13th of March 2008


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(Part II)

Let’s continue with our Self-study (Swadhyaya). Questions:
Could it be that:
• We already have what we need to be happy?
• We were born with it ?
• We do not realize this because we are deceived by appearances?
• Our senses and our mind are faulty (cloudy) and they need to be repaired (cleared)?
• Our mental program is a vicious loop that goes round and around until it cracks?
• We are like fish swimming in the ocean and looking for water?
•  We are being pulled in many directions by the senses, the ego, the subtle crocodiles, etc.?
• We are locked out in a world of illusion – running from a phantom like situation to another?
Can an alcoholic kill his desires by drinking more alcohol?
Who is really getting killed? Who has the desires?
Is an alcoholic happier, because he drinks more quantity or different alcoholic drinks?
Is he really happier? Have you seen anyone begging for his/ her drugs (desires)?
Do you know people, who have achieved fame, power (?), wealth, etc. and still are not happy? Are they worried of losing what they have? Is attachment a problem?

We are looking outside in the darkness for happiness, but it is within us. Happiness is the light in our heart.
Agnihotra points the way home.


Children have fewer desires and they tend to be happier. Adults have more desires, which bring more tension and worries. So they tend to be less happy.
Can we reduce our desires?
Can we achieve a ‘desireless’ state?
Can we kill our thirst with a beer, a soft drink or anything else beside water?
Can we stop our hunger by wearing luxurious clothes and precious stones?
There are certainly basic needs to be fulfilled in order to function in the material world. However, a great deal of these needs are artificially created by our vanity.
Perhaps, there are also spiritual needs which need to be fulfilled to experience lasting joy. Which could they be?
The sick body complains of physical pain, the sick mind complains of ………………?

Do we tend to blame people, objects, animals, weather, circumstances, etc. for our unhappiness?
Why do we get upset if someone insults us?
When you get upset, your physical, emotional, and mental state is disturbed. Anger, remorse, envy, selfishness, etc. are stabs to the emotional body as punctures with a knife are wounds to the physical body.

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Editor's Note - continuation

Why shall we inflict pain to our subtle bodies?
Maybe, we need to change our perspectives.

For many, life is like taking a “walk out in the darkness”. Others seem to be blind, led by other blind people. Whichever is the case, the more we walk in darkness, the more we run into objects or difficult situations.
Is there a Light that can show us the way?
Everyone needs help. The Fivefold Path is readily available to all.
Agnihotra helps to 'light' the intellect and change our focus.
Daan  cancels selfishness.
Tapa  sobers mind and body.
Karma implies positive actions.
Swadhaya is to know thyself.
Even if your eyes are open, sometimes you don’t know which way to go and you feel lost. But SATGURU (in physical form, HIS thought, etc.) appears, grabs you by the hand and carries you further.
All this disasters that are happening are bringing the world together.

We are forced to think and become more aware of the consequences before we act.

We have to change our attitude to stop spinning downwards.
Everyone is stressed out. But, let’s work on these challenges and use them as motivators for our transformation.

Agnihotra helps to remove the blinkers (blindfold). Satguru carries you by the hand until you reach Enlightenment.
Oh, yes, yes, yes, by regular practice of Agnihotra, we can initiate the change to transform the mind into the direction of Total Love.


Note: Practice Agnihotra and believe in your own experience. See how the masses are experiencing and sharing the Healing Fire - AGNIHOTRA in the
Homa Festival 2007 in Guayaquil, Ecuador


Betty Andrade
High School Principal
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

"I am Betty Andrade. My son was with psychologists and the best professionals in Guayaquil since he was a small child. Thank God, we could finance this, because this was very expensive, but we did not know any more what to do with him. Up to 3 times a week he had to go to the psychologist. We, my husband and I, in spite of being professionals in education, could not manage him. My husband was a university professor, but it was impossible for him to deal with our son.                                                             

