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                 Let's continue with our research about the path (or possible paths) of the soul on the journey of life. Please, remember that whatever is expressed here is a simple approximations to the truth, as this is beyond the intellect and it is only known through the "experience". For simplicity, we will use symbols whose meaning facilitates understanding. Let's start with the symbol for "infinity" ∞. This may represent the positive and negative polarity as part of the manifestation. It can also symbolize the two worlds: visible and invisible.
The soul or spark of light travels in different bodies in these circles of life (Samsara).
Most people know about the death of the physical body. Some think that this is the end of the journey. But more and more people are sensing or perceiving continuity after this "death" of the physical body, which can be seen as a birth in an invisible world.
In addition, the Scientific-Spiritual Literature indicates that:
a) There is also a "Second Death"
b) We are caged in these vehicles or we are free, depending on our realization about:
1) the virtual existence (mental) of these worlds (visible and invisible) and 2) the under-standing that desires are traps.

1) The Divine spark with desire first descends to the invisible world through the subtle bodies (causal, mental, astral, etc...). Then they enter the physical body and pass to the visible world through a birth.
2) The spark migrates in these bodies and worlds as long as there is desire. Thus, it experiences the deaths and births.
3) The Divine spark with no desire is released. 

c) The execution of any activity with attachment to a result catches us. Thus, errors or failures, sins, negative actions, etc., lead us to a small (or large) "hell". The successes, virtues, positive actions, etc. lead us to a small (or large) "heaven".                          The "Detachment" leads us to "Freedom", which goes beyond pleasure (heaven) and pain (hell). If we can make, conceive, know and experience our "Immortality" and "Independence" of these virtual worlds (imaginary), "We will be free".   Heaven, hell, purgatory, planes, dimensions, etc., where we travel or reside, are linked to our imagination, beliefs, emotions, thoughts, etc.

Your comments, questions, suggestions and/or contributions to the Homa Newsletter are welcome; you may write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com . Please include your address. Thank you!


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EDITOR's NOTE - continued

d) REALITY is immutable = it does not change.
e) The TRUTH is eternal and it goes beyond (or closer) to the virtual existence.
f) REALITY is perceived through Self-Realization or SELF-KNOWLEDGE. Love brings us closer to loved ones and manifests through "Impersonal and Selfless Service." This approach helps us to know ourselves (the Self). Reflection, Self-study, meditation and other similar states lead us to the Truth. The practice of "Fivefold Path"

(Agnihotra, Daan, Tapa, Karma, Swadhyaya) approaches us towards the Light.
g) DIVINE GRACE gives us the "GREAT EXPERIENCE" = "My Father and I are One."   
  Revelation Chapter 2 Verse 11 “Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. The one who is victorious will not be hurt at all by the second death”. (Rev.2: 11)


Renate Lechler
Florence, Italy, Europe

        "I have practiced Homa Therapy for several years on my farm and the results in agriculture, animals, and people impressed me much. Through my friend from Cuba, Sergio Cano Hernandez, I visited this beautiful island and met its people. I had the idea of taking the Agnihotra to Cuba. Thanks to the information materials in Spanish and the willingness of Cubans to improve their lives and their conditions, I could introduce Agnihotra.

Mrs. Odalis, the leader of the group, began to practice Agnihotra with his mother Mirtha in Artemisa. The neighbors were the first ones to appear. After six months, there are about thirty people involved in Agnihotra.
Because many lack money in Cuba and barely have enough to survive, I have provided the basic materials such as: information, some copper pyramids and a camera to this group. People gather in groups, one or two practice Agnihotra and the rest participate passively. There are two groups in the city Artemisa and another in the province of Matanzas.
With best wishes."

Odalis Iglesias Gil
Artemisa, Cuba, The Caribbean

          "I am 49 years old. I suffered from back pain for 4 years. I'm an educator and this is a problem because I have to work a lot with children. I've been on medication but the improvement has been slow. Since I met my friend Renate, who came from Italy and who introduced me to Homa Therapy, I feel great. Now, I do the Homa fires and take the Agnihotra ash. This is my daily medicine and I cannot miss it."



