May 13th


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       Despite of the pain, we can feel Joy.
     Despite of being in a world with liars, we can tell the Truth.
       Despite of seeing the pompous arrogance, we can practice and admire the humility and the goodness.
      Despite of the chaos around, we can have Order within.
    Despite of the violence, we can strive to live in Peace.
     Despite of being immersed in a dream, we can wake up.
    Although there are man who breed and are not fathers, society can continue because many women are MOTHERS.
     Despite of the lethargy, we can move.
     Despite of the troubles, we can be GRATEFUL.
    Despite of being surrounded by darkness, we can carry and be Light.
        Despite of the disappointments with people, we can "rise in love" with life and have compassion.
     Despite of our age, we can be like children.
     Despite the fragility and disease in our body, we can realize our Spiritual Immortality.

We can choose positive thoughts and (+) actions even though...!

     Despite of our physical, emotional, mental, and so on differences, we can place ourselves in someone else’s shoes and find similarities.
     Despite of the ignorance that leads to problems, we can understand that there is wisdom behind these lessons to Help Us Grow.
    Despite of the abundant human injustice, we can sense how the Divine Justice manifests.
    Despite of the common unconscious indifference towards the Divine Gift of Life, we can chose to Acknowledge, Respect and Honor the Right to Live for all creatures
   Let's remember, even though you think that you and I are different, We are One
   And yes, yes, yes, despite of all the misunderstandings, following the Fivefold Path, the Path of Light, we can easily
“Be Happy Here and Now”
Om Fivefold Path Om

Note: This Homa Health Newsletter is dedicated to a group of people that society condemns and stigmatizes. However, when reading about the De-addiction Homa Program, you will see and feel the wonderful beings behind their "REBIRTH". To see a short video click here.

Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter are very welcome;
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Jairo Rivera
Armenia, Colombia, South America

       "I am the president of the Fenix Foundation and my son Erikson David Rivera is the director. Our passion is to fight against drug addiction. Since we started Homa, we noticed many changes in this group of young people. We have noticed a lot of peace and tranquility. They have fallen (risen) in love with Homa Therapy and they want to participate in all Homas. Of course, in the beginning some had doubts and even thought that it was witchcraft. But after 2 or 3 times with the Homa healing fires, people understand and change. Now, there is peace, harmony and the group is more manageable. This we have experienced."

Don Jairo and his wife Beatrice
during Agnihotra

Beatriz Rivera
Armenia, Colombia, South America

                 "I've noticed that Jairo (my husband) has changed his temper and what I like the most, is that he stopped drinking alcohol. Although he is not an alcoholic, he liked his whiskey every weekend and did not miss an opportunity. Now he does not need it any longer. In December he did not take a single drink on the 24th or 31st, in spite of the temptations.

He simply said no. Even I wanted him to drink something on the 31st, but he did not want. I thought it would be good for him to drink something, because he might get bored and would want to leave to go to sleep. But I got the surprise for he danced and socialized and only drank water and soft drinks. We stayed until 3 am and that was because I said let’s rest." 

Erikson David Rivera
Director of the Fenix Foundation

 At the beginning I was skeptical about Homa Therapy, I did not believe, I just wanted to see the latest scam. I told my dad that the Homa videos show people who have a need to believe in something. People will change with whatever they believe.
   "Before we started the Homa De-addiction program at Fenix Foundation I had trouble with certain things as my pride and arrogance. After 5 days of being with the teacher Abel, I

Erikson doing Agnihotra in the Fenix foundation, which he created to help others.

wanted to do Tryambakam by myself in my room and it was an spectacular experience.       I opened the windows and focused on the sounds of nature, crickets, cicadas, birds, etc.   My mind became still and wow, what a beautiful thing!
Now, after a short time with Homa Therapy,

my rigid rationality has collapsed, because I see changes in people, in me, in Victor (who has not responded in one year with the regular treatment). These changes are incredible."            
(continued on page 3))



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 73                     page 3 - -


Erikson Rivera continues: 
"I've seen all of them when they arrived; they were weak, skinny and dirty. Our previous detox- and rehab treatment was very slow. It would take a year or a year and a half to see real changes in the personality. And now, in 20 days, we say. Oh my Gosh!, we better learn more about this Homa Therapy.'

