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       To control or not to control others, this is today's question. The answer is yes and no, it depends on the situation. As children, we need to be controlled in some activities because we are not totally aware of the consequences of our actions.               It is not safe for children to play with knives, guns, drugs, medicines, sharp objects, power tools, electric lines, etc.
    However, you generally do not like to be controlled, especially if you are a "controller". Do you know someone that is very quick to give orders, but he/she is slow to receive them?
     In addition, excess control tends to kill “creativity”.     Usually, it is not advisable to try to control others because most people do not like to be told how to, when, where, why, etc. do something.           Although quality control is an essential aspect in a factory and other businesses, the habit of controlling others may aggravate our relationships.  
    Why is it difficult to work together sometimes?     Why are there so many divorces and dysfunctional families?
   We like to be free to think, feel, speak and do anything.
To be "independent" is a goal for many and a way of life for many more.

AGNIHOTRA promotes Cooperation

   It seems that we tend to put our goals or personal tastes over group goals (team or family or tribe).        On the other hand, teamwork is usually more effective and productive.     
               Is it possible to keep your individuality and be part of a team (group) at the same time?
 Here are some ideas to chew on (think):
A) Your particular talents can bring joy, great joy to yourself and others when serving others selflessly.
B) Learn to combine our talents and play with a group.
C) At different times, we are called to play different characters: leading, working, tracking, watching, listening, supporting, etc..
D) Let us respect each other and value and express our appreciation for the efforts of each one.
E) We are not really the makers but merely instruments.

      Now, we wonder, can we be free and happy and connected at the same time? Yes, yes, yes, the Fivefold Path (FP) shows the way!

     Agnihotra is the first step to restructure and re-program our minds in the direction of love. Daan (sharing), Tapa (self discipline), Karma (selfless actions) and Swadhyaaya (self-study) can lead us to the land "Ananda" (a mental state of happiness).

Your comments, questions, suggestions and healing reports for the Homa Newsletter are welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com


EDITOR's NOTE - continued

     Someone could say: “It is more important to control ourselves than to control others.            If it is our duty or role, it would be easier to guide, monitor or supervise others with a heart full of love and kind words like a big brother/sister would do.
   And yes, yes, yes, most of us can follow an order or advice or suggestions when we feel that there is some logic, love and care behind it."

     "You can only help those who want to help themselves; and by practicing the Fivefold Path, we can help ourselves and others."
   May the joy of Selfless Service blossom in our hearts and minds.



Dr. Luis Almeida
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

      "At the beginning of 2000, there were  many gangs and this sector was quite dangerous. When patients were invited to participate in Homa Therapy, they began to practice it and the crime problem began to change. The crime declined. This was in the area of Mapazingue.            Nowadays, crime is everywhere. But during those 6-7 years, by doing Homa Therapy in the sector, the crime  decreased.

Homa therapy was done regularly in the Health Center.
 Let's not be just spectators. If we can do it in groups or form nuclei and practice it in the operational units of the Ministry of Health, it would be much better. We want to do this with the Society of Naturopathy. Homa Therapy has a social function, and it can help the patients with diabetics, hypertension, etc., and all mankind.
     We also have a case of AIDS that was supervised by Dr. Gagliardo, who was the director of the IESS North Hospital. This was achieved with the oral intake of Agnihotra ash and performance of Agnihotra."
(Photo: Dr. Luis Almeida and his boss, Mrs. Teresa Alarcón, both from the Ministry of Health of Ecuador.)

Javier Campoverde
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

                  "I came to this Homa event in the Malecon 2000 without knowing anything. I came with a strong headache and had red eyes from pain. I have this pain every day and my father also suffers from that. They say it's hereditary and I live with pain killers because the pain is very strong.           But a girl gave me a bit of the Agnihotra ash and the headache is gone and also the red in my eyes is diminishing. And it was all for free!"

(Photo: Javier Campoverde telling his testimony in the Homa Event on the Malecon 2000.)

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Viviana Echeverría
Centro Homa “Vida Nueva”
Alborada, Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

        "I am 36 years old. I learned about Homa from Viviana Esteves in Italy. That was a year ago. I had an experience with a friend who had a big mole on her chest, where the

danger existed that it could become malignant.  That mole was also changing its location. After practicing Agnihotra for some time, she was looking for the mole, but it was completely gone. It was no longer anywhere. And actually it was not just one, she had several. That healing was fast.
    Besides, she got pregnant, even though she supposedly could not get pregnant again. She was 35 at that time. She had a daughter of 13 years, but she could never got pregnant again. My friend accompanied me during the Homa Fire and took the Agnihotra ash. The pregnancy occurred as a result of the Homa Therapy.

