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      To answer this question, we must first define "death." From the scientific point of view, it was said that death was the absence of:
a) Pulse (heart activity)
b) Visible Breath
c) Reflexes
However, many people were buried while in a state of "dormancy" or periods of catalepsy. Then, with the advancement of technology and better understanding of the brain, death came to be defined with an electroencephalogram (EEG) by showing the absence of brain bio-electric activity. However, this proved insufficient because this could be "reversible" in very rare cases. For example, some people who drowned in freezing waters and came back. Today, we have added other criteria: rigidity, cooling, the appearance of skin blemishes, putrefaction, intracranial hypertension, pupillary dilation, etc.
From a legal standpoint, in most parts of the world, someone is considered dead when the vital activity of the whole brain has ceased and it is irreversible. This can be checked with well-defined neurological protocols. This is important in the case of some people in "intensive care".
The Yogi seeks the experience of Samadhi where he can enter and exit that state consciously. 


For the common man, death is usually irreversible and is a process where he loses consciousness. For the Yogi, there is no death or end, but the continuation of experiences on a physical plane to experiences on a supra physical plane.
Also, the 'Yoga Sutra of Patanjali' says: "chitta vritti nirodhah Yogah," meaning "yoga is the control or cessation of mental activity."
From some religious point of views, death happens when the soul leaves the body.
From the point of view of yoga, the purpose of the individual soul is to be reunited with the universal soul. Also, in the Yoga language, the word Samadhi is a kind of "ecstasy" when you lose consciousness from the physical body, but continue with a “conscience above the physical level."
Is there anything in common between the Samadhi and the experiences of those who have been through a "clinical death" but have returned? Some say the following:
1. They perceived a light and /or sound
2. They went through a tunnel
3. They felt overwhelmed by a feeling of love and acceptance
4. They did not want to leave this state
5. It expanded their understanding and changed their attitudes and behaviors

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Let's recall that mystics of various religions may have triggered an ecstasy or Samadhi, through the super concentration on the object of worship according to their religion (examples: St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross got into a Special State while they were super concentrated on a picture of Jesus Christ).                                                            
Also, the 'Yoga Sutra of Patanjali' says
योग: चित्त-वृत्ति निरोध:
(yogah chitta-vritti-nirodhah)

- Yoga sūtra 1.2 meaning "yoga is the control or cessation of mental activity. Now, let’s remember some words of Shree Vasant: "For the price of a candy, through the practice of Agnihotra, any ordinary person can achieve what would take the yogi many lives."
So, let’s do Agnihotra to experience a peace beyond understanding.
Om Agnihotra Om


Maria Victoria Dominguez Correa
Tacala, Castilla
Peru, South America

"I am 62 years old and 2 days ago I participated in the Agnihotra in the Tacala Health Center. I had a headache for over a month and could not sleep for more than a week. With this pain in my brain, I walked like a crazy person. But thanks God, through Agnihotra and its healing ash, I am no longer suffering from headache nor the pain in my legs and heels, nor from the anxiety, I had. I thank God and I am sure that my friends here assisting Agnihotra can also get healed."

Demetria Calle Pasapera
Castilla, Piura, Peru, South America
"I am 52 years old and I am a school teacher. I came to the Anti-Stress Homa Workshop for my back and my legs were really hurting.

Yet, after having participated in the Homa presentation for teachers yesterday, I could climb the stairs up and down without much pain. Before, I had to use the handrail for support. Now, I go up and down the stairs without any problem.
But above all, I feel better emotionally. I was depressed. However, when I got home yesterday, I was singing with my grandchildren. I felt very happy and peaceful and I slept placidly. So this Homa Therapy is good and I will continue. I will buy my kit and go on. I will not settle for less." (Mrs. Demetria is the 3rd from left in above photo during the healing Agnihotra session after the Anti-Stress workshop with her colleagues.)



