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   Let us continue with more self-study (Swadhyaaya). Today we will speak of “Detachment” (Vairaghya in Sanskrit).

It is very natural to want to touch an object and take it with our hands to get some benefit from it. By the way, it is the first thing we do at birth when we seek the mother's breast to feed us. As we "grow," we discover other objects and other benefits in possessing them.
This is normal and natural when we also "release it" or "leave it" without any pain.

The problem is that sometimes we do not want to let go and we cling too much to something.
It's like a child who does not want to leave a toy because he's afraid someone will take it away. This can happen to anyone with any object or with another person. It is a kind of irrational dependence or habit.
This can be seen even in the mental or emotional field when one does not leave past negative experiences behind, or fixes on erroneous concepts or limiting attitudes that do not allow us to grow or be free.

Of course, there are positive thoughts and emotions that work as stakes that help us to climb a mountain or a rope that pulls us
 out of the water.


DETACHMENT is not that you cannot own something, it is that nothing owns you.
- Ali ibn Abi Talib

However, “It is weak who has it and refuses to let it go, as well as who does not have it and does not dare to take it, if both are motivated by fear.”
To understand the above a little better, let us remember how they trap the monkey in some parts. A cage or coconut is tightly attached to a tree. A banana is placed inside the coconut or cage through a small hole that allows the monkey to introduce the hand. But when the monkey grabs the banana with his hand, he cannot take it out since the fist is bigger than the hole. Usually, the monkey reaches in, picks up the banana and pulls it and starts jumping and screaming without separating from the coconut or cage, catching the attention of the monkey hunters until he gets tired,
but not letting go of the banana.
So, the monkey is caught.

Another option would be
 "to drop" the banana and
pull out the hand and "be free".
And better yet, would be to remove
 the banana with something thin
 that does not get stuck in the hole.

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But many monkeys "do not think"
 about these last options.
The practice of Agnihotra and the Fivefold Path allows us
“to take the banana and eat it”.
Yes, yes, yes, you can have
your cake and eat it!
The banana can represent something concrete and tangible as well as something abstract and sublime.
The Sages, subtle physicians, transcendental psychologists,
and Spiritual Masters,
tell us that Anesthesia is to Pain, what Detachment is to Attachment.
But Detachment is not equal
 to indifference or aversion.

 And yes, yes, yes, there are "slaves" of attachments and possessions, just as there are "lords or tyrants" of scarcity
or nothingness. Both are trapped.

Let's be free by transforming the mind.
The Masters tell us that
 “Detachment from the fruit
 of the action is the Key”.
 The Masters, Shree Gajanan Maharaj and Shree Vasant Paranjpe,
taught us the Fivefold Path and
 showed by their example how
Agnihotra Transmutes the Mind and Facilitates Detachment and Equanimity.



   We share the following special Homa Stories regarding the Birth of
Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj (Mahashree, Maharaj Shree)
, who was the Holy Teacher who revealed the Knowledge of Homa Therapy of Vedas Science.
Homa Therapy consists of simple, economic and effective techniques to Neutralize Contamination and thus,
Heal and Save the Planet.
Yes, Homa Therapy is a great help for the practitioner's personal well-being and health.

 The book
“Biography of the Son of Man, Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj”,
was written by Prof. SG Mulay,a devout disciple, and translated by Dr. Irma García (Secretary of
Master Shree Vasant Paranjpe).

    In this book, you will find information, messages, guidance, inspiration and much more for an easy way to the Light through Service day by day, as these Masters showed us.
You can order this book in English from S. Paranjpe: agnihomainfo@yahoo.co.in
This is one page of guidance from this book:

Promise yourself:
"To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind;
To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person you meet;
To make all your friends feel that there is something special in them;
To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true;
To think only the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only the best;
To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own;
To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future;
To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile;
To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others;
To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble;
To think well of yourself and to proclaim this fact to the world, not in loud words, but in great deeds;
To live in the faith that the whole world is on your side so long as you are true to the best that is in you."
Message received by Parvati in Meditation in the voice of Shree Gajanan Maharaj, January 18, 2007

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(Photo: Captain Prasad Sarkhot and his wife Vidhya Guru Prasad Sarkhot )

Captain Prasad Sarkhot
Chiplun, India
    "I have practiced Agnihotra since 1974 and we have had many wonderful and wondrous experiences. We will share a few:
   Around 1993, one morning I was awakened around 3:00 AM by a person 6 ½ or 7 feet tall, dark skin, very muscular and very strong. Every time he made a step, his foot was going into the soil 6 inches deep. He opened the gate with so much force that it just banged. When he passed through the gate, I saw flames coming from his navel shooting up about 20 feet high. He was covered by these flames.
Quickly I called my wife, “Get up, Agni is coming to us”. I was asking Him to come inside our home, but he did not. He placed both hands on the doorframe and it seemed as He was x-raying everything inside the house.

      I was literally begging Him to come inside. But suddenly I saw that His image was fading away. So I tried quickly once more: "If you already come here, why don’t you come in? And if you don’t want to come in, why did you come here at all?”
        I started crying. But he just vanished. Then I realized that a fully ablaze Agnihotra pyramid was in my hands. I went and put it inside the house.
That same day Gajanan Mahashree’s Holy Padukas (Sandals) came into our house.

