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       Yes, this is today’s topic. The cause of this dis-order or dis-ease could be very simple or complex. In some, it is due to over-eating (“gluttony”, eating more than what is required). In others, it is due to a hormonal imbalance. For some, it might be “genetics”. For some, it is because of a sedentary life style or the stress or the environment (example: the people around eat too much and encourage others to eat more). Some erroneous eating habits such as: too much junk food, wrong food combinations, bad timings, etc. could be causes. Emotional/mental upsets (nervousness, anxiety, depression, etc.) can be precipitating factors. Anyway, many people are passing through this experience. Sometimes, great souls are hidden behind the cover of adipose tissue (fat). Many times, these layers of fat are something like protective shields. Sometimes, that amorphous shape of the body is a reflection of an “amorphous mind”. However, let’s recall that “True Beauty” does not depend on the figure or shape.
 This Beauty can be seen in the:

We show what we eat.

     Eyes, loving gestures, poises, compassionate attitudes, kindness, loving words, sincere and spontaneous smiles, actions of service, wonderful music, heart touching songs, pieces of art, philosophical thoughts, etc.
Beauty can also be seen within the silence and the inner peace, on an unadulterated nature, a majestic landscape, etc.

No matter what, many people start worrying when their clothes get tighter, especially around the waist area. By the way, real beauty is not linked to fashion, nor brand of clothes either, nor the latest “make-up” or “make-over”. Even though, we tend to be concerned when the harmony (anatomy) or workings (physiology) of the physical body parts are abnormal, people only pay attention when there is some pain. Then, an inner voice may say: “Don´t eat too much”, “Exercise”, “Eat different foods”, “What are you thinking or feeling that is causing this overweight?", etc.

Your comments, questions, suggestions and/or contributions to the Homa Newsletter are welcome; you may write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com . Please include your address. Thank you!


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EDITOR´s NOTE - continued

         Sometimes, we are like slaves for we do not follow our inner voice and our gross senses are ruling over the mind and the intellect.
It is no simple matter to understand it because some people with strong will, education and intelligence are sometimes locked into these situations. Certainly, you can be one who is above the physical level. Thus is, you are always happy and joyful, independently of what is happening to your body. You may know that you are beyond the physical body. If this is so, you are beyond the Maya (illusion). However, being overweight, especially around the mid-area is correlated to medical problems such as height blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, body aches, etc. What can you do?

Some recommend more water, vegetables, fruits, legumes, seeds / almonds, cold-pressed oils, exercise and Agnihotra ash. Yes, yes, yes, the regular practice of Agnihotra can help, but even people who have been doing Agnihotra for many years, can be facing it. Well, this might be a good time for more Swadhyaaya, Tapa, Daana and Karma. Therefore, don´t be pre-occupied, be occupied, be concerned. Love thyself and take care of your vehicle. May the Divine Light points the way, your inner voice gives the answers and your will be empowered and line up with the Divine Will. Let us experience love within and without. All love.


Mrs. Angela Hernandez Gonzales
and her daughter Ana Cristina
Tenerife, Spain

        "My daughter was 8 years old when she got sick. She spent 3 months in the hospital. She could not walk. The doctors said it seemed like the syndrome or Corea of Huntington, but they did not know exactly what it was. Then Mr. Alirio Segovia told me 'you have the tool and you can help'. With the help of Agnihotra my daughter is here today.

Now she is 28 years old and this disease has not returned.
As we started with the practice of Agnihotra, she also began to walk, to take her first steps.
Thanks to Agnihotra and the help of Christa and Ricardo, she is here now without any sequela and completely well."
(Photo above taken during the testimony. Photo right: Ana Cristina could not walk and had many health problems at her young age.)



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Evelyn Lima
Tenerife, Spain

           "I am 32 years old. I'm Ecuadorian and I live in Tenerife. Many years ago, I was going through a depression and some spots appeared on my skin. The doctors gave me medication, including cortisone, but it didn't cure me, the spots even got bigger. That happened after my mother died, when I fell into depression. A friend took me to the Homa Center of Guayaquil run by Ms. Sonia Hunter. There, I participated in the Therapy. I took Agnihotra ash and also applied it with ghee on the skin. After more or less one and a half months of practicing Agnihotra, the spots were reduced until  they

disappeared. That was about 12 years ago and since then they have not returned. And certainly I also got cured of my depression."

Tenerife, Spain

       "I was anxious, depressed, and like a vegetable. Once, while I was doing Agnihotra, I asked to be able to see beyond what my physical eyes can see and from that day on, my life changed. I left the past, left the person with whom I was living and now I am in peace, and even feel love for that person. I have not much money, but  I'm happy."

