13th May 2007


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VEDAS - The Revealed Knowledge

Some people say that life is suffering. When you are born you cry. As you grow up, you fall many times and we may go from physical falls to emotional and mental ones. Even though you manage to get up most of the times, as you fall you experience pain. Then, you lose your dear ones. This is pain. As you get old, you can get sick, this is also pain. Dying might be painful  for some due to the attachment to the body. Yes, breaking up relationships is painful in many cases. Can we change the chain of events? Yes, we can, up to a certain point. But certain events are unavoidable. Can we stop the pain associated to them? The answer is yes, yes, yes.
Through the right mental training, we don’t have to drown in the water of emotions. We can walk over it. The answer is in the Vedas. What are the Vedas?
At the beginning of Creation, man was given a handbook to live in harmony with nature and himself. This is called the Vedas. The term ‘Veda’ comes from the root ‘VID’, to know. The word Veda means ‘Knowledge’. The Vedas are the Eternal Truth revealed by God to the Great Rishis. The word Rishi means Seer, from Dris, to see. The Rishi is the Mantra-Drashta, Seer of Mantra (thought). He saw the truth or heard (Shruti) truths. So, the truths of the Vedas are Revelations. The Rishis did not invent the Vedas. He discovered the Eternal Truth. The Vedas are not the composition of any human mind. The Vedas are the embodiment of Divine Knowledge. The books may be destroyed, but the Knowledge cannot be destroyed. It is eternal.
By the way, the truth contained in all religions is derived from the Vedas.

Mahashree Gajanan Maharaj resuscitated the Vedas and now Agnihotra is available to everyone for happy living.

The disciple asks the teacher:
Why have I not reached self-realization, if I meditate every day?
The teacher says: Chances are that there are many factors depending on each individual case, however patience is important. Let’s ask ourselves:
What thoughts and emotions do you fill your mind and heart with throughout the day?
(put a check mark )
a) money
b) sex
c) entertainment
d) food
e) power
f) fame
g) selfish work
h) physical body (beauty, health, sports, etc.)
i) fashion, vanity (gold, diamonds, clothes, etc)
j) car, house, plants, animals, people
k) past memories
l) fantasies (day dreams, night dreams, etc.)
m) etc.
Or are you saturating your mind and heart with thoughts and emotions that link us to:
a) God, Satguru
b) Jesus, Mother Mary
c) Saints
d) Meditation, Mantras, etc. (Tapa)
e) Self inquiry (Swadhaya)
f) Unselfish work (Karma), Vikarma
g) Daana
h) Yagnya (Agnihotra, Homas)
i) etc.

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Editor's Note continued:
What is your first thought when you wake up?
What is your last thought when you go to bed?
“As you think, so you become.”

Thoughts become words and actions     ->   tendencies   -> 
character  ->    destiny

Our Birthright is to become ONE with the Almighty, to become ONE with ALL.
(Maybe, we are already One ????)
We have free will, we can choose to be consumed by the transitory illusions or we can listen to MAHASHREE GAJANAN MAHARAJ when HE gave us the easy way out of the vicious cycles of life and death.
"Yagnya, Daana, Tapa, Karma Swadhaya nirato bhawet
Esha ewahi shrutyuktaha Satya dharma sanatanaha" 

(Sapta Shloki – Vs. 7)

Purport: Be engrossed in the Fivefold Path of Yagnya, Daana, Tapa and Swadhyaya. These are the  Eternal Principles of Religion  given through the Vedas.

Agnihotra can help to break the CYCLE OF LIFE AND DEATH
and bring us back to the Source.

Healing with Homa Therapy

A happy Noma Casmos with her friends Abel and Ivy.

Noma Casmos, 74 years of age, at her 1st Agnihotra meeting in Albuquerque. She came with a walker, that served at the same time also as a wheelchair. Her hand was bandaged, due to an operation that had left her with pain and without the strength to hold a glass or do anything with her hand. She was suffering from pain all over her body for more than three years, but specially her back and arms hurt after an accident.
She received the healing power of  10  pyramids and took the Agnihotra ash home. After taking a bath and using the Agnihotra ash all over her body, she felt so good, she did not want to go to bed. But she slept 10 hours straight (she used to get up 2 or 3 times at night).

Two days later at the Agnihotra gathering in Santa Fe, Noma Casmos came to gave her testimony of healing. She had left her wheelchair at home. She got up from the chair without any help; she could walk without any help; she had gotten out of bed like a healthy person (normally she needed half an hour); she could even cross her legs and she could hold a glass with her fingers and use her hand. And the most important thing is that the pain had disappeared. She is very happy and grateful to the Divine.

