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    Ok. Let's do more Swadhyaya now. But what is now? For some people, "now" refers to what is happening in the present. For example, I'm reading the editorial Homa Newsletter #83 now. We call this type of Now (X). For others, now refers to an instant in a frozen moment. We call this type of Now (Y). In case (X), an action is being done and it takes some time, maybe 5 minutes. In case (Y) there is no action. In case (X): the mind is involved, busy. In case (Y): the mind stops. There is no mind and no time.
Another way to look at it. I'm reading this now. It lasts about 5 minutes, say 13:00 to 13:05. There are an infinite number of nows (Y) in the now (X). Usually, with an action, there is an actor (subject) and an object. When there is not any action,  there is nothing. When the time does not exist, there is no past, no future, no mind, etc. It is totally empty or totally full depending on how you look at it. So, during the day, you may be busy with countless actions and your mind can be ruminating (chewing) in the past (memories) and/or imagining countless  possible future events. During the night, the mind tends to sleep and can be active or not, but is fully unconscious. If we look a little closer, we can see that even during the waking state (during the day), we may miss  many details.

The Fivefold Path purifies our layers and increases love.

So the next question is:
Do I need to be aware of everything? You decide. Is there any way to be more aware and be more often awake? Yes, yes, yes. Experts in matters of the mind and the spiritual Masters tell us:
* Be more mindful.
* Meditate
* Focus
* Realize
Yes, yes, yes, the Fivefold Path tells us that we are no the body, nor the emotions, nor the mind, etc.
* If we stop the physical movements, we may transcend or go beyond the our physical  body.
* If we quiet the feelings, we may transcend or go beyond our emotional body.
* If we look at our thoughts, we may transcend or go beyond our mind.
If we can monitor the activity (currents, flows, etc)  in these different interconnected levels, we may perceive our essence, our truth, our reality.

Your comments, questions, suggestions and/or contributions to the Homa Newsletter are welcome; you may write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com . Please include your address. Thank you!


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EDITOR's NOTE - continued

       Another analogy: if you're on a boat and look a river from above, it has different layers of currents:
A) The surface layer equivalent to the physical body (visible).
B) The middle layer equivalent to the emotions. (Usually unseen)
C) The middle layer is equivalent to the thoughts. (Usually unseen)
D) the deep layer equivalent to Self or Soul. (Usually unseen)

    As these river layers (A, B, C) purify (detoxify and clear) and the current slows or stops, the layers become transparent as a clear glass, an the exterior and interior light shines through them. For some, to be here now, it is to stop consciously all streams, freeze the body-mind  and experience the "Peace". Is this Meditation? Is this contemplation? Is this to play the role of witness?


Dr. Praveen M. Kulkarni
Belgaum, Karnataka, India

            “I am working as faculty in an Engineering College at Belgaum. I was introduced to this wonderful Agnihotra process of healing and peace by my best friend Vinayak Lokur.
At the very first instance, I wondered how this Agnihotra can bring about changes and peace. This question was occupying my mind for more than a month. One day, I decided to experiment. So, for more than 4 months, I attended evening Agnihotra at Mr. Lokur’s organization (Expert Engineering Enterprises). Its impact was very strong in different ways. 1) Every time I attended I felt inner peace.  

2) I was suffering from Psoriasis on hands and legs for more than 6 years and this problem has been reduced in last six months and it shows signs of complete recovery. Now I am practicing sunrise and sunset Agnihotra in my house. 3) When I started doing it, I was the only one, but now, after 2 months, my seven year old daughter has joined me. 4) One of the most important things is, that in last three months I have experienced that the environment in our home is more peaceful. I thank Mr. Lokur a lot for having introduced me to Agnihotra.” 

Col. Prakash Inamdar
Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

          “I was serving at a high altitude area (between 16.000 to 20.000 feet) in a macro project when I got a serious heart attack. I was carried to the hospital and put into ICU. I could have died any time, but I got out after two and a half months. I had to follow a regimen of diet and exercise. Then, in 1993, while working as a chief engineer in a temperature that would go up to 53 degrees Celsius, I had the second heart attack. I was taken to a hospital in Delhi where I had to undergo bypass surgery. After doing some tests, the doctors declared that 40% of my heart was dead.
  I started Homa Therapy approx. eight years ago, but I was not regular in the beginning, since I did not 

believe much in this, like you people also don't believe much in this therapy at the moment."                                                                                                                                                   (cont. page 3) 



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Continuation of testimony on page 2 - Col. Prakash Inamdar:
"But for the last 4 years, I have been quite regular doing Agnihotra and using this Agnihotra ash and I am fine. The doctors said after the by-pass surgery that I will have approx. 7 more years to live, but this was many years ago. With this Agnihotra, one can live longer.
At home, everybody uses this ash, my granddaughter does too. For anything, any cut, any burn, we use Agnihotra ash and no more problems, no pains, no scars, nothing. So, we take this medicine wherever we go. We use water from anywhere, put some Agnihotra ash and drink it without any problem.