Shree Gajanan Maharaj from Akkalkot gave me Vardhanas (promises).
The first promise was when I was 16 years old and when He said,
         ‘I'm holding your hand and I will take you forward.’
So, I know where I'm going to end up. I will be with Him. I don't know how much time is going to pass, how many years or how many lifetimes, but I'm going to be with Him.
The second Vardhana was when He pronounced these words:
      ‘You will never be defeated. Remember us and we will be there like a force’.
      He said that I was not going to be defeated. And this is the case till now.
When I was in the Army in 1977 / 1978, I was on the Pakistan border and I had 150 soldiers under my command. There was an operation of infantry and armor put together, when suddenly a huge explosive was thrown towards us from a round tank. It landed 25 feet near me. It did not explode right away and so I had a chance to tell the soldiers to go down, but there was not enough time for me to do so. At the time of the explosion there were big flames and an entire movie passed in front of me, where I could see my whole life from childhood on until now. I was fully prepared to die and told myself to get ready, that it was time to go.
    There was strong sound of splinters that moved. I remembered Mahashree and the Mantra that He had given me; and the reciting of this Mantra started automatically.
     After a couple of minutes I opened my eyes, pinched myself and asked myself if I was alive. All these things happened in a fraction of a second.
      My helmet was gone, my glasses were gone, and all my clothes was damaged; but my body did not have a single scratch. There I lost the fear of getting killed.

     I realized that He is there to protect me and I just continued with the operation; but only stayed in the army for 5 years."

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Continued Sarkhot family:
Mrs. Vidhya Guru Prasad Sarkhot
Chiplun, India
  "I have been married for 26 years and it was after my marriage that I started with the practice of Agnihotra.
My Guru is Shirdi Sai Baba. My grandma played with him. My parents were disciples of Shirdi Sai Baba. I have been doing meditation since my childhood and received the blessings of many Gurus and I recognize all of them as spiritual Masters.

    When I was pregnant I went through bad times. The reason was that two to three months before giving birth, Doctors said that my baby was going to be physically deformed and mentally disabled. They told me to be prepared for that. I was doing Agnihotra and I started doing other Tryambakam and other Homas for 5 hours every single day until the time of birth. And I was taking large amounts of Agnihotra ash. I was a little upset, but I told her that this Agnihotra ash will be the medicine that I will use.
     At the time of delivery, the child was born with some blue marks on her body, but that was the only thing unusual. She was completely fine and very well.
We gave her the name Gaargi, which is another name for Lakshmi.
      Our daughter is very intelligent. She was the best state swimmer for four years.
      She speaks nine languages. She sings Indian classical songs with her wonderful voice. She topped the district standard exams during school and she was a top student in the University and post graduate."

Captain Sarkhot:
     "In 1988 /1989 I was traveling on the motorcycle from Nagpur to Pune, and about 10 to 15 kilometers from Nasik I had an accident. I was driving at 70 to 80 km/h and hit a group of cows, which were running onto the street. The skin of my whole left side down to the knee was removed. One could see the bones.
     My younger brother was with me and only his hand got broken.
My bones were all intact, but I did not have any more skin, nor muscles.
But I still continued the ride to Pune, which was 200 kms. There we went to a nearby hospital and the doctor applied some medication which was very, very painful. So, when the doctor turned around, I ran out of the hospital. The treatment was too painful.
   When I got home, my mother immediately prepared a paste with Agnihotra ash and ghee and applied it all over the wounds. After eleven days I was fine! Not even a mark was left."

Mrs. Vidhya:
"I also used the paste when I got into an accident with my scooter and had a wound of one and a half inches in my leg. After applying it for 15 days, I was well. These accidents brought us together, because we met in the hospital. My husband asked Gajanan Maharaj Shree if he could marry me and He gave us His blessings."

Captain Sarkhot:
      "In 2002, we came to Chiplun. I was transferred due to my job. My daughter was in 7th grade elementary school. One day she could not catch the bus on time and I had to take her to school on my scooter. It was at 7 A.M. on an Autumn day with lots of fog. I dropped her; and as I was returning, I was driving at a very slow speed, slower than walking speed.
This was a period in my life when I was asking myself and wondered repeatedly, “What is all this? Who is controlling all life, the universe, even the leaf that is falling? Who am I and what am I here for? Who is looking after everything?”
Those kinds of questions were hovering around my mind."

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Continued Homa Stories  - Captain Sarkhot:
        "Suddenly, I realized that the scooter I was driving, was me myself. I was looking at me and laughing at myself. The road on which I was driving - was me. The tree, the leaves, the electrical poles - were me. The train which was approaching - was me. The passengers in the train - were me. Everywhere I looked, it was me! Nothing but me! The whole Universe was me. Whatever I could see - it was me.  I was enlightened, I was full of joy.
   After having driven about 150 yards in very slow motion, the change came. I could see everything, but I was not there anymore. It was not me. I started crying. Then I came home and told everything to my wife. I still remember. I saw and experienced this "Chaitanya", which in our Indian philosophy means ‘energy’.   I had seen everything as myself"

Ballal Hari Apte
Goa, India

    "In my childhood, I was were fond of being in the outside world. However, in my family we are supposed to be indoors, performing all the rituals, Vedic ceremonies and Agnihotra.
In 1990, I got a disease called Meningitis.
So the doctor told my parents that I was not going to survive and to arrange for my funeral. I was 17 years old and I was supposed to die.
The doctor told them also,  ‘Let him do what he wants’.
But destiny turned around and I recovered fully.
           (Foto: Ballal Hari Apte)

I came back to Goa and my life was good, nobody was forcing me or shouting at me. I could do what pleased me. That lasted till four years after my marriage.   
  I married in 2000 and in 2004 my wife got pregnant for the first time,
 but lost the baby after 3 months. The doctors told us, that
she will never be able to become a mother;
 that we will have to adopt a child.
We tried all different medicines available. I was unhappy.