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Dyron Iglesias
Artemisa, Cuba, The Caribbean

            "I am the son of Odalis. I am 17 years olf and I have suffered for five years with an eye disease called Keratoconus caused by an allergy. My vision was diminishing, despite treatment with antihistamine drops. My body rejected the eye contact lenses. 4 months ago, I started the practice of Agnihotra and the intake of its ash and I have noticed improvement. Already my eyes are no longer red nor itching. The time between consultations with the doctor have lengthened. I really enjoy the improvement. I feel also calmer than I have been before."

Katia Carrello Iglesias
Artemisa, Cuba, The Caribbean

          "I am 14 years old. I've been in Homa Therapy for 2 months. I went through a crisis with a flu and sore throat with fever, but with the Homa fires I am OK. I attend the Agnihotra healing fire every day at Odalis’ house. I am happier since I started taking the Agnihotra ash. It's very good for aches and I feel great. For me, this has been an amazing thing. I give thanks to my cousin Odalis for having invited me to Agnihotra."

Mirtha Posada Barrioz
Artemisa, Cuba, The Caribbean

            "I am 68 years old. I have been participating in Homa Therapy for 3 months. I suffered with migraine headaches and pain in the stomach. With Homa Therapy, I have not felt these pains any more. When I take the Agnihotra ash, I feel that all the stress disappears. I am very happy and thankful for this improvement through Homa Therapy. I had high blood pressure and I could not sleep 

more than three hours. Now, my blood pressure is OK and I sleep well. I want to thank Odalis for inviting me to her house every day to participate in the fire and for giving me Agnihotra ash. I thank her friend Renate, because my life changed from sadness to happiness."  (Mrs. Mirtha Posada is the first from right in the picture above. )



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Eumelia Iglesias Pérez,
Artemisa, Cuba, The Caribbean

        "I am 72 years old and my niece Odalis invited me to participate in Homa Therapy to improve my health. Since the first time, I've noticed great improvement. Since I was 52 years old, I had many pains in the bones, resulting from osteoarthritis. Even though medicines were not helping, they became like an addiction. I could not sleep. But since I started practicing Homa Therapy with my niece, my body has felt great improvement. I take the Agnihotra ash with all fluids and perform with Odalis the healing fires at home.

I sleep well, I have no need for any bandage for the pain, I can wear shoes, I'm not dizzy when I bend down and I have less anxiety. I am very grateful to my niece Odalis."

Photo left:
Ms. Renate Lechler with a group of people practicing Agnihotra in Artemisa, Cuba, The Caribbean

Photo right:
In the middle, Ms. Mirtha Odalis and on the left, her mother with a friend during the practice of Agnihotra in Artemisa, Cuba, The Caribbean.

Ivon Peña
Artemisa, Cuba, The Caribbean

           "I am 42 years old. I have 13 years of history with urinary tract infections. I've been hospitalized 3 times with total hematuria in the urine. But this time, a neighbor told me that her cousin practices Homa Therapy. I joined them for the fire at her house and took the Agnihotra ash. I've felt a positive change in my condition: I no longer urinate frequently, sleep well and the

 urinary infection has been declining. This change started 3 months ago, since I practice Homa Therapy. I am grateful to Odalis Iglesias Gil and Ms. Renate for this opportunity to improve my health."



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Mr. Vinayak Lokur wrote:

         "We moved into this industrial campus in 2005. There was a mango tree and a cashew tree, but they were not yielding many fruits. When we started with the practice of Agnihotra in 2011, we observed a positive change in quantity and quality of  both  trees. 
Also, there are more than 50 small mango trees growing on the campus. In our campus, where the industrial atmosphere is not conducive to healthy growth of plants, we have been able to maintain and grow all the plants without pesticides.

The cashew tree (photo above left) and the mango tree (photo above right) are growing in an industrial campus, where Agnihotra is performed.  The trees now are healthy and have a good production of fruits.

These photos show wheat planted on the same day (1st march 2013) and grown in identical conditions.

The tray written “O”        (photo left) was given regular manure and pesticide.

The tray written “A”
(photo left) was given only Agnihotra ash.

After 12 days – on 12th March – on the World Agnihotra Day – we displayed the results -

The images are self-explanatory.



