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Homa Therapy for Conscious Changes (Part 1)

By changing our food, we can change our body, mind and destiny.

      From the point of view of a physical, cellular, and molecular universe, the world is moving at a fast pace and changes are occurring at all levels. Let us stop this movie for a moment and watch and acknowledge what is happening. We are navigating in a polluted environment. The toxicity is indoors and outdoors. It is in the big city, country, valley, mountain, island, North and South Pole. It is everywhere. Nobody escapes. What kind of pollutions?
a) Air pollution (smog, lead, acids, chemtrails, etc.)
b) Water pollution (drinking water, rivers, lakes, oceans, etc.)
c) Soil and Sub-soil pollution.
d) Space pollution (space trash like old satellites, etc.).
e) Electromagnetic pollution (waves from electrical and electronic devices: radio, television, satellites, antennas, phones, mobiles, Wi-Fi nets, microwaves, etc.).
f) Sound and Visual pollution.
g) Radioactive pollution.
h) Agricultural pollution (agro-toxins).
i) Food pollution.
j) Other pollutions.

      Now, let's start looking at our foods since you usually can select them. You heard the expression: "You are what you eat"; this is not completely true since you do not become a corn by eating too many corn chips, but you are going definitely to be affected by it.
1. What are we eating? If you are vegetarian you will eat plenty of vegetables, legumes, grains, cereals, fruits, etc. If you are omnivorous, you will eat almost anything. Independent of your type of diet, what do these foods have in common?
They are loaded with agrochemicals (agro-toxins) such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. Farmers use these substances to kill pathogenic organisms. Usually, without these agrochemicals they will have great losses.
Along with these foods, we consume other synthetic substances such as: preservatives, additives, flavoring and coloring agents, etc. Moreover, some of these foods might be GMO's (genetically modified organisms).
2. Let's redefine the word 'eating', for many it is simply chewing and swallowing something through the mouth. For others it is satisfying the taste-buds. For some it is the act of taking something into your body/mind unit in any form.

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EDITOR's NOTE continued

          3. More or less 70 years ago, our food was quite different. It was practically free of synthetic substances. That has changed.
Changes can occur naturally or be artificially induced. Changes occur in nature as a normal process; that is a natural law. Nothing is created nor destroyed, it just changes. But many changes in our foods are byproducts of recent technologies. The following statements are oversimplified. Some people believe that:
a) Natural changes occur at random.
b) There is a natural selection that favors the fittest.
c) Changes originate on the biochemical level. Molecules come together to produce substances which are going to be responsible for the formation of building blocks in the different types of matter.
d) When it comes to living organisms and

specific characteristics, we focus on the DNA code and the genes. The genetic make-up usually explains what we see or experience.
Some new developments challenge the above statements. They will be discussed in the next Newsletter.
In the meantime, let us remember that everything (Earth, plants, animals, human beings, etc.) is changing naturally or artificially and some people call this "evolution". But MAN/WOMAN has the chance to make Conscious Changes and you may call this "ASCENSION". And yes, yes, yes, the practice of the Fivefold Path (Agnihotra, Daana, Tapa, Karma, and Swadhyaya) can give us the clarity, wisdom, and strength to make these "CONSCIOUS CHANGES".
OM Fivefold Path OM


Norma Montufar
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

            "I am 66 years old. It was 6 or 7 years ago that I  had no desire to eat any more, so I just ate very little. I became very thin. Then some exams were done, but they did not show anything abnormal. After some more thorough examinations, a cyst was found in my ovaries.  A doctor started treating me, but the tumor kept on growing. So my doctor consulted with other colleges and I was told that I might have cancer.
  For several months I received fluids and vitamins intravenously. Then I was told that I need to be operated. On the day of the operation I felt so bad that I thought I would not come out of it alive. But finally I decided to leave everything up to the Divine.
              Dr. Montufar was present during my operation. They took out a 14 pound tumor. The result of examining this tumor showed that it was malignant.

         Some doctors recommended that I do all the therapies for cancer like the chemo-therapy, the radiation, etc. But Dr. Montufar said to me: ‘Mother, let me treat you with Homa Therapy and some complements’. 4 months later, the exams showed that I was completely well. I give thanks to God and to Dr. Montufar who accompanied me till I was healed."
(Photo: Mrs. Norma doing Agnihotra practically every day in the Homa Medical Center 'The good Shepherd' of Dr. Jaime Montufar.)



