13th Sept. 2007


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Today everyone knows the relation: if A=B and B=C then A=C.
If “we are what we eat” and “as you think so you become” then “you are what you think”.
So, what thoughts do you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Well, some people are eating all the time. And yes, we are thinking all the time, aren’t we? Fast gives a break to the physical body. Silencing the thinking can give a break to the mind. We know what we eat from our plates, don’t we? But, what do you eat from the mental environment? Thoughts are vibrations and vibrations can be received and sent. People know that most foods contain toxins, because they were produced with herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and adulterated with artificial colorings, flavors, preservatives, etc. So, how healthy or toxic are most of the thoughts around us? We easily figure this out by looking and hearing attentively at our surrounding.
Let’s remember that thoughts are creative and by the law of attraction, (affinity or similarity), we bring into our lives what we think most of the time. Agnihotra helps to:
a) purify everything and
b) see beyond our mind.
Agnihotra can help us to quiet the mind, quiet the thoughts and witness what is inside the inner chambers of our heart and mind. The recently released movie, called “The Secret”, gives some insight about the workings of the mind and its ability to create our daily experiences and get our ordinary material desires fulfilled. But, we can go beyond those.

Let’s remember that thoughts are creative and by the law of attraction, we bring into our lives what we think most of the time.

What we really want is “Permanent Bliss”.
Let’s be happy.
Let’s discover or shall we say, uncover our true nature.
Let’s affirm the Holy NAME.
Sometimes life seems to give us similar situations continuously. Some are pleasant and some are not. By watching our thoughts, we can select the positive ones to focus on and delete the negative ones, so we reduce the unpleasant situations and increase that joyful ones that can come afterwards. And yes, yes, yes the Fivefold Path (Yagnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma, Swadhaya) is the highway to “the Kingdom of Heaven”. That is “Permanent Bliss here and now”.
So, let’s chew on prosperous loving thoughts for breakfast, lunch and dinner and let’s do Agnihotra to detoxify these vibrations. Let’s share the Light that is within and without! Let’s share the joy! Let’s share Agnihotra with all!


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Donna Scott with husband Michael and daughter Karlie. They are teaching Agnihotra in California and other parts of the USA.

Donna Scott
Santa Clarita, California, USA

My name is Donna Scott. I used to live in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. I was very sick. I went to the top pulmonary specialists at the University of Virginia. They showed me an X-ray of my lungs. My lungs were completely black except for a little spot in the size of a dime that was clear. After that I started doing Agnihotra. Within the first week I stopped taking all my medications for my asthma, my inhalators, my steroids. Then 3 months later, I went back to the doctor and he took an X-ray of my lungs and he said: "I don't know what you did, but your lungs are completely clear and you don't need any of the medications any more." I told him about Agnihotra and he said: "I don't understand it, but it worked."
Click here to see Donna Scott telling her testimony

Mr. Raj Kumar Awasthi
Chakkushahri - Hasanganj
Unnao, U.P. India

We have been doing Homa Therapy for the last 2 years and since then we do not need any more allopathic medicines. My health is now very good and nobody can see that I am already 50 years old. My mother is also very healthy, in spite of her old age. My uncle was suffering from severe skin disease (eczema) for several years and all the different kinds of treatments he used, could not solve his problem. Only when he started using the Agnihotra ash, his problem disappeared.

Photo left: The uncle of Mr. Raj Kumar Awasthi is happy to have been cured from his skin problem thanks to H.T. and Agnihotra ash.

Renzo improved with his allergy problem immediately when his parents started  the practice of Agnihotra healing fire.

Silvana Gambirazio
Palm Beach, Florida, USA

"I want to let you know that since I started doing the fires in my house, my son Renzo improved immediately. I don't know if you remember, but he suffered of multiple allergies and he could not eat anything. Now, he almost eats everything and he has no more eczema. If he gets a little red spot I put Agnihotra ash on the skin and he wakes up healed. I also feed him the ash and luckily he takes it without any problem.
I am very satisfied with the results of Homa Therapy not only in my son, but in all of the family. There is something like a positive vibration and of course I and my husband are overjoyed to see this improvement in our little sweetheart. Homa Therapy is something that we will practice from now on as long as God allows it.
Again, we appreciate very much the help we received in making us part of the HOMA Therapy."