We thank the teacher Abel for keeping us all, including the psychologist, very motivated, because we used to analyze everything from the mental, therapeutic, emotional, behavioral and cognitive perspective. You realize that Homa is really amazing. Words fail to describe what Homa Therapy does. By the way, I did not get paid to be here and say these things."

Fenix - Foundation for Drug Rehabilitation in Armenia, Quindio, Colombia, South America. Excerpts from conversations with some of the patients in the Homa program:

Carlos Andres:

"I am 28 years old. I have been involved in Homa Therapy for 22 days. I came because I was a cocaine addict and I considered myself very addicted because I did it almost every day for 13 years wherever I was. I started when I was 15 years old. With Homa Therapy one feels at ease and lighter, because an addiction is like a weight on your shoulders, that is killing you. Even if you know that addiction is harmful, you feel that you cannot control it. With Homa Therapy I feel very calm, my anxiety is gone and I don't feel the need to consume. I even forgot that this existed. Now I can concentrate on my family and I think to get ahead. The thoughts of the drugs are no longer in my mind. I participate in all the Homas in this rehabilitation program, i.e. Agnihotra

at sunrise, Vyahruti Homa at 10 am, Gayatri at 12 noon, Vyahruti Homa at 3 pm, Agnihotra at sunset, Tryambakam Homa at 9 pm plus the 30 minutes of personal Tryambakam. We also keep ourselves busy with other activities. Before Homa I used to sleep for 2 or 3 hours and woke up with a depression. Now, I go to bed and after 15 to 20 seconds, I'm sound asleep. I have a very peaceful sleep until I get up for sunrise Agnihotra. We also take ½ teaspoon of Agnihotra ash after each Homa (6 times a day) and drink Agnihotra ash water at any time. This helped me to clear the anxiety and thoughts of the drug. I feel like I'm winning the battle against the addiction and I am willing to continue the Homa as long as necessary. I feel good about myself and I think I can go out and not fall again. I am very happy because I'm doing Agnihotra with my own kit and Tryambakam Homa sometimes till later at night with great enthusiasm."


     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 73                     page 4 - -



"I am 30 years old. After one month of participating in the Homa fires 6 times a day and taking Agnihotra ash after each session, and in addition taking Agnihotra ash water at any time, I noticed that I have more peace, more knowledge, more reasoning, etc.
My impulsivity has diminished considerably. This week I had to go to a doctor's appointment so he could remove the cast. For that I had to go home, because my parents are the ones who bring me to the doctor. And something interesting happened: I like a certain type of music and I would not allow anyone to change that. But at home, I realized that my mother had discarded all the music, she had deleted everything on my USB memories..

I do not deny that I was a little bit upset, but I controlled it. I did talk to her and nothing happened. I remained calm. My mom noticed a lot of change in my attitude. I've been very quiet and I am very willing to continue the Homa program.
Before, I was very restless and unstable. I could be anywhere and get bored quickly and leave. Anything disturbed me. Now things are different. Although I have my lows, I can transcend them and I no longer have the desire to run away and leave the program. I am very committed to the recovery process; it is something that keeps me focused and ties me down. It's the tranquility and the love that binds us; here we have are family. I feel at home and if one of my friends seems to fall into depression, I say 'stay here and invest more time into your life. "I think three months with the Homa program is nothing compared to the15 years I wasted on drugs.
Homa Therapy is very helpful for the

mind, it opens the mind, it brings more oxygen, more light and helps to solve problems.
I was very vulgar, very rude in speech, but taking the Agnihotra ash, that took away my vulgarity.     Now I express myself more beautiful. My language is decent and the same is happening with my dad. He is one who did not believe in the tale of Homa Therapy. But I have been giving him Agnihotra ash when he comes to visit every 8 days. He used to say many bad words to my mom, but now says’ my love here’, ‘my love here’, ‘good afternoon’, etc. He has changed a lot and that makes me very happy. In addition, he was sour, mostly in a bad mood and grim.