    I also got healed with the Homa Fires. At first, I suffered with abdominal pains and as I participated in Agnihotra and took its ashes with water or orange juice, these pains disappeared. I have also been blessed.

   I had a plant that was dead for a long time, but suddenly it became very big and it only got the Agnihotra ash with water.

   I continue doing Agnihotra in Geneva, Italy. In a foreign country, being alone, without family, to solve all economic and health problems, can be quite overwhelming.
    So I do Agnihotra and it gives me peace, I get relaxed. I have so many problems but I felt that they did not touch me, as if I was shield and those problems stayed outside. All of that was external; I saw them, but they did not affect me, not psychologically nor emotionally.            The only thing that I always remember is that anytime I'm desperate, I do the Homa Fires and it goes away, even when I have  an argument with someone."
(Photo: Viviana Echeverría-first to the left – with her friends Mario and Viviana from the Homa Center "Vida Nueva", which means 'New Life'.)

Juana Peña
Los Monteros, Castilla, Piura, Peru, South America

       "I came with a headache and stomach pain. I've been having this pain for over a month. And after this Agnihotra session, the pain is completely gone."

(Photo: Mrs. Juana Peña sharing her testimony after Agnihotra in Los Monteros, in the presence of the Mayor Violeta Ruesta.)

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Mauricio Ramírez
Santa Elena, Colombia,
South America
(Extracts of his testimony)

         "In 1998, I was given a booklet called ‘Positive Secrets that we Must Know’ in which I found a lot of interesting information, and a chapter called ‘Homa Therapy’ which had a description of the history, process and benefits

of its practice and ended with a very nice phrase saying: "A home where Homa is practiced, it is a happy home." You could say that was my first contact.
    Then, some years later, I found a reference to Homa (not by chance but for a reason) and I started looking for more info on the Internet and my interest increased. I purchased my Agnihotra kit and I started doing Agnihotra in the mornings and afternoons, especially on weekends.    Later, we also did Agnihotra in a group in the restaurant "The Monastery".
In 2012, I had an accident which forced me to stay in bed for several months.
 I had to learn to walk again after several surgeries. The orthopedist said that to recover fully, it would take between 18 and 24 months. And judging for the type of damage I had suffered, I was likely to stay with some sequels.
   Against all odds and the prognostics, I was up and walking in 4 months and I do not have any sequels.

Amitayus  - Healing the soul through love.

          That was a call to rethink my life and to follow my passion: Service.
   So "Amitayus" emerged. It is my life project in the service of Light.   This is not what I do for a living ...... but if it's what I live for.

   Few things can generate as much peace as one feels in front of the Homa Fire. It is something that unites my family.  we practice it together. My wife, daughter and I, we all enjoy it immensely.

    The resulting Agnihotra ash, we use it for both, our consumption and for our pets. Also, we have used it on the plants. It strengthen their essence.

    My interest is to help more and more people to have access to this therapy which is basic, easy to practice and can help us to achieve freedom and understand the Divine Essence that we really are. Namaste."
(Photos: Mr. Mauricio Ramirez practicing Agnihotra with his family and the logo of Amitayus.)

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     Observation: Ministry  of Agriculture Ucayali, Peru - Director Eloy Begazo Pomar

         Low yield of crops (max. 2 tonnes / hectare / year) due to the presence of pests and diseases. Acid soils with low fertility and weed are present.

The Ministry of Agriculture has tried every means and methods such as chemical, biological, cultural Control and others to troubleshoot plant health, soil toxicity and infertility.
Crops have been declining year after year. There is a high percentage of non-marketable fruits.

Production of mature clusters with an average weight of 9 kilos

- Due to the Homa atmosphere and Agnihotra ash, we are getting bunches weighing up to 40 kilos.

- The Production of plant crowns in Oil Palms increased by more than 45%

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               LOOK UP

    A spoken word film for an online generation.
'Look Up' is a lesson taught to us through a love story, in a world where we continue to find ways to make it easier for us to connect with one another, but always results in us spending more time alone.
Written, Performed & Directed by Gary Turk.


Elisa, a third grader, experiences with conventional and organic sweet potato from a supermarket and from an organic shop.
What did she discover?


