13th April 2008


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Some people are passing through a “personal crisis” and others find themselves in a “family crisis”. USA is passing through an “economic crisis” as well as many other nations. The Health System is in crisis in many places due to the high cost of medicines and treatments; also many medicines do no longer give the results they used to give. There is an “education crisis” in many countries. “Energy crisis” due to the high cost of fuel is also occurring.
These economic, health, environmental and social crisis' are happening simultaneously. “When it rains, it pours.”
As you can see, the word 'crisis' keeps coming up, but most people decide not to react and some feel that they cannot do anything about it. However, according to the UN, there is another crisis that is today affecting thirty seven (37) nations and is rising in other places as well. In fact, we are talking about the “Global Food Crisis” due to:
1) increase in cost of food
2) decrease in production per hectare in agriculture
3) decrease of natural resources such as water and fertile land
4) extreme climatic changes, etc.

This crisis in the agricultural sector is affecting everyone to some degree. The economically weakest will feel the sting earlier, but it will hurt everyone eventually. It is a matter of time. It is not going to happen in 50 years, or 10 years. It is within 2 to 3 years according to some experts. On April 16th 2008, there were already riots for food in Bangladesh, Egypt, Philippines and Haiti.

The Global Food Crisis is affecting everyone to some degree. The economically weakest feel the sting earlier, but eventually it will touch everyone.

When you or anyone in your family feels hunger or thirst, you cannot simply sit tight and wait until the government or someone else does something.
Some people never thought that we will buy bottled water. By the way, is anybody planning to sell oxygen bottles to the general public soon?
AIDS cases were isolated and far away, not so long ago. Now, AIDS is everywhere. Even if you live on an island, you still are affected by your surrounding. No part of the world is free of pollution. We are responsible for these negative changes, directly or indirectly by doing “X” or not doing “Y”.
“X” is anything against Nature. “Y” is anything pro Nature. With a little thinking, you can figure out “X” and with a little more thinking you will get “Y”.
According to the ancientmost source of knowledge, the Vedas, “Y” can be summarized in five points: AGNIHOTRA, DAAN, TAPA, KARMA and SWADHYAYA.
For more information about these, you can read: ‘Light towards Divine Path’ by Shree Vasant Paranjpe.
Now you might ask: “Is there anything I can do to soften this global food crisis?”

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Editor's Note continued:

And the answer is: “Yes, yes, yes.” Agnihotra fire helps to neutralize pollution, recover the nutrients and reset the energy cycle of the planet. The simple practice of Agnihotra is an empowerment process by which men can exercise the role of a caretaker of Mother Earth.
So, the massive practice of Agnihotra and Homa farming can help to alleviate the global food crisis.
So, if you are not doing Agnihotra, you can start today. If you are already doing Agnihotra, share it with everyone around you. It is a gift to humanity. In certain places in South America, Homa farming is spreading, because farmers and Engineers are reporting:
- increase in productivity
- improvement in quality
- cost reduction
- balance of ecosystems and natural control of plagues and diseases
- protection against extreme climatic changes
(You can learn more about Homa Farming Supertechnology by looking into www.homa1.com)

In several places in South America, Agnihotris gather to celebrate festivities such as:
Earth Day / Water Day / Mother’s Day / Farmer’s Day / Father’s Day / full moon / new moon, etc. This is a wonderful way to celebrate life and show gratitude. These large Homa gatherings inject strong life energies into the atmosphere and into all ecosystems. These massive healing fires have a strong positive effect on all the participants and some people report miraculous spontaneous healing.
Let’s keep sharing Agnihotra and Homa farming with all our brothers and sisters. And yes, we are one family, we are ONE.


Mr. Mastram Verma
Mrs. Roshani Verma
Village Takoli, Himachal Pradesh (H. P.), India

We have two children Suraj and Jyoti. Our daughter Jyoti suffered  for the last 5 months with a skin disease, having open wounds on her hands. The treatment with allopathic doctors did not give any results. After application of Agnihotra ash the wounds healed within 5 days.