Now he laughs with my mother and me. Homa spreads much joy and that makes you better."

Nic Roberts, Missouri, USA

"I lost all desire to consume alcohol and tobacco shortly after beginning the daily practice of Agnihotra. It's been over two years now. I was a binge drinker on and off for decades and struggled with intense cravings whenever I abstained. Despite having a strong spiritual practice including meditation and japa, I felt I would have to contend with these cravings for the rest of my life. It really does burn off bad karma. I recommend it highly to anyone who wishes to improve his/her life."



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 73                     page 5 - -


After 4 weeks with the Homa program:

"I am 24 years old. I was a consumer of drugs (natural, synthetic, hallucinogenic, etc.) for 10 years. I took very strong drugs like heroin, which was my drug of impact. It was the drug that brought me here. I also did cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine in various forms, coca base, amphetamines, pills, acid, glue, etc.. At first it was very difficult to be here, for the stress you feel in your body due to lack of drugs. I had tachycardia, (high heart rate), I had bone pain, back pain, cold sweats, high blood pressure and anxiety. It was a disease of the body. The body was shaking, asking for drugs. It was like this for about 3 weeks. I could not sleep, nor close my eyes, because of the bad memories. Now, with Homa Therapy, I sleep well, do not sweat in quantity and do not have the desire to consume. I do not need to consume. I noticed that I have more understanding and

less aggression. I think before I act. It used to be anti-social and now I can easily relate to everyone. If someone who knew me before, could see me now, he/she would not recognize me. The drugs had stolen my will and even though I also wanted to do many things before, I always ended up immersed in the world of drugs. That was why I came here. I realized that even if I could make a lot of money on the street, I was getting wasted. The drugs were making me crazy, eliminating my reasoning and will. It was taking me in to many bad things.
Although it is very difficult for me to believe I'm changing, the reality is that I'm changing my thinking, speaking, attitude, my way of dressing, etc.. I´m changing even the way I breathe. I noticed that my will is much stronger, because I could go out for a few days and I remained clean. I still feel like I have to improve more. For me Homa is a way of life that guides you, as long as you keep the discipline."

Juan David:

"I am 23 years old. I have been in Fenix for 8 months. At first it was very difficult to change my behavior and leave the bad stuff behind. But one day the director Erikson and his father Don Jairo told us that we were going to start with Homa Therapy. You (Abel, Aleta and a group of Agnihotris) arrived at about 5 am to share the 1st Agnihotra. Many were skeptical at the beginning, but I noticed a change from the very first session with the fire. I had much anxiety and then the peace became peaceful. Everything got quiet. And as I participate in Agnihotra, I feel good and deeply peaceful in my spirit."



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 73                     page 6 - -


Juan Diego
Armenia, Quindio, Colombia, South America

"We are in the Fenix Foundation. This tree was completely dry when we moved here 5 weeks ago. As we were doing Agnihotra and Tryambakam, the tree started showing more leaves each day and now you see how beautiful it is.       We have also applied Agnihotra and Tryambakam ash at its foot. The tree was dry and now it is green and very beautiful."
(Photo below shows the green tree after being in the Homa environment and photo right shows Juan Diego giving his testimony.)

    We also noticed that the avocado tree was sick when we arrived. All fruits were tiny and were falling on the ground (photo left). After 2 months of practicing the Homas, we could see large avocados growing in a healthy and happy tree. (Picture right)

Fundación Fenix, Armenia, Quindio, Colombia

"When I had a low, I went to the tree, which before Homa was completely dry and then with the Homa fires it was rejuvenated. That tree shows the power of Homa, because it does not have consciousness and it responded beautifully. It is a great example of patience and strength for me.

