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       Last time we were looking at the brain as a computer to make the understanding of its functions a little bit easier. Few people are doctors in neurology and psychiatry. However, many people are familiar with the basic workings of a personal computer (PC). To speed it up, we mentioned  that you can: a) Change the infrastructure of the PC. b) Use Newer Software and do some Tweaks. c) Do both a) and b). Today, let's focus on b) newer software plus adjustments.
We can:
A) “Clean up temporary files.”
Thus is to delete the irrelevant information, corrupted files, etc.
B) “Clean up the recycle bin, the registry, etc.”
This is the removal of the Mental Trash (useless data).
C) “Defragmentation”: rearrange your important data.
This is to organize your priority tasks in time and space to be more effective.
D) “Update your applications” by upgrading or re-installing the latest version of your programs.
This is to actualize your practical information and approaches to do certain jobs and resolve problems.
E) “Reconfigure your programs to keep up the compatibility among them and the compatibility with the operating system (OS).”
This is to modify your attitudes to enhance the integration and cooperation in a group. 
F) “Repair Errors”.
This is done by removing the psychological traumas.

Illuminating our Mind

G) Learn the tricks of each program.
This is to check your thoughts, words and actions, so you can walk your talk.
H) “Turn on your PC and use it.”
This is to Move your Body and Mind and Focus. Exercise, Meditate and Realize.
We also talked about foods for the brain, the structural elements and Agnihotra ash to boost the brain. This time we are talking about “the actions to take”.
Some other actions to improve the brain activities are:
1. Breath deep.            2. Meditate.
3. Sit up straight.
4. Good thinking habits.
5. Use dead time.   6. Learn a language.
7. Mindfulness exercises.
8. Write.       9. Listen to Mozart.
10. Develop your intuition.
11. Sleep better.  
12. Practice Yoga Nidra
13. Speed reading.    14. Exercise.
15. Develop your creativity.
16. Learn more efficiently.    17. Talk.
18. Do something you enjoy.
19. Adjust your beliefs
20. Brain exercises and do Mantra.    
21. Learn new things.      22. Walk.
23. Avoid unnecessary arguments.
24. Laugh.          25. Play.
26. Do puzzles.     27. Sing.
28. Self awareness.
29. Motivate yourself
30. Avoid too much stress.
31. Get educated.     32. Eat less. .
33. Eat breakfast.    34. Avoid diabetes.
35. Ask questions    36. Sniff basil.
37. Comfortable Temperature.
38. Make a brainpower plan, etc

Sus comentarios, preguntas, sugerencias y/o contribución al Boletín Homa son bienvenidos; Puede escribir a
Abel Hernández & Aleta Macan a terapiahoma@yahoo.com Por favor añadir su dirección. Gracias!


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And Yes, Yes, Yes, Agnihotra is something simple that anyone can do. This Bio-energetic Process can:
1) Activate neurons, Speed up the Release of Neurotransmitters and Enhance the Communication between them.
2) It burns up the Mental Trash, kills the subtle viruses, spywares, worms, etc = vices, anger, pride and other negative tendencies.
3) It purifies the Body-Mind Unit.

Let's also remember that you have to do regular maintenance to your PCM (Personal Mental Computer) for most Body-Mind Units produce  junk as they work. Likewise, your PCM can be Reset regularly with the Practice of Agnihotra. So, turn it on, fire up the Agnihotra pot for Top Performance and Lighten Up the mind for clarity.
Om Shree OM 


James Mesa Garcia
Jaen, Cajamarca, Peru, South America

     "I am 41 years old. Thanks to the invitation of Mr. Alex Cordova and Mr. Walter Salazar, I learned about Homa Therapy through the presentation of Prof. Abel. Since my childhood, I have a problem with diabetes. In this area, children are not tested for diabetes. I've always been chubby, but then I started losing weight and I was very happy. But the surprise was that I was diagnosed with diabetes. The tests showed that my blood glucose level was 450. The doctor told me that he himself has had diabetes for 25 years and that one simply must control the food and take the medicines.
The problem is that I have hereditary diabetes. My father died one year ago with the same disease.