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Nurse Ana Ibañez
Tacala, Castilla, Peru, South America

"I am 62 years old and I work in the Tacala Health Center. Last Friday, we were invited to the Homa conference with the major of the County of Castilla, but I could not climb up the stairs, I could not walk. For over 4 years, I have had a pain in my knee and could only walk with a cane. Then I asked the major of Castilla, Mrs. Violeta Ruesta, if she would consider to start Homa Therapy here at the Health Center of Tacala. It seems that God enlightened me. On Monday, you have come here and to my own surprise, I climbed up quickly the stairs to the conference room and did not even have to hold on to someone. Usually, I require a person to help me up. Now I do it alone. I no longer use the cane. I believe that this therapy is really good and we can help many with it."


Yovani Peña Machado
Tacala, Peru, South America

"I am 30 years old. I have come to Homa Therapy 3 times. The doctor had told me that my 4-year old child has kidney stones. He also told me, that he had to have surgery or would die. But someone told me to go to the Tacala Medical Health Center  because they were giving a free therapy there. With the Agnihotra fire and its ashes that I gave my son orally and  I applied in the area of his kidneys, he has been relieved. Before, he urinated with blood and was crying and screaming desperately of pain. Now he urinates normally and without pain. He walks and plays. He is

another child. God has guided me here.
I have another child, who is mentally retarded. He did not obey and he was restless. I talked to him and he did not understand. Now he is calm and obedient. I have 4 children and everything is better now. Thanks to God and to Homa Therapy."  
(Photo above shows Mrs. Yovani and 2 of her kids at the Tacala Health Center )



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Jorge Cabrera Arca
Lima, Peru, South America

"In two months I will be 80 years old.  As background information, I have been a heavy smoker for more than 30 years, I usually smoked 2 packages of cigarettes a day and on weekends and holidays, I smoked close to 3 packages.
I  need to say that during those 30 years I also worked spraying agro-chemicals in the fields with  a small plane. At first, this was done with the torso exposed to the air.  Later, the cockpit was covered, and this was even more dangerous, because the fumes concentrated in the cabin. These gases are highly toxic.  So I got  a throat 

cancer and I had surgery 10 years ago.
Some years ago, I started to feel ill and could only walk for a short time, because my legs hurt. When I went for a walk with my wife I had to sit down after two blocks, even if it was on the sidewalk. I had to rest for a while before continuing and I could not climb stairs.
I decided to go to the doctor, because the situation was very complex. To sum up, including rolling over in bed, produced such a fatigue and I could not breathe. I had to remain still.
I saw a doctor, I went through a series of tests, I also had X-rays taken and the diagnosis  was that I had pulmonary emphysema, of which I was told that it is an incurable and irreversible disease. The doctor said that I had to take remedies for life and that I could not stop taking them for anything. I took the prescribed medications for 2 years and spend at least 450 soles  every month.

Then I started doing Homa Therapy. Every day, evening and morning I did Agnihotra. Since I felt well, we decided to make a trip abroad after approx. six or eight months. And one day during the trip, because I felt so good, I stopped taking the drugs. I simply stopped taking them and have not used them again till today. That was 18 months ago.
Now, I go to the gym every day and do weight lifting and I feel good. In the last review of oxygenation, the doctor said, 'Jorge, you are better oxygenated than me. I have a level of 95% and you got 98%.

Since 3 months, I have not visited any doctor and I feel very well." (Photo above right: Mr. Jorge Cabrerea with his wife Leonor Tafur showing the drugs he supposedly had to take for life and cost him about 450 Soles per month. However, through the regular practice of Agnihotra and consuming its ash, Mr. Cabrerea got healed completely. Photo above left shows the couple practicing the medicinal Agnihotra fire.)



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Our Homa experience in our small garden
by Mrs. Prerna and Eng. Dilip Patil, Amalner, Maharashtra, India

"Here everything is in good progress. We are sending you some pictures of the vegetables from our little HOMA ORGANIC GARDEN in Amalner city, which is in the dry land region of Central India where temperatures reach up to 48 degrees in summer. We planted vegetables like lady finger, two different types of gourd, beans, lemons, etc.
We do daily sunrise & sunset Agnihotra & regularly some Om Trambakam Homa. 

We are also giving the Agnihotra ash & Homa ash regularly to the plants and we are getting beautiful results. The food quality & quantity is really surprising. In the picture you can see the vegetables. We harvest every 2-3 days and even though the plot is small, we get enough for our family of 4 and other people who know about our organic Homa garden come to buy our veggies because of their taste and quality. We are sending much love to everyone."



