13th August 2007


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Today our self study brings us to the topic of “AWARENESS ”. There are many good definitions about it, but let’s simply say: you are aware of “x” when you acknowledge “x”, when you can understand it, when you can perceive it, sense it, feel it, etc. Awareness can be related to something concrete or subtle. We can be aware of the air pollution caused by cars, factories, agro-chemicals, etc. Then you can also be aware of the anxiety, fear, loneliness and sadness that many people experience in the big cities.
Let’s check our level of awareness by asking
1) Where are your children? What are they doing?
2) What are you eating “exactly”? Is it good for you?
3) What are you feeling most of the time?
4) What are you thinking most of the time?
5) Are you aware of the effects of your words on you and other people?
6) Can you feel your heartbeat, your breath, and other involuntary processes? Are they rhythmic? What modifies them?
7) Are you aware of the lack of symmetry on your body?
8) Did you notice that you have the tendency to initiate certain movements with a specific hand or foot?
9) Which body side is more flexible? Which body side is stronger?
10) Are you aware of your physical, emotional, mental and intellectual strengths and deficits?
What disturbs you easily…...............?
some foods
insults / praise
heat / cold
victory / loss
cleanliness / dirt
dryness / humidity
wind / air conditioning
Did you know that …........................?
a) Most governments are manipulated by self interested groups which control the economy and the media (TV, press, radio, etc.)
b) These groups can change the laws to get what they want.
c) You might be already eating GM-foods (genetically modified foods).

Let's go beyond the traditional software (programming) and hardware (devices). Let’s be “Agnihotra-ware” to go into the permanent state of Bliss and Joy.

This can produce a negative effect on you and your progeny in the long run. Most of the GM-foods (wheat, soy, corn, etc.) are not labeled as such.
d) There are real natural, organic, clean, bio-energetic techniques (Homa farming) to grow food, which is healthy, nutritious and tasty. These Homa products are energized and they also act like medicine.
e) We bring to our lives what we crave for and desire continuously, specially if you have a plan and follow it thoroughly. “We reap what we sow.”

f) When we do Agnihotra we plant seeds in the garden of our heart that will produce more joy, peace, love, balance, health and protection at the appropriate time.
g) There have been Civilizations where peace and prosperity were a common factor for everyone. This was the GOLDEN AGE.
Someone might say “You are as alive as you are aware.”
To go beyond the 10% awareness, Agnihotra is a tool that can reactivate many neurons (brain cells) and improve our psychomotor abilities. We have seen dramatic positive changes in cases of Cerebral Palsy, Down-Syndrome, Mental Retardation, Schizophrenia, Autism, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson, Drug addiction, etc. Everybody wants positive changes, but for those changes to become a part of our live you need to be aware.
And yes, yes, yes, to go beyond the traditional software (programming) and hardware (devices) let’s be “Agnihotra-ware” to go into the permanent state of Bliss and Joy.

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The Healing Story of Fanny Mendoza de Perez

Fanny Mendoza, 67 years young, on 4th of March 2007 attending in a wheelchair a Rudra Yagnya in the Homa Center in Piura, Peru, 4th floor where she had to be carried up the stairs. She was confined to a wheelchair with the irreversible "R.S.O." Syndrome. Her muscles were deteriorating day by day.

Fanny Mendoza starting slowly to walk. Here in the "Teresa of Calcutta" School. Director Marcela Agurto (in the background) is preparing for Agnihotra.

Fanny attending the "Women's Circle with  Healing Fires".
Pictures taken on May 17th & 18th, 2007.