     In 2004, I was going to Hyderabad to the Somayag. Some health issue happened to my younger brother, Achal, so I went with my wife instead of him. We had to watch over the Somayag hall and so I slept there on the floor at night.
At about 4:00 am, I heard a noise as if somebody was walking inside the hall.
It was a clear step. I could hear it clearly and felt the vibration on the ground.
 But I could not see anybody and lay down again.
Then again I heard these footsteps, this time closer to me. I got up and looked, but nobody was there. I got a little scared but then thought maybe I dreamt. Then the noise right in front of me; and I went to the Agnihotra Kunda, looked around, but could not see anybody.
      When I walked back I saw Mahashree (or Mahashree Gajanan Maharaj -
 the Master who resurrected Homa Therapy of the Vedas)
He said:
"Stop."  I went to Him and bowed down.
    He put His hand on my head and said, "I heard that you want a child."
I said, “Yes, I want a child.”
    Mahashree said, “I can give it to you under one condition,
                                          You do Agnihotra and I give you a child.”

I stopped for a moment thinking, and then I said,
 "“You first give me the child then I take Agnihotra."
     He said, "Okay".
Again, I bowed in front of Him before He left.
That was on 24th of Dec. 2004, exactly 9 month later my son was born.
The name was given to him also by Maharaj Shree, when he appeared five month later in a dream to my father. His name is  Chataved.
      By the way, the doctor did not charge anything for his service
 during the 9 months of pregnancy and also not for delivery,
because he had said previously that
 she could not get pregnant due to a blockage in the fallopian tube.
 He realized that something very special had happened.

We later also were gifted with a daughter, whose name is Agniwish.
   Now, we are dedicated to the practice of Agnihotra and the Vedic Fires".

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 By Carolina Morales Pavez, Agronomist

       The urban garden can be cultivated under two processes: direct sowing or planting in nurseries. In this demonstrated case it was preferred to plant seedlings as indicated in the  first photo of the first row. The substrate used was a mixture of vermicompost and Agnihotra ash, which was placed in seed trays where the seeds of the selected crops were received.
    The choice of crops will depend on the family consumption, i.e. the number of plants of each crop will be determined by the tastes of the family and/or those in charge of the urban garden. In this example we worked with leafy crops such as lettuce, spinach and root crops, like carrot and beetroot. (Second photo)

     When sowing is carried out using the seed tray system, sufficient time should be allowed before transplanting. In other words, the total days from seeding to transplanting will depend on the area where the garden is established, since it must have enough heat and water to be able to germinate, which can take up to 30 days. The transplant indicator is that the plants have two to three true leaves (Third photo). This means, already formed leaves of the crop, as this ensures that the roots have sufficient growth and occupy the entire space of the nursery tray and is able to be moved from one place to another. The transplanting process is a critical. Failure to ensure sufficient minimum growth of the roots and leaves increases the risk that the roots will break and even might cause plant death.

      When the transplant is carried out, the hoeing (first photo, row below) must be performed in the soil to arrange for the new plant. In this small hole, it is suggested to apply Agnihotra ash while chanting the Om Tryambakam Mantra. In this case, Agnihotra ash mixed with vermicompost (second photo) was applied. The reason for this is that the water used to irrigate this garden is potable, but in this zone has a high concentrations of salt, which affects leafy vegetable crops. These are more sensitive to high concentrations of salts. Vermicompost causes a buffer effect for the salts, which allows to reduce their toxicity. Once it is transplanted, the crop should be irrigated immediately. In this case Homa Gloria Biosol was used in a dilution of 1 liter biosol in 15 liters of water.
  This can be applied by means of irrigation and/or spraying the plants with the watering can or back-pump sprayer.

          The reason for making a greenhouse (third photo) is given by the climate of the area where this urban orchard is located. If it is a dry high desert, which means that there is a high temperature during the day (22 ° C) and low at night (-4 ° C) in the winter specifically and 0% relative humidity. Therefore, vegetable crops must have adequate protection and temperature for supporting their normal development.

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Vidhya Sarkhot
Chiplun, Maharashtra, India

     "When we got this land 6 years ago, it was totally barren and now it is very beautiful. The trees have grown so fast. We practice Agnihotra and use its ash in the garden. We have noticed that all the trees are facing towards the Agnihotra shala. Literally they have changed their direction.
     When we lived in Aurangabad we took a 4 ha land for cultivation. It had been used before for cattle, but due to draught the cattle had to leave.

      We used Agnihotra ash water and we had great experiences. The yield was so high that the owner of the land said, it cannot have grown on his soil.
We did grow a variety of vegetables. But in one hectare we grew only ladyfingers.
 Half of that hectare we treated with chemicals in order to compare with the Agnihotra treatment. Even though I practiced Agnihotra, I wanted to see, to experience the results of Homa farming. That is my nature. I had to get the proof if all the good things about Homa were only written or really true.

    The ladyfingers which received the Agnihotra ash were much bigger, sweeter and so delicious, while the chemical ones were inferior in quantity and taste. So, I had the proof!

