from the Yantra or by placing their food on the Yantra before eating.

A woman was on the verge of a nervous breakdown during her divorce from her husband. She would frequently lose consciousness and on one occasion had to be taken to the hospital. The doctors could not determine the problem. In her semi-conscious state she would cry out and scream from the pain she was undergoing. After administrating some drugs the doctors sent her home. Three days later she fainted. Again, she was crying and moaning and uttering a strange laugh. Her family tried to carry her to bed, but she was extremely heavy. A friend decided to place a Yantra on the crown of her head. After ten minutes she stopped moaning and fell asleep. Now, it was possible to carry her to her bed. Each night for three nights she placed the Yantra on her heart, and after that her mental state totally improved. She now drinks the water from the Yantra every day. The attacks have not recurred and her voice has returned to normal.

A woman had an appointment with her lawyer to sign some documents. She knew that her lawyer was stealing from her. She was in a state of panic and confusion over her divorce and the measures that her husband was likely to take against her. She placed the Yantra against her ear and immediately she received a message in English. She could not speak English and had to get the message translated. The message said, Do not be afraid of anything or anyone. Have faith. She confronted the lawyer and signed the papers. Her husband took no measures against her, and because she signed the papers her financial security was assured.

An old man was dying of bone marrow cancer, diabetes and respiratory disease. He was taken to the hospital in very severe pain. Drugs prescribed were unable to relieve the pain. He begged his daughter to give him something to ease the pain. She remembered the Yantra. Intuitively he placed the Yantra over his heart and called for his wife. He sang a beautiful song to her, said good-bye to all the people present, fell asleep with a beautiful smile on his face and in great peace he died. The doctors were amazed that a man in his condition would have such a peaceful and painless death. Two of the doctors in the hospital now offer Yantras to their patients.

A woman had suffered from arthritis for more than eight years. He hands and feet were totally deformed and she suffered from severe pain in all the joints of her body. She had traveled to the U.S. and Europe for treatment, but without much success. On the third day after drinking the water from the Yantra her pain started to ease. After the fifth day she had absolutely no pain; after one week the improvement in her hands and feet was noticeable, as they began to straighten out.

A woman had been suffering from severe menstrual problems for many years. Her gynecologist diagnosed it as a large fibroid tumor and recommended an operation, as it was potentially cancerous and also there was a possibility of hemorrhaging which could be fatal. This woman believed only in natural remedies. She began to feel very painful cramps, so she placed several Yantras her belly. After a short nap she awoke feeling fine, went to the bathroom and passed some of the tumor. From that day on she only experienced one menstruation a month instead of the two she was having. Seven months later she passed the remainder of the tumor.

From Sydney, Australia: Yantra Case Histories
A radionics expert, after doing extensive tests on these Yantras discovered the following facts:
(a) That the consciousness of the Yantra tested higher than anything that she had tested so far.
(b) That in using the Yantra as a tool for healing her patients, the Yantra brought them back into perfect balance (not too much or too little). It automatically stopped at perfect balance, unlike some other remedies she had tested.
(c) That it took only 10 minutes for a Yantra to charge tap water with the same healing energies as the Yantra itself.
(d) That only Yantra was necessary for a person's body.

A young psychic girl, when she came into contact with a Yantra, felt she could breathe in the healing energies. They were so pure and beautiful; and for five minutes she did this and felt full of Divine Love and Healing. Her boyfriend, who was also conscious of energies, asked to put it on his heart. This he did for five minutes. Then he proclaimed that this was the first time that energy was taken from him. His girlfriend looked at his aura and told him not to worry, that only the pain and negative energies had been taken. And then when she looked at the Yantra she saw that it was not the same as it was originally, and felt that she could no longer breathe its energy. But, after five minutes it had regained the originally energy fully and she could once again breathe in the healing energies.

A woman who marriage was breaking up had a bad earache for weeks and could not cure it. When she place the Yantra on her ear the pain ceased after a few minutes. Then, it came back after half an hour. That night, she slept with it under her pillow and afterwards experienced no more earache at all.

A lady had severe pain between the large toe and the second toe, which nothing could relieve. She put the Yantra between her toes for a few minutes at a time and found that pain disappeared altogether.

Whenever one lady slept with the Yantra under her pillow she would wake with more energy in the morning and would feel rejuvenated.

A certain lady put a Yantra under her boyfriend's pillow for one night without his knowledge and for at least a week he abstained from drinking alcohol. (He usually drank alcohol every day.)

A lady with an extremely busy schedule would usually go to bed late and would find it difficult to rise early in the morning because of tiredness. But, after sleeping with the Yantra she would wake before the alarm went off, feeling full of energy.

A young woman who was a healing practitioner was handed a Yantra in a restaurant. She put it against her heart and she felt that someone was breathing her, as if she had entered a larger consciousness. Her breathing became rhythmic and deep.

A lady at a New Age fair had trouble with her sinuses and hay fever all day and was constantly sneezing uncontrollably. Then she was handed a Yantra from the lady next door. The sneezing stopped completely and the lady then asked for one to keep. That night, she had a dream wherein she was honored by holy men because she had this Yantra in her possession.

