13th June 2007


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 EDITOR's NOTE  -  !!!  RED ALERT  !!!



Now, lets invite you to visualize the following movie:
There is a bus driver, Mr. Bd, behind the wheel, traveling over the speed limit. He is distracted by the radio, by some passengers who are joking around and by the advertisements on the road. Mr. Bd. sees a red light on the dashboard indicating “low gasoline”. However, he thinks that he can reach the destination without stopping for gas. A few minutes later, the “low oil level” light comes on, but Mr. Bd.  still thinks he can continue. Then the A.C. (air conditioning system) breaks down and some passengers start to complain and ask him to stop. But most of the people are pushing Mr. Bd to continue driving, since they are already late for work and they have deadlines. Some businessmen offer more money to the driver and promise to pay the repair bills if he simply ignores the red lights. Many passengers are indifferent to the situation. They are either sleeping, or eating, or reading, or playing, or watching TV, or listening to music, or feeling powerless. 
By the way, we are forgetting to mention that Mr. Bd is driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol. Other passengers are also intoxicated. He keeps on driving and crosses a red traffic light. Then a local police officer stops him. But some of these passengers are powerful figures in the political and business arena, who tell the police man that they are in a rush and that it would be better for him to take some donation and let them continue their trip. Mr. Bd resumes his reckless driving and gets off and on  the road several times. 

As he is falling asleep and the bus is about to leave the road and drive over a hill, a federal policeman flashes his red  lights, and starts the loud police siren.  This very brave Police Captain stands in the road, raises his hand and orders “Stop the Bus”. Now, Mr. Bd pushes the brakes; the bus turns over and some people get injured. But it does not go down the cliff. This Captain calls the firemen, paramedics, and many others selfless workers to the rescue. So, many passengers are saved.

Now, some people think, this is similar to what is happening at a larger scale, where the Earth is our bus, the Red Lights are represented by all natural and man made catastrophes like global warming, melting of the ice poles, toxic gases coming from the earth, hurricanes, droughts, floods, disappearing of the bees, holes in the ozone layer, lack of food , increase of plagues and disease in agriculture, GMO's, extinction of species, water shortage, chaos at all levels, etc. 
Even though the producer of this movie clearly gives a happy ending, the following question arises:
1) Which character are you playing? (driver, distracted passenger, businessman, attentive individual, policeman, paramedic, fireman, helper, etc.)
2) Can you see the “Red Lights”?

We are all traveling on Spaceship Earth and the Mass practice of Agnihotra (simple Homa fire) helps to repair our Mother Earth. 
What are you going to do? 
                     It is Y OUR PERSONAL CHOICE.                to sleep  or    Wake Up !! 

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Dr. Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan  terapiahoma@yahoo.com 
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Homa Healing Stories

Lisa Juana Castro
Piura, Peru, South America

"I am from Piura, Peru and I am 42 years old. My husband advised me to go the Homa Therapy session, since I was suffering from some pain in my left breast. Doctors had detected in 3 different opportunities 2 masses of 2 cm each one. Even my arm was in pain. So I got the pyramid and started to do the Agnihotra. I was hypersensitive and anxious and believed that my problem had no cure and therefore I had stopped taking medicines. Later when I went back to the oncologist, he told me that I did not have anything.

Thatwas one month after I had started with the healing Homa fires. I also had some dermatitis on my right foot, which was healed very quickly with the application of the Agnihotra ash. 
My father had an eczema on his head, he had been going to the dermatologist for many years. He would heal partially, but the skin problems would come back again. One day I saw that the spots were also on his face present, therefore I prepared some of the Agnihotra creme, which is Agnihotra ash mixed with ghee, and I applied it in the affected areas. Amazingly they healed very fast. He also takes the Agnihotra ash 3 times daily, orally. 
My son has a dog called Ray. One day, while I was doing the Agnihotra fire in my room, the dog was crying in front of the door. The next day I left the door a little open and started the Agnihotra fire. The dog got into the room and started running in circles infront of me. He was so very happy. And when my son saw this, he started doing the Tryambakam fire with me. Then the dog came and rested his head on my sons legs. My son looked at me and said, "after I finish my exams, I will participate more in the fires of the Homa Therapy". Lately my son has changed a great deal. He is more communicative, friendlier and loving. David is my only son."


