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It is said that a living organism is born, grows, reproduces, grows old and dies. Most people call "life", the filling of these stages with many experiences. These experiences are directly related to our desires, thoughts, emotions and actions. It seems that our degree of happiness / pleasure and pain is directly proportional to our degree of attachment. Thus, the greater the attachment to an object, plant, animal, person or experience, the greater the sense of joy and pain. For many, life has an end called "death." For some, life is an endless process of change, until we stop changing. Do the changes end with death? Well, maybe on the physical level (for a short time). However, if you stick to the physical principles - nothing is created nor destroyed; it only changes. If this is so, are we still changing or moving after death? And, is there a soul? According to the Bible, when the man dies, the soul leaves (Gen 35.18) and if man rises again, the soul returns (1 Kings 17.21). So, where do we go? Are we going to meet with our loved ones in heaven or purgatory or hell or ...?
OK, why do we cry when we lose someone close to us? Is there a chance to go back to life with another vehicle (body)?

It is said that “For whatever object a man thinks of at the final moment, when he leaves his body - that alone does he attain”. (Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 8.6). Our desires are said to bring us here. But, can we become free of desire? Can we overcome death (freedom from death)? Can we stop being part of the film, illusion and the ups and downs of life? Can we go to the source of light that causes this film? Some people say that human beings have to repeat this over and over until they break these cycles. Only then, humans will be free. Let’s look at this a little closer.
Can we become witness of the fantasy that it is played in front of us without being part of this game? Is the goal of life to learn to be unconditional love under any circumstances and without attachment? Perhaps, there is no life nor death, no beginning nor end. Perhaps, we are eternal points of light with a similar essence. Perhaps, the key is to "be aware".

Any comments, questions, suggestions and articles for the Homa Newsletter are very welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan  terapiahoma@yahoo.com
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The Fivefold Path can help you get the answers to these questions. And yes, yes, yes, Agnihotra can be the easiest way and the first step for many people in this search.
May the understanding and the answers come from within!
Om Agnihotra Om
Some references to consider are:
a) New Living Translation (©2007) The Bible, Romans 8, verses:
5 -Those who are dominated by the sinful nature, think about sinful things. But those who are controlled by the Holy Spirit think about things that please the Spirit.
6 -So letting your sinful nature control your mind leads to death. But letting the Spirit control your mind leads to life and peace.

b) The Vedas - Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 4:4.3-6 ª
As people act, so they become. If their actions are good, they become good; if their actions are bad, they become bad. Good deeds purify those who perform them; bad deeds pollute those who perform them.
Thus we may say that we are what we desire. Our will springs from our desires; our actions spring from our will; and what we are, springs from our actions. We may conclude, therefore, that the state of our desires at the time of death determines our next life; we return to earth in order to satisfy those desires
For Next Newsletter:                               Can we die without dying?


Eng. Luis Tafur, promoter Homa, wrote the following testimony from Jaen, Cajamarca, Peru, South America

"Mr. Celso Vasquez Perez was born 78 years ago on July 28 (photo right).
15 years ago, he was diagnosed with diabetes at the “Hospital General de Jaen”. His glucose level was 365. Gradually, he began to feel numbness in the toes and his hands were getting colder. At the same time, he had problems in the gums and with his teeth. He lost all his teeth.
Three years ago his eyesight became weak. First, with the left eye he could only see a black spot, then the other eye got affected. Even though he is the owner of a printing press, he did not want to work.

One year ago, his hands began to tremble and the numbness in his hands and feet began to spread to the rest of the extremities. So, he started wearing double sets of pants and socks. The toes started to get stiff and the little finger of his left foot began to bleed black blood with bad odor. Also, In the right foot, he had a wound that did not heal.
He started Homa Therapy on August 28th, 2011. Since then, he has been taking Agnihotra ash before and after each meal (6 times a day). Now, he does not have any numbness in the legs and he wears one pair of socks and one pair of pants. He can move his extremities, toes and fingers easily  and his hands no longer tremble. He also is recovering his eyesight. After the 2nd day of Homa Therapy, he started sleeping well. Before he got up 7 to 8 times to urinate; now he wakes up just once."



