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Let's continue with more Self-study (Swadhyaya).
Even though, our world is the same for everyone, our situation and perception of the world may vary from individual to individual. Yes, every head is a world. But in spite of that, there are certain ideas that are fixed in a majority of people.
For example:
1) The value of things depends on their value in currency (US $, EU €, £ pounds, etc.)
2) Almost everything can be bought and sold
3) The more money you have, the more things you can have and the happier you can be (?)
4) In many cases, economic power overcomes other powers (judicial, political, social, religious, cultural, etc.)
5) The development of a country is linked to its economic development
6) The value of a currency is relative and changing
7) For many, to advance in life, is to follow the latest fashion, to drive the newest car, to enjoy the latest technological devices, to have more properties, to satisfy more and more the body and the senses, etc.
Is all of the above true?
Yes or no?
If we project the ups and downs of the circle of life, we see this:

With the EXTERIORIZATION Process, as our attention is directed outward, the number of perceptions and unstable experiences increases.


This occurs in the Common Waking state. Thus we see, as the spiral outwards leads
to an increase in the magnitude of the
ups and downs in life.

The opposite occurs in the process of INTERIORIZATION when our attention is towards the Center.
Thus, the inward spiral leads to a decrease in the magnitude of the ups and downs and reduces the number of perceptions and unstable experiences in life.

The Fivefold Path takes us to the Center. This occurs in the MEDITATION process.
This Center is Stability, Peace and Truth.


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Fidela Conde Núñez
State Policlinic (EsSalud) Sister Maria Donrose
Ventanilla, Lima, Peru, South America

   "I have been taking Agnihotra ash and doing Agnihotra here at the Clinic for more than a year. I have not only been cured of the cancer sores (see HomaHealth Newsletter 114), but I also noticed a lot of other benefits in my health. I have had fungi in my nails and the fungi disappeared. I used to take Fluconazole, but that did not help me. Now, I do not stop taking Agnihotra ash for one single day; I take it with water 3 times/day.           
                                     (Photo: Mrs. Fidela Conde Núñez.)

      Also, now I rarely suffer from a cold and also the pain I had in my throat is gone. Before, my knees ached, but since I apply Agnihotra ash with ghee and then wrap it well, I was able to forget about the pads for pain and inflammation. This is because I consume quite a lot of Agnihotra ash. I feel good and I see that during this time with Homa Therapy my health has improved a lot."

Dr. Ada Pucuhuayla Maccasi
Medical Doctor in the Policlinic Sister María Donrose
Director of the Dep. of  Complementary Medicine
Ventanilla, Lima, Peru, South America

      "I have the case of a patient with Neuropathy and Anxiety. She arrived at the clinic taking one ‘Prazolan’ during the day and one at night and still she could not sleep. She started taking Agnihotra ash and then she commented she no longer takes Prazolan and that she can sleep well. Her case is still under study. She continues having pain, but with less intensity.
The patient does not take as many analgesics as she

did before, and no longer takes any anxiolytics or pills to be able to sleep."
(Photo: Dr. Ada Pucuhuayla Maccasi.)

Victoria Peña Muñoz
Policlinic EsSalud Sister Maria Donrose
Ventanilla, Lima, Peru, South America

    "I am 63 years old. Before I started with Homa Therapy, I had an ocean full of illnesses. Everything hurt. Everything with me was wrong, everything. My whole body was beat up. When I was invited to this therapy, I really came just to look. I thought it was not a thing of the Lord. But I also thought, 'If people give these testimonies of healing, it must be a good thing.' I began to participate and, above all, I bought my Agnihotra kit and began to take the Agnihotra ash. I had osteoarthritis and my whole body ached, one day the arm, the other the foot, and so on.

(Photo: Mrs. Victoria Peña -first from the right-, together with Dr. Ada -second- and Prof. Abel,  practicing Agnihotra in the EsSalud Policlinic of Ventanillas, Lima North.)
       I also had a spur in the foot, which caused horrible pain. I could not walk anymore. It was terrible and because of that I had to stop working many times. I could not handle it any more. When Dr. Ada (Head of the Department of Complementary Medicine of this Clinic) told me to rub the Agnihotra cream on the spur, I did it. And look at me now. I have more than a year that I no longer have the pain. It disappeared! Nothing left of it!
     Also, I gave a friend some Agnihotra cream for her mother who could not sleep due to pain. I said to her, 'Although the cream is black, use it for your mother.' After three days, I saw her again and she hugged me and thanked me and said: ‘My mother is sleeping well. Her foot does not hurt anymore and she does not have any pain anywhere.' I said to myself 'My God!' and I prayed to the Lord. I've given her more of this ash cream and she's fine."