     From the foundations of our house to the top, there is Agnihotra ash mixed with the building materials. It's a very harmonious home with a good vibes."
(Photos: The house and large green garden with a variety of trees of the Sarkhot. Below: Pepper, cashew and jackfruit)

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Goodbye nuclear power: Germany's renewable energy revolution

     A wind turbine spins behind a new biogas plant in Lower Saxony near Ebendorf, Germany. The plant processes natural waste from local farms into electricity, heat and environmentally-friendly fertiliser.
Photograph: Sean Gallup/Getty Images
To many a casual observer, Germany's reaction to the Fukushima disaster

seemed knee-jerk to say the least. Nuclear power produces nearly 20% of Germany's energy, but in July 2011 (only three months after Fukushima) the German government vowed to shut down its nuclear capability within 10 years. Not just that, but to replace it with renewable energy, cut greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions by 40% by 2020 and 80% by 2050.                            For more info please see: https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/nuclear-power-germany-renewable-energy

New Technology Open Source
to regenerate alkaline batteries

      Regen Box - is a battery regenerator that will in its final version be an open-source project. It is able to regenerate all kinds of batteries, including both rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries and supposedly "non rechargeable" alkalin batteries. Initiated by the paleo-enegetic collaborative research program , Regenbox is the first project of this kind.

It was brought to us by a fellow paleo-searcher of this program who first prototyped the box using an old patent from the 1980s that is now in the public domain.
Regen Box is ecological and against planned obsolescence.
For more info, please see: https://www.ulule.com/regenbox/


Climate change will make people sicker. Trump is pulling out of Paris anyway.

 The devastating health risks of Trump's climate policies.
President Donald Trump is making good on his campaign promise to pull the US out of the Paris climate agreement — a move that’s been called a moral disgrace and that’s expected to hinder much needed progress in the fight against global warming.

A failure to tackle climate change will mean more extreme weather, dirtier air and water, and more food shortages. It’ll also mean more disease.
Researchers have long been arguing that the effects of climate change could undermine the last 50 years of gains in global health, increasing the spread of infections like yellow fever and chronic diseases like asthma and heart disease. More info:


What Rural Alaska Can Teach the World About Renewables

       The distances between Alaska’s remote communities are daunting, making it challenging to supply people with power. If power can be generated using local renewables, the up-front cost is almost always worth it, writes David W. Shaw.
Unalakleet, Alaska, on a late fall day. With about 700 people, Unalakleet is large by rural Alaskan standards

and serves as a regional hub. A row of wind turbines, installed in 2009, are among the numerous renewable power installations that have popped up across rural Alaska in the past decade. For more info please see:

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     Through Dr. Ashish K Jha, Zoologist, Hislop University, (on the right side), and his student and assistant professor, Dezling Chaitanya Danta (on the left side), Homa Therapy came to Nagpur city. We had met in Indore at an International Conference,
where Answers to Global Climate Change and its Impacts were sought. 
Their interest in sharing Homa Therapy in their home town led them to organize
 the conference "Workshop on Homa Therapy  with Agnihotra" 

for which they had the support of the "Arya Samaj" Group. This 2-day event took place at the Maa Usha Jaiswal Auditorium in Nagpur. In order present Homa Therapy in Human Health and Agriculture, 4 people arrived: Karin Heschl and Arun Anand from Indore and Aleta and Abel from South America.
      There was a press conference right at the time of Agnihotra (see photo below).
 Later we saw several articles in local newspapers announcing this conference.

         As we all arrived the day before the conference, we were invited to attend a
 "Traditional Agnihotra ceremony",
 which usually is performed by a trained priest. This was done in the hospital of Dr. Neelam Puniyani
i. (Photos to the right and below.)
This ceremony lasted about half an hour, while offering many different ingredients such as woods, resins, seeds and sweets to the fire. Various and melodious Mantras were sung.

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      The previous night we had participated in the opening of a temple/Yoga hall in the Jaripatka area of Nagpur. This Center was a gift for the community by
Mr. Rajesh Lalwani and his wife Deepa

The next day,
we met  for
 the sunrise Agnihotra.
(Photo right, the first two from the left: Mr. Lalwani and Mrs. Deepa, sponsors of the event.)

  At this Center, we got to do Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset many times.
 Prof. Abel, after Agnihotra, also gave
 Yoga classes
, which we all enjoyed very much.

    At noon, we were invited by the Secretary, Mrs. Deepa Lalwani and the Director, Dra. Vandana Khushalani to the girl’s school,

'Dayanand Arya Kanya  
Mahavidyalaya', to give a small demonstration of Homa Therapy.

Photo left:
Dr. Vandana -2nd from left,
Dr. Vinod Kumar Ji – 1st from right and Mrs. Deepa Lalwani – 3rd from right.

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      The time in the School 'Dayanand Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya' went by very quickly, which included doing a Vyahruti Homa.
It was explained how the regular practice of Agnihotra in a school can help young people to improve their concentration, to retain better the teachings and information, to increase harmony, to create an optimum environment for studies in order to get better grades and provide support to teachers.

      Prof. Abel, while showing videos of Homa Therapy, took advantage of the time to do some simple therapeutic exercises while sitting, improving the posture of the attendants and with the breathing exercises,
 new energy was brought to the audience.

  This can be a call to directors of schools, colleges and universities. to take advantage of Homa Therapy!
 (Photos in the school.)

    In the afternoon, the "Homa and Agnihotra Therapy Workshop" (photo below) was inaugurated with the lighting of several ghee lamps in beautiful candleholders.
Then, several prominences of Arya Samaj took the word, among them Shri Basant Lal Shaw. This was in Hindi language.

