13th Nov. 2007


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(Part I)
Let’s recall some previous conclusions from our Self-study:
1) The mind is creative
2) Thoughts / emotions => words => actions => objects => experiences => thoughts / emotions, etc.
This could be a virtuous or vicious cycle.
3) The mind can behave as a useful servant or terrible tyrant.
4) The world is in chaos because the mind is in chaos. The world is a reflection of our minds.
5) Mind is subtle matter that can be molded through subtle techniques.
6) What is usually impossible can be possible, if we apply some scientific principles and laws and  use the correct tool depending on the situation. Examples:
a) we can lift a heavy rock that blocks the road by leverage
b) we can cut some solids with a knife
c) you can take some liquid with a glass or a spoon
d) we can absorb or expel gases through tubes
But you cannot repair the electronic circuit of a computer with a hammer.
For this you need special instruments, tools and knowledge.

But the mind is even more subtle. How can you fix it easily?
The science of Ayurveda gives us the answer: AGNIHOTRA.

Pollution damages the mind, but everybody pollutes. Have you checked what you are pouring outside daily? We are hurting ourselves and mother nature unconsciously. If we are conscious, we reduce our pollution, we detoxify our body/mind, and we neutralize the toxicity produced by our dumping of garbage, waste, gases, negative thoughts, feelings, etc.
Agnihotra goes to the core (mind/heart) and helps us clean up our act. So let’s do Agnihotra for few minutes every day to reduce  the damage and get balanced. Agnihotra: 
1) Injects into the ecosystems the antidote to the poisoning pollution.     
2) Brings nutrients and subtle energies downwards to reciprocate the gifts (air, water, food, etc.) that we get daily from our Mother Earth.         
3) And yes, yes, yes, let this energy of Love move through us.

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Dr. Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan  terapiahoma@yahoo.com
Please add to your email the city, state and country you live in. This will help us to be more efficient. Thanks!


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Homa Healing Story

Luis Guillermo Alfredo Cardona Ordonez
Dolores Marisol Ordonez Cereno, Madre
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

" The language therapist of a hospital brought me to Dr. Montufar. I have come here for 7 months and I have seen a lot of changes. My son has “PCI” (Cerebral Infantile Paralysis). He is 9 years old. I have noticed many changes. He didn't babble, now he is trying to talk. He didn't move his arms, he didn't crawl, he didn't walk, he could not support his neck. He was underweight (12 to 15 pounds) for many years. Now, his weight is 35 pounds. I have seen all these changes within 6 months. He attempts to walk, gets on and off the bed; he could not do that. He takes off his shoes, tries to dress himself and grabs a pencil

 with easiness. He could not do that. He stays firmly in his seat. He is in a normal school. The teachers are very amazed, because he is the first one to finish the work. I was surprised when they called me after the first trimester. To be honest, I thought it was related to the tuition fee, because I had not paid. But I was very surprised, that the reason was to tell me that my son was among the top 3 students. I couldn't imagine that he was the first one, but he was. He received the “golden recognition”. When someone says "Om Shree", he brings his hands together. During these 6 months I have only spent 2 dollars for the treatment in this Homa clinic."
Interviewer asks the mother: "What would you  tell to a mother who has a child with similar problems?"
She answers: "Do not hesitate to come to Homa Therapy. This Homa Therapy has made miracles in my life. I thank God and that angel, who was the therapist who brought me here and Dr. Montufar who has given me a lot of strength to face the problem with my son. Before my son did not move, nor crawl. Now, he goes to the doctor’s office from the waiting room. Now he says “Mom, give me this.”
Dr. Montufar adds: "Right after the first Agnihotra the child spoke. He had not said anything for 9 (nine) years." After Agnihotra the mother and child went home and while she was serving the food, the boy said: "Mom, give me more."

Click here to listen to the testimony of Mrs. Dolores Marisol Ordoñez (Spanish)

Luis Guillermo next to his brother Braulio who was celebrating his 7th birthday. He wished to have an Agnihotra pyramid to help his brother. Now Braulio is another brave ‘Peace Warrior’ practicing Agnihotra. You can observe in this picture how Luis Guillermo sings with all his heart the Agnihotra Mantra and makes the movement of placing the rice into the fire.



