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       Life is a walk through many roads. Sometimes we see fields, mountains, beaches, gardens, rivers, seas, forests, deserts, etc. Sometimes we see concrete, asphalt, plastic, metals, etc. Sometimes we walk with others and sometimes it seems we are alone. Sometimes we cherish beautiful and pleasant sensations (sights, sounds, smells, tastes, etc.) and sometimes we are hit by grotesque and repulsive ones. Sometimes we are lost, and sometimes we know where we are. Sometimes the journey becomes a film with adventure, romance, action, comedy, joy, etc., and sometimes the film contains drama, horror, anxiety, sadness, etc. But it always seems like a documentary that teaches us and it reveals more and more. And when we believe we have seen or experienced it all, there comes a new surprise and amazement. Many people walk on foot, many more travel by bus, car, train, plane, etc. Some ride on an animal or are pulled by one. Many travel with our bodies and senses. Few people travel with their mind. Many people travel towards the cities, buildings, homes or external spaces and few people travel towards inner realms or H OM E.
This reminds us of the following Sufi story (click here).
All these experiences are usually accompanied by the emotional roller coaster (ups and downs).

The FFP illuminates our journey and our mind.

What is certain, is that the FFP - Fivefold Path (Agnihotra, Daana, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya) can help us to make our trips with more awareness and to understand the relationship and unity between the external and internal appearances, maintaining objectivity, equanimity serenity and peace.
Yes, yes, yes, this Peace is within reach of everyone. So let’s purify our minds and hearts to synchronize our will with the Divine Will and to perceive and understand the imperceptible, the incomprehensible. Many stumble on dark roads, but many are also coming on the Paths of Light. Remember that the practice of Agnihotra gives us clarity and allows us to serve selflessly and intensely. It is a simple way "to be happy here and now."

Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter are very welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan  terapiahoma@yahoo.com
and add your address to your email. Thanks!


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Martha Lucia Londoño Velasquez
Armenia, Quindio, Colombia, S.A.

"I am 60 years old and have lived in Armenia all my life. 15 days ago, I went to the Homa Medical Center “La Botica de la Abuela” (Grandma´s drugstore). I was invited by my friend Dr. Luz Stella Cruz. She told me about Homa Therapy, so I wanted to attend. I had 13 days without sleep and 14 days with a horrible migraine headache. I had suffered from gastritis for 25 years. I took the Agnihotra ash with faith. That night I did not have to take the pills called 'trazodone' nor 'amitriptyline'.

Mrs. Martha Lucia giving her testimony at the Homa event in the SENA auditory.

The next day I had no more gastritis and it seemed so strange that even my migraine headache was gone. I have not had since then more headaches or gastritis.
I also have osteo-arthritis, however I have not had any pain for the last 10 days and I can say that God is my witness. Now I do not take these drugs, I just do Agnihotra and take its ash. The only medicine I am still taking is for high blood pressure. Prof. Abel told me, that it is better to remove it slowly.
I was a person with a square mind that blew up very quickly. I was very psycho-rigid when it came to cleanliness and order in my house. Everything had its specific place. But Sebastian, who is a relative of my husband, a 20 years old boy, usually leaves a dirty glass or spoon, etc. in the sink, the package of junk food around, etc. at night. And the next day, I used to get up and say 'I want to kill him. What is this mess? Why does he leave this trash around?' After 2 days of taking the Agnihotra ash, I was going to say 'I want to make jam out of him.’ But instead I said, 'I will not say these things again against Sebastian. I bless him, I bless him, I bless him and I will accept  him. He does not have to be like me. I cannot crucify others for my way of being'. That day, he told me 'you look different'. I said 'No, I am the same'. He said 'Your face is different'.
Coincidentally, that morning at 11 o´clock, we still had not fixed the bedrooms, because the lady who helps me and I were very busy. But I told her, 'Do not worry, we will get to it. There is no hurry, don't worry’. Then my husband said, 'Oh my gosh, I'm going to give you Agnihotra ash in the morning, at noon, in the evening and at all times’. I feel that my character has changed significantly. Also people who are around me are saying 'Martha Lucia you have changed, you are so different. You're not in the run and in such anguish and stress as you used to be’.
And the reality is: Yes, I think it is true and I feel I've taken 30 years off. I have no stress, I have no anxiety. I still don’t like disorder, but I'm no longer angry with that person. I do not want to make jam out of him. Now I want to bless the person. This is another blessing that has come to me through Agnihotra and its ash.