Antonella Sandros
Puerto Santa Maria, Spain

         "I have been living in Spain for nearly 20 years. I know Christa and Ricardo for many years and I learned about Homa Therapy in Christa's Yoga class. The fire caught my attention, because there was a very good atmosphere and harmony in her classes, it was very peaceful. So I asked her to teach me  more about it. I went to their farm and started practicing the healing Homa fires consistently for a long time.
I had allergy problems and fibromyalgia, but I have refused to take medications.

And the Homa fires helped me a lot. With the Homa fires and the Agnihotra ash, I feel much better. The allergy, from which I used to suffer every spring, does not appear anymore."



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EXPERIENCES of Ms. Maria Teresa Nuñez in her HOMA FARM

She writes from Tenjo, Colombia:
"The farm has been slowly grasping force, it seems that the Homa fires have purified the atmosphere to the point, that we are starting to see amazing and wonderful results with the plants.
We've never had so abundant and delicious crops. Trees that have never given even a single fruit, are all loaded and our Homa vegetables are delicious. Every day, we see more butterflies and birds, even those ones that we could only see in the magazines, and many more things like that ...

Now, I also smile for seeing slowly all the wonderful facts about Homa farming taught and shown in photos and videos come to life in this place."
(photos this page)



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EXPERIENCES of Ms. Maria Teresa Nuñez in her HOMA FARM, cont.

      "We are drying Homa herbs and sell them in a nice package that Claudia (my secretary) and I designed. Elvira, one of the residents in this farm, bakes Homa bread that is tasty and highly appreciated in the meetings. We opened the "Homa Store" where we offer teas, bread, ghee, empanadas, arepas, dried herbs and vegetables. All these things either grow on our Homa farm or are prepared with Agnihotra ash.

My employees are the main keepers of the Homa fires, followed by the residents. We see and feel the results of this effort every day.
This year the farm began its workshops series with the basic "Agnihotra ash medicines" workshop. This was followed by the “Ayurvedic practices in our daily life”. This workshop showed how to reduce consumerism and unconscious buying of things that poison our bodies and our planet. We closed this meeting with the Agnihotra practice which is the basic technique for purification and healing of our body and Mother earth. We are simply having a good time."
(Photos of the Homa farm and of the elaboration of Sampa energy balls.)



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Deccan Herald, 15 de Marzo

Holy Cow!
This was rather an unusual exhibition-cum-music festival! Have you ever heard a festival dedicated to our holy cow?
Well, this is the answer. Yes. Recently, the City saw its first ever annual ‘Holy Cow Music Festival’. A two-day festival had the theme of celebrating and protecting Indian breeds of cow.
Anuradha Modi founder of Holy Cow Foundation, explained her initiative. “Through this we want convey our message to the world that the holy cow is not just for 

giving milk but also they are economically sustainable. This is possible when her cow dung and urine are fully utilized in making various products. Manure and pesticides made from cow dung and urine are the healthy and environment friendly alternatives to chemical farming.”
The other products available included body scrubs made from cow dung, dung-based paper, mosquito coils and even shampoo filled with cow urine, which is said to have anti-fungal properties.
The poor state of cow in India is not unknown. Around 60,000 cows are slaughtered daily in India and India is one of the prime exporters of beef and leather. The goodness of cow however extends beyond. 60 liters of desi cow milk contains one gram gold; cow dung from one cow is adequate enough to fertilize five acres of land and its urine can protect 10 acres of land from insects.
For blood pressure patients, stroking a cow for a few minutes every day for 10 days can bring down the BP to normal. Even a cow which has stopped giving milk can be useful for a farmer can earn by selling cow dung as organic manure and pesticides from urine.
As responsible citizens, it’s the duty of every individual to respect every cow and not abandon her when she needs us the most, is the message that the Holy Cow Festival promoted. Read full article:



The true story of Ms. Anita Moorjani:

        An Indian woman in Hong Kong writes a best seller “Dying to be me”. The book is now published in 28 languages. The author narrates a personal account of death after life and then life after death. She is travelling worldwide narrating her experiences and that now she is a changed women, learning to live life the way it could be lived by everyone.