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Healing with Homa Therapy

Gaia Sigel, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

“Be Aware, Agnihotra can change lives

Hello, my name is Gaia and I would like to share with you my story of how Agnihotra has opened my heart.
I was first introduced to the fire some seven years ago at a Rainbow gathering. At the time I thought it to be a bit strange as I stood back and watched the process.
Recently my partner and myself were about to separate.
We have two children and are expecting a third soon. We had been living apart for 10 months trying to sort out our lives. We had the opportunity to spend four days holiday together.. leaving our two children with their grand parents.
We came across an Agnihotra pamphlet introducing the healing Fire. We called Om Shree Dham in the Hunter Valley and spoke

to Lee and Frits Ringma and decided to spend our 4 days there to experience Agnihotra and to see what it was about.
I had big issues to deal with. I had a travesty of an upbringing and a distorted self-image. A childhood of sexual and physical abuse lead to teenage prostitution and drug addiction.
I had come so far and already been through 10 lifetimes of denial and suppression however I was willing to do anything to keep my family together. I knew it was time to walk through the door but was having trouble finding my legs. How was I going to resolve my anger from the past, and replace my drug addiction that had been my life long friend? Fulfilling me and protecting me like a security blanket, comforting me when I was lonely or afraid. I was destroying myself and all of those around me.
Well staying at Om Shree Dham changed that. While sitting in the soft atmosphere of the Homa environment, the healing fires did something to me. On the third morning I performed Agnihotra for the first time, and “oh what a shift”. I felt like I was full and overflowing with love, the dam had burst and life was flowing through me like I had never felt.
I had tried a lot of different ways to let go of the past with no avail. Agnihotra opened me up. Since that day I have performed daily Agnihotra, and daily Om Tryambakam. Within the first week I found it unbearable to smoke cigarettes, eat meat, drink beer or even drink coffee. Before I spent the four days at Om Shree Dham I was regularly using drugs. Now I have lost every need, want or desire with no withdrawals, fevers or mood swings. I feel lighter and more at ease and able to face daily challengers without drugs as my crutch.
Agnihotra has been the catalyst of my change and regular practice has accelerated my healing process. I am amazed at the difference I can see in myself. I am more patient with my children, and more loving and understanding towards my partner.
A short time ago I found it almost impossible to get out of bed, now I awake looking forward to everyday and what life has to offer me, even challenges. With Agnihotra I have been able to replace my negative thoughts, life patterns and addictions with this uplifting practice. Opening me up to the flow of love and light, filling my life and all those around me.”



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Abhay Mutalik Desai, Sutagatti, Dist: Belgaum, Karnatak, India
Nature is a silent performer and I was anxious to see her work. Since hundreds of farmers are closely observing our Homa Therapy work at Sutagatti, I was slightly under tension. Our faith and devotion has started working in this kind of agriculture after three months of regular Homa practice.
I am very happy to inform that the first vanilla produce for the year 1999-2000 was of excellent quality. The vanilla bean curing process (three months) was started along with Homa Therapy. The cured vanilla beans were tested at "Spice Board" testing laboratory in Cochin. The following are the results:



by weight


Ernanakulam (Kerala)



Myladumpara (Kerala)



Sutagatti (Belgaum)


(Using conventional agriculture Vanillin accounts for about 2% of the dry weight of cured vanilla beans.)

Healthy Homa Vanilla plant with highest vanillin content.

The above results have given immense joy to all of us, including our fellow organic farmers who had participated in our Homa Therapy.
Now a person with deep knowledge about farm seeds has approached us. He is ready to offer voluntary services in developing a seed bank, seed plots and demonstration plots for fellow farmers in our area.
In this month we had three heavy rains at Sutagatti. First occasion was when I was performing Om Tryambakam Homa. The other two rains came during evening Agnihotra. However, the first occasion was special. It rained only over Parashanatti and Sutagatti. This rain was very essential to us because the electricity transmission transformer was burnt and we had no power for fifteen days, that means no water for our plants. Our mud barrage built across the River Ghataprabha remains now full; otherwise, it dried up by middle of May. With Homa Therapy availability of abundant water for farming during summer has happened, after many, many years.

My workers, their children and neighbors are very much influenced by Homa Therapy. Two of my workers who were alcoholic have stopped drinking. One of them is doing regular Om Tryambakam Homa and Agnihotra during our absence. All these positive things are due to Homa.


   Abhay Mutalik Desai, Sutagatti, Dist:Belgaum, Karnataka, India

In June 2005, sugar cane was attacked by woolly aphid.

It was immediately controlled by two  spontaneous appearing natural predators called Micromus and Diapha.
(Attack resulted from the usage of impure ghee for Homas.)

Interestingly, the predators started from the area where the woolly aphid had first appeared.
Now we have a lush, green, healthy sugar cane in our 20 acres farm and also in the neighboring farms.