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Mr.  Saurabh Nayak, was a wonderful host, and translated word-by-word the English presentations into Hindi.
    We started our allotted time with a Vyahruti Homa (photo above), followed by an introductory talk on Homa Therapy and health, by Prof. Abel Hernández.
(Photo right)

          Dr. Kamal Narayan Ji also spoke about his perspective on the Homas, and
 Mr. Arun Anand explained briefly the correct practice of Agnihotra as done in Homa Therapy. Then we performed Agnihotra at the exact time, when the last rays of the sun touched the coordinates of the auditorium. And there was silence.

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    The following morning, a group of people had congregated in the auditorium for the practice of morning Agnihotra. ( Photo above) This was followed by a breath meditation and then we were ready to start another beautiful day. For us, it was another opportunity to learn many lessons and share Homa Therapy.
        We presented the subject of "Agnihotra and Human Health" on a deeper level with testimonies, medical reports and scientific data that Prof. Abel and Aleta had obtained in different countries, including India.
 (Photo below during the Homa Health presentation.)

We want to mention and thank, among other wonderful speakers,
Dr. Vinod Kumar Ji,
Dr. Sharma Ji,
Dr. D. K. Belsare Ji,
Dr. Kamal Narayan Ji
and Dr. Tiwari Ji
for their cooperation provided
to Homa Therapy.
 Also a big THANK YOU to the organizers, helpers
and all supporters

(Photo right: During the event a ‘Traditional Fire Ceremony’ was presented to the public.)
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    Mrs. Karin Heschl (Photo below 1) presented the topic Homa Agriculture through a variety of experiments that had been performed and related their excellent results. She also told her personal experience when Chernobyl's radioactivity did not affect her Homa farm in Austria, while it did affect the surrounding farms.
    Mr. Arun Anand (Photo below 2) talked about his experience of having an urban Homa rooftop garden. He showed pictures of a variety of vegetables, herbs, and legumes growing happily, nurtured by Homa energy.
Before evening Agnihotra, Mr. Arun explained in more depth the necessary materials and ingredients and the correct preparation of Agnihotra as practiced in Homa Therapy.

             This wonderful Homa event, organized with such dedication, observing even the smallest details, oriented to serve the community, with an excellent meal for all, truly reached the hearts of the people. There were some sick people attending, who consulted regarding their problems, and received new hope of being able to improve their situations. One was the case of a lady who arrived with her body totally cold and
open wounds on her legs. Her diagnoses were diabetes, hypertension, cardiac insufficiency,
 circulatory problems and pains, she having had two heart operations.
Within two hours of taking Agnihotra ash with water, her body had warmed up, improving blood circulation. And she reported less pain and she was in better mood.

    (Photos above)    At sunset we did Agnihotra, which coincided with the end of the Homa Workshop. We all enjoyed a few minutes of silence, enjoying the purified air and prana entering every cell of our body - calming, harmonizing and healing...
       Agnihotra is for everyone who desires to practice it. It is not necessary to be a priest, to study Mantras for a long time, to belong to a certain group or caste or any other requirement. Just have the right sized pyramid (there are many different ones on the market today), have the ingredients, know the Mantra (4 lines) and download the Internet schedule or calculate the time for your place. - And you are ready to become your own healer!

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       After the
 "Workshop on Homa Therapy with Agnihotra"
we decided to stay longer and help establish the Homa Center, teach more,
and form a group
of Agnihotra practitioners.

Photos from this page:
We enjoyed sunrise Agnihotra every day, followed by group meditation, a series of therapeutic Yoga exercises and Pranayama.
The young assistant professor and bright Agnihotra practitioner, Dezling Chaitanya Danta, was at all times in attentive service and did the translations very carefully, word-by-word. He always counted on the support of his teacher,
 Dr. Ashish K Jha.
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    Groups of people also arrived daily
 for sunset Agnihotra. They learned this healing technique, witnessed it, received simple guidelines about the use of its healing ash and always took it home to share.

Photos on this page: Sharing Agnihotra in Nagpur.
The Homa family is growing day by day.

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      The invitation for an introductory talk on Homa Therapy and its effects in NEERI (National Environmental Engineering Research Institute),
came through a journalist and his newspaper article

about the "Workshop on Homa Therapy and Agnihotra".
     Dr. Padma Rao, Chief Scientist and Head of Air Pollution Control Division CSIR Nagpur, called a group of professors and researchers to see the presentation on Homa Therapy given by Prof. Abel.  (See photos on this page.)
    It would be wonderful if this institute could do air research before and after the practice of Agnihotra from Homa Therapy

     Later, Dra. Padma Rao, and her colleague, Dr. Sadhana Rayalu,
Chief Scientist and Head of the Environmental Materials Division CSIR, took us on a very interesting tour, showing us high technology devices and special machinery, designed for their research purposes.

(Photo to the right: Chaitanya Dante - our guide, Aleta & Abel, Dr. Sadhana Rayalu and Dr. Padma Rao.)

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      The invitation to introduce and practice Agnihotra at the Arya Samaj Temple came through the priest, Shree Surendrapal Arya and his wife Karuna Arya, experts in Ayurvedic Fires. Many sick people arrived to this meeting. Some were having  health issues for many years.
Photos above - 1) Introduction to Homa Therapy. 2) from left to right: Mr. Mahesh Ladharam Israni - our wonderful host; Prof. Abel; Dr. Vinod Kumar and Dr. Ashish K Jha, Homa were supporters in every moment.