Umakant Tiwari
Hasanganj, Unnau, India

         “I have been practicing Agnihotra since 2007. I was given a booklet written by Monika Koch, where she suggests different types of Homa remedies for several diseases. I was fortunate enough to practice her teachings and to share them with fellow farmers.  Some have been suffering from respiratory diseases. After sitting with me regularly during Agnihotra and taking the Agnihotra ash for 40 to 50 days, their health improved. The asthma and bronchitis came under control.
One of my colleagues, now my Agnihotra friend, was suffering from diabetes. We suggested him to start Agnihotra and take its ash regularly. He got a Homa Resonance Point in his fruit orchard and so he has been doing Agnihotra regularly.

He was severely affected by diabetes. He had to be injected Insulin every day. He suffered from diabetes for approx. 7 years.  After doing Agnihotra regularly for 30 to 40 days, he did not need to have any more injections. He felt better. After one year of doing Agnihotra, he was perfectly well. For the last one and a half years, he has even been able to do all the agricultural work by himself. He is perfectly alright and he is no more diabetic at all.  He does Agnihotra, takes plain Agnihotra ash and Agnihotra ash with water. He is also using Agnihotra ash to spice his food. Instead of spices, he uses Agnihotra ash and he says that the food is tastier and that he enjoys it better. His name is Kamlesh Singh.
Another incident happened when I received a phone call. One panditji (priest) who knew that this Agnihotra heals people and that I was practicing it, called me to Lucknow. There he introduced me to a gentleman who was serving at the railway as a station master. When I met this gentleman, he was

laying in the bed. He had a serious health condition. I inquired what his problem was and he said that he suffered from Leukemia, blood cancer, and he was too weak to get out of bed. The priest had told him about this Agnihotra. I suggested that he does Agnihotra by his bed, breathes its smoke deeply and take its ash regularly morning, noon and evening. I asked him to let me know after 40 days how he was. Nonetheless, after 30 days I went to his place and did not find him in his bed. I inquired where he was and his wife told me that he had gone out for the market. I waited for him till he came back. Then he told me ‘I can move and I am perfectly alright now.’ He was very happy. After a few more days he was so fit that he could go back to his job. He was a railway master in a station. At that time, he was about 35 years old.
These are some of the very wonderful experiences I had with Homa Therapy.”
(Photo above: Mr. Umakant Tiwari is practicing Agnihotra during the recent Somayag in the Goshala, Maheshwar .



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EXPERIENCIES in a HOMA farm:  Datu Alan Yong shares an incident that happened recently in his Homa farm in Lanchang, Malaysia

         Extracts of his letter:  
"The calf’s mother came running to Raj (my right hand in the farm ) and appeared hysterical. She made sure Raj was aware of her distress signal and lead him to the spot where her calf, Sonia, was stuck. Raj immediately summoned the other four workers to help him to pull the calf out but to no avail despite using robes and bamboo. After exhausting all attempts to save her, Raj decided to call me for help.
       When I arrived at the farm, the backhoe of my neighbor,

Mr. Low, and his experienced driver, had already arrived and were leveling the earth for nearly one and a half hours. After 5 hours, Raj with the help of the other workers managed to pull the calf out from the pit.
         What happened next was truly touching for me and my workers. The wonders of nature truly opened itself to us. We witnessed the love and affection which many in the world fail to see in the animal kingdom. They do indeed share the same sentient feelings, emotions and affections as humans do. The calf appeared tired and dehydrated but thankfully was unscathed. She was extremely anxious and rushed to look for her mother at the cowshed. Their reunion and joy could be felt through their bodily movements. Her father named 'Hare' was evidently excited to see his offspring returning in one piece. Tears were running from his