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Cellphones are the cigarettes of the 21st century
Dr. Magda Havas

In an 8-minute presentation, Dr. Magda Havas, Associate Professor at Trent University in Canada, and an expert in electromagnetic fields of many kinds, examines some of the harmful effects associated with cell phones, and how similar they are to cigarettes in many ways.

Cell Phones and Brain Cancer
Thanks to a multimillion-dollar research study funded by none other than the Cellular Telephone Industry Association (CTIA), which certainly didn’t set out to uncover these results, we now have proof of:
A significant increase in cell phone users’ risk of brain tumors at the brain’s outer edge, on whichever side the cell phone was held most often.
A 60 percent greater chance of acoustic neuromas, a tumor affecting the nerve that controls hearing, among people who had used cell phones for six years or more.
A higher rate of brain cancer deaths among handheld mobile phone users than among car phone users (car phones are mounted on the dashboard rather than held next to your head)
In addition to this research, a review of 11 long-term epidemiologic studies published in the journal Surgical Neurologyrevealed that using a cell phone for 10 or more years approximately doubles the risk of being diagnosed with a brain tumor on the same side of the head where the cell phone is typically held.
Australia has seen an increase in pediatric brain cancers of 21 percent in just one decade. This is consistent with studies showing a 40 percent brain tumor increase across the board in Europe and the U.K. over the last 20 years.
Brain cancer has now surpassed leukemia as the number one cancer killer in children.
Other Health Hazards Linked to Cell Phone Use
In addition to the widespread concern about brain cancer, scientists have found that information-carrying radio waves transmitted by cell phones and other wireless devices can:
Harm your blood cells and cause cellular changes
Damage your DNA
Cause nerve-cell damage
Possibly accelerate and contribute to onset of autism, and trigger Alzheimer’s disease
(You may have read the recent spin that cellphone use can cure Alzheimer’s, but you should know that study involved exposures that were nothing like a cell phone exposure, even though the publicity suggested otherwise. More on this soon.)
Damage your eyes
Cause sleep disruptions, fatigue and headaches
Steps You Can Take to Protect Yourself and Your Family:
While you can’t completely avoid radiation in today’s wireless world, if you’re ready to give up your cell phone, you can virtually eliminate that one hazard, at least.
If you’re not prepared to take that step, you can minimize exposure by heeding the following advice:
Children Should Never Use Cell Phones: Barring a life-threatening emergency, children should not use a cell phone, or a wireless device of any type. Children are far more vulnerable to cell phone radiation than adults, because of their thinner skull bones.
In Dr. Havas’ video, you see three images of cell phone radiation penetrating the skulls of an adult, a child of 10, and a five year-old from the research of Dr. Om Ghandi of the University of Utah. Those depictions are a graphic representation of just how deeply into your child’s brain cell phone radiation can reach.



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Therapy is well established in the Tacala Health Center
 Every day patients attend these ayurvedic medicinal Homa fires for  a healthier life.


In the shanty town "4 de Mayo",  Mr. Iman invited the community to learn more about Homa Therapy. Prof. Abel gave a video presentation and Aleta taught the sunset Mantras. During Agnihotra, we all could feel the peace. Everyone asked  for the healing Agnihotra ash.

The practice of Homa Therapy can provide health, welfare, safety and peace to these young villages that are emerging. (photos above)



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In the Health Center 'Maria Goretti', Homa Therapy is well visited (Photos this page) and we hear each time more testimonies of improvements and healing. People who have suffered for many years, managed to free themselves from their pain in a few sessions with the Agnihotra fire. Now they say, they are thankful to God and their Major, Mrs. Aura Violeta Ruesta, for bringing Homa Therapy into their lives.
Mrs. Sebastiana Farfan and Mrs. Julia Yepez  are the volunteers responsible for the daily practice of Agnihotra in this Health Center.
(Photo right)
More people say, that they do not feel improvement taking prescribed medicines and others are not in the economic situation to buy medicines for extended time periods.