The practice of Agnihotra and the instruction to breathe deeply and sing the Mantra 'Om Shree', left the mind on standby and we were open to enjoy deeply the atmosphere filled with healing fragrance. Dr. Vinod Kumar Sharma gifted us at the end with 'Yoga of Laughter' exercises. (Photo right)

     We want to take the opportunity to thank all
these wonderful souls we found in Nagpur,
 supporting Homa Therapy in thousand-and-one ways
 from their hearts, without expectations.
We felt showers of Divine Grace through them at all times.  OM SHREE OM

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      We received these photos from the MaYu Homa Tribe in West Palm Beach, FL. They share the Agnihotra practice weekly, under the guidance of
 Dr. Mario Chávez and his wife Yuri.
This group includes Homa Therapy promoters, like Mr. Rafael Dietsch,
Vet. Dr. Carla Cossy León, Therapist Miriam Molano and many others.
Photo below - middle - was taken by Dr. Mario at sunrise,
 just as some raindrops began to fall.
      The resplendent Light of Agnihotra nourishes our inner Light.


      We live in a time when we leave our descendants many more problems than ever before. Only through our radioactive legacy, many generations to come have to break their heads over it, if we do not find solutions soon.
Homa/Agnihotra Therapy is a holistic healing method that is applied globally in agriculture, medicine, psychotherapy, purification and reactivation of

 water, as well as against radioactivity and electromagnetic pollution, as in many other fields.
        In this interview of Michael Friedrich Vogt of TV program, "Think Differently", with Reiner Szcypior (Instructor of Homa Therapy) and Eng. Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen, (who worked for more than 10 years as director of the laboratory next to Dr. Masaru Emoto), the scientific and spiritual approach to Agnihotra is addressed. (See photo)
To view the discussion (in German), you can access this link:

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      We received the following information from Ms. Camila Molina:
        Here we are with Josefa in Cape Town-South Africa, already in the final part of our trip. It has been a time full of learning and adventures.
We have felt the presence of the Masters and all the light and protection of the fire so that everything is well, because South Africa is a country with many difficulties.
We held several Homa Therapy meetings in centers and also a group of people learned Agnihotra. One of them had access to a farm with cows and brought lots of cow dung cookies for those who learned!!!
We practiced Agnihotra in different places of the city.
I am attaching photos of the main meetings and workshops with their description:
1) Agnihotra meeting and workshop at The Enlightenment Tree.
First meeting held at downtown Cape Town, which was lovingly provided by Tracy and Rick Jackson. In this Agnihotra workshop some people decided to start its practice at home. It was an afternoon of learning and healing in Homa atmosphere.

We thank every person who came and especially
Tracy and Rick
 for their support in making this event possible.

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2. Homa Therapy Workshop in Muizenberg
We meet in Muizenberg with the new Agnihotris to deepen the teaching and explain more about its benefits.
     In the photo: Simon Tzu, Narayan Ryan Harricharan, Amar Meta, Shahadev Naido, Natasha Dakini, Josefa Molina, Camila Molina.

3. Homa Therapy Meeting at Minerton, 13 May.
         Beautiful meeting and workshop of Homa Therapy in the studio of Yusrah Brown, who organized everything to experience an afternoon of learning and Homa Therapy healing. At the end we shared a fruit cocktail lovingly prepared by the Yusrah family.

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4. Homa Therapy Full Moon Meeting. Workshop and Meditation.
We experienced a beautiful May full moon encounter in Cape Town. The event was organized by SHIFT, a project that promotes activities for wellness and holistic health. Ft was a beautiful afternoon where a group of people learned about Homa Therapy and we performed sunset Agnihotra.
     We thank everyone for their presence, and Chloe Guilhermino and Ashley, founders of SHIFT, who generously helped make the meeting possible. Gratitude!!!

During the week we worked as volunteers in the
 "Amy Foundation"
 on social projects with children and young people in highly vulnerable schools in the city.
We were from the end of March until now doing a Yoga project with children and also  Josefa

participated with the team of facilitators of gastronomy programs for young people over 18 years. This has also been a rewarding experience, to grow and learn a lot. Om Shree!


The director of the
 "Holy Child English School",
Manmohanjit Cheema from Dhule, sent these photos of his trip to the origin of the Narmada River:
“Om Shree Om
We recently visited Amarkantak, source of the holy Narmada River in the Maikal mountain range, where we did Agnihotra.

This is in Madhya Pradesh.
It is the only river in India flowing westward.

It is perennial in nature. With kind regards and greetings from my wife, 
 Sarbjit and daughter Rajan."
 (Photos: Source of Narmada; A temple on the banks; and Agnihotra on the road.)

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Women Empowerment
- in the true sense of word
By Vinya Sawant 

It is often said,
   "When you teach a woman,
 you teach a family".

She is an architect of the society, as the basic building unit of the society,
 “HOME” is managed by her.
The values/principles of the future citizens (her children) are inculcated by a woman.

       The best way to bring a positive change in the society is by empowering women with knowledge and support conducive for a better world.
(Photo above: Mrs. Vinaya Sawant speaking and Mrs. Meghana to the extreme left - organizers of this event.)

  Adopting the above strategy, a group Agnihotra was arranged by
Ms. Meghana
in South Mumbai on 1st April’17. More than 50 women participated in this event. Mrs. Vinaya Sawant addressed the group emphasizing how “Agnihotra” is the need of the hour.
All the challenges which the modern world faces today

(like stress, food adulteration, pollution, health issues, hyperactive children) can be addressed by simple performance of Agnihotra.

