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       Let us do more Self-study and listen to the conversation between two young people: Mary and Joseph.
Mary: Joseph, how can we be happy forever?
Joseph: According to Sacred Teachings, this is achieved by “loving God above all things”
Mary: Where is God? They say God is everywhere but we do not know where.
Joseph: God is within us. We were created in His image and likeness. Our Divine Essence is the same in everyone.
Mary: But how to love God?
Joseph: We love God if we love our neighbor.
Mary: How do we love our neighbor? Why does it seem so difficult for many people to love our neighbor?
Joseph: Maybe because they do not love themselves and are not at peace with themselves.
It is easier to love our neighbor if we love ourselves. Therefore, "love your neighbor as you love yourself.”
Mary: How to love yourself?
Joseph: Knowing thyself! Realizing that you are a set of gross and subtle bodies (physical, emotional, mental, soul, etc.). We are a mix of human and Divine parts.

Revealing the Fivefold Path for Happiness - here and now.

Mary: How to know yourself?
We learn about our human part through Swadhyaya - self-study, analysis, observation and exploration of the body, mind and emotions.
Mary: OK. How do you know the Divine part within us?
Joseph: Very easy, through meditation.
Meditation helps us to realize our Divine Nature.
Mary: If you say it is easy, why do not many people meditate? Why are we distracted with gifts, objects, pleasures, etc. most of the time?
Joseph: Because of the social programming which pushes us to seek happiness through perishable objects and changing events outside of us. In addition, appearances, prejudices or subtle Crocodiles (selfishness, lust, anger, envy, etc.) catch us up.

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please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com


EDITOR's NOTE - continued

Mary: How do we change the virtual social robotic programming that ties us to a vicious and descending circle for a real conscious programming that frees us into a virtuous ascending spiral?
With a Universal Program that is presented in moments of chaos and it is essential to re-establish balance in our Individual and Collective Self.
This is called the Fivefold Path (FP). It is the basis of all spiritual paths. Its foundations have a timeless character. Shree Gajanan Maharaj (from Akkalkot, India) came to remind us and show us the way home (God) through the FP.
           The practice of Fivefold Path (Agnihotra, Daan, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya) helps us manifest love to all creation in conscious, practical, effective and powerful ways.
The FP leads towards the Auto-discovery or Divine Self-realization.

Mary: If we know about the FP, why sometimes we do not take the time to practice? Usually we seek God only when problems and suffering are too great. How to change our priorities, look and listen more within? How can we invest more time in FP?
Joseph: 1) Realizing that everything around us is constantly changing and your reality is virtual and ephemeral.
2) By being focus on the light (Reality). If we

are distracted all the time, we are lost at sea (illusion, Maya, etc.) and eventually we are wrecked. 3) Following the footsteps of the sages and saints who have stood “face to face with God" and join Him /Her.
   Fortunately by Divine Grace, in different times and places, the Almighty has sent servants or beings as beacons that guide us and point the way to reach the mainland (or main heaven).
   Therefore, the company (Satsang) of great Masters such as Shree Gajanan Maharaj, Shree Vasant V. Paranjpe and other selfless luminous beings inspire us to "Be Love" in our thoughts, words, emotions and actions.

         The Fivefold Path is the synthesis of all the sacred teachings through time and space.  These practical, scientific and spiritual disciplines (Sadhana) are available to all without restriction of religion, race, gender, intellect, economics, age, etc.         You may start with the Agnihotra fire and when you feel ready, share it. Do not be afraid. Do not hold back.   There is a strong Divine Will for this Healing Fires to spread all over.
   So, let us walk together and support each other. Let us meet with the immutable Light and primordial sound to be happy here and now.

                OM FIVEFOLD PATH OM 
                        OM SHRII OM


Narcilo Villavicencio Maldonado
Instituto Tecnológico Bolivariano
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

         "I am 56 years old and a medical doctor. I am seeing a neurologist because I have fibromyalgia. I've been suffering from this  for a year and this truly is an ugly pain.   But by being present in front of the Agnihotra, feeling the Fire and breathing the smoke, I feel better. For this reason I want the Agnihotra ash and do not want to lose contact with you and this technique.           I plan to participate in the Homa Therapy  workshop here at the Technological Bolivarian Institute."