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The doctor told me this morning to do squats and I did them without any pain. Then the doctor said, 'You have no problem, I am sicker than you’. Then I said, 'Next week I will bring you some medicine, so you will feel better than me’.

And my husband, who is very skeptical, said "I do not believe much, but if you believe, I believe". I said "Just look at how well I feel". He said "Precisely, that is what I mean". I asked him about his pain in the knee, which is supposed to require a surgery. And  I told him that he had not been taking his painkiller pills last night and the night before. Then he said he said:  "you are right, I have not felt any pain again". And just 20 minutes ago, on the phone, I asked him again 'How is your knee?' He said: "I feel like I am twenty years old. Nothing hurts". I think my husband is one of the most skeptical. He said he would try to rush to join us for the Agnihotra in this event. He said: ‘I am very happy. I am without any

All this has happened in about 2 weeks
. For 5 years I had to take the 'trazodone' and 'amitriptyline' in order to sleep. And when a quarter or half a pill didn´t work, I had to take a full one and even then, sometimes I would wake up at 2 am and had to take another pill. But I have not taken any pill in the last 13 days.

I have been taking the Agnihotra ash straight or with water. I'm not tired and I'm not stressed out. I have received a great blessing through Homa Therapy."

(In the photo above she is with her husband during Agnihotra in “La Botica de la Abuela” and in the photo left she is practicing Agnihotra between Martha Elena and Lina during the Homa Event in the SENA Institute.)

Luis Eduardo Cortes
Armenia, Quindío, Colombia, South America

"I am 73 years old. I suffered from asphyxia which did not allow me to walk. Since I have started to take the Agnihotra ash, I can walk up to the bus station. I can walk everywhere. I had this asphyxia for 20 years, but now I am  very good."

(Photo shows Mr. Luis Eduardo Cortes in front of the Agnihotra fire in Genesis)



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Jenny Lopez
Armenia, Quindio, Colombia, South America

"I am 52 years old. I heard about the Bioenergetic Healing Event with Homa Therapy in the auditorium of the SENA  in Armenia. I attended with my knee pain. I have tried glucosamine and ibuprofen and that did not work. The diagnosis is osteoarthritis in the knee, swelling with localized pain in the knee. I live on a fourth floor and I had to walk with a stiff leg, because it was painful to bend the knee. After sunset Agnihotra on Saturday March 3rd, I got some Agnihotra ash. I went home and took the ash at night with a little water. And the next day, Sunday, when I went to church, I knelt down. This I could not do for a long time, because I felt like a 80 years old

woman. Today is Thursday, March 9th, six days have passed and I still have no pain. And I have been taking the Agnihotra ash during these six days. Today is my second Agnihotra healing session and I'm happy."


Dra. Luz Estella Cruz
Armenia, Quindío, Colombia, South America

"I'm a bacteriologist and health care professional. This has been my profession for over 30 years. For the last 8 years, I have devoted myself to study bioenergetic medicine with Dr. Lema and other health professionals. I have been practicing this with my friends and relatives. I have participated in the Agnihotra sessions during the last 8 months in Homa Medical Center ‘La Botica de la Abuela’. However, I got my Agnihotra kit just 15 days ago. I've been very disciplined with the practice in the ‘Botica de la Abuela’.
What have I noticed? I had a very severe gastritis. I feel much better. I no longer need to take the medicines 'ranicidina' and 'omeprazole', or

anything else. With my Homa Therapy and the ash, I am improving my health.
Before I suffered from gastritis with nauseas and I was constantly burping.
Since I do Agnihotra and take its ash, I have stopped taking all the traditional drugs they give you in the Conventional Health Centers.
This has also helped my family, my children. This not only helps you but also your environment and your loved ones. My children are all professionals, healthy and very successful at work. I think Homa Therapy has really helped my family. Also my plants have benefitted, it's amazing how the plants, who were about to die, did rise again and became beautiful. It is a therapy that helps everyone, the environment and the loved ones.
I want to tell you something else. I have a brother in Spain, who was diagnosis with throat cancer in December. He lost his voice, he had trouble breathing and he had surgery. I knew his story because the doctor sent me his data online. His case was handled by an ENT oncologist and the diagnosis was 'throat cancer'. From the moment I came to know about his cancer, I started visualizing him with perfect health during the Agnihotra fire. And yesterday's surprise was that the pathology test was negative. He does not have throat cancer any more. I always thought about him during Homa Therapy.  I did this for 2 almost 3 months every day during Agnihotra. These are very encouraging news."