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Om Shree Dham orchard during the heavy floods. Our front paddock had joined the river that was once a tiny creek. Our neighbors from across the road being rescued by a helicopter.

Homa Farm Om Shree Dham, Hunter Valley, Australia
Some miracles of protection during the flash flood that dramatically deluged the area.

Massive flash floods hit NSW on Sat 10th of June especially all along the East coast north and south of Sydney including the large city of Newcastle during the early hours while most people were sound asleep. The winds were so furious that they blew a 240 meter cargo ship into the shore where it lodged on a sand back threatening to break up and spill amounts of oil into the sea. Businesses and homes were flooded, cars floated away and where we are situated in the country side, whole valleys filled up with water over night. Many farm animals drowned and many people had to be rescued off their roofs including our neighbors across the road who are situated closer to the creek that became a raging river.
When we awoke Saturday morning, I saw our front paddock had joined the river that was once a tiny creek. It had risen at least 3 stories high over night and extended from our front paddock across the road to the other side of the valley. Everyone was in shock.
Our front gate and fence line at the road were under water. All our buildings kept dry, the cows had access to higher ground and feed and they were safe. A couple of seeming miracles took place with our usually dry creek breaking through its banks and flooding the fields where grain had just been planted. We only lost about an1/8 of the crop instead of most of it, as the water was somehow diverted and also right where the hay for the cows was stored the water course flowed around that leaving it intact against all odds. Then a pile of heavy timber planks for a future cow shed stored in the front paddock, which was right in the middle of the flood waters, also against all odds floated like a complete unit (despite it being a stack of loose planks) lodged against a tree where it stayed until the flood waters receded.
The only thing we lost was the rubbish bin which we've found later lodged in a tree down the road.
While others were in total power blackouts, we had solar electricity and we could keep refrigeration going and watch the news on the TV and email until the phone disconnected as well. (Now we are connected to independent satellite broadband to connect to the Internet). Our wood stove kept us warm and heated up water for hot showers. When needed, we put on the generator for extra power. We managed to have stored sufficient food for at least 6 months as advised by Shree Vasant and also repeatedly referred to in the "Orion Messages". We also managed to store sufficient cow dung and ghee for one year and 160.000 liters of water stored in tanks. So even if we were flooded in for a longer period we would have been OK. The next phase is to erect 2 windmill generators added to the solar system. It was certainly an opportunity to put to test the alternative energy, alternative water supply and food supply.
When these floods hit the coastal areas north and south of Sydney, I had a feeling there would be another flood within the same week. This is what happened. A few days later another warning of flash flooding and gale force winds was issued for the same areas. We were not that effected the 2nd time but many were and 1000 emergency calls went out. Then exactly a week after the first flood there was a cyclone warning, level 2, issued for Sydney and the coast north and south of Sydney with wave warnings of over 10 meters. People were told to stay indoors, away from windows etc. I was very worried about our daughters Suwindi and Ana, who are temporarily living in Sydney. It was to hit Sydney early morning Saturday. Frits had a feeling to do a Rudra after the 4am mantras that morning. As soon as he started the Rudra the strong winds and rain subsided and in the early morning news reports they said the cyclone had suddenly turned and moved out to sea due to a current of air coming from inland and pushing it off course.
We are so grateful for the protection Homa provides and for the practical guidance of our Teacher Shree Vasant to prepare for such times. All Love and Grace
Lee and Frits Ringma, Homa Therapy Association Australia



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Vyahruti Homa with Mr. R.K. Mishra, Director of Horticulture in the District Unnao, Dr. R.A. Ram, senior Scientist in the Subtropical Horticulture Institute in the city of Lucknow, Mr. Ramesh Chandra Tiwari, owner of the farm, Mr. Raj Kumar and his son Akilesh Awasthi, who are in charge of performing the healing Homa fires on this farm.