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Giuliana Maria Sotillo Cesti
Piura, Peru, South America
  "I practice Agnihotra since about 2 years. One of the effects I experienced was with one of my neighbors, who was a very complicated person and did not talk to us.
After having started with the Agnihotra practice, she greets normally. She is calm and no longer shouts, not even at her husband. Everything is quiet and very good.
I practice Agnihotra at home at sunrise and at sunset."

 (Photo: Mrs. Giuliana Sotillo Cesti)

Eng. David Borjas Alcántara
Lima, Peru, South America

    "I am 51 years old. I am a chemist. I have been practicing Agnihotra for more than 6 years and it has made a remarkable change in my life, starting with my health. I would like to highlight:
1- I suffered from an irritable colon for almost 20 years, but with the intake of Agnihotra ash, Agnihotra ash water and changes in my diet, I no longer have this problem.
2- A friend told me that she was very worried, because her father needed to have his leg amputated, due to infected wounds and that he suffered from advanced Diabetes. The doctors had tried all the antibiotics they knew at the moment.
(Photo: Eng. David Borjas Alcántara practicing Agnihotra in the restaurant 'Sabor y Vida' in Miraflores, Lima.)

Since I had Agnihotra ash, I gave it to her in a glass jar, telling her that her father should take the ash orally and also put it in water, let it rest overnight and then he should drink all day long from that water only. Two weeks later, after she had visited her father in Lima (we were at that time in Cajamarca), I asked her about him and she said: "First of all - the infection has stopped and second - the wounds are closed."
 The doctor had asked him what he was taking and told him to continue taking it. At the end, there was no need to cut off his leg. Besides, this man improved his depressed mood, got a job and turned his life around. After a while, he did not need the Agnihotra ash any longer, he was doing very well, also at work.
      This for me was the key experience. How is it possible that a person, who had no idea how the Agnihotra ash is obtained, and then takes it and it provides his body with the possibility to heal, recover and stabilize his advanced diabetes?
           3- Another unusual coincidence that I observed in my family circle was with a doctor, who is my cousin and who is always interested in alternative medicines. I did provide him with the knowledge about Agnihotra indirectly by giving Agnihotra ash to his father, who had problems with his knee and he got healed. His father then told him about Agnihotra. This has happened a few years ago and now it turns out that my cousin is a Homa Therapy practitioner, benefiting a lot of people. His name is Jesús Borjas and he is the Chief Doctor of Complementary Medicine in EsSalud in Puente Piedra.
            I am very grateful that I have been able to learn Homa Therapy. I have received many benefits and there is still so much to discover with Agnihotra. It has many factors that we still do not understand. I say that as a scientific chemist. There is really a path in front of us to learn and re-learn."

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 By Carolina Morales Pavez, Agronomist

            Homa Biofertilizer Gloria Biosol - continued: ELABORATION

STEP 1: Have a plastic container with at least 200 liters to be able to prepare a useful amount. With proper storage Gloria Biosol can be preserved for a considerable time without losing its quality.
Put a Yantra (copper disk with special design) on a string into this container. Place it on the bottom with the design facing up. In addition, a tube (or part of a hose) must be introduced to eliminate the gases from the bio-digestion.
Once this is done, the container must be divided into three equal parts. These three spaces should be marked outside as each one is to be filled with a different ingredient for this process.
The first ingredient is fresh cow dung. It is not recommended that it be dry as it absorbs much water for processing and dilutes the concentrate we want to obtain. Remember that one liter of this biosol, once harvested, is diluted in 15 liters of water.

STEP 2: Then humus from the Vermicompost is incorporated into the second fraction of the container. Photo on the right.

STEP 3: Apply 40 grams of sieved Agnihotra ash (Lee, 2009). The fact that it is put through a strainer or sieve before is essential, so that when the product is used later, the clogging of drippers and/or nozzles is reduced or less likely.
Photos below.

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            Homa Biofertilizer Gloria Biosol - continued: ELABORATION

STEP 4: Then Agnihotra ash solution (this preparation has already been described in the previous HHNL) is incorporated up to the half of the third portion of the container.