Piura, Peru, South America
In the year 2000, Fanita suffered an automobile accident. She was taken to the Hospital of West Palm Beach, Florida, where the doctors operated a fracture on her right foot. Little by little, she was recovering from the accident, but she could not walk nor stand.
In 2002, she traveled to France where Dr. Dubois did new checkups, detecting a deficiency in the muscles that causes certain rigidity in the body and difficulty to walk. She was diagnosed with the so denominated “Richardson-Steele-Olszewski” Syndrome, a dysfunction of the movement caused by damage to certain nervous cells in the brain. She was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life with this irreversible Syndrome. Her muscles were deteriorating day by day. She also suffered from irritability, constipation, nervousness, heaviness and rigidity of the body. She could only maintain her eyes half-open. She could not change alone into another position. She could not take food or get dressed with her hands; she was stuttering and she had difficulty to swallow food.
Then she came to Piura (Peru). She practices the Homa fires since 1st of February 2007. After 7 days, we started seeing positive changes in her. Her assistant did Agnihotra in her presence in the morning and evening, since Fanita was not able to do it on her own, because of her trembling hands. She participates in the Tryambakam Homa for fifteen minutes in the “Cayetano Heredia” Hospital from Monday through Friday. The Gonzales Zapata family are the volunteers, who do the Homa fires in the hospital. On Thursdays, she attends the “Women’s Homa Healing Circle” in the home of Liliana Llanos. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, we do Agnihotra in her home, where she also has started to do some Tryambakam daily with her assistant, who attends here in everything. She practices daily exercises of conscious breathing, accompanied by the Mantra "Om Shree", repeating it many times. Now, she tries to follow the Tryambakam Mantra together with Master Shree Vasants voice on a CD.
She also does take Agnihotra ash. With the consumption of one spoonful of ghee with Agnihotra ash daily she has been able to overcome the problem of constipation. She does use the Yantram and also wants a Shiva Lingam.
Now, after three months with Homa Therapy, she is able to walk with a little help. She is more agile, she speaks fluently, and keeps a smile on her face (before she seemed angry) and enjoys doing all the Homa fires on her own. Now, she is on her way to great recovery. With her agile movements she tells you: ”I am alive again”. She keeps a lot of hope and faith that one day she will be able to do all the daily chores by herself.
Recently she has begun with yoga classes, which she attends on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays after doing the evening Agnihotra in the "Mother Teresa" school. Now,
Fanita lives every day with enthusiasm, overlooking the difficult moments that are always there. The whole family appreciates her healing and is grateful to Homa Therapy.
With Love, Pili, Claudia Eillen and Lucia Agurto


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Healing with Homa Therapy

Isha Dubey with her grandfather Prabhakar Sherma, who just purchased his own pyramid to start with the Agnihotra practice in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Mohare family on their recent visit to Maheshwar.
Parents Lata and Mukut Sinh with children Mukesh, Sangeeta, Madhu and Prvin.

Isha Dubey, Indore, India
I am 21 years old. My mother is practicing Agnihotra since a couple of months. My brother was not really interested in the practice of Agnihotra, he just used to sit and watch the Agnihotra fire. But once he saw a change in his skin, as I did, his mind changed.
Yesterday I got a bad rash on my forehead, but today it is all gone because of application of Agnihotra ash. As far as my brother is concerned, because of his age he has a lot of pimples. Now he did start practicing Agnihotra by himself, which was a shock to me and a big surprise for the family. His friends used to tease him because of his pimples, now he cares less what they say and cares more about himself. So we both are using Agnihotra ash for that glow on our skin. Before we started with Agnihotra, my brother used capsules and neem and other things, but these treatments were not as effective as the Agnihotra Ash treatment.

Lata Mohare, Bakaner, India
We have been performing Agnihotra regularly for several years. Before starting with Agnihotra, I experienced constantly a lot of fear, through some witchcraft that was done to me. I felt some spirit was haunting me. I lived with this fear for 20 years and it badly affected my nerves. I had tried many doctors and medicines without success. Then my husband got a job at the Maheshwar Goshala and we learned Agnihotra through Lee and Frits from Australia. This feeling of fear is no more with the daily performance of Agnihotra. Now, I and my family feel well, happy and grateful.



Mrs. N.S. Sundari (performed 246 Rudra Yagnyas ), Mrs. N.S. Laxmi (243),  Mr. N. S. Sriniwas (151), Prof. Dr. S.G. Mulay (148), Mr. M. Murty Raju (89), Mrs. M. Rani Raju (70), Mr. N.S. Chenulu (32), Mrs. Sudha Mualy (30), Mr. Subramanian (2) Prof. Dr. S. G. Mulay
was instrumental to bring about this event.

