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       It is said that we are often trapped or dominated by the senses. Is this true? Yes, because they usually determine our actions. No, because using the senses is natural in our daily lives. To be free is to feel. What is the problem with the senses? None, when they are under the control of the mind. However, the mind can be the best friend or worst enemy.
So, what is the problem with the mind? None, thinking is a part of being a human (Homo sapiens) if it is under the control of the intellect. Others say, “in short, life is to seek pleasure and get away from pain". However, what is the best pleasure and worst pain? For some, this may be the orgasm and death. For others, it may be a chocolate cake and a defamation or insult. What it is experienced as pain and pleasure, the best and the worst, it is relative, and it depends on our cultural background, mental programming, state of consciousness, etc. We also note that in the constitution of man there is some hierarchy. Usually the body is controlled by the senses and these by the mind that is under the supervision of the intellect.
In other words, the Intellect (I) controls -> Mind/Emotion (M/E) controls -> Senses (S) control -> Body (C)
This is the usual line of command. However, sometimes,


there is anarchy or riot (where a member wants to act without considering the rest) and discomfort is experienced. This is a crack in the line of command. Sometimes there is a disorder in one or more elements in this line of command (I - > M/E -> S -> C), resulting in disorder.
Why do we suffer? Some factors are: corruption, impurity, or weakness that may exist in one or more elements in this line of action.
What  cause harm to: I, M/E, S and C?
1) Some internal factors such as the 5 Gators (?) (Pride, envy, lust, greed, etc.).
2) Some external factors such as pollution, poor company, poor diet, etc.
Most of the times, we are carried away by impulses which lead us to immediate pleasure without considering the consequences on the long run.

Your comments, questions, suggestions and healing reports for the Homa Newsletter are welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com .


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EDITOR's NOTE - continued

   To realize this, we can just do a self-observation of our thoughts, emotions, words and actions. Who tends to benefit more from our actions: I, M/E, S, or C?
Is there anything that can help us to refine and strengthen these elements and maintain the flow in the line of command? Yes, yes, yes, the daily practice of the Fivefold Path (Agnihotra, Daan, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya) can.
Is there something beyond the intellect? Yes, the Soul and on top of this, the Divine Will.

What is the Divine Will? Some sages say "To fill all the spheres or fields of action with harmonic energies by responding with love to all circumstances and doing selfless service"
How to be aligned with the Divine Will easily? The daily practice of the Fivefold Path helps us attune to the Divine Will.
Note: above pleasure and pain is ‘Peace’. Eventually we want stability, clarity, tranquility, peace of mind.


Eduardo Ayala Ayala
Bernal, Piura, Peru

             "I am 52 years old and I have 7 years doing Homa Therapy.
Previously, I was restless, impulsive, and very angry. I resorted to the Homa Therapy. Now, I changed about 80 %. I have another personality. I have no vices and a calmer healthier life. In addition, every time I do Homa, I

have new experiences because new ideas emerge. Speaking of Agnihotra ash, when I was 45, I felt weak, but the Agnihotra ash has given me more strength and I am now more active. I am feeling this with more and more intensity. Therefore, I plan to do HT until my last days.
Before knowing the Homa Therapy, I had had two operations. The doctors told me 'if you have a third one, you will die‘. I had trouble with appendicitis, peritonitis and my gallbladder. The doctors said, “The third operation will be in your kidney and you will be finished”. However, years have passed and I have no problem with my kidneys. I am getting stronger. I had back pain at age 45, but not anymore. People, who see me, do not think I am 52 years old. They asked ' What's your secret? ‘I tell them “my secret is Homa Therapy”.
Once I heard about a haunted girl and she was in such a bad shape that she could not eat. My brother also practices the Homa fires. He and I  went to visit her. We did Tryambakam Homa for many hours, until midnight. The next day, a healer came and when she entered the room, where the girl was already eating food, she said: "There is a strange force here, I feel it. What is that force? Here is something, which I do not know. What is it? However, that Force has saved your daughter because your daughter should have died.“ We were amazed at the power of the Homa fires.
My wife Ana Maria is more active with Homa Therapy. She heals the neighborhood children by rubbing them with Agnihotra ash and ghee and encouraging them to eat the Agnihotra ash."   
(Photo: Mr. Eduardo Ayala, his wife Ana Maria, their two daughters and grandson during Agnihotra)



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Ana María Oliden Quiroz de Ayala
Wife of Eduardo Ayala Ayala

“I live in Bernal, Bajo Piura. Sometimes, children affected with the evil eye come because they are sick. Then, I pray. There was one case of a child, who was almost dying. I put Agnihotra ash like talc and massaged him. Then he threw up. After that he got up and walked away healed.
Sometimes my friends tell me 'it hurts here, it hurts there,' and I tell them to take what I take - Agnihotra ash. And a short time afterwards, they are talking and have forgotten all the pain. Here in Chiclayo, I do the same if they do not feel well. I use the Agnihotra ash and they feel better. People call me every day. When I do not feel so well, I sprinkle the ash on me and go to bed, fall asleep and wake up fine. I carry Agnihotra ash  with me everywhere."

