13th July  2007


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Today we can reach many people worldwide by radio, TV, telephone, newspaper, satellite, computers and Internet, etc. Now the world seems smaller for it is easier to talk to almost anyone. But, what is the purpose of communication? It is to convey ideas, thoughts, feelings, messages, information, power, etc. There is a strong correlation between communication and steady relationships. However, in many countries, statistics show that there is an increase in problems leading to separations, break-ups and divorces in: friendships, couples, marriages, families, partnerships, relatives, boss and employees, co-workers, teachers and students, officers and soldiers, man and nature, etc.
Have you heard …………………...................?
“We simply cannot communicate”
” He/she does not understand me”
“ I just do not know what I want”
or other similar statements.
Some possible causes for this could be the differences in:
Education, religion, languages, age, cultural background, IQ, emotional maturity, pre-conceived ideas, past traumas, generation gap, etc. But there are probably other reasons !!!!!
Have you noticed that……………………….....?
1) There is more than one way of looking at a situation
2) Some people (maybe most people) see the problems as huge mountains or walls and a few see them as opportunities to overcome, learn and grow from these challenges.
3) Some people focus on the Light (goodness) and other on the darkness (badness).
4) Whatever you focus on, it is what grows.
5) Some people like to talk more than listen.

Remember : It is a matter of perspective!

 People who think that they already “know”, do not like to listen.
6) Children usually ask: WHY? They do want to know.
7) Arrogance can close other people’s ears and Humility can open them.
8) Patience is to a relationship what Truth is to peace of mind.
9) Most of us are like the 4 blindfolded men who never saw an elephant and by touching a different part of the elephant (trunk, leg, body and tail), they describe the elephant as such
10) It is a matter of perspective. Let’s suppose that you ask:
Where is this wrist watch coming from?
Peter says: “ From my wife.”
Mary says: “From the store.”
Rosy says: “From the distributor.”
Joe says: “From Swiss.”
Mike says: “From the factory.”
Anne says: “From the mind of the inventor.”
John says: “From the Source of all thoughts.”
Everyone can be “correct” depending on the angle we look at things and on our level of understanding, perception and interconnectivity.
10) There is also interference and subtle pollution of many types.
The practice of Agnihotra purifies, reduces the blockages and brings Light to our minds and allows us to see beyond the surface. Agnihotra can help us to “truly see” the whole picture and connect all the parts.

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Editor's Note continued:

It helps us to look into the Hearts and express the Language of Love, which can break any wall and goes beyond intellect. This process of  “Clear Communication”  can be speeded up by combining: Agnihotra, Daan, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya. This is the Fivefold Path. This can help us to become more aware inside and out. If we can improve the communication within our SELF , we can have better relations with ourselves. For some, Agnihotra is to Meditation what Broadband is to Internet.
So let’s "
turn on " our Agnihotra Pyramid and get in touch with the Source, which is the common factor to all beings. If we can communicate with the Source (“Real Internet”), we can have a deeper communication with everyone. This communication goes beyond words and intellect.
Now, we want to share some ideas that can bring Joy at Home if you decide to put them into practice. It is not homework. It is HOMAJOY.

I) Five simple keys to improve communication and better relationships are:
1. Do not judge
2. Do not have expectations
3. Think, speak, feel and be Love
4. Serve Unconditionally
5. And do Agnihotra, so that the first 4 steps are really easy
II) Now, ask yourself:
Am I looking at this situation through …....……?
a) a hole in the door
b) a window
c) a periscope
d) a colored glass
e) stepping out of the house and seeing in all directions
Remember : It is a matter of perspective.
II) When you run into people with different opinions are you ....?
1) putting yourself in their shoes?
2) open to learn about yourself and others?
3) reacting with love?
4) more aware?
5) truly listening

Let’s follow the Fivefold Path and let the Divine express His love through each one of us. Let’s go from the core to the stars. Let’s talk the language of the heart. And yes, yes, yes, you  can always get help   online   at Agnihotra time for you and the planet.
It is said that Agnihotra can also be used for interplanetary communication!!!!

Healing with Homa Fires

Vanessa jumping out of joy and peace she feels for life.

