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(Part II)
Let’s continue with our Self-discovery. Along these lines we will raise questions and introduce ideas  which are not necessarily the complete truth, but they will make us think; so we can get our own conclusions. We will use some comparisons or similarities for you to evaluate.      Why fixing the mind? First of all, we want to be happy and according to the conventional social programming, this can only happen if we work hard mainly for food, shelter, sex, money, regular knowledge, fame and power,  This is mainly an outer trip. However, after achieving all of these, we simply get short lasting temporary joys. Then, we realize that we really want continuous happiness and this is mainly a state of mind. This takes us into another direction. Then we devote our efforts and worships mainly for Lasting Bliss, Unconditional Love, Wisdom and Peace. This is mainly an inner trip. For this, we have to fix (adjust) and train our mind. Some ideas to ponder on are:
1) Our understanding (-> depends on) ->  our perceptions (perspectives)  -> actions -> behavior, personality, character -> our perceptions
2) If we can modify  our understanding, we can change our actions.
3) Our perception of truth is Enlightenment.
4) Why are we blind? Can we remove this blindness? Can someone else remove it or help us ?                         What is Satguru?
5) Why it is not good to lie, steal, envy, etc.? Why is it good to tell the truth, be honest, do good deeds, etc.?

Affirm the Holy
”As you think, so you become”
Men tend to get off the track of a harmonious life. However, history shows that the Divine sends messengers to show men the Path of Light towards HOME - OM.

6) More important than what goes  into the mouth, it is what goes into the body cells.
7) More important than what goes into the body, is what goes into the mind.
8) It is more important to travel with the mind than traveling with the body, since we really are where our mind is.
9) Maybe we can be in ONE PLACE physically, mentally, etc. when we reach a stage of stillness or quietness inside.
10) We can really ‘live’, when we  fuse ourselves with the whole (universe) by disconnecting from the body, ego, people and objects. Through an a conscious  death (Samadhi), LIFE can be reached. This is where we can feel ONENESS with the Whole through the water, air, fire, space, earth, etc.
11) For fixing the mind, it is important to affirm the Holy through: Y- D - T - K - S
a) Yagnya (Agnihotra)        b)Daana         
c) Tapa       d) Karma      e)  Swadhyaaya         
12) Guru is the one who dispels the darkness in our mind and  other subtle levels. He can show us how to see and hear the Divine Within and Without.

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Editor's Note - continuation

 13) We usually: Crawl -> walk -> run-> and fly                                                                                                                         But we can also : Still the body -> still the tongue -> still the mind->and Experience FREEDOM
14)  Y-D-T-K-S   (brings)-> Meditation  & Grace -> SAMADHI
Outer trip    -     Vehicle   / Speed               (physical movement)
                                                  Feet    /  +
                                           Bicycle   / ++
                                      Car/ ship  / +++
                                           Plane   / ++++                                                                                                                                                                           Rocket  /+++++
Inner trip                 -      Vehicle / Speed       (mental awareness)
                                                               drugs /  + or -
                                 music/dance/arts    / ++
                              mantra-meditation   / +++
                         mantra-meditation & visualization  and  other techniques   / ++++
                  Agnihotra / Satguru   / +++++
17) Let’s remember that through Agnihotra we can connect easily with
        a) our Satguru
        b) the True Self
        c) the Whole   (GOD)

                                                           OM TAT SAT

Healing Stories:  "Homa dispels violence"

Medical Doctor Luis Almeida Vera
Chief of the Dept of Intercultural Medicine of the Ministry of Health
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

"We did practice Agnihotra with parents and residents of Mapazingue for 3 months. The young people which were involved in gangs, "mysteriously" stopped those activities and returned to a regular way of life. The problem of the gangs and the misbehavior of the adolescents disappeared during this time."
 Click here to listen to Dr. Luis Almeida Vera (Spanish)

Prof. Egberto Oriel Pacheco
Villa Salvador, Lima, Peru

I like to tell you about my experiences with Homa Therapy where I live. Since the year 2005, it was common to see the gangs of adolescents having street fights. We could not stand it any longer. I started to practice Homa Therapy and the battles that happened in the corner, close to house little by little began to diminish till they disappeared. Now, there are none. I think that Homa Therapy helped to overcome this atmosphere of violence.