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Excerpts from the article in "All about Belgaum":

"Mrs. Asha Tejasvi Naik is the recipient of the prestigious ASPEE L.M. PATEL FARMER OF THE YEAR AWARD in the women farmer category. This is a national level award and carries a cash prize, trophy & citation. This was presented to her by Prof M.S. Swaminathan, eminent scientist, member of Rajya Sabha and the father of GREEN REVOLUTION IN INDIA, at a glittering ceremony held on 1st Jan. 2012 at U.A.S. NAVSARI GUJARAT. Mrs. Asha Naik from village Modaga Tal & Dist Belgaum is a Homa Organic Farmer practicing sericulture for the past 15 years. She has 3 hectares of land under V1 mulberry cultivation. Mrs. Naik does not use chemical fertilizer or pesticides and is a certified organic farmer and is actively involved in preserving bio diversity and soil health. She uses leftover mulberry sticks as mulch and also litter to produce compost manures. By practicing Agnihotra Homa farming techniques she has benefitted the most in eradicating pest and diseases and also the atmosphere in her farm is pure and filled with positive energies created by the Homa. She rears 6900 dfls and produces 5.5 tons of silk cocoons yearly.
She was also the recipient of the SHRESTA KRISHI MAHILE AWARD 2007 from the U.A.S. Dharwad. She is a member of Organic food club. She is also invited as a resource person and also a speaker and trainer for various events related to sericulture and floriculture.
She has a very relevant message to the farming community “think big become big. Be self sufficient and self reliant by using available resources on the farm. Add value to your farm products and your earnings will rise fourfold.”

She also cautions the school syllabus writers to edit the words
"ONCE THERE WAS A POOR FARMER" from the texts as these words will discourage young minds from becoming well-established and prosperous farmers.



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I was shocked when I learnt about the proposal to allow genetically modified alfalfa into Canada. Alfalfa is a forage crop that is very popular, with 4.5 million hectares in production. It is used as hay and pasture for cows, lambs, pigs, and horses, and as a high protein feed for animals. It is a perennial crop that grows deep roots, so once a GM variety was planted, it would be very difficult for farmers to get rid of it.
And bees love it, too. This means, however, that when they feed on a genetically modified alfalfa crop,

they would carry its genetically modified pollen, contaminating other plants – including those on organic farmland. If GM alfalfa contaminates organic farmers’ hay fields, what will they feed their animals? And the farmers could be sued for the “theft” of the GM genes.
We know that when the pollen of GM corn is blown or carried onto a plant such as milkweed, it can kill Monarch butterfly larvae – and that the genes of GM crops can be carried at least 21 kilometres by means of pollen.
Canada has already approved GM alfalfa for growing, but it’s not yet legal to sell the seeds, unlike in America. The National Farmers Union is completely opposed, and so are most forage growers. The risk this poses to organic farms is enormous, so we really must try to stop it – see Action of the Month. There’s a great 3-minute cartoon, please take a look and pass the concern around – see: www.cban.ca
Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tlbtIEVF77Q



The agrichemical giant Monsanto is always picking on the farmers – between 1997 and 2010 they filed 144 lawsuits against farmers for patent infringement, and they investigate more than 500 farmers every year. And because of the risk of crop contamination with GM seeds or pollen, organic farmers in the US are having to not grow any soybeans, corn, cotton, sugar beets or canola to protect themselves from Monsanto

suing them for potential contamination.
So it’s good that the tables are finally being turned in a lawsuit by 83 plaintiffs, representing 300,000 organic farmers, organic seed growers and organic seed businesses. The lawsuit addresses the issue of Monsanto harassing and threatening organic farmers with lawsuits of “patent infringement” if any organic farmer ends up with a trace amount of GM seeds on their land. The Public Patent Foundation is representing the rights of American organic farmers against Monsanto. After hearing the arguments, Judge Buckwald will hand down her decision on March 31st as to whether the lawsuit will move to trial. www.osgata.org



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Genesis School "Industrial Technical Institute"
The daily practice of Agnihotra fire continues at this educational institution with over 1800 students. Thanks to the efforts of mother Elsa, the students receive healing and harmonizing energies. Homa Therapy can increase the IQ, even in people with disabilities. (photo above)


Fenix - Rehabilitation Center for drug addicts, Calarca
The practice of Agnihotra and Tryambakam Homa with this group of patients have helped them to sleep better and to react with more love and joy. We were accompanied by Ana Maria, Jorge William, Lucas, Patricia with her daughters and Mother Dora.