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While still at the Somayag in the  HT Goshala (Maheshwar), our friends Christa and Ricardo Mena, also Homa promoters, invited us to come to Spain to teach Homa Therapy together in different parts of Spain. We joyfully accepted their invitation and this trip was a gift to the soul and a Divine blessing. There was Grace on every step. Now there are more

people lighting the Agnihotra fires to help themselves and to support our planet and illuminate our Universe.
Photo above: after the Vyahruti Homa, Mr. Ricardo Mena made an introduction to the Homa Anti-Stress Workshop (ENRAM = Entrenamiento, Renovación y Actualización Mental) to the group of yoga students of Mrs. Christa, relatives and friends. The participants were actively involved in exercises of concentration, alignment and awareness. We finished the workshop with Agnihotra, which calmed our minds, relaxed our bodies and filled us with peace and gratitude.  (photos below)



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      We went to the "Shakti Center" following the invitation of Mr. Efrain Rodriguez and his wife Maria Felisa. There, we shared some audio-visual presentation about recent outcomes and events with Homa Therapy. This couple met Master Shree Vasant when He came to Spain in

the 90s. We agreed to hold a Homa Anti-stress workshop with their students in their Center.  (photo above) 


We flew for a weekend to Tenerife, Canary Islands, to share Agnihotra and its effects in different places. We met a group of people who practice healing, meditation and other bio-energetic and spiritual techniques. The meeting was at the home of Mr. Dharmu Dialani and his wife Elizabeth who have practiced Homa Therapy for several years. It was like a family meeting. We enjoyed the Agnihotra healing energies, the peace and the love that was spread in this circle.



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      At the invitation of Mr. Alirio Segovia, Homa Therapy arrived in the Ibaute Cultural Center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where his students had been invited. Mr. Alirio is a well-known facilitator of Self-Development workshops in the Canary Islands. Mr. Alirio was the first one who brought Master Shree Vasant to Spain.
Prof. Abel presented Homa Therapy and its many applications through some videos (photo above).

Christa and Ricardo taught how to practice Agnihotra correctly. The people were very excited and had many questions. With the performance of Agnihotra, tranquility and serenity came upon all. We could see relaxed and happy faces. Then, everybody received some of the healing Agnihotra ash. It was another wonderful day full of the joy produced by sharing the wonders of the Agnihotra fires.

In the home of Mrs. Helga Detlefsen, our wonderful hostess, we met with Mr. Alirio Segovia before returning to the mainland. We heard wonderful stories about the beginnings of Homa Therapy in Spain. Christa and Ricardo Mena had the good fortune to travel thousands of miles with Shree, serving in His mission.



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On the way back to Puerto Santa Maria, hometown of Christa and Ricardo Mena, we did Agnihotra on the road (photo above left). It is so easy to do it anywhere! Mrs. Christa Mena teaches Hatha Yoga to different groups of people and she always starts the class with the Vyahruti Homa. (photo above right).


In Sevilla, the Therapist Mariángeles San Jose invited a group of women to learn more about Homa Therapy and its applications in
health. Most of these people are dedicated to the healing profession and there was also a medical doctor (MD) present.
The Agnihotra experience opens the heart, calms the mind and lets the harmony flow within. A thousand words cannot describe it. You have to experience it!



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Meanwhile, in Puerto Real, Mr. Efrain Rodriguez (photo below left) and his wife Maria Felisa had organized a Homa Anti-stress workshop in their 'Shakti Center'.

Mrs. Christa opened the workshop with a Vyahruti Homa and Mr. Ricardo gave a short introduction to the topic (picture above). Prof. Abel facilitated the presentation of the workshop. The participants had answered many questions (externally and internally) recognized stressful situations in daily life, solved problems, made decisions, exchanged views, etc.. The workshop also had exercises to eliminate physical pains at certain points in the body where stress builds up. (photo below).

With the practice of Agnihotra at the end of the workshop, we were transported into a world of harmony, peace and prosperity. This is the most important part, our joining with the light inside us. Agnihotra helps us to be happy in spite of the difficulties.



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Thanks to Daniel Pailla and his wife Maribel, a Homa Anti-Stress Workshop ENRAM” was organized at the ***** Hotel Higuerón en Fuengirola, Málaga.

There, we also had great joy in seeing our dear Peruvian Agnihotri friends, America Camacho and her husband Josue, who brought a group of friends to the workshop.



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The next morning, we met again at the hotel to celebrate the sunrise Agnihotra. There were many questions from the audience, which were answered by the Agnihotris together. Also some personal healing testimonies and experiences were related.
Musician and musical therapist, Mr. Ignacio Bejar, played for us a beautiful melody on his special flute. Then we enjoyed another part of this beautiful day by walking in a picturesque village among friends (see photo right: Aleta, Ricardo, Abel, Christa, Maribel and Daniel). Afterwards we had to say goodbye to Christa and Ricardo, not before giving them our gratitude for the opportunity to learn and share with them.