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Mr. NS Rao and Mrs. Laxmi
Kharagpur, Bengal, India

             “We have been doing Agnihotra for 20 years. We have 2 children, which are  21 and 22 years old. We have learned Agnihotra healing fire through Prof. Mulay. We do Agnihotra daily at sunrise and sunset and 4 hours of Tryambakam Homa. On full and new moon days, we do 12 hours of Tryambakam Homa and  massive Agnihotra practice with the people who attend to our house.

            We also practice the Rudra Yajnya once a week. We spread the message of Agnihotra whenever there is a chance. More than 80 people have learned Agnihotra from us; they have gotten their Agnihotra kits and perform it. My brother has also practiced Agnihotra for more than 30 years; he lives in Calcutta."
(Photo: Mr. Rao and his wife Laxmi in the front)


Daniel Raimundo Pailla Farias
Malaga, Spain

              "I am a therapist in a spa and I attend quite many people with treatments such as Shiatsu, sacro-craneal therapy, reflexology, hot stone massage, etc.
     I am observing that people are emotionally undergoing big storms. Even though they come for treatments for physical tension, their nervous system is very altered. As a therapist practicing Homa Therapy, I feel every day better in my work treating people. The Homa fires help me to free their energies that are out of balance. Nobody at work knows that I do these Homa fires for my own inner work.
I  felt very lonely for years. I was only counting with the support of my mother  who lives in Argentina. But, since I have started the practice of the Homa healing fires, I feel a tremendous support and I

feel happiness inside my heart. Inside I just feel so marvelous.  
I am sending you a big hug with the Light of the Homa Fire."



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By Sanjay Patil, Administrator of Tapovan Homa Farm

              "In 2010, we had a big hail storm. 5 km from Tapovan, there was a thick layer of hail. In some farms it was one foot of hail which was still there 48 hours later. The hail stones were very big, some had the size of guava fruits. Lots of tree branches fell down, small trees and bushes broke and 99% of the crops were damaged. This happened approx. in a distance about 5 km north and south  and 3 km east and west of Tapovan. We have noticed, if there is some natural disaster around this area, it does not affect the Tapovan Homa farm and its surroundings, because there is a protection shield. We have seen this many times. Government officials surveyed all this area and came to Tapovan to confirm that this protection is happening here.

                 We also have many healing testimonies with our medicinal plants. For example with 'panputi' (Bryophyllum_pinnatum, photo below left). This is an herb used to treat kidney stones and kidney problems. One example is related to Dr. Saluke, who had 5 kidney stones. He took an ecograph which confirmed the diagnosis and he came to Tapovan. He said that he had heard about our medicinal plants. So I gave him some panputi leaves from our garden to prepare the following drink: half a cup of leave juice prepared in a  blender mixed with half a cup of cow's ghee. I told him to drink this in the morning and in the evening before going to bed and to drink also a lot of water. After one weak, he expelled 2 stones, one of 6 and one 7 mm in size.
He came again, but this time he asked for the plant and he planted it in his garden. He continued the treatment with his plant but without results. So he came back asking 'why?' I told him that this happens because of the Homa atmosphere. So he took more of our leaves and he expelled the rest of the kidney stones.
We have seen that Homa atmosphere gives more power to the medicinal plants, it makes them more potent."
photo below to the right: part of the herb and vegetable garden in Tapovan)



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           According to the National Action Program to Combat Desertification, which is coordinated by the Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development of Argentina, Argentinas erosion grows 650,000 hectares per year.
"This situation would further unless they establish sustainable productive development policies," predicted Abraham, director of the entity depends IADIZA-CONICET.
As a measure to mitigate and combat desertification process, the CONICET agreed to form the National

Observatory of Land Degradation and Desertification, in a first step, decided to strengthen monitoring five pilot sites in Catamarca, Jujuy, Mendoza, Chubut and Rio Black , although the project is to be expanded to other regions of the country.
Source: Ecoportal.net  You can also get more information on Genesis Group Ecologist:    http://grupoecologistagenesis.blogspot.com.ar/



15/02/13 Ecuador BY Luis Manosalvas

The Western world and the universal knowledge of the pharmacist and the physician for many years had a unilateral look which outlawed for decades, rejecting or devaluating this knowledge, the ancient wisdom of our peoples and nationalities in Ecuador. This wisdom has

historical roots that go back ten thousand years back in time.
Today, in the Benjamín Carrión room at the House of Ecuadorian Culture, an agreement was signed between Fausto Dutan, Director of Rural Social Security and Claudio Galarza, General Manager of the state-owned ENFARMA, which will save our ancestral knowledge and use in different medical centers linked to Rural Social Security.
For more information please see::  www.ecoportal.net


in Mexico, Veracruz

Another mystery of nature. It flowers only for 3 days every 40 years. It was flowering in Blanco, Veracruz, Mexico and it was 6 meters (6 and 5/8 feet) tall and had a weight of 75 kilos (165 and 1/3 pound).