Mrs. Kanta
Bhalyani , District- Kullu, H.P., India

I had pimples and black spots on my face for the last two and half years. After starting with Agnihotra I began applying Agnihotra Ash mixed with ghee and after five days the pimples vanished and only a few of the black spots remain which are also receding



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Homa Healing Stories

Vivek R. Joshi, Pune, Maharashtra, India

"We started practicing AGNIHOTRA in 1990 when we were staying at Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Last year I was transferred to Pune.
We have lots of experiences with the Homa fires. One thing is sure that AGNIHOTRA has changed our lives completely. The entire family is practicing Agnihotra and we strongly believe that there is so much GRACE of SHREEJI and nothing else.
Before starting AGNIHOTRA, my mother and I suffered severely from colds (specially in August / September). Moreover, mother was suffering from asthma and she got also easily upset. But as we started practicing AGNIHOTRA, gradually the anger was reduced 

Mr. Vivek Joshi

day by day and  within one year we could enjoy total freedom from it. Then, before starting AGNIHOTRA, we were idol worshipers. But within two to three years of practicing Agnihotra, we unanimously and spontaneously decided to stop that, because we all felt that it was of no use at all. I think, this decision was very remarkable and important. All our relatives and friends were stunned and deeply surprised.
My brother had a major accident in 1993, but survived surprisingly. In November of 2005 some of my family members and I were involved in a major accident. Despite this severe accident, we came out totally unharmed.
Other experiences are also there such as development of positive thinking, increase in the confidence level, increase of the impact of LOVE in our family, etc. etc.
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share these, for us wonderful experiences with you."


Ms. Anita
Village Takoli, H.P., India

She was suffering from herpes. With the daily application of Agnihotra Ash, her herpes was totally healed within a few days.

Mohan Lal
Village Shamshi, H. P., India

Due to his work, he has to be the whole in the sun. Because of this he had developed a general weakness and was suffering from frequent blackouts. When he attended Agnihotra and started to take the Agnihotra ash three times a day, he felt full of energy and much better, only within three days.



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Homa Farming - Update on Mango Production, variety KENT, in
"El CEREZO", Piura, Peru, South America

Eng. Carlos Augusto (Ex-director of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Dept. of Piura) writes:
"We just finished our Mango campaign 2007/2008, which has been spectacular. The production has been very good, the fruit is of excellent quality and of a good size. The farm is in extraordinary healthy condition."

Variety KENT

 Kilos/ 25 ha
"This year we had a production of 20,000 kilos per hectare on our farm, while the average production in the valley was 12,000 kilos."
2001/ 2002 50.000
2002/ 2003 120.000
2003/ 2004 200.000
2004/ 2005 250.000
2005/2006 400.000
2007/2008 500.000

"A photo says more than a 1000 words - this is how every row of mango trees flowered abundantly in June/July" =>

Daily Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset and 4 hours Tryambakam Homa are done on the farm; on full and new moon days, 24 hours Tryambakam Homa is practiced. These Homa fires create the basic Healing Cycle on a farm; they nurture, protect and harmonize the area of a Resonance Point and create the special Homa atmosphere which is conducive to growth. Agnihotra and Tryambakam ash are collected separately. Tryambakam ash is used as a fertilizer and can be applied in different ways, while Agnihotra ash is used in the preparation of Gloria Biosol, water solution, planting, seed treatment, etc. Agnihotra ash water solution:
Here Agnihotra Ash is put into water and after 3 days the solution is filtered and the trees are being sprayed. Besides bringing nutrients to the trees It is a simple, low cost and effective method of Pest- and Disease Management. Eng. Carlos Augusto does not get tired repeating, how healthy and 'clean' his farm is using Homa Farming Supertechnology.
(even dogs love Homa Mangoes)


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The story of the people of Harikishanpur, India

Harikishanpur is a village in the Bhatinda district of Punjab. This town is waiting for someone to purchase it. This village is for sale with its 1170 acres of land. A display board depicting ‘Village for sale’ can be read at the entrance of this village. In a country like India with roots in agriculture, this news should not only make one feel helpless but ashamed. How and what happened is described below.
The farmers in this village are no doubt hard working and desire to enjoy life based on their hard work. However, vagaries of nature have made them helpless. Nature is not the only enemy for them. They believed Agricultural experts who had advocated so many technologies to them. The productivity of their lands have been destroyed slowly but completely due to deficiency of different minerals and no proper irrigation facility. The indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and insecticides and pesticides have brought them to this state of affairs. Deep bore wells have not remained in this village a source of water. Even if you get water, there is no guarantee that the water from bore wells is suitable for irrigation. Due inability to repay the loan, many farmers have committed suicides. Young boys are wasting time at home due to unemployment. The villagers are passing through a bad patch and the village panchayat (counsil) has therefore, decided to sell this village.
It is ironical that in the past 5-6 years there was no marriage celebration in this village.