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Efrain Granado
Santa Marta, Colombia
South America

"I am 42 years old. In September 2010 I got a very high fever (it reached 41.4 degrees Celsius), which would not go away. After being like this for 8 days, I was taken to the hospital. After another 8 days, I was diagnosed with 'Leptospirosis'. This is a disease which is produced by the urine of rats. It is a disease, which is very difficult to treat, can be very aggressive and fatal. The doctors did not detect it on time and so I had problems with my gallbladder, liver, kidney, lungs,

pancreas and eyes.
The treatment was initiated with antibiotics and gave no result. They switched the type of antibiotics 4 times due to the aggressiveness of the disease. The fever would come down and go up again and again. I almost ended up in ICU (Intensive care unit), because I was lacking some oxygen.
After being hospitalized for 29 days with fever, Dr. Jose Piedrahita phoned me and told me he had come to know about Homa Therapy and he was sending me some Agnihotra ash. He told me to take the Agnihotra ash in juice or water at least 4 times a day. I was reluctant and very incredulous, but I did it anyway. After 2 days of taking the Agnihotra ash 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) the fever disappeared. From this moment onwards, my improvement continued.
I had come to the clinic with 110 kilos, and I came out with 81 kilos. I lost too much weight. Thanks God, I got my weight back and my life is completely normal. I practice Homa Therapy and eat the Agnihotra ash  .

Besides the physical changes and changes in my health, Homa Therapy has brought prosperity into my life. I mean prosperity on the moral, economic, material and intellectual level. My mind is clearer and more objective. I reduced my alcohol consumption 90%. All this is due to God´s Grace and Homa Therapy. "

(Photo right: Agnihotra at the Homa Center in Santa Marta, which is under the direction of the Carreno family)



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Article by Birgitt Heigl, Germany

"During a visit to Austria, my husband Horst Heigl (who initiated the Heiligenberg Homa farm) and I brought vegetables from our farm for lunch. I took some carrots, cut them into slices and put them in a bowl.

Our friend said:
"Not only  your carrot´s taste is unsurpassed, but also their appearance is magnificent! I love looking at the carrot slices. They have such a harmonic structure. They look like  flowers. I've cut so many carrots, but none are as pretty as those of the Homa Farm. I have been watching them for years. Wouldn´t you like to photograph them? "
I did, and on April 2005 the photograph on the right side was taken.
From that moment on, I began to observe. For over a decade, we had only eaten vegetables from our Homa farm. We had no other vegetables to compare with.

As a proof, I bought fresh carrots in the market. Some from conventional farming and some from certified organic farming, called 'Demeter'. For comparison, we took Homa carrots of similar size, cut them into slices and under the same conditions. Then,  we took the following photos:

   Conventional farming                      Organic farming                         Homa farming
The result is convincing.
Conventionally grown carrots have a spongy structure, with little pattern definition.
With organic carrots, you can see a structure, but not a defined pattern.
Homa carrots seem to be full of energy. The structure and pattern are clearly defined. What cannot be shown in the photo is the taste; however, there is a considerable difference. Homa carrots taste exceptionally fine and intense.



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"STRUCTURAL HARMONY IN HOMA CROPS" Observation by Birgitt Heigl

On the market, we bought fresh brussel sprouts, grown with conventional and organic 'Demeter 'farming. For the study, we chose Homa brussel sprouts of similar size.

   Conventional farming                      Organic farming                         Homa farming
- The brussel sprouts with conventional farming have an irregular structure, apparently without any pattern. The interior of this cabbage is yellow to colorless. The yellow color may be due to over-maturity.
- The organic ‘Demeter’ brussel sprouts show some more orderly pattern. The interior is light colored to colorless.
- The brussel sprouts achieved through Homa farming show a defined geometric pattern, reminding on flowers. The entire interior is bright green.
The Homa brussel sprouts have a distinctive, fine flavor. They are also easier to digest. People, who usually cannot eat cabbage because of the gases, hardly have or do not experience these effects with Homa cabbage.

Conventionally grown parsnips were not available at farmers' markets. So we purchased local fresh organically grown ('Demeter') parsnips. This time, I left the vegetables uncut and wrapped in tissue paper for one week in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. When it dries, the structure of the parsnips, which are almost white, is more visible. It is noteworthy that Homa parsnips were much fresher after this week. The conditions under which the photographs were taken were again identical.

               Organic farming                                                                 Homa farming
The difference is again very clear. Irregular structure of organic parsnips, and harmonic structure in Homa parsnips. One gets the impression that Homa vegetables are full of energy.



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‘We don’t care about euro’ – trader stuns BBC
Alessio Rastani claims ‘Goldman Sachs rules the world’ and says millions will lose their savings
Septembre 27, 2011

JOURNALISTS in a BBC studio were left stunned after an independent stock market trader gave his frank assessment of the financial crisis, remarking that he dreams of recessions every night and that "Goldman Sachs rules the world".