I talk to it and it encourages me to continue in the healing process. The tree is a great divine inspiration for me. God has wonderful things in store for us and we have to grab them.        The tree benefited from the Homa atmosphere and the ashes. We can do the same, because these are blessings."
(Photo: Leonardo doing Tryambakam Homa in the garden.)



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 73                     page 7 - -


A small island in the North Pacific Ocean

In this short documentary (3:55), an island is the target, which is located in the Pacific Ocean, 2,000 miles from the coast.
No one lives on this island, only birds, and yet ...

The Congress of the Republic of Colombia has issued the Act 1518 on April 23, 2012

This rule protects engineered seeds. It prohibits the planting, the use and propagation of native seeds and only legitimizes the use of foreign seeds. It also promotes the exploitation and appropriation of natural resources in few hands and threatens the

country's genetic heritage against food sovereignty, especially indigenous communities, Afro-descendants and peasant, and the ancient customs and practices, resulting in communities losing their lands and cultures and native seeds knowing that they are the work of several generations that since ancient times have improved by ensuring the sovereignty, independence and food security not only for them, but much of the population, and in that sense, when people's collective heritage cannot be appropriated by individuals. In recent years the Colombian government has passed several laws and rules about the seeds that give a legal framework for transnational companies to control the seeds.
For further information, please visit:

Human genes engineered into experimental GMO rice being grown in Kansas, USA

(NaturalNews) Unless the rice you buy is certified organic, or comes specifically from a farm that tests its rice crops for genetically modified (GM) traits, you could be eating rice tainted with actual human genes. The only known GMO with inbred human traits in cultivation today, a GM rice

product made by biotech company Ventria Bioscience is currently being grown on 3,200 acres in Junction City, Kansas -- and possibly elsewhere -- and most people have no idea about it.
Since about 2006, Ventria has been quietly cultivating rice that has been genetically modified (GM) with genes from the human liver for the purpose of taking the artificial proteins produced by this "Frankenrice" and using them in pharmaceuticals. With approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Ventria has taken one of the most widely cultivated grain crops in the world today, and essentially turned it into a catalyst for producing new drugs.
Originally, the cultivation of this GM rice, which comes in three approved varieties (, was limited to the laboratory setting. But in 2007, Ventria decided to bring the rice outdoors. The company initially tried to plant the crops in Missouri, but met resistance from Anheuser-Busch and others, which threatened to boycott all rice from the state in the event that Ventria began planting its rice within state borders ( more:



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 73                     page 8 - -


Armenia, De-addiction Center "Fenix"
The whistle of the teacher Abel as the young people refer to the call of Prof. Abel respectfully, invites everyone for sunrise Agnihotra in the ‘healing room’. All come showered and ready to connect to the power of love in their hearts through the healing Homa fires. Each day begins with this tool that brings calmness and clarity to the mind, strengthens the positive thoughts and illuminates the path of life with happiness. Activities such as drawing and painting mandalas (photos below) give the chance to put on paper the many colors that awaken within and the physical activities connect us to the roots of life, purify our body and make us feel good. (Photos last row: preparing the soil for the seeds and William starting the garden work)



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 73                     page 9 - -


Parents and relatives come to visit and participate for a while in the Homa program. Prof. Abel gives talks and explanations about the effects of this ancient science of Ayurvedic Medicine.
(Photo first row to the right)

All parents talk about the tremendous progress they see in their children after the implementation of Homa Therapy. Just as the seeds are receiving power and strength through Agnihotra, so the young people are charged with the life force that connects all of us in this universe.  (Photos: patients with relatives and visitors during Agnihotra; cups with seeds exposed to the energies of the healing fire)



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 73                     page 10 - -


During the day, we meet at certain times around the fire to nurture our inner growth. In these Satsangs, teacher Abel gives guidelines, ideas and tells thought-provoking and stimulating stories enclosed with laughter, which provoke determination to advance in this new way of life. We are also making progress with the Homa garden.