By Thomas D. Williams
t r u t h o u t | Report
March 2008

"The consequences of the fumigation are catastrophic. They do it (spraying from planes) in a hurry. They don't care that they also fumigate corn plantations, prairies, lakes, fish, animals," said a middle-aged, lightly bearded Colombian man wearing a blue baseball hat, designed with a green marijuana leaf. He spoke to an interviewer for the filmmaker of the 2001 documentary film, "Coco Mama - The War on Drugs," produced by Jan Thielen.
Monsanto Company, the US herbicide manufacturer, says it sells over $1 billion annually in tested, harmless and effective garden and farm weed killers. Monsanto officials say scientific tests show Roundup (glyphosate) is not a threat to humans, animals or the environment
Nevertheless, thousands of health complaints from herbicide (glyphosate) spray victims have streamed into a Washington, DC, US District Court, the Colombian government and now potentially the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands. Other scientific tests reveal Roundup to be cancer-causing. Still other studies show the herbicide to be toxic.
Not only does Monsanto make big profits on its herbicide, but it sells a genetically modified seed, called Roundup Ready, that is immune to its own Roundup herbicide. This means agribusinesses, farmers and gardeners can spray weeds surrounding such Monsanto seeded crops as soybeans, beets and wheat, as the cliché says, to 'your heart's content,' and the crops will grow on while the weeds die." But, questions surrounding the safety of such operations for humans, animals and crops have been repeatedly raised by environmentalists and food safety organizations. None of their concerns, however, have put much of a dent in Monsanto's annual billions of dollars in worldwide sales.



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Homa Therapy Teacher Bruce Johnson was invited to demonstrate the effects of Homa Therapy in Health and Agriculture and to teach Agnihotra to various groups of people. His assistants in translations were Mr. Sunjay Patil from Tapovan and Mr. Dilip Patil from Jalgaon.

Dharangaon, Dist: Jalgaon, Maharashtra
Mr. Pardesi from Narayangaon, Dist: Pune, Mr. P.L. Shimpi from Erandol, Dist: Jalgaon, Mr. S.R. Suryavanshi from Dharangaon and Mr. D.B. Patil from Parola. They all are practicing Agnihotra regularly now for last six months. Much interest was shown by the group of people who attended the talk, especially when we started telling about Agnihotra ash medicines and some of the documented experiences from various countries.

Mahila Mandal High School
Chopda, Dist: Jalgaon

Homa Presentation was arranged by Shri Dilip Patil, Telephone Engineer, Parola, and his brother, Sunil Patil, who is a teacher at the school. The principal, Shri S.D.Chaudhari welcomed Homa Therapy very warmly.
There was much interest among the students. Several teachers, including V.L.Shelar, C.B.Mali, A.R.Mahajan, C.P.Chaudhari, Dipak Shukla expressed interest and some have since visited Tapovan to receive more training in Agnihotra.

Balapur, District Dhulia, Maharashtra
Invitation for Homa Introduction was extended by Shri Vilas Patil and Shri Nana Chaudhary from Balapur, and Prof Sachin D. Patil from Jalgaon. Several people purchased pyramids to start practicing and experiencing Agnihotra first hand.

Jalgaon, Maharashtra
Invitation by Shri Dinkar S. Patil and his son Prof Sachin D. Patil. They are practicing Agnihotra for the last several years. Talk was arranged at the Malati Devi Temple.
There was much interest and several people have started Agnihotra after the program.



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Following some of the Homa teachings and demonstrations being done in the Northern part of India by Homa Teachers Reiner and Manuela Szcypior. This couple has 30 years of Homa experience and has taught Agnihotra in many different parts of the world.

Thanedar, Himachal Pradesh (H.P.)
Homa presentation to a group of 100 people from the NGO Anhadsewa arranged by Ms. Jyotsna Kapur

Thanedar, H.P.
We shared evening Agnihotra with a group of Doctors from Apollo Hospital Indore, who spend their holidays in Himachal Pradesh.

Swarg Ashram, Rishikesh, Uttaranchal
We met the head H.H. Divyananda Saraswati Mata Santosh Bharti and introduced Agnihotra to her. (Manuela and Reiner in the front)

Yogi Chander Swami keeps silence since over 27 years. We introduced Agnihotra to him and to two of his main disciples, Swami Brahmananda and Ms. Salma Barzel

Swarg Ashram, Rishikesh
Homa Introduction to 30 international students of Swami Dharmananda.

Practice of evening Agnihotra in a group of people from 8 different countries, who had just purchased their own pyramids.



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Maria Cristina Krause from Posadas, Argentina, South America lets us know that they had a wonderful birthday party with several Agnihotra fires lit for Health, Prosperity, Peace and Love for ALL ...


Remember the story of Ms. Noma Casmos from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA? (Homa NL #13)
Here she sends us a photo of her,  enjoying a walk on a sunny day.
The wheelchair and the walker are a story of the past. She has recovered completely with Homa Therapy and she feels very happy, energetic and creative like never before. She sent us this moving poem:

Within the Dancer
The pull of body to Soul
Electrifies my Being.
One Divine spark
Ignites the lofty torch,
A flame to tender me
In the dance of love.