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German Forests Sicker than Ever

Each year before Christmas, Environment Minister Renate Künast reports on the state of German forests. This year, she's releasing her report a month early, with the bad news that the forests are worse off than ever.
Germany's trees are stressed out. According to the foresters who trek through the country's woodlands each summer noting signs of illness, the top stress factor is climate change.
Summers in Germany have been much hotter than normal over the past few years. The excessive heat has not only dried out the trees, it's also provided ideal conditions for

Dry trees caused by bark beetles.

Bark beetles eat their way deep inside the tree's trunk

tree-damaging pests, such as the bark beetle, to multiply faster. Bark beetles eat their way deep inside the tree's trunk, weakening it from the inside. If the coming spring is a mild one, then next summer could see a bark beetle epidemic -- a "ticking time-bomb," according to the Environment Ministry. Beech trees are the worst affected, with over 50 percent of trees bearing damaged tops. Oak trees are the second worst affected.
Source: http://www.dw-world.de


Nicholas Birch 9/17/07
A shepherd since childhood, 60-year-old Kamil Gurel reckoned he knew the terrain on the southern edge of Turkey's vast Konya Plain as well as anyone. Until one moonless night recently when, walking his flock back home, he fell about 40 meters down a hole that hadn't been there the week before.
Miraculously, Gurel survived with no more than a broken arm and four broken ribs. But it took rescue parties four days to find him and haul him out. "That wait was torture", Gurel says. "God save anybody from dying of starvation and thirst." After the hottest and driest summer in living memory, thirst is weighing heavily on the minds of a many of Turks these days.
When the water level in the reservoirs serving the capital Ankara dipped down to 3 percent of capacity recently, the capital's mayor, Melih Gokcek, called on

Drought in Turkey

city residents to "go on holiday." Parched city dwellers paraded in front of police water cannon with placards reading "turn it on, mate." Meanwhile, a poor harvest has caused food prices to climb.
"We used to pull water by hand out of wells five meter deep", says Tahsin Ata, a farmer
in the small village of Cirali, up the road from Gurel's sinkhole. "Now you have to go 80 meters down."
To read full article enter: http://www.eurasianet.org

Austria: Too many pesticides in fruits and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables in Austria are charged with potentially dangerous concentrations of pesticides.
Reacting on pressures of the European Union, limits of pesticides were raised manifold in the last years, according to the editors of the ORF-TV magazine "Konkret". In Austria alone this year at least five limits were changed. Examples: Tolylfulanid limit in 2002 was 0,02 mg / kg, today it is 15 mg / kg. The maximum value of Difenoconazole was established in 2006 at 0,02 mg/ kg for apples and pears, now the value has risen to 0,5 mg / kg. The highest allowed quantity of Thiacloprid in fresh herbs increased according to ORF magazine in the same time period from 0,05 to 3mg/kg.
Source: ORF Magazine

Vegetables with high levels of pesticide residues in Europe.



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Playa de Vinces, Ecuador, South America
This is a recently established Homa Center approx. 2 hours north of Guayaquil, where  approx. hundred people attend the sunset fire daily. The operation center is the Farm "La Zenaida", run by  Luis Carriel Mendoza, Medical Technologist.(2nd from left) and his family.

Many people come with different diseases and problems and all of them experience relief through the Homa fires. Here is where Mr. Adardio Piedrahita received healing for his 35 year long problem of lung emphysema and the skin cancer. People get healed of asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, depression, heart problems, etc. etc.

Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America
The Dept of Intercultural Medicine headed by Dr. Luis Almeida Vera of the Ministry of Health of the Province Guayas invited their  professionals (medical doctors and licensed health practitioners) to learn about Homa Therapy and it's amazing results in Human Health. Many questions had to be answered by Dr. Abel Hernandez, who presented Homa Therapy in a very scientific way.

For evening Agnihotra, everybody of the Ministry of Health was invited to experience the Agnihotra fire in the Metropolitan University. By that time, already several doctors had purchased their materials and practiced Agnihotra themselves.
What a wonderful blessing to have more medical doctors using this inexpensive and powerful tool  to help themselves and to help their patients.

Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America
Agnihotra in the classroom of students who are studying in the Metropolitan University for several years to receive a License in the Science of Natural Medicine.

Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America
In the Homa Center in Guayaquil people can follow up and deepen their knowledge and experience the Homa healing fires.



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Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America
"Prefectura de Guayas"

This is a governmental project for organic gardening  in the city of Guayaquil (photo above) under the direction of  Eng. Gilberto Navarro from Cuba. It is a pilot project to teach "square meter gardening"  to the leaders of the different (marginal) areas of Guayaquil . The idea is to have the city dwellers produce inexpensive, healthy and organic crop on a small scale  to reduce poverty and have people occupied. They are also teaching how to manufacture  products with added value like  pickles, marmalade, tomato paste, herbal dressings, etc. (photo right bottom). Homa Farming Super technology was introduced to these leaders (photo right top) who showed a lot of enthusiasm in putting it into practice (photo right middle). Each one of the leaders  works with hundreds of people They will be able to spread the good news quickly. A lot of "work" is waiting for the Homa volunteers.

Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America
The Homa Pyramid gatherings like this in  "El Salado Park", always leave a wonderful lasting impression of love, harmony, happiness and the feeling of "Oneness" in the hearts of all the participants. It is a great opportunity to share and reconnect to "the source" with the many healing fires.

Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America
Interviews are arranged on radios and TV to invite people for the massive healing Pyramid gatherings . The photos (left to right) shows Sonia Hunter, director of the Homa Center in Guayaquil talking about Homa Therapy in a radio station and Abel Hernandez and Aleta Macan being interviewed on TV for the program "Codes of the Universe" by Mr. Prabhu and Tania Tinoco (Ecuavisa International, Canal 22).


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National Festival of Agro-Biodiversity  of Ecological Product was held in Piura, Peru on 3rd and 4th of November. The National Festival became International when speakers and exhibitors also arrived  from Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, and Chile for this event. The stand for Homa Farming Super technology was very well visited. We share information related to agriculture, cattle raising, human health while Tryambakam Homa was performed . 

The TV (Channel 5) came to film and did help to spread the good news about H. T.
We could show exceptional Homa products like mangos, bananas and lemons from the Homa farms "El Cerezo" (Eng. Carlos Augusto) and "El Relevo SRL" (Eng. Godofredo Baca).

We also had a visit from the local police officers attracted by the Homa fires. They suffer under a lot of stress and the growing violence is a serious problem. They learned that the continuous practice of Agnihotra helps to reduce violence and relief the mind.

Peru is a unique country with  many  varieties of corn, beans, potatoes, medicinal plants, etc. These were brought from  different departments like Cusco, Puno, Ayacucho, Libertad, Amazon, etc. GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are a big thread to this biodiversity.

For sunset Agnihotra, many participants and guests were invited to experience this healing technique.  This was a wonderful opportunity for the Piuran Agnihotris to share their experiences and their joy, which they did with much love. The Homa family of Piura is always there to give a helping hand.


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On the 2nd day of the festival, people came much closer to the many Agnihotra fires and experienced it's effect of peace and tranquility. Headaches were gone and pains disappeared as we heard from the visitors.

The Agnihotra ash is always a gift to the participants at the end of any Homa event. Everybody wants it and loves it and more of this healing ash is required many times.

State Hospital "Cayetano Heredia", Piura, Peru
For 5 years, from Monday through Friday, the evening Agnihotra fire is done in this Regional State Hospital. The Homa volunteers are the Gonzales- Zapata family (Prof. Cesar, Prof. Katty, Mrs. Gaby) who report many, many healings through the Homa fires in this hospital. This is another family, who demonstrates their unconditional love with selfless service.

Jaen, Cajamarca, Peru
Introduction of Homa Therapy in the National University of Cajamarca, who's emblem also shows a fire.!! What a coincidence !!

Huito, Cajamarca, Peru
Presenting Homa Agriculture to farmers and installation of a Homa Resonance Point in the farm of Dr. Apolinar Tenorio Collantes.

Jaen, Cajamarca, Peru
Sunset Agnihotra  in the "Augusto Salazar Bondy" High School with the graduating class. Children truly are in need of this Homa healing tool everywhere in this world. Most of the students this age are very confused. Parents can wake up and help their kids with these Homa Fires!

Jaen, Cajamarca, Peru
Agnihotra gathering in Dr. A. T. Collantes home, where Mrs. Norma, suffering from Asthma, reported that the smoke from this fire felt refreshing and healing to her lungs. She usually gets  Asthma attacks with any kind of smoke. Also, Mr. Miguel gave a testimony, saying that he normally cannot sit longer than 20 to 30 minutes in a wooden chair without pain and there he was sitting over one and a half hours without any pain.



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This picture of Master Shree Vasant was taken in Bhrugu Aranya, Poland in front of a world map. The flames across the globe appeared after the developing of the photo.

One interesting thing is that there is more contact now between our planet and other galaxies. If you look into this subject, you will find an enormous store of information never before published or disclosed which governments of the world are privy to. There are plans to corrupt the atmosphere so that these planetary communications can be halted. Planetary communications which come without words but with great influx of energies all directed toward the healing of this planet.

