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Food is closely tied to our physical and mental well-being; therefore, it deserves more attention and study.
Most people eat 2 or 3 times a day. We tend to regulate the amount we eat, based on our level of satisfaction, programming, budged, awareness, etc..
Although, we've talked about gluttony and people who tend to overeat in the previous article (#64), there are others who do not eat enough. Roughly 15% of the world's population, more or less 1 billion people, face this situation. For now, let’s focus on those who can buy their food and do not have any eating disorder.
The flavor and the presentation of the food can vary according to cultures and traditions. So, people talk about Chinese, Mexican, Mediterranean, Indian, Latin American food, etc. But let's answer the following questions:
1) What kind of food do we eat?
Are we omnivores (eat everything), ovo-lacto vegetarians, lacto-vegetarians, vegetarians (macrobiotic, fruitarians, raw food eaters, etc.).?
2) How healthy is our food?
2a) Was this food treated with synthetic substances such as:

Swadhyaya  for a healthy change

pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, nematocides, synthetic fertilizers, hormones, etc..?
2b) Is our food GMO?
2c) Are we eating trans fats like margarine? These seem to increase the risk of coronary heart disease.
2d) Is our food organic (non-toxic)?
3) Are we eating compatible food combinations?
Example: fruit salads, where sweet fruits are not mixed with acidic fruits are OK. If they are mixed, there is no good digestion.
4) Are we eating more whole, integral products or refined products such as sugar and white flour? Are we consuming synthetic substances  such as flavors, colorants and preservatives?
5) Are we eating  products prepared with hygiene, not containing fungi, bacteria, parasites, etc. ?
6) Do we prefer foods which have an acid or alkaline effect on the blood pH?

Any comments, questions, suggestions and contributions to the Homa Newsletter are very welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan  terapiahoma@yahoo.com
and add your address to your email. Thanks!


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More about FOOD SWADHYAYA, cont.

The normal blood pH is between 7.35 and 7.45 (slightly alkaline). If the food tends to lower the pH, it is acid food, and if it rises the pH, it is alkaline. Most people are aware of the link between heartburn, diabetes, heart diseases, arthritis, etc.. and acidity. In addition, scientists have found that the acidic environment promotes the growth of harmful organisms (fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc.) and diseases such as cancer and other metabolic disorders.
Click here to see a table of foods and its effect on the blood pH.
Perhaps, it would be best to produce our own healthy food and try to maintain health by practicing preventive medicine, by simply avoiding eating and being exposed to what hurts us. However, in some cases this is not possible for multiple reasons.

In addition, there are other factors such as stress, coffee, alcohol, colas, pollution, etc., which acidify the internal environment. The acidic environment destroys our bodies slowly and painfully.
What can we do? You already know the answer.
Yes, yes, yes, practice Agnihotra and take the Agnihotra ash. This helps to balance the pH and neutralizes toxins in the internal and external environment. Remember also that Agnihotra can lessen the impact of radioactivity in our bodies.
Therefore, eat more wisely, do Agnihotra and consume the Agnihotra ash for better health.


Olga Bibiana Grajales Patiño
Armenia, Colombia, South America

"I work in the ‘Botica de la Abuela’ (Grandma's pharmacy). Homa Therapy has brought lots of peace and joy into my life, because when I came here I was suffering with allergies. Homa Therapy has helped me a lot. My tongue used to get swollen and I could not speak. Sometimes I would faint. I used to have one of these episodes per month, but during this whole year I have been okay."  I take the Agnihotra ash and participate in the Agnihotra fire whenever I have a chance. I also do Agnihotra to help my family, my son and my husband. They come sometimes to the Homas (fires) during the new and full moons. We also practice Tryambakam Homa, which is a fire that potentiates the effect of

Agnihotra. So at these meetings, we do Agnihotra, afterwards we dance in honor of mother earth and we finish by sharing a meal. I am also sharing Homa Therapy with my mother and my in-laws. I have my Agnihotra pyramid at home and I teach and do it with them, whenever I get a chance.