Vanessa Vilchez
Los Angeles, CA, USA

My experience with Homa Therapy was fantastic. I was very deeply touched by the radiant feeling of light,  beauty, peace, and unity with God, when practicing Agnihotra. I took it very seriously and would like to continue. When I was driving back home in my car I was in harmony with everything around me. I received a little bit of Agnihotra ash and this helped me overcoming my sadness. To be honest, I felt united with my father, with GOD. I do  not have words to describe the feeling, because all the emptiness was gone, and I found peace, harmony, love and beauty just with me and God. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please, let me know, when and where you are having more Agnihotra meetings, I would like to learn more about praying, Mantras, etc. in order to be able to stay in peace & balance in this life, which sometimes goes too fast in this 

world for me. It feels like a constant, endless fight of the good with the bad. All I want is to be in harmony and peace.  With appreciation, peace and blessing, Vanessa
(letter received by Homa Therapy teacher Dr. Barry Rathner, Los Angeles, CA, USA)


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Nileema Mishra also teaches Agnihotra to her women in the villages.

Many women are being helped through teaching them handicrafts in the area of cottage industry.

Anne and Bruce doing Agnihotra many times on the roadside, because of their extensive traveling.

Anne, Amanda & others are teaching the women how to make quilts and kurtas, etc. They also learn cooking and much more and all in an atmosphere of LOVE...

I am Anne Godfrey, born in Australia, formerly an art teacher, garment designer and interior decorator, mother of two, who now resides permanently in India, with husband and partner Bruce. We are devoted to spreading the knowledge of the Healing Homa Fires which are needed now to restore the balance to Nature and to heal the widespread pollution on planet Earth.
In 2004 I joined forces with Nileema Mishra, an inspiring young woman, who single handedly has guided and nurtured a movement to enable the women in the local villages near Tapovan to empower themselves through self-help groups. Prior to this, the women kept to themselves in their own small houses and rarely ventured out. Nileema has formed 100 self-help groups with over 2000 women in 15 villages. An upliftment project with women from the area surrounding Tapovan has evolved naturally since I met her. The skills and training I have given them in the area of cottage industries, has enabled them to make quilts and kurtas. They hold exhibitions and sell direct to the public and also to many shops and now hotels are ordering their special quilts. The income generated helps many people. The women are also trained in computer skills, making pickles and condiments for sale, embroidery work, beading work, jewelry-making, machine stitching and making household products for sale. Many of the women are widows who need to support their children. By giving them the opportunity to work, they have been able to become financially independent and even open bank accounts. Their handiwork has featured in most of my export garments. In this way, I have been able to help 500 women to feed and support their families.


Students in the Salaverry School now benefit from the regular practice of Agnihotra healing fire and Tryambakam Homa done in the classrooms. Prof. Juana Castro (right) has been practicing Agnihotra for 5 years and collected many experiences, before she arranged the implementation of the Homa fires in her school.

Sullana, Dept. of Piura, Peru, South America:
School teacher Juana Castro has recently brought the Agnihotra fire to her students through the project "IMPROVING THE ACADEMIC AND BEHAVIORAL LEVEL OF THE STUDENTS OF THE CARLOS AUGUSTO SALAVERRY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION THROUGH THE PRACTICE OF HOMA THERAPY". The Salaverry School has adopted the practice of Agnihotra in the classrooms, where Prof. Juana is teaching at that time. Also the Tryambakam Homa is practiced regularly during the day by all the students taking turns; each one does 5 Tryambakam chants. There are up to 36 students per classroom.
They are already experiencing wonderful results in the behavior of the students. One student could not read very well. He was stuttering while reading. Now he reads so much better, his colleagues don't laugh at him any more. Everyone is truly surprised about the results and benefits of these Homa fires.


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by Prof. Dhananjay R. Jog

Jatropha Curcas no Homa Therapy with Homa Therapy

time of 1st harvest of fruits

after 15 – 16 months

after 8.5 months

grams of fruits per tree

150 – 175 grams

250 grams

grams of seeds per tree

 100 grams

125 grams

pruning necessary for branching. even with pruning we get few branches  no pruning necessary; profused branching right from the bottom
average height
at time of 1st harvest of fruits
4 feet average height (in 16 month)  4.5 feet average height (in 8.5 months)
pest attack sometimes attack of pests and insects no pests and insect attack
use of fertilizers Urea, Diamonium Phosphate (DAP) foliar application of  Homa Biosol "Gloria" and neem extract


tree gives 1st fruits after 15 to 16 months, has few branches and less fruits first harvest is after 8.5 months and at that time the tree has an average height of 4.5 feet 250 grams of fruits and
125 grams of seeds per tree
no pruning necessary; excellent branching right from the bottom

For more information on Homa farming please read the webpages.