The boy was very aggressive, many times he had "anger attacks" to the point that he threw chairs at us. In his studies, he was very careless. From the first to the fourth year of High School, our son failed in all subjects, except in “Recreation”.
When he was in his fourth High School year, I had the opportunity to learn and practice Homa Therapy. After two months of practicing Agnihotra continuously,  my son  passed all the exams without failing in a single subject and he entered the fifth year. This was a surprise for the whole school and for the professors. And in his sixth year, his grades were so good that he was among the top students who graduated.
Now, my son is studying very responsibly Systems Engineering in the University of Guayaquil.
Homa Therapy really has helped us. I regularly practice Agnihotra every day.
After practicing Agnihotra regularly for two months, my son said goodbye to the psychologists and never again had "anger attacks"
. Now, he is a very lovely young man with healthy attitude."



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Homa Healing Stories

Lima, Peru, South America

Celia Berniejo:

”We have a 9 and 1/2 year old daughter; she was hyperactive, restless and also very rebellious. My husband began to attend Homa Therapy. I was at work during that time. He brought the Agnihotra ash home and  sometimes he took our daughter with him to do Agnihotra. The point is, she was rejecting to be caressed and rejected any physical contact.  Immediately after taking Agnihotra ash, she began spontaneously to come closer to us, to hug us and to tell us that she loves us. She changed completely."
Marco Berniejo:
“There is still more. The changes in her grades at school were also radical. She came along with me after school to attend Agnihotra. She had to stay till five thirty in the afternoon for tutoring classes. Her grades went from 09, 10  to 14, 16, 18.

Celia and Marco Berniejo giving their testimony at the Homa Exposition in the "National Agrarian University La Molina" in Lima, Peru.

One more thing, my wife is a psychologist, and we tried many different things to help her. We were thinking of taking her to a psychiatrist, but just at that time, we were introduced to Homa Therapy and that has solved our problem."
Renzo Eduardo González Zapata
Piura, Peru, South America

"I had a tumor since childhood on my throat and as I was growing the tumor was growing, and it began to create some obstruction in the respiratory passages. The doctors were saying that the only option was surgery, but I applied the Agnihotra ash and participated in the Agnihotra fires and now the tumor is gone. The doctors are very surprised. 

I also used to have some fungi on my fingers, which would not go away with any medicine I received after visiting many doctors. But with only one application of Agnihotra ash and ghee there was a great relieve and short after that the fungi disappeared for good."
Carlos Chunga
Piura, Peru, South America

"My problem was not of a physical one. I had no motivation, no desire to work. But when I came to know Homa Therapy, my life changed a lot and I have now more strength to work. 
It was also wonderful to see how my mother got healed from her Asthma through Homa Therapy. 
Besides, everyone in the house used to get up with a bad mood and when my mother started with the AGNIHOTRA fire, everything improved."



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By Dr. Tung Ming Lai, Denver, Colorado USA

"I did some lab testing on Agnihotra Ash. The results are interesting. 0.10 g. of ash was shaken with 25 ml. of water for forty-eight hours and then the water soluble phosphate content was measured. The same amount of ash was shaken with two different soils (5.0) from Colorado (also 25 ml. of water) and Phosphate content was measured after forty-eight hours of being shaken. The results are as follows. (The values are the average values of duplicates)."

(All growing plants need phosphorus; however, regardless of how much phosphorus is added to the soil, only the water soluble portion can be utilized by the plant. – ED).


Quotes from SHREE about AGRICULTURE:

  • It has been found that when Agnihotra ash is added to normal soil it increases the water soluble phosphate content of the soil and the nutrients are absorbed readily by the root hair of the plant. Absorption of mega nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potash, because of small cells and active transport is helped by Homa atmosphere. We have to tell the people this is how Homa farming works.
    When you perform Agnihotra and YAJNYA or other HOMAS in a garden, an atmosphere is created that is conducive to growing and therefore attracts the nutrients, beneficial insects, microorganisms and animals that would be happy and thrive in that environment.