We had wonderful visitors, the tribe of Kriya Yoga. They shared devotional songs, which open the hearts even more, lift our spirits and we all join voices to praise the Creator in His various names and forms. (Photos: Vyahruti Homa; the garden progresses; visit of the Kriya tribe).



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 73                     page 11 - -


    Each Agnihotra strengthens us, keeps us disciplined and surrounds us again and again with the healing energy of universal love that we so desperately need in this process. (Photo below: meditation during Agnihotra)

Nature also changes, she becomes more generous. Wonderful colorful birds come to and accompany us with their songs. (Picture above) Gardening and all the other activities such as cleaning, cooking, washing, etc. bring us closer and help us to learn to interact, listen, respond and have fun in a healthy and productive way.  (Photo below: teamwork creating the garden)



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 73                     page 12 - -


(First picture, 1st row) Carlos Andres and Emerson are improving the landscape. (Pictures above) The garden develops beautifully under the guidance of the director Erikson and his assistant, Santiago, who with great dedication and love instructs and directs the activities.                    
All the patients give their best and truly enjoy this activity with Mother Earth. (Photos below) Juan Diego is making cow dung cakes and Leonardo is doing Tryambakam which is the constant companion during yard work and other activities. Each patient does it for half an hour every day and some want to do more.



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 73                     page 13 - -


A balanced and healthy vegetarian food is part of the Homa de-addiction program. Mother Dora of the ‘Botica de la Abuela’ took responsibility for teaching the know how of this nutritious food. Ms. Marina and Ms. Patricia were in charge of the

preparation, which they did with much love. (Photos above) They quickly got used to the dietary changes, especially when teacher Abel gave some talks and showed them several videos about this issue. It encouraged them to draw their own conclusions.

We also continued with creative group activities, like learning circular dances, painting and preparing a mural for Earth Day. (Photos right and below). These activities are guided by Aleta.



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 73                     page 14 - -


The time came to prepare the seed with the Homa method. While Melissa was doing Tryambakam (picture above) the rest was wrapping the seeds in fresh cow manure, making small balls. The seeds have previously received the energy of Agnihotra at sunset and sunrise, and have been immersed for one hour in fresh cow urine. Then they were left to dry a little in the sun before planting them in the seed trays that have been prepared with good soil and Agnihotra ash. The concentration, dedication, love and joy of these young people doing this work was impressive. They lived in the moment. It was like with each seed they were touching, they harbored a desire to grow, to live in peace and harmony with themselves, with others and the world ...



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 73                     page 15 - -


The constant Homas are the engine that triggers significant changes in these young people (picture above, 1st row). Now we see relaxed faces, changed attitudes, motivated beings and creative souls. A new family is growing, based on tolerance, acceptance, service, compassion, truth and many more positive attributes. It is a joy to be part of these changes.

(Photos second row: work in the garden; picture above: creating a big mural with flowers, petals, seeds, twigs, grass, etc. for Earth Day.)



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 73                     page 16 - -


We welcomed 'Earth Day' with a Homa festival of healing fires, music, dances, songs, poems, etc.. We opened this event with a Vyahruti Homa. (picture above)

We had the honor to count with the participation of: -Lukas (photo above right), a well know musician in Colombia, with his wife Monica. -Prof. Luis Arnoldo, his wife Agripina and the whole Kriya Yoga tribe with many friends from different parts of Colombia. -Family and friends of the people in recovery. -Dr. Javier Aristizabal and his wife Lucena.
Dr. Javier and Lucena along with Mother Dora and the Rivera family made this Homa project possible. Lukas enchanted us with his ‘Mother Earth song’, it came from his soul directly touching our hearts.