The Homa farm of Mr. Ramesh Chandra Tiwari has set an example in the area of this district, called Unnao. This farm is free of plagues and diseases and has an excellent production. In a short time several more Homa Resonance points have been established in his area and will help more farmers to achieve a healthy, abundant and economic harvest. All this was possible through the help and support of Dr. R.K. Pathak and his team.

Farmer Ramesh Chandra Tiwari
Village: Khanpursirauli, Post: Hasanganj, District: UNNAO, U.P., INDIA

Mr. Tiwaris' life has changed since he started with Homa Therapy on his 12 acre farm three years ago. His farm, like all the others, suffered under diseases like Powdery Mildew, and plagues like the Mango hopper and Mealy bug. He spent approx. 5,000 (five thousand) Rupees  on pesticides on one acre of mango orchard before he began with Homa Therapy. (The salary of a worker is between 50 and 80 Rupees a day.) The harvest decreased every year, and the prices and frequency of the agrochemical applications (pesticides and fertilizers) was rising. The taste of these mangos was not good.
His father started the farm 50 years ago and that is also the age of the mango trees, variety Dashahari, which still can produce another 10 to 15 years, he says.
Now, he has an excellent mango production. They are large in size, sweet, tasty. They weigh between 500 to 900 grams. Total production in his land this year was 40 tons of mangos, which means 120 to 130 kg of mangos per tree. Mr. Tiwari tells us also, how he experienced an increase of production with the use of Biosol Homa.
He further lets us know that there was a certain, very difficult weed in his mango orchard, called “Gadaula”, with which his father was fighting without success. After starting Agnihotra, this weed disappeared by itself.
Something makes him very happy, he tells us,  it is, that he just retired from being the director of a nearby school and now "I will be able to do all the Homa fires myself. I look forward to this very much." He has seen the health of his workers improve on all levels and also the human interactions have become smooth. He says that Agnihotra ash removes depression and that a new motivation comes.

click here to see Mr. Tiwaris Testimony (in Hindi)


Everyone else had very low production with small mangos this year, fighting with plagues and diseases:

Mango hoppers on the bark of a mango tree.

Mango hopper:

Mango hoppers are found throughout the year hiding under the bark or leaves. Of all the mango pests, hopper is considered as the most serious and widespread pest throughout the country. Large number of nymphs and adult insects puncture and suck the sap of tender parts, thereby reducing the vigor of the plants. Heavy puncturing and continuous draining of the sap cause curling and drying of the infested tissue. They also damage the crop by secreting a sweet sticky substance which encourages the development of a fungi commonly known as sooty mould which affects adversely the photosynthesis of the leaves.
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) officially suggests

and informs the farmers  in case of Mango hoppers: The continuous use of pesticides though control the pest but pose some other serious problems like killing of pollinators and natural enemies, development of resistance to insecticides and residues which are on fruits hazardous to human population. Besides, the high cost of pesticides, labour and maintenance of equipments are other limiting factors in pest control.

Powdery mildew
(Oidium mangiferae Berthet):
Powdery mildew is one of the most serious diseases of mango affecting almost all the varieties in many African countries, south of the Sahara, the middle East, Southern Asia and America from the Southern United States to Peru and Brazil. The disease is reported to cause approximately 20% crop loss in Maharashtra state alone. Sometimes as high as 70-80 per cent crop loss has been recorded on individual plant basis. The affected flowers and fruits drop pre-maturely reducing the crop load considerably or might even prevent the fruit set.

Harvest of Small and diseased Mangos due to pests and diseases even with huge input of pesticides. This is catastrophic for the small farmers, since this is their only livelihood.


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PERU: Oldest solar observatory in the Americas has been found

The Thirteen Towers constitute an ancient solar observatory.