Mrs. Vinaya explained in detail the science behind this ritual, its origin, narrated various healing experiences by Agnihotra and ash, its benefits to humans as well as the environment.
The lecture was followed by demonstration of Agnihotra so that the group could enjoy being in a calm, energetic and tranquilizing space which was created by performance of Agnihotra. The women were amazed to learn that such a simple daily

  ritual could have such marvelous benefits for the health and harmony of everyone in their family. Many of them are keen in initiating Agnihotra at their home for the wellbeing of the family and environment. Perhaps reaching out to women’s groups is the best way to grow the number of Agnihotra homes.
(Photos: 1. Agnihotra with the women group of Kokanasta Vaishya Samaj, who meet every month in the south of Mumbai 2. Demonstration and practice of Agnihotra at sunset.)

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Mrs. Diana Molano wrote from Villavicencio, Meta:

"We have performed
's Circles' in the Amara restaurant (photo left) of Mrs. Aura Reudo and in our home, every Monday and Thursday in May.
The purpose was to complete
 the research project
 for Master degree.
We have been able to talk about the importance of listening and leisure so that we can deepen our

 spirituality and practice activities such as meditation and the five aspects of the Fivefold Path. These help us lead a truly healthy and
happy life in service and love.

All circles begin with a Homa fire and that has made all of us able to heal through accepting and releasing
 ideas of guilt, fear, indifference,
reluctance or disapproval.

It also fills me with joy to be able to share something of the beautiful encounter we lived in total unity and love with the Homa family of Villavicencio.
On May 10th, in the Amara restaurant (owned by a beautiful woman and Agnihotra practitioner), we gathered around a mandala made with fruits and flowers to share Agnihotra. (Photo below)

We also did  Vyahruti y and Tryambakam Homa.
We received the blessing of
 the womb.
 Mr. Audo gifted us with a beautiful meditation and a dance of water
and fire.
(Photos below: Sharing Agnihotra everywhere is an opportunity to serve.)

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Mr. Percy Riquelme Illanes sent greetings and photos of this page from Antofagasta where they share Agnihotra in various occasions.

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By Dr. Ulrich Berk

Soil and Agriculture

     In the last issue of the HomaHealth Newsletter we talked about the experiments on Homa Farming done at Palampur Agricultural University, Himachal Pradesh, Northern India. The experiments showed increased yields, better disease resistance, and better quality of the produce.
The second part of their research was about soil health, a very important factor for future production.
More research was done on the effects of Homa Farming on soil health at Dharwad Agricultural University, Karnataka, Southern India. Four M.Sc. theses brought some interesting results. But before we are discussing these results (in the next issue of this newsletter), let us first look deeper into the situation of our topsoil which is of utmost importance for the future of mankind.

A Sanskrit text written in around 1500 BC noted, “Upon this handful of soil our survival depends. Husband it and it will grow our food, our fuel, and our shelter and surround us with beauty.
Abuse it and the soil will collapse and die, taking humanity with it.”
(Quoted from: George Monbiot, Ploughing On Regardless, The Guardian, 25th March 2015)

Thus abuse of soil mentioned as a possibility 3500 years as developed into a likely scenario now as we can see from recent reports from FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations from two years ago.
An article in Scientific American makes it very clear that we live in kind of emergency situation, see the following article:
ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Generating three centimeters of top soil takes 1,000 years, and if current rates of degradation continue all of the world's top soil could be gone within 60 years, a senior UN official said on Friday.
About a third of the world's soil has already been degraded, Maria-Helena Semedo of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) told a forum marking World Soil Day.
The causes of soil destruction include chemical-heavy farming techniques, deforestation which increases erosion, and global warming. The earth under our feet is too often ignored by policymakers, experts said.
"Soils are the basis of life," said Semedo, FAO's deputy director general of natural resources. "Ninety five percent of our food comes from the soil."
Unless new approaches are adopted, the global amount of arable and productive land per person in 2050 will be only a quarter of the level in 1960, the FAO reported, due to growing populations and soil degradation.
Soils play a key role in absorbing carbon and filtering water, the FAO reported. Soil destruction creates a vicious cycle, in which less carbon is stored, the world gets hotter, and the land is further degraded.
"We are losing 30 soccer fields of soil every minute, mostly due to intensive farming," Volkert Engelsman, an activist with the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements told the forum at the FAO's headquarters in Rome.
"Organic (farming) may not be the only solution but it's the single best (option) I can think of."

This article advocates organic farming, definitely the first step we have to take. But as pollution of soil has gone so far, that will not be enough. Homa Therapy techniques have to be applied to restore soil helth, as the following article written by Shree Vasant Paranjpe shows:

Continued on next page

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By Shree Vasant Paranjpe

The soil, water, atmosphere, subsoil water are all polluted by the metallic, nonmetallic and gaseous toxicants of different types.

The soil in large areas of forest is nearly dead.


In the rejuvenated soil different types of microorganisms, starting from the level of viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, thrive.

Thus, a healthy micro-flora and micro-fauna is created.

This gives rise to a micro environment or micro-system which is comparatively less toxic to the growing plants.

The soil which has now become a living soil because of the presence of micro organisms has all the chemical components useful for life in the form of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. According to modern theory, these three together form life in the form of bacteria. We have e.g. nitrogen fixing bacteria, also bacteria working on phosphorus content of soil.

After the creation of such micro environment, creatures like earthworms thrive. They eat the soil, digest it and again replenish the soil.

It has been found that when Agnihotra ash is added to normal soil it increases the water soluble phosphate content of the soil and the nutrients are absorbed readily by the root hair of the plant.

Absorption of mega nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potash, because of small cells and active transport is helped by Homa atmosphere.