There was also a group of teenagers, called the "car markers", who were accustomed to ask for money. If they did not receive any money, they would insult and use a very rough language. This also has changed, their behavior and language has changed.
I do the Agnihotra fire every morning and also Tryambakam Homa just before I go to sleep. On the weekends, when I don't need to work, I do Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset. Therefore there is fire at my house every single day.
Click here to listen to Prof. Egberto's testimony (Spanish)



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5 Star Health Resort & Spa)  in NAZCA, PERU

Enzo and Lucia Destro, Hotel Spa Cantayo, Nazca, Peru

Lucia Destro:
"I live in a magic place, in Cantayo, Nazca, Peru. This is 150 km South of Lima. We have been practicing Homa Therapy with a lot of love for one year. Here in Cantayo, we enjoy a very beautiful energy. We use the Agnihotra ash mixed with water for the plants. Now, our Guanabana tree is very beautiful. Before Homa Therapy, this tree was dying; it was completely destroyed. Now it gives big fruits, twice the size of the regular ones. This also happened with the lemon trees and several other plants. We always give  Agnihotra ash water to the trees. Our lemons smell wonderful and have a great taste. When we serve lemonade, everybody is happy.
I also cure our animals that have wounds or fungi by applying Agnihotra ash mixed with ghee. We could heal several and they are very well.
We are very thankful to the Homa Therapy, since it gives life to the people here. For us it is not only a physical healing, it is also a spiritual and psychological healing, because the people live now in total harmony with us and with the whole environment. They are very helpful. We are very happy. We are growing with the Homa Therapy Homa and we feel very thankful to the people around us, and we also think that God is pleased with our work. We are truly grateful.
The Agnihotra fire gives me everything. We have received Light, Love and Harmony with these fires. I like to say that we work with approx. 40 people in Cantayo, all of them help with the practice of Homa Therapy. We have beautiful huts (Agnihotra and Tryambakam hut). We also do Tryambakam. We noticed that the people live in harmony with their family and with us. We treat each other very well. Everything improved after we started Agnihotra. Before the people were doubtful and they used to leave their work half way done. It looks like that the consciousness rises along with more harmony, people's hearts open and they are more loving and caring towards the animals, plants, the hotel kitchen and the guests which come from all over the world."

Click here to listen to Lucia Destro's testimony (Spanish)

Lucia and Enzo enjoying the moments of sharing a Homa fire within the busy daily schedule.

Guanabana tree, before dying recovered completely with Homa.

Homa lemonade is a special treat !!.

The practice of Homa Therapy has brought harmony to everyone in Cantayo. Here, a part of the crew in front of the Tryambakam hut.



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On October 10th, 2006 the Homa Resonance Point was established on the Hotel Farm. See the 3 little lemon trees in he background. On November 22nd, 2007 we visited the farm again and see the same lemon trees after 13 months of Homa fires having excellent fruits!

Enzo Destro points out some details about HOMA FARMING:

"We planted apple trees only five months ago. and we already harvested the fruits, because there were so

"This wheat is big, it has twice the size of the regular wheat. We call it "The Condor" in honor of Peru. We grows it in several hectares here. It only grows here, no where else in Peru. This Condor wheat has 18 % protein. The regular wheat has usually between 13 to 15%.      (Foto below:"Lotus flowers in Cantayo.)

many apples that the branches could break. This was the size of the apples  and the branches were full of them. Usually you harvest apples after one year or more. However, we harvested after four and a half to five months. We have been doing Agnihotra everyday for one year. We also have a Homa Resonance Point. This is very interesting what we are experiencing. It is not a theory anymore. It is something practical."