Alessio Rastani gave his remarkably honest opinions yesterday during an item on BBC News about attempts by G20 leaders to manage a Greek default and rescue the eurozone from its debt problems. His appearance can be seen in the video above.
Rastani said that institutions don't buy the G20 rescue plan because they know the market and the euro are "toast".
Asked what would keep investors "happy", Rastani replied: "It doesn't matter. For most traders we don't really care about how they're going to fix the economy... Our job is to make money from it.
"Personally I've been dreaming of this moment for three years. I have a confession: I go to bed every night and I dream of a recession."
Alessi Rastani gives his candid assessment of the financial situation

The BBC presenter replied: "Jaws have collectively dropped at what you've just said. We appreciate your candour but it doesn't really help the eurozone."
But like a doctor with no bedside manner, Rastani ploughed
on: "This economic crisis is like a cancer. If you just wait hoping it is going to go away, just like a cancer it is going to grow and it will be too late."
Anyone putting their faith in governments to sort out the financial mess apparently needs a reality check. In Rastani's view, "the governments don't rule the world, Goldman Sachs rules the world".
And if that wasn't enough, he has a dire warning for anyone with any money stashed away: invest it somewhere safe, like Treasury bonds. "In less than 12 months, my prediction is the savings of millions of people will vanish. And this is just the beginning."
Nouriel Roubini, the economist who was rewarded with the nickname 'Dr Doom' for predicting the 2008 financial crisis, had better watch his back: a new doctor is in town.
Read more: http://www.thefirstpost.co.uk/85093,people,news,alessio-rastani-we-dont-care-about-the-economy-and-euro-is-toast-says-trader-who-dreams-of-recessions-video


Richie Sowa built not just a houseboat -- but a real island,
on a foundation of plastic bottles tied together by nets.

See the house, beaches, solar oven, animals and plants on his
amazing island off the coast of Cancun, floating on 250,000
He even grew coconuts, bananas, spinach and almonds on this thing!
Who says you can't create your own paradise?

For more information see Video: (3:45) http://www.nextworldtv.com/page/5061.html



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The vegetarian restaurant "Sabor y Vida" of Prof. Humberto Guerrero (photo left doing Agnihotra next to Prof. Abel) in Miraflores, Lima was filled to the brim with Homa Therapy practitioners and people interested in learning more about this ancient healing technique.
We showed Homa video testimonials from around the world and also heard wonderful life healing testimonies achieved through the continuous practice of Agnihotra.



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Homa Meeting in Lima
On Sunday, we could meet again and shared Agnihotra at the restaurant with a nice group of people. There were many questions about the application of Homa Therapy in the health field. We thank Prof. Humberto and his family for their love and support of Homa Therapy.
(Photo above)


Castilla, Piura, Peru
Thanks to Eng. Luis Tafur, Homa promoter, we met the Mayor of Castilla, Mrs. Aura Violeta Ruesta (front row wearing a dark blouse),
who heard about Homa Therapy years ago. Now, as mayor, she is determined to help her people with Homa Therapy, because it is simple, affordable and effective. She invited Prof. Abel Hernandez and his wife, Mrs. Aleta Macan to do an Anti-Stress Workshop and a Homa Therapy presentation for her management team and workforce in the library of Castilla.
(The picture above shows the Vyahruti Homa at the beginning of the workshop.)



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Almost everyone experiences some type of stress on the physical, emotional or mental level. In the workshop, Prof. Abel presented the simple solutions of the Fivefold Path for a healthy, active and happy life. At the end of the 3-hour workshop, you can see Eng. Luis Tafur doing Agnihotra with us and certainly Agnihotra ash was requested by the participants. (see photos above)

In the 'Hospital Regional Cayetano Heredia', Mrs. Gaby Gonzales leads the daily Agnihotra sessions. In the 'Hospital Jorge Reategui', Prof. Cesar Gonzales guides de daily Homa sessions. These healing sessions are open to the general public and are free of charge.
On Saturdays, there are many Agnihotris participating because it is a weekend and

everybody wants to charge their batteries with the many Homa fires.


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Following in chronological order, a series of Homa events sponsored by the Mayor of Castilla, Mrs. Aura Violeta Ruesta and her advisers.