BBC News, March 2007
The oldest solar observatory in the Americas has been found, suggesting the existence of early, sophisticated Sun cults, scientists report.
It comprises a group of 2,300-year-old structures, know as the Thirteen Towers, which are found in the Chankillo archaeological site, Peru. The towers span the annual rising and setting arcs of the Sun, providing a solar calendar to mark special dates. The study is published in the journal Science.
Clive Ruggles, professor of archaeoastronomy at Leicester University, UK, said: "These towers have been know to exist for a century or so. It seems extraordinary that nobody really recognized them for what they were for so long. I was gobsmacked when I saw them for the first time - the array of towers covers the entire solar arc."
The Thirteen Towers of Chankillo run form north to south along the ridge of a low hill within the site; they are relatively well-preserved and each has a pair of inset staircases leading to the summit. The rectangular structures (between 75 and 125 square meters = 807 to 1,345 sq ft) are regularly spaced - forming a "toothed" horizon with narrow gaps ant regular intervals.
About 230m (750ft) to the east and west are what scientists believe to be two observation points. From these vantages, the 300m- (1,000ft) long spread of the towers along the horizon corresponds very closely to the rising and setting positions of the Sun over the year.
"For example," said Prof Ruggles, "if you were stood at the western observing point, you would see the Sun coming up in the morning, but where it would appear along the span of towers would depend on the time of the year. So on summer solstice, which is in December in Peru, you would see the Sun just to the right of the right-most tower; for the winter solstice, in June, you would see the Sun rise to the left of the left-most tower; and in-between, the Sun would move up and down the horizon." This means the ancient civilization could have regulated a calendar by keeping track of the number of days it took for the Sun to move from tower to tower.
The site were the towers are based is about four square kilometers (1.5 sq. miles) in size, and is believed to be a ceremonial centre that was occupied in the 4th Century BC. It is based at the coast of Peru in the Casma-Sechin River Basin and contains many buildings and plazas, as well as a fortified temple that has attracted much attention.
Prof Ruggles told the BBC News: "The western observing point, and to some extend, the eastern one, are very restricted - you couldn't have got more than  two or three people watching from them. And all the evidence suggests that there was a formal or ceremonial approach to that point and that there were special rituals going on there. This implies that you have someone special - the priests perhaps - who watched the Sun rise or set, while in the plaza next door, the crowds were feasting and could see the Sun rise, but not from that special perspective. Written records suggest the Incas were making solar observations by 1500 AD, and that their religion centered on Sun worship. We know that in Inca times, towers were used to observe the Sun near the solstices, which makes you speculate that there are elements of cult practice that go back a lot further."



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Miami Beach, Florida, USA
I want to share above pictures of the Agnihotra meeting last Sunday, August 5th, at the home of the Miller family in Miami Beach. We thank Regla Miller and her family for their generosity and for being such stupendous and dear hosts with great hearts.
We want to keep up the effort to regularly meet (first Sunday of every month) and use this space to come together for massive Agnihotra and also Tryambakam Homa practice. Even the children love to do it!
These meetings have motivated and interested new people in the practice of Agnihotra. We meet to exchange knowledge and to join our efforts in this effective form, using the Homa fires to stop the contamination of our planet. We see this as our mission. With lots of love and ‘Power to the Earth,  Carmen Elisa Alvarez

Nashik, Maharashtra, India
On July 21st, 2007, the first meeting of 'Action Group' was held in Nashik. Under the guidance and inspiration of Shri Krishna Patil (human resource management), interested people have come together to discuss how to implement ideas, mobilize people and utilize resources for the betterment of the society generally. (photo above Bruce Johnson and Shri Krishna Patil).

Among the speakers who addressed the meeting were Dr. Omprakash Kulkarni (alternative energy solutions), Dr.  Shreekant Navrekar (waste management solutions), Shri V.K. Mohan (Chief Conservator of Forests, Nashik District)
(Photos from left to right) and Mr. Bruce Johnson, who spoke about the need for Agnihotra to counteract the growing environmental pollution, revolutionize agriculture and provide cheap and effective natural ayurvedic medicines from the Agnihotra ash.