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A short visit to Tapovan allowed us to join the daily Agnihotra with the people living there and all the workers. Each time is  a feast of Light with that many pyramids lit!
We also enjoyed a short visit to the newly opened school in Tapovan. Prof. Abel did a Vyahruti Homa and Mother Dora made the children enjoy clapping their hand and moving their bodies. (see photos this page)



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            Back in Delhi, Mother Saroji from the Homa Center, arranged various meetings. Dr. Ravinder Tuli and his wife Dr. Poonam invited friends and patients to come to the Homa presentation of Prof. Abel (photo above) in their holistic clinic 'Soham' in New Friends Colony. Again, the assistants were amazed about seeing videos of mass Agnihotra done in the West and so many healings happening through the correct practice of Agnihotra. Several people started Agnihotra in this circle.
Photo below: during Agnihotra, the always busy mind can take a rest and allow the experience of a new dimension of silence and Union.


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This was our very 1st trip to Malaysia thanks to the invitation of Datu Alan Yong (who had brought Agnihotra to Malaysia), Mr. Soh Wee Hock, Mr. Wong Tee Liang and the large group of dedicated Agnihotris.

Many of them have been initiated by Lee and Frits Ringma from Australia, who have visited this country earlier. It has been a truly blessed trip. We experienced so much support, organizational talent, kindness and love that we were left many times literally speechless and a wonderful feeling of brother- and sisterhood extended in our hearts, knowing that we are family and we are on the same page. We are expressing our deep gratitude to this Homa team  for their unconditional love and joyful support in the spreading of the Homa fires in this marvelous country with its many different cultures.
Photo above: first sunrise Agnihotra circle at Dr. Datu Khairuddin and Datin Kay's home in Penchala Hills, Kuala Lumpur, where we had the honor to stay while being in this metropolitan city.

Photos above and left: For the evening,  an audio-visual Homa presentation was prepared in the restaurant 'Eco-green'  and the Malaysian people had lots of questions.
They like to do things right and this is important to get all the wonderful benefits.


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          After getting charged with the sunrise Agnihotra circle, we, Brother Wong, Brother Soh, Aleta and Abel left for Seremban, a city  in the Dept. N. Sembilan.
There, Dr. Kumar, his wife, their patients and other people
were waiting to know more about

Homa Therapy.  Photo above during the presentation with the Homa team: Datu Alan, Mr. Wong, Mr. Soh and Prof. Abel.

Photos above and left during Agnihotra. Just watching the dance of the flames and feeling their light and warmth entering each cell of the body is relaxing and harmonizing.                Dr. Kumar offers a wide range of Ayurvedic treatments to his indoor and outdoor patients.      Now he has another powerful tool he or any doctor can use.



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                         The next morning, Agnihotra fire was done in a park, beside a beautiful lake and lots of birds joined with their songs into the chanting of the Mantras.                                                   The short meditation was a reconnection with mother earth.
        Then, some Yoga exercises followed  and everybody enjoyed them in this wonderful surrounding. Now, we were ready to start our work day with vigor, enthusiasm and joy to get the most out of it.



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          We continued our Malaysia tour to the city Batu Pahat in the  Dept. of Johor.  There, people had been informed through flyers and a newspaper article about Homa Therapy (photo left) done by Sim Choon Yong. A lovely group, many of them followers of  "Art of Living" was waiting  to hear and know about Agnihotra and Homa Therapy.

        The meeting was opened with a Vyahruti Homa (photo below).

        Prof. Abel, with the help of Brother Wong who kindly translated, presented and talked about the wonders that the regular practice of  Agnihotra attracts. 

       Meanwhile brother Soh took care of all the necessary equipment like the sound system, projector, etc. so that all the Homa presentations on this trip could have a great impact and show professionalism.  
Also, how to practice Agnihotra correctly was explained and demonstrated and the Mantras were trained, so that everybody was ready for sunset Agnihotra.