In the afternoon, Daniel and Maribel took us to a park in Malaga to share Agnihotra with a medical doctor and 2 people who had come from Madrid for Homa Anti-stress workshop. The atmosphere was calm and placid, so our hearts were softly filled with Agnihotra blessings and gratitude to the Creator.
The next day, we said goodbye to our wonderful hosts Maribel and Daniel to return to Switzerland and Austria. Our hearts were full of joy, gratitude and humility for having received so many gifts...



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     After talking with Mr. Bernd Frank, we were curious to meet Mr. Horst and his wife, Mrs. Birgitt Heigl in their Homa farm. There were several reports in previous Homa Newsletters which showed their successes in Homa Farming.

The welcome was very loving and we got to know the farm (pictured above). It has an area of approx. 20 hectares, of which 8 are cultivated. We arrived at a time just before planting and we could still see some patches of snow on the farm.

The 1st photo above shows Mrs. Birgitt and Mr. Horst Heigl in the Homa organic store where all the farm products are sold. They are of EXCELLENT QUALITY: preserved food (photo in the middle shows vegetable pickles) and bottled juices, oils, etc. Their Homa apple juice has much success. It is packed in 5-liter containers. It is easy to use and is sold throughout the year (pictured above right). Afterwards, we got to know more lovely people, part of the group of dedicated Agnihotris which also actively participate in the farm work.  The Vyahruti Homa marked the beginning of the presentation “Advances of Homa Therapy in South America” (photo below).



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On this Homa farm, not only vegetables, fruits and herbs of all kinds grow, but also honey bees live here, which produce an extra-ordinary honey; in amount greater than the beekeepers around. These Homa bees do not suffer from diseases o problems that are affecting many hives each year in the neighboring areas and all parts of the world (photo below left.). Here, also cow dung cookies for Agnihotris in many European countries are produced (photo above right). Mr. Richard Powers (from Madison, USA), invented a cow dung machine and one similar to that is used on this farm.  There are also RV homes where the arriving volunteers and visitors can stay (photo below right).

After the audio-visual presentation, we were delighted with a happy song pertaining to the practice of the Fivefold Path.
(photo left)

The sharing of sunset Agnihotra marked the end of our visit and the beginning of a new friendship (photo below).
For more information please see: http://homa-hof-heiligenberg.com/main/index.php/es/



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Mr. Sim Choon Yong, journalist of 'China Press' sent following letter:

"I want to share with you that we have now about 21 pyramids in Batu Pahat. Our group meets regularly on Monday evenings at the Art of Living Centre to do Agnihotra together. We have also organized two outdoor gatherings at a beautiful mountain-view place at Minyak Beku, where we can see the sunset while doing Agnihotra. Sometimes we have our gathering at Violet Lee's house at Minyak Beku.

Now, I have started a program called "Bringing the Light of Agnihotra to 100 families" and we just went to the first house. 17 persons attended and we had 10 Agnihotra pyramids burning at sunset. This is a good start!

Within this two months of practicing Agnihotra and applying its ashes to the plants, some of our friends share the joy to see their plants getting prettier and some which were going to die were surprisingly brought back to life. And the miracles goes on.
Attached is a photo that was taken last night, we want to share this great joy with you. With love."
(photo above sharing Agnihotra in Batu Pahat; Photo to the left shows the young journalist Sim Choon from Batu Pahat, Malaysia.)



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Mr. Reiner Szcypior, sent above photos and wrote: "Mr. Sharadji invited me to join Agnihotra sessions in the South and North of the city Goa. I was also invited to the "Agnihotra house" of Mr. Pandiji. We shared experiences and enjoyed the gathering of the many Agnihotris."


Sonia Hunter, the director of the Homa Center of Guayaquil, informed us:
"From 26 to 31 of March, there was a Certification Workshop for teachers of ‘Joy and Welfare’ held in Playas de Villamil. It was conducted by Mr. Sebastian Gendri, Instructor, creator and founder of ‘Laughter and Wellness Institute’. He is a Frenchman who lives in California, USA. He is a close friend of Raquel Rodriguez and our beloved ‘Laughter Yoga’ instructor, Mr. Ricardo Llorente.
(Photo below from the workshop in Playas de Villamil)

They brought Mr. Gendri here to learn  the Agnihotra fire. He loved it and did it every day during the workshop. He got his fire pyramid on the first day when we did Agnihotra at the Homa Center in Guayaquil."