The tube as seen in the image must remain in the air space, which corresponds to the other half of the third fraction of the container. The function of this tube is to remove the gases that are generated from the bio-digestion of the ingredients used for the elaboration.

On the outside, the tube is connected to a water bottle, as indicated by the first image in step 1.


Then the container must be closed and sealed, that means, it must be airtight and not have any leakage.

STEP 6: Once sealed, record the date of manufacture. From there you may count 45-60 days before opening the biodigester to harvest Gloria Biosol. These number of days are valid for hot and humid areas. In cold regions and cold periods, the processing time may take up to 120 days.

The Homa biosol can be stored in plastic containers with airtight lids. The dilution is 1 liter of biosol in 15 liters of water.

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United Kingdom: Ban on junk food advertising aimed at children extended to online and social media

Research shows advertising greatly influences the food children choose to eat, and with one third of children overweight or obese by their 11th birthday, we need to protect them from relentless junk food marketing in all walks of life.

The new rules, which prohibit less healthy food and drink being advertised across all forms of children's media, are a positive step and go some way to removing the most blatant forms of such advertising to under 16s. For more information please see:


Farming for life with permaculture

   It’s said that food grown and cooked with love not only tastes better, but is better for you. If this was to be scientifically studied, I might direct the researcher to Limestone Permaculture farm in Stroud. From my chat to farmer Brett Cooper, it is clear that turning the ‘blank canvas’ of a traditional farm into a thriving food bowl based on permaculture principles is a true labour of love.

“It's all in the planning and with each passing day we are transitioning to a more wholesome life, creating a more fulfilling and positive future, not just for ourselves but also for our family, friends and community.” For more information please see:


Underwater photographer of the year 2017 winners – in pictures

    French photographer Gabriel Barathieu has been named this year’s winner for his ‘balletic, malevolent’ dancing octopus, while British winner Nick Blake captured a lone diver among the otherworldly sunbeams of a Mexican cave.  For more photos please enter:

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Prof. Abel always begins the daily Yoga classes

with a Homa Vyahruti to purify the environment and get everybody tuned in.

Although people begin with many physical limitations, through the constant and almost daily practice of these Therapeutic Yoga exercises and Agnihotra Healing Fire, the physical and mental limitations gradually, step by step, widen.
 Photos: enjoying Yoga and Homa Fires.

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In the Yoga classes we get to know and appreciate our body, expand our flexibility, deepen our

breathing and we feel better with each day. 
     (Photos of this page: sharing the benefits of Homa Therapy and the Yoga practice.)

Children also feel joyful and playful in Homa atmosphere.
(Photo right:)
Agnihotra outdoors
in a Park.

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We arrived in Guayaquil for the Christmas celebrations, honoring the birth of Jesus, the Christ. We also bid farewell to the Year 2016 with deep gratitude in our hearts. These Homa healing events took place in the company of many dedicated Agnihotris, friends and families,

at the  - Homa Center Guayaquil, directed by Sonia Hunter & her husband Tulio (photo left)
- Gourmet Veg. Restaurant Amaranto.
This healing restaurant is owned by María Agustina and her husband Patricio Feijoo, who also have been our wonderful hosts. (Photos below)

Every day, in this Christmas season, before practicing Agnihotra, we did the Shree Suktam Homa, to thank for the blessings received and at the same time keep inviting the flow of positive energies into our daily life.

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 The New Year began with the practice of the
Shree Suktam and massive Agnihotra in the  Guayaquil Homa Center in Urdesa.

Photos this page: Sharing energies of joy, well-being and a meditation under the harmonizing umbrela of Homa Therapy.

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     On January 2nd, we celebrated the birthday of Dr. Jaime Montufar at his Homa Medical Center "El Buen Pastor" (The Good Shepherd), surrounded by his family, friends, patients and Agnihotris. Many of them learned Agnihotra through his instrument. The bond of love and appreciation towards the doctor remains in their hearts.

Prof. Abel first rehearsed the Shree Suktam Mantras before practicing this Homa.
Photos this page Doctor Jaime's office was filled with Shree Suktam Fires and the best wishes of all present, that he may go forward and reach many more with his service to the South Guayaquil community through Homa Therapy.

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(Photos: Agnihotra with Dr. Montufar and the Homa family.) 
The mass practice of Agnihotra brings Light and Healing to each heart and mind, producing joy and gratitude...