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Homa Therapy presentation and Anti-Stress workshop with a group of teachers from a school in the shanti town "El Indio"

The teachers  talked about the problems they face each day in the school. Then, they were surprised by the testimonies, which underlined the positive effects of regular Agnihotra practice in 

the behavior and the academic performance of the students.
The director of the School 'Mother Teresa of Calcutta' (a school for Special children), Mrs. Marcela Agurto, spoke about their experiences with the practice of Homa Therapy and the many improvements achieved with the students on a personal level and on a group level.
At the end of the Homa presentation, after the practice of Agnihotra, several teachers shared their experience of pain relief and the feeling of sublime peace.
(In the photo above Aleta is explaining the technique of Agnihotra and the photo below shows Prof. Abel and Director Marcela Agurto doing Agnihotra surrounded by the teachers.)


In the "Health Center Chiclayito”, another area of the  Castilla county, a group of people gathered, interested in learning more about the many benefits of the practice of the medicinal Agnihotra fire.

During Agnihotra the little "earthquakes" (hyperactive children) fell asleep...



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Massive Agnihotra in the auditorium of the Hospital Reategui of Piura. We were honored to have the presence of the Vice President of the AmazonRegion, Dr. Augusto Wong,  Eng. Luis Tafur (Homa promoter) and Mrs. Aura Violeta Ruesta, Major of Castilla, Piura.


In Tacala, Agnihotra is not only practiced in the Health Center (photo left), but also in the town. The Major handed over ownership documents of land. Also, Agnihotra , the healing fire was shared and Prof. Abel spoke about the need

to create harmony and unity in the community, and how much easier this becomes with the daily practice of Agnihotra. (photo below).



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AGNIHOTRA: bioenergetic harmonizing session; rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit; a meeting with joy and peace where souls unite in Light, breathing deeply the Divine love that emanates from the healing fire.

(Photos above during Agnhotra in the Maria Goretti Health Center of Castilla.)


More wonderful healing testimonies with each Agnihotra session. It brings so much joy and harmony to body and mind, especially the older are very grateful for this.



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Another opportunity to share joyful experiences and feel united in front of the many Agnihotra fires in the Hospital Reategui of Piura.


At the request of a Serenazgo officer, the Director of the   Security Unit of Castilla, Mr. Johny Atoche, arranged a Homa Therapy introduction to  his team.                  
Prof. Abel took the opportunity to suggest these workers for public safety, who are often exposed to difficult, stressful and dangerous situations, to maintain an Agnihotra kit in their vehicles and practice it  wherever they are at that time. He also presented testimonies showing how the regular practice of Agnihotra

decreases violence.  It calms the minds. Where there is light, darkness cannot exist.
The stress that these officers experience affects their health. They welcomed this proposal. Their boss, Mr. Atoche (right side) is already an Agnihotra practitioner. (Photo below shows Anti-Stress Homa Workshop and Agnihotra with a group of Serenazgo officers and photo above shows the Serenazgo vehicle in which they drive Prof. Abel and Aleta to the many Homa presentations in the County of Castilla.)



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A Saturday Homa presentation in the auditorium of the State Hospital Jorge Reategui also brought several Agnihotris from the town Zorritos, which is approx. 5 hours from Piura by bus. They come because they are having good experiences with the practice of the Homa fires and want to share them. Thanks for coming!
Everyone paid attention to the Homa presentation of Prof. Abel, which showed a wide range of healing testimonies and effects of Agnihotra.
Then we enjoyed together the many Agnihotra fires that spread peace and tranquility beyond words…
Edward, 11 years old is practicing Agnihotra daily at sunset at home, because in the morning, he says, it's his father´s turn.
(Photos above and below during Agnihotra in the hospital, photo right shows Edward in front of his fire.)