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Dr. Thimmaiah teaching the Agnihotra fire

Homa delights Bhutan

A travel Report from Dr. Thimmaiah, India

I had an opportunity to visit Bhutan from 2nd June to 17th June 2007, on an invitation from the Ministry of Agriculture, Royal Govt. of Bhutan. The purpose of the visit was to train the extension workers of the Agriculture Department in Low-cost Sustainable Agriculture by utilizing the local resources and also to provide a road map to Improve Livelihoods of small and marginal farmers through organic farming in their Tenth Five Year Plan.
Bhutan is predominantly an agrarian economy. More than 70% of the geographical area is forest. The vision 2020 states that Bhutan will maintain 60% of the total area under forest at all times to come. The farming community comprises 79% of the population and amongst them 40% are small and marginal farmers. The farmers who are in remote places have no electricity, housing and basic facilities. Some have to walk for two days to get to the main road head. Due to inaccessibility men (white collared) and machine have not reached these hamlets.
Farming in Bhutan is still traditional with little or no use of external inputs. In 2000 about 1,800 tonnes of fertilizers was used by 30% of the farmers who had access to roads. Bhutanese are staunch Buddhists and follow Ahimsa or non-violence. Killing animals for meat by Buddhists is prohibited in Bhutan. Woefully meat is imported from India and majority of the population eat meat. The religious sentiments are so strong that the farmers do not want to kill the pests rather choose alternative means like use of repellants or antifeedants. Due to these feelings, Organic agriculture could make an easy entry.
Even today, agriculture in Bhutan has similarities to the Vedic system of farming. Sowing dates are based on the planetary positions, prayers are offered to please different deities and receive their blessings before any agriculture activity. Flags commonly called as ‘air flags’ are placed at different points to potentiate their prayers though a medium i.e. air. The farmers still adopt a traditional practice called ‘Jingnse’ wherein the monks visit the farmers and burn wood and other materials and chant prayers. The ash obtained after the ceremony is spread in the field to solve the problems of pests and diseases by farmers even now. This was the connecting link to Homa.
Three training programs with 50 participants each were held at:
a) Regional Centre, Jakar in Bhumtang
b) Regional Centre, Bajo, Wangdue
c) Regional Centre, Yusipang, Thimpu
In all these training programs I had kept a section called as No-cost Inputs in Agriculture where Agnihotra was demonstrated. The film “Rays of Hope” by Mary Lee was shown after a brief talk on Homa before demonstration. The trainees were very much interested and keen to practice Homa themselves. After the demonstration I had a tough time in controlling the crowd who were falling over the pyramid to collect the Agnihotra ash. Thought for a moment, that the next Homa demonstration may warrant police protection! During every demonstration the height of the cow dung cake layer kept on increasing till they could balance themselves - to distribute more ash.
I had taken 20 sets of books and 20 pyramids and all were sold in no time. Few schoolteachers also attended the training. Every school has an agriculture course and the teachers were keen to demonstrate Homa –‘Indian Jingnse’ to their students. The Director General of Agriculture Department who heads the research and extension work in Bhutan will also be performing Agnihotra at his residence. He has agreed upon verbally and has a pyramid with him. Cow dung cakes and ghee have been organized in Bhutan.
The day is not far wherein Bhutan can become one of the active centers in Homa Agriculture with Divine Grace and Will.


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Asia-Pacific Countries See Effects
 of Climate Change on Health, Brace for More