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        A peaceful and silent meditation followed the Agnihotra practice where only the sound of the flames could be heard. (photo above)
After Agnihotra, the people wanted to know more and many questions were answered. Aleta explained the importance of the

correct size and shape of the Agnihotra pyramid and it's ingredients. (photo above)          In order to maintain the physical body alert, Prof. Abel did some exercises (photo left) to strengthen the will power. It was a wonderful and interesting meeting and more people are becoming Agnihotris.



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      For sunrise Agnihotra, we were invited by the sisters Violet Lee and Ng Mia in the small village of Minyak Beku,  they have a large organic garden with exotic fruits and veggies. The reporter, Mr. Sim brought his rabbits so they would not miss Agnihotra either.  We talked more about Agnihotra and its many surprising effects to this lovely group. Then we  shared a great breakfast and visited a Chinese temple nearby. (photos this page)



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In the city Muar, Dept. Johor, a talk about Agnihotra and its practice was organized at the SJKC Pei Young school. Parents are having trouble with hyperactive children in all parts of the world and Agnihotra is an effective tool to help these children.
      Mr. Lee Kuan Hwee filled a large bulletin board with his and other peoples articles about Homa

Therapy that had been published in the China press.  (Photo 1st row during the presentation; photo above left: our lady translator, Prof. Abel, Mr. Soh and Mr. Wang Chuan from the organic veg. restaurant.   Photos below: families united in a loving atmosphere during Agnihotra.)




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      After returning to Kuala Lumpur (KL), we received that nice surprise of doing morning Agnihotra in the beautiful Kapong Park, in front of the ocean.
We were told by the Agnihotris that this was a dirty and unattended park just a few months ago and that this had changed drastically in a short time, after a group of people started practicing Agnihotra there regularly. 

Many sisters and brothers of the Kuala Lumpur Homa family came together to celebrate Mother Nature and the rising of the sun with Agnihotra.
Almost 40 pyramids were lit to heal the atmosphere and to be healed by it. 

After Agnihotra people opted for a question and answer session and then Prof. Abel guided us gently and lovingly into peaceful and relaxing Yoga exercises, which everyone enjoyed very much. The surrounding was just perfect.



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The same day, we drove with Datu Alan to the other side of the country, the East coast, to visit the city Kuantan. There, the core Homa group had made preparations for an audio-visual Homa presentation.

Prof. Abel did this with focus on the human healing and farming aspects. Then at  Agnihotra time we relaxed our minds and bodies. (photos this page)



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Next morning, a group of Agnihotra practitioners and people from the meeting the night before  came to join sunrise Agnihotra. (photo above). What a harmonious play-together with the sounds of mother nature: the whisper of the trees, the birds singing, the rhythmic waves of the ocean, the wind playing with the flames, ... all was just so perfectly orchestrated by her. Only gratitude entered into our hearts, deep gratitude for all there is...

In the early afternoon, we had time to teach the Tryambakam Homa to some devoted Agnihotris. In the photo above Mr. Lhang is doing Tryambakam Homa and photo left Mr. Datu Alan is doing it, while everybody chants and then takes turn in the practice. The people of Kuantan we met, are very loving, generous and dedicated. They are also very grateful to Datu Alan for having brought Homa Therapy.



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The same day we took off to visit Datu Alan's Homa farm in Lanchang, a few hours' drive from Kuantan. We were surprised to find such a magnificent place with fascinating old and tall trees, overlooking majestically the surrounding peaceful valley. What a glory to live in a Homa farm like that! We met the 5 young men who work there and can enjoy this environment. They are Rajindra, Irulandi, Mohan, Vel and Murugon.
 (photo right visiting the Agnihotra hut
and photo below left touring the farm)   

The cows are other precious beings on this Homa farm. Just looking at their beauty, their simplicity, their tenderness, their shy curiosity, their long ears and their loving eyes makes one melt! (photo below right)  

(photo below left), While Agnihotra was being performed in the hut,  Prof. Abel trained the rest of the group with the exact pronunciation of the Agnihotra Mantras and also taught the Tryambakam Homa (photo below right).