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Over 800 world scientists agree: GM crops are nothing short of a bio-war on our food

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 by: Summer Tierney
Source: NaturalNews.com

    You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand why genetically modified foods are dangerous, but if you look closely, you may just find the name of one listed among the

names of more than 800 scientists from around the globe who have joined forces in an open letter to all world governments, outlining their detailed concerns over the alarming potential threat of biotech's unauthorized, worldwide GM foods experiment.
In a country whose government and media appear only too eager to conjure up fear of "bioterrorism" and "biological weapons," it's shocking (albeit obviously deliberate) to what extent the GMO issue remains omitted from mainstream discussion. Consider that the message from these scientists seems to be that the whole planet is already under attack by the persistent and largely unchecked, reckless behavior of greedy, unruly U.S. corporations - corporations whose activities appear to be sponsored by the federal government. And whether you know it yet or not, your body is the battleground.
The letter, as posted by the Institute of Science in Society (http://www.i-sis.org.uk/list.php), is a collective call for the immediate suspension of any and all releases of GM crops and products into the environment for at least five years, in order to allow for more thorough testing. The scientists further demand that all patents on life-forms and living processes - including seeds, cell lines and genes - be revoked and banned "for a comprehensive public inquiry into the future of agriculture and food security for all."
"It is on account of increasing corporate monopoly operating under the globalised economy that the poor are getting poorer and hungrier," scientists say. "Family farmers around the world have been driven to destitution and suicide... Mergers and acquisitions are continuing." Seed patent policies currently in place at biotech companies prevent farmers from saving and replanting seeds, an activity the scientists acknowledge, is one enjoyed even by third world farmers.
Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/040447_GMO_biowar_food.html


SEEDS OF DEATH: Unveiling the Lies of GMO

Here is another most compelling and alarming film by award winning documentary film maker Gary Null, exposing the dangers of genetically modified foods. The film's message is clear. The future of food security that relies on GMO's will devastate the planet and create catastrophic health and food crisis to the world population. Featured here are leading scientists, physicians, professors, attorneys and activists such as Jeffrey

Smith, Vandana Shiva, Joseph Mercola, Bruce Lipton and more. Video (1:19:38)



Miyoko Shida
Published 16/05/2013

      The Japanese dancer, Miyoko Shida, performed this impressive act of balance for the spanish TV, showing with absolute perfection how things can be sustained just by the weight of a feather. Sticks seem to be floating, only sustained by the harmony of the mind of the performer.



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Monica Reynoso and her Center
"Casa Sol Cultural"

  Sharing Agnihotra and personal testimonies of transformation achieved through the practice of the healing Homa fires.
(photo left)

Foundation "Padre Damian"

With great care, respect and faith, the Hansen (Leprosy) patients are participating in the weekly meetings with Homa Therapy.

(see photos above and to the left)




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Homa Medical Center "El Buen Pastor"

Meeting to share The good Homa News and celebrate Agnihotra together.

(see photo left and below)

Dr. Cesar Merino‘s Office

Enjoying Agnihotra in the company of Dr. Cesar, his beautiful mother Nene, Dr. Gagliardo, Ms. Mabel and others.



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Organic Vegetarian Restaurant "Amaranto"

It is a joy to see our Homa friends, Ing. Patricio Feijoo and his wife Mari, inaugurating their restaurant with many Agnihotras.

It is a unique restaurant of organic food prepared in Homa atmosphere, with Agnihotra ash and lots of love.  (photo above)

Father Damian Foundation:
Every Wednesday, there are Agnihotris volunteers who carry joyfully the healing Homa fire to the sick of Hansen. We practice Agnihotra in the chapel of the Foundation.
(photos above and below)



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The Homa practitioners gather as often as possible throughout the week in the various Homa Centers to celebrate Agnihotra together and this way the feelings of brother and sisterhood are becoming stronger.

Casa Sol Cultural
Each person has his/her reason for practicing Agnihotra, which possesses “wisdom” and its balancing and harmonizing energy goes where healing is needed. (photos above and left)



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Hostería Saiananda
It was a gift to be with Mr. Alfredo Harmsen, his partner Rosa Castro, and friends in this beautiful place on the shore of the Pacific Ocean.
(photo left)

Mr. Alfredo Harmsen is the director of the school "Saiananda" which teaches and emphasizes “human values".
Prof. Abel, full of joy, took the opportunity to be with the children and teach them some exercises of Hatha Yoga. It was a play that everyone enjoyed.



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After much movement, there was short meditation. The children sang the Mantra "Om Shree" repeatedly and achieved external and internal silence. At the end, we were blessed with 200 hugs given with much warmth, love and happy faces.



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Enjoying the silence and peace produced by the practice of Agnihotra. In this tourist hostel, Mr. Alfredo does Agnihotra daily and the vegetation is extra-ordinary.