July 03, 2007 — By Margie Mason
Associated Press
Officials from more than a dozen Asian countries met Tuesday in Malaysia to outline health problems their populations are facing in relation to a rise in global temperatures.
Officials discussed ways to work together to limit the fallout in a region expected to be hit hard by flooding, drought, heat waves, mosquito-borne diseases and waterborne illnesses.
The World Health Organization estimates that climate change has already directly or indirectly killed more than 1 million people globally since 2000. More than half of those deaths have occurred in the Asia-Pacific area, the world's most populous region. Those figures do not include deaths linked to urban air pollution, which kills about 800,000 worldwide each year, according to WHO.
"We're not going to have a magic bullet to fix climate change in the next 50 years”.
“We need to motivate an awful lot of people to change their behaviour in a lot of different ways," said Kristie Ebi, of the WHO's Global Environmental Change unit, a lead author on the health chapter in a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a U.N. network of 2,000 scientists.
Ebi said health officials are about a decade behind other sectors, such as water and agriculture, in taking a look at what climate change could mean and how to deal with it. She said countries seeing the effects firsthand are now starting to realize that any problems with air, water or food will directly affect people's health. The poorest countries in Asia and Africa are expected to suffer the most.
Scientists have predicted droughts will lower crop yields and raise malnutrition in some areas, dust storms and wildfires will boost respiratory illnesses, and flooding from severe storms will increase drowning, injury and disease such as diarrhea. Increasing temperatures could also lead to the growth of more harmful algae that can sicken people who eat shellfish and reef fish. People living in low-lying coastal areas will also face more storms, flooding and saltwater intrusion into fresh groundwater that is vital for drinking.
Singapore saw mean annual temperatures increase 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit between 1978 and 1998, while the number of dengue fever cases jumped 10-fold during the same period.
Malaria has recently reached Bhutan and new areas in Papua New Guinea for the first time. In the past, mosquitoes that spread the disease were unable to breed in the cooler climates there, but warmer temperatures have helped vector-borne diseases to flourish.
Melting of glaciers in the Himalayas have created about 20 lakes in Nepal that are in danger of overflowing their banks, which could create a torrent of water and debris capable of wiping out villages and farms below.
The four-day workshop in Malaysia lays the groundwork for a ministerial-level meeting on the topic next month in Bangkok, Thailand.


Northern Canada Ponds Drying Up

From Desert to Waterland

July 03, 2007 — By Randolph E. Schmid
Associated Press
-- Ponds that have provided summertime water in the high arctic for thousands of years are drying up as global warming advances, Canadian researchers say. Falling water levels and changes in chemistry in the ponds first were noticed in the 1990s, and by last July some of the ponds that dot the landscape were dry, according to a report in Tuesday's Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
The ponds are habitat for algae and invertebrates such as insect larvae, and waterfowl use them.
Changes set in about a century ago, he said, with more mosses growing and shorter periods of ice, followed by lowering water levels and increasing salinity until some dried up completely.
In addition to the ponds, the researchers also reported a drying of nearby wetlands.
In the 1980s they often needed to wear hip waders to make their way to the ponds, they noted, while by 2006 the same areas were dry enough to burn.

"The Times of India"
Tuesday 10th of July 2007

Shock of the day: A power house submerged in Rajasthan's Pichiyak village after overflowing water from the Jaswant Singh dam flooded many areas.


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Granja Homa Shreedham, Algodonales, Spain:
Good News from the Homa Farm- with Homas, Biosol Gloria and much Love we are achieving a vegetable harvest which is abundant, nutritious, beautiful and healthy.
On Full moon (30th of June) we could share very special moments with Christa's Yoga group from Pto. Santa Maria, in chanting the Tryambakam together.
We cultivate the veggies in so called "Jean Paigne" gardens, where a favorable microclimate is created for the growth of the plants.
Following our beloved Master Shree's suggestions, we enjoy singing and making music with percussion instruments in the Homa atmosphere, which awakens our musical creativity.
Greetings and love to all,
Juan Rodriguez

Barry Rathner, Los Angeles, California, CA
Last night's Agnihotra meeting was very special . Several Agnihotra pyramids and a lot of books found new owners. Now that some have continued Agnihotra these weeks, they are ready for Om Tryambakam. Very high energy. Mrs. Esperanza now has 3 nights per week that she does Agnihotra for the public at her bookstore. Radio show is set for this Saturday night.

Photo left: Dr. Barry Rathner, Ph.D. teaches Agnihotra fire since over 25 years in many parts of the country. Here he is at Mrs. Esperanza's bookstore in L.A.