eyes and he kept licking her tail while she was sucking her mother's milk.  
      I only hope meat eaters in the world will get a chance to witness such a touching moment and realize that animals share the same affections as we and should not be butchered for our food tastes.
I started the farm with my partner named Francis Lim, both with zero knowledge on farming. Now, 5 years later, I am proud to say, it was and still remains amongst the best decision I ever made in life. The farm has been blessed with not just delicious produce, but a wonderful family of workers, fauna and most importantly, friends who so selflessly help since day one. The love, determination and selfless effort in saving Sonia, characterize the essence and positive energy I had envisioned for the Homa farm.
     Perhaps, AGNIHOTRA is the main force behind it. But it is also due to the help, support and blessings from all my Agnihotra brothers and sisters from far and near who often frequent my farm. I feel blessed to have them.

In particular Brother Soh Wee Hock has been working very hard to help us produce more dried cow dung patties to be used for Agnihotra fires all over Malaysia. With Love, Light & Grace."



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EXPERIENCIES of Mr. Madanmohan in his HOMA FARM Ghataprabha 

              "I am experimenting using HOMA Biosol on various crops and receive amazing results. All these findings I am recording by taking photographs. Through the Homa Health Newsletter, we would like to reach out to many readers about the importance and quality of Homa organic farming and its produce. We feel that we need to share knowledge and information regarding Homa farming and its benefits so that people should demand Homa organic produce and food."

Photos: 1) On the Homa farm, we have planted cow-pea, green pea, sorghum, mint, etc. 2) mint plants 3) turmeric leaves have extraordinary color, smell, texture and taste. 4) A group of organic farmers from Kittur (a village in Belgaum district) received samples of Biosol. 5) Papaya treated with Homa Biosol. 6) The height of the sorghum crop is 10 to 12 feet 7) Mr. Madanmohan inspecting turmeric rhizomes.



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How can people everywhere stop this mad machine from controlling the world's seed?

• Is it time to spend an extra dollar, buying only real, organic food?
• Is it time for a warning label to be required on all products that contain genetically modified food? This would help consumers make more informed decisions.
• Is it time to pressure the government to repeal

the provisions of the Monsanto Protection Act? The provision is temporary and is likely to come back up for a re-authorization vote in September 2013.
• Is it time to write and inform others about GMOS, making more scientific studies available to people everywhere about the negative health effects of GMOs?
• Is it time to hold Monsanto executives accountable through bold, direct communication?
• Is it time to take the action to the streets in peaceful protest, shining a light on Monsanto's influence over government and their direct contribution to disease in the world?
More information:



Published: 26 March 2013

                The US House of Representatives quietly passed a last-minute addition to the Agricultural Appropriations Bill for 2013 last week - including a provision protecting genetically modified seeds from litigation in the face of health risks.
The rider, which is officially known as the

Farmer Assurance Provision, has been derided by opponents of biotech lobbying as the “Monsanto Protection Act,” as it would strip federal courts of the authority to immediately halt the planting and sale of genetically modified (GMO) seed crop regardless of any consumer health concerns.
The provision, also decried as a “biotech rider,” should have gone through the Agricultural or Judiciary Committees for review. Instead, no hearings were held, and the piece was evidently unknown to most Democrats (who hold the majority in the Senate) prior to its approval as part of HR 993, the short-term funding bill that was approved to avoid a federal government shutdown. To read full article please click:



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          Homa Therapy was invited to the first International Conference of "GASS - Changing Dimensions in Food, Clothes and Shelter" by Dr. Sunil Goyal, President of the Global Association of Social Science (GASS). (pictured above)
There were a variety of talks and presentations by renowned specialists (photo below left).
Homa Therapy teachers, Karin Heschl, Arun Anand and Abel Hernandez presented Agnihotra and its effectiveness in daily life and especially Homa organic agriculture. Food products that are grown with no synthetic chemicals or poisons can lead to health. Ms. Karin (from Austria, living in India), opened the event by recounting her experience on a Homa farm in Austria at the time of the Chernobyl accident. Farmers had to get their cows' milk analyzed regularly because of the radiation. Authorities were astonished that milk from Karin's cows was not radioactive. The only difference between her farm and others was that she was practicing Homa Therapy. Abel Hernandez showed some short videos on how Agnihotra works and its effects on human health and crops.

Photo above: Agnihotra kits and literature were offered by Mr. Patil (with beard), Agnihotri for many years and his friend. Photo below: practicing, rehearsing the Mantras and sharing sunset Agnihotra with a group of the participants.