(Photo: Dr. Villavicencio giving his testimony at the ITB)

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Segundo Espinoza Onofre
Father Damien Foundation
Guayaquil, Ecuador

        "On May 10th I will be 92 years old. I have had Hansen’s Disease (Leprosy) for over 20 years. I used to be a farmer in Vinces. I suffered with a wound on my foot for over 20 years. It did not heal. I have

tried many remedies but nothing, no cure. And here, in the Father Damien Foundation, the nurse told me: 'With this Ash you are going to get healed.' The wound was open, the flesh was exposed, and the skin was peeled off when she applied Agnihotra ash. On the third day the wound was closed!        She kept on putting the Ash and I was completely fine in one week. Previously, they had tried to cure me with all kinds of drugs, I have gone to many places but nothing could cure me. Now, I feel very good and I say after God, this Homa Ash."

(Photo: Mr. Segundo Espinoza participating in Agnihotra and telling his Homa healing experience.

Rufa Grueso Paredes
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

         "I am 59 years old. I am from Esmeralda and I am a nurse assistant. My problem was that I had a gastritis which did not improve. I had all the tests done, an endoscopy and a biopsy, but they found nothing and so my problem continued. I've suffered from gastritis for about 10 years. Here in the home of Dr. Cesar Merino I received Agnihotra ash because they saw me taking a pill for this problem. The lady told me to take Agnihotra ash every two hours and I did as I was told.

     The first day I took the Agnihotra ash, I felt bad. I felt so full and I was very sleepy. The second day, I also felt sleepy.  When I got home in the evening, my stomach relaxed a lot, but truly a lot. I had something like a diarrhea. I was sweating and I felt something burning like the cleaning of a wound. I felt this burning sensation down to the soles of my feet.
     I spent an hour evacuating thoroughly. When I looked what was coming out, I saw something like coffee. Afterwards I had to use chlorine to clean the toilet. Now my stomach feels lighter and I feel good. I seem to have taken off a few pounds. I feel leaner, and lighter.  I can now wear clothes that was too tight before.
       It also suffered from a lot of pain and swelling in the knees. but  I do not have this pain anymore and the swelling is receding rapidly. I also used to take pills for this pain, but  with the Agnihotra ash I feel good.
   Also, for many years, I have had sleeping problems (insomnia). The  intake of Agnihotra ash helps me relax and I feel good when I wake up. I sleep more and I feel as if the burden of a stone has been removed from me.
     I also have an eye problem; I do not see very well and sometimes my vision gets blurred. But, by taking the Agnihotra ash, I feel as if my eyes are brighter. I had my eyes irritated and also used to have dry eyes, but now I feel better. And all this has happened in a few days by taking the ash. It is as if God's hand is there.
When I came here, I also suffered from pain in  my legs and my soles which made me walk crouched in pain. Now, I feel good and I can even dance. I no longer have pain and I feel very happy. By the way,  all these improvements did not happen in weeks or months, but in days."

(Photo: Mrs. Rufa happily sharing her good results with the intake of Agnihotra Ash. Now she has also gotten her Agnihotra kit and started with its practice.)

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Leonor del Rocio Aguirre Mosqueda, MD
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

         "I'm a Pediatrician (Medical Doctor) with 37 years of experience in Medicine. Dr. Alberto Duque gave me a bit of the Agnihotra ash with a little water. He said that along with the balance he generated with the electro - acupuncture, the Agnihotra ash would help me to evacuate. He said I was going to feel a change in the gut.        I suffered from problems in the colon and I was retaining too much feces. He said I would have a big bowl movement.
      And actually, I was surprised when I evacuated because it was very big  as if I had received an enema or a laxative.

   There was so much stool, that it almost covered the toilet. I had never had an evacuation like this one. Then I felt so relieved. I felt empty and I lost weight. Without knowing much about Homa, by simply taking the Agnihotra ash, this has happened.
   I'll get the Agnihotra kit and will begin with its practice. I want to be part of the group that helps others and especially children. This is going to be a wonderful thing."
(Dr. Leonor Aguirre and her husband durint Agnihotra at the restaurant "Amaranto". Now they have their own Agnihotra kit.)