On the 27th of January 2007 one Agnihotri Ramana of Kharagpur (Bengal) received a voice message saying that in one year, 1000 (one thousand) Rudra Yagnyas should be performed. The place and the person who were to perform was not told. Hence on 28th of January SHREE was contacted for guidance. HE suggested that Kharagpur, the place where Kalki Avatar Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj was born, would be the ideal place. The Yagnya shala situated near His place of birth would be the proper place. HE further said, that only the persons doing Agnihotra regularly would be eligible to do Rudra Yagnya.
Railway employee's Yagnya Committe Kharagpur which looks after the Yagnya activities under the guidance of Five Fold Path Mission, called a meeting. In this meeting it was decided to start Rudra Yagnyas immediately. N.S. Chenulu and Mrs. Sudha Mulay took the responsibility of collecting donations for the purchase of the estimated 200 kilos of cows ghee.
The target of the 1000 Rudras was completed in 148 days! The Yagnya Committee is fully aware that the Grace of Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj has worked in completing this task.
N.S. Chenulu, Executive Chairman of the Yagnya Committee in Kharagpur, Bengal, India


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Excerpts from the report of Dr. B. G. Bhujbal
Research Officer Maharashtra State
Grape Growers' Association, Poona, India

Grapes are a difficult crop to grow under Maharashtra's climatic conditions and also equally difficult to study. I have been associated with research work on grapes while studying for my M.Sc. degree at the University of Poona, India since 1967. Various problems faced by the workers then, were finally put before the research team at the Agricultural College, Poona.  I have been observing the results of that work. It was reported that the germination of hybrid grape seeds had been very late and low. When I conducted hundreds of crosses at the Ganeshkhind Fruit Experimental Station, Poona-7 and sowed the seeds after treatment by advanced techniques which included hormones, scarification, stratification etc., the results were discouraging. The germination percentage was very low, i.e. below 20 % and some of the seeds even took 300 days for germination.
Meanwhile I came to learn of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy farming and thought why not have a trial of this therapy in grape research. I had read previously that the no-moon day was the best day for seed treatment and sowing. With this background and not to miss the opportunity I collected seeds of the Anab-e-shahi, Pandhari Sahebi and Kali Sahebi varieties, local vinifera varieties, as well as some crossed seeds which were collected using the Thompson seedless variety as a male parent to make the cross. Some unrooted cuttings of local grape varieties were also collected for additional treatments.
Experimental Plot
All the seeds and the unrooted cuttings were kept in an environment open to Agnihotra fumes. As far as mantras were concerned, I began with the "Tryambakam" Mantra and Homa continued for 2 hours, after which the samples were treated with Agnihotra ash and then put into pots ready for planting. An untreated lot of samples served as a control.
It was indeed a surprise not only to me and my wife but also to friends who had been laughing at my experiments to observe the first seedlings sprouting on the 21st day of sowing. Some of the recorded observations are given in a table below.
The second experiment concerned making raisins. At present, raisin-making is not carried out in Maharashtra except on an experimental basis using the dehydration and sun-drying methods. I collected a few bunches of grapes from growers and hung them in the environment where I was performing Agnihotra. Similar clusters were kept with the growers for making raisins using their own method of sun-drying. After 21 days the drying was almost complete, and after 35 days I collected the clusters and tested them. The raisins were very good in appearance and taste. Special interest rallied around the evidence that the raisins prepared from the Anabe-shahi variety and having low TSS contact were also good. Equally good results were obtained by the Thompson seedless variety growing in the Agnihotra environment as compared to those varieties generally available in the market.
Another experiment was performed in a grower's field. Mr. Pundlik Khode, a small farmer from the village of Pimpalgaon-Baswant, Nasik District had been much worried about his crop and was doubtful regarding repayment of his bank loan obtained for the vineyard. Agnihotra was done regularly and Agnihotra ash was applied to his vines. The observations which were recorded at harvest time proved very good. The grower, Mr. Khode, had never believed in such a possibility until he saw the actual results. The individual berry as well as the cluster was superior in color, taste, sweetness and weight. About 150 observers said that the crop was the best in that locality.





