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       Joy is a choice you can pick when you start your day or anytime. You remember the movie “La vida es bella” where a man in the middle of the war decides to see his life as an act that was “bello”. Joy is an emotional/mental state.

Pick Joy

Let's look at joy vs. sadness:

With Sadness:
You think life is unfair and there is no justice (Divine Justice).
You feel resentment or anger with whatever comes in your way.
You spread despair – negative vibes.
You poison and spread ugliness into the atmosphere and all the surroundings.
You try to impose your will      
You feel crawling.                       
The body/mind unit complains.                                            
Life is unfair.
You attract other negative emotions such as jealousy, selfishness and fears.
With Joy:
You acknowledge there is a law that works for you to grow (law of karma).
You are thankful for whatever falls on your lap.
You spread the love around you – positive vibrations.
You purify and nurture your surroundings (atmosphere, animate and inanimate beings, etc.).
You surrender to the Divine Will.
You're flying high.
You beautify and nurture the body/mind unit.
You attract other positive emotions such as admiration, altruism, charity, courage, etc.

So we can chose to check our thoughts and feelings continuously and fully open the gates to joyful ones or close the doors to the depressive ones. This is not to be indifferent to certain difficult situations. You simply make a conscious effort not to let those negative elements to pollute you. So you can have a clearer and steadier mind to face all situations.
Joy is more than a subjective feeling. It does produce concrete, real, physiological and anatomical changes. Joy can help:
- to increase of serotonin levels & blood circulation                                      -- to normalize the BP (blood pressure), the heart beat and the respiration rate
-  to increase of cellular oxygenation.
- It can draw a smile on our lips.
- It induces a younger and wholesome physical appearance.
- It promotes similar anatomical, physiological and emotional effects on our nearby brothers and sisters.


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And yes, yes, yes, sometimes we can lose a battle and fall during a challenging situation, but you are already a winner, a success, if you face it with Unconditional Love. If we get in tune and surrender joyfully to the Divine, we are bound to triumph sooner or later.
The Fivefold Path (Agnihotra, Daana, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya) can accelerate this.

Agnihotra could be the first easy step for many people. Let's open our body-mind to light, love and life. These energies can be captured with the sunrise and sunset Agnihotra. This will bring laughter, smiles and joy into our being.



Jose Abelido Poroso Bastida
Carondelet, Esmeraldas, Ecuador, South America

     "I am 66 years old. I had a back pain, stomach pain and headache. Now, since I started coming to Homa Therapy, I've been feeling relief from all my pains. I have been coming for the last 15 days and I have been taking the Agnihotra ash. This has helped me a lot and I feel calmer."


Dora María Valencia Muñoz
Carondelet, Esmeraldas, Ecuador, South America

"I am 32 years old. Homa Therapy has been very helpful, because I suffered from headache, backache and pain in the bones and now I feel greatly relieved. I have had these problems for about 2 years.  I have been coming to the Homa Therapy session with Mrs. Mayra and I have been taking the Agnihotra ash during the last 2 weeks and it has helped me a lot."


Maria Caicero
Carondelet, Esmeraldas, Ecuador, South America

"I am 85 years old. After a fall I was suffering from backache and pain in my legs. That worried me a lot. I could hardly walk; I was leaning to one side.                   And now, with the Homa fires, I work,  walk tall and  feel relief from my pains."



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Dr. Julio Cavero
Castilla, Piura, Peru, South America

"I learned about Homa Therapy through my brother Simon. He invited me to participate in the Homa healing sessions that take place in the EsSalud state Hospital “Reategui” in Piura. He called me in Lima and told me that HOMA Therapy was something very interesting and revolutionary because it can help to heal the body and mind and also plants, animals and the whole environment. It is capable to purify the environment and eliminate pollution.
So I came to Piura, which is approx. 1000 km to the north of Lima, to attend Homa Therapy. I had a flu that was aggravated with labyrinthitis, which makes me very dizzy and I am not able to do many things. I was taking medicines. The doctor said, it would take about one month to get better with these medicines. I only had taken them for 4 days when I went to the Hospital Reategui. I did Agnihotra with my own pyramid and there were about two tables filled with Agnihotra fires. I chanted the Mantra with faith and placed my hands above the fire and then I put them on my ears to transfer the heat. The very same night when I went to sleep, I realized that I was not dizzy any more, even if I would move my head quickly from one side to the other. I no longer had to take the pills and the vertigo is gone. I also take the Agnihotra ash and I feel really good. I feel happy, because with my Agnihotra kit I can help myself and help the environment."