Agnihotra purifies the atmosphere, brings balance, health and wellness to people and the environment.

photos: Agnihotra on the sore of the Pacific Ocean. 

After a long and transforming meditation, we added the healing and purifying Agnihotra ash to the sea.



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Homa Center Guayaquil
Every day, this center is open to those seeking relief and healing.
(photo left)
Sharing the Fire in "Centro Sol Cultural" (photo below)

Homa Medical Center "The Good Shepherd"
      The people come from different parts of the city to participate in the healing Homa gatherings called “piramidadas”.
    Dr. Montufar, his wife Olga and their children have the fortune to live in this special environment created by the regular practice of many healing Agnihotras.    (photos left and below)



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Meeting with banana farmers and ranchers from Bucay, Chimborazo.
At the invitation of the manager of the Farmers’ Cooperative, Mr. Joseph Brown, Prof. Abel gave an audio-visual presentation of the effects of Homa Therapy in agriculture and cattle raising. There was much interest since most of the pests and diseases cannot be controlled despite the use of agro-toxics.

Photos above and below: Sharing Agnihotra and a musical meditation at the Center "Iluminaris" managed by Therapist Jimmy Paredes in downtown Guayaquil.



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          Ms. Maria Teresa Nuñez wrote from Bogota, Colombia:

"With great love and appreciation, we have received Dr. Irma Garcia in Bogota. With her light and wisdom, she has come to this country to strengthen the practice of Homa Therapy."

The photos above were taken at the home of Mr. Victor on July 24th and August 8th. The photo to the left was taken in the Homa Center Bogota on July 25th.



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Datu Alan Yong wrote from Malaysia:
    "On 4th of July 2013, Mr LH Ang and I went to Bahau (about 4 hours' drive from Kuantan) to share Agnihotra at Mr K P Raman's residence. About 15 people attended. Next morning we went to Raman's school at SJK Tamil, Ladang Juasseh, Kuala Pilah. Mr Raman is the Headmaster of this primary school. We performed morning Agnihotra at the school compound with 55 students and 6 teachers. (see photos above) After presenting the benefits of performing Agnihotra through a ppt Presentation, the teachers were impressed and they immediately bought 9 pyramids and requested us to teach them how to perform Agnihotra correctly.

On 5th evening we drove from Bahau to Mdm. Rajalaxmie's house in Klang and 10 Agnihotris participated in the healing fire. On Saturday evening we went to a Buddhist Meditation Center in Seremban and 8 Agnihotris attended.
On Sunday 7th, we dropped by at our Organic Homa farm in Lanchang and we performed a Vyahruti Homa. My farm boys recite the Mantras with ease but they still need some fine tuning. (see photo left)
Our short tour can be considered successful and this was only possible with the blessings from Master Shree. Loving regards."


      Agnihotra at Angkor Wat in Cambodia performed by Simon Peter Fuller. Angkor Wat is a world famous religious monument, earlier Hindu, dedicated to the god Vishnu then later, Buddhist.



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These photos were sent by Christa and Ricardo Mena from Gran Canarias, where they taught and practiced Agnihotra. 


The medical technologist, Raul Obando and Reiki Master, Wilfrido Morales, visited the village “Hierba Buena” to share and practice the healing Homa fires.

(see photos above and to the left during the introduction to Homa Therapy)



     BOLETÍN HOMA # 88                                                 página 19

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Tribal girl students belonging to Kalyani Ashram, Kalyani Institute for Community Developmente at village Kavachha, M.P. meditate regularly after Agnihotra. Tribal girl practicing Agnihotra.

Prof. Mulay performed Om Tryambakam Homa everyday for one hour for Harijan women suffering from various health problems at Katthiwada, M.P.

Lepers are invited in Yajnya Shala Portor Kholi, Kharagpur.

Subdodh Chandra Acharya, Gauri Shankar Das, Paresh Mukherji and others speak on Agnihotra.



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(continuation of Homa Health Newsletter # 87)


(Religion = re-ligare, union with the source, God)
The fact that absolutely everything which exists is connected has been experienced by all saints in all religions in all continents in all Eras. It is new only to Science. Finally, Science has proven that we are one with God. Scientists like David Wilcox and Nassim Haramein have found that a change in matter, energy and consciousness is now occurring on Earth and in the solar system.