He took the medicines and followed all the instructions of the doctor, but the drugs ruined his liver. He died of cirrhosis at 65 years of age.
2 years ago, I had a glucose level of 640. The doctors repeated the test several times, because they did not believe it.
Anyway, the problem is that every day I ache and suffer from insomnia. I do not sleep all night long. To rest is a problem for me, because my joints hurt. I have been a legal drug addict because I have been taking medicines every day.
However,  in the last few days I've been involved with the Homa fires and my body does not hurt anymore and I can sleep very well. Homa also changed my mood, I feel happy because I have no pain. And this simply happened by just attending the Agnihotra fire, breathing the healing smoke and taking the Agnihotra ash. Of course, now I practice Agnihotra myself."



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Victor Camocha
Jaen, Cajamarca, Peru, South America

"I am 48 years old. Our problem is related to our son Rodolfo who is 11 years old. He suffered with an infection in the tonsils. And talking about it with Eng. Luis Tafur, he explained to me the effects of Homa Therapy. He told us that he was working in Piura with Homa Therapy and that he has had very good experiences with this healing technique. Then I said I wanted to know more about it and he invited us over to his print shop for Agnihotra.

(Photo: Mr. Victor Camocha with his wife)

Truly my son was very ill. Because of the inflammation of the tonsils he could hardly breathe. The doctor told me that my son was in a bad shape and that this will affect his development and that it was imperative to operate him quickly.
So, my wife started to go with him every day for the morning and evening Agnihotra at Eng. Luis Tafurs’ print shop. Also all of us took the Agnihotra ash with fruit juice daily.
After 10 days we returned to the hospital and the doctor said 'we will do everything so we can do the surgery now.' But my wife said, 'Wait a minute, Doctor could you see if he's OK?' And he said that 10 days could not have changed anything, but he still examined him. The Doctor opened Rodolfo's mouth and he did not see any problem. He then said, 'Oh my gosh, what happened here? Did you give him the medicine that I prescribe? 'And she said she had not given him anything, but Homa Therapy and the Agnihotra ash. He said ‘tell me more.’ Then she explained a little and the doctor said ‘OK, if it has healed him, continue with this therapy.'
And another interesting thing happened to my wife. She does not like to run. But I have suggested her to exercise, and to take advantage that our child likes football and loves to run. But she was afraid that after running all her body would be in pain. Anyway, after practicing the Homa fires, she changed her mind and went to exercise with him. She ran one lap, two laps around the stadium, three laps, four laps and the next day there was no pain at all. She has been running like that for four days. I am a soccer player and after a workout like that, the next day, every muscle aches. This is really incredible. And so we practice daily Agnihotra, because we know it is good.
My wife, with this therapy does all the house work herself. She gets up early, washes, cooks, cleans, shops, etc. We have no employee to help her. She has become very active. If it is Gods wish, I will stick to Homa Therapy for the rest of my life. When I don’t do it, I miss it. This is true because we have seen the effects in our family and we do not need to lie."                      



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Victoria Mercedes Montesa la Torre
Bagua Grande, Amazonas, Peru, South America

"I am 66 years old. The first time I came to Homa Therapy with headache and I was angry. But I came out like new, thanks to Agnihotra.
 I also had stomach problems from taking pills to lower my cholesterol and triglycerides level. These pills gave me gastritis. With the practice of the Homa fires, I also got rid of the gastritis. Since more than a year I do not need to take more pills for cholesterol and triglycerides.
I also have been suffering with myomas (tumors in the uterus) for a long time. The doctors removed a myoma 15 years ago in a Chiclayo hospital. But an ultrasound that I took several months ago, showed a one inch myoma.

When I started the practice of Agnihotra, I prepared the Agnihotra ash cream and rubbed it on the lower abdomen. I also consumed Agnihotra ash. The last ultrasound showed that the myoma has disappeared."