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This farm was established as a Homa farm with a Resonance Point by Frits and Lee from Australia some time earlier. It is frequently visited by the Kuala Lumpur Agnihotris and has their support.
Prof. Abel shared evening and morning Agnihotra with the boys  and also showed them videos where they could see that the practice of these Homa fires is also good for their personal health and wellbeing.

Prof. Abel also taught some simple Yoga exercises which help to become and remain flexible. The mind controls the body, the breath controls the mind and Agnihotra purifies the mind.                  (photo 1st row) 
   Before leaving a group photo was made (photo above), each one holding his pyramid with appreciation and gratitude. Keep up the good work!

       On this Homa farm, cow dung patties are dried for all of  the many Malaysian Agnihotra practitioners (photo left).



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Photos above: Agnihotra and Homa Therapy presentation in Genting Highlands with a interested group of businessmen. There, in the company of Mr. Lhang, we also visited a wonderful Chinese Buddhist temple situated high up in the mountains.

Photos left and below:
 Back in Kuala Lumpur, we spend our last evening with a group of people dedicated to health.       The owner of an Ayurvedic Holistic Clinic, Dr. Marina, organized the Homa presentation and Agnihotra session. We all felt the loving atmosphere in this beautiful place.



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Last morning Agnihotra fire in the circle of friends.
We have no words to express our gratitude, respect, appreciation and love we feel towards all the wonderful Malaysian people we had the honor to meet

They are like the crystal ball in Dr. Khairuddin's and Datin Kay's pond: anything could be surrounding them, but they stay calm, connected, clear, steady fest, floating like angels to shed Light on the path one is walking on, without expectation, without judgment, just serving with gentle happiness.
Yes, yes, yes, they  walk their talk



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     Mr. Rakesh Kumar writes:
    "Please see these (wonderful) photos of Agnihotra and Trymbakam Homa done on 2nd of December at Mumbai in celebration of Guruji Ajit Telangs Birthday!" 



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        Prof. Mulay and Mrs. Sudha Mulay are offering final oblation of Rudra Yagnya.        Prof. Shatilal Kotari, Mrs. Kalona Kotari and Ms. Darshana Kotar of Amalner join them.
          Photo below:
Prof. Shatilal Kotari and Mrs. Kalpana
are putting drops of ghee into the Rudra Yagnya while Prof. Mulay and Mrs. Mulay chant the mantras.

 Below  photos-  Mrs. and Mr. Mulay are chanting the Rudra Mantras.
Mrs. Priyanka and Mr. Dinesh of Dhule are offering the ghee in the Rudra Yagnya.
2: Shri Padavi puts offerings into the Rudra Yagnya while Mr. Dinkar is watching.
3: Mrs. Prerana Patil and Mrs. Sudha Mulay doing Rudra Yagnya.
4: Mrs. Padavi of Amalner giving ghee offerings into the Rudra Yagnya.



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Mr. Eduardo sent this photo from Bogota, showing an Agnihotra pyramid gathering with many practitioners of this ancient healing technique.


         Reiner and Manuela Szcypior sent these photos explaining that above picture was taken during a Agnihotra demonstration in the village Eggerdorf.  

          Photo left: sharing Agnihotra and its many benefits with the Mayor and his family in the village Draiach in Austria.



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Pharmacist Monika Koch, Germany

      It is most wonderful when the bladder is not felt in an uncomfortable way. And best is to prevent problems, so that it remains that way. For that, it is very helpful to make sure that your feet are always warm and that your abdomen is kept warm and dry. This way you have a good chance that the defense system of your body functions optimally in case of an infection. For only when our own immune system is weakened, bacteria can multiply in the bladder and an inflammation can flourish.

   An infection is often painful and can start quite suddenly. Signs of this can be a burning sensation during urination and increased urination. At that point, you should act immediately to prevent a more severe inflammation that can cause fever and possibly even kidney problems. With very severe complaints, of course your family doctor is the expert for fast assistance. But you can also do a great deal for your health:

First, assist the body with much warmth:
- Drink plenty of hot tea, preferably Goldrutentee (Solidago virgaurea). Ursi (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) tea is also possible, but you should not use it for too long.