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Sharing meditation and morning Agnihotra with friends and family. (Photos below)

Prof. Abel continues talking about the effects of Homa Therapy in various radio stations, TV channels and newspapers to invite the public to the upcoming Homa events in Calarca and Armenia. Flyers, posters and banners are used for this purpose and also broadcasting through loudspeakers in different areas of the towns. (Photos below)


We celebrated a beautiful Homa event in the village of Calarca. It was organized by Mother Dora Betancur and the team of the Homa Medical Center ‘La Botica de la Abuela’ (Grandma's Pharmacy). About 250 people, interested to know more about this ancient healing technique, attended. Prof. Abel presented Homa Therapy and its effects on human health through videos and life testimonies. Mrs. Valvanera told everyone, that the lump in her breast, diagnosed as carcinogenic, disappeared through the practice Agnihotra, the intake of the Agnihotra ash and the applying of the Agnihotra ash cream. Dr. Luz Stella Cruz shared her healing testimony about gastritis. All attendees received Agnihotra ash and several people want to organize with Dr. Humberto Lema a Homa Center in Calarca.



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Photos: A) Prof. Abel and Mother Dora opening the Homa event in Calarca. B) The chirimilla band ‘Seeds of Peace’ under the direction of Mr. Oscar Echeverry from the Industrial Technical Institute and the "Peace and Art" project in Genesis. C) The participants during Agnihotra. D) Row of Agnihotris actively participating in this healing experience of Light and Sound.



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We celebrated another wonderful Homa event in the city of Armenia in the Auditorium of SENA (Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje = National Learning Service). Many people came in search of health and wellness. We heard live testimonies, with musical intermissions. Mr. Jaime Valbuena came from Bogota to sing the Ave Maria. Mrs. Martha Elena Hoyos encouraged everyone to sing and she even danced with Prof. Abel on stage.

When the public was asked about specific medical problems, there were many hands up, some kept it up, because they suffer from multiple problems. Mrs. Martha Lucia gave her testimony of physical healing and attitudinal change experienced through the Homa fires. (see pages "Homa Healing Stories")

The singer and songwriter Martha Elena Hoyos en-chanted the public. The mothers: Maria Teresa, Dora and Elsa took turns with the Tryambakam Homa during the entire event.
Many Agnihotris and friends from Bogota, Medellin, Manizales, Ibague and other places came to join and support this Festival of Healing.



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Mr. Jaime Valbuena The ‘Seeds of Peace’ in guidance of Oscar Echeverry (flute)

In deep silence, the many flames of Agnihotra danced so that the Angelic Energies could heal the body and mind of the public.



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Homa Medical Center "La Botica de la Abuela", Armenia
More and more people are learning the technique of Agnihotra daily and are coming to experience the healing effect of these Ayurvedic fires.
Prof. Abel also shows daily striking evidence of Homa healing related to the problems of the attendees.
(Photos on this page during Agnihotra, which is shared from Monday through Friday.)



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The "Women's Day" at ‘La Botica de la Abuela’ was celebrated with Tryambakam Homa and a short talk about the origin of this Day. We sang traditional songs and danced to rhythms led by Martha Elena. We did belly dancing with Catherine and participated in songs of the heart with Danahe.

During Agnihotra, we dived deep into our souls to thank for this beautiful meeting.



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The faces and spirits lit by the Agnihotra fires reflect peace, transcendence and joy

A bird appeared in the Agnihotra fire done in the garden, where they delighted us with their songs. Mathias (the grandson of Mother Dora) loves to eat Agnihotra ash and to help preparing ash envelopes for the Homa events.

Agnihotra at sunrise helps us to synchronize with nature and to increase our positive forces.