Some people developed headaches or disturbing dreams after sleeping with the Yantra under their pillows. My feeling about it is this: the Yantra is a powerful tool for bringing us into balance. If, in order to bring us into balance, some emotional stress from the past is released, there may be some resistance and this may cause temporary discomfort. But, ultimately its only effect is to heal and to make us whole.

Sydney, N.S.W.: One day, a policeman came to our door. He was very upset because his four year old daughter had a brain tumor, which was inoperable. The hospital had sent her home because they could do no more for her. She was very weak and could no longer play. I asked the father to place the Yantra under her pillow each night, which he did. After one month the child was playing normally and was healed of the tumor.
Perth, W.A.: A lady approached our booth at a Mind/Body/Spirit Festival. She was in great pain with her leg. She had an operation on her knee and was in constant pain. As I handed her the Yantra I told her to just place it under her sore legs as she drove 200 kilometers to her home. When she arrived home the pain had gone and is still not there. She returned to her doctor, who x-rayed her again and he said it was a miracle. She called us in Sydney and ordered Yantras for Christmas presents for all her friends.

Maleny, O: A twelve-year old child was bitten by a fly, a very painful bite near our market at Maleny Festival. I invited the child to sit down and applied the Yantra face-down on her bite. She felt better after 10 minutes. Her mother on seeing this put the Yantra on her heart and declared that the pain she had been carrying about her marriage problems was being drawn out of her heart. I felt that she should keep the Yantra, but she had no money to pay for it. I told her to take it and pay for it when she could. A couple of weeks later I received a check and a lovely letter. Her mother had died the day after she received the Yantra and she felt that the Yantra had made it possible to bear the grief. She said it took her grief away. She also stated in the letter that her daughter had been bitten five times and a large red welt had come up on her arm; but after sleeping with the arm on the Yantra, it had subsided and healed during the night.

Sydney, N.S.W.: A respected healer in Sydney, who is able to see subtle energies, took one Yantra to try it. She placed the Yantra on the soles of the feet of all her patients for one day. In each case, she was that the impurities were drawn out of their aura and out through the feet and that light was then coming in and flooding the aural field.

Sydney, N.S.W.: A friend tried the Yantra and slept with it under her pillow. She found she woke earlier and fresher each morning. Her boyfriend had been consuming quite a lot of alcohol. She decided without letting him know to put the Yantra under his pillow while he slept. Automatically, he gave up drinking during that period, and he was relating much better with her and was happier.

Sydney, N.S.W.: A young girl who has severe menstrual pain discovered that if she placed the Yantra with the etched side on her lower abdomen that the pain ceased after a few minutes.

In Maracaibo, Venezuela, a 67-year old lady looked much older, was not able to move or dress herself. Her whole body was in pain. She wanted to die. When she was a beautiful 16-year old girl, she developed an excruciating pain in her stomach, and no treatment whatsoever helped her. After she married and had children the pain got worse. A couple connected with the Homa Farm in Maracaibo went to visit her son. She called them to her bed and asked for help. "Papi, the Yantra", said the wife to her husband. He removed his personal Yantra and placed it in her hands, stating, "This is science, but if you believe, it will act sooner. So, sleep with the Yantra touching your skin and drink the water from the Yantra three times a day, after you leave it on the water for 10 minutes."
The next day a telephone call informed the couple that when she evacuated that morning in her plastic night bowl, there was an animal, similar to a frog, with eyes popping out. Two days later, that is, three days after sleeping with the Yantra and drinking Yantra water three times a day, her son called the couple to inform them that a shiny, plastic-looking bag had come out with her stool. Her daughter cut the bag open with a kitchen knife. Many worms came out. After then, the lady looked younger and happily started to cooperate with household chores after many years of bed seclusion.
It is a common experience that the more serious the case, the faster the Yantra acts.

A Mexican living in Miami bought a Yantra and placed it in a place of honor in his car. He used to have to put one liter of oil each day in the motor of the car, and there were other mechanical problems with it. Since the day he placed the Yantra in his car, it stopped giving him problems.
His bank had mailed him a credit card. He never received it. Someone else used a lot of his money and several experts said he had a lost case with his bank. After he observed the effect of the Yantra on his car, he bought another one and placed it with the bank documents dealing with this problem. A lawyer was successful in having the bank pay his money back and they said it would be done in four days. He took the Yantra between his hands and closed his eyes and breathed deeply for a while. He felt very relaxed and nice. A few days later he received all the money from the bank.

A very famous and busy astrologer in Bogota, Colombia had a computer which was always giving her problems, and the ribbon of the printer had to be changed much too often. She bought four Yantras and placed them over the printer, together with the literature about them. She had no time to read it, and totally forgot about the Yantras. After one week, her secretary asked, "Did someone come to fix the computer? Did someone buy a better quality ribbon for the printer?" No. So, the astrologer sold the three Yantras and kept the fourth one over her printer. The computer has been working perfectly for more than seven months, now.