Dr. Tayana Bedregal, MD
Lima, Peru, South America

            "I have worked for three years in organ transplants in the National Hospital Guillermo Almenara. I am a doctor dedicated to Pediatric Surgery. Since childhood, I practice yoga, thanks to my family. A friend invited me to a very interesting therapy (HOMA) in  the place where we usually go to meditate, do yoga and Reiki.
          Christian began to light the Fire and

 explained roughly Homa Therapy  and said that Agnihotra ash helps to cure diseases. We all took some with a glass of water. Later in the evening we did Tryambakam Homa and I reached quickly a deep state of meditation, which usually takes me much longer.  I could see a small elephant that appeared near the Agnihotra pyramid and who began to dance around it. My eyes were closed; I saw it in my mind. I was not looking at the Fire. I was just meditating.
      Then the elephant showed me  a pyramid like the ones in Egypt. I approached to look into the Fire and saw a star constellation. I thought to myself 'there is a world inside the Fire in the pyramid'. I looked at the constellation and then returned back. Everything  was just bliss!
When we had finished, Christian said 'this has never happened before - the fire was blue and was swirling.' When I told Christian what I had experienced, he told me about Orion and yes, it looked like the Orion constellation.
     My friend, Engineer Belissa García Robles (photo on the right beside Dr. Tayana) also saw the elephant dancing.    After this experience I feel much happiness and since then many spiritual things have happened.    All I can say is that Homa Therapy is something beyond my intellectual understanding.

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       Dr. Pramod Basarkar from Dharwad University, Karnataka sent following information about ‘Jayashree Homa Garden’ in Vita, District Sangli, Maharashtra, India

       "Prof. Jayant Barve (photo left in white shirt next to Dr. Basarkar), founder of Jayashree Garden has been in organic farming since 1988 and in Homa organic farming (HOF) since 2011. He is a retired Professor of Physics and he is very well known in India.    He cultivates a big variety of crops and owns lots of country cows. His pomegranate has earned him a good name.

   He also runs a factory where natural bio-fertilizer is prepared in which he adds 50 grams of Agnihotra ash to each 50 kg bag. Users have reported good improvement in their crops as compared to the compost without Agnihotra ash and he receives laurels from his clients.
Mr. Jayant Barve explained that during 1992-95 vermicompost was widely used in agriculture. Then it declined since farmers did not understand the importance of inoculums (microorganisms in the soil) along with vermicompost. He himself was reluctant to start Homa organic farming because of lack of knowledge but he opted for HOF during the severe draught period of 2011-12. When he studied the Homa literature he felt that something was missing on his farm. He constructed the Agnihotra hut and started practicing it.
 A Homa Resonance Point (HRP) was established. He realized the difference in the ambience and atmosphere with and without

(Jayashree Homa garden photos: 1.) Activating a HRP through Mr. Abhay Paranjpe and Bruce Johnson. 2.) Prof. Jayant Barve. 3.) His famous pomegranates.
4.) Mango tree in full bloom. 5.) Cale Harvest.)

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Continued from page 5:
Dr. Pramod Basarkar

   "The subsequent year, even though the draught was more severe than the previous year, he had sufficient water for the cattle and the crop since his well kept on providing sufficient water. He relates his experience to that of Lee and Frits Rigma of Om Shri Dham Homa farm in Hunter valley, Australia.

     They demonstrated that Agnihotra performance drew water from a distant place to their farm. They attributed this effect to the practice of Homa organic farming.
      Prof. Barve explained in detail the importance of organic matter and of microorganisms in the field for better crop growth. It was observed that farmers usually neglect these aspects and do not realize the importance of inoculums.
Note: One cow dung dropping is sufficient to supply microbial inoculants to one ha (2.5 acres) land.            (photo below left - one cow dung dropping and right- Amla fruit tree in flowers)

       Besides, Shri Jayant Barve has inspired 40 people in his community to start Agnihotra in their houses in Vita and organizes group Agnihotra meetings on the terrace of his house. He acts accordingly to the saying that “working hands are better than praying lips”. Many more are joining his working hands now".  

Our Future - With
Homa Farming, our children can grow up healthy and happy!