Celina Bacaya
Bagua Grande, Amazonas, Peru South America

"I am 57 years old. In 2000, I had some health problems and I approached the group of health promoters of Chachapoyas, Amazonas Department. It happened to be at the time when Prof. Abel was teaching Agnihotra there and I participated. Then I went to Lima and participated in Agnihotra for 15 more days in the park of Miraflores. I was suffering with sinusitis for one year. At that time, I purchased my kit and made the Homa fires, and in 17 days, without taking the Agnihotra ash, I was healed.
Another experience happened in Bagua Grande, when we started doing Agnihotra in the Restaurant 'Las Terrazas' of Dr. Gloria Carrascal, we noticed that in the neighborhood was a lot of noise and scandals. Also the prison is in this area. We were struck by this noise.

But after  sometime of doing Homa Therapy, the neighborhood changed completely. Now it is divinely peaceful and quiet and this happened through the practice of Agnihotra."



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Fritz y Lee Ringma
Homa farm Om Shree Dham, Australia

"We had a bore well drilled, despite indications that there were no underground streams on our farm.
Sub-artesian water was found at forty meters (130 Feet).
It was laboratory tested and found to be HIGHLY SALINE AND ALKALINE.
The pH was 9.5 and the salinity measured 1150 ppm.
So, we performed AGNIHOTRA near the bore well and regularly placed AGNIHOTRA ASH into the bore well.

The State Department of Water Resources was conducting regular tests on the bore wells in our area and we were all amazed to see that the salinity and alkalinity reduced with each lab report until finally after about 6 months we had POTABLE DRINKING WATER.
Now the pH is constant at 7.2 which is neutral and the salinity is 720 ppm, within the standards laid down by the World Health Organization for potable water."

  pH Salinity
First analysis 9.5 1150 ppm
After 6 months of HT 7.2 720 ppm

La choza de Agnihotra de la finca Homa
Om Shree Dham en Australia


Eng. Alex Cordoba giving his testimony in the pineapple farm.

Eng. Alex Cordoba
Jaen, Cajamarca, Peru, South America

"What made us interested in researching and establishing a Homa Resonance Point on our the farm? Something unusually happened recently. At the office, I keep a pineapple plant, which I like to show, every time a friend comes for a visit, since the farm is quite distant. When I left for vacation in the month of May, this pineapple plant was one year old and still had not developed. Although I had put some fertilizer, it was sick, yellow and did not grow.

Its sister plants in the farm had already grown and produced fruits. But this plant was stunned and sick. I said well, this is not the climate, it is in the shade, it is in a pot and the soil is not adequate. When I left for vacation it was in this state. When I came back one month later I found it green, with new leaves and totally changed. I did not know what had happened. The only thing I said to the guys who work with me in the office was 'O my gosh, you guys treated my plants very well while I was gone'.
Later, in a meeting, a man stood up and told me that his son had placed Agnihotra ash on this plant two times. That’s how I found the explanation of this miracle and that is why we want to apply the Homa Super Technology in our 10 hectares pineapple farm."



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There is a food revolution happening in America today. People are seeking out farmers' markets, organic produce and good restaurants. At the same time, our food supply is increasingly controlled by multi-national corporations. The very nature of our food system has radically changed with potentially disastrous effects on our food security. For more information please watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnD-DiDRIJA



El Globe Aware is cataloguing small-scale "Green" projects for use in the local communities in which we operate. These simple videos, along with other training materials, will be used in coming up with project ideas! A pot in pot cooler is a simple invention that allows for longer storage of produce without refrigeration!


BASF abandons GM crop production for Europe

The German chemical giant BASF is moving its genetically modified plant development operations from Europe to the US, where there is less resistance to the technology.

The company announced on Monday (16 January) that it would move its plant science headquarters from Limburgerhof, Germany to Raleigh, North Carolina. Two smaller sites in Germany and Sweden will close. BASF will transfer some GM crop development to the US but stop work on crops targeted at the European market – four varieties of potato and one of wheat.
“There is still a lack of acceptance for this technology in many parts of Europe – [by] the majority of consumers, farmers and politicians,” said Stefan Marcinowski, a member of BASF’s board of directors. “Therefore, it does not make business sense to continue investing in products exclusively for cultivation in this market.”
The company instead plans to focus on plant biotechnology markets in the Americas and Asia. “This is another nail in the coffin for genetically modified foods in Europe,” said Adrian Bebb of Friends of the Earth.
Only one genetically modified crop, Monsanto’s MON810 maize, will be produced in the European Union following BASF’s plant-science pullout, Mr Bebb added. For more information please see:



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Agnihotra at dawn in the village Lonya Grande, where people came from over several kilometers away; they walked on dirt roads and sometimes under the rain to practice Agnihotra with us at sunrise and sunset. We witnessed many healings through the Homa fires and taking the Agnihotra ash.

