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Homa Therapy for Conscious Changes (Part 2)

By changing our food, we can change our body, mind and destiny.

     In the previous newsletter we talk about some concepts related to changes in:
a) The Physical or Mechanical Universe
b) The Biological or Cellular Universe
c) The Chemical or Molecular Universe
Some new observations related to the Energetic or Vibrational Universe are lined up with the bio-energetic principles of Homa Therapy (HT). Let us look at some ideas:
a) Quantum Physics
"The field is the sole governing agent of the particle". Albert Einstein
Could the field be related to the atmosphere? Could the particle be related to the matter?
"Everything is inter-connected and this is happening beyond the physical level."
"Biofotons are weak emissions of light emanating from living cells." "We are made of the same basic stuff." "We are light."
"There is an energy exchange between subatomic particles which can create virtual particles. That is the cero point field."

Some Quantum physics statements support Homa Therapy findings

 b) Epi-Genetics
"When children are adopted into families that have a cancer history, the adopted children will express the cancer with the same propensity as any natural child in that family. But the fact is that the adopted child comes from a different genetics that does not have this cancer. Being introduced into the family dynamics (Energy Field) where they learn perception, believes and attitudes, is what shapes the cancer, not the genetics."
c) MEG (Magneto Encephalogram)
"When you are thinking, you are broadcasting Energy Fields."
"The Energy Field", that surrounds the individual, can modify his/her physical make-up."
d) Healing Miracles: something simple like the healing of a wound or complex like the recovery of a far away patient resulting from projection of harmonizing energies at a distance.
e) Research into Ancient Sciences such as "The Vedas"
f) Unexplained Phenomena

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EDITOR's NOTE continued

        OK. We want to know everything. Why water is important for life? Why a bird can fly and we cannot? or can we fly? What is life? Why do we breathe? What makes the heart pump? Is there an energy field that animates the living organism? Can we generate this energy field and manipulate it?
How can I know all these and much more? You may try:
1) The X Method - Through conventional study and research. You can focus outwards and try to connect with the researched object. Your depth of knowledge about this object will be proportional to the depth of your external connection with the object.
2) The Y Method - It is to go to the source of all knowledge which is within - internal connection.
Which one is the best way? What is the best way for a one legged man to walk?
Is there a "Z Method"? Can we sense the world and not be affected (negatively) by it.? Can we radiate positive changes in our surroundings? HT could be this approach to the New Scientists.
Today, the world is upside down and what is "common knowledge" is that everything is abnormal and people call it normal. By simply opening the eyes and ears half way, we can see diseases, violence, chaos everywhere and this is getting worse. However, we can change this. Yes, yes, yes, we can. But WE MUST CHANGE OURSELVES.
What shall we change? You pick:
a) The way we see ourselves and the people around. Are they truly different and apart from us? Are they mirrors for us? Are they mirrors of us? Are not you hurting yourself when you hurt someone?
b) The way we see nature. Are you independent of nature? Can we hurt mother nature without hurting ourselves? Can the fish pollute the water without getting wet? Can the bird pollute the air without breathing? Can the earthworm pollute the soil without eating? No, no, no, they do not do that. But we do.
Can we pollute our body, mind and heart and be healthy, wise and kind? No, no, no,

but we do pollute. Can we stop or reduce polluting?
c) The way we think and behave. Can we apply agrochemicals (agro-toxics) to kill bugs, bacteria, virus, etc. in our crops and think these foods are going to be safe to be eaten?
Can we waste or misuse the no-renewable natural resources such as water, air, soil, oil, etc. and think that life will continue as usual?
Can we heal the plants, animals and people with some substances which are toxic and poisonous? Some people would call this: superstitious, ignorance, craziness, etc.
Can we get out of the roller coaster of distractions or the rat race and stop to think: What am I doing? Can I act differently? What world are we leaving to our children and grand children?
We are responsible in one degree or another of these disorders: contamination, global warming, extreme climatic changes, destruction, etc. We are part of the problem but we can be part of the Solution. But, is there a logical, scientific, practical and inexpensive approach to get out of this madness and support Nature and play a positive, holistic role in life?
The answer is:
Yes, yes, yes, this is HT (Homa Therapy and Homa Farming Super Technology). And the new discoveries in Science are backing up this method. HT can neutralize pollution and eliminate plagues and diseases in all the components of Nature (air, waters, soils, plants, animals, and human beings). HT can produce really abundant healthy, organic tasty and nutritious food. And yes, yes, yes, HT and the Fivefold Path can induce positive Conscious Changes to purify our bodies, hearts (emotions) and mind (thoughts). This is already happening now worldwide. Do not believe this. Test it!