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Pilar Arroyave
Armenia, Colombia, South America

"I am 57 years old. I work as a volunteer in this suburb of Armenia, called Genesis. I give painting classes to the children. I started with Agnihotra just 8 days ago. I saw the Homa Therapy presentation of Prof. Abel at the school and loved it. I started taking the Agnihotra ash because I have a health problem. I suffer from a very rapid advancing poly-arthritis. Every joint in my body hurt awfully. I was taking very strong medicine, which is also given for epilepsy. I took that medicine with Agnihotra ash and the negative side effects of the medicine (dizziness, heaviness, drunkenness, etc.) disappeared completely and right away. As I kept taking the Agnihotra ash, the pains have diminished, but the best is that I feel very happy.
Since the doctor told me that my disease was accelerated and advanced, I also became very depressed. The truth is that I had asked the Lord to take me away, instead of living my life bedridden. I was very depressed but now I am active and very optimistic."


Andres Felipe Ortiz
Armenia, Colombia, South America

"I'm a chef. Two months ago, I started working at the "Botica de la Abuela'. I'm happy now, because my life was a little messy and that has changed. I went to extremes. When I arrived here, I met the Homa fires and my life has made a complete turnaround. I've improved a lot, because Homa Therapy has dispelled my pains, anxieties and conflicts. I suffered so much from anxiety and depression that I had to take antidepressants. The problem with these antidepressants is that you can become addicted to them. Without them I could not work. Now, I do not need any pills.

Andres in the courtyard of the 'Botica de la Abuela,' where everything is organic. He cultivates varieties of basil, rosemary, arugula, etc.

I also suffered 7 years from chronic gastritis and since I'm doing Agnihotra and taking the ash produced in this healing fire, I do not experience more heart burn. Sometimes the pains of the gastritis were so bad, that they brought me on my knees. When I started taking the Agnihotra ash and participating in the Agnihotra fire and the Tryambakam Homa, the anxiety vanished. Here, in this environment in the 'Botica de la Abuela', where we practice Homa Therapy regularly, everything is harmony and peace.
Also, since I and my kitchen team started doing Agnihotra in the kitchen, the sales have increased by 60%. Now, I don't stop working and do not want to leave this place."



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Report form the Homa farm in Heiligenberg, Germany:

"We can look back on 22 years of experience on the Homa Farm Heiligenberg. In an area of 20 hectares, 8 ha are used for agriculture, which are managed with great success. The results are convincing:

- The Homa grown vegetables taste far better than conventional organic vegetables
- They have much more resistance to pests and drought (spectacular observations regarding the potato bug, powdery mildew, lack of water, low maintenance, tree diseases).
- The Homa vegetables are exceptionally big considering the altitude of our location ( about 730 m above sea level) and the short growing season (from early May, sometimes in mid-April until late October). The climate is rather harsh and not quite optimal for large scale vegetable farming without using a poly tunnel or greenhouse.
- We have hardly any problem with plant diseases. If a problem emerges, due to wet and cold weather, we are able to hold it in its limits applying the Agnihotra ash water spray.
- Snails find their places among the lettuce heads, without eating the lettuce heads and the healthy leaves.
- A very striking observation was that the structure of the veggies in Homa farming obviously changes. The structure is more harmonic and pronounced. (see next Homa Newsletter for more information on this subject)
- Taste, size, color, scent, smell of the Homa vegetables and fruits are incomparable."

The photos from the Homa farm Heiligenberg show the little girl, named Silvia with one variety of curly kale and show the exceptional size of  carrots grown with Homa. They are also incomparable in taste and nutritional contents.



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Continuation of the report from the Homa farm Heiligenberg, Germany:

The cauliflower, lettuce, beets and varieties of cabbage (shown by Ms. Elke) shown in the photos, talk themselves about the vigor, beautiful colors and astonishing appearance achieved with the implementation of Homa farming Supertechnology.