  • In a short time, the crops will not grow. Therefore a clear presentation of goals and methods to be used in this Homa Therapy farming method should be clearly shown in writing.


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HOMA THERAPY for the National Science Day

Sandipani Academy, Mandaleshwar, M.P., India
introduces Homa Therapy  to their students.

110 students between 9 and 11 years of age came with their science teachers, Mr. Sanjay Varma, Mrs. Neha Rawal and their principal, Mr. G. Prabhakar Rao, to Maheshwar Goshala to learn more about the Vedic Science of Homa Therapy. Abhay Paranjpe, the director of the FP (Fivefold Path) Mission, welcomed them.

The children were introduced playfully through a short movie to the "How's and Why's" of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy by Professors Dhananjay Jog and Abel Hernandez. The children learned more about Ecology,  Homa Farming and Health. They were impressed by the video about Pooja, a girl who suffered for 8 years of a so-called incurable skin disease. She was healed within one month due to the practice of Agnihotra fire and the application of home-made Agnihotra ash medicines.

The children learnt the Agnihotra Mantras in no time and also practiced the Tryambakam Homa, waiting eagerly for their turn. Then it was time for a break with a snack!
Afterwards, the children and teachers took a walk to visit the cows and see how well they are taken care of in a Homa atmosphere. They witnessed the preparation of Biosol (organic fertilizer). They saw the vegetable garden and different  medicinal and fruit trees. They recited a lovely poem for Narmada River.



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Toxic drink -
Pharmaceuticals found in drinking water affecting wild life and maybe humans.

By Jeff Donn, Martha Mendoza and Justin  Pritchard
Hindustan Times, March 12th, 2008

A vast array of pharmaceuticals – including antibiotics, anticonvulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones – have been found in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans, an Associated Press (AP) investigation shows. To be sure, the concentrations of these pharmaceuticals are tiny, measured in quantities of parts per billion or trillion, far below the levels of a medical dose. Also utilities insist that their water is safe. But the presence of so many prescription drugs – and over the counter medicines like acetaminophen and ibuprofen – in so much of the nation’s drinking water is heightening worries among scientists of long term consequences to human health. In the course of a 5month inquiry the Associated Press discovered that drugs have been detected in the drinking water supplies of 24 mayor metropolitan areas – from Southern California to Northern New Jersey, from Detroit to Louisville, Kentucky.
How do the drugs get into the water?
People take pills. Their bodies absorb some of the medication, but the rest of it passes through and is flushed down the toilet. The waste water is treated before it is discharged into reservoirs, rivers or lakes. Then some of the water is cleansed again at drinking water treatment plants and piped to consumers. But most treatments do not remove all drug residues.
The AP’s investigation also indicates that watersheds, the natural sources of most of the Nation’s water supply, also are contaminated.

  • Officials in Philadelphia discovered 56 pharmaceuticals or byproducts in treated drinking water, including medicines for pain, infections, high cholesterol, asthma, epilepsy, mental illness and heart problems. 63 pharmaceuticals or byproducts were found in the city’s watersheds.

  • Anti-epileptic and anti-anxiety medications were detected in a portion of the treated drinking water for 18.5 million people in Southern California.

  • Researchers at the US Geological survey analyzed a Passaic Valle Water Commission drinking water treatment plant, which serves 850.000 people in Northern New Jersey, and found a metabolized angina medicine and the mood-stabilizing carbamazepine in the drinking water.

  • A sex hormone was detected in San Francisco's drinking water.

  • The drinking water for Washington DC, and surrounding areas tested positive for six pharmaceutical drugs.



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Bandrabhan, Hoshangabad, M.P., India

The Narmada River with its 1,289 km (801 miles) length is considered one of the most sacred rivers of India. It rises in the Amarkantak Hills of Madhya Pradesh; flows from East to West and empties in the Arabian Sea in the Bhadoch district of Gujarat.