Omar Eduardo Ayala Oliden
son of Ana María and Eduardo Ayala
Chiclayo, Peru, South America

        "Once, when I went to the mountains, I got an infection in my right leg with burning red blotches. Therefore, I went to the doctor and his diagnose was that I suffered from an allergy. It was painful while walking and resting at night. Then I decided to consult a skin specialist and he told me it was a fungus. He prescribed a cream, but I felt it did not have any effect because I was still in pain. I followed the doctors’ treatment for 2 weeks but there was no relief. Despite practicing Homa Therapy at that time, I did not come into my mind to use the Agnihotra ash cream.

Later, I remembered the Agnihotra ash and I combined it with ghee and applied a bit on each spot and immediately I felt relief. It felt cold like ice. The effect lasted about 10 minutes and it hurt a bit again. Immediately I put more of this cream and there was relief. It was all day like that. The next day, the spots were still there, but they did not hurt any longer. Slowly they also faded away.
Also recently, I had an operation in both eyes for myopia and corneal deformation. The doctor said that I would not be able to see well. I was risking my eyesight and I only did it to keep some sight. However, the operation went well. Then the doctor told me that it was going to take 3 or 4 months to recover. However, doing Homa Therapy, in less than a month, I was cured."
(Photo : Omar Eduardo in front of his Agnihotra fire)



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Datu Alan Young from Malaysia, compiled this testimony:

         "In August, I went to Vientiane, Laos to take a short vacation. There I met a Malaysian, Mr Liew, who is doing business in Vientiane.

Fingernail being healed

Toenail in healing process

           He told me that due to his professional activities, he met with the governor of Naxaythong, Mr. Bounthong Phommachanh, and became good friends.
The governor was suffering from a type of skin disease that slowly ate toe- and fingernails. He had tried all kinds of medicines available in Vientiane, but experienced no improvement. I gave the Agnihotra ash to convey to the Governor. In September, when I went back to Vientiane, Mr. Liew took me to see the Governor. Mr. Bounthong was very happy to see me for the Agnihotra ash had improved both his fingernails and toenails. They had begun to grow again. He gave me deeply thank, but I asked him to thank the Divine, whose miracles have no limits."
(Photo: Mr. Bounthong, Governor of Naxaythong)

Reina Uribe
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
South America

           "I am pleased to report on my changes after practicing the Sacred Fire Agnihotra (legacy from the VEDAS and SHREE).
I started the Agnihotra fire and eating its healing ash in June.
Before I felt constant vertigo and dizziness, close to fainting. I had great palpitations, as if my heart wanted to jump out of the chest cavity. I could not lift objects or clothes as sheets, towels, etc. My wrists did not resist. This was the result of hard work with chalks. I had flu frequently. Every day I woke up early with a sharp pain in the forehead due to a cold.

     When I do Agnihotra fire and smell the smoke, everything changes. Now I wake up without discomfort. When I am doing Agnihotra, I feel a strong pressure in the center of the head and I feel peace, joy and happiness. I am strengthened. I see that everyone is equally valuable. No matter if  he/she is a shoe shiner or a school teacher.
In relation to the dry cow dung cookies, I go into the country to find them and I talked to the people about the Sacred Fire.
     I used to live in a very noisy place. Now I am in a place where I can make my fire freely and there are many trees, and birds. The fire transforms everything. My moments are pleasant. Love, light and gratitude!  OM SHREE OM."
(Photo: Ms. Reina Uribe practicing Agnihotra in Santo Domingo.)



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Mrs. Maria Teresa Nunez wrote from the Homa farm Tenjo, Colombia:

  "When Homa came into my life, I remember having asked constantly how I can help the planet from my “insignificant and ignorant” position. I do not know anything, I have no skills and that made me sad. To find Homa Therapy was a response from heaven to this request of mine. Now, from my “nothingness" I have the opportunity to give something, a small "sacrifice“ daily and the planet benefits. My daily fire is my job (my two cents!) to thank Mother Earth for all that I receive daily and at every moment.

    Every breath, my whole life depends on that Divine Mother whom I only asked and asked and I did not give anything in return ... Homa was the great gift I received and with it, I feel a thousand times blessed.