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Prof. Abel  explained and showed the benefits of Homa Therapy through a talk and video clips at the new Homa Center "Om Vida" in Samborondon. It is run by Viviana and Mario Angulo, a couple dedicated to

healing. (Photo below Mario and Viviana.) They apply various natural healing techniques in their Center and offer free Homa Therapy sessions to all their clients, neighbors, friends...

Photos this page from the Healing Encounter in the new Homa Center "Om Vida."

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Homa fires heal body, mind, emotions, relationships, ...

      We share daily Homa teachings and the latest video healing testimonies in Amaranto. We also take the time for some relaxing and calming exercises, laughter and joy...

(Photos this page: various meetings in Amaranto, sharing Agnihotra and its blessings.)

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With the massive practice of Agnihotra, the environment is loaded with harmonizing energies and the hearts unite to create a bigger Light ...


   At the Southern State University of Manabi (UNESUM), through Mr. Patricio Feijoo, Eng. Milton Cañarte Avile, Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences and the Rector Dr. Omelio Enrique Borroto Leal, invited Prof. Abel 

to give an audiovisual introduction and presentation of Homa Therapy in the fields of farming, cattle breeding and human health.  (See photo above during the presentation and left with the Agnihotra Fires lit.)

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Sometimes it seems difficult to accept that such a simple and economical technique can be so effective in solving problems of different nature such as of physical, emotional and mental health,

plagues and diseases in agriculture and livestock, harmonizing the environment, achieving equilibrium in the ecosystems, etc.
However, the correct and daily practice of the Homa Fires can achieve all this and more.

(Photo above and to the right

teaching and practicing Agnihotra, basic healing fire of Homa Therapy.)


    Eng. Hernán Posas invited to visit his Homa Farm 'Pozos de Alegría' (Fountains of Joy) in Vinces, where Homa Super-Technology is being applied since 2008.
to above left: some of the workers who participate in the application of Homa Super-Technology on the farm. Photo right: Agnihotris and their families came from the village Vinces to participate.)

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Photos of this page:
Above - during the Rudra Yajnya.
Also from Vinces arrived Mr. Adardio Piedrahita
(who had gotten cured of a 30+years lung emphysema and of skin cancer with the practice of Agnihotra) and
Dr. Luis Carriel, accompanied by some of his patients, who he treats successfully with this Homa ancestral healing technique.
Below - during Agnihotra, which culminated this wonderful healing encounter in the
Homa banana plantation of Eng. Hernan Posas.

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  Agnihotra healing with meditation, listening to
our inner voice,
connecting with the root of Peace in the depth of our being, recognizing that we are sons and daughters
 of God,
breathing Freedom and letting our souls fly on wings of Light...

hotos this page.)  

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Mrs. Sofía Guerrero de Batioja, an Agnihotra practitioner, spoke about Homa Therapy and its many effects to her friend, Academic Vice Rector Félix Anival Preciado

Quiñonez from the Universidad Técnica Luis Vargas Torres in Esmeraldas, northern Ecuador and aroused his interest and wish to present Homa Technology to his colleagues and some students. Prof. Abel and Aleta, through an audiovisual presentation, shared some of the benefits of the practice of Homa Therapy. They explained how Agnihotra works, taught the Mantras and practiced Agnihotra together with Mrs. Sofia, Maria Agustina and Patricio Feijoo.

Photo above left:
Mrs. Sofía and Academic Vice Rector  Félix Aníval Preciado Quiñónez.

Other photos of this page show the teaching and practice of Agnihotra, Basic  Healing Fire from the Science of Ayurvedic Medicine.

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Another friend and former colleague of Mrs. Sofía is the Rector and teacher of the Educational School 'Esmeraldas Libre', Mr. Warner Mina Valencia,

who also wanted to know about Homa Therapy and its help in education.
Photos of this page:
-Morning Agnihotra with the Rector and some of the teachers.
-Therapeutic Yoga exercises with the school children.
-Rector Warner Mina, Prof. Abel and a teacher.
-Mrs. María Agustina doing Triambakam Homa during the meeting.

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The children and teenagers enjoyed the physical exercises, learning to overcome limits, maintain balance and relax body and mind. The smiles of children can shine like the sun in Homa atmosphere and are a gift to one’s soul.

129 / 21



Photos of this page: While they are young, they need disciplines to recover and/or maintain physical and mental flexibility through movements, exercises, conscious breathing, healthy food, etc. Are not our children the leaders of tomorrow?