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Homa Meetings in Lima
We had the opportunity to share three Agnihotra meetings during our stay in Lima in the vegetarian restaurant "Sabor y Vida" of Prof. Humberto Guerrero. We are very happy to see the Lima group doing the Homa fires with dedication and love. There are some people who just started the practice and others who have 11 years, like Mr. Gregorio Quintero and they continue firmly. (Photos above and below)
We heard the testimony of Mr. Suresh from India
(in the photo below he is the first to the right) He shared: "I learned Agnihotra from my wife Margie. Although I am from India and I knew about this, I was not interested. When my wife does Agnihotra, I feel very happy because I am receiving many benefits. I have suffered from diabetes.
15 days ago, I had a little accident that caused an open wound on my knee. I first took drugs, but I had no improvement. When my wife put Agnihotra ash on the wound, I was cured within 2 days. That truly is a miracle and God is great.
Over the past 3 years, my blood sugar level has always been around 350, but the regular practice of Agnihotra has really surprised me. Now it is always lower than 200, mostly around 150. Now I do not need to take any medication. All I do is to breathe Agnihotra and take its ash with water."

On the afternoon of November 12th, we also did a Rudra Yajnya with a group of Agnihotris. The highlight of these Homa meetings is always the joint practice of Agnihotra. One can feel the peace, serenity and alignment with the higher energies of joy, love and healing. It is at these moments where one reaches a state, where one only wants to say a thousand times: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.



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The following points are answers to questions frequently asked by people who are beginning Agnihotra. It is necessary to practice Agnihotra correctly in order to receive all its marvelous benefits.

* Only one person who chants the mantra offers rice to one Agnihotra fire.
Chanting the Agnihotra mantra once, at the time indicated on the timetable, is enough.
* The amount of rice for one offering is what one can  hold in the 3 fingertips with the Deer Mudra.
* The offering is to be given with the right hand. There is an energy in the right hand specifically for giving offering to the Agnihotra fire.
* Ghee is made from unsalted cow’s butter. If it is made properly, it does not need to be refrigerated. Ghee may be stored in glass jars.
* Do not use your fingers to get Ghee out of the jar and certainly do not use a  cow dung piece either. You may use a copper, wooden or ceramic tool. The ghee on the cow dung should not drop back into the ghee jar. We try to keep the ghee clean and cover the jar after use.
* Only dung from bovine cattle is to be used for Agnihotra. Only cow dung from cattle that do not receive food containing any animal products (examples: fish meal, bone meal, etc.).
* Agnihotra ash may be stored in a glass or ceramic container. It should not be stored in containers made of plastic or metals other than copper or gold. The lid may be made of other metals, as it does not touch the ash.
* Always wipe copper utensils after use.
* Best is to use a wooden match to light the fire. When lighting the fire, avoid dropping the matchstick into the fire. Do not use lighters or a gas stove. If you have to use a candle, the wax may not drop into the pyramid or touch the cow dung piece you are lighting. Extinct the candle during Agnihotra.
* One should remove shoes before performing Agnihotra. Also the people participating should take off their shoes.
* The pyramid for the Agnihotra or any Homa fire should always be placed above the sacrum (tail bone).
* Only dried cow dung, unbroken raw integral rice and unsalted pure cow’s ghee may be used for Agnihotra. NO OTHER SUBSTANCES OF ANY KIND MAY BE USED OR ADDED.
* Exact timings are essential for Agnihotra. The timings program is available for Windows PCs free of charge at www.terapiahoma.com  and www.homa1.com

* It  is necessary to adjust your watch to the exact atomic time.
* It is ideal to sit facing east for Agnihotra, or to face east for morning Agnihotra and west for evening Agnihotra.
* If possible, it is best to leave the pyramid untouched and uncovered until it is time to prepare it for the next Agnihotra.
* If you need to move the pyramid, it is best to wait as long as possible before doing so.
* It is best if no other metals besides copper are close to the Agnihotra area. Please remove your watch before performing Agnihotra.



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Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany

HAPPINESS - how to capture it? How to preserve it?

So many people want to be happy! they simply are not completely happy. Why? If you think that you are missing something to be completely happy, then each one has perhaps different reasons. Maybe we are lacking better health to feel good? Or maybe, we could use a bit more money to come to terms? Or maybe, we miss love or the feeling of being safe? Or maybe, we miss children's laughter around us? Or maybe, we

just need a bit more time for ourselves? Or ... or ... or ...The reasons could be many. Still, it is very important to be clear about what is missing in my life to be fully happy. What comes to your mind at this moment, might be a little difficult to achieve right away, otherwise you would have done it or bought it already long time ago. It might not appear on a button click, but you can work towards it step by step! But, how to approach this?