Then, thanks to the "Divine Grace",
I built a Homa farm. My son, my employees, the inhabitants of this place and the practitioners who visit us on the full and new moons also support this Homa farm. For 3 years, little by little, systematically, we have been cleaning and healing this place. Now, this farm is a wonderful paradise. Here, we open our eyes and we only want to thank and praise for being permitted to live here."
(Photos on this page, Maria Teresa and the Homa farm in Tenjo)



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Continuation of Mrs. María Teresa Núñez,  Homa farm Tenjo, Colombia:

      "When I do Agnihotra, sometimes I imagine how an Agnihotra Fire lights up every second till the entire planet is surrounded by healing Fires, illuminating the whole planet. Then I smile and my soul is full of joy for being part of that group of missionaries helping in the purification and healing through a little "sacrifice." So little is asked from me and I get back so much... I give "one" and receive “thousand”. Such is the power of Homa Therapy."

(Photos this page from the Homa farm in Tenjo, photo below left shows the Agnihotra hut.)



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Data trends show correlations between increases in organ diseases and GMO's


Prevalence and incidence data show correlations between diseases of the organs and the increase in Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) in the food supply, along with the increase in  Glyphosate based herbicide

application. More and more studies have revealed carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting effects of Roundup at lower doses than those authorized for residues found in Genetically Modified Organisms.
The endocrine system controls the body’s chemical messages through hormones. Hormones are secreted directly into the blood by the endocrine glands: pineal, hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, ovaries and testes. The glands release carefully measured amounts of chemicals into the bloodstream to regulate important functions including growth and development, reproduction, healthy weight, mood and organ performance. An endocrine disruptor is a chemical that either mimics or blocks hormones and disrupts the body’s normal functions.               (Graphic: AUTISM & GLYPHOSATE APPLIED IN GM SOY AND CORN - The left column gives the number of patients with autism and the right one shows the amount of glyphosate applied to transgenic corn and transgenic soybeans per thousand-tonnes. The bars show number of cases (annual) of autism and the red line shows the amount of glyphosate used. For more information, please  see:

     Peru - gas expansion in Amazon 'Indigenous Reserve'

From: David Hill for The Guardian
Published January 14, 2014

  Peru is to expand its Camisea gas project although it threatens uncontacted Amazon tribes with extinction, reports David Hill. The decision also ignores UN pleas to stop the operations.

The Peruvian government is pushing ahead with plans to expand gas operations in a supposedly protected reserve in the Amazon despite calls by the United Nations to suspend them.
The company leading the operations, Pluspetrol, moved one step closer to proceeding with the expansion of the Camisea gas project - Peru's biggest ever energy development - following a report by the Vice-Ministry of Inter-culturality (VMI) last week.
                                     For more info please see:  


   Pueblo Kichwa will 'die fighting' to defend rainforest

 Jonathan Watts, The Guardian,
Sunday 13 January 2014  

Ecuadorean tribe will 'die fighting' to defend rainforest. Kichwa villagers from Sani Isla vow to resist oil prospecting by state-backed company Petro Amazonas at all costs.

      It seems to be one of the most one-sided struggles in the history of Amazon forest conservation, an indigenous community of about 400 villagers is preparing to resist the Ecuadorean army and one of the biggest oil companies in South America.
The Kichwa tribe on Sani Isla, who were using blowpipes two generations ago, said they are ready to fight to the death to protect their territory, which covers 70,000 hectares of pristine rainforest.
Petro Amazonas – the state-backed oil company – have told them it will begin exploring on 15 January, backed by public security forces.                              For more info please see:



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   We are Sharing information with Prof. Humberto Guerrero and his guests. Homa Therapy and Agnihotra  meetings are hold every Saturday at sunset in the Vegetarian Restaurant "Sabor y Vida”.

       We also heard some Homa healing testimonies and sang devotional songs along with our sister Jessica and brother Berna.



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    STATE Hospital Reategui, Piura

         Back in Piura, we share Homa news and recent videos from Elqui Valley, Chile.

         At sunset, we enjoyed the many Agnihotra fires and the silence and peace they spread.

            Mr. Javier Cruz came with his 4 children. Everyone is practicing the healing Homa fire with their own pyramid.

(see photos this page)



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   Every day without a break, even during Christmas and New Year, many Agnihotra fires were lit in the State Hospitals “Jorge Reategui" and “Cayetano Heredia”.        

   Great moments to send Peace, Light, Harmony, Joy and Love to every human being.



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   In the Auditorium of the Reategui Hospital, Prof. Abel alongside many Agnihotris organized an audio-visual presentation about the benefits of Homa Therapy and the importance of proper healthy food. This informative and formative meeting closed with the massive practice of Agnihotra.. (see photos this page)



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To start the Year 2014 with the best energies, Agnihotris gathered for a Rudra Yajnya.