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        Samish and Avani, the children of Dr.Shailendra & Manisha Sharma, are excited about Agnihotra. This is another Homa family.

      At the invitation of Col. Prakash Inamdar, a Homa Therapy presentation was made at "SDPS" College for women in Indore. Prof. Abel Hernandez presented topics of interest to young people about physical, mental and emotional health. Some of the students and their teachers acquired Agnihotra kits to learn more about the practice and experience its healing effects personally. Our thanks also go to Dr. Babita, Dr. Renu, Ms. Sharma and Dr. Hemant. (see photos left and below)



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      Dr. Shailendra Sharma, principal of the University college "AIMS" in the city Dhamnod, invited Prof. Abel Hernandez to give an "Anti-stress Homa" workshop to about 250 students and their teachers. The workshop began with a Vyahruti Homa to tune the mind and get the attention of the students. Through a slideshow, students were encouraged to recognize the root causes of stress and learn to cope more easily by means of Homa Therapy and the Fivefold Path. There were many questions and laughter, and also some Yoga exercises to align chakras and strengthen the will power.
Photo above: sharing Vyahruti Homa. Photo right: The owner of the college and Dr. Shailendra Sharma. Photo below: yoga exercises.



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      (photo left) Colonel Prof. Prakash Inamdar organized several Anti-stress Homa workshops in various Universities in Indore city. Prof. Abel Hernandez facilitated this workshop in Sanghvi Institute of Management and Science. At the start, the special atmosphere was created with a Vyahruti Homa.
       This workshop was designed especially for the university population. Students and teachers were taught the dangers of over-stress, how to recognize the symptoms, treat some diseases and prevent complications.

The young assistant professor, Saurabh Sakhre, recounted his thesis experiments with Homa Therapy and contaminated water. (photo above)  



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Photos on this page were taken during the HOMA Anti-stress workshop at the University of Engineering in Indore.
Prof. Abel also taught some Yoga practices to relax the body and increase mental focus.



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(photo left) In the Niks Academy, students from various universities receive training to become officers of the Navy, the Air Force and Army in India.

In this workshop, Prof. Abel spoke of Agnihotra Fire as a "Real Fire Arm" that shoots Love and builds Peace. At Agnihotra time, peace conquered the minds and hearts of those present. It is a peace that is not achieved by signing treaties.
The directors, Col. Nikhil Diwandji and Dr. Diwanji are motivated to continue this technique to increase performance and reduce stress.  (photo below)


      People and groups from different parts of the world come  to the Maheshwar Goshala  to learn about Homa Therapy and Agnihotra from Mr. Abhay Paranjpe (photo right in front of the fire) and his son Sarvajit. Through the Fivefold Path Mission,  they are responsible for informing, teaching, explaining and answering the many questions and concerns of the people. In the pictures you see a group of visitors from Dhule with Mr. Abhay next to the fire.



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In Devi Ahilya University, a group of students received the HOMA anti-stress workshop organized by Dr. Kar and Dr. Panda of the Dept. of Sciences. (photos above)

       Before leaving for New Delhi,   Mrs. Karin, Mr. Saurabh, Col. Prof. Inamdar, Mr. Arpit, Abel and Aleta were sharing the silence and peace of sunset Agnihotra in Indore


 Invited by Swami Pragyananda, we stayed one night at his Ashram. He started the day with the practice of Agnihotra of Homa Therapy. Then we shared with him and some of his followers videos about the achievements of Homa Therapy outside India.


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 We also had the honor to meet part of the family of Mrs. Saroji Malik who is  in charge of the Homa Center in New Delhi. Her relatives, Mr. Rajesh Pankaj, Mr. Manjit Seth  

and Mrs. Monika  were excited to know the benefits of this therapy and were eager to have a larger meeting to promote this wonderful knowledge of Homa Therapy to more people. (photo above)


        Director Dr. Prashant Jain, CEO "Sagar Institute of Research & Technology," Mr P. S. Rajput, Col. P.M. Das, and Dr. Advity Goswami organized in "Sagar University Abhiyan" (part of Sagar Group) a presentation of Homa Therapy for 200 professors  of this University. Prof. Abel Hernandez presented evidence that demonstrated how the continuous practice of this therapy helps students increase their IQ, their ability to concentrate, participation, improve their behavior, etc. Aleta showed how to practice Agnihotra correctly in order to receive the many benefits.
(see photos above and below)



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 83                       page 15

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In the Dept of Yoga at the Univ. Bharkatullah Vishwavidyalaya,  its director, Smt. Vidya Gamad, invited the students to learn about Homa Therapy through a talk and video presentation.