To see video clip of Noma Casmos click:


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This hive is about 2 feet
(60 cm) across.
"Tapovan" Homa Farm
Parola, Dist: Jalgaon, Maharashtra

• Honey bees are dying on a mass scale in all parts of the world.They cannot get enough nutrition to survive.
• Bees are needed for eco-balance on the planet. Even if we employ all known methods of improving soil and sustainable organic agriculture, the bees will still be dying. This is a big threat to agricultural production.
In Tapovan 6 hectare Homa farm there are more than 25 natural hives of wild bees (see pictures).
• Inborn in the honeybee are certain hormones that are produced solely in Homa atmosphere.
• This subject is foreign to anything science has encountered so far in this respect. These hormones help the nutritional levels yielded in vegetables and fruits to yield at much increased rates.

Effect of Homa Supertechnology on Turmeric

Turmeric crop reached height of
5 feet in places

Flowering turmeric.

Harvesting the turmeric.

"Tapovan" Homa Farm
Parola, Dist: Jalgaon, Maharashtra

We planted turmeric during monsoon season, 2006.
• Turmeric is not usually grown in our area.
• Turmeric is a food spice and also a medicine (nature's antibiotic)
• We planted the small section of quarter acre (0.1 ha) between the Agni Shala and the Yajnya Shala.
• We sprayed the crop several times during the season with Biosol solution.
• Biosol is an important part of Homa Organic Farming. It is a very powerful natural fertilizer which contains Agnihotra ash.
• After 8 months the crop was ready for harvesting.
• Harvest from quarter acre yielded 1.52 tonnes which means 6.1 tonnes per acre
• Average dryland harvest with agro-chemicals is about 4 tonnes per acre.
• No artificial agro-chemicals are used on a Homa Farm.


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Spring Mystery: Where Are All the Bees?
Scientists and beekeepers are wondering why bee populations have suddenly fallen.

April 1, 2007

It is a mystery causing heated debate in the world of beekeeping: What's wrong with the bees? Why are they suddenly and without warning leaving their colonies -- and disappearing almost overnight -- by the millions in the United States, Canada and Europe?
Nationwide, there are 2.4 million bee colonies that are used in agriculture to pollinate everything from almonds to fruits to flowering plants. Beekeepers estimate that 600,000, about 25 percent of the colonies, have been affected by the mysterious disappearance. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that 27 states from New York to California are now affected by the bee mystery.On Capitol Hill this week, Congress heard from beekeepers, scientists and government officials.
Beekeepers complained that the basic science of what is happening to the bees isn't being done. Officials with the Department of Agriculture testified that they have collected samples of bees but they don't have the money to process them. David Ellingson, a commercial beekeeper from Minnesota, called this year "catastrophic" and said money is needed immediately to research the mystery.
Beekeepers can only guess at the cause. Some blame an insecticide called Gaucho, because it has the effect of disorienting insects. Others say it's the effects of drought or a warmer than normal winter. And still other beekeepers say that keeping bees is a complex task and less-experienced keepers are making basic mistakes.
Joe Traynor, a bee broker in California's Central Valley who has kept bees for 40 years, said beekeepers must be precise if their colonies are going to survive.
"If you don't treat at the right time, if you don't supplemental feed … you're not going to have a strong colony," he said. "It's constant work. Before, you could just leave you bees. But if you're not at your bees every two or three days, your colony is going to suffer."
California almond growers may have the most to worry about. Pollination of California's vast almond groves is the main event of beekeeping nationwide. It takes about one million colonies of bees to pollinate the almond trees; in total that's about 30 billion bees -- many of them trucked in from across the country
Paul Wenger of the California Farm Bureau testified that "bees are the unsung heroes of our state's important almond industry that has an annual farm value of more than $2.5 billion."
Wenger added that more than honey and almonds are at stake. In California, bees pollinate "melons, cherries, avocados, Bartlett pears, bushberries, kiwi, many apple varieties, cucumbers, plums, prunes, pumpkin, squash, ornamental plants, and dozens of vegetable and flower seeds," said Wegner.
The biggest pain so far is being felt by beekeepers. Favorable weather and enough bees has groves throughout California now bursting with almonds.
Other growers have so far not reported major problems with getting their crops pollinated. That said, beekeepers warn that diminishing bee colonies will affect the price of honey and eventually the price of produce. of course things could always get worse.
Albert Einstein, quoted in Germany's 'Der Spiegel', once said, "if the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man."