Think carefully about what is missing to achieve happiness in your life. And also think carefully on everything you already have that makes you happy, that helps you and that you enjoy. There are often quite a lot of things that we may overlook: how beautiful it is when the sun shines! Or the stars twinkle! Or a flower blooms! Or having enough water to drink and food to eat! Or receiving a smile! Or having a nice bed to sleep in! Watch your day pass by in front of your eyes and look at all the wonderful things that happen and feel grateful for so much comfort and happiness you have received today!

Are you still thinking about what you are lacking in order to be really happy? What is that exactly that you could do more to be happy? Think hard about what exactly it is that can make you happier - and then do it for someone else, a friend, a neighbor, a child or even a stranger. How can this be possible? If you, for example, want more laughter in your day, then do smile at someone. Do that again and again and do it frequently. You want more money? Then begin to give someone something. You may give: something to eat when someone is hungry; to drink, when someone is thirsty; a flower, if someone is crying, etc. It is important  that you, first of all, give away something you think you have too little of. Do you want more love? Then give your love first to someone else. Maybe you can give some of your time to listen? You can share some music and dream together? Share a hug to be closer? Give and share first what you want in your life.
The Vedic fires - Agnihotra and Homa Therapy - will provide you with the necessary clarity and strength to go about this matter step by step. And then watch and be aware how your life becomes richer and richer - and even happier. It is up to you!

For further information please visit the website: http://www.homatherapy.de 



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          Know that you are only here to fulfill the holy will of the highest God. Know this and refuse all else that is negative so that your life becomes simple. Listen only to your inner voice which is always louder to guide you. You need courage, confidence, affirmation and firm will to reach higher. Then you can not go wrong and the highest laurels will be yours. Do not ever look behind you. Always look in front, at your goal.

           Attachment breeds misery. Let go of the attachment and the cloud is lifted. Already it has been lifted.

              Work all the time. All the time. Let those others see how you are planning, working like that. Then they have more respect for what you are doing. There is little time left.

               Organized religious institutions are losing their flock. We do not speak bad about any religion or religious organization. We say, whatever makes you happy in your life, that you follow, but follow diligently and with all your heart.

              Community must come up in every place where Agnihotris are doing the work.

               Now many people who formerly practised Agnihotra, those who have left, will come back. As the world becomes more difficult they will realise. We welcome them with compassion. We must not judge another's errors, not criticise their decisions. Try not to find fault in others and you will be free of guilt and this disturbance on the mind.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Balance and Solace through Service
Yes, yes. The intensity on this planet today will find its way into one’s consciousness, despite all efforts to sustain a peaceful state. However, if a strong, consistent infrastructure is set up, which balances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of the individual, the effects of outside stimuli will be greatly muffled. If one puts all one’s energy into physical work and does not attend to the emotional-spiritual arena, for example, one’s consciousness will be stilted and the base of serenity less secure. One must balance all aspects of one’s life.

Meditation is necessary now, for the purpose of listening, tuning in to one’s Higher Self, and receiving direction where to focus one’s energies. If one does not go inside, one is more at the whim and will of others, as well as at the mercy of an already overtaxed environment. Seeking counsel within is essential.

When one tunes in and listens to the voice of one’s soul, one finds what one has lost or misplaced, one finds one’s direction and is buoyed by reconnecting with spirit.

Ultimately, it is through SERVICE to others that one finds solace from life’s many storms. Without making use of the outlet of Service, one’s life becomes like a ship marooned on a desert island. Initially, one may have enough work to keep busy. One may not even realize the needs of others, for the focus one has is on one’s own goals and responsibilities. However, this is false satisfaction. Nothing can compare with the fulfillment which one gets from giving of oneself to others. Make SERVICE a part of every day, and the first words on the tip of your tongue when you, in your quiet solitude, speak to Almighty. Think and speak the words, “How can I help? How can I serve?” Always, the answer will come.


Thanks for sharing the "Good News" with this Homa Health Newsletter!

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