Dr. Julio Cavero (far left) and his brother Simon Perez (far right) sharing Agnihotra at the Hospital Reategui in Piura.

Simon Pérez
Castilla, Piura, Peru, South America

"I am 55 years old. I was suffering from insomnia and hyperactivity for a long time. 3 months ago I started practicing the Homa fires. Now, I feel very calm, peaceful and I can sleep better. I am no longer hyper and anxious and the improvement started from the first day I came to the Agnihotra healing session. I do Agnihotra every day at sunrise and sunset and take the Agnihotra ash. I feel great inner peace and calmness. The truth is that Homa Therapy has been very beneficial to me and has helped me a lot.
I like to add that I have a friend who suffered from gastritis for 7 to 8 years and whom I have been giving Agnihotra ash. He is now cured, but keeps asking and taking the Agnihotra ash. "



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Antonio Mina Valencia
Carondelet, Esmeraldas, Ecuador, South America

"I am 59 years old. Let me tell you that I suffered from backache and pain in the muscles. I started coming to Homa Therapy two weeks ago and I got 80% relief. I hope that everybody gets well, because that is the wish of everyone here."


Hilda Portocarrero
Piura, Peru, South America

"I am 62 years old. I came to Homa Therapy with a deep depression; I felt that I was dying. I saw everything dark. I could not sleep and had no appetite. But from day one with Homa Therapy, I felt better and I began to sleep well.
I have been suffering with chronic kidney failure for 12 years. I dialyze peritoneally 4 times daily. I did not urinate for 6 months. When I started Homa, suddenly I started to urinate again and now I'm peeing all the time.

At the beginning, I was brought by 2 people to Homa Therapy in the Hospital Reategui, because I could not walk and I was afraid to leave the house. Now, I walk well and sometimes I come alone. From the beginning, I felt that the fire did me good, I slept very well. I bought my Agnihotra kit and I feel that I'm getting healed."


Eduardo Vasquez Vasquez
Piura, Peru, South America

"I am 63 years old and a farmer. I'm practicing Homa Therapy since February 2011. I have come to practice Homa Therapy within the department of Complementary Medicine in the Hospital Reategui of Piura.
I had fatty liver, chronic otitis and suffered from gastritis. I started the practice of Agnihotra in February in this Hospital with the help of Prof. Cesar Gonzales and other distinguished persons who share Agnihotra here every day. Then I've started doing it mainly at home.

I also had trouble sleeping. There were days I could not sleep and had to take pills. But since I'm doing Homa I have no problems sleeping, I sleep normally and I have no anxiety as before. I have no more gastritis and I can eat citrus fruits without any problems.  Before my stomach would burn.
As a farmer and I have experimented with Agnihotra in my farm, since we were told that we should only believe what we experience. I had a few animals (chickens) that were dying and I asked myself: "what can I do?" I did not like to buy so many drugs, so I put some Agnihotra ash into their water. I was not believing, I just wanted to see what happened and YES, it is true – the Agnihotra ash heals! I gave the animals Agnihotra solution 2, 3 times and I did not inject them any drugs and they simply got healed.
The truth is that Homa has filled my life with health. I practice it and try to explain it to the people the best way I can. And I am very grateful."



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By Parvati Rosen Bizberg

"When we first had our soil tested in the laboratory, they claimed nothing would grow in our overly acidic soil. We smiled. We had the secret! AGNIHOTRA! We built a wonderful little wooden Yanjya Shala overlooking the garden where daily Agnihotra burns, plus now 5 hours Yajnya a day and 24 hour Yajnya on full and new moon days.