Jamner, Dist: Jalgaon, India
On August 5, 2007 Bruce Johnson was invited to give a talk and demonstration on Agnihotra. The talk was arranged by Police Inspector Ganesh More who is himself practising Agnihotra in Jamner.
Translation was done by Shree Dilip Patil (left), Sub-Divisional Engineer, BSNL Telecom Dept. (Parola) and Shri Sanjay Patil, Tapovan manager. There was a lot of interest among the people and when it came time for Agnihotra there was a big rush by the people to get their own pyramid and practice their own Agnihotra.


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HOMA THERAPY in several Villages in Utar Pradesh, India

Several Homa Farming Resonance Points have been established in the District of Lucknow, State of Utar Pradesh (U.P.) in the northern part of India under the guidance of Dr. R. K. Pathak (Chief Consultant National Horticulture Mission of the Government of India) and other wonderful helpers like Dr. U.S. Yadav, Dr. R.A. Ram, Mr. S.C. Shukla and Dr. P. S. Prasad (President of ITS, New Delhi).
Karin Heschl (center) from Austria is living in India since over 15 years and is dedicated to promoting Homa Therapy. She has traveled from north to south and east to west teaching Agnihotra everywhere. Here, she is activating a Homa Resonance Point. Homa Therapy training for farmers in many villages. Everybody in the village comes together to learn the Agnihotra Mantras and the Tryambakam Homa, which are essential in maintaining a Homa Farm and receiving all the benefits of it. Children flock to the Homa Fires. Wherever there is a presentation or teaching, they are there in big numbers and often they are the first ones to learn.
Homa Farming presentation in the many villages is done with the help of videos and computer. Here with Dr. U.S. Yadav, who works with 800 farmers in the district Lucknow (U.P.) and wants all of them to know about Homa Farming Techniques. Teaching of the Homa Mantras on the just established Homa farm of Mr. Uma Kant Tiwari and his wife Asha. Quickly the whole village comes together and participates in the teachings. Agnihotra Ash medicine preparations are shown to the villagers, who suffer from many different types of diseases and are grateful for this help.

Everyone comes together for a final photo with Dr. R. K. Pathak who specially arrived from Delhi to meet with the farmers and be present at one of the Homa Trainings. The farmers are happy and grateful for bringing Homa Therapy into their lives. In this village the group is ready after the Mantra and Biosol Homa training to be on their own and use in their daily lives what they have learned. We know, it will be life changing, not only for their farms, but also for their families. Biosol Homa "Gloria" has proven to be an excellent fertilizer and promoter of healthy plants on Homa farms. One of its components is the Agnihotra ash.


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St. Mary School, Lucknow, U.P. India:
The directors of the St. Mary School are Mr. Suresh Chandra Shukla and his wife Mrs. Umesh Shukla. They have brought meditation into their school many years ago. Now, they are ready to go for the regular practice of Agnihotra and Tryambakam Homa. At the introduction of Homa Therapy, many teachers were present and very interested to use this "Bioenergetic Process" to help their students. As in all educational institutions, there are always children who suffer from ADS (attention deficit syndrome), speaking disabilities, lack of discipline and/ or physical problems. We received a very warm welcome! One group of children did an "energizing Homa and Yoga class" with Abel and everyone present enjoyed it very much. It seems children and young adults need also a lot of physical exercises to compensate the many hours of sitting.

Jagran Public School, Lucknow, U.P. India
Director Dr. Chandra B. Singh has had already very interesting experiences with Homas in a school that he directed  years ago. He experienced positive results on all levels - academically, physically and mentally in the students. He is eager to implement the regular practice of these scientific Homa fires in this recently established private school in order to benefit the environment of the school, the students and teachers. He says that "It is our duty to practice Homa every day to give back something to the earth, which gives us daily our  life."