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Eng. Luis Tafur
Jaen, Cajamarca, Peru

             "A Homa Therapy delegation, under the command of Master Vasant Paranjpe, accompanied by Abel Hernandez, (Chemist and Biologist), Eng. Luis Mamud and other Homa volunteers, arrived at the Regional Government of Piura and they proposed

that the President of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Department of Piura implement the Homa farming program. I was in charge of this program. We did the Homa farming program in the mango plantation of Mr. Palermo in the San Lorenzo area. The observers  from the SENASA (National agricultural agency in charge of phyto-sanitary service), farmer’s cooperatives and the Ministry of Agriculture came to check it and do their observations. With this Homa technique, the elimination of pests was achieved. Also the brick degree, a system to measure the sweetness, did rise 3 points, a uniform caliber of the fruits was achieved and the normal production of 20 to 25 tons of mangos per hectare rose to 84 tons per hectare. The Homa project took 10 months. Sunshine company bought the entire production with a 50 percent plus for Mr. Palermo.
I participated in the  Agnihotra and sometimes in the other Homa fires. Three and a half weeks after this Homa program had started, protests were unfolding in the region. Whenever I had this kind of involvement, I went into an emotional crisis and as a consequence I suffered from bleeding hemorrhoids, liver problems, congestion, sinusitis, bad breath and/or digestive disorders but this time I had no problems at all. I told this to Master Vasant and brother Abel. They indicated that the subtle energies of Agnihotra were harmonizing my body. Two weeks later, I was told to have an echography done, because one morning I spit out a lot of mucous coming from the frontal and pomular sinuses. The result of the echography was that my liver was perfect and I have never again suffered from hemorrhoids or sinus problems.

Since that time, I practice Agnihotra every day and I help people with this technique which can heal  countless diseases. My brother in law suffered from pulmonary emphysema. With the practice of Homa Therapy, he got healthy.
Homa Therapy is a simple process, but you need to be rigorous, disciplined and precise."

(Photo above: Homa Promoter Eng. Luis Tafur with his wife and their 3 daughters. Photo below: Eng. Luis Tafur (1st to the right) in his print shop where he shares and teaches Agnihotra daily.)



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MY HOMA FARM   - Christa and Ricardo Mena, Spain

              Christa and Ricardo Mena are sharing these photos, showing a large variety of wonderful harvests in  their Homa farm OM SHREE DHAM in Algodonales.  Ricardo checking on the pomegranate and Christa with family and grandchildren doing Triambakam Homa.



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An anthropologist proposed a game to children of an African tribe. He put a basket full of fruits near a tree and told them that the one who reached first would win all fruits.
When he gave the signal for them to run, all children held hands, ran together and reached at the same time. Then they sat together to share and enjoy the prize. When asked why they had run together, they answered: "UBUNTU. How one of us would be happy if everyone else is sad?"
UBUNTU in Xhosa culture means 'I am because we are.'

The Franciscan missionary priest Father Jorge Bender (Argentina) says in his book "Africa does not need me, I have need of Africa!"


Kristian Hammerstad


Published: March 23, 2013

 Can you remember the last time you were in a public space in America and didn’t notice that half the people around you were bent over a digital screen, thumbing a connection to somewhere else?
Most of us are well aware of the convenience that instant electronic access provides. Less has been said about the costs. Research that my colleagues and I have just completed, to be published in a forthcoming issue of Psychological Science, suggests that one measurable toll may be on our biological capacity to connect with other people.

Our ingrained habits change us. Neurons that fire together, wire together, neuroscientists like to say, reflecting the increasing evidence that experiences leave imprints on our neural pathways, a phenomenon called neuroplasticity. Any habit molds the very structure of your brain in ways that strengthen your proclivity for that habit.
Plasticity, the propensity to be shaped by experience, isn’t limited to the brain. You already know that when you lead a sedentary life, your muscles atrophy to diminish your physical strength. What you may not know is that your habits of social connection also leave their own physical imprint on you.
How much time do you typically spend with others? And when you do, how connected and attuned to them do you feel? To read full article please click:



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Barry Rathner Ph.D. (USA) initiated the event (photo left) sponsored by GAP (Ganga Action Parivar) with a Vyahruti Homa.  The river Ganges suffers from extreme pollution levels, which affect  400 million people. Sewage from many cities along the river's course, industrial waste and religious offerings wrapped in non-degradable plastics add large amounts of pollutants to the river as it flows through densely populated areas. Many poor

people rely on this river on a daily basis for bathing, washing, and cooking. Swami Chidanand S. and experts gathered  to find ways to save the Ganges. The Homa team consisted of Dr. Ulrich Berk, Dr. Barry Rather, Dr. RK Pathak and Abel Hernandez.  (photo below)

Photo above:  Agnihotra was performed by a group  in front of a famous Shiva statue on the Holy Ganges river.
Photo right: Dr. RK Pathak -left -
explaining the importance of Biosol.