Prof. Abel took the opportunity to visit the school in Lonya Grande, where Prof. Lastenia teaches. Even the most difficult students kept silent and focused, in front of this authority with a long beard. Afterwards they commented that they would like more classes of this kind ...



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Lonya Grande, Peruvian Amazon:
The affectionate farewell from the Lonya Grande villagers was held with many Agnihotra fires, much joy and lots of hugs.
We learned a lot from these simple and loving people. In the few days of our stay approx. 15 people bought their Agnihotra kit and began the practice. Among them, there were people over 80 years of age, and some could not read or write. However, by the time we left, everyone was doing the fire and chanting the Agnihotra Mantras correctly. We were speechless and our heart was full of joy.

This beautiful group of people is now under the wings of Prof. Lastenia Baca Campos and Mr. Ademar Gonzalo Fernandez.


Prof. Abel gave an audio-visual presentation in the city hall of Bagua Grande. The Mayor, Mr. Milecio Vallejos Bravo, who knows Homa through Eng. Luis Tafur, invited the population through TV interviews to learn about Agnihotra.



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Through HOMA promoter Luis Tafur we got in contact with Eng. Alex Cordoba, who has a conventional farm where they use agrochemicals for lack of knowledge of better alternatives.  
(photos left and below: sharing Agnihotra in his office)

Sharing sunrise Agnihotra in the Cancun Hotel with the owner, Mrs. Amanda (in the center doing Agnihotra).



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Prof. Abel gave several audio-visual presentations of the effects of Homa Therapy in the area of health and agriculture, which ended with the practice of Agnihotra fire.

He also coached the employees of "AgroBien" with basic Mantras necessary for Homa farming. Prof. Lastenia Baca brought many of her students to experience and learn more about this ancient powerful healing technique.



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This is an Activation of a Homa Resonance Point in the pineapples farm of “AgroBien”. Another organic  farm, which will produce: a) healthy and nutritious food for the body and b) energetic & positive food for the mind.        Here it becomes a reality -

That food can be your best medicine!     The photo below shows one of several Agnihotra sessions in the office of "AgroBien" in Jaen.



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State Hospitals, Piura

Every day, even on Christmas and New Year, the healing Agnihotra fires were lit at the main hospitals of Piura (Hosptial Reategui and Hosptial Cayetano Heredia).
We also took this time to share, reflect, listen, dream and to plant seeds of virtue in our minds and hearts with the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi: Lord, make us an instrument of your peace, where there is darkness , let us bring Light ...



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Sharing Agnihotra with Mrs. Erika Paredes, her husband and her children, Stephanie, 7, and Victor, 4 years old. Interestingly, these 2 children refused to eat any kind of meat since birth, leaving the rest of this western family somehow confused. However, they have grown to be strong, healthy and very intelligent. Stephanie has won several local and national awards in

school contest for her outstanding intelligence and mental capacity. They also quickly learned the Homa Mantras and are practicing Agnihotra with their parents. By the way, we have noticed that when children do the Homa fires, “miracles” occur very fast.
Photo below: sharing Agnihotra with friends in Los Ceibos, Castilla, where we had the honor of being in the presence of Dr. Julio Cavero (2nd to the right), who got graduated in Stanford University, and also was president of Asociation of Scientits of Peru. 


Hospital Reategui, Piura

Agnihotra is practiced under the guidance of Prof. Cesar Gonzales in this hospital every day. Any time we have a chance, we love to participate in these joyful healing sessions of Agnihotra. Where there are more fires, there is more healing power and a deeper sense of relaxation.