She gives life to all and everything along her banks. Millions of small farmers receive their livelihood through her. Big cities and industries are occupying her banks and pump out the precious water, but only return waste. The  Festival's purpose was to find a solution to the growing pollution of the Narmada River. Industrial waste, agrochemicals and city sewage are the main pollutants.
And the Good News is, that we can help to change this picture if we decide to open our eyes, change our attitudes and stick to SCIENCE.
Homa Therapy presented a viable solution with: "Total Cleansing of Narmada through Holistic  Homa Farming."

This picture, showing the Vyahruti Homa fire inaugurating the River Festival.
On the podium are Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh State, Mr. Shivaraj Sinh Chouhan, Mr. Amrit Lal Vegad (President of Narmada Samagra), Mr. Anil Madhav Dave (Organizer, Activist and Writer) and Mr. Sompalji among others.

Morning Agnihotra at the River Festival
joined by Mr. Anil Dave and Prof. Shailandra Sharma, who welcomed the Fire and the Homa Team to this International River Festival.
The Homa Team was headed by Mr. Abhay Paranjpe, director of Fivefold Path Mission. The Homa Volunteers came from various countries: Hrishikesh Paranjpe, Sumeda and Prof. Dhananjay Jog (India), Dr. Irma Garcia (Venezuela), Reiner and Manu Szcypior (Austria/Germany), Carola Zamudio (Peru), Dr. Devi Johnson (Chile), Prof. Abel Hernandez (USA) and Aleta Macan (Canada).



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Narmada River Goddess

Nowhere on this Planet is the breath of the Planet audible, except on one sacred site by River Narmada in Maheshwar. THERE, THE BREATH IS AUDIBLE.
This place is the HOMA THERAPY GOSHALA, situated halfway between Maheshwar and Mandaleshwar, about four kilometers from Maheshwar.
In ancient times, Maheshwar was known as Mahishmati. It was a city and stretched from present Maheshwar to Mandaleshwar. The place of GOSHALA was chosen by Gurudev Shree Vasant Paranjpe for His residence and for establishing a GOSHALA.
There is presence of one Rishi. This particular land was once the site of great TAPAS performed by the ones who moved from area to area chanting Sacred Mantras. So, these Mantras are inscribed in the soil, in the rocks, in the river bed. If one could silence his or her mind, one could surely hear the heartbeat of the Planet, the breath of life which is Narmada. The Holy Fire is not new here…

The breath, the life force of this Planet emanates from Narmada. The water carries the memories of sacred mantras, holy feet and a myriad of prayers chanted by her shores.
Purifying PRANA will be sent through Narmada River from Maheshwar. From this point begins rejuvenation of India and the world.
Mahishmati (Maheshwar), on the banks of River Narmada, is the land of victory of DHARMA. From here resuscitation of “Satya Sanantana Dharma”, given through the Vedas, takes place.
This is the land of Victory of Bhagawan Parashuram. This is the Capital of Rajarshi Sahasrarjuna. This place has total Blessings of Jagat Guru Bhagawan Dattatreya.
This is the capital of Devi Ahilya, who spread the message of Dharma to all corners of India.
In the last days LOVE WILL RISE AS A SOUND CURRENT to save the planet. This SOUND CURRENT will be sent from Maheshwar through Narmada River.



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Vadodara, Gujarat
Homa Therapy teacher Reiner Sczypior had the opportunity to teach and exhibit Agnihotra and Homa Therapy through the invitation of Dr. P.S. Nagar in the Department of Botany at the Maharaja Sayajirao University in  Vadodara (photos upper left and lower left), in the Gayatri Parivar (photo above) and at the Yogi Divine Society (left).

Raipur, Chhattisgarh
After an invitation of Mr. J.A.C.S. Rao, Director of the Horticulture Mission of Chhattisgarh State, a group of Homa Volunteers came to visit government nurseries and private farms close to   Raipur. They went to introduce   and  teach Homa farming as a part of an organic project.