(read more about this Homa farm  and its activities on pages 19 - 21)



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How Earth's 24-hour Day-Night Cycle is Synchronized at the Cellular Level

From: David A Gabel, ENN
Published September 6, 2011 09:53 AM

All organisms naturally have a circadian rhythm, but it can be adjusted, or entrained, by the environment. That is why we are originally jet-lagged when flying to another part of the world, but can eventually adjust to the local time. Our circadian rhythm tells us when we should sleep and when we should eat. It affects our core body temperature, brain wave activities, and other body functions. Even if locked in a windowless room for many days, our circadian

rhythm can still function for a time, although increasingly less accurate due to a lack of environmental cues.
How exactly the circadian process is performed by cells and populations of cells has remained a mystery. Biologists at UC San Diego created a model biological system using glowing fluorescent E. coli bacteria to see how the cells synchronize their internal clocks with the rotation of the Earth. 
For more info: http://www.enn.com/health/article/43207


Disease Maintenance and Management

Gwen Olsen,
15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry as representative
Author of "Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher"

see this video for more information:


Questions and Answers on Food Waste Minimization and Food Packaging Optimization

Brussels, 14 September 2011
Europe press

What is food waste?
Food waste concerns the loss of raw or cooked food materials before, during or after meal preparation in

the household as well as food discarded in the process of producing, manufacturing, distribution, retail and food service activities.
How big is the problem in the EU?
It is estimated that in the European Union every person wastes about 179 kilos of food a year. In total this is about 89 million tons per year. Agricultural food waste and fish discards are not included in these estimates. This means that the total annual food waste is even higher. Food waste is expected to rise to about 126 million tons (up by 40%) by 2020 without additional prevention policies or activities. For more information please see:



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Genesis, Armenia, Quindio
The time came to say goodbye to the many friends in the “Genesis” neighbor-hood. It has been wonderful

to share this divine gift of Agnihotra with so many people in need. We want to thank mother Nelly (in the photo above she is sharing Agnihotra ash), mother Dora (photo left she is sifting Agnihotra ash), Dr. Javier Aristizabal, his wife Lucena, Dr. Humberto Lema, his wife Isabel, Sandra, Beatriz, Juliana and their many helpers  for their support. They are firmly sticking to the daily practice of Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset. We also thank the choir "Angels of God” for their heavenly company during many Agnihotra sessions. Just recently they informed us that there are +/- 180 people participating in the healing Homa fires.



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The Homa Center Bogota
Ms. Maria Teresa and her team are prepared every Thursday for the Homa meeting. We had the honor to participate in 2 meetings before leaving Colombia. Also thanks to the unconditional help of Maria Teresa the Homa fires can spread easily in this beautiful country. (Photos left and below) 


Homa Center of Guayaquil
Sonia Hunter
, the director of the Homa Center, together with Mrs. Veronica and Mrs. Luzmila maintain the practice and teaching of Agnihotra from Monday through Friday. We also met with doctors Merino, father and son, Dr. Enrique Gagliardo and Dr. Ochoa to share their healing experiences.



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Homa Medical Center "The Good Shepherd", Guayaquil
Dr. Montufar, his nurses, Mrs. Gloria and Ms. Eliana, along with patients and friends prepared a wonderful ‘welcome back sunset Agnihotra encounter’. So, we feel at home wherever we are ...thank you!

We are happy to see a circle of children performing Agnihotra. Gabriela Montufar (1st right)8 years old, is a Homa veteran, like 12 years old, Fabela (center).
When children come with their parents for consultation, these children are eager to teach and show  how to do Agnihotra to the newcomers.



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    We  visited the Homa Medical  Center "The Good Shepherd" several times while we were in Guayaquil, and shared the wonderful experiences of our trip to India, Europe, USA and Colombia with videos.
       Wonderful healings occur every day in this Homa Center and everyone is happy and grateful to God and Dr. Montufar for the benefits received.
     The group of children, sharing and practicing Agnihotra shows us how deeply they can connect.                    What a great help for them to manage every days life easily!