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               "If you Build it and Give it Away, They will come.” Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) Full Disclosure.

   "Free energy has been released to the people. You can choose to be skeptical if you wish, but in time (perhaps just a few short months) the reality of what is happening will become more and more apparent.
     Open sourcing the plans for the QEG was a turning point for all of us. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, we would like to take this opportunity to fully disclose to The People the full background story behind the last 6 months. We could not speak about much of this before we open sourced as we had to protect our family, our energy, and maintain the integrity of what we

 were trying to do." For more information, videos and manual please see:
McDonald's Happy Meal shows no sign of decomposing after SIX MONTHS

       Looking almost as fresh as the day it was bought, this McDonald's Happy Meal is in fact a staggering six months old.
Photographed every day for the past half a year by Manhattan artist Sally Davies the kids meal of fries and burger is without a hint of mould or decay.
In a work entitled The Happy Meal Project, Mrs. Davies, 54, has

charted the seemingly indestructible fast food meals progress as it refuses to yield to the forces of nature. 'Although, I would be frightened at seeing this if I was a meat eater. Why hasn't even the bun become speckled with mould? It is odd,' she says.
When asked if their food was not biodegradable, McDonald's spokeswoman Danya Proud said: 'This is nothing more than an outlandish claim and is completely false.'
Morgan Spurlock also made the film Super Size Me in 2004 charting the changes to his body eating just fast food for 28 days had. Please see:
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1319562/McDonalds-Happy-Meal-bought-Sally-Davies-shows-sign-mould-6-months.html#ixzz31thSp000 



Published on 23/03/2014
Rosalind Peterson Confirms Chemtrails/Geoengineering/SRM Are Very real.

      Rosalind Peterson is California President and Co-Founder of the Agriculture Defense Coalition (ADC). The ADC was formed in 2006, to protect agricultural from a wide variety of experimental weather and atmospheric testing programs.  Ms. Peterson also founded California Skywatch in 2002, when she began researching atmospheric testing and weather modification programs.
Must see 17 min clip on the disastrous effects of Chemtrails.

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We took the opportunity of full moon to teach and practice Tryambakam Homa at the Centro "Sol Cultural" of

Dr. Monica Reynoso.  For Agnihotra we went to the roof terrace to share a beautiful sunset with the moon, the stars and the Guayas River.  Unforgett-able moments are kept in the soul.

      We are  sharing Agnihotra with patients suffering from Hansen´s disease (Leprosy) in the Father Damien Foundation in Guayaquil on Wednesdays.    (photos right and below)

    Prof. Abel is doing some simple physical exercises that move the blood through all the joints of our elders and Homa volunteers.     These  make us laugh and enjoy ourselves.

     The practice of Agnihotra in the chapel of the Foundation is very beautiful and serene. Prayers are heard and hearts are happy...

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     During our stay in Guayaquil, we began to invite Agnihotris for the practice of 5am Mantras in the house of our host Dr. Cesar Merino; they arrived early and came from different parts of the city. These morning encounters make each day a new beginning.         Abel also lead short Yoga sessions and thus we were fully awake to receive the first rays of sun in tune with Agnihotra. (photos on this page: 5am Mantras, Yoga and Agnihotra on different occasions)

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     'Centro de Biomagnetismo Medico'
       Dr. Sandra Mercado shares now Agnihotra daily at sunset. There are already reports of healings and improvements in her patients..

(photo left)

Inauguration of the ‘Homa Center Rincon del Alma’ (Corner for the Soul) of Ms. Mariani Pazmino, who learned Agnihotra with Dr. Jaime Montufar many years ago.

Agnihotra has changed her life completely. Before, she worked as an engineer, and now she is dedicated to healing work through Agnihotra, Angels, Reiki, laughter Yoga, crystals and other alternative therapies.  (photo above)

    Agnihotra in the restaurant 'Amaranto' owned by Maria Agustina and Patricio Feijoo (first two on the right), practitioners of the Sacred Fire for many years. 
(photo above)

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           Each week more people come to be present for Homa Therapy at the clinic of Dr. Sandra Mercado, which she runs together with her family. They help many people to regain their physical balance and health.