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            Back in India, after our Malaysia visit, the Homa presentations continued.   Mrs. Salila and her family invited friends over to their home to hear Homa Therapy teacher Abel Hernandez talking about the healing effects of the practice of Agnihotra and its ash. At sunset, we shared a peaceful Agnihotra. Even some people connected through Skype from a far away city accompanied this meeting. (photo above)

Dr. Ravinder Tuli and his wife Poonam invited to their holistic ayurvedic clinic in New Friends Colony to present Homa Therapy to some core people and patients.

Photo above: enjoying sunset Agnihotra  with a short meditation at "Soham Ayurvedic Clinic".



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Through Dr. Ravinder Tuli and his daughter, Homa promoters, Abel Hernandez and Aleta Macan were invited by Mrs. Jennifer Tytler, head of the J.D. Tytler school, to present Homa Therapy as a way to tackle and improve common problems with regular and special children in the school and at home.  The JD Tytler school provides kinder, primary and high school education for over 8000 students. They also integrate over 250 handicapped children in the classes. Many parents and educators came to re-learn this ancient healing science. The Delhi Homa group with Ms. Saroj and Ms. Akanksha

 had come to light many Agnihotra fires. Ms. Jennifer and her staff ordered  30 Agnihotra kits on the spot. They were eager to put this technique into practice after seeing so many wonderful results in other countries. (photos this page )



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Mrs. Malik organized a Homa Therapy introduction for Abel Hernandez to a group of people with NGOs and social organizations which included several Members of Parliament whose desire is to Serve. Seeing videos from the West with many people practicing Agnihotra and having fantastic healing results, animated them to start their own trials.  The sunset Agnihotra practice surrounded everybody with the peaceful atmosphere where the mind stops, the body relaxes and wonderful things can happen.

Photo above during a short Homa introduction outdoors and photo below during sunset Agnihotra.

 The main purpose of a Homa team is to promote Homa Therapy and let everyone know about these ancient healing fires. So, also the owners and staff of the Le Seasons Hotel, where we stayed with

Ms. Dora during our Delhi visit, took the chance to learn more and experience Agnihotra. (photo above) The people got so excited about the healing testimonies achieved through Agnihotra practice and its healing atmosphere that they made arrangements for a Homa presentation to a larger group with Mrs. Malik from Delhi.



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Homa Therapy healing video testimonies were shared and Agnihotra was practiced with the Delhi Homa group. Ms. Akanksha opens her home once a week for these encounters and also meditation is taught and practiced regularly.  (Photo below)

Homa Therapy also reached the drug de-addiction center 'SPYM' (Society for Promotion of Youth & Masses) in New Delhi. First, Aleta and Abel  had a short meeting with the staff and medical doctor Rajesh Kumar.  Then they met with the whole group.

When the participants saw the video of the Colombian Fenix De-addiction program, they identified quickly and were eager to experience Agnihotra and receive its healing and calming ash.


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        International River Festival 2013 - from 8th to 10th of February, there was another chance to present Homa Therapy to people from different parts of India who had come together to find ways to save Mother Narmada. The Homa Therapy group consisted of Dr. Ulrich Berk from Germany, Eng. Aaron Anand from India, Karin Heschl from Austria, and Abel Hernandez from USA/Venezuela. (photo left from left to right) A talk about Homa Therapy was given and  Agnihotra fire was shared at sunrise and sunset every day.  (photos this page).



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In a small ceremony, accompanied by a Homa fire, the ashes of the Somayag were placed into the Holy Narmada River . (photos above)


        This Photo shows Ulrich Berk, Ph.D.  explaining an interesting PowerPoint presentation to the students of the DSPD Women's College about experiments done with Agnihotra and its ashes. He motivated them to do the same. Col. Prakash Inamdar, a professor in this college had invited him.


Mr. Eulogio Heredia shares this photo  and he writes: "Dear friends, I am sending you loving greetings from Miami. Here you can see me with my papaya plant, which I have thanks to Homa Therapy."



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During the past years, Dr. Irma Garcia has been holding HOMA SCIENTIFIC-SPIRITUAL ENCOUNTERS in several countries on behalf of the FIVEFOLD PATH MISSION INDIA.