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In the Homa Medical Center  "The Good Shepherd" one feels the love of a true family.         Eng. Olga, Dr. Montufars wife, participates  in the Homa fires as often as possible. She is like a mother to the patients. She embraces everyone with an open heart and shares her joy with them. (Photo left with her husband)
Also, whenever possible, previous patients, come at Agnihotra time and enjoy the company of the Homa family. Many lasting friendships are being created here in this atmosphere of support and service.



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Many Agnihotris gathered in the Homa Medical Center "The Good Shepherd" to practice a Rudra Yagnya (photos above) and this ended with the massive Agnihotra (photo below). We all felt uplifted in this atmosphere full of light, love and joy.
These are experiences of joy and bliss that no amount of money can buy.



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Aleta taught the preparation of Agnihotra ash ointment, which is prepared with washed ghee and is extremely powerful. This ointment is applied externally only, over the soft organs, joints, etc..


Returning to Piura, we visited the State Hospital Cayetano Heredia, where Mrs. Gaby is in charge of HT. Agnihotra is being shared here for about 10 years.
(Photo left)

We also shared Agnihotra in the Hospital Jorge Reategui, where Prof. Cesar is in charge of Homa Therapy. Homa Therapy is part of the Complementary Medicine and is offered free of charge to all the patients and the general public. (Photo above)



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With the help of Nutritionist Ana Maria Diaz and Dr. Luis Vega, director of Complementary Medicine in the Hospital Reategui, a massive Agnihotra Healing Event was organized.

The auditorium got filled with people looking for healing and help. Prof. Abel gave a audiovisual Homa presentations and several people (now they have become Agnihotris), shared their Homa healing story. (Photos this page)



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Mr. Franklin Nelson sent above photos of a Homa meeting in Baltimore, which is held every Friday. Also Homa organic vegetables are offered for sale.


Mrs. Ana Maria Cornejo and Mr. Claudio Musella write from La Plata, Argentina:
"It's a joy to know that, even living far apart, we are united in this beautiful Homa, which is so comforting. We have been practicing Homa Therapy over the past year in our home with anybody who wished to experience it. We have also gone to the home of friends, who asked us to come, and we have practiced it in retreats

with large groups of beautiful people. We enclose some photos of the group meetings. It is an honor for us to belong to this great Homa family! "



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Piedecuesta, Santander
Mrs. Alexandra Alzate sent these lovely photos, where she practices Agnihotra with her Yoga children (the kids from her neighborhood). This way body and mind are being trained and disciplined.

Tabio, Cundinamarca
Young Daniel Triana, together with his family
shares Agnihotra in his Yoga and Tai Chi classes,  in workshops about how to make sprouts, in Vegetarian Cooking classes and in Sacred Geometry lessons. They have many wonderful experiences with HT. 


Mr. Gonzalo Ademar writes from Lonya Grande, Amazon:
"I am delighted to greet you from the Peruvian Amazon and to let you know that my re-encounter with Agnihotra has been a true blessing. My health has been restored with the practice of Agnihotra." (photo above shows Mr. Gonzalo sharing Agnihotra with his family)



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Reiner Sczypior wrote from Austria: "Ms. Silvia and Mr. Andreas organized a talk in the city Allerheilingen, Steiermark, on the subject: 'Healing the Earth through Agnihotra'. We all felt very connected in our hearts and very grateful." (above photo was taken just before evening Agnihotra)


Mrs. Polly Perez writes:

"Over here, all is well thanks to the beautiful and reliable spirits of our ancestors.
I was being psychically attacked by someone.
I had suspended the practice of Agnihotra, since I, frankly talking, did not take the time to do it. But one day, that was July 19, I decided to resume the practice of the Homa fires.
It was incredible, the mental and emotional relief we felt at once, my daughters, my sons in law, I and even my pets (beautiful dogs). Now I will no more stop doing the fires. I am sending you a photo of a Homa fire.
 (photo left)

The father of one of my sons in law was seriously ill and we practiced Homa Therapy for his health. The next day he got out of intensive care and is stable.
I'm feeling very peaceful and happy to do something for myself and others around me. Thank you for your support. Peace. I love my life."