Prof. Abel gives introductory talks about the science of Ayurveda and Homa Therapy. (photos above and below)

    Patients of the Father Damien Foundation are already waiting on Wednesdays for the Homa crew to arrive.
    All receive Agnihotra ash daily through the nurse as part of their medical treatment.

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In the Homa Center "Vida Nueva"  (New Life)
in the northern part of Guayaquil, Mario and Viviana have created a Healing Center

with love and stimulating treatments such as steam baths, relaxing massages with essential oils, energizing neural therapy and many other healing modalities.
(photo above Agnihotra in the Homa Center ‘Vida Nueva’ in Alborada, Guayaquil)

(photo above - Agnihotra at the Center of Diminzón and his wife Norma)

  Their Center for Holistic Healing is located in the center of Guayaquil.

   They have a lot of success with natural treatments.
More and more people are also becoming aware of the role of nutrition in health and of the side effects of many conventional medicines.
(Photo above right: Prof. Abel answering questions about Homa Therapy and its effects on health, environment and farming.)

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       On Sundays, when most people have more time to share with Agnihotra friends, ‘Healing Circles with Homa Fires' are created in the Vegetarian Restaurant "Amaranto"
("AmarTanto"), where everyone at the end leaves refreshed, vibrating with the light of love and ready to infect anyone who crosses their path.

One of the main national newspapers, 'Expreso', published an article where the practice of Homa Therapy is shown as a part of the menu. (Click on the paper cut to enlarge and read.) Photo bottom right:  In the Morales Quijije family all practice Agnihotra:

    Dad Cesar, mom Elizabeth and their children Ronald (12) and Gregory (6).
Valentina, the babygirl is also fascinated with Agnihotra and screams if she does not get enough Agnihotra ash...

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During our stay in the city of Guayaquil, we had the joy of sharing Agnihotra on Tuesdays with Dr. Sandra Mercado and her family at their Center of Bio- Magnetism.

     We enjoy seeing how the patients participate in the practice of Agnihotra and tell us about their wonderful experiences.

    Prof. Abel explains in every such meeting the base of these Ayurvedic Homa Fires and shows videos and documentaries.

(photos to the right and above)

Photo below: Agnihotra daily from Monday to Friday in the Homa Center Guayaquil with Director Sonia Hunter.

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        Wednesday – Agnihotra day in the ‘Father Damien’ Foundation.
  This full moon meditation on the sound of the heavily falling rain and lightning with thunder that echoed through whole Guayaquil, was a wonderful experience!

       Through Mrs. Teresa Alarcon and Dr. Luis Vega, both of the Ministry of Health of Ecuador, Prof. Abel was invited to present Homa Therapy to Doctors and students in the area of Health Sciences at the ITB (Instituto Tecnologico Bolivariano).

                The Doctors and students present were excited to hear about this Science of Ayurvedic Medicine and to see amazing health testimonies.
          After the practice of Agnihotra, Dr. Villavicencio gave his testimony of no longer feeling pain in the body.  (photo above during Agnihotra and below during the introductory talk to Homa Therapy, Ayurvedic Medicine)

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      Tribute on Mother’s Day - A gift to the Moms: the massive practice of Agnihotra for their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing!

Prof. Abel and Aleta showed explanatory videos of the effect of Homa Therapy and their effects. They also taught the sunset Agnihotra Mantras.
    And at Agnihotra time,  we raised our voices together with the last rays of sun and chanted in honor of Mother Nature and all mothers in the world.
 May the healing of the Sacred Fire reach all hearts!  

Ricardo Sonriente,    Master of
'The Yoga of Laughter'
made us  enjoy more this Mother's Day.
(photo right – laughing with Ricardo - standing with red cap)


      We want to take this opportunity and thank all the people who support Homa Therapy in any way, the Homa volunteers (whose selfless service is an example for all to follow) and the Angels (which are always present).
     We also thank all the centers where Homa Therapy is practiced for everyone free of charge.

   Further we want to thank Maria Agustina and Patricio Feijoo, Arc. Alejandro Cajas and his family, Eng. Hernan Posas and Eng. Jorge Rivera, Fabian Rodriguez and Alexa, Rocio and Raul Obando, Roberto , Mrs. Maria, Wilson Zeballos and Veronica, Dr. Enrique Gagliardo and Mabel, Diego, Maite and Teresita for their support and specially Dr. Cesar Merino for his hospitality at all times.     May God bless you all!