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 73                     page 17 - -


The residents of Fenix sang their hymn "Al taller del Maestro vengo" and demonstrated their skills of synchroni-zation in the "dance of the 4 elements".
Mrs. Amanda
sang devotional songs with her friends and for days her beautiful voice singing        "Om Shanti Om"

remained in our ears. The audience was delighted and the many children enjoyed the beautiful space as a playground. (Photos on this page)



     BOLETÍN HOMA # 71                                                     página 18 - -


For Agnihotra, we all gathered in a circle on the lawn, thanking Mother Earth for all her kindness. We sat in silence listening to the chorus of the birds. We appreciate very much all the visits on this day. Some of the Fenix residents told us that this has been the best day of their life and that this is the way families should be. They felt and received so much love and acceptance that made them glow from within. What a wonderful Divine Gift!



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 73                     page 19 - -


Life has many surprises and every day we learn something new. Every day we have the opportunity to serve, laugh and wonder. Teacher Abel is always

available to help with any problem, doubt and the ups and downs.  He is like a rock in the ocean for this young people in this process. He also taught therapeutic Yoga in a chair. And again and again he tells stories and anecdotes to make us think and teaches us about the "Fivefold Path" and always keeps our spirits high. Any negativity is expelled, since there is no room for it here. (Photos this page)

We also celebrated several birthdays with special fires, surrounded by the best wishes of all friends.


     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 73                     page 20 - -


As the seeds grow and the garden expands with all beauty, so do the young folks in Fenix grow in spirit, cooperation, good feelings, joy, friendship, cooperation, appreciation, etc. The Homa fire is our constant companion and shows us the path to follow.

The photo on the left shows Lukas Maya (long time Agnihotri), who brought wonderful pumpkins from his farm. He also provided good black soil for the garden. These gifts were greatly appreciated by all.



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 73                     page 21 - -


More people are getting their own Agnihotra kit and each Agnihotra becomes a Festival of healing, calming, cheering, soothing and awakening the noblest tendencies.

(Photo right) Prof. Luis, his wife Agrippina and friends came to share Agnihotra around the campfire. We sang, danced and enjoyed another Saturday in Fenix headquarters.

(Photo below) Agnihotra with family and friends.



     BOLETÍN HOMA # 71                                                     página 22 - -


After 2 months it was time for us (Aleta and Abel) to say goodbye, knowing that these young people are well advanced and remain in the wonderful hands of the director Erikson Rivera. He continues with all the Homa fires and disciplines, the vegetarian food and other instructions received from teacher Abel. The seeds and seedlings we planted are growing, all important things have been said and the essence has been lived. This Homa De-addiction project has been a re-encounter with these light-seeking souls and we thank everyone for sharing their time and love.



     BOLETÍN HOMA # 71                                                     página 23 - -


The daily Agnihotra meetings continue in the Homa Medical Center ‘La Botica de la Abuela’ under the care of Mother Dora and Dr. Humberto Lema (picture above). Here, also the 'circle of women' (pictured below) gathers every Thursday for devotional singing and dancing. This meeting opens with a Vyahruti Homa and closes with Agnihotra. (Picture below to the right shows Bahamat and Deianeira of the Eco-village Anthakarana leading the songs after Agnihotra.)

Many people come to be present during the healing technique called Agnihotra. Many are relieved from problems that they have dragged on for years.                           (Picture below during Agnihotra in the Homa Medical Center.)



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 73                     page 24 - -


The Bogota Agnihotri group (foto above during Agnihotra) sends their love to all corners of the planet. Wherever we practice the healing Homa fires, we unite in spirit. Bogota has a new Homa Center hosted by Andrea, Xavier and Wendy, assisted by Mother Maria Teresa (for more details see Homa Newsletter # 72, page 16.)