Juan Rodriguez Carpio
Arequipa, Peru
"I am from Arequipa. I felt pain for many years when urinating. The first experience I had with Agnihotra and taking a little bit of it's ash is, that the next day I felt no more burning, I could urinate normally.
Also with my suffering from gastritis, I felt a deep relief.
Because of pains in my shoulders I could not sleep many nights, I spent the time awake till 4 or 5 in the morning and then grabbed a few hours of sleep. With Homa Therapy the pains have become calmer. The pains

began when I was thirty five years old and those of the shoulders when I was 30 years old. It started with the left arm, I could hardly move it. Now, after more than thirty years, I can move my left arm and the right arm, which was operated and hurt a lot does not hurt any longer thanks to Homa Therapy. I have stopped taking the medication; I only take the Agnihotra ash. I have experienced a relief in only three Agnihotra sessions."


Sudagar Salanki
Telephone worker from Parola, Maharastra, India

I suffered from headaches, skin diseases and backache problem. Because of all these problems I could not perform my duties well. But after approximately one month of doing Agnihotra my skin disease is gone, backache is gone and headache is gone and I am very happy. I also found peace of mind".



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"Tapovan" Homa Farm, Parola, Dist. Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India

Tapovan Homa Farm was established in 1992 by Master Shree Vasant. 
The care takers  are Bruce Johnson and Anne Godfrey from Australia since 1997. With much discipline, effort, dedication, organization, talent, determination and love for all , Tapovan has become The Homa Demonstration Farm in India. What started out as a dessert has converted into a lush green and fresh Oasis. Visitors arrive from all corners of the planet to experience and learn about Homa Therapy, which includes not only the practice of the healing Homa fires, but also cattle raising, vermiculture, Gloria biosol preparation, farming, natural bee keeping, water harvesting, ecological housing and Agnihotra Ash Medicine preparations. 
In March 25th, 2001 the 24 hour Tryambakam Homa was established. This has helped not only the Tapovan farm, but all the neighbouring farms as well to improve their soil, water levels and production (see picture above of Tapovan Homa farm and surrounding farms right before the Monsoon). 
Anne is 'Tapovan's Mother  and she is called "Madam" with much love by all the employees. She is working with the women in the neighbouring villages and through her attitude of selfless service, she provides work to over 500 women with a cottage industry project. (see article next newsletter)

Tapovan in 1997

Same view of Tapovan in 2007

Cattle Raising

Gloria Biosol

Homa Vermiculture 
(Earth worm compost)

Ecological housing and landscaping

Every day evening Agnihotra is done with all the workers and guests in Tapovan Homa Center. Many times, there are over 50 Agnihotra fires lit .So, the dessert Tapovan has converted into a green OASIS where everyone finds relief, harmony and so much healing and love expressed in action by Bruce and Anne, the caretakers of Tapovan, joined now also by their son Aaron. Also all the workers and guests participate in the 24 hr Tryambakam.  For more information please see: www.tapovan.com 



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  Drought: A New Norm Across the Nation? 
By Patrick O'Driscoll 
USA Today - Friday 08 June 2007 
Drought, a fixture in much of the West for nearly a decade, now covers more than one-third of the continental United States. And it's spreading. As summer starts, half the nation is either abnormally dry or in outright drought from prolonged lack of rain that could lead to water shortages, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor, a weekly index of conditions. "The time to tell people that we're in the middle of a drought and to institute strong conservation programs is today, not a year from now," Gleick said. Meanwhile, California and Nevada just recorded their driest June-to-May period since 1924, and a lack of rain in the West could make this an especially risky summer for wildfires. Coast to coast, the drought's effects are as varied as the landscapes: 

In Central California, ranchers are selling cattle or trucking them out of state as grazing grass dries up. In Southern California's Antelope Valley, rainfall at just 15 percent of normal erased the spring bloom of California poppies. In south Florida, Lake Okeechobee fell to a record low of 8.94 feet last week. So much lake bed is dry that 12,000 acres of it caught fire last month. In Alabama, shallow ponds on commercial catfish farms are dwindling, and more than half the corn and wheat crops are in poor condition. "Droughts will continue to come and go, but higher temperatures are going to produce more water stress," says Kathy Jacobs, head of the Arizona Water Institute, a research partnership of the state's three universities. This drought has been particularly harsh in three regions: the Southwest, the Southeast and northern Minnesota. Severe dryness across California and Arizona has spread into 11 other Western states. In Los Angeles County, on track for a record dry year with 21 percent of normal rain downtown since last summer, fire officials are threatening to cancel Fourth of July fireworks if conditions worsen. The city of Burbank already has scrubbed its fireworks show. The Southeast, unaccustomed to prolonged dry spells, may be suffering the most. In eight states from Mississippi to the Carolinas and down through Florida, lakes are shrinking, crops are withering, well levels are falling and there are new limits on water use. 