April 22, 2007 ORION Message regarding the urgency of beekeeping:

On every Homa farm there must be bees. The art of beekeeping is one which is absolutely urgent to be learned and passed on. In Homa environment, bees should be able to survive where in all other environments now, they will disappear. Disease is not necessarily the issue here. The bees are simply disappearing. Therefore, Homa farms are the only answer. Yes, yes. Purchase bees and hives and learn immediately all that is needed to maintain them, the Homa farming way. Indeed, begin with minimum two, maximum three at this time. Later, there can be more added. This is of utmost importance for the eco balance on the farm. All other Homa farms in existence should consider this an urgent matter and begin with beekeeping at once.


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April 14th, Pinecrest, Miami, FL
Jhon Papavaritis Sharing Agnihotra with friends and family
April 15th, El Doral, Miami, FL
Healing Mantra Workshop with Gladys R.
April 19th, Miami, FL
Homa Interview live on TV "Quiereme Descalzi"
April 20th,
West Palm Beach, FL
After practicing Agnihotra together in the Mayu Natural Center, the Healing Mantra workshop started and everybody learned Mantras of additional Homa fires and got to practice the Tryambakam Homa. Mario Chavez and his wife Yuri  are doing a wonderful service in this neighborhood.
Phone: 561 - 296 6757
April 21st,
Miami, FL

Through the TV, people were invited to join the Homa Healing Session with Meche and Orlando Polo.
They are continuing the Agnihotra teachings for everyone interested in these Medicinal Ayurvedic Healing Fires.
Phone: 786 - 333 9186

April 22nd, Miami, FL
Sharing Agnihotra  with Swami Ram, his family and friends in the 'Hindu Learning Center'. A young man from Peru told us his wonderful Homa fire experiences with children and nature. He said, that all the children are attracted and benefited by the Agnihotra healing fire.
April 23rd, Coral Gables, FL
Yvette experienced right away a positive change in her life through the participation and practice of Agnihotra and shared it with her family.
April 23rd, Miami, FL
 The Morning Agnihotra was performed in the 'Radio Zero' station with a marveled crew, who took the Agnihotra ash and experienced the calm and peace of this fire.


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April 28th, Albuquerque, NM
Agnihotra with Mr. Mohan and Elli in the "Ayurvedic Center".
April 29th, Santa Fe, NM
Homa Presentation in the frame of a Yoga Seminar initiated by Raman and Ivy. After practicing Agnihotra in the Yoga School, everybody present witnessed a spontaneous healing of Dr. Jessie Merckl from a Melanoma. To see her talking enter: www.terapiahoma.com/video/dr_merckl.wmv
April 30th and May 1st, Albuquerque, NM
The Homa presentations were givenIn the beautiful  Mennonite Church and it was followed by the practice of Agnihotra .This was arranged by Maria Rathner, Ivy Amar and Stefanie . Here, Noma participated for the 1st time in the Agnihotra Healing Fire which changed her life completely. We also heard a wonderful testimony of Delia Tamez, to whom the fire spoke and invited her to be ONE with the Divine.

May 2nd, Santa Fe, NM
Radio Interview with Alan, who wants to restart his Agnihotra practice and do follow up's over his radio program.
May 2nd, Santa Fe, NM
Homa Presentation and sharing of Agnihotra healing fire with  many people . In New Mexico, now, there are  a lot more Agnihotra fires burning at sunrise and sunset through the efforts of Ivy, Maria and Stephanie. So many blessings for everyone!
May 3rd, Los Angeles, CA
Agnihotra fire in the UCLA Campus with a Professor of Anthropology, working on a project of Integration of the Hurijans in India.
May 4th, Los Angeles, CA
Video Presentation of Homa The
rapy to the very interested group of Emigdio Espinoza, a Master en Feng Shui, who organized with his wife this meeting of wonderful souls.
May 5th, Los Angeles, CA
Agnihotra presentation at Barry's place (Agnihotra Shala) with friends and family. Donna did a lot of phone calling to get people together and let them know about Homa Therapy.


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May 6th, Los Angeles, CA
Agnihotra Campus in the Monterey Park with Emigdio Espinoza and many interested people. Over 30 new  pyramids were ignited this day and it was a Festival of LOVE and LIGHT. People are waiting all over the planet for this life changing opportunities. Karlie (left) made the Agnihotra Mantra poster and her friend helps to hold it up so everybody could learn and read it easily.
May 7th, Los Angeles, CA
Esperanza, owner of the 'Libreria Latina' invited people through her radio program to come and experience Agnihotra. She will continue Agnihotra meetings and training 2 times a week with Barry's, Mike's and Donna's help.
Esperanza knows that this is just the beginning of something 'BIG'.
May 8th, Encinitas, CA
Patricia Norton organized a Homa Therapy presentation in the Seaside Church. Even the Guard of the Church wanted his Agnihotra kit after experiencing the effect of the Agnihotra healing fire. Once more we are shown that everybody can incorporate these simple fires into their daily lives and thus receive help.
May 9th, San Diego, CA
Agnihotra training and video presentation in the 'House of the Enchanted Garden'. In this place, some people living there, have quite serious health problems. They decided  to continue themselves with 2 Agnihotra pots in their home with Patricia's loving support.