We have to tell the people this is how Homa farming works.
When you perform Agnihotra and YAJNYA or other HOMAS in a garden, an atmosphere is created that is conducive to growing and therefore attracts the nutrients, insects, microorganisms and animals that would be happy and thrive in that environment.

This, of course, is because nature is so wonderful, it automatically benefits the soil and the plant, and the plant thrives.

Same thing happens when you put the ash or use Agnihotra ash water but it works mere for the plants individually - by putting the ash around the individual plants or in the beds or spraying the plants, those elements that are best for that plant are attracted to it and it thrives.

Of course, we have to use basic operations of farming like weeding, organic composting, spraying with Agnihotra Ash solution, etc.

These are clear guidelines for sustainable farming practices Shree Vasant gives. The article was written in 2008 or little earlier.
Good that in the meantime quite some research has been done some which confirms by means of modern science that Homa techniques really work well to restore soil health. This research work was mainly done at Dharwad Agricultural University, Karnataka, South India. We will have a closer look at the results in the next issue of this newsletter.

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      Never be too tired to become an instrument. It doesn’t depend on your own strengths or weaknesses.
It all lies in His power.
It is His will.

       When there is more trouble oftentimes there is more opportunity to teach the fire. Suffering prepares a person for God. Now all of man is suffering the effects of pollution.

      So Agnihotra can go  all over the world now.

     Many times the disciple goes to the Guru and says, “Master I have this problem. What is the solution?” Well, the Master may or may not reveal a solution. Still the person has to first have a full understanding of the problem. In many cases the disciple does not want to take the time to understand the problem. He is in too big a hurry to solve the problem. If he looked at the problem, say from several different angles or points of view, the solution would—in most cases—become quite clear to him.
     But instead he seeks the Guru and says, ‘What is my solution?’ Now, if the disciple is devoted, he will truly wish to apply at once this solution but if he has no understanding of the problem, this will have only a limited effect. Because ultimately, the lesson is to be learnt. The problem will arise over and over again until the person confronts the problem head on and truly begins to understand it. This is also not an intellectual exercise.

    Do not allow fear to root itself in your heart. Attachment is the blockage.

   Use your new found strength wisely.
The strength does not come from sitting with Vasant.
The strength comes from disciplines and doing what is given to you to do.

   Fortunate are those who walk in the Light for they will be released. Come forward all in unity.

   All of you must even out your differences. Come together in unity as the brothers and sisters that you all are.
No time, no toleration for dissension.
Why find fault with others?
Shree has chosen you as instruments to do the work on the planet.
Why let petty differences cause rifts between you?
There should be no judgement passed from one to the other. Let it be up to the Divine who is considered worthy and able for service. Let us not think that we have either the right or the power to make such determinations.

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( received through Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Remembering Who We Are
    Yes, yes. Be aware, one can become fully engrossed in world events, lost in the emerging characters, playing roles in the play devised to disguise and misrepresent Truth. Don't be fooled by the show, no matter how shocking or outrageous.

    Indeed, what goes up must come down. Those whose aim is destruction of natural resources, culling the world's population, and creating divisive politics to separate and alienate human beings from one another – will reap their karmic due.

     Your jobs as Light Workers, as compassionate citizens of the world, is to REMEMBER.
who you are.
Remember who the being standing in front of you truly is.
Remember your promises.
Remember to preserve your integrity and to protect the integrity of others.
Remember to keep your hearts open to receive Light and to share that Light.
Remember to honour the wisdom of age.

    Shelter those less fortunate than yourselves.
   Stand in Unity with those of you who are suffering.
    Create oases where you can – on land, in cities, in parks, in your hearts.
   Create places of refuge and safety in your own hearts.

  Do not judge what you do not understand.
Keep those people of your lustrous planet in your hearts, in your prayers and in your songs.
Wherever you see darkness, be a carrier of the Light.
In all you think, speak and act, share that Light with others.

These are times when Almighty shall dispel the fear, clear the air, till and heal the soil, create safety zones where beings can come to receive purity and healing in Light.

We are, ORION

On Strengthening Your Resolve
        Yes, yes. While the others await our commentary on the present political situation in U.S. as well as the world, we decline to comment in the moment. Feeding the illusive reality of your untimely times is essentially unessential! If you whose eyes are opened and whose hearts are welcoming can perceive the dissonance around you, this is sufficient.
       It is of far greater concern for us to buffer you against the harshness which surrounds you, and strengthen your resolve to continue walking in the Light, fearless and resolute, steadfast and true. This is our concern, not to further highlight what needs to be risen above.
     That said, we must urge you to become one onto yourselves, and to be true to those with whom you hold camaraderie and deep bonds of friendship, kinship and spiritual brotherhood/sisterhood. There is indeed great, great strength in numbers.

         Walk on this Earth with absolute integrity, with honesty, commitment and clarity. Your adherence to Truth and to Service toward the greater humanity will shine forth and create a beacon of Light for others to follow, in these teeming times when humanity is being called upon to triumph over darkness and move forward into Light.

       Greater are the needs of the whole than those of individuals who insist upon carrying their burdens, unwilling to lay them down and release. Encourage those whose burdens are weighty to summon up the faith to lay down their fears, doubts and confusion, to override their hesitance and stubborn resistance and to give in to Faith, even if it is a single seed within them.    One seed of faith can greatly outweigh the fears, as one seed of faith is born of Light.           Light shall always triumph over darkness. Of this, you must be sure.
Now, we urge you to go within, where every hope shall blossom, where every truth shall expand, where every prayer shall be answered.
We are in your service, dear ones.

More info: www.oriontransmissions.com

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