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If we look at Nature without man, just Nature in its most pristine, undisturbed state, it is perfect. The entire Nature functions on action/reaction, predator/prey balance - The law of Karma. It is only thrown out of balance by man. Man is the only living physical occupant of the planet that has the power of choice - the ability to use intellect to make decisions. As we look around us we can see the incredibly poor decisions man has made regarding short term benefits of technology without regard for the long term environmental implications. Plants and animals are disappearing at alarming rates.

In order to assure that man could live harmoniously with Nature, Almighty Father along with creation gave VEDAS, the owner's manual that tells man how to function harmoniously with his planet. Not only can man live harmoniously with his planet but he alone can create an environment that is literally HEAVEN ON EARTH.
And where has he gone wrong?

By mankind merely living on this planet we pollute it, we urinate, defecate, breathe, build, grow and eat. If we are to function harmoniously with our planet we must give back to Nature to compensate for what we have taken. The means given in the VEDAS for all this is YAJNYA (Homa Fire) and the basic Homa is Agnihotra tuned to the biorhythm of Sunrise/Sunset. It is Agnihotra, which is given in the VEDAS as the first thing the householder must do.

Man is able to serve Nature by performing Agnihotra. It is man alone, none in the animal kingdom that can recite the Agnihotra Mantras. So it is man's duty to serve Nature and perform Agnihotra.

So if we are going to correct this dilemma we have created for ourselves then Agnihotra is the way. Not because we say so but because that is the way it was given in the Beginning for man to live in PEACE and BLISS.


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received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Nature
Suffering due to environmental disasters is at an all time high. There will be so many more disasters before the year is out. You see, dear ones, when you permit and even take part in the systematic destruction of Nature, it shall fall upon you the fruits of your actions. Should those actions be of a positive healing nature, Nature’s harvest will be rich in abundance and peace. Should those actions be against her, she will rally to protect her own. As we have many times stated, she will call upon the winds of such force no man has yet seen. She will bring down mountains to humble humankind to its knees. She will reign supreme in the end, but not until after rains of destruction, earthquakes and tidal waves, and poor harvests upon the land, and droughts which cause grave danger to the landscape, and floods so horrific as to dislodge earth and cause landslides and tremendous property losses. And Nature will reign supreme. Humans will know their place and one day will nurture a deeper respect for the land upon which they live and the water which they so desperately need in pure sources.
We find it shocking to imagine a civilization so out of control as this has become. We nod in agreement with those whose lives are spent tirelessly lobbying for greater awareness of Nature and respect for her sovereignty.

On world politics
..The great conglomerate’s control over its sleeping populace, however, has come to an end. It would appear that the great American public is awakening to the shades of deceit which have been governing their lives. The people are coming to realize the truth and it is a bitter realization. The man who, whom they felt would lead them into prosperity and economic stability, has lied to them repeatedly and has misused their trust in order to gain control of their resources and their minds. We would say that the citizens of great conglomerate have been duped into believing that ‘National Security’ means peace of mind, and it does not. The land which was once a ‘free country’ is now becoming a POLICE STATE and so few are able to fathom the consequences.

Now, the government ‘by the people and for the people’ has become a vehicle for control of the people, and little more. ...
This is another mark of the dark side—the systematic, subtle pitting of one segment of the population against the other. The effective ‘divide and conquer’ shall have no effect if you move toward unity of all humanity in your hearts. Keep this in mind in all you do. Strive for that unity and move toward it in your own lives, for indeed, “I am you as you are me and we are all together.”

On human frailties, union with Divine
Dynamic leaders, ones with deep conviction, integrity and respect for justice—purveyors of TRUTH—are hard to find. Every man is flawed. It is the nature of humanity. Those who deny their flaws only parade before you with a thinly disguised persona, whose very existence is testimony to the flawed character that lies behind the mask. That human beings are flawed does not concern us. That they realize their limitations and aspire to greater heights of awareness—this leaves a lasting impression upon us. When one humbly recognizes one’s weaknesses and accepts them as a facet of the multi-faceted being one is, one can truly begin to unravel the ties that bind and move forward into Light. Without that awareness of one’s flaws, without the humility it takes to admit them, so little progress can be made in the spiritual arena.

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