It is only a question of increasing our level of awareness to know who we really are. “Truth shall set you free”.
Where does our mind receives its power and energy?
From a center of consciousness beyond the mind: our individual soul.Individual souls are like ripples in the vast ocean of Bliss called Brahman by some old Asian Rishis, from where all the ripples rise, play and again subside…
Now, that has been proven scientifically by Quantum Physics: Just as all life is built from the four (4) chemical bases that create our DNA, (Adenine, timine, guanine and citosine); the Universe appears to be founded upon four characteristics which have ---thus far--- been discovered by modern Science.
Gregg Braden in THE DIVINE MATRIX summarizes them like this:
1. There is a field of energy that connects all of creation.
2. This field of energy plays the role of container, a bridge and a mirror for the believes within us.
3. The field is non-local and holographic, that means every part of it is connected to every other and each piece mirrors the WHOLE on a smaller scale.
4. We communicate with the field through the language of emotions.
Nuclear physicists observed an important change in the electromagnetic field of Planet Earth after the demolition of the twin towers on 11 September 2001. After several years of research, they determined that the cause was the emotions felt by humanity after hearing the news about the event…

Dr. Irma Garcia, born in Venezuela, was the private secretary of Master Shree Vasant Paranjpe and accompanied Him in many of His travels around the world, serving as translater and assistant since 1986 till He left His body.



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               Best is to cast no blame and seek for the answers why within. To blame another for a fate which has befallen you is to refuse to look within. Then how can you learn your lessons? You look from a higher perspective and you will realize there is no need to blame anyone. If it is too much to bear, lay it at Our Feet and it will be lifted from you.

              Surrender all fears to HE who has sent you. It is HE who sent us to you.

               If you truly feel the need to change in yourself try not to negate all that is good in you. If you feel that these traits you don’t like are so unbearable to face in yourself then leave them aside and focus on the Master. Do Mantra intensely. One by one these fears will subside, One by one you will be able to take the opportunity to better what characteristics you find disturbing in yourself.
If you feel you are too critical, instead of finding fault in others find something positive and either think of it or speak it or both. Do the same thing with yourself. Refuse to focus on what is negative in yourself. See it and then let it go. Do not be snagged by this negative self-appraisal. Humility. At the same time let go of expectations of yourself and of others. The less you judge yourself the less you will judge those around you.

            You are entering a period which, by Grace, is one of SWADHYAYA (self study), meditation, reflection. Do not miss this great opportunity to serve others.

            It is a time for reassessment, refocussing and reflection.

          Responsibility for a thing is given. Then if it is an opportunity for your own growth, ("your" meaning anyone) when opportunity is given energy also just comes. Then it is so simple. A little effort and the things fall in your lap. So simply make a beginning in any way and do it.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Truth Uprising
Orion was asked:
“Systems of governance are unethical. People pay taxes and governments fund wars, buy arms. Crazy world. How to deal with this crazy world, arbitrary laws designed to control population? Society, poor oppressed people under control. Once the system fails, people will go crazy. Governments and corporations are colluding to decimate society. People obey and follow. When do we start questioning orders?”

              Yes, yes. Dear brother, excellent questions you put forth. Unfortunately, the answers are unforeseen, as all depends upon the collective consciousness and free will of the populace. However, we will say that more and more beings are becoming aware and awakening to truth. Truth will ring forth, as this is—as we have said before—the ‘Age of Truth.’ It will be increasingly difficult for the ‘powers that be’ to hide the truth. Truth will emerge, either in bits and pieces or in an avalanche of realizations.

We cannot explain in words what we see from our point of view. Human beings follow blindly, but many do not, dear brother, and those numbers of awakening souls are on the rapid increase.

Nothing told with anger can speak to the people. Rage produces rage. We see the truth as being clear and uncompromising, but when spoken with fluidity and grace, it becomes far more palpable and believable than slinging accusations and pointing blame. So, there is a way to express oneself which will garner more attention and positive response. The subtlety is important to cultivate. The fervor of youth can often burn out fast and can create blockages in communication. Passion tempered with grace is the way to affect greater change and awaken the masses. Love gathers more followers.

A forum for such discussions is also needed. Perhaps others exist, but one which has a more spiritual base is much welcomed in today’s world. You would be surprised at how many beings are quietly being seeded to awaken, as we speak.

Más info: www.oriontransmissions.com

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