Horticulture Nursery in Aheri Village (left) and Government Garden Pendri Rajnadgaon (right), where Homa Teachers Abhay Paranjpe, Dhananjay Jog and Abel Hernandez introduced Homa farming Supertechnology.

We carry portable Agnihotra  kits  whenever we travel. Agnihotra in the store (left), while the computer gets fixed or in front of a Mall (right)



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Click here to watch Shree with this message. 

              Everyone is troubled now. You talk to any person, anywhere – All are troubled. So we must not bow to our troubles. Let us just do this work. Those who have been blessed for this work have more responsibility and simultaneously an easy opportunity to undo the load of past Karma. Let us act unto that.
              You have to break attachments to the world. If you are attached to your friends, relations, possessions, then all these could control your reaction, could manipulate you. If you break the attachments they can pull the strings which are no longer attached to you. So this enables you to love them more freely. Do not allow yourself to be brought down by conduct of others, situations or thoughts. Always do the Mantra.
             There is so much suffering in the world. We have to rise above our own problems. No doubt, we all have these ups and downs but through TAPA combined with Agnihotra, our ups and downs become more an even keel.

Through disciplines and Mantra all the time, anything can be accomplished. Diet will improve; attitude will improve. You will make good use of time.
               We must carry the burdens of past incarnations with us. Unless this Karma is worked through in this life, we again have to repeat until we are clear of its influence. Now we are given an opportunity in this life to wipe out bonds of Karma. All people have their faults. Still remember you have been given a great opportunity to cleanse yourself of past Karma by participating in establishing Homa Farms, spreading Agnihotra.
               There are some special persons later on whose entire job will be YAJNYA (HOMA). They will perform HOMA all the time. This is the way we can offer our services in the grand Divine Plan to cleanse the planet from the effects of multilevels of pollution.
              Agnihotra should be performed by every member of the family. People should never miss Agnihotra. It provides power and nutrients to the DEVAS to carry on the work of keeping energy cycle of the planet in harmony.
              More Grace is coming now. It is time now. We have a mission to fulfill. All Light comes.
             The Kalki Avatar, the Son of Man uses our instruments to plant the seeds of knowledge among the peoples of the world and bring them Home.



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received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Youth
There is an intensifying of the fall of youth in today’s fast-paced society. Many young people, disillusioned by what appears to be a deadly if not simply empty future, have turned to drugs and alcohol infusions to deaden their heightened sensitivities and dull the ache for a greater meaning in life. Indeed, a strong effort on the part of Light Workers is needed. It is easy, once one passes through the turmoil of one’s youth, to discard it and focus on the present period of time which one finds oneself in. However, it is vital now to establish contact with young beings who otherwise have no bridge to return to spirit. When one has evolved beyond a certain point and overcome many of one’s shadows in life, it is important to remember there are many others who remain stuck in the mire of life’s traps. Yes, yes. Time to return to assist others to climb through the passageway to Light.

On Agnihotra
Yes, yes, yes. Let us begin to record data, which forms the basis of scientific analysis for presentation of Agnihotra as a scientific process of purification. Let us not limit it to purification of the atmosphere. It has a deeply purifying effect on all of Nature, on human beings’ bodies and minds. Further scientific studies could actually show the effects go beyond what man can see, go beyond what man considers to be his atmosphere. But those would be more sophisticated tests and likely would not be measured in quantitative terms.

On fear and faith
... Human beings tend to wait until a crisis comes before applying preventative measures. In the last moment, overcome with emotion or fear, they hastily turn to their spiritual practice for solace—and many times do receive relief. However, if they would strengthen their FAITH by daily, regular practice and by reading inspirational literature, chanting, singing, doing good karma, practicing mild Tapas, and by seeking for the inner Light through prayer and meditation—the mind would already be strong. When chaos or crises arise, the mind would immediately go into a state of calm, ready alert. In other words, the mind, body and soul would move directly into the stance of FAITH dispelling even the notion of fear.
Strengthen your practice. Intensify your SADHANA. SERVICE is your answer. HEALING is your way. OM.


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