UN Urges World to Slow Extinctions: 
Three Each Hour 

By Alister Doyle 
Reuters - Wednesday 23 May 2007

Oslo - Human activities are wiping out three animal or plant species every hour and the world must do more to slow the worst spate of extinctions since the dinosaurs by 2010, the United Nations said on Tuesday. Scientists and environmentalists issued reports about threats to creatures and plants including right whales, Iberian lynxes, wild potatoes and peanuts on May 22, the International Day for Biological Diversity. "Biodiversity is being lost at an unprecedented rate," UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said in a statement. Global warming is adding to threats such as land clearance for farms or cities, pollution and rising human populations. "The global response to these challenges needs to move much more rapidly, and with more determination at all levels - global, national and local," he said. Many experts reckon the world will fail to meet the goal set by world leaders at an Earth Summit in 2002 of a "significant reduction" by 2010 in the rate of species losses. "We are indeed experiencing the greatest wave of extinctions since the disappearance of the dinosaurs," said Ahmed Djoghlaf, head of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. Dinosaurs vanished 65 million years ago, perhaps after a meteorite struck. "Extinction rates are rising by a factor of up to 1,000 above natural rates. Every hour, three specie disappear. Every day, up to 150 species are lost. Every year, between 18,000 and 55,000 species become extinct," he said. "The cause: human activities." 



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16th of May, Madison, VA
Agnihotra Video Presentation in the Hearthstone School. This meeting and the Newspaper interview was arranged with much love by Lisa and Richard Powers. 

17th of May, Madison, VA
Finally we meet our dear brothers and sisters from the Madison Homa Community, VA. They showered us with much care and tenderness. 
The Parama Dham Fire Temple was established in 1973 .Daily  sunrise and sunset Agnihotra and 4 hours of Tryambakam Homa are maintained here; also the Full- and New moon 24 hour Tryambakam Homa. 
(from left to right: Gaby, Stu, Abel, Mike, Susi, Jim, Carey, Lisa, Richard)

18th of May,  Baltimore, MD
Homa Video Presentation in a Yoga and Nutrition School arranged by the lovely young Agnihotra practitioner Ryan Couto and his family. 
The many Agnihotra fires were done just outside the school in the parking lot.
May 19th, Baltimore, MD
Teaching and sharing of Agnihotra, the wonderful and profound healing experience, in a Center for Drug- and Alcohol De-addiction in Downtown Baltimore.
May 20th, Baltimore, MD
Agnihotra video presentation and massive practice in Angeli's & Prateeps recent established Yoga Center.


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May 20th, Baltimore Homa Community Satsang meeting
We were able to attend one of the regular Sunday Satsang  meetings, where a lot of joy is shared  through singing, dancing and music.

May 23rd, Baltimore: Every Wednesday the Homa Community meets to experience Agnihotra together in the tipi, followed by devotional singing. The singing of this community is exceptional and heart moving. Beside, this community is very well organized and has different committees to support all the Homa work from gardening to supporting international Homa projects.

May 24th, Baltimore
Agnihotra video presentation and practice with the Latin Community in Baltimore arranged by Norma Wooten. 
Mrs. Olinda from Peru invited all her friends to join this Healing Fire session. Her hair saloon was quickly transformed into a Homa teaching place and she continues spreading the knowledge about these Ayurvedic fires in her community with the help, assistance and enthusiasm of the people form Baltimore Homa community. 
In spite of the busy daily schedule of the American way of life we see that all the Agnihotris throughout the USA are happy to teach and help and support the persons interested in Homa Therapy in any way possible. 
See "Links" and "Homa Centers" in the web site for further contact information.

May 28th, Miami and May 29th, Hialeah, FL
Last Agnihotra meetings and sharing of experiences with lots of love and joy with the Miami family before leaving to India. 