The evening Agnihotra helps us get a sound and recharging sleep.



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Workshop "Who sings, scares the evil away" with Mrs. Martha Elena Hoyos. She is a songwriter, poet, and researcher of traditional Latin American music. She is a recognized artist in Latin American countries for her great talent and musical work.

Mrs. Martha Elena gave us this unique experience of finding hidden sounds within us and getting them out in a musical and funny way. We started the 3-hour workshop with a Vyahruti Homa and ended it up with Agnihotra.

We also danced, sang and enjoyed this activity in the atmosphere of the ‘Botica de la Abuela’, which is loaded with healing energies from the many HOMA fires performed there constantly. (Photos this page)



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Mrs. Beatriz Hillsberg wrote from Sabanetas, Edo. Aragua, Venezuela:
"The photos were taken at the farm "Sabanetas". We have almost completed one year doing workshops and retreats. Dr. Irma Garcia inaugurated this Hacienda. People comment that they feel much peace and go into meditation quickly here.
We teach Agnihotra, the Vyahruti and Tryambakam Homa. We dry cow dung, and teach how to prepare ghee and Homa folk medicines. We also talk about the effects of Homa Therapy on the mind and in agriculture. We also do yoga workshops. We seek to make Bio-construction and other techniques such as lumbriculture, composting, growing short and medium term vegetables. We are sending you much love from Venezuela. Om Shree



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Mrs. Ceneth Sanabria sent these photos from Mexico City with many greetings.


Ms. Sunita Dusane wrote from Dhule, Maharashtra, India:
"I am sending you some extraordinary photos, which were taken while I
was doing Tryambakam Homa at the Somayag 2011 in Maheshwar. A lady from Kazaksthan shot
them and it took some time to get them. The power of the Homa fires... With best regards. OM SHREE OM"


Med. Technologist Raul Alvaro Obando wrote from Guayaquil, Ecuador:
"In compliance with what comes from our hearts and with the Light of Love that we feel

through the Healing Homa Fires, we are letting you know that every weekend (Saturdays and sometimes Sundays) we do Agnihotra at the Reiki and Massage school 'Iluminaris', whose director is Mrs. Jimmy Paredes. We started this in November. We are Marianita, Roberto, Peter, Gloria, Michael, Rocio and Raul. Hugs of Light. Om Shree."



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A New Opportunity to Live the Homa Experience

Dear brothers and sisters. A new opportunity has arisen for those of you who already practice Agnihotra regularly and would like to deepen your Homa Therapy experience as well as learn the techniques of Homa Organic Farming, at “Arca de Fuego” in the Peruvian Jungle (click here to see video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Y3XgkgCokE).
For more information please send an email to the following address: terapiahoma@yahoo.com . Also, if a homa couple would be interested in considering the idea of settling here and being part of the development of this Homa Farm, please also feel free to write to the above mentioned address.
(Photos show Jessica from Peru, Lena from Germany, the farm house and Taylor from Canada)



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Farmacéuta Monika Koch, Alemania


        When we ask people, are you afraid? Many may say: ‘No, I'm not afraid, everything is good, and life goes as usual’. Only a few might say: ‘Yes, I am afraid, my job is insecure, someone in the family is sick, I'm being bullied by others at work, I don’t have enough money in the long run, I'm afraid of dying, the pollution scares me, etc. It seems that more and more people feel fear, often even about the unknown future, but not everyone speaks about it openly.

There are very diverse reasons for fear, but one thing is certain: fear paralyzes us. It blocks the forces to make a change. Fear weakens us. But what can I do? I get into a state of fear, because I do not see a way to change something, or I do not know what is coming my way or because I have lost control over certain circumstances and since I cannot change them I feel helpless.

In fact, it might be that at that moment I have no solution to a problem and that scares me. But I may feel strong and confident in other areas where I can support another person. Maybe I worry about money, but I have a little of time to babysit for a distraught mother, who needs help. Maybe I'm worried about my health, but I can spend a bit of time to assist my neighbor in better reorganizing his garden. Maybe I worry about the poisoning of nature and feel powerless to change this, but I have few minutes to do the Agnihotra fire, or I might have even a little more time to practice other healing fires and Mantras.
So, if I am worried and afraid about some things because I do not know the solution, I can at least assist Mother Nature and others in areas where I see some options.