Mrs. Beatriz Hillsberg writes from the Hacienda Sabanetas, Aragua:
 "Dr. Irma Garcia (pictured right) arrived from Maheshwar, India to lead this Homa retreat. Dr. Irma gave us lots of information and instructions regarding the Fivefold Path. We practiced all Homas (picture above during the Agnihotra), enjoyed Yoga exercises, drew mandalas, prepared vegetarian meals and shared precious moments together. (Ed.: Dr. Irma Garcia was the personal secretary of the Master Shree Vasant and accompanied Him on many trips around the world.)
Julio Campos, Mireya Pimentel, Nelly Cruz and Maria Luisa Portillo came from the state Trujillo. They also shared their personal experiences with the Master Shree Vasant. Other participants came from Charallave, Santa Teresa, Valencia, Caracas and La Victoria. We observed that there is more awakening and awareness about the many benefits of the practice of Homa Therapy.
We would like to invite you to the Scientific Spiritual Homa Retreat on the second and third weekend of June." For more information please write to



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 73                     page 25 - -


Ms. Mariela Pugliese writes from La Rioja:

"These pictures are from one of the Reiki-Homa workshops that takes place on the first Saturday of each month in La Rioja. We open this activity with Tryambakam and continue throughout the healings with the Reiki practitioners. At sunset, of course we do Agnihotra.

Afterwards all Reiki practitioners gather to exchange energy among ourselves and end the day."
(Photos show the group doing Tryambakam, everyone participates. In the photo below, Ms. Mariela is in front of the Homa fire – first to the right.))


Lima, Peru

Jose Antonio Callejo from Spain learned Agnihotra in Lima. He fell in love with the Homa fires and takes every opportunity to share these healing flames in different parks in Lima (picture left) and Mancora (a tourist city in northern Peru). Jose Antonio practices other healing techniques such as massage, Reiki, aromatherapy, etc. and has found Homa to be the perfect tool to increase the effectiveness of his treatments.



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 73                     page 26 - -


Mr. Alan Wong reports from Malaysia: "On 1st May 2012, a total of 22 Agnihotris gathered at Kuantan beach, East Coast of Malaysia to perform early morning Agnihotra. After waiting for the Agnihotra fire to extinguish completely, we then practised Sun gazing for 15 minutes followed by Sun salutation exercise. The participants felt exuberant and fully charged after the practices and all promised to return next sunday morning."


Mr. Dhananjay Jog writes from Bangalore:
"I am enclosing a photo, where Mr. Mulay and his wife are establishing  Homa Resonance Points. They did that in two villages of Andhra Pradesh. Previously I had conducted there weekly ( from Sept.2011 to Nov. 2011) Agnihotra & Homa Farming awareness camps in the villages Koathaindlu and Chandam of Andhra Pradesh. The results were:

# Five farmers have started Homa Farming since Dec.
# They perform Agnihotra regularly.
# All five farmers have been trained to process biosol. They use biosol in farming.
# They're happy with Homa Farming as they produce more vegetables of better quality.
# Children also love to attend Agnihotra while their parents perform it.



     HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER # 73                     page 27 - -


Farmacéuta Monika Koch, Alemania


               How wonderful is youth! Generally, the body has no pain; we are agile and flexible and can cope with our day, without even thinking about the body, because it works fine without problems.
In later years that may change. Perhaps suddenly an arm or a knee hurts. Or a wrong step affects our ankle and it gets swollen and causes pain. Then suddenly we become aware of any movement - simply because it hurts. 

Of course the doctor you trust is the expert for all diseases, but you can also support your health.
First we have to ask if the pain improves with cold or heat? Pain may react very differently, but you can easily find out: is there less pain in the warm bed? Or in cold water?
• If you feel better with heat, then you can rub a mixture of ghee and Agnihotra ash powder (Agnihotra ointment) on the painful area. If possible repeat this every hour, or at least as often as possible!
• If the pain becomes less in the cold, mix cold water with Agnihotra ash powder and soak a cloth in this mixture and place it as a compress on the sore area. Repeat this process every 15 minutes with the cloth soaked in cold water (it's best to have two cloths to change, so you always have a cold cloth handy for quick replacement).
The more Agnihotra ash you can apply, the better for the sore spot. Agnihotra ash is not only alkaline to the tissue (any bacterial infections cannot develop easily), but through its electro-magnetic properties also improves the blood flow to the diseased area and thus provides more oxygen and improved power to repair the tissue. Therefore, such applications are especially helpful in the evening, as the body repairs and renews cells overnight.