Mother Saroji helped with the translation into Hindi. (photos above and below)

Our lodging was at the home of Dr. Advity Goswami, who invited a group of colleagues from different Universities to participate in Agnihotra and learn more about the effects of Homa Therapy.
(photo left)


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 In the Dept. of Medicine of the "People's University" Bhopal, its officers, Col. Ashok Khurana and Col. B.K. Dhagat invited students and teachers to learn about Homa Therapy. Prof. Abel spoke of the Science of Ayurveda and showed its practice in hospitals and Medical Centers in South America, where it is successfully practiced to alleviate a wide range of diseases. Mother Saroji translated into Hindi and guided a short meditation after Agnihotra.  (photos this page)



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    Back in Delhi, the relatives of Mother Saroji had organized a nice Homa event, which was most welcome by the many assistants. There were many questions about the treatments with this bioenergetic therapy.  As usual in India, the people are amazed to see many Agnihotris with great healings  in so many other parts of the world, because many think it is something that is only known in their country.

 We showed how to practice this Agnihotra to receive similar benefits. 
(photos this page)

      During Agnihotra, a deep silence grew in the large ball room. With eyes closed in meditation, all received healing energies with this technique which is as old as the Earth itself. Mother Saroji translated. At the end, everyone wanted to get some healing Agnihotra ash and Agnihotra kits were sold. However, Mother Saroji's Homa Center in New Delhi will have more materials and will be responsible for teaching people properly so they can receive the many benefits.



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Before leaving India, we had the opportunity to share Agnihotra again with a guided Meditation with a group of Mrs. Akanksha Malik. It was a meeting of Peace and Love on the outside and inside! We also shared Agnihotra with Mother Saroji, her husband, Col. Malik and their daughter in law, Akanksha. We thank them for their goodness,  love and service  promoting Homa Therapy.

     Our stay in India has been a Divine gift. We learned a lot. We met and reconnected with wonderful people that have joined this healing force.  Homa Therapy is increasingly known worldwide by Divine Will! We can be part of this Divine Conspiracy for the healing of Mother Earth and for the healing of ourselves. By practicing and sharing Homa Therapy, we tune into that Divine Will!
(Photo below: at the airport in New Delhi)



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Dr. Irma Garica (formerly Shree Vasant´s private secretary) did a Vyahruti Homa with the children and teachers who visited the farm. Dr. Irma  is currently teaching Homa Therapy at Mr. Vyankatesh Kulkarni´s Manas Krishi Farm in Sajivali, Maharashtra, on behalf of Fivefold Path Mission and Manas Rural Development Institute. 

She is in the Board of Directors.

Dr. Irma taught Shree Vansant's song "The fivefold Path is the way" to the children. They sang happily the joyful text and imitated with lots of fun Irma's theatrical gestures. After that, the children received a snack.

(These photos were taken during the visit at the Homa organic farm "MANAS KRUSHI", of Mr. Vyankathesh Kulkarni.) 



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The photos on this page show Prof. S.G. Mulay and his wife, Sudha, performing the activation of Homa Resonance Points for agriculture in various rural areas of Andhra Pradesh. In this way, farmers are helped to grow and produce healthy and nutritious food, and at the same time contribute to the healing of our Mother Earth.

HOMA Therapy Farming = GOOD Future for our Planet.



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We received these pictures (above and left) from Fivefold Path Mission, India. They show the execution of a Somayag in Malwadi, Sangola, district Solapur, Maharashtra from 21 to 25 February, 2013.

This healing event, attended by many participants, was organized to help the planet and its inhabitants in these times of profound transformation and purification.


      Ayurveda Therapist, Ivy Amar, sent these pictures (above) of her Ayurveda Center in New Mexico, where Homa Therapy is practiced regularly. Especially on full moon and new moon, Agnihotris gather along with people interested in learning this healing technique to fill the atmosphere with love.



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Pharmacist Monika Koch, Germany


      Salt - Everyone knows kitchen salt is used to make food more tasty. Kitchen salt can come from any saline source on land or from the sea. For example, salt from Himalayas is becoming more and more famous. Depending on the origin, the salt contains more or less minerals.