"We have planted Corn from the Sacred Valley in Cusco. The local farmers have tried to do this many times, but they did not succeed. There was only the plant, but no corn. Now, we got the corn. They are still not perfect, since we are not farmers; we are just learning. But the miracle is that we got corn and it is delicious. We noticed where they had more water, they are really enormous."
Click here to listen to Enzo Destro's testimony about corn. (Spanish)


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The population as guinea pig
Consequences of nuclear weapons

"Jedermensch" (Everybody)
Magazine for social re-arrangement, new life-forms and environmental questions
Summer 2005 - No. 635

The population as guinea pig
Consequences of nuclear armament

In the Kazakhstan desert south of the city Semipalatinsk, the Soviet Union built a nuclear test-site in the year 1949. Till the year 1998, 468 atom bombs exploded here. 124 of them above earth. Then in 1962, an atom-test-agreement banished those detonations so they went underneath the earth. The fallout gone into the surroundings exceeds by far the pernicious arrears of Hiroshima. Even if no people died directly, the long-term consequences are very bad. Approximately 70 000 people live in the surroundings of the test-site, and one million in the wider area. In nearby places, the child-mortality is ten times higher than the average in the Kazakhstan. The cancer rate is three times as high.
 An examination on the year 1997 shows that half of the children born in Semipalatinsk suffered from health problems. Many suffer from physical deformations.
During the nuclear tests, the residents were taken care of by the army. Even huts, damaged in nuclear detonations were reconstructed. However, normally nothing was said about the danger of radiation. As an antidote, one drank vodka after the explosions. People were made to believe that this would help. In 1989, massive protests terminated these nuclear tests. The Soviet-power left the area. Later, when some men  dug out the copper ignition-cables in order to sell them, they lost their lives. The cables were highly radioactive. In the villages prevail mainly illness and resignation. The suicide rate is 40 times higher than the average. In a village of 2000 people, 97 people hung themselves. Often suicide was preferred to the slow death, as one could observe with the neighbors.

468 atom bombs exploded in Semipalatinsk test site

Many children suffer from physical & genetic deformation,

skin diseases, cancer, etc.

Balapan lake shore is one of the most radiactive areas world wide

 A peculiarity of the area is still the Balapan-Lake. The 100 meters deep and 400 meters wide lake was built in 1965. With this giant construction, water was supposed to be diverted into the desert. Now, the shore belongs to the most radioactive areas in the world. 140 Millisievert were counted here. According to an international guideline precautions for the population must be taken with 10 Millisievert.

Note: Please read the following article on page 6 of Pharmacist Monika Koch, who visited recently the city Alma Ata, teaching Homa Therapy.



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Homa workshop in Alma Ata, Kazakhstan

30 leading people from all over Kazakhstan till Novosibirsk and up to the Chinese border about Agnihotra and Agnihotra-Ash Medicines. We could also make the necessary basic Homa materials available for them, so that these people now can pass on to everyone this type of self-help in their own surrounding.
Homa Therapy, until now, is the only known possibility to face the problems of radioactivity effectively and therefore so important for survival - specifically in such areas with dramatic problems, like here in Kazakhstan.
However, at the same time, there is also a big chance to make this knowledge of healing accessible to many, because here, in Alma Ata, many trade routes and communication lines for the entire Russian and Asian area meet. In old times, the silk-roads were also ways of exchange of knowledge -- so can this knowledge of healing and life flow again into big areas.