In the Tacala Medical Center, Homa Therapy was well received. The Mayor presented Homa Therapy as an aid to face the daily challenges.
We usually start the presentation with a Vyahruti Homa to synchronize and focus the minds. Then 1) we learn about their problems   2) introduce Agnihotra   3) teach the technique  4) perform Agnihotra 5)  answer questions and   6) share the Agnihotra ash with all participants. (Photos this page)



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The next meeting took place in a school of "Cossio del Pomar". People who were interested in learning how to alleviate their ailments came to this presentation of Homa Therapy. Again the mayor, Mrs. Violeta Ruesta, accompanied us to inform the public about the benefits of practicing this simple and powerful technique for health and social order.

The same was done in the community hall of Chiclayito. (see photo below)




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Already at the second Homa meeting in the Health Center Tacala, we could hear the amazing testimony of. Mrs. Ana Ibañez, who is a nurse in this health center. She was suffering for 4 years with a pain on her knee that would not allow her to walk without a cane. The day after

participating in Agnihotra and taking its healing ash, she was relieved of the pain. Now she walks without a cane and leads the Agnihotra sessions there.


In the neighborhood "El Indio", an area known for its violence, the continued practice of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy can change this environment and bring peace and prosperity to all.


Again, we visited the Tacala Health Center  to give more theory and practical information about the effects of Homa Therapy and encourage the daily practice with Mrs. Ana Ibañez.



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 We got back to "El Indio" with another Homa Therapy presentation and with the support of Ms. Rosa Huamanquispe, who works for the municipality. She acquired her kit to continue sharing the Agnihotra healing fire. (Photo above during Agnihotra)


The village "La Obrilla" is an hour away from Castilla and it has 450 families (about 3 500 people). They are also lucky for having cows in this sandy area and thus the Homa cake factory is right in front of them.
Most attendees were children and elderly, suffering from bone problems, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.
At the end of the audiovisual presentation, we did Agnihotra and all attendees received a bit of the healing ash. (See photo above during Agnihotra and photo left sharing its healing ash.)



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It is a joy to see many people taking advantage of the healing Homa fires in the Tacala Health Center. Prof. Abel finds out the main problems of the participants and also teaches certain physical exercises to align, alleviate and train the body. These exercises are always very welcome by everyone, no matter the age or physical condition.

The glorious end of each meeting is to feel the peace, joy, love and healing emanating from the Agnihotra fire...



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Another Health Center in the neighborhood called 'Maria Goretti' of Castilla, received the teachings of Homa Therapy. Again, we see patients, mostly elderly, with many problems. Although they take drugs, many of them don’t feel an improvement. Dr. Julio Lengua M.D. participated with an open mind and saw many amazing healing video testimonials achieved through the regular practice of Homa Therapy. Mrs. Sebastiana Farfan, who has practiced Agnihotra for more than one year and has been healed of many problems, is a volunteer that supports the daily practice of Agnihotra in this Health Center. (photos this page)



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Hospital Jorge Reategui, Piura
Every day people meet in this state hospital to share Agnihotra. You feel the tranquility and peace produced by the many fires for several years in the area of complementary medicine. There are always new people and all are welcome.



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"I am pleased to inform you that we demonstrated and started Agnihotra at ADHAR – Orphanage, at Kanabargi Village near Belgaum.
This particular institution was started by a young philanthropist, Mr. Mahesh Jadhav, one year ago. The specialty of this orphanage is that the orphans are of HIV affected parents. Starting with 6 kids the total inmates today are 43. This NGO does not receive any help from the government and is totally supported by the charity from people in the society.
More information about this organization is available on http://www.maheshfoundation.org/

I am sure that the holy fire will bless the unprivileged inmates with good health & help to dispel darkness from their life."
Vinayak Lokur
Chief Executive, Expert Engineering



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From Armenia, Quindio, Colombia we received the following letter with wonderful news:
"In Armenia, things are going very well. In the 'Botica de la Abuela', we are increasing the Homa fires:
Madre Dora does Agnihotra in the morning which is followed by 4 hours of Tryambakam, which is supported by everyone. Each person does half an hour.   