Our gardens are abundant with vegetables, even hard to grow vegetables and herbs!
Tomatoes, which do not grow in our region, even in greenhouses, grow beautifully. We are known for the sweetest 'cherry tomatoes' anyone has ever tasted!
With Homa Organic Farming ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!
And our climate is cold, sometimes -30 C in winter. Our growing season is short and still, our gardens are unstoppable!

Photo above: Healthy Homa Harvest - Homa veggies, honey, herbs, fruit and healthy vegetarian children growing up in Homa environment, all grown with LOVE. Photo below: Bhrugu Aranya vegetable garden with espectacular view to the nearby mountain range.



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Por Parvati Rosen Bizberg cont.

"The amazing thing is that, even in short growing season, in supposedly poor soil we grow corn (which has a longer growing season, but still somehow works), tomatoes (NO ONE grows them around this area), broccoli (not a common crop), all kinds of medicinal and culinary herbs, pumpkins, zucchini, beans of all kinds, prolific apple and plum orchard, etc. It's amazing since none of us were farmers or great gardeners when we came."

Photos from Bhrugu Aranya - above: the famous cherry tomates , Echinacea field, Buddha garden. Photos below: Rory carrying a Homa cale, Agnihotra hut, flowers and a doble rainbow, the serpentine garden under snow, like it happens to be at this moment.



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Louise L. Hay [documentary in 10 parts]
In this video Louise Hay describes how we can heal our lives by changing our thinking, using positive affirmations and loving ourselves.



Women Most At Risk From Climate Disasters, Says UN Report

Women, particularly those living in mountain regions in developing countries, are facing disproportionately high risks to their livelihoods and health from climate change, as well as associated risks such as human trafficking, according to a new report from

the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
In parts of Asia and Africa, where the majority of the agricultural workforce are female, the impacts of such disasters have a major impact on women’s income, food security and health. Women are responsible for about 6 per cent of household food production in Asia and 75 per cent in Africa.
“Women often play a stronger role than men in the management of ecosystem services and food security. Hence, sustainable adaptation must focus on gender and the role of women if it is to become successful”, said UN Under-Secretary General and UNEP Executive Director, Achim Steiner.
“Women’s voices, responsibilities and knowledge on the environment and the challenges they face will need to be made a central part of Governments’ adaptive responses to a rapidly changing climate.” he added. Read the full report in:

500m children 'stunted by hunger'

Half a billion children could grow up physically or mentally stunted in the next 15 years  due to
 insufficient food, a children's charity says.
Food price rises could undo work to reduce child malnutrition, Save the Children warns.

Half a billion children could grow up physically and mentally stunted over the next 15 years because they do not have enough to eat, the charity Save the Children says in a new report.
It says much more needs to be done to tackle malnutrition in the world's poorest countries.
The charity found that many families could not afford meat, milk or vegetables.
The survey covered families in India, Bangladesh, Peru, Pakistan and Nigeria.
One parent in six said their children were abandoning school to help out by working for food.
A third of parents surveyed said their children complained about not having enough to eat.
The survey was carried out in the five countries - where, the agency says, half the world's malnourished children live - by international polling agency Globescan.
In its report, Save the Children says that one in four of the world's children have stunted growth - meaning their body and brain have failed to develop properly due to malnutrition. Eighty percent of stunted children live in just four countries, the charity says.
Read full report: http://www.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/news/world-17034134



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Navy Admiral Fernando Zurita and his wife Vicky invited us to Esmeraldas to activate a Homa Resonance Point on a farm. (photos above)
Mrs. Mayra (pictured right, 1st to the left with her new friends) teaches Homa in this community and she has had wonderful experiences in  a very short time. She also organized an audio-visual presentation in the village school. (photo below)



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The school hall was filled for sunset Agnihotra. Afterwards, we recorded several healing testimonies (see pages “Homa Healing Stories”) which occurred in this town. Mrs. Mayra has been teaching Agnihotra also in other villages such as San Francisco (photo right) and many people have experienced relief. They are extremely grateful to her.



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Morning Agnihotra on a sidewalk. The starting of the day with peace and serenity helps to have a wonderful day with a clear mind and positive energy.