Pharmacist  Monika Koch,
Homa Therapy Teacher, Germany
Kazakhstan has big problems, especially because of the consequences of the high radioactive contamination (see ECO NEWS). Many people have Wounds, that don't heal, or gene-defects. Another quite big problem is that so many young people commit suicide out despair facing so much suffering.
In a two-day Homa seminar, we could educate


Homa Center, La Zenaida, Ecuador, South America
Every time it is a tremendous reward to be able to visit the Homa Center "La Zenaida", where so many people attend daily for sunrise and sunset fire. Many drive or walk for hours to be present for the Homa healing fires. Medical Technologist, Luis Carriel, his wife, Sarah and their children (photo left) welcome everyone on their farm from Monday through Monday. This family is a wonderful inspiration on how to serve and share selflessly. We do not need to be rich to share our hearts.

Hialeah, FL, USA
Homa presentation and Pyramid gathering for 2 consecutive days in the "Our Lady of Charity Private School" organized by Mechy and Polo.

Homa Center, Piura, Peru, South America
After having been away from Piura for over 8 months, it was time to share and celebrate with the "Homa Fire Family" in  many  meetings before leaving again. Full Moon and New Moon Meetings are held regularly  and "unite" the Homa family. Also the "Women's Healing Circle with the Homa Fires" are held regularly on a weekly basis.



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The HOMA FESTIVAL 2007 in Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America
on December 2nd has been an amazing Festival, full of Light and Joy. The auditorium of the "Polytecnico Universitario Salesiano" was filled with over 1,000 visitors and many, many children. The program included Homa video presentations on Health and Agriculture, doctors and  patients giving their testimonies about their healings  with Homa Therapy. Agricultural Engineer, Luis Tafur talked about his observations with Homa Farming on different crops in different climatic areas. He was the head of the Fruityculture Department of the Ministry of Agriculture in the northern part of Peru.
There were also many dances, songs and musical presentations, in between. A great surprise for the over 200 children present were the Christmas gifts each one received after Agnihotra. These toys and sweets were donated by patients who were healed through Homa Therapy and expressed their gratitude this way. There was also a raffle for over 50 Christmas baskets with essential foods. Doctor Montufar, his wife Olga, Sonia Hunter and many Homa friends helped to pack the gifts and organize this wonderful, impressive and heartwarming Homa festival. Here we could see once again GRACE working on all levels and in all details...

The afternoon was also filled with many dance presentations, songs, piano music, lots of laughter and  joy...
and continuous Tryambakam Homa.

You can join the massive healing at this Homa Festival! Click here.



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There was enough healing Agnihotra ash for the over 1000 participants because more than 70 healing Agnihotra fires were lit for sunset. Almost everyone wanted to carry some Agnihotra ash home for themselves and for their loved ones. Dr. James Peterson and others remarked: "This Homa Festival is a real Festival of LOVE and ONENESS, JOY and BLISS."
The best thing is, that this Festival can be repeated, everywhere, anytime with just a little effort, Grace does the rest. There is much need for it!
(If you have doubts, please see ECO - News and Michael Moore's video documentary "Sicko", about the Health Insurance companies in the USA doing anything possible to avoid paying their clients the health care they need.)

Eng. Luis Tafur, from Peru, has many years of experiences with Homa farming  in different crops like fruit trees,  potatoes, etc. A tree called "Sauco", growing in the Amazon, only recovered within the Homa area, anywhere else, it died. He also witnessed that the humidity in the soil, in dry areas, is better retained through Homa Farming. Mr. Edardio Piedrahita and Medical Tech., Luis Carriel brought a  bus full of people from Vinces which is 3 hours away. We heard many miraculous healing testimonies from them, like the one from an 90 year old man, who, after an accident could not move his arm any more.  He recovered complete mobility through Homa Therapy and he demonstrated it in a way that made everybody laugh. Dr. Montufar (with his wife Olga) called on many patients, who gave testimonies about their healings. Dr. Montufar has treated about 21.000 people in his "Homa Medical Center - The Good Shepard".
Before starting with Homa Therapy 6 years ago, he considered becoming a Taxi driver, because he felt that he could not truly help his patients. This has changed!
Dr. Abel Gilbert presented a patient who had suffered from Thyroid Cancer and she was sent home to die by the Cancer Hospital (SOLCA). She recovered completely with the practice of Agnihotra and the intake of Agnihotra ash. The big visible tumor on her neck disappeared completely. She is very grateful to her doctor. She recovered her life with Homa Therapy.