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Pharmacist Monika Koch, Germany

We would like to experience a happy day, every day anew. The fundamental basis for this to happen is to stay healthy and without pain. How can this be achieved permanently?
Our body is our instrument in this material world. To strengthen this instrument and to receive healing we can do much, and we can do it again and again:

- Move a lot outdoors; through the natural magnetism and natural bio-electricity, the body can recharge well.
- In order to support our life force, Homa Therapy is essential. Through the practice of Agnihotra and other healing Homas, the body recovers the power it needs for the diverse requirements of staying healthy day to day. This life force is built up by the basic Agnihotra, done at sunrise and at sunset, and is also sealed in the Agnihotra ash, which may be taken as a supplement at any time or used externally, as an additional source of energy.
- In addition, it helps wonderfully if we drink enough good drinking water and ensure good healthy food. A body can maintain or rebuild its health much easier when it gets living water and living food.

This material foundation helps very well to keep the body stable and strong. In addition, it is essential to develop patterns in everyday life which are helpful for the common good. What does this mean? More and more recent research shows that certain thought or behavior patterns are in resonance with certain body areas. Through harmonious or discordant life patterns the corresponding areas of the body resonate with health or disease. That is, through certain thinking and behavior, areas of the body can be strengthened or weakened. And according to what we think and how we behave, we can influence these areas. How does it work? What can I do?

Many books (for example by the authors Louise Hay, Thorwald Dethlefsen and others) describe quite precisely which life issues are in resonance with which areas of the body and how to best support through positive focus and thinking these areas of the body and bring them into harmony again.

Basically, the experience shows that if we think and act for the good of one's life and also for the good of the whole of creation, then our body can build the best possible harmony and health. 

Connected with creativity, this may be the right source for health and also for joy that makes our life happy.

This now may sound a little theoretical, but concerns our practical day, every day again: Service, service, service! if you think and act for the benefit of yourself and others, an abundance of joy is created and our day shines with happiness.

For more information please visit: http://www.homatherapy.de 



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             Now things are much worse in the world than they appear. What appears to be even peaceful is like a bomb waiting to explode. So we have to keep all our attention on Mantra and Meditation. Then it comes daily what to do, where to go, whom to see. Just single-pointedness and awareness of what is around you, what people's needs are and then it is simple. So pay attention. Always, when you begin to stray, even in the least way, now you are pulled back immediately.

           Through Grace everything will be made smooth for you. You have difficult time but that time is coming to an end and if you do the disciplines things will improve greatly.

          Be strong. Think wisely. Act slowly. There is no danger when devotion is foremost. Lift others with all Love, all Divine Love. Be kind and be generous. Be caring and provide shelter. This you do with all love and devotion. Then in such a safe harbor, the other person will begin to be able to trust and this will help him grow. All tenderness, all LOVE and do not allow for disrespect. If someone becomes angry, simply keep silence. He will come to know on his own.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Resistance, Renewal and Faith
Yes, yes. Dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth. We address you with honour and respect. Recent escalation of horrific events on your most sacred planet has held the world in the grips of fear—shockwaves spread across the globe.
Be aware. Some tragic events on your planet are strategically planned, orchestrated to shock and dismay. When mass fear is produced, the tendency is to freeze in trepidation. Indeed stop, but never in fear..


Then, shore up your inner reserve of strength and determination.
Those of you involved in programs for uplifting humanity, stay focused on your mission. Those of you whose work is environmental activism, ‘renew your vows’ to serve Mother Earth, and honour each other as you move forward in unchartered waters.
Do not give in to fear.
Do not allow for despondency.
Keep hope alive in all aspects of Light Work—on all levels.

Renew yourselves spiritually with regular meditation, prayer, inner exploration and conscious awareness of the plight of all humanity, as well as the Earth upon which you live.

We are not suggesting to follow and highlight conspiracy theories, analyzing and fretting over all the unjust tactics used to dull the senses of Earth residents.

RESIST. Resist that which would attempt to control you.
RESIST as well, the tendency of the mind to grasp onto confusion, to inhale and take it into your system.
It is just as dangerous to become engrossed in conspiracies that can be proved and disproved in a heartbeat.
Circumvent the ‘powers that be.’
Keep mind, heart and soul focused only on the Light.
Be aware of the greater picture.
Know the ‘enemy.’

Realize the forces poised to destroy this planet feed only on projected fear of the populace!

Fear should never be allowed even to raise its voice in your minds.
Silence fear with absolute, resolute FAITH.

Walk in Light—sure-footed, steady—and walk tall, dear ones.
These are indeed the times which try humans’ souls
Every muscle, every sinew, every heartbeat of human spirit can rise up and overcome any force which opposes you.
May you all walk in Light.
More info: www.oriontransmissions.com

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