Seed germination

More than 6 months required for germination

21 to 28 days required


Rooting of cutting

80 % rooting

100 % rooting

100 % rooting

Bunch development

Av. bunch wt. 0.45 Kg.

Av. bunch wt. 0.45 Kg.

Av. bunch wt. 0.525 Kg.


More disease

No disease

Less disease


Green yellow

Golden yellow

Pale yellow


TSS 22 %

TSS 24 %

TSS 23 %

Loss of harvest

About 30 % loss

No loss

10 % loss



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Billions of mice flee into cities

July, 2007

The news agency Xinhua reported that last weeks inundations have caused havoc of unseen size in Central China. Over two billion mice fled from the floods from their natural habitat and they are attacking  crops destined for human consumption.
Walls and ditches
According to the statements, the authorities tried in one of the 22 districts (at the Dongting lake in the Hunan province) which were hard hit with this disaster, to stop the invasion with the construction of a long wall and ditches. The inhabitants used sticks and shovels to kill the mice; some used fisher-nets to catch them.
90 tons of cadavers
According to the local authorities, approximately 2,25 million mice have been killed since 21st of June - the cadavers weigh over 90 tons. The invasion was caused by the rising of the Jangtse river, which also caused a rise in the level of the Dongting Lake, in whose shores the mice live.

"If they practice Agnihotra, Nature balances herself and the rodents become less." Shree Vasant. Rodents have become hybrid and go through concrete.


I wrote this Agnihotra song in India in Rishikesh. Every day I went down and practiced Agnihotra on a little jetty out in the Ganges. Much love and peace to all, Nicola from England

I wake up in the morning and today's another day
Outside the sun is shining and I'm lost for words to say
The beauty of the sunrise is known to just a few
To others it's a real surprise, it almost seems untrue

Fires are lit around the world, to meet the morning sun
Circles are joining, mantras are sung, to feel how we are one
There is power to light up all the land at this very time
We are instruments and vehicles of love working for the Divine

The light from our heart and the light from the flame
Helps to transcend all the misery and pain
The knowledge has returned about this sacred fire
To heal the earth and let our souls fly higher

Fly higher, fly higher, the energy of love is in the fire (x2)

To heal this planet, as above so below
We must teach these fires to all whom we know
To save ourselves in the coming days
Through the light of the fire and the sun's rays

Agnihotra is the name of this fire
Activate it now is the Divines' desire
To purify the Earth and to resonate as one
Harnessing the power of the light of the sun

Light of the Sun, light of the sun, All life depends on the light of the sun.



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Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Agnihotra meeting in the garden of Homa Therapy Teacher Maria Rathner. The follow up meeting after big events are essential for the newcomers. There they can ask all the questions and can practice the fires together!
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Agnihotra meeting with Maria Rathner and Ivy Amar in the house of Raquel Fonte, who recently started with the practice of the Homa Fires and welcomed people at her home.

Huntington Park, CA, USA
Regular Agnihotra meetings at Esperanza's bookstore each Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday night with Homa Teachers Barry Rathner and Donna Scott. Through her selfless service, offering her space and loving energy, Esperanza is helping many people with the Agnihotra healing fire.
Huntington Park, CA, USA
On Esperanza's Radio show Agnihotra is presented repeatedly to many Latino listeners through Barry Rathner translated by Daniel Lopez and they are also invited to come to her bookstore to participate in these free healing sessions.

Barry Rathner from Sunland, CA, USA:
"Agnihotra was introduced to a group of more than 50 persons in a meeting called "The Meier Contacts - The Key To Our Future Survival".  That is where Agnihotra comes into the picture. Agnihotra can protect those who do it, help the environment, etc.
Donna Scott, Samuel Kiwasz and Barry Rathner performing Agnihotra fire. Samuel learned Agnihotra from Donna many years ago and expressed desire to start up again and he arranged our participation in this meeting with Michael Horn."