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     These photos and information were sent by Ms. Camila Paz Molina Llamazares about Homa meetings in Chile:
"1. Homa Therapy in the Graduation Ceremony of Ayurvedic Therapists 2016.
"At the beginning of the ceremony, the International Ayurveda School 'AYURVIDA', celebrated the special occasion with a Vyahruti Homa. The team of teachers, therapists and the public attended a harmonizing meditation with Homa fires."

(See photos left and below.)

       2. End of the 2016 Cycle of "Homa Therapy Circles" in Agni Yoga.
"On December 23 was the End of Cycle Circle 2016 of the weekly Homa circles held since the beginning of the year at the Agni Yoga center and school. (Photos below)

In 2016 Agnihotra was carried out 2 to 3 times a week at dawn and dusk, supported by a team of Agnihotris volunteers, who, made this service possible to environmental healing. The team was made up of: Felipe Valenzuela, Ravidass Kaur, Elena Hernández, Javiera Kovacevic, Josefa Molina, Prabhujas Kaur, Belen, Constanza Morales, Camila Molina, Matias Muñoz, Tamara y Sergio, Victoria Espinosa, Stefano Zacarelli."

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      From the Botica Sol in Armenia, Colombia, Mother Dora Betancur shared these photos and observation:

       It is lived in families, among brothers, neighbors, co-workers and even among those who do not know each other!
This is the principle that motivated this get-together of more than HUNDRED people, among them daddies and moms, sons and daughters of actors and internal participants of OUR dear BOTICASOL!
Since its beginnings in 1999, Boticasol (formerly "Botica de la Abuela") celebrates this family gathering on December 16th, full of Christmas decorations and expressions in all its shapes and colors ..., cookies and sweets, Christmas songs, artistic presentations, gifts, drums and cymbals...! And our infallible and harmonizing FIRE - AGNIHOTRA closed this celebration for the blessing of the spirit of Christmas.

It counted with the participation of everyone. Especially the boys and girls who surround the Homa fire with their spontaneous smiles and admiration, left in the institution a great dose of gratitude ...!
Enough Input to continue...!"

(See photos of this page.)

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  Grand-parents Martha and Lucas Maya Arango share Agnihotra with their visiting grandchildren.
(Photo left)

Jerónimo, son of Laura, is enchanted by the Agnihotra ash. He is a healthy and happy child. (Photo left)


Mrs. Sukhmani Kaur shared from Puerto Montt, Chile:

"This photo is from 'Casa Amau', in Puerto Montt, where Javiera and Nicolás have reserved a space on Fridays to get together and practice sunset Agnihotra."

(Photo left)


Mrs. María Teresa Núñez wrote from the Homa farm in Tenjo and reflects on 2017::

     "It does not matter if we do the Homa Fire alone or accompanied, the important thing is to do it. Sometimes we have the opportunity to meet with friends and share Agnihotra and then share some food and strengthen the bonds of friendship, etc. But most of the time, we might do Agnihotra alone in our home, because we know that we are fulfilling a mission of love, very important for ourselves, for all who live with us and for the whole planet: ALONE OR ACCOMPANIED - May the Homa Fires keep guiding our lives always. Om Shree!"

(Photo to the right: Santiago Molano Rozo practicing Tryambakam Homa in the Homa farm Tenjo.)

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By Dr. Ulrich Berk

Agnihotra and Radioactivity

When Agnihotra is performed, the Agnihotra smoke gathers particles of harmful radiation in the atmosphere and, on a very subtle level, neutralizes their radioactive effect. Nothing is destroyed, merely changed.
(Vasant V. Paranjpe, Homa Therapy – Our Last Chance, p. 21)

                  Till now we have covered beneficial effects of Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash on air, soil, and water resources. But there is one more environmental threat affects all these areas and is especially dangerous as we do not detect it without senses: This is radioactivity. Radioactivity became a problem on large scale during the second world war when the world saw the fatal destruction in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After that there were several accidents in nuclear plants (not all of them known to public), the worst were those in Chernobyl and in Fukushima. But there also was radioactive contamination by use of depleted uranium in bombs in different wars around the globe. Radioactive pollution has thus become a worldwide problem, now the West Coast of U.S. is affected by winds and the waters of the Pacific Ocean bringing radioactive substances from the Fukushima catastrophe.
For biological, physical, and chemical pollution there are ways to degrade harmful substances. But if some substance is radioactive, you can heat it, you can try all kinds of chemical treatments, you can hammer on it or put high pressure - radioactivity is not affected by any of these measures. This is why normally radioactive substances have to be stored away for many generations, some substances even for thousands of years (depending on the half life of the isotopes contained).
In short you can say that radioactive radiation is one of the biggest environmental threats nowadays, and modern science does not have a solution for that. On this background it is really astonishing to see what Agnihotra and Homa Therapy could achieve.