 The Encounters provide a “community setting” which motivates us to include into our personal daily routines, simples techniques  based on the Fivefold Path of Vedas. These are to accelerate our process of SELF REALIZATION, thus achieving bliss, peace and prosperity here and now. You can maintain them throughout your lives and spread it all around.
     Apart from Homa fires, Irma teaches Yoga for rejuvenation and Mandala drawing to eradicate destructive unconscious intentions and emotions which are affecting our reality as practical applications of The Fivefold Path of Vedas.

(Pictures  taken in the house of Jerry and Esther Colmenares in Caracas, Venezuela.) 



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Celebration of World Agnihotra Day on 12th March 2013 at Expert Engineering Enterprises
The World Agnihotra day was celebrated by conducting an awareness program for the benefit of the citizens. Mr. Satish Nilajkar & Dr. Pramod Basarkar enlightened the gathering with the explanation of the procedure & effects of Agnihotra.
Dr. Basarkar – in his speech emphasized the importance of Agnihotra in daily life & appealed to the gathering to practice, experience & spread the word, as it is the need of the time if we want to overcome the ill effects of environmental degradation. He said that the smoke emitted from Agnihotra fire is excellent and that places where Agnihotra is performed on a regular basis are free from diseases. Due to emissions of positive energy the nature becomes clean and clear.
Om Tryambakam Homa was performed throughout the day.
An awareness session was also conducted for the teachers at Ramkumar Jhangra School and an article giving information about Agnihotra – written by Dr. Basarkar, was distributed amongst citizens and in the schools in all the 3 local languages.
Later a video was presented, showing how Agnihotra is practiced worldwide. Also the proven results of Agnihotra ash medicine in human health and agriculture were shared.
An experience sharing session was held to motivate more people to perform Agnihotra. Mr. Praveen Kulkarni, Mr. Mahesh Jadhav of Aadhar Foundation, Mr. Abhay Mutalik Desai and Mr. Vijay More shared their experiences of Agnihotra. Everyone said that the one thing in common is that Agnihotra, apart from counteracting the environmental pollution, has helped to clear the mental pollution & thus has helped to have a stable mindset & clarity of thought. 5 new people have committed themselves to start Agnihotra practice. Then Agnihotra was performed. (see photo above)
The program ended with Vande mataram and distribution of sweets.
Apart from the workers and staff of Expert Engineering, Mr. Satish Nilajkar, Mr. Tejasvi Naik, Mrs. Tulsa Patil, Mr. Kalburgi, Principal, Mr. Subhash Hanji, Mr. Amit Soundalgekar and Teachers of Herwadkar school & their family members, Children from Aadhar Foundation & other citizens were present & participated in the event.



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       Photos this page:
Agnihotris from Orissa, Bengal and Andra Pradesh assembled for mass Agnihotra practice at Rama Krishna Beach, Vishakapatnam.
This event was organized by Fivefold Path Mission India with the support of Prof. Mulay and his wife Sudha, Mr. Ramana and many dedicated Agnihotris.



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Pharmacist Monika Koch, Germany

      Nowadays, every person is exposed to increased environmental pollution which can reach him/her in various ways: e.g. through food, liquids, personal care products; the air we breathe is contaminated, electromagnetic fields, smog and many other burdens can be added.
To stay healthy - or in the case of illness to regain health, we can help our body’s systems very much through detoxification.

Here the Agnihotra ash has the first priority. Through the emergence of this particular health-promoting ash we have a perfect way to detoxify our body:
1) due to the large surface of the ash
2) due to its alkalinizing effect, often an overly acidic body goes back into balance
due to the electromagnetic effect of this special Agnihotra ash, all our cells are charged with more vitality and we can cope better with our work.
We can take the powdered Agnihotra ash, as required e.g. 1-5 times a day a teaspoon with water, yogurt, honey, etc. But we can also use it externally as a skin cream (powdered Agnihotra ash
mixed with ghee) or as wrapper (compresses soaked with a mixture of Agnihotra ash powder and water). These are very simple ways that anyone can try.
Another easy way to detox is the "oil pulling".
For this we mix a good cold pressed

oil, for example sunflower oil, with a little Agnihotra ash powder. We take one tablespoon of this mixture (for children one teaspoon is sufficient) in the mouth and move it through the teeth back and forth, "pulling" this mixture about 15 minutes in the mouth back and forth, and then spit it out! It is very important to spit it out, because it contains now a lot of bacteria and toxins from the body. Afterwards you can rinse the mouth with lukewarm water to remove residual toxins and spit this out too. This is an old method, but which is much more effective when the oil is accompanied by Agnihotra ash powder.