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Following pictures represent a small part of the Homa Teachings that  Reiner and Manuela Szcypior together with their son Gabriel from Germany /Austria have been doing in these last months in India. These meetings and events all took place in the northern part of India, called Himachal Pradesh.
Shimla, Capital of Himachal Pradesh
Agnihotra with followers of
Art of Living.
Their spiritual Master Sri Sri Ravishankar has met Shree Vasant and has advised his devotees to practice Agnihotra and share it in their many activities. Art of Living has all over India and in many parts of the world followers, who are practicing Agnihotra fire. Their main Ashram in Bangalore has a Homa Resonance Point for their farm and additional Agnihotra is practiced in the kitchen (they  cook for 5,000 people daily and appreciate the harmonizing Agnihotra energy), in the Ayurvedic healing section, and in the Go Shala (cow shed).
New Shimla
Agnihotra promotion trip for the Healing Event in June. Agnihotra gathering in the home of Senior Art of Living Teacher Chovalaji Prasad and his family.
At the apple orchard of Mr. Krishan Lal Singh, who is very helpful in promoting Agnihotra through his awareness of the critical situation of our planet.

At the organic Farm of Mr. Subodh Abbhi, where daily Agnihotra is done at the established Homa Resonance Pt.
Agnihotra Introduction to organic farmers. By the end, all of them wanted their own pyramid.
Women's organization "Mahila Mandal" (exists all over India) invited to present Agnihotra to their members with families. Women generally can only be reached by women in India and so there is a lot of work for the female Homa Teachers like Manu. These women are eager to learn the Homa fires and to know all about Agnihotra Ash medicines, which  practically have no cost and are very effective.
Agnihotra presentation to Agricultural Department. (Note: thousands of farmers in India are committing suicide due to losing their farms - their only subsistence - to banks and money lenders for debts incurred in the use of agro chemicals, which at the end do not produce the promised results. )
Homa Farming is the only way out!!


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Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India:
Indian Five Fold Path mission organized this pyramid gathering with approx. 100 Agnihotra fires for sunset.  The "Art of Living" people (thanks to Mrs. Kamalesh and Mrs. Seema) were very helpful in getting this healing and loving event together. Everybody wants to repeat this! At the same time, there was another gathering in the city of Solan (3 hours distance) with approx. 50 Agnihotra pyramids organized by Deputy Director of the Horticulture Department of the University. Such blessed energy! Om Shree!

Mrs. Santosh and her son Prince invited all people from the village to see the Agnihotra presentation and experience the healing Agnihotra fire. Their dog had suffered from a big bloody wound on his paw and was completely healed within 10 days by Agnihotra ash.
Gathering with the directors of the school. Several of them started with Agnihotra.
Many children are hyperactive. Agnihotra helps them to focus and concentrate on their tasks and also to relax and balance.

Satsang of the Art of Living members, where Agnihotra was demonstrated .
Agnihotra presentation at the Youth Project organized by the Art of Living Center.
300 farmers with their families attended this informational meeting. Some of them had to walk for 5 hours! This health-camp was organized by Art of Living. Tryambakam Homa was maintained during the whole time, which helped the participants to focus and be attentive.


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Self development begins with a thorough investigation of 'Who am I?' 'What am I here for?' 'How can I overcome my addictions, attitudes and mental blockages in order to fulfill my VIKARMA?' (specific allotted task of a person)

One can expend so much energy, valuable energy on talking. If it is meaningful conversation it is excellent. But so much interaction between the people is wasteful. Always think 'is it useful?' 'is it gossip?' Better not to fall into the trap of meaningless chatter.

Intellect can be a stumbling block on the spiritual path. In all other areas the intellect is revered. On the spiritual path it is seen only as a means for understanding but quickly one can move beyond it, even beyond 'understanding'. beyond 'compassion' also. A Divine Being is not feeling COMPASSION or LOVE. HE IS THAT. One has to reach a point where nothing else will fulfill his hunger than the presence of the Almighty. Here longing for the Almighty is stronger than any other impulse.

Click here to see Master SHREE VASANT with His Message.