First observation
The first observation was made on a Homa Farm in Austria after the Tchernobyl. catastrophe. Karin Heschl, owner of that farm, writes:
“I had a farm in Kirchberg an der Raab, Styria, Austria in 1986 when the Chernobyl accident happened.
I was practising the principles of Homa Organic Farming including sunrise/sunset Agnihotra, four hours daily Om Tryambakam Homa and twenty-four hours Homa on Full Moon and New Moon day.
Immediately after the Chernobyl accident the Austrian Government issued instructions that samples of all milk and fodder in our area should be tested for radioactivity.
Scientists were shocked to find that milk and fodder on my farm had normal radioactivity while all the surrounding farms had much higher radioactivity”

Agnihotra Ash protects us
After that observation scientists from Eastern Europe were conducting experiments on the effect of Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash on radioactivity. The leading physicist of that group, Miro Haber, stated the following as a résumé of this research:
"In physiological terms the body constantly exchanges all its elements (not cells). There are only some exceptions, like the lenses of the eyes and some parts of the nervous system. The mechanism of this exchange of elements in the body is not exactly known. For this exchange the body constantly needs elements like calcium, copper, iron etc. As long as these elements are not radioactive the body functions normally. Our body can deal well with the natural radioactivity which has been existing since millions of years on this planet."

(continued on next page)

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Continuation of page 26:

"However, since the Chernobyl accident we are dealing with a much increased manmade radioactivity. Many radioactive elements like Caesium, Iodine, Ferric etc. have fallen onto this earth. The half-life period of these isotopes is rather high for some of them. They went from the air into the earth, from there into our food – salads vegetables, fruits. Through our food we absorb radioactive elements. This is because our body cannot distinguish whether an element is radioactive or not, and thus it absorbs the element without selection. Once a radioactive element is stored in the body it radiates all the time (like a lighthouse) and destroys the cells in its surroundings. The body reacts with an infection (with luck the radioactive element is thereby thrown out of the body) or it reacts with a tumor, with cancer.
How can we avoid the absorption of radioactive elements into our body?
The answer is simple - we have to give the body each element in a natural (non-radioactive) form. Once the body is saturated with these elements, any radioactive versions of these elements thereafter are not absorbed by the body any longer. It very quickly gets rid of them. The newly absorbed non-radioactive elements will by and by replace the radioactive substances which we had absorbed in earlier time and which our body had stored.
Now where do we get these non-radioactive elements from in order to protect our body? The experiment that was conducted some time ago has shown that the Agnihotra ash (which at the time was produced by about 40 participants according to special directions of Mister Haber) was not radioactive, even though the ingredients were radioactive.
How this mechanism of changing radioactive elements into non-radioactive elements works we do not yet understand. It cannot be explained neither by modern chemistry nor by physics. But the result has been tested several times with always the same outcome: The Agnihotra ash just had natural radioactivity.
Also the Agnihotra ash contains all the 92 natural chemical elements. In this way the body’s total requirement can be covered.
Therefore it is suggested to everybody to eat say a teaspoon of Agnihotra ash before every meal. Most important is in the morning. An easier way would be to make tablets from the ash which can easily be taken (as people are used to take tablets)."

Agnihotra Ash neutralizes radioactivity in food
After the Fukushima catastrophe, an experiment was done in the Physics Institute of Academy of Science, Kiev, Ukraine (formerly part of Soviet Union).
Japanese rice from Fukushima area contaminated with radioactive isotopes Cs-137 and Cs-134 (the radioactivity was about 200 Bq/kg) was taken in a quantity of 50 grams and mixed with a water solution of Agnihotra ash - one spoon in one litre of water.
Spectrometric measurements of the mix of water, Agnihotra ash and radioactive rice were conducted in a device "Food Light" which allows to measure levels of radioactivity in short time.
The measurement of the background radioactivity was at the level of 8 Bq [Becquerel]. The measurements of a sample (the mix, which included 50 grams of radioactive rice) showed that initially during the first and the second day the radioactivity was at the same level, 200 Bq/kg.
Then during the next days, third and fourth, the radioactive level of the sample went down to about 160 Bq/kg.
Then the measurement of the sample was not done for about 10 days. After that the measurement again was performed - on 14th and 15th days.
These last two days the background radiation was 3 Bq. The measurements on 14th and 15th days showed that the sample did not have any radioactivity; the level of radioactivity was the same as the background, 3 Bq/kg.
Result: Agnihotra Ash water completely neutralized radioactivity of the rice in the sample studied in two weeks.