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Dr. Enrique Gagliardo and Reiki Master, Miss Mabel Iturralde invited Prof. Abel Hernandez into their Holistic Medical Center "Energetic Ki Therapies" to share Agnihotra (photo right) and watch a video presentation about its healing effects.

This Healing Center offers a variety of natural therapies.

Years ago, Dr. Enrique Gagliardo, was the one who facilitated the preparation of the "Homa Vida" tablets (photo left) through a pharmaceutical company. Thousands of these Agnihotra ash tablets were distributed to doctors and given to many patients for free to check the veracity of the Agnihotra effects. Some were shocked with the results.

Mrs. Sonia Hunter organized a Rudra Yajnya in the Homa Center Guayaquil. Among the participants we were honored to have Eng. Hernan Posas, owner of the Banana Homa Farm "Fuente de Alegria” (fountain of joy), Mr. Adardio Piedrahita with family and Med. Tec. Luis Carriel. All of them came from the city Vinces.



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Homa Medical Center “The Good Shepherd” of Guayaquil:
To begin 2012 with lots of positive energies, Dr. Montufar and his wife Olga organized a Rudra Yajnya with many Agnihotris. It was a festival of light, harmony and gratitude. After the Rudra, the event closed with nearly 40 Agnihotra fires. (Photos this page)



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Homa Medical Center "The Good Shepherd" of Guayaquil:
We were honored to participate in several Agnihotra sessions with Dr. Montufar (photo below first to the left), his family and patients. It is a great joy to hear this group of Agnihotris sharing their healing testimonies.
By the way, Dr. Montufar now also has a farm where he produces some of the best Homa cacao, according to some experienced tasters.



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Naturopath, Mr. Joe Encinas wrote from the city Puno:

"My wife and I are sharing almost every Sunday the Agnihotra fire with friends. We have collected many wonderful experiences related to health. We share the Agnihotra ash, which has been very useful in countless situations, like solving problems pertaining to skin, hair, stomach, burns, wounds, etc. We have very good results."


Reiner and Manuela Szcypior wrote from Austria:
"We have been invited to talk about Agnihotra at the Exhibition "Meeting the Consciousness" in the city Mürzhofen, Austria, which was well attended. OM SHREE."



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Prof. Egberto Oriel Pacheco wrote from Huarmaca, Piura, Peru:
"I am sending some pictures of the Agnihotra fires we have been doing for several months

 in my hometown Huarmaca, during my vacations.

We practice Agnihotra with many mothers and children, who come regularly at sunrise and sunset. Respectfully yours. With many greetings. Om Shree Om."



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Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany


        Do you suffer from back pain? In the upper, middle or lower back? Occasionally or chronically?
Of course, in all health questions, the person to contact is the doctor you trust. But you too can play an important role in supporting your health.
The earth's magnetism, from which all the cells regain strength and orientation, it is becoming weaker.

In addition, many people remain long periods of time at home, in the car, train, etc., where the geomagnetism is additionally shielded or it can no longer be perceived. But our cells need this magnetic force and orientation in order to grow properly and work correctly. In the area of the back - like with many other areas - it has proven very successful to support the strength of cells with additional magnetism. But how can I make a stronger magnetic field available?

Amazingly, the process of Agnihotra fire produces a rich amount of bio-electricity and bio-magnetism. Kirlian photos have shown that the electrical aspects of our bodies absorb this energy flow very well and transform it into health. That means, with the Agnihotra fire I have a wonderful source of a stronger biological bio-magnetism which supports my health.
This Bio-magnetism is also sealed into the Agnihotra ash and thus I can have a medicinal substance available at any time. It has proven very successful to mix Agnihotra ash and ghee to make this healing ointment. Depending on the severity of symptoms, this can be applied every hour on the painful area or at least as often as possible, the more the better.

If additional assistance is still needed, you can put magnets (on tape or bandages) with 1000 gauss to 1800 gauss (magnetic field strength) on the painful areas. During the , you can fix the magnets on the painful area, but remove them overnight. This method has proven successful with many aches and diseases, not only on backache.