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Ms. Rosa Grades wrote from Nazca, Peru:

"I've been going with Mrs. Maria Luisa to the CAM (Centro del Adulto Mayor = Center for Elders) of Nazca. Here, the Homa fires are beautiful and huge. I am sending you some pictures (above and left) of two meetings, where we did Agnihotra with the elders. We've been at other times but I have no photos.

   We also attended an invitation of Mr. Enzo and his wife Lucia to do Agnihotra at the Hotel Cantayo. We were there with Maria Luisa, Ginette and the elders from the CAM, who are very lovely people." (photo left)



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Summer Festival on the Homa farm Heiligenberg

"On 23rd of July 2011, a summer festival was held at the Homa Farm Heiligenberg (southern Germany), which was well received.
This Homa farm was founded in 1988 and is run by over 60 honorary members.  Beside morning and evening Agnihotra, other disciplines are practiced regularly as recommended by Shree Vasant 

(5 clock mantra, Vyahrutis at 10,12,15,18, and 21 and Tryambakam Homa is maintained at least 4 hours daily). In addition, on many occasions the Tryambakam Homa is practiced for 24 hours or more. In an area of 20 hectares, 8 ha are used for agriculture, which are managed with great success applying Homa Therapy. (Please also see pages 3 and 4 for more information on Homa farming in Heiligenberg)
Every 3-4 weeks free information sessions are offered.
Approx. 70 visitors came from near and far for the summer meeting and at various points of the farm different activities were offered. These were:

• Field inspection led by knowledgeable guides in order to learn about the Homa vegetables
(above photo)

•  Workshop for drying cow dung

Tips and demonstrations for the proper preparation of ghee used in the Homa fires



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Summer Festival on the Homafarm Heiligenberg, cont.

• Transfer of info about how to dry cow dung

•  Explanation of the special Homa treatment our 22 bee colonies receive

• Tips and demonstrations og the proper preparation of Ghee used for the Homa healing fires

• Learning and chanting of Homa Mantras

• A children's program, handcrafting an Agnihotra pyramid and an Agnihotra badge

At this summer festival the physical wellbeing was also taken care of. In the improvised big barn a large selection of cakes and vegetarian delights were offered.



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Summer Festival on the Homafarm Heiligenberg, cont.

Our little farm shop was equipped with informative books, good music and Agnihotra materials.

We presented with great joy  the recently published book "Agnihotra" by Horst and Birgitt Heigl.

At our large market stand, visitors could admire and purchase a wide variety of our fresh and magnificent Homa vegetables.

The whole day was marked by lots of joy. The highlight and completion was the massive evening Agnihotra. We had approx. 40 Agnihotra fires on the lawn and the wonderful atmosphere of the day increased again noticeably.
Sending all love from Germany."
                                                                                                      Homa Farm Heiligenberg


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Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany

Did you fall? Did you hit yourself on an edge? Do you practice sports?
Bruises can cause great pain and therefore we would like them to heal quickly and with as little pain as possible.

Fortunately, the ash from the Agnihotra fire can assist  very well. For bruises, quickly put Agnihotra ash powder in cold water (for example, approx. 1 tablespoon of Agnihotra ash powder in 2 liters of cold

water, but you can vary the quantity), soak a compresses, a cloth or similar and place that cold compress on the injured area. Renew every 15 minutes with fresh cold Agnihotra ash-water. The water should be as cold as possible. Later, you can renew the compress every hour.

Internally you can support the healing by drinking arnica, yarrow and shepherd's purse tea, adding a pinch of Agnihotra ash powder to each cup. These or similar healing herbs can also be taken as homeopathic globules. Always make sure that you take them with Agnihotra ash powder, which greatly enhances the healing power, as the experience of many people shows.

If you suffer from a bruise, or if one always hits or falls on the same knee, or always the same elbow hurts, then it may be also interesting to think about what my body would like to tell me? Of course there are always reasons why something hurts when one has fallen, but there are very interesting reports, relating specific areas of the body with topics of specific resonance. Various specialists have also written books about which areas of the body are in resonance with what topics (e.g. Louise L. Hay "Heal your body" (Sana a tu cuerpo); Detlefsen "Illness as a way" (La enfermedad como camino), etc.