We received this lovely letter and photos from Armenia, Quindio, Colombia:
Yesterday, Sunday (June 24th), The foundation "Four Suns" attended an invitation that the Agricultural Engineer Alfredo Jaramillo had made to visit the Echo-village "PACHAMAMA" for learning and practicing Homa Therapy. We were warmly welcomed in their house made of ecological and harmonious materials. Eng. Jaramillo used the web page www.terapiahoma.com  to explain the effects of this beautiful healing Therapy in the section of health, agriculture, ecology and in other aspects of our lives.
We saw and we touched the necessary elements to practice this ancient healing technique; each element seems like a musical note coming together to create a beautiful melody.
Close to sunset, we proceeded to practice the specific mantra for the evening Agnihotra. With the Respect and the intension of carrying out a sacred act, we were caught by the silence and absolute Peace in this beautiful moment.
Thank you for this magical experience.
(Director of the Foundation "Cuatro Soles" = Four Suns)
(Note from the Editor: we thank Eng. Jaramillo for his great service and we know, there are many people out there teaching the Agnihotra fire. Once, one receives the healing Blessings, one wants other people to be happy too.)



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People need help everywhere. This can be seen at the numerous assistants to the Full moon and New moon invitations for the Healing Agnihotra Gatherings. Old and young come to experience relief and find Hope and Light.

Many volunteers come with their pyramids to these gatherings, because the more Agnihotra fires are lit, the more healing energy is created, which gives room for spontaneous healings to happen. Many people experience relief of their (sometimes yearlong) pains, just in one of these massive Homa healing sessions.

This beautiful poster (above) was created to invite anyone interested to a Homa video conference and Massive Agnihotra Healing Session free of Charge, organized by the director of the Homa Center in Guayaquil, Sonia Hunter (far right with Mr. Tulio Rey) and Homa friends. Everybody receives after the event, a little envelope with Agnihotra ash (right), which is enjoyed and looked for by all the participants. Also many times other home made Homa medicines are offered free of charge like Agnihotra Ash Cream, Agnihotra eye drops, Agnihotra Ash sweets, etc.

The Homa Center of Guayaquil counts with the continuous and very appreciated help of many Agnihotris, through whom these Massive Healing Events and constant Homa teachings are made possible. Here we see Jorge and Meche Rivera, David Rojas,  Eng. Franklin Ortiz, Dr. Eufemia Guaman and Douglas Rangel with Sonia Hunter (from left to right). The last two promote the Homa Meetings through their radio programs, like Sofia and Carlos do. Thanks to everyone !!!


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Jalgaon, Maharastra, India
Wonderful meeting with over 50 Agnihotra fires in Jalgaon thanks to the organizing talents of Mr. Devidas Wani, Mr. Jitubhai Kutmutiya, Mr. Shamkant Chinchole, his wife Ujwala, Anne and Bruce from Tapovan and many other helpers. Homa Therapy was presented to many new people with Health Testimonies from all over the world and also they heard about the spectacular Homa Farming  results. One of the speakers, Mr. Vaidyaraj Jimmat Choute, an ayurvedic doctor, talked about his surprising results with Homa Therapy in his patients. Many pyramids found new owners at this meeting and so the LIGHT is spreading...
In India many people know Agnihotra since childhood; their grandparents practiced "Agnihotra Puja", but it is very important to mention, that the Agnihotra of Homa Therapy has its miraculous results on all levels because it is done precisely to the second at sunrise and sunset. It is a scientific approach to Healing through manipulation of LIGHT and SOUND.
Jalgaon, Maharastra, India
Rotary Club President, Dr. Javant Jahagirdar invited to introduce Homa Therapy to the Rotary Club members, of whom many are medical doctors, like the President of IMA (Indian Medical Association) Dr. Deepak Patil, who wants to organize more meetings with doctors.
Anne, Bruce and Abel gave inspiring testimonies and talked about the necessity of Homa Farming in order to become and maintain oneself and the family healthy.

Jhira Bagh Palace, Dhar, M.P., India
Photo left: teaching all the employees of the Palace the Agnihotra healing fire.
Photo lower left:
Shree Vasant arrived for a few hours in the palace with HIS blessings and more fire...
Karin and Aaron from Austria, Dr. Irma Garcia from Venezuela, Sarvajit, Prashant, Rupesh and Prof. Jog from India accompany Him.
Mr. Deepak Suryavanshi, Mr. Sanjay, Richa, Aleta and Abel are at the JB Palace.
More Agnihotra practice with the owner, Mr. Deepak Suryavanshi and his staff.

Teaching Agnihotra fire in a Palace is something new. The staff is being trained.
A guardian, who suffered from knee pains got well quickly with the fires and the Agnihotra ash cream.
(photo far left)
Some of the staff members also practice the Tryambakam Homa.