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Mrs. Mayra is surrounded by children, while she is teaching them the  Tryambakam Homa. The children were the first who approached her and then brought their parents and other family members to experience the healing Homa fires. Children are the future and there is a lot of hope for a bright future.


We spent one night in Quito with Vicky Zurita, her husband Fernando and their family. We shared Agnihotra and many ideas on how to implement Homa in the poorest sectors of Ecuador. They have been promoting Homa Therapy for many years.


The director of the school for Reiki and massage “Iluminaris”, therapist Jimmy Paredes, invited us to share Homa Therapy with some of his members in his downtown center. It was a very nice gathering with a long meditation. It was also attended by Dr. Cesar Merino and his mother. The many Agnihotra fires and their regular practice can help clear up heavy energies in an area.



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A re-encounter with the Homa fires in the suburb Genesis.   Mrs. Elsa and her lovely daughters opened their home to all. We were glad to see that after 6 months, people keep coming and experiencing wonderful health changes through the regular practice of Agnihotra.

Mrs. Elsa’s home was filled to the top with people and Agnihotra fires. We also were accompanied by Mother Dora, Mrs. Danahe and Mr. Andrew from the Homa Medical Center “La Botica de la Abuela”. (See photos this page)



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Prof. Abel did several Homa Therapy presentations in "Fenix" (Phoenix), a private De-addiction center. The patients were very enthusiastic about implementing the Homa Therapy program. (Photos this page)



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Homa Medical Center “La Botica de la Abuela”, Armenia
Every day, before Agnihotra, Prof. Abel shows videos and talks about the many benefits of the constant practice of the healing Homa fires. (Photos this page)
Little by little more pyramids are being lit. Some say that there is a big difference between just sitting and watching the fire and actively performing Agnihotra with their own pyramids. They experience many more blessings, when they become an active instrument in the spreading of these special energies.



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Agnihotra and Homa Therapy at the school ITI

(Instituto Tecnico Industrial = Industrial Technical Institute)
in the suburb Genesis. (left) We heard several healing testimonies and Prof. Abel and Dr. Humberto Lema answered many questions.

Daily Agnihotra encounters in the Homa Medical  Center “La Botica de la Abuela”. Here people are invited to participate daily in the sunrise and sunset Agnihotra.
The visit of Mrs. Maria Teresa Nuñez, the director of the Homa Center in Bogota, was a tremendous joy for all.



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ITI (Industrial Technical Institute), Genesis, Armenia
Dr. Javier Aristizabal was the facilitator in bringing Homa Therapy to this school, which educates over 1,800 students. After the Homa video-presentation, the Director, Mr. Miguel Angel, and teachers were very interested in implementing Homa at this school to improve the behavior, academic achievements, health, etc. in their students.
(Photo above shows part of the school.)

Prof. Abel began the audio-visual Homa presentation with some questions to teachers and students to learn about the most common problems at the school. He also taught exercises to increase focus, concentration and will power. (Photo above: The Homa Therapy presentation began with a Vyahruti Homa. Photo below shows an exercise for strengthening the will power.)



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ITI (Industrial Technical Institute), Genesis
The daily Homa activities have begun in this school. Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset is practiced in the library. The volunteers responsible for this wonderful service are Mrs. Elsa (1st right) and Mrs. Sandra (2a), who learned Agnihotra several months ago. This is another example of people who have experienced the blessings of the Homa fires and decided to share them selflessly.



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Franklin Cerinza sent below photo and wrote:
"Thanks to the invitation of the brothers Juan Carlos Martínez and Orlando from the "Gran Fraternidad Universal" we had the opportunity to share a wonderful Agnihotra meeting on the farm Santa Isabel. With lots of love, Om Shree."