If you have to be outside your home during the day and cannot employ these useful applications, try this: adhere approx. 5-7 magnetic patches (photo right shows small patches with a permanent magnet in the size of a small pill) on the painful area. Optimal is a magnetic strength of about 1000 - 1500 gauss. If necessary, you can also use a magnet from an old radio, or the magnetic pins from the fridge, etc.

Traditionally magnets have been used for fast recovery and in order to support the cure - not only for joint pain, but also for various other problems to toothaches. And in combination with Agnihotra, the healing power is much stronger. You can place e.g. with toothache, a teaspoonful of Agnihotra ash powder on the tooth, and a magnet patch or a magnet on the corresponding outer area of the cheek and fix it with tape.
Generally magnets help the bones and body tissue to heal correctly. And this healing power is enhanced when using the magnet together with Agnihotra ash which carries in sealed form the great healing power of the Agnihotra fire.
You can easily test these applications for yourself and get your own experience,. Many patients have taken advantage of this healing power in order to recover health easily. And I am glad you are doing well or quickly regain your wellbeing!

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                Anything which infatuates the ego is not part of spiritual path.

                 Release the pain. Turn all attention to God for He will reveal to you your true mission in life. THAT IS TO SERVE AND TO HEAL.

                 Be truth. Be patient. Be full of love. Be compassion. All that you seek, be that. Clear away the illusion. All the joy you seek is already within you.

                 Let the Divine Motherly love which knows no boundaries, no limits flow through you. There is no question of patience/impatience, no question of correct/incorrect. No room for blame or shame. ONLY LOVE.

 Fivefold Path is not a path for Sunday worshipers but a path for all days. One can lead a normal life with job and family and still make the spiritual path his priority. This is the purpose in life. Service. If one can pay heed to one’s spiritual path and requisites thereof in all times of life the well of inner strength will be like a reserve water tank in times of drought. It will be full enough to supply not one but all who come.

                You are already nearer. The only separation between us lies in your mind. Watch your thoughts. Simply watch them. Thoughts manifest into speech, then into action. If you want to correct your actions begin by first watching your thoughts. Observe your own mind. Then next, make all effort to change your way of thinking so that all thought is positive ultimately, so that the thoughts reflect an inner peace. At the same time you begin to observe your thoughts, increase your meditations, but not by time. Intensifying your meditations by focusing on Mantra, visualizing in your mind an image of Maharaj Shree.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

Overcoming Fear
Yes. Yes. Fear is the enemy of humanity. Fear negates hope and causes beings to experience pain when pain is not their due! All of you pay close attention!
This is the age when governing bodies of the world operate on the principle of control. And how is it possible for them to do so? FEAR. The fear-ridden populace will react to any stimuli created to keep them in control.

Those of you whose purpose is aligned with Divine, with a positive way of thinking, feeling and willing, will need to remain steadfast in peace, true to the love that rises within you and absolutely clear in what you know is Truth.

These are times which test the strength and breadth of the human soul. Remain true to that which shines so bright, and gather in that which is Holy and Light.

No fear.
No anxiety.
No fear of judgment.
Walk in Peace.
With an everlasting Love
Which surely knows no bounds.
Blessings abound. OM.

On Faith and Healing
Yes, yes. Listen. Listen. All fears must be set aside. Put every ounce of energy into fueling, nurturing, strengthening and preserving your FAITH. And rest assured, dear ones, there is a well of Faith that reaches deep into the depths of your soul where the memories from lives gone by will heal and reveal your way clear of fear.
In this depth, believe.
In this source, trust.
In this, your greatest resource, be freed.
There are always those who will test your mettle. Let them test you, for it is not you they are testing. It is the greater Higher Being which moves through you—and there is no test that pure energy of Light cannot pass.


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