If pain occurs in the lower back area, it may also be possible that the pain radiates from the kidney area. In this case, it can help greatly to avoid all animal protein (including milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.) from noon onwards. Better, completely adjust your diet to vegetable protein. Often, this helps quite amazingly to soothe pain in the kidney area. In addition, you can do a Horsetail tea treatment. Heat and boil the Horsetail solution for at least 15 minutes before straining. Then drink it.

Would you like to know more precisely with what specific issue in your life the back pain could be related to? There is interesting literature on the relationship of problems and back pain by Louise Hay (Heal Your Body) and Dethlefsen (Illness as a path) and others. Certain areas of the body seem to be in resonance with certain themes. Thus we can see more and more the importance of a positive balanced mind, not only to feel happy, but also to maintain our body healthy or in time of sickness to recover healthy quickly. Homa Therapy and the Fivefold Path provide us with the best and easiest way to reach this goal step by step.

Para más información, visite el sitio web: http://www.homatherapy.de



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                So think always: These are my two choices. If I choose to argue, I consciously choose to harm others around me. If I choose to love, to tolerate, to care, to understand, to harmonize, then I choose the highest good for all. And Grace will cast many blessings upon you.

                Seek peace. Do not seek to live in chaos and unhappiness. Happiness can be yours in an instant. Your Master will lead you to this.

               Look at what your limits are but do not dwell on them. Look at your strengths and build on them. Spend time in silence, YAJNYA, meditation, etc. Free yourself from the bondage of attachment.

                Laziness is the antithesis of the dedicated devotee. Priorities get turned around and confusion is the name of the game. If we surrender to His Will every day and make conscious effort to do His Will, then ultimately all these faults and idiosyncrasies become nothing - no stumbling block.

                Houses where Agnihotra is performed will be places of refuge. Fire temples will be places of refuge. Now is the time it begins. You need not have fear. You have been told you will be safe; your family will be safe. You will be able to save others when the time comes. Do not allow weakness to grow and fester like a sore. Be strong. Things are going to get worse in the world. Still there is a chance left. Do not fear. You will be guided as you were before.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Truth
Yes, yes. Certainly, it is true that the human mind can be utilized to seek the Truth. However, the truth is not that which can truly be grasped by intellect alone. The heart must be open to receive truth, higher wisdom which no intellect can reach. The great Masters have wisdom beyond understanding, though they may or may not have well-trained intellects. Indeed, many are well-read and studied, which enables them to speak the language of the people with greater, broader scope. However, there are those in complete control of their faculties, able to access all knowledge which they could not possibly have learned through the intellect, having never been schooled and, in some cases, having never read a word. It is this higher knowledge which is most needed and most beneficial in one’s life, one’s quest for spiritual evolution. It is not in the knowing so much as it is in the being. The work is now to access that spiritual knowledge or wisdom which cannot be grasped or even reached by the intellect.

When you delve into conspiracies and exposés of events and beings in the world, you delve into someone else’s awareness, which may or may not be 100% true. 100% truth cannot be found in such avenues. You simply entertain the mind with foolish banter by becoming overindulgent in conspiracies. They may even be nearly completely true in some cases, but to be aware goes beyond that linear set of parameters which are being touted as the new reality.

Oh come now, it is not so simple. Exposés of such magnitude are rarely 100% true. That said, you can be informed and aware of the media’s deliberate miscalculations of truth in news and the broadcasts of facts distorted to fool the unsuspecting ‘general public.’ It is good to maintain some awareness of today’s events and to look behind the apparent stories. However, do not waste your precious time uncovering the uncovered elements, as you are meant for greater things. OM.

How will you know what is intellect and what is heart? By training the mind to listen to the signals which only you will be able to decipher. When you are onto something which resonates with your being, even your skin will feel different! You will find, at times, there are no words to describe what you have come to realize. Realizations are like revelations which come when the being is ready to receive them. They do not require ‘processing,’ the buzz word for integrating feelings into one’s awareness. Revelations and realizations do not come as a process nor do they require same. They come in an instant, readied by time, yet suddenly, one comes to know what one has yearned for one’s whole life.


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