Raaja Fischer wrote from Northern Germany: 
"The regular fullmoon Homafires of our North German Agnihotra group include a 3-hour Tryambakam fire. We meet at different people´s homes to do the fires and take turns in chanting the Mantra. This group has now been running for over 5 years. We are between 5 and 10 people. I am a musician and I wrote a 4-part Om Tryambakam choir piece which my choir "ClangVarben" has performed many times. It often is sung for healing purposes.
Last year´s World Healing Meditation we held on Dec. 31st in a Findhorn related community in Northern Germany, near the river Elbe. We were about 30 people gathered around a big Flower Of Life symbol on the floor. Half an hour before the meditation began synchronised worldwide, we performed the Tryambakam Healing Fire. We all experienced a very strong love energy."



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Mrs. Lucia Boero wrote about the encounter in the Elqui Valley:
" We performed the second Homa Elqui Valley Pilgrimage with great joy. it took place in the Cochiguaz Valley (latitude 30 degrees South). This special place was visited by Shree many times and it is considered a magnetic center that plays a special role in this New Era.
Like all spiritual pilgrimage, the work is the ‘going within’. Everyone has different experiences on the road and different challenges may emerge. But this place, with its huge mountains ... can cure many things.
Performing the Homa disciplines there is a privilege, a blessing, especially on the full moon of Nov. 11th, 2011. This is one of the clearest skies on the planet.
My thanks to all participants and the team that made this meeting possible and the Divine that gave us these blessings."



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Ms. Mariela Pugliese organized the National Homa meeting in San Marcos Sierra, Argentina:
"On Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of January we celebrated the national Homa meeting with many fires, singing, drumming, lectures and teachings and we shared the many blessings we received during this meeting. We also watched the HBO Ole documentary – “Heirs of Fire” and Dr. Horacio Fuller gave a talk on Homa Therapy. He is a medical doctor, specialized in pneumology from Cordoba and he had the honor to meet Master Shree Vasant. We did sunrise Agnihotra at the banks of the River San Marcos
(pictured above) and the Tryambakam at the Quilpo River. We offered the healing ashes to the river and we also took bath in it. The closing of the meeting took place at the school in San Marcos Sierra with many Agnihotras (see photo below). We  will stay connected through the practice of the Homa healing fires, which have united this group with lots of love and through beautiful experiences."



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Pharmacist Monika Koch, Germany


Stress – do you know it? Too much work? Too many deadlines? Not enough time? Too much psychological pressure? Bullying?
Work can be fun, so can be meeting people. It only becomes critically, when it gets too much: too much work, too many people, too many demands, too many appointments, etc. A day - a week - a month - a year - goes by fast and life is rolling faster and faster. What can I do to achieve balance? Why is it so important to change something?

Constant stress can overwhelm our bodies. Hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol drive the body to peak performance - but in the long run, they can create problems. For example the blood sugar and blood fat levels can rise too high, poor concentration and memory loss may increase, breathing becomes faster, the bronchi dilate and increases the susceptibility to infection, cardiac arrhythmias, vascular damage, inflammation of the stomach, muscle tension, etc. can arise. The immune system can be weakened.

These are just some physical consequences that can occur due to stress and add to the already tense situation even more problems. What to do?

Agnihotra, the healing pyramid fire at sunrise and at sunset provides the body with vitality and also with balance. Tests showed, that e.g. too high and also to lower blood pressure is balanced by the Agnihotra fire. Only the practice of Agnihotra fire can assist us so wonderfully. In addition, you can also consume the Agnihotra ash with water or yogurt, etc. Take it four times daily in order to balance the metabolism and any acidity.
Thus you have done a lot for your health. In addition, the following suggestions are also very supportive:

- Take frequent breaks and listen quietly to your breathing, just listen!

- Walk every day at least for a short time and breathe fresh air - the longer the walk, the better. And better even if you walk along a river, a lake or a pond – just give it a try.

- Relaxing exercises help a lot to reduce excess adrenaline. Maybe you like to dance? Maybe you like to swim? Maybe you like skiing? The idea is to have joy in the movement, without the obligation to perform!

- Listen to harmonic music - or even better enjoy making music. This can be fantastically relaxing. What instrument do you like? Do you want to play together with friends?

- Do you like painting? Have you ever wanted to reach out for a pen or brush? It is best to make an appointment with yourself and consider a certain time when you actually paint.