 This "oil pulling" does not only detoxify the mouth space, but is also helpful with problems correlated with other body parts and it assists with headaches. By stimulating the entire oral mucosal membrane - like meridians - even the distant organs receive assistance.
Similarly, also a mixture of coarse salt, oil and Agnihotra ash can support the various organs. For this, you fill a small glass with coarse salt, add some Agnihotra ash powder and pour some good extra virgin olive oil until the oil covers the surface of the salt. This mixture can be applied as a scrub on the soles of the feet. Leave it there for some time to act and then the scrub is rinsed off with warm water. So you can detoxify the sole of the feet and assist various organs of the body, as this is done through the acupressure meridian points on the soles of the feet.
Further we can well eliminate heavy metal pollution from the body, e.g. with the chlorella algae. If we use chlorella presslings with Agnihotra ash powder, we achieve an even better detoxifying effect.
Similarly, one can use homeopathic detoxification (e.g. Bryonia, Strophantus grat, Anagallis arv., Cytisus scoparius, Aurum met., Sarsaparilla, etc. in homeopathic dilution) which will have a better effect when taken along with Agnihotra ash powder.
Detoxification becomes a more important subject for each one of us, and with Agnihotra ash, we have a very holistic help in our hands.

For more information, please visit following website: http://www.homatherapy.de 



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        The Karmic debts of the past have been and are being erased. Leave it all in Our Hands.

       If you go more and more into these disciplines, you will live in harmony. One word of kindness does more than twenty words of criticism or insult. One kind word, one kind thought, all the time. Smile.

       Do not be so quick to judge each other, to criticize each other or to walk away. Lift your eyes towards the Master’s image or remain with full concentration on HIS presence in your lives. Strengthen the bond between you with meditation, Yajnya. Avail yourselves of the healing through the fire.

         This anger, this criticism, judgment, ego all can go with one wave of OUR hand. And it shall be thus. Continue your efforts in acceptance, love, forgiveness, compassion and when it is the time, We will wave Our hand and all will be completely gone. That means more effort and very quickly it goes. If someone speaks negative, do not hear it. Say “I don’t want do hear it” or better “I do not hear it”. Then let it go. You better concern yourself with what you say rather than your reaction to what another person says.

         No more sorrow.
No more suffering.
No more judgment.

        It does not matter where you are living now. There is no place free from pollution and its degenerating effects on the mind. No matter where you go, in a few years time you will see in the country and in the city the same anger, same mental disturbance everywhere. We must protect ourselves and our families from impending disaster. Only through Yajnya this can be done.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Moving into Light
Yes, yes, yes. Dear ones, realize that Light and darkness exist and have existed simultaneously throughout time. Be aware that even in Nature there are elements of darkness and Light. To deny the existence of negative energies is a foolhardy premise. Being aware of the terrain helps one become more sure-footed. Acknowledge that which is of the darkness and move beyond it. Keep focus on the Light, but be aware of all that surrounds you. Feed and nurture the Light within you.
If you find yourself in a situation, whether it be employment, friendship, or place of dwelling, which is extremely negative, do what you can to breathe Light into it. If the power of darkness which surrounds you becomes too oppressive, you may need to make a decision for your soul and move on. Part of nurturing yourself is taking care of yourself, your environment, who you spend your time with, and where you live. It is time to make necessary changes, shift gears and move more into Light.
Energy fields are shifting and evolving within your increased awareness. You may find ‘the shoe no longer fits.’ Time for a new pair of shoes! OM.

On Tipping the Balance to the Light
... BALANCE the hatred and seething evil

which exists in the world with your purity of heart, your richness of character. Balance the many acts of injustice by being fair and just in all your dealings with others. Create and participate in acts of kindness, forgiveness and love toward all you meet. Make it purposeful, put your heart into it.
Donating to the Red Cross once a year does not absolve you of a year of your life spent uninvolved. Reach out daily with intent to heal, to comfort, to sustain. All these acts of kindness, all the correct stewarding of planet Earth, all the loving hands going into the soil of many organic gardens, all the gentle hearts treating animals with kindness, every child you teach with honesty, listen to with respect and honour their innocence—all add up to tip the balance toward the Light. If you do nothing, you affect no change. You basically forfeit your vote for a healed world.
Make every moment count. Every moment is a golden opportunity for SERVICE. And it is in service that your souls will begin to be freed.

Please vist: www.oriontransmissions.com

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