Intriguingly exotic . . . I move
Within the diaphanous folds
Of this burning . . .
Wearing the garment loosely,
A radiant expose'

Of the dance within the dancer.


Clare Batchelor from U.K. learnt Agnihotra at Tapovan, India. She packed a whole suitcase full with cow dung to ensure that she would be able to do Agnihotra on her return to Wales. Clare writes:
"I just thought I'd let you know what happened at a retreat I went to, when I got home. I thought I'd carry on with the fires as normal in that very posh and large country hotel. Everyone on the retreat heard that I was about to perform Agnihotra and came along to watch. It was nerve wracking, chanting the mantras in front of loads of strangers and wild weather conditions at the same time as being jet lagged. Still, everything went really well. The funny thing is, the retreat was based around Imbolc and the goddess Brigid. Her colour is white and her elements are fire and water and she is known to feed the fire. When the Agnihotra fire had extinguished everyone kept hugging and kissing me and said how wonderful it was. The organizers designated me as their

Goddess Brigid for the weekend which I thought was a real honour. Thanks again, Clare"                 Letter sent to Homa Teacher Bruce Johnson, Tapovan, India


Dr. James Peterson, Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

"Dear friends, thanks for the Homa Bulletins.
On my little farm I have a spring of fine water. The first thing I did was to put Agnihotra ash and a Yantram in it and I recited the Gayatri Mantra. When I returned, it seemed that more water was coming out of it. As the weeks went by on my occasional visits I would do Mantras and Tryambakam Homa only to find, when I returned that even more water was flowing out of it. This Saturday with the full moon I did two and half hours of Tryambakam Homa and could visibly see the flow increase right in front of my eyes!!!"

Photo: Dr. James loves to do huge Agnihotra fires



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              What is the goal of life? Material prosperity?
You have a beautiful healthy body and loving wife. You are surrounded by harmonious family relations. You have amassed enough material wealth. Society respects you for you ethical behaviour, for your generosity. In spite of such blessed circumstances if your mind has not surrendered at the Lotus Feet of a Sadguru, then what is the use of all these material blessings?
             You are well versed in scriptures of all religions, books of all saints. You are able to give wonderful discourses on God, soul, ethics but your mind has not surrendered at the Lotus Feet of Sadguru what is the use of all these blessings?
             You have become a true renunciant, unattached to material things, wealth, material prosperity, still your inner urge is not satisfied. If your mind has not surrendered at the Lotus Feet of a Sadguru, what is the use of this type of life?

                     You may say how do I find a Sadguru? Start daily practice of Agnihotra pyramid fire tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise / sunset. Be engrossed in the Fivefold Path of Vedas - Yajnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma, Swadhyaya. You will experience material prosperity and also inner contentment. Divine will arrange your meeting with a Sadguru in an unexpected way. Sadguru will find you. Try to make your mind full of Love and say how can I serve without expectation of name and fame. Surrender your mind at the Lotus Feet of a Sadguru and the Kingdom of Heaven opens its doors for you.

Click here to watch Shree with HIS message. 



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received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On environmental stress and the solution
... The efforts in the area of Homa Organic Farming are bearing fruit. That is to say, these methods of cleansing the atmosphere and creating a harmonious interchange between human beings and the land upon which they live are profound. The documented successes of Homa Organic Farming methods are outstanding. These ancient methods are now what is the balm to save distraught farmers from ruin. And simultaneously, both crops and the farmers who grow them are being cleansed and uplifted, thus resulting in a harmonious interchange between Earth and the human caretakers of the Earth.
Insofar as the global environment is in a state of ill repair and badly in need of an infusion of life-giving substances to save the soil, cleanse the air and water resources—the ancient science of Agnihotra, as given in the Vedas, provides the hope and the solution for a planet in peril.
We must act fast. On all continents, this fire should be ablaze. In many countries, poor farmers are suffering the loss of crop yield due to soil depletion due to chemicals foisted upon them by chemical conglomerates and the governments which have been bought by them.

Add to that, the deleterious effects of global warming, acid rain and monoculture farming of GM crops, also imposed upon the environment. The poor farmers cannot cope with the rising costs of maintaining their land and cannot face a future without their land. The unfortunate course of action often involves them committing suicide by the numbers, leaving helpless families distraught and disenfranchised. We must act now to educate farmers in every country of the negative effects of GM food production, the effects of global warming and chemical farming. Introduce HOMA ORGANIC FARMING as the solution for the future of this planet. Otherwise, there will be mass famines which reach tremendous proportions, affecting whole continents. To borrow from a quite well-used and effective saying, “IF YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.” 


Thanks for sharing the "Good News" with this Homa Newsletter!

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