It is advisable to take Agnihotra Ash at least three times per day, preferably before the meals. Also good to soak food like vegetables and fruits in Agnihotra Ash water overnight before eating.

We are planning for Homa Organic Farm project close to the wrecked reactors near Fukushima, Japan, and see how these ancient techniques can help to neutralize radioactivity in soil, water, and atmosphere and bring Nature back to harmony.

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Master Shree Vasant,
during the 1st Somayag,
before entering the river Narmada.

Shree 17th December, 2016
(Message received by Parvati)

When faced with your own mortality, when loved ones are passing away or family members are leaving, instead of focusing on your own death, focus on your life.

Many of you will live long lives, many years beyond this moment. When you allow your mind to ponder over your own death, you miss the present moment.

Look instead at your life.

Am I living according to my beliefs?

Am I being true to myself in all I do, in all I speak and, ultimately, in all I think and feel?

Am I kind? How can I be kinder?

Am I loving? How can I widen the sphere of people in my life who can receive love through my instrument?

Am I fulfilling my allotted task in my life, my own Vikarma?

Am I honoring my wife? My husband? My parents, my children, their children?

If you have been blessed to know what is your Vikarma, concentrate now on fulfilling that VIKARMA. It can take many ways to fulfill. It can look one way and then another.

Choice of fulfilling one’s Vikarma lies with each person. No amount of prodding can move them to do it. It is a calling from within, not a calling from outside to fulfill.

Every day—how can I help? How can I serve?

How can I fulfill my true Vikarma?

Reach out to people. The time is NOW.

Focus on life and don’t miss a beat.

All love and Blessings.


129 / 28


( received through Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

ORION on Community
        SYes, yes. Now, more than ever, there is need for community. Isolation will not serve the whole. Isolation leads to desolation. Community restores human beings’ sense of the greater whole. It stretches and redefines one’s definition and scope of family.

It is a time of great return to one’s deepest, most abiding roots, coupled with one’s capacity to spread one’s wings to envelop humanity as a whole.

Orion on Times of Change
Yes, yes. We are embarking upon a new, highly chiseled, deliberate era during which the ‘chips will fall where they may,’ to borrow a colloquial expression of your times. Indeed, there are a great many more unknowns. Whereas previous leaders of governing bodies were more predictable, for better or worse, the new politics across the world seems to embody the element of surprise, of inconsistency and of unpredictability.

It is time for human beings to take control of their lives, pull back from dependence upon a system which is now being pushed and pulled, stretched beyond its limits and unsecured, rather than secured.

Those of you depending upon the system to assist you in your journeys, whether it be in the financial sense or the healthcare system, whether it is reliance upon the legal system or reliance upon the justice and equality for all myth—find alternatives!

There are a few areas which are going to receive great benefits, but that remains to be seen. However, some good will come out of these highly restrained government officials.

We predict a likely overthrow of the government in P. This seems imminent, unless the course changes. Again, with the unpredictability of the extremist governments, it is difficult to predict. Only trends can be seen.

These are very difficult times for many people on your planet. It is again a portal for the release of souls ready to be released.

On Unity, Not Division
Yes, yes. In every country, there is the sense of escalation, but not toward war. War is the common fear. There is an escalation toward chaos, as politicians more brazen commit obvious crimes with no compunction and no abiding consequences.

There is a sense of lawlessness. This is when the people unite. They form a tribe within and amongst themselves. When the people begin to unite as ONE and extend their arms across the great waters to embrace others in need, humanity comes closer to fulfilling its mission on this planet.

When governments go awry, the people shall UNITE.

Refuse to be divided by the colour of your skin or the faith which you follow.
Refuse to rise against each other.
Change the program.

Go within more to achieve a peaceful state of consciousness.
And carry that peace to others all around you.

You need not spout spiritual vignettes or preach sermons.
Just be still and listen more to your fellow men and women.

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