At sunset, the Agnihotra pyramids are lit in the different work places (kitchen, shop, meeting room, yoga hall) and simultaneously we sing the Agnihotra Mantra.
- We are also preparing Homa bread on Tuesdays and Thursdays as you can  see in the photo.
- We have different times for the Yoga classes, but they always starting with the Vyahruti Homa.
- In the local newspaper ("The Chronicle") we are

publishing articles related to the Homa healing fires, yoga, alternative and complementary food, ghee, ayurvedic massages, among others. These articles are getting very good reviews.
- In the shop, new proposals, new buyers and better income and outcome.
- In medicine, Dr. Humberto Lema is very committed to learn more about HT. By the way, other M.D´s are coming to the Homa fires.
- Every Thursday, we have the "Healing Women's Circle of Fire". We are polishing our experience more and more.
- And the community of Genesis - what a wonderful experience! Dr. Javier and his wife Lucena, mother Nelly, mother Dora, Sandra, Elsa, Clara, Betty, Tino ... and other members of the community are very committed to the daily practice of Agnihotra. Rain or sunshine, there are always between 80 and 150 people present. (see photos below)
- In the city Calarca, Mrs. Patricia, who got healed from a tumor with the Homa fires, has founded her own Homa Center with our support. 10 to 15 people participate daily in the Agnihotra fires in her house."



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“Arca de Fuego” (Ark of Fire) in the Peruvian Jungle by Jessica Auza:

"A dream began some years ago, to create a place in the Peruvian Jungle where animals, plants and human beings may live in harmony, where all life is respected, where everything we may breathe, eat and drink is healing, where a rarified atmosphere would provide the impulse to restore Nature´s balance and allow for personal growth of those who come into contact with it.
We walked through, felt and visualized this magical place. We were assisted by experts with
some topographic work done on this approximately 18-hectare (43- acre) land.Then, architectural plans were designed for the eco- building of houses, bungalows for guests, huts for the performance of Homa Therapy fires, a natural and bioenergetic therapy center, main vegetarian kitchen and dining place, spaces for workshops, areas for children, shed for cows, apiaries, areas for vegetable gardens, forests and organic fertilizer preparation using Homa Organic Farming techniques,among others.

We think all these will contribute to create a self-sustainable oasis where human beings may experience their deep and sacred connection with Nature. Now, slowly this plan is being implemented. For example, very recently a clean water source has been installed as a basis for all further developments at this place.
Since the year 2009, vibrations of love have been accumulating in this atmosphere with the daily performance of healing fires.
We invite you to see this video where we show how our vision of the future is manifesting, our vision of an “Arca de Fuego” (Ark of Fire). 




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Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany


Would you like to have: better vitality, better health, more resistance, and a stronger immune system? Simply, fill yourself up with more sunlight! How can we do that in a healthy way?
Today, we hear so many warnings against the sun's rays, which can be damaging to you as they pass through the polluted atmosphere.

We are told to avoid direct sunlight from 11 am to 3 pm. But we can fill ourselves up with sunlight in a very healthy way from inside. We can practically eat the sunlight directly - using sprouts and the so-called 12-day shoots.
How does it work and what is the difference between the sprouts and the 12-day shoots?
First, this is very easy, you can do it yourself! You need the proper seeds, a glass jar and water (or a cloth or gauze pad that can be kept moist will do or a shallow clay bowl, which collects the water), Agnihotra ash and sunlight. We are familiar with seeds, water and sun, but why the Agnihotra ash? If we add Agnihotra ash to the water for the sprouts and shoots, they can thrive with a lot more energy, they receive more life force, and also the water in which they germinate does not get so bad and foul quickly.
What are sprouts and what are 12-day shoots?
Sprouts are seeds that are first soaked in water with Agnihotra ash to start germination. Then, for further growth, depending on weather conditions, they are irrigated 1 - 3 x daily to keep them moist. Depending on the variety of seeds, we harvest the sprouts between the 1st – 5th days of germination. During this period the plant develops a large number of nutrients that are actually prepared to develop the entire large plant.

That is why sprouts possess in a very dense form the vital substances and eating those strengthens our body like a life elixir. And adding Agnihotra ash to the water further increases by a multiple its life-supportive effect.

Seed suitable for sprouting / hours of soaking / harvest after days
Adzuki / 18 / 4        Fenugreek / 8 / 2   Buckwheat / - / 2    
Pea / 12 /3               Barley / 8 / 3-4      Oats / - / 3-4
Chickpea / 18 / 3     Pumpkin / 12 / 3    Millet  /12 /3
Flaxseed / - / 2-3    Rye / 12 / 3            Mung beans / 12 / 3
Sesame / 8 / 1-2      Lentils / 12 / 2-3   Sun flower / 6 / 1-2
Wheat / 12 / 2-3      Soybean yellow / 16 / 4  

The seeds for the 12-day shoots are equally soaked and watered, but are eaten only after 8 to 12 days. In this prolonged period of growth, the plant can produce more nutrients and vital substances with the help of the sunlight and the chlorophyll for the photosynthesis. This "green power" supports the formation of blood, oxygen supply and provides us even with more strength and energy, available for us through the chlorophyll of the plant.