Agnihotra practitioners interested in acquiring more knowledge in Homa farming have the chance to participate actively in a Homa farms in the USA (Philadelphia, PA).
Please contact Mr. Jay Kuzminsky: jay1956@comcast.net


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June 3rd Malegaon, MH
Wenda (Uk), Anne and Bruce (Australia) are being felicitated  by the 'Association of Cow Protection' for their continuous support and dedicated work in India. 
June 1st, Mumbay, Maharashtra
Evening Agnihotra with Abhay Paranjpe, his wonderful family and friends.
June 2nd, via Tapovan, Maharashtra (MH)
morning Agnihotra on the road side

June 3rd, Malegaon, MH

Presenting Homa videos to key people interested in H.T. like Mr. Jitubhai Kutmutiya (Director of Ayurvedic Hospital Sane Guruji).

June 5th, Jalgaon, MH
Interview in "All India Radio" with Mr.  Satish Pappu arranged by Mr. Devidas Wani.  (photo to the right:)Agnihotra in the Ayurvedic Clinic of Dr. Jahagirdar 

June 6th, Tapovan, Maharashtra, India
Morning Agnihotra has woken up all the  guests that surprisingly arrived late night to learn Agnihotra. Dinner and beds in cool cabins made of clay in a wonderful Homa surrounding awaited them. The families have numerous members and everyone wants to practice Agnihotra themselves. So, many healing fires are lit every day to support  the energy cycle of that area and much more...
June 10th, Parola, MH
Agnihotra meeting with a large group of newcomers in Jalgaon, arranged by Mr. Dilip Patil, SUbdivisional Engineer BSNL, Parola and his wife Prerana.
We did meet Pooja Jain and her mother and filmed their amazing healing experience (see Homa NL#10)
June 11th, Maheshwar, M.P.
What a wonderful Blessing to set foot on Maheshwar, a special place close to the Narmada River.              
One of THE POINTS of LIGHT on our earth where healing goes out to the whole planet.



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There are so many different paths available and so much confusion as a result. There are those who as spiritual seekers try on spiritual tenets as if clothes in a boutique. Tiring quickly of the new outlook they go on to the next shop for their next esoteric thrill. 

With daily Agnihotra practice we begin the process of self healing and assist people in breaking down barriers to success, good health and inner wisdom.

Once the soul is willing to serve the Master, the Master will always provide the way, the best way for the devotee to serve. Learn to be like a warrior and not worrier. 

If one looks at what is difficult in one's life as a challenge rather than as a blockage one can easily rise above the situation. 

When one enters into a marriage with expectation that the person whom they are marrying will change and fulfill these expectations already the marriage is burdened. It becomes difficult to fulfill those expectations and also difficult to face the disappointment when those expectations are not met.



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as received by Parvati in Bhrugu Aranya, Poland

April 18, 2007 ORION

... Greatness is measured in a human being’s character, not in his habits and customs necessarily. All of you have habits you wish to break, but it is in how you interact with others that your greatness is measured. It is in how you are able to give and how you are able to graciously receive and utilize life’s many blessings, that your lives are measured. 
So, take time to be kind. Take time to cultivate patience and understanding. Take time to be more gracious and accepting of others’ foibles and weaknesses. Take time to exalt in His Name and spread His joy throughout your lives. Don’t be too busy to listen to a friend in need. Loosen the purse strings to give more of your material assets to assist others in need. Remember each others’ celebrations and share in them. Do not rush through life, in a hurry to get things done so you can relax. Relax and then get things done! At least, those of you who work hard and have the tendency toward over-work, take time to breathe and walk, to revel in Nature’s wondrous abundance, enjoy your changes of season, listen to the laughter of children, dance, sing, pray, be joyous! 
Life is more than amassing wealth and guarding it. Life is more than waiting for tomorrow to bring the wish of your dreams. Life is today, the moment, the preciousness of the moment.  Life is in the stillness of quiet reflection and in the gathering of friends swept up in laughter and camaraderie. Life is fleeting and life is everlasting—but enjoy it and share it.

Speak the words of love you have on the tip of your tongue or in the quiet recesses of your heart. Don’t hold back praise for fear of it going to someone else’s head. Let it go wherever it will, but do speak words of praise and gratitude, of forgiveness and kindness.
One never knows when one’s last breath will be. So keep the Name of God on the tip of your tongue, whether it be your personal Mantra or a Holy text, Hallelujah, Allah, Jesus, God, Amen. Let it be one of praise for Almighty. Let it fill your heart...

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