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Also the women working for the Palace, are invited to learn about the preparation of Agnihotra ash medicines thanks to the translation of young Dr. Sarita Verma, a Homeopath Consultant.
Manager, Sanjay Rajawat already has experienced a quick relief from a 2-year-old skin problem in his hands. After only the 1st application of Agnihotra Ash cream, he was 50% better; after 2 weeks he says 5%  is left.
The women's meetings in the Palace are wonderful. A beautiful energy is created, even without knowing the language. One feels the HEART of a sister...
But 13 year old Mihir and his mother Taruna Rajawat are excellent translators. There is a lot of laughter and joy, when sharing devotional songs in different languages.
For us, JB Palace has also been the place of wonderful vacation -  thank you Mr. Deepak!!


Master Shree Vasant looking at
Mother Mary, who radiantly appears
in the flame of the Holy Homa Fire.

Speak less your thoughts and opinions. Listen more and let the words be spoken through you. This is the meaning of silence. Silence is
Golden. Silence does not mean simply not speaking. When you keep silence, make it begin with speech and make it extend to the
formulation of thoughts.

When a thought is being formed, if it is not one which will serve to enlighten, to inspire or to educate, better stop the thought process.
Then when you do speak, it will reflect a peaceful heart. Words will come with more kindness and love.

If you are not keeping silence, at the moment the thought comes, see first before it forms speech. Is it a thought which will enlighten, educate or inspire another?

If it is none of this, if it has some negative connotation, then, do not speak it.

Once a thought is uttered, it cannot be retracted.



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as received by Parvati in Poland

Chemtrails/ Alternatives:

Yes, yes. We shall be more forthcoming indeed. Now, one is more aware now of what is termed ‘Chemtrails’. These are more than what meets the eye. There is much more going on that is not visible. Concern yourselves with boosting your immune systems. This is another reason why the big push against one’s natural right to use alternative methods of healing, vitamin and supplement products which are healing and herbs which are readily available as viable alternatives to allopathic medicines. Indeed, there is an awareness at the top that these natural ways are healing and this is absolutely what is not the desired effect! No, chemical companies which produce pharmaceuticals rely upon a public that is sick and in need of medication. No herbs for these folks!

This brings us back to the clear message your beloved Master, Shree Vasant Paranjpe, has spent his life spreading: Become self-sufficient. Grow organic HOMA produce; establish alternative methods of healing, gardening, farming. Procure alternative sources of electricity, fuel, etc. The tool which is going to assist all of you in rising above the ensuing chaos is FIRE. Healing fires as given in the ancient Vedic tradition. Indeed, yes, it is time to unveil this now.

GM Crops, HOMA

We warn against the spread of genetically modified crops, as these abominations of Nature cause disease. Not only do the foods produced not have the capability to heal—they systematically destroy by weakening the organism. It is not only chemicals that seep into the feed for animals, but the feed itself is compromised. Animals will fall ill, many will perish.

Now, here is the amazing thing. HOMA will heal even crops which have been contaminated with GM seeds. The use of Agnihotra Ash on and in the soil will neutralize the effects of any contaminated seeds. With this sacred Agnihotra Ash, anything is possible to be healed! What all of you have in hand is nothing short of a miracle.

The situation in IRAQ has reached a horrifically dire state. If U.S. does not pull their troops out in a methodical, but fast manner the war will escalate and many more crimes against humanity will be conducted with no concern for the outcome. It is not only Iraqi people who will suffer, as retaliation against America is liable to increase—all because one deadly administration has chosen to act on their desire to create war, in the name of democracy and justice. This just is not so. Shame on the present administration. Shame. Shame.

Fuel Crisis

Yes, yes. There indeed will be a fuel crisis within the next few years, slowly developing at first in underdeveloped countries and then spreading to developed countries. Fuel for heating and for cooking will rise in prices. Alternative fuel sources are recommended, as is alternative energy source for electricity. Those beings who have Homa farms especially should consider these items as of urgent priority, considering that these places will act as oases in the coming crises. We do not wish to frighten or alarm, only to forewarn. Those of you who are already aware of the impending fuel crises have already investigated alternatives. It would do well to put those alternatives into place now, in order to be prepared.

On a lighter note, there is the discovery of a new planet. Interesting that it took Earth so long to recognize this planet’s existence. Scientists have known for a longer time actually. And yes, there is life on that planet.

To read the complete Orion Transmission please enter: www.oriontransmissions.com

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