- Do you have a garden? Have you ever wanted to feel once again the earth, sow seeds, plant a new bed? All creative process can be very relaxing and balancing.

- And in the evening? Create a go-to-bed routine, e.g. drink a cup of herbal tea (lemon balm, lavender, valerian and hops have proved very successful), then read a few pages in a cheerful book, use a natural fragrance oil or light an incense, or enjoy the scent of a flower, listen to the breath, meditate, etc. Find your personal bedtime routine. The more often you stick to such a routine, the easier it will be to fall asleep. And a sound sleep helps to gather forces for a new and powerful good day to live.

Para más información, visite el sitio web: http://www.homatherapy.de



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                Situations change according to conditions at hand. Things that are told in advance may also change. Nothing is constant. Every person is different. Each has his own free will to exercise in the manner chosen by that person. Not everyone is cut out to do the same work. Similarly, not every person is going to come to the same state. Personal endeavours are left up to the individual. Guidance is given whenever effort is made. Hints are subtly given to gear you on the correct course. However, you must choose your own direction.

                    If you are properly attuned you will be guided moment to moment by Grace. That guidance is there. It is like a channel you tap into.

You choose to be aware or not. You can tune it in or tune it out. If you miss a meditation timing you are allowing your vision to become cloudy. Say to yourself 'I am only an ordinary person. I am only an instrument for Love to spread and nothing more.' If you have that attitude then when you open your mouth to speak the words you utter will not be your own. They will be given through you and truly you will become a humble instrument of divine Grace.

                    You have to get out of those negative habits, negative behavior, all of it, once and for all. Now there is a breakthrough. Now use this momentum to really rise. You realize the wrong way to think, to act, to react, but seeing that is not enough. Don't focus on it. You underline the negative aspects about yourself until you feel so miserable that you cannot function. You can look at yourself with all honesty and with humility make the changes. Think, “How can I serve? How can I smile more? Who can I give love to? Who can I help?” Then, automatically, before you know it, these negative ways are gone. With a little effort your light can really shine. Always react with love. Think of the other person. Consider all aspects.
Forgive those who have harassed you or spoken ill of you. Forgive those who speak to you with harsh words without kindness. Forgive those who know not what they do.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On stepping up focus with Fire
Yes, most assuredly, schedules and plans will assist those here and in other communities with staying on track and keeping to targeted goals. The fact that the environment is under attack is undeniable, the effects of which are disconcerting to say the least. With the Chemtrail spraying as frequent as it is, the typical symptoms or reactions to it are lack of focus, foggy thinking and a glazed-over consciousness.
That is why, at this time, it is of even greater importance to adhere to the regular practice of the healing fires which are very much a part of your work here. If you sit for the fires at the specific times recommended to you and add additional hours of Yajnya to your days, the effects will be nullified. They will not simply be lessened, but actually nullified. This is a profound statement. It does take effort on the part of those practitioners who only sit for sunrise-sunset Agnihotra. Should they add the additional boosts to their energy which the Vyahruti Homas and other fires give, certainly the effects noticed will be more pronounced. Step up the focus by stepping up the fires.
Do not be concerned with being believed. Let those who wish to, experience the results themselves. Let them see from their own experience what changes occur if they practice this daily. Even simple Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset will yield great relief. For those who are already practicing regular Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset, the additional fires will only cement the already profound effects of this miraculous practice. OM.

On Fear and Faith
No fear. Fear, as we have said from the very beginning of our transmissions* is the enemy of humankind. No enemy is more efficient at destroying the very fabric of humanity than fear. No adversary is quite as effective as fear. When you give into fear, you expose your vulnerability and leave yourself open to any force poised to weaken your fibre. Fear is debilitating to the soul.

*(Original quote from December 1997:
“Fear is your biggest enemy. Do not allow it to breed. From it stem hatred, deceit, greed, all violence. Fear strengthens the forces of evil…LOVE is the only way to respond.”

The opposite of fear is FAITH, as we have said on many occasions. Faith is built upon truth, nurtured by understanding and blessed with compassion. When you give in to faith, you allow for your heart to open to love. Love has no room for fear. In love, your heart, your being is always safe.


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