 - Apply hot foot-baths and sit-baths with Agnihotra ash powder in the following manner: start with comfortably warm water where you have added 1-2 tablespoons of Agnihotra ash powder. Then pour more and more hot water to make the bath warmer and warmer. The temperature is allowed to rise so long as it is bearable for the skin. Let the heat work for some time on the body.
- Often,  it feels good to put a hot water bottle on the abdomen or  just to sit on it. Warm underwear also helps.
- you can internally support by taking 4 times a day 2 tablespoons of colloidal silver (25 ppm) as well as 4 x daily a teaspoon of Agnihotra ash powder for e.g. with yogurt, honey or hot tea. That is, morning, noon, evening and again before bedtime. At night during sleep, the body regenerates best and Agnihotra ash supports this so the body can restore good health more easily.

    If a bladder infection occurs more often, without apparent direct reasons (such as standing too long on cold floors with cold feet, wearing a wet swimsuit too long on the body, etc.), then this may be a sign that the body’s general defenses are over the limit of their capacity. This can be when you have too much stress at work, when your problems are huge, when you have had not enough sleep, etc. Then it is important to find a solution so that the exhausted body can recover again from its roots. More sleep, more exercise in nature, more fresh food, and as an energy source stay longer around the Agnihotra fire, meditate and take more Agnihotra ash powder.  These things can help to bring the body back into a balance. In addition, you can integrate into your diet more horseradish, watercress and spirulina, because these plants support the body with much vigor. But best is, to integrate such changes into your everyday life, before you get sick, because then you have a good chance of staying healthy. This is the very best way!

For more information, please visit following website: http://www.homatherapy.de 



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        We are entering a new time period where for our people and those following spiritual path, things will be made easier. Burdens will be lifted. Many chances given at this time. There is no turning back. We must go on. It is important now to complete things which we have begun. Right or

wrong we must bend and bow in all situations. We must work on our desires, to lessen them. In some cases this means working out Karma. There is no other way. In other cases, the desire is lifted.

         It is in His hands, not ours, to shape the future. We must only be as pure and devoted as it is possible. Then what comes is His will. If we take sides and become involved in crises with our own ego, we suffer. Remain silent on such matters. Do not invite trouble. Trouble is enough without your invitation. Each of us has his own Karmic situation. We do not need more added to that.

           What is known as "fulfillment" in life can only come when one reaches a stage of non-attachment to whatever happens. Pleasure or pain, ideas of gain or loss, one remains unattached. This is TRANSFORMATION OF MIND in the direction of TOTAL LOVE. Mind is the instrument of our bondage and we have to learn to turn it into an instrument of liberation.
To do this, both body and mind have to go through some type of discipline. Here AGNIHOTRA is the greatest material aid one can find. It helps the body, the nervous system, circulatory system, the brain cells, etc. It also helps reshape the mind in the direction of total Love.
The Fivefold Path of ancient wisdom is based on these principles to make the journey of life an endeavor of joy.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Government Control
Yes, yes. Ah, the folly of human beings’ inability to perceive and embrace their power! Again is it not cause for wonder why whole nations of beings are ruled by a core group of a few individuals, most of whom have long been divested of their integrity and true sense of honour? It seems sad to us that the people speak—yet governments of the world go against the people rather than the proverbial ‘government by and for the people!’ There must be a way that is being utilized to quell the cry for freedom, to squelch independent spirit, to control the masses. Buying out all independent media is one way, which no doubt has been done.

Yes, for those of you who adhere to the dictates of fear-induced threats and planned-for epidemics—do reconsider before taking a ‘FLU VACCINE.’ Epidemic or not, this is not a safe product. Refusal to put oneself at greater risk for long-time ailments is not only the sane thing to do, but the relevant and necessary one.

    December 21, 2012 On Nature’s Resilience and Gratitude
Yes, yes, yes. We see you are still here, dear ones. Let that not make you less alert or more complacent on your journey. Simply realize that Nature is more resilient than She appears and not at all likely to adhere to preconceived dates for endings or for beginnings.

This sacred planet upon which you all dwell is heaving a sigh, one of exhaustion but one of renewal as well. This is not the end ones of you had expected, based on predictions and prophecy. Grace of Almighty, dear ones, supersedes predictions and overrides prophecies!

In your own lives, strive to be more and more deserving of the Grace which you see and experience unfolding in your lives. Walk in Grace. Let Grace lift your head and help you walk in awareness of all of Nature, with respect to all living beings great and small.

Offer your heartfelt gratitude and prayers for healing and rejuvenation of planet Earth.

Walk in Love.
Hand in hand.
Heart and heart.
In your most sacred hour,
May you all learn to live in Peace,
with love, understanding, tolerance and acceptance for all.

In blessed JOY,

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