Sacred Narmada Sand

Rising in the mountains of central India and traveling over 1,000 km's across the country to the Arabian Sea is the Holy Narmada River. Little known outside of India, nevertheless its importance in terms of our planetary evolution is paramount.

Copper heart filled with Sacred Narmada Sand

The Narmada River ( also known as Divine Mother ) is the source of the egg-shaped Shiva Lingam stones, energy generators of balance and healing. While Shiva Lingams are commonly seen in temples all over India, where they have been revered for centuries, they were virtually unknown outside the country till a few years ago.

Now in 1996 a new phenomenon has surfaced. The bed of the Narmada River is now yielding another of its treasures - its Sand. Limited quantities of this powerfully healing sand, which in some countries has now come to be known as Miracle Sand, have been released to different areas around the planet at a time when this great positive healing energy is required to balance the dark, distorted and negative energies which are prevalent now, especially in large cities.

Like the sacred Narmada Shiva Lingams this Sand comes from a place on the Narmada River where intense Tapas (penances and austerities) and meditation have been performed for thousands of years by many saints and holy people in order to uplift humanity. The Sacred Sand has been gathered in a special way and taken to a place of extremely high vibration "Shakti Peeth" (seat of power) where Veda Mantras and Ayurvedic Healing Fires are regularly performed. (Vedas is the oldest body of knowledge known to mankind. Veda literally means knowledge). After being charged with Prana of Life-force or healing energy, a few grains of Sand are sealed in a small container. The Kirlian photos taken clearly show the effects of contact with the Sand for only a few seconds. The aura shows not only an increase in size, but also a color change in the direction of revitalizing, healing, Life-force energy and unconditional love.

Dr. Roberto Orozco, an allopathic doctor, psychonometrist and recognized authority in the fields of extrasensory faculties, recently tested the Sand using psychonometrics. He described a column of light emanating from it with circular energy containing points of brilliant phosphorescence of great splendor. He said the Miracle Sand emanates a brilliant light like pulverized quartz, diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. The Miracle Sand has a field of energy similar to that of a pyramid. The Miracle Sand has intelligence and consciousness. When he closed his eyes and put his hands around the Miracle Sand he had a vision of a Master form India who said, "This Miracle Sand is form an ancient time and was once a desert on another planet. It formed part of a meteorite which came to Earth at that point in central India and fused with the Earth and the energy spread all along the bed of the river and from this point the healing vibration spread out all over Mother Earth. This became the Narmada River, the oldest part of the Earth. The Miracle Sand is older than the planet itself. Its vibration raises the vibration of all systems of the individual, including the etheric double, the chakras, the aura, the cells and the whole infrastructure of the body. It is a vector and a conductor of evolutionary energy". Behind the Master form India, Dr. Orozco described an Archangel. He says " I am sent from the Father and it is not me who is saying this, but Him. And so be it."

When the Sacred Sand is introduced into any space where dark energy is present, the negative energy is immediately neutralized. Because it is such a potent source of Divine Light which remains intact, it can be used any number of times. Its application in the area of freeing people and places from the effects of spells, witchcraft, possession, fear, etc. are enormous. Several instances of healing in this way have been experienced in different countries. For example, a teenage girl who, when very young suffered sexual, mental and physical abuse from a so called spiritual teacher, recently decided to bring this man to justice. Following the decision she was thrown into a state of fear and panic and she was actually physically paralyzed. (In the past she had experienced this same state and was diagnosed by a psychiatrist as having "paranoid delusion" but had never been able to find any relief at all.) This time however, she applied the Miracle Sand to her forehead and she experienced immediate relief and peace.

One psychic clairvoyant, Mr. Kurt Schibler of Germany, while holding the Miracle Sand remarked, "Well-being, Divine Light, Stability. This Miracle Sand helps manifest Light, helps dissolve any energy blocks, harmonizes forces of Yin and Yang, helps us to work with love in our hearts. Divine Light is invincible." As the Sacred Sand is impregnated with Divine Light resonating with the Heart Chakra, contact with it opens the heart dissolving our sense of separation. Our deep pain is released and knowledge or our true nature is experienced.

Anna Boyce, respected Australian healing practitioner and clairvoyant, described the Sacred Sand in the following way: " Because it comes from such a Divine source, it is actually appropriate for everyone. The resonance of the vibration of the Sand connects people to their own power. They are connected to their own Divine vibration. The Sand is a catalyst for raising the vibrational frequency of the person to a higher state of consciousness. We are designed to be healthy, not to be in disease. It lifts people to the space where they can choose either consciously or unconsciously to heal themselves."

This sand has been given at this time because of the escalation of negative energy that is being released from the Earth and people. All the earth-bound souls and discarnate entities are becoming more prolific because people's awareness of them has increased.

This Divine energy contained in the Sand is very powerful, very clear, very focused so it can help people once they have made the choice to be healed. But ultimately people need to recognize their own power. The Sand is designed to empower people, not to become a crutch. So that they need not fear being in their own power and should not give up their power to Sand. When someone has a healing they may say "My God, this Sand has healed me". Well it has assisted, but they have made the choice to open up to be healed.

This Sand helps in terms of witchcraft and black magic. This is especially useful for healers who sometimes work with that energy in people. The intention behind a spell or ritual can be very powerful. The Sand is good because it works very deeply and with the soul and pulls out the witchcraft or the black magic.

The Sacred Sand is effective in healing from a broad point of view e.g. bringing balance and harmony back in a particular area or person. It heals not only on a subtle level but also on a physical level. Dr. Abel Hernández of Miami, Florida has reported an outstanding case of healing. A lady has had for 16 years a severe open sore on her abdomen. No medication or drugs had been of any help. Literally her flesh was alive. She could no longer go out in public because of her embarrassment caused by her appearance due to the pus from the sore seeping through her garments. After running the container of Miracle Sand over her sore she went to sleep. When she awoke she found that the open sore had completely healed after only one contact with the Miracle Sand. He said, " The more extreme the case the quicker and more spectacular the result." One can use it personally by having it near them or just keep it permanently in their home.

The process of healing of becoming whole is the birthright of every human being. In these troubled times on Earth with extremes of distortion of nature everywhere, experiencing love becomes more and more difficult for most people. By Grace, by Divine Will tools of healing from Nature are made available according to the times, to allow people to experience their own wholeness, their own divinity, self-acceptance, self-worth, happiness, compassion, unconditional love and great joy.

Thus is the Sacred Narmada Sand.