OPPORTUNITY    SOMA YAG on 23rd to 28th of December 2007

Benefits of Soma Yag:
      it cleanses de atmosphere
      it resets the energy cycle in the eco-systems
      it energizes and nurtures the soil and water resources
      it showers powerful healing vibrations on the assistants
      it’s effect lasts 80 years  

This is a very rare opportunity to attend and participate in this Soma Yag at a unique Energy-Vortex on the planet like Maheshwar.           For more information please see websites.

www.terapiahoma.com - www.homa1.com - www.homatherapy.info


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received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

...The floods and sudden droughts, the flash fires and extremes in temperature are due to a world so off balance that it is amazing to us it has taken this long for humanity to wake up and sense that ‘something is wrong’. There will be many efforts made on the part of environmentalists around the world to save planet Earth, but the fact is that the human race cannot and does not and will not act alone. Without the assistance of your planetary brothers, your co-habitants of the universe, you will never be able to survive. This is why many of us have come with this purpose alone…to help save this planet, this record-keeper, our beloved sister planet, from certain destruction. We shall not leave. We shall stay and move with you in your every effort to recover the eco balance on this planet and to sever the ties with dark forces which threaten her...
...The modern man, when faced with problems he cannot find immediate answers to, goes into a kind of inactive state, which may even lead to denial. It is in this state of inertia, one may grow to become apathetic.
Now, let us arm modern man with efficient solutions to his problems. Of course, all along we have suggested the use of Agnihotra healing fire to assist beings in their transition into Light. We have suggested as well, utilizing the resultant Ash from this fire, purely because of its healing and transformative properties. It is both energetic as well as physical. It acts on the subtle body as well as the body physical. Therefore, it is a pure substance which can not only heal, but protect the physical body from the dangers of radioactivity, diseases resulting from pollution, as well as from the normal ailments which beings will notice themselves being even more susceptible to than ever before. The ‘common cold’ may eventually be so potent as to cause severe reactions in sensitive beings. Now, we would assert the fact that this healing ash alone has the properties which are necessary for curing diseases of all kinds. This coupled with practice of Agnihotra healing fire will certainly fortify beings of Light in facing the perils of future shock.
Indeed, the situation on this planet will be just that—shock. There will be fallout from all sorts of disasters, but many will find solace in safe havens created with care and love for all humanity. Those, whose efforts now often go unheralded and rarely appreciated, will be the ones who will be providing sustenance and peace for many in the times to come. We shall see great events which set humanity back on its heels, so to speak, wreaking havoc in the governments of the world as well as in the resources of the planet. And such times will be back to back, with little relief. Those who are preparing safe havens now will be bringing forth great blessings to this planet in times of crisis.

...When in the city, be sure to perform these healing fires at the precise time, as this will give an energy boost to the entire system. Utilize the ancient science of Mantra sound healing. Create your own energy vortex wherever you are. Carry the healing energies with you, but be sure to reactivate them by being quite precise with the timings and by making use of your time. Do not run, run, run without energizing the system. You must take care to energize yourselves with every tool you have.
...You may feel what is called ‘spaced out’ because of energies in the atmosphere which are extremely harmful to the mental functioning of the entire human race. Do the fires and do take this sacred substance, Agnihotra ash.
...Yes, yes. We shall present interesting situations for our dear Earth inhabitants to ponder. At this point, the beings who have descended upon this planet with the will and yearning to preserve and save this planet from destruction have all been placed in their positions of Light. If indeed there are negative energies out there, as we know there are, these energies cannot penetrate the shield being placed around those Light beings who are present in their hearts with all focus on the Light. The darkness is getting weaker, though it would not appear to be so. The weakness is deadly. The dark forces know their time is up. We who bring forth Light energies to this planet foresee a glorious future for planet Earth, based on the theory of Light which deters darkness at every turn. And this will be so.
Therefore, Light Workers, do not lose faith. Take heart and continue to champion the LIGHT and LOVE which shines through you. Listen to the Inner Voice which will continue to guide you through any times of darkness, personal or collective. Unify and unite. Spread the message of LOVE through the entire galaxy. Affirm it. Live it. Rejoice in it. This will be the future of the planet. The future of the planet is in your hands, collectively.

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