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Mother Dora Betancur sent this letter with photos from Armenia:
     "The Homa Medical Center "La Botica de la Abuela" continues cheerfully and generously open! Soon it will change its venue, image and name and will be called "BOTICA SOL" - To shine and put light forth to every corner of the planet!

   The healing Homa fires are the strength, guidance and light in each of the activities and functions of the Botica. They are the musk, the releasing balm of ignorance and disharmony, they are the truth revealed day by day. Agnihotra ash is present in each of the preparations in the kitchen, and it is also distributed daily and a culture is created in which people make use of this ash in different forms and applications."
(photos with activities in the Botica)

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Cont. of letter of Mother Dora Betancur:

    "To me, the Homa Fires are sustenance, joy and confidence to carry on and live life  naturally with quality!

        In the ‘Botica de la Abuela’ (BOTICA SOL) the AGNIHOTRA fire in the morning is done whenever possible and at sunset there is always a good group of participants. Some  come regularly and others are curious  (floating public).           People who have a closer look are becoming more understanding and assume this discipline with love, commitment and respect  to the Homa Fires.

These Agnihotra sessions are lead by Doctor Humberto Lema.
     Also, we do between 4 and 6 hours of Tryambakam Homa daily (that's the goal and instruction).  On New Moon we practice 12 hours continuous Tryambakam Homa and on Full Moons 24 hours of continuous Fire."    (see photos this page)

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Mr. Vinayak Lokur wrote from India:
        "I was invited to a 3 day personality development camp for school children in a place called Dandeli (amidst the forest).              Although my topics were on Values, Leadership & Goal setting,
I took the opportunity to perform and educate them about Agnihotra.

       The interest in this ancient science shown by the young people was quite encouraging. They asked many questions & after understanding the benefits all the 90 participants wanted a pamphlet on Agnihotra to take it home to their families and make an attempt to start Agnihotra as early as possible.

The camp was organized by the Rotary club. With best Regards."

(see photos this page about the school camp children participating in Agnihotra)

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    Mrs. America Camacho and her husband Josue reported from Malaga, Spain:
"Homa Therapy is becoming more known thanks to therapist Daniel Padilla. With him we did Agnihotra at sunrise in the Xanit International Hospital. This was done in cooperation with the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Mrs. Mercedes Mengibar, who is now also a convinced Agnihotri. (photo above).
       300 people were treated with various therapies such as Reiki, massage, chanpi, shiatsu. Everybody was very happy and grateful! It was an energetic event and it was reported in all communication medias in Andalusia.

       Mrs. Mercedes Mengibar and Eng. Daniel Pérez Gallardo  also did Agnihotra  with us on March 21st, the day of the equinox in Churriana in the farm of

Mr. José Serrano.
We also had the honor of the assistance of a knower of the Vedas - Mr. José Rodríguez, among other guests.
With lots of love."
(photos above and to the left)
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     Datu Alan Yong shared following information and photos:
   "I am sending photos of Agnihotra morning session at the Metropolitan Park, Kepong, Selangor, Malaysia. Mr. TV Chin organized this encounter.

        About 14 Agnihotris participated and we ended with the recitation of the Mantra Sharnagati Trisatya we learned when you were visiting Malaysia. Afterwards, we dedicated 20 minutes to the practice of Bio-Yoga before enjoying a vegetarian breakfast.
We all felt very happy and completely energized.  May the Divine bless you all. With respect."  
 (see photos above)

Mr. TV Chin wrote from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:
      "We had the annual meeting of Agnihotris, their families and friends located in the area of Kuala Lumpur on February 9, 2014 in conjunction with the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

    We gathered to celebrate this day with sunrise Agnihotra. Over 50 Agnihotra fires were lit. Brother Soh performed Tryambakam before Agnihotra. Everyone felt the strong healing energy surrounding us. Greetings."

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           Mr. Francisco and his wife Martha sent these photos obtained during their presentation of Homa Therapy and Agnihotra performance in Las Montero, Castilla, Peru.