The hour before sunrise is a particularly quiet and intuitive time. Maybe it is worth trying?

 One can also just pause for a moment and consider   our critical areas. In what areas I'm not entirely happy at this time? What is overwhelming me?

 I can look at the different areas of my life - like a good friend - and listen inwardly, what thoughts arise as possible solutions. 
Every single human being is very valuable and therefore it is very important that every day is a happy day.

Do you want to devote some time to look closely to what really makes you happy? What makes you happy every day again?
I sincerely wish you a happy time!

For further information please visit the website: http://www.homatherapy.de



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          Cooked food as well as raw, in his case, he has to have both at this time. Later on, more and more raw food. He needs to reduce intake of any mood changing substances - caffeine, sugar etc. Greatly reduce sugars. No coffee at all. Then 1 or 2 cups of tea a day is ideal. Reduce amount of sugar in diet. System will become more balanced, less acidic. Otherwise these mood swings just rule you.
With all the energies of the world bombarding us all

the time, one need not add more stress to oneself, isn’t it? So try to be more careful of diet.

             You can use what people say about you as a mirror. If you find selfishness, there are specific steps to take to combat it. One is DAAN. Another is always think of others. Then these 5 A.M. Mantras are very helpful. Do them vigorously, not in a whisper. THEN IN YAJNYA GIVE HIM YOUR SELFISH THOUGHTS. Let them go into the fire.

             Take heart. Be strong. You can be strong. Much of your depression you bring on yourself. You let yourself fall back too easily. When you wake up do your work. Do not neglect your duties and more will come soon.

            Adhere to all disciplines and intensified SADHANA (spiritual practice) quickly can bring you into that state.
More intense meditations, songs and concentration on Mantra.

           See how this AGNIHOTRA fire is spreading all over with little planning or preparation. It is all Grace.

             No more sorrow
             No more suffering
             No more judgment



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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Divine protection
Yes, yes. PROTECTION is necessary when one is targeted by others, but that protection comes with the Master’s Hand. It is not elicited by the wearing of amulets or particular stones, though these may indeed assist the wearer. True Protection comes from the earning of Divine Grace. When one’s acts of love and kindness are seen by the Divine and one’s devotion is selfless, one’s heart pure, Grace of Almighty manifests at every turn in the road. Taking necessary precautions not to incur danger or put oneself into a vulnerable position or situation is one’s own responsibility.

If one has the opportunity to work through one’s strongest weaknesses in this life, one should always avail oneself to every possibility to do so. This opens the door to JOY.

On relationships
Yes, yes. The complex relationships which exist between people often hark from previous incarnations. Much of the difficulties which arise in relationships can be predestined, if you will. Of course, there is such a thing as personality differences. This goes without saying. However, particularly when there is an intense dislike or an intensified reaction to another being which seems to come up automatically, not necessarily dependent upon a given situation or interaction, it is often the case of past life conflicts yet unresolved.

Therefore, interestingly, it may behoove beings who have great difficulty getting along to actually try to work it out in this present incarnation, so as to break the ties that bind, at least in the karmic sense.

On Bipolar disorder
Yes, yes. Many have emotional problems, but are not necessarily bipolar. Bipolar disorder is a disease which can have genetic ramifications. But the beings who contract this disease often sign up for it willingly by giving into their fears and becoming overwhelmed by the dramas in their lives. Nothing is quite so accidental. A bid for the ultimate sympathy and attention is often at the heart of the bipolar sufferer. There seems to be a point over which many leap, which then requires medication or extreme behavioral therapies. Some vacillate on that line, toppling over into the depths and returning to the light. This is a common occurrence which is deemed an ‘episode.’

The mind is a resilient instrument which, if played properly and kept tuned, can override nearly all mental illness or emotional imbalance. Adding Agnihotra to the cure will accelerate the healing and recovery to a point unheard of in other therapies.


Thanks for sharing the "Good News" with this Homa Health Newsletter!

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