The experience of Angie Fenimore

    Suicide is not the solution to problems, and always has very serious negative consequences.
     Angie Fenimore committed suicide, but could return to tell how terrible and irreparable suicide is, besides its horrible spiritual consequences.




      "I bought him at the Domecq butchery and he was destined to fight in the arena in Barcelona. When I asked if it was difficult to educate a bull, they answered me: 'If you take good care of him, you will see that he is even more faithful than a dog.'    This shows that they know well the type of animal they have and send to the bullfights."

      These are the words of Christophe Thomas, a young French farmer who now lives happily with Fadjen. This video clip shows their beautiful friendship and life together with freedom.

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Homa Meeting in Samanes, Northern Guayaquil.

       This encounter was organized by Dr. Luis Almeida (pictured in front of the Agnihotra pyramid - below right) and his boss, Mrs. Teresa Alarcon (pictured below next to Dr. Almeida), both from the Ministry of Health of Ecuador. Dr. Gagliardo (first in photo below to the right) was also present; he was the father of the tablets "Homavida", which were distributed free of charge in the IESS Hospital (State Hosp.)
      We all enjoyed this time together getting more information about Homa Therapy and sharing healing and peace in a serene environment provided by Agnihotra.

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     Sharing information about the effects of Homa Therapy in health and performing Agnihotra in the Medical Center for Bio magnetism with Dr. Sandra Mercado, Therapist Elizabeth Quispe, her family, friends and patients.

         (Photos left and below)

   Agnihotra in the chapel of the Father Damien Foundation with patients suffering from Hansen´s disease (Leprosy).     It is always a joy to share with them and see their faces lit by the Healing Fires. (Photos below)

 With Agnihotra, we felt great Peace within.
 After the Homa fires were extinguished,  we also did the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi.

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             On 16th, 17th and 18th of May, a Homa Therapy Workshop was held in the ITB, Instituto Tecnologico Bolivariano (Bolivarian Technological Institute), through the invitation of Dr. Luis Almeida and Mrs. Teresa Alarcón from the Ministry of Health of Ecuador.
      The first day, Prof. Abel did in audio-visual presentation about the theory behind this Millennial Science from Ayurveda. He also guided and encouraged students to think and find out what and who we really are.
    We ended this day, full of new lessons, with the practice of Agnihotra. (Photos above - the first day of the Homa Therapy workshop) The ITB has careers in medical technology, nursing, podiatry, gerontology, accounting and business administration.

     The second day of the Homa Therapy workshop began with simple exercises to increase concentration and relax the body.
   The students also came to know about the multiple effects of Homa Therapy on different levels, areas and environment.
(photos left and below)

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     At the end of the second day, there was a Fiesta of Agnihotra fires in the classroom. Everyone chanted the Mantras and then silence embraced us with a deep relaxation.

  On the third day of the Homa workshop in the ITB, Dr. Jaime Montufar came and shared some of his

experiences with patients during the 12 years of Homa practice at the Homa Medical Center "The Good Shepherd." The students also learned how to practice this healing technique correctly. (photos above and below)

There were many Agnihotra pyramids lit, some for the first time. They enlightened our minds and hearts, transforming us from within.

(photo below) What we learned :  YES, we can heal ourselves and help others effectively and economically with Homa Therapy.      And yes, it is also a therapy that

purifies the atmosphere, brings harmony to all ecosystems, removes stress and makes us happy and content, despite all circum-stances.

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Agnihotra at the Veg. Restaurant "Amaranto" of Mrs. Mari and Mr. Patricio Feijoo. The food is very delicious in this healing

and purified Homa atmosphere. People eating in this restaurant feel the Light energy and receive the peace they need and crave for. Besides, the food is charged with healing and loving energies. (photo above)

Photo below: Sharing Agnihotra and its wisdom with Dr. Sandra Mercado in the Medical Center for Bio-magnetism.

      We joined the Tryambakam Fire in the Homa Medical Center 'Good Shepherd' of Dr. Jaime Montufar. People of all ages participate to enhance the healing effects of Agnihotra.

Photos below: 1) Granny is healing from her pains. 2) Mrs. Rufa was healed of several problems with Agnihotra and now wants to learn more. 3) Dr. Digna Olives, recently started in the ITB with Homa Therapy and has already experienced healing from emotional problems.

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Prof. Abel always has interesting stories to tell, that make us reflect, think and meditate to find the answers...