The ones at the top have a vested interest in silencing those who know something. And there are many top scientists who are far more aware of this top secret information than would dare to admit. There are ones unafraid to speak out, but their knowledge is so unusual and so uncommon that the general public will not believe them. So, this knowledge remains with them, save for those who dare to publicize their findings and personal experience as well via the written word or via internet now.

Upcoming events:

1) Agnihotra gathering -      Sunday, November 18th - 5:30 pm
     Parque de la Exposicion, Lima, Peru
     For more information please call Prof. Egberto - Ph: 268 2466
2) Agnihotra gathering -      Saturday, November 24th - 5:30 pm
     Piura, Peru

     For more information please call: 30 7289
     Sunday, December 2nd - 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm
"Universidad Politecnica Salesiana Domingo Comin"
Ave Domingo Comin and Daule (front of the church "Maria Auxilidora")
     Guayaquil, Ecuador
     For more information please call the Homa Center - Ph: 238 4831
4) Agnihotra Gathering - Saturday, December 8th - 5:00 pm
     Miami, USA
     For more information please call Meche and Polo - Ph: 786 333 9186
- 23rd to 28th of December 2007 in Maheshwar, India
For more information or for donations please  contact: somayag@yahoo.com



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received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Elqui Valley,
Interplanetary Communications

Yes, yes. This ELQUI VALLEY is of vital significance in the energy TRIAD which connects the Three Points of Light. What is being connected already is in existence. The principal roles of the beings who live at each of these three sacred sites is to act as caretakers, if you will, to tend the fires which continually replenish and regenerate the already existing energies which were activated by the Master years ago.
Presence of Eternals is known not only to those of you who practice these fires, but by members of the scientific community as well. That there have been sightings and reports of interplanetary interaction is already documented, but not made free for public knowledge.
Interplanetary communications have been received by our vehicle in all three of these sites. However, interplanetary communication does not only come through words spoken. Communication as such, is on a higher level and can be witnessed by plants, can be held and transmitted through water, and through soil, stones, and crystals.
The EARTH is the record keeper and it is not only human life force which keeps the records. Records can be found in every thing that lives on the planet—locked into the soil, rocks and stones, carried via trees and all plant life. Water is the great transmitter.
We can speak volumes via our vehicle and yet, great volumes—a vast wealth of knowledge—is spread through the wind from one tree to the next. So wondrous is your planet. Yet, many of you have no idea of its majesty. Magnificent. May your eyes open to the splendour and Grace which lie before you.

On Light and Transformation
Light is that which is pure, which is whole. Light is that which is sure and true, that which resonates with the soul of man and does not seek to destroy, but to rebuild and support. That which is of the Light has these characteristics. That which is of the darkness creates fear, doubt, mistrust, condemnation, blame, accusation and disharmony. If, as you examine your life, you find any elements which are disharmonious, know that they can be changed and brought more into Light. By affirming that which is life-giving and adhering to principles of ‘light living’, you can manifest joy in all you do. One has the choice always in hand—to live life in joy or sorrow, to create beauty and manifest positive outcome, or to live in fear and create misery and unhappiness. If, in your lives, you

find unhappiness predominant, turn it around by creating thoughts which nurture the positive and manifest joy. Refuse to succumb to outside influences which are not of the Light...
Agnihotra cleanses the being from inside out. It is like nutrition for the soul.
Then, one’s diet should be gradually more and more pure. Eat only organic, as far as possible.
Upon soulful examination of oneself, one may find parts of one’s character amiss. How to work on one’s character to improve one’s temperament and well-being? No amount of therapy can do what one must finally do oneself. First, be willing to be honest. Be willing to look at your thoughts, words and actions. Ideally, they should all be reflections of the Light within. If upon self-evaluation, one finds that there is a flaw or weakness in one’s thoughts, words or actions, one should set out to correct what is out of sync. This is a kind of spiritual tune-up! Be sure not to blame yourself or anyone else. Be sure not to be too self-critical. In fact, best to laugh at it and with that lightness of being, go about changing what needs to be changed.
Do the opposite. If you are critical, seek to praise and support others in their lives. If you find your thoughts negative, at each turn replace them with positive ones. If the words you speak are not clear and cause misunderstanding, make every effort to speak with clarity and speak the truth. If you find you have jealousy within you, strengthen your trust. Release the hold of jealous thoughts. If you have envy, learn to become grateful for what you have. List all that you are grateful for. If you need to, write this gratitude list every day.
For every weakness, there is strength. The mind can be trained, but the heart must be open. May your hearts open to the Light and bring it forth into the world as a ray of hope. Strengthen yourselves and strengthen each other. Do not allow differences to keep you separate. Allow for the differences, as many shades of color form the rainbow. Strive for UNITY and respect for all life.

To read further Orion Transmission please see:

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