Last, but not least, we want to thank the Directors of this prestigious Educational Center and all the participants for joining, all the people involved in the organization and getting this event together, hanging up posters, distributing flyers, etc. all the small and big participating artists and their teachers, and all the Agnihotris for sharing Light through the Healing Homa Fires, specially to the Peruvian Agnihotris that traveled only for this.

Happy Christmas, Love and Warmth in your heart!



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               Extreme piety, reverence for Almighty- this is great quality to have. One naturally evolves into that through intense practice of Mantra. One begins to feel the movement of love in the body. One begins to think less on oneself and more on others. One's focus becomes less 'I' centered as one begins to see the wider perspective and embrace the world as one's family. It begins with the caring for others within one's immediate circle, family and friends. As one evolves in consciousness one begins to extend one's awareness of the world around him. Compassion stirs in the heart. If one continues from that point to rise higher, to evolve even beyond that – One begins to see all the peoples of the world, on every continent as a part of him. One is a part of the world beyond one's borders. Then a point is reached when one feels fully Love love which goes beyond

compassion. Ultimately one experiences this Blissful state "I and my Father are one".
This is a state which can not successfully be mimicked, which some high teachers try to do. A state of complete surrender to Almighty is one which shines through every thought, every word, every action. It is a state of being which few reach in their lifetimes. It comes through efforts and Grace.


Upcoming event:
 SOMAYAG - 23rd to 28th of December 2007 in Maheshwar, India
For more information or for donations please  contact: somayag@yahoo.com

www.terapiahoma.com - www.homa1.com - www.homatherapy.info



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received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

No instrument is perfect. Finding flaws in instruments used for improving the lot of humanity and the state of environment can only weaken the cause. This is the tact used by the opposing forces of darkness. Be aware of it. Deceit and defamation are their tools. They aim to weaken the stance of those who bravely move forward in the crusade of TRUTH. Their focus is on those who are undecided, ‘on the fence’ so-to-speak. Stick to the TRUTH. Do not aim to discredit the opposition so much as to speak the Truth loud and clear. They will discredit themselves. In bringing forth the TRUTH, the Light shines brighter and one can see the stains of injustice, the shadows of lies and deception, even greater. Focus on the Light. Support those pioneers who expose the myth and deliver the TRUTH to the masses.
Continue. Continue in your quest for DIVINE. It is in so doing, all of you uplift humanity, as you rise ever higher into the Light. OM.

On Healing the Environment and Unity
Yes, yes. Those Light Workers who are skirting the political realm in their work defining justice, particularly in regards to protection of environment—take heed. Political opponents will use whatever means they see as necessary to expose or defile the opposition. When moving against the corporations, one must not be alone. One must act en masse in a movement, not as a lone brigade.  Therefore, be a part of the greater whole of those environmental activists who have a wider range and greater support. Be a part of the international effort to expose the evils of the corrupt system, but by offering viable alternatives and promoting them without fear.

Bring spirit forth and become enlivened by it. Concentrate on the healing of the planet. Destruction is well underway. Acknowledge that destruction, but propose a new way. Focus on healing environment and not only exposing the work of the opponents of Nature. Expose what is false, but shine light on positive efforts and solutions to a planet gone mad. When you offer solutions, when the public realizes the problems facing the Earth, they will remember your presentation of Truth, your alternative to self-destruction, your vision of a planet in harmony and purity.

If your focus is always on exposure of negative influences on the environment without offering a Vision of a better world and steps to take to achieve it, the effect will be less. If you offer hope, humankind being resilient by nature, you bring forth the greater Vision. It is in manifesting that vision that your pioneering work will be fully realized. Above all, keep the Faith. OM.

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