     We heard several life testimonies of people who are in the process of healing through the practice of Homa fires and following the treatment of Dr. Jaime Montufar.
      Each time is full of joy to practice Agnihotra with the doctor and his patients  and to feel the Devotion and see Divine Grace operating.

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       Prof. Abel was also invited to present Homa Therapy at the UMET (Metropolitan University) of Guayaquil through an invitation of its Dean, Dr. Ramirez.
   Prof. Abel took the opportunity to show the students, in an audiovisual way, what Homa Therapy is and its effects in areas such as health, environment, agriculture, etc.

     The workshop ended with the practice of Agnihotra on the terrace of the University and all felt blessed by the Homa healing Fire.

In the 'women's healing circle', we shared Tryambakam Homa and sent Light and Healing to all hearts, bodies and places where there is need.

(photos to the right and below)

     During Agnihotra, we meditated, sending gratitude from our hearts to Mother Earth for all her kindness and forgiveness. (Photo left - it seems that Mother Earth heard and received our humble offering of the Healing Fires.)

         Then, we dived with all our soul into devotional singing and danced in honor of Mother Earth and life. We also joyfully and gratefully recognized the divine presence within.

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    Cecibel Avilez, our dear sister and her husband Miguel arrived from New York to visit their family in Babahoyo

   Cecibel, with the help of her numerous family members, organized a Homa Healing event in Babahoyo, two hours away from Guayaquil. (see photos this page)   
     The sisters, Rocio and Marianita Pazmiño organized a bus to Babahoyo, which arrived full with happy Agnihotris. They arrived with their mother, Mrs. Marujita Garrido,

 who is 81 years old and also practices Agnihotra.

         There were many Agnihotra fires burning, each single one contributing to the loving environment and welfare of each person present.
 It is almost impossible to describe the love and joy rising in the hearts in these re-UNIONs, the desire to serve and help others and especially to thank GOD for HIS GRACE to be able to feel the Light and all the wonderful things that life bestows on us.

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      Time to say goodbye, at least physically, from the Homa family in Guayaquil, although through the practice of Agnihotra we remain ‘online’.          In the Rest. "Amaranto", we celebrated another massive Agnihotra, filling all spheres with love ... THANK YOU!.. GRACIAS!  
(photos above and to the left)


     Back in the Agnihotra sessions in the Hospitals Reategui and Cayetano Heredia, which are offered daily.
    Prof. Cesar Gonzales and his wife, Gaby Zapata,
are in charge and always ready to serve with the Homa Fires, nonstop.
     There are always new cases of healing and It is a joy to see how Agnihotra expands.

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In the meetings in the hospitals, the Agnihotra Fire UNITES us and we share a wonderful silence.
But there is also time to share stories, hear and be heard.

          Through the young talented Cesar Leigh, we came to know about the 'Anita Goulden' Foundation, a shelter for children with disabilities, in the city of Piura.     Ms. Fabiola, director of the foundation, invited Prof. Abel to present Homa Therapy and Agnihotra to all the staff in the presence of the children.
   After Agnihotra, Ms. Fabiola remarked that one girl, who always cries at that time, remained completely calm and happy.

           Prof. Abel presented several videos, showing the benefits that the practice of Homa Therapy brings to the special children with CPI, autism, etc.     
     Aleta taught the Mantras and together with the Agnihotra volunteers, Francisco Peralta and his wife Martha, we all enjoyed the calm atmosphere provided by the Homa Fires.

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       We received the following information about the Homa Medical Center
'La Botica de la Abuela' in Armenia:

       "For us, the ‘Botica de la Abuela’, is very important to share with you the Homa Therapy work we develop. Attached are some photos that reflect the activities undertaken.

       As usual, we perform 24 hours of Tryambakam Homa during the full moon, and 12 hours during new moon, connecting fire energy with the energy of the moon.
   The photos speak about the performance of Agnihotra at sunset and of the Tryambakam Homa realized by the team of the Botica.   Sincerely,
Marcela Peña Castellanos.
Research Dept. Botica de la Abuela.
(Photos show the various activities in the Botica.)

The 'Botica de la Abuela' also offers workshops such as:
- The Voice - in speaking and singing
- Spaces for encounter and reflection
- Yoga sessions
- Human development seminars
- Basic concepts in integrative medicine and personal growth, etc.