Everyone has their preference in the use of salt in food, depending on the taste or health or disease, for example, salt is used sparingly to protect the kidneys.

But Salt can do much more, especially if we use it with Agnihotra ash:

- When you have a cold or crusts in the nose or the nasal mucosa is too dry, you can prepare a wonderful nose spray with water and salt. That salt is mixed with water to a solution approx. 3.5 percent. Add a bit of Agnihotra ash powder and boil this mixture for 10 minutes. Then filter through coffee filter paper or thin cloth in order to remove larger particles of ash. This solution can now be used beautifully as nose drops or as a nasal spray. Through salt, nasal mucosa may get relief and recover. Thanks to the better wetting due to the hygroscopic nature of salt, nasal mucosa can work better. If an inflammation or infection is strong, you can add colloidal silver to rapidly stop the growth of bacteria or viruses.

- For colds and sinus problems,  the inhalation of salt water with Agnihotra ash powder has proved very effective. Mix enough water in a large pot with 2-3 tablespoons of salt and a tablespoon of Agnihotra ash powder. Then this mixture is boiled and its vapors are inhaled. You can place a towel over your head to collect the steam.
Warning: Do not bring the head too close to the pot or the hot water to avoid getting burnt! This process can be repeated 2-3 times daily until signs of improvement.

- Also a general detox can be very well supported with salt. For this, we fill a small glass jar or an empty pot with coarse salt, mix it with a little Agnihotra ash powder and fill it with olive oil or a good cooking oil. Shake this mixture well and then this salt scrub is ready for use. It is usually used as a body scrub, but can also be applied to the soles of the feet for a few minutes. Thus, the area with these important acupuncture points gets a better blood circulation and the oil takes the poison from the body. Also, through Agnihotra ash a general healing is initiated which is especially crucial in this area that can support the health of the entire body.

- If you want to do something for general well-being and health, then why not try a seawater bath with Agnihotra ash powder to relax and unwind at home? You just have to add sea salt to your bath-water and add some Agnihotra ash powder. Now, you can experience how the sea breeze relaxes and energizes!

- So easy, so wonderful and homemade!

For more information, please visit the website: http://www.homatherapy.de 



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            The four corners of the world must be reached. This necessity is now an emergency. In no other form will this Love go. In no other way will His light travel. Only through Agnihotra, only by His hand.

              Importance of Agnihotra goes  beyond scientific explanation. It gives a

link with the Almighty. When you see past the physical you begin to think of what importance this is. Through Agnihotra many will be brought Home.

         Agnihotra eliminates tension from the mind. When practicing Agnihotra very soon you will observe how anger, lust, greed, for example, diminish and the tension exerted on the mind by these patterns of behavior is reduced. We feel free and this brings happiness. To free ourselves from our emotional cycles brings us peace

         It is anger that blocks the spiritual progress. What we do may be highly logical but there is a realm totally beyond rational, logical reasoning and that is the place where the Divine can be seen and heard. From this place, one’s experiences defy logic and this is difficult for people of highly developed intellect to comprehend.

          Never be too tired to become an instrument. It doesn’t depend on your own strengths or weaknesses. It all lies in His power. It is His will.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

 On Importance of Creativity
Yes, yes, yes. Conduct your inner lives like great symphonies. Be sure your instruments are always in tune. Check them daily. Attempt to harmonize with whomever you interact, also daily. Just as you would never leave a precious instrument in harm’s way, do the same for your own lives. Store your bodily instruments in safe, clean places. Always know where they are! And by all means, CREATE!

For many of you, the ability to create is of lesser concern than the ability to navigate through the material world and maintain your lives. Being responsible is also important, but inside every soul is the spark of creativity, needing only to be kindled to activate its potential. One can employ the use of a creative mind in business, yes, and it is often thanks to such creative ideas that great businesses actually thrive.

For the average human being, utilizing the creative gifts is seen as a luxury—no time for it in the busy workaday world. Without exercising the creative muscle,

one’s life loses its fluidity. Just as not exercising one’s physical body can lead to a stiff, inflexible frame, so it is with the creative.

Begin to access the creative urges you experience. It is as important as movement, and is the nutrition missing for a full and whole life.

Dance more.
Sing more.
Write more.
Paint more.
Draw more.
Sculpt more.
Imagine more.

Make time to exercise your creative spirit. It will enhance every aspect of your busy and structured lives. You will thank us later! OM.

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