Seeds suitable for 12-day shoots/ hours of soaking / harvest after days
Fenugreek / 8 / 8    Buckwheat / 16 / 12   Barley / 8 / 12
Oats / - / 12             Cress / - / 6                  Alfalfa / 8 /7
Radish / 8 / 7           Rye / 12 / 12                Mustard / 8 / 8
 Wheat / 12 / 12      Sunflower / 12 / 8-12
Most important is to always add some Agnihotra ash to the water!

Give it a try and experience for yourself how wonderfully sunlight can recharge your batteries!

For further information please visit the website: http://www.homatherapy.de 



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          First self-study. Examine yourself. Then comes the prescription. First self-examination. Then solution. You are trying to do the solution without fully understanding the problem.

     All the time temptation for the senses is there. One must not only not fall for the temptations but steer clear of it. If he pursues women then it is certain he will fall.

He is aware of it. You are to help him all the time, For this, honesty is required. At the same time, it helps you. Due to TAPA your desire has been greatly lifted. The same can be done to him but greater effort is required now. Do not flirt with danger.
It is time when all great work can be actualized. At such a time the temptation is also strong. So stay near each other and increase your meditations together. Be strong, both of you. TIME OF GREATNESS IS NOW.

When we ask that you look over your day, how your actions affect others, check your attachments, expectations, it is Swadhyaya, self study.
To make an effort to correct behavior is good Karma. To discipline the mind, what is required is Tapa. When you observe yourself and look over the day, do not criticize yourself. Do not berate yourself. Simply look at it honestly. If you have erred, then best to act in a forgiving way with yourself. Learn from your mistakes. If it is through speech you have erred, practice Tapa. For example, “Think before you speak.” If it is thought, try to examine your thoughts. ONE CANNOT PROGRESS WITHOUT LOOKING WITHIN.
When a married couple does this practice of Swadhyaya each night, you can sometimes share your realization with the other person, if this helps. It may not be necessary, but at other times it may be helpful. This promotes honest communication between the partners. If children learn to practice Swadhyaya in this way, they will have their own check and balance system.
It is a time of change. It is a time when powerful forces intermingle. Everything is intensified now.



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On death and spiritual growth
Yes, yes. We notice with great interest the way human beings deal with death. There seems to be fear and trepidation, when it would appear to us that death is simply another phase in human life. That is to say, death is an extension of the human condition.
In some cultures even, the idea of death is treated as a passage into the spirit world or a shift of consciousness into a greater realm. It is not met with fear or anxiety, but rather with reverence and respect. In such cultures, the elderly are also revered more as the keepers of the wisdom, not a bother to society or a weight on the family.

When human beings reach the stage where death appears imminent, in such cultures which respect the process, elaborate preparations are often made to ensure the comfort and sanctity of this process called death. A gathering of those loved ones could be one way to bring the person into the next realm. In some cultures, the one who is passing from one world to the next goes into isolation or a deeper meditative state. In any case, they are not shut up in nursing homes or dependent upon drugs to keep them with the living. They are simply cared for and honoured.

Shaking off the ties that bind, or moving from one phase to the next without the traditional attitudes of one’s culture can be a challenge. If, in your culture, you have experienced angst and worry when faced with the prospect of death, it can be difficult to remove that set of mores and move forward with a positive and joyous attitude. However, it is not impossible.

When one embarks on a spiritual path to the Light, one begins to shed the shackles of old, useless attitudes that no longer serve the greater good or address the needs of the soul. On spiritual path, one learns that the soul requires freedom and clarity in order to discern that which is for his/her greater good. A metamorphosis quite often occurs, as one shifts into one’s true or higher self.

Even over a period of years walking spiritual path, one observes the gradual shedding of one’s old coat and the growing of a pure, new coat of Light. One notices as well, periods of intense spiritual growth, when it appears that one is losing all that is recognizable, losing one’s comfort zone and embracing change almost daily! These periods are quite intense, but what follows always is joy of expanding one’s horizons. Be patient with yourselves, dear ones.

As well, you will observe that there appears to be a collective growth spurt occurring with many around the world simultaneously. This, of course, is true. One’s own spiritual development follows one’s own pace, timing. However, there is also that of the collective consciousness, and that follows a pattern set by one’s environment. ....


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