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  We received these photos and letter from La Serena, Chile:

       "On 24th and 25th of May 2014, in the "Casa Yoga Aliwen "in the city, La Serena, we shared a workshop on Homa Therapy and 14 new 

Pyramids were lit for sunset AGNIHOTRA.
        The whole group was happy to learn and to be able to bring this healing technology home and share it with their families.
      The workshop was facilitated by Hari Kaur on Saturday  and by Singh Gunjot (Flavio)on Sunday. Homa Medicine preparation was also taught." (photos above and below)


          Datu Alan Yong shares the photo (above).    On 7th of May, eight Agnihotris gathered to celebrate with the Homa Healing Fires in Mrs. Toam’s Spa in Chiangmai, Malaysia.

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Mr. Lhang shared the photos on this page where Agnihotris meet in different parts of Malaysia to practice the Healing Homa Fires in groups

Photo left - shows the Agnihotra group on the beach of Telok
Chempedak in Kuantan Pahang.

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         So it is. If you are told, "Do all the disciplines and correct poor eating habits", then just do it. Don't make excuses. Then secondly, to take it to extreme, in so far as diet is concerned would have worse effect. Gradually you have to make improvements and get rid of foods that have bad effect on you, sweets for example. You can start with that.

          Do not try to control. IT IS IN TRYING TO CONTROL THAT WE BREED ATTACHMENT AND CREATE Karma. You are to be free. Only way you can be free is to let go. No worry. No fear. We will catch you. We have you by the neck now. All you will do is rise. Then it is all peace and bliss, love and joy, knowledge and wisdom. All this will merely come by doing service and chanting your mantra. When you chant the Mantra, Divine Power manifests.

          When you practice Daan you need not worry. What you give of yourself returns to you again and again. There is no end to Grace.

         You have to recognize and understand the reason for your being here. You have to grasp it more consciously and express it clearly in your life. All trivialities should go so that the pure light shines.

         Let there be no more sorrow. In this world there is so much misery, so much suffering, pain. Be full of love and bring joy to others.

          Advice to couples:
         When you resist one another you resist the Divine. To be an instrument of Divine Love is your only goal in whole of life. The planet is now headed for destruction but it will be saved by Divine will. So those chosen to do this work by their good Karma will bring joy to all.

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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Truth Imprinted in Your Soul
Yes, yes. It is surprising to us that—when human beings really know that ‘all answers lie within,’ it is the last place they look for it! One searches everywhere—in books, online, in words spoken in earnest from friends, astrological forecasts. Yet even they do not trust their own inner wisdom, because they were never taught how to access it.

In ancient cultures, humans were taught to listen to Nature, that which exists outside themselves and that which resides inside themselves. The outer and inner Nature was one and the same. There existed a greater connection with the Source. Truth was honoured and valued. Human beings had an inner compass. They were not so ‘lost at sea’ as now.

Where are the answers to life’s mysteries? They are imprinted in the collective soul of humanity. That means there is that imprint within every soul living on this planet. When one accesses that inner source, one strengthens one’s power of discrimination. One begins to learn the signs of truth. One starts to be able to read and to decode the impulses that pulsate through one’s organism when truth resounds within.

There is no mistaking truth when it shines through the clouds of doubt and confusion, pierces through shrouds of disillusion, and soars into one’s conscious awareness. Truth is undeniable.

It is one’s responsibility to cultivate the ability to trust in that inner voice, which is often silenced by the myriad of voices one is surrounded by. Seek the truth within you.

If we could impart one piece of irrefutable knowledge, it would be

that—TRUTH lies within your heart. Learn ways to tap that inexhaustible well of wisdom within you.

On an individual basis, this is our goal—to awaken human beings to the wonder within and to raise awareness of the plight of this planet.

Our aim is to assist in carrying planet Earth into the next dimension, ultimately seeing this planet saved from destruction.

One by one, as humans awaken to the truth, a critical mass will be reached and awareness will peak. At that juncture in time, peace can be achieved and this planet, the ‘record-keeper,’ will be saved.

Blessings abound. Turn your eyes to the Light.
Awaken to the truth within.

On Reassurance
Yes, yes, yes. That which has been lost will be found. That which has been taken will return. Nothing will remain unseen or unheard. Dear ones, your prayers have been answered. Help is on its way.

The saints of ages past live upon the Earth today in forms, for the most part yet unknown. There will be those who come to the aid of the beings on this planet who are at present working to preserve the Light and ignite it in the hearts of the ones who are now awakening. Let this be your mission, dear ones, sisters and brothers on the path to the One. Let nothing deter you. You will succeed.
Blessings abound.
We are, Orion

More info: www.oriontransmissions.com

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