Ms. Camila Paz Molina Llamazares wrote from Santiago de Chile:
      "I'm involved in several activities around Homa Therapy, they all have just come. I feel much gratitude to be working on this. This weekend, I was in Valparaiso and  they will begin to hold weekly Agnihotra meetings.
We have been doing Tryambakam Homa on full moon 12 hours (in March and April) and we are now preparing for the May moons, which's full moon is also Wesak (Buddha Festival).

    Agnihotra workshop  in the Mother Earth Center past Sunday, May 4th  (photo above)

Homa encounter in Valparaiso on Friday, May 2nd (left). Om Shree".

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       Those who seek personal gain only find their own destruction. Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all shall be added unto thee. Let not seeds of past desire confuse the state of happiness you are still capable of reaching. Surrender and “Thy will be done.”

     You must get into the habit of smiling all the time. All the time smiling. It has a good effect on your mind, not to mention the joy you bring to others.
If you feel quiet, be quiet but always be smiling.

Shree Vasant Bhrugu Aranya, Poland December 25, 2004:

        If there were such a thing as the 'midnight hour’, Earth is way past that, living on 'borrowed time’. We know it. We have known it for many years. Numerous warnings have been issued from Our lips over all these years. In all Our writings, in Our talks and interviews, in personal instruction to those near, in publications for those near and far, We have not ceased to tell the people of the grave situation befalling the planet. We are not alone.

It is not simply ecological deterioration, but disaster and on a great scale now. Whole forests are dying. Great waters are being poisoned. The heavens cannot hold more toxins. They rain down upon the Earth.

It is Our fervent prayer for this toxic rain to cease, for human beings to become aware of the deadly danger and begin the way to health and purity, harmony and healing. We shall never cease nor tire in Our work on this level and beyond, on subtle levels. We are all ONE. We are all one in the Eyes of Divine.   OM TAT SAT.’’

97 / 23


as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Visible & Invisible Healing
Yes, yes. While the world continues on its path to destruction, there are forces in position to heal and save this planet. It is difficult to attempt to explain that which, by its very nature, defies explanation. Certainly, mere words cannot come close to suffice. However, as language for now seems the only mode of communication, we must try to condense our perception into words. Realize that the use of words can expand one’s awareness or contract it, depending on the source, intent and delivery of the message. Limiting though it may be, let us begin.

That which is beyond comprehension is operating on behalf of this planet now. One could call it the element of Grace.

Healing power does not limit itself to one’s hands, but can be integrated into one’s soul. There are those who have come to Earth simply to fulfill this mission to save this planet. They may not be fully aware of their own propensity for sending and receiving healing energies. This may often be done through them, with only an inkling here and there of the healing power residing in them. Often, this blissful state of unawareness is for their own protection. Neither name nor fame interests them. Thus, healing can flow freely through their instruments. And their ‘tribes’ are increasing.

Yes, yes. We have made some progress in the seas. Still, species threatened by radioactive particles continue to be at risk. It is a race against time. And still, willful slaughter of the most peaceful of creatures continues en masse on this planet.

The forces of darkness and light most certainly are coming head to head. We know the outcome. It is our duty and responsibility to continue to push through to awaken those whose souls have come to work in the Light.

The purity of the fires and resultant ash are essential to the next phase of planetary evolution.

On Polar Shift and Climate Chaos
Yes, yes. The polar shift, which we have foreseen, is not a sudden occurrence that will set the world on its side. It is a gradual process which has already begun. But in May 2015, it will reach a point where these expected changes in weather and so on will become undeniably obvious to the naked eye, so-to-speak.

Climate change is already well underway. Expect more extreme weather patterns—extreme cold temperatures in lands where the weather is generally warmer, extreme winter conditions in regions which have previously witnessed far less snow and even in some places, none at all!

In colder climates, there will be milder winters and hotter weather where normally there was little. Of course, the effects on certain species of animals will be extreme, but we also foresee a dramatic shift in humans’ awareness coinciding with the polar shift environmentally.

All who are working for the Light, whether it be environmentally, spiritually or through education and the knowledge base, must know that you are all being prepared for the shift. Thus, there is no cause for anxiety or fear of any kind. OM.

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