Prof. Abel gave a short introduction to understand better this powerful Yajnya.   
(Photos this page. In the last row - photo left you can see Mr. Walter Benites - first from left – and his 3 children: Paul, Eduardo and Mayra, who practice Homa Therapy for 12 years.)



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     We ended this wonderful and intense afternoon with sunset Agnihotra. The room was filled with healing energy which was expressed through deep relaxation and joy, born in the heart of each participant and expanding without limits. (photo above)

Enjoying the company of the loving Agnihotris in Piura and the devotional songs born out of gratitude of the soul.        (above and right)



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Ms. Camila Paz  wrote:

            "A beautiful Agnihotra workshop in the Centre 'Mother Earth' was held in Santiago on Sunday. Some pictures are attached. With much love."


        Prof. Jesus Alfaro sent this picture where friends were celebrating the birthday of Mrs. Veronica in the Cajabamba Homa Center. Many Agnihotra fires can help to start a solar year full of Blessings for Health and Welfare.


         Mother Saroji and Mrs. Akanksha are joyfully sharing and teaching Agnihotra regularly in the Homa Center of New Delhi, India.



     BOLETÍN HOMA # 93                                                 página 15

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Under the guidance of Ramana Rao, children and adults do Agnihotra daily in the Rama-krishna-puram village, Srikakulam, A.P.

Shri Subodh Chandra Acharya teaches Agnihotra to Harijans children and adults in the village   Nilagiri, District Baleshwar, Orissa.



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           How to express one’s feelings clearly without emotions? There are techniques. One is breathing. One is to use agency of fire to release and transform negative emotions. Never anger.

            You must do the best you can under all situations. If someone speaks bad about you, remain silent. Don't become angry. Keep silent when you feel anger. You must train yourself. Proper diet of course will make a difference

          Planetary destruction at bay. Last chance for the planet. All the Devas surround the places of fire. Safe havens.
The whole atmosphere is charged. It is like the new dawn. It is all bliss, all love.

          Our oxygen supply is dwindling as is our food supply. We have to emphasize the growing of food as well as the environmental impact of saving the planet.

          Through Swadhyaya, self study, you come to know what character weaknesses you have and then get out to rid yourself of them. However just like an unwelcome guest they often prove difficult to get rid of. Still, without closing the eyes to these character weaknesses, you can release the hold they have on you by strengthening the opposite. For example if someone has a tendency towards selfishness one practices more Daan. If one has problems with anger one practices Tapa of speech, like that. Concentrate less on your weaknesses without pretending they do not exist or denying them when they are called up. Therefore learn to accept yourself as and where you are. Let the Divine lift you out of the crocodile jaws.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Intent to Heal Our Planet
(We have been focusing on sending prayers for healing during Agnihotra to Fukushima and other places in the world in chaos and in need. Someone asked how we can affect a change and build up the healing energies in our world. This was Orion’s response.)

Sí, Yes, yes. A good question posed at a timely juncture. Those of you who gather together in prayer, in meditation, in chanting Mantras, songs and poems—it is time to intensify your focus and send Light to specific places in need of healing. Where there is war, surround those places with Light. Announce your intent and put heart into all your spiritual practices.

The fires at sunrise and sunset—Agnihotra—are the greatest time for actualizing intent to heal. At the times of sunrise and sunset, great stores of energy are available. When you tap into that great resource of Power, your goals easily manifest. Attune your thoughts to Divine Will. Be sure that all your focus is on fulfilling Divine Will for healing planet Earth.

Healing circles held at sunrise-sunset with Agnihotra will create an atmosphere conducive to purity, Light and healing.

Walk in Light with love in your hearts.

On Hearts Lighting the World
Many blessings will unfold now. Out of darkness into Light now.

Breathe deeply and put all confidence in the

Truth that has been revealed to you personally, individually, and as a whole.

The darkness would have you believe in separateness. It would divide you into packs. It would keep you from uniting as brothers and sisters in the Light. It would create barriers and disparity. It would blind you from your own humanity.

The Light will bring forth ancient wisdom and call Truth forth from your hearts.

The Light will call you all together as one humanity—not divided by race, religion or creed, not separated by geographical boundaries or belief systems.

The Light, dear ones, will set you FREE.

Reach out to each other.
Embrace your own humanity in your global community.
See beyond your own borders.
See yourselves as limitless in your power to love,
to forgive, to comfort, to care.

These are times when great ones will rise, with purity, humility and Light.


In Love,
We are Orion.

Más info: www.oriontransmissions.com

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