May 11th, Jackson, MS
Agnihotra gathering with many fires with so called "old" Agnihotris, there were  people like Blake, Franklin, Cliff, Barbara, Sonita, Cristina, Alejandra, Patricio, Maya who practice the Agnihotra healing fire since many, many years. Everyone shared some of their experiences. A lot of efforts  were done to invite people from the area. There was a wonderful healing testimony of Demetrius Smith, who suffered from severe pain because of Arthritis and he felt complete relief after his 1st Agnihotra experience. Now he has his kit and is starting to practice with the help of the Jackson support group.

May 12th, Jackson, MS
Homa Therapy video presentation again in the Word of Worship Church with the presence of the Pastor, who wants to continue Agnihotra meetings in this place at least once a month.
Patricia William Bullock, who participated the day before, shared her experience of feeling that a heavy weight had left her and that she feels recharged after much time of stress and suffering.
Agnihotra does bring so much Hope and Light into the hearts and homes of everyone, who decides to practice this simple technique.

Celeste and Nikolas had a great time at the Agnihotra meetings in Jackson.

9 year old, Bhakti Singh taught the Agnihotra Mantra with her sweet and strong voice.



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Patience is a virtue which should be inculcated. Patience will carry you further in life. Patience tempers expectation and gives one the breathing room one needs for spiritual development to take place.

When one meets the Sadguru,  it is never what is called a 'chance encounter.' It is always a blessing and often a turning point in one's life. All lives, past and present, sit before HIM as He gently rearranges the molecules and cells of the body with one Hand held before you in blessings.

Your job is to LOVE. So it is very easy job with high pay. The more you love the more Grace comes your way.

On May 13th, we celebrate SHREE VASANT's Birthday and on May 17th, MAHASHREE GAJANAN MAHARAJ's Birthday. Their lives show LOVE in ACTION.

(To read more about Mahashree's Life and work please copy following direction and enter: http://www.paramsadgurushreegajananmaharaj.com/pssgm/biography.htm)


Aleta and Abel like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who is in one way or another helping to spread the Agnihotra throughout the different parts in the US. We feel very blessed to have the opportunity to meet our senior Agnihotris, who have done such a wonderful work of impersonal service for many years. All our love and respect to them. Thanks to them and the Blessings imposed on these fires the GRACE is spreading.

We will be in Madison, VA from 15 to 17 of May (contact phone: Lisa and Rich 540 - 948 4945)
in Baltimore from 18 to 23 (contact phone: Ann and Tom 410 - 922 8747)
in New York from 24 to 26 (
Cecibel y Miguel - phoe: 914 - 410 3427)
in Miami from 27 to 29 (contact phone: John 305 - 238 3308)



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May 8, 2007 ORION

Yes, yes. Risk of diseases, particularly from contaminated water supply, is greater now than ever before. Whole cities will be advised not to drink the water and eventually, they will be advised not to use the water for bathing and washing. This has extremely serious implications. How does one living in a city create one’s own water supply? At that point, people will be rushing to the outlying areas to live, in order to survive the contamination and resultant diseases it causes.
Those of you who are considered ‘Eco Pioneers’ now and thought of as foolish for leaving city comforts and lifestyle for country life, will be besieged by requests for assistance. Many will, at that point, not have the skills or awareness to begin to forge a life of self-sufficiency in rural areas. They will not come equipped with a well-trained ‘green thumb’ or a working knowledge of organic farming, home building, or herbs for healing. But by absolute necessity, they will be drawn to this lifestyle.
Create such farms now which, if possible, can be expanded to provide sanctuary to those in need. Some will come with economic awareness and financial means, but without your knowledge they will be lost. Particularly the healing benefits of HOMA fire and ash will be incomparable in a world where allopathic medicines have lost their efficacy.

Paradoxically, as allopathic medicines lose their ability to be effective in curing disease, and the world becomes more disease-prone, the power of AGNIHOTRA ASH to heal illnesses will increase dramatically!
Store your Ash in copper, glass, ceramic and the like…never in plastic, never in metal. Keep only pure Agnihotra Ash for medicinal purposes. Distribute it freely.
Remember these days are already knocking at your door. The future is NOW. Be prepared.

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