And my experience actually always is that my strength increases when I serve. My trust and confidence are being strengthened. My optimism grows. And very often, suddenly, an idea comes to mind on how to resolve and change my fearful situation. Perhaps a solution, or at least a relief or help shows up.
If you think about it, you may come up with many ways on how you can assist others or nature, so that at least others can experience some relief. And then, observe how a door opens and assistance comes your way.
Of course every situation is different. But I have always experienced, when I appropriately assist others, some help can come more easily my way. To help others in a spirit of humility is one possibility to get rid of fear. And in order to assist the whole environment in a magnificent way, the healing fires of Homa Therapy and Mantras are powerful means. They not only assist my entire environment but at the same time assist myself. But this only works, if we practice them. Do you want to give it a try?
You can support your strength also with natural remedies. Good options for this are: colloidal gold or homeopathic gold, kava kava, Scotch broom, galangal, hops, lemon balm, etc.
And they will achieve an even better effect, if you take Agnihotra ash powder regularly together with these natural remedies. And how beautiful it is when fear is being transformed into confidence and your day becomes happier.

For more information please see: http://www.homatherapy.de



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                To overcome duality, one must merge the individual spirit with the Divine. That is done through a culmination of effort. There are times when little effort is required by some and seemingly endless efforts required by others. One must be attentive at all times to receive Divine guidance.

                We have our worldly responsibilities but now is a crucial time when you must conserve energy and use it in the right places.

                     Imagine you are a small child and you are stuck in the mud. Your father comes and gives you his hand. “Let me help you out of the mud.”
You say, “I want to stay here.”

“Because without this mud I am alone".
You see the ridiculous way in which the mind works. Any child would give the hand to the father and get free of this mud. Not that you are playing in the mud but are actually stuck in it. Trust the father. Then once you are free of this mud, you become cleansed just as a mother or a father would wash this small child. We are trying to lift you out of this mud. It is like a trap. One person is slave to his desires and illusions. The other one is slave to his emotions.

                 With your presentation of Homa Therapy be more focused, more direct but always employ this humor. It is truly a necessary ingredient on the spiritual path. So if you can bring joy at the same time you deliver a strong message to the people, then your instrument is truly serving the Divine Will.

               Always be humble. Do not let the ego stake its claim. You are becoming stronger in the Light.

                This is best time for intense Swadhyaya. Help each other with love and support. See each other’s purpose, stumbling blocks, strengths and weaknesses and the gifts you have to give to the people.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Environmental Challenges and Solutions
Yes, yes. This is now the year when everything will happen. ... Disregard fearful prophecy which cannot include the element of GRACE.
It is through all of your monumental efforts to save the planet that the planet will be saved.
Certainly, old systems will fail. Certainly, antiquated systems which no longer serve the populace of the planet need to fall and be replaced by higher technology, that which is available and affordable to all.
Expect a breakdown, chaos in the cities. Realize that to change for the good, the old must be replaced. The planet is in a state of chaos. Environmental chaos wreaks havoc on all levels.
Continue to support and sustain environmental protection and seek to purify your essential water resources. Water will be an essential component in rejuvenation of planet EARTH.
Air resources are already being constantly contaminated deliberately, callously, in order to control the population. Stand up in protest of all chemical spraying, which essentially is chemical warfare—only the effects are gradual and do not cause such great alarm.
The burning of these ancient Vedic healing fires is not only a great blessing to humanity but an essential and vital tool for purification. Look into it. It is truly miraculous and now it will finally get its renown. OM.

On Shifting from Self to Service
Yes, yes. While this planet appears to be in a state of chaos, environment under siege, still many beings remain locked into habitual patterns of behavior which weaken their intent, dividing rather than uniting them with their fellow Light Workers.
Behavior that is centered in fulfilling one’s own desires and expectations has no place in the new world in the making. It is all about how you can serve, what you can give to all around you.
When one allows oneself to fall into the mire of illusory dreams, one becomes engulfed in longing and expectation, ultimately leading to a constant feeling of emptiness, having been unable to fulfill one’s own demands. Most depression stems from this. THE ANSWER IS SERVICE.  …
It is through SERVICE that the key opens the lock and the floodgates to the soul are opened. There, GRACE can fill your every empty crevice. Then you find yourself to be whole. OM.


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