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Let's continue our series of Self-study (Swadhyaaya), and talk about Christmas. It is a time of the year that many are looking forward with joy and some see it with sadness. Why?
At this time, many children and adults receive gifts of: Santa Claus, Baby Jesus, the Three Wise Men, father, mother, children, family and friends. Why?
We want to show our love or appreciation to our loved ones for what they represent and have done for us.

Logically, because it is the end of year, many also make an inventory of achievements and losses. We also do not forget that there is a social programming that pushes for consumption (buying and selling) of many things. Thus, we see how Christmas is loaded with toys for children and gifts for everyone
 Of course, it is rewarding to do Daan (share wealth), do positive Karma (good deeds) and Swadhyaaya
But, we should not forget that Tapa (discipline of self-control) is also very important, because many people are predisposed to health problems due to excesses in food, alcohol, parties, etc.
    We also remember that Christmas is related to the Judean - Christian Tradition around Jesus (the Christ), his achievements, miracles and messages.

And especially, how He surrenders his life to redeem a sinful humanity.


These basic roots: Agnihotra, Daan, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya feed the Tree of Conscious Life in humans and
 promote good fruits.
        Yes, yes, yes, Jesus incarnated the Universal Love and lived the 10 Commandments of Moses that we can also see as the
 “Keys to Happiness”
 which are contained in the Fivefold Path.

 This is a good time:
- to ignite the Fire of Love in our heart through Agnihotra and to Awake
- to break barriers (programs)
- to get off the Cross (psychological, rigid, absurd fixations)
- to merge with the Creator
- and to be Reborn.
Let us continue to celebrate a Conscious Life and Universal Love.


Some Biblical verses to meditate:
“You will recognize them by their fruits."   Matthew 7:20
“I assure you that he who believes in me, the works that I do, he will do them, and he will make them greater, because I return to the Father”.
John 14:12
"My father and I are one”. John 10:30

Your experiences, comments, questions and suggestions for the Homa Health Newsletter are welcome;
Please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com  Thank you!



Maria Teresa Amaya
Popayán, Colombia, South America

       “I'm 65 years old. 7 years ago, I was living through the dreadful experience of chemotherapy.
    I had cancer, but I think, more than the cancer it was the chemotherapy which was killing me
. It made my existence absolutely difficult. I could not even open my eyes due to pain. The toxicity kept me in bed for 3 weeks.
I could not even speak. I was in horrible discomfort.   I also suffered from phlebitis (inflammation of the veins), where I got the chemicals injected. This was a horrible pain. I was really in very bad shape.

                                (Photo: Mrs. Maria Teresa Amaya giving her testimony in Popayan.)
My friends, who are my sisters in spirit, the Garzón sisters, took care of me. They took me to their house to see Prof. Abel. I came to know Homa Therapy and we practiced Agnihotra.
I was so excited immediately, because the change I felt was radical. I had not been able to open my eyes due to pain. I could not resist the light, which gave me a strong burning sensation. With the first Agnihotra, my eyes got healed. This was a radical healing. They did not hurt ever again. Then, on my own initiative, still thinking all might be just a trick, I took a little bit of Agnihotra and ghee, mixed it covertly without asking anyone and rubbed it on my arms over the hurting veins. I felt such a relief! Within 8 days, by applying this cream daily, my phlebitis was gone!
       In a second meeting with Abel, he told me that patients also consume the Agnihotra ash during their chemo treatment. I said right away 'I’ll do it, I’ll try'. As I always carried a small bottle of grape juice with me, I added a spoonful of Agnihotra ash. The only bad thing was that these were the last chemotherapies, but I resisted them without the discomfort. Awesome! Taking this Agnihotra ash with juice at the same time as the chemo was entering the vein, had absolutely miraculous effect. I never had this malaise again.
       I want to share my story, because really many women are suffering from cancers and I think this Homa Therapy should be practiced it. It does not matter whether we believe or not. It is a biophysical reality. It acts on our body. Now, I'm in perfect health, I no longer have any sign cancer.”

(Photo: Mr. Cesar Obando with his wife Nancy practicing Agnihotra.)

Cesar Obando
Piura, Peru, South America

      "I am 61 years old. Before I came to Homa Therapy, the cardiologist diagnosed me with a heart larger than usual and with blocked arteries. I had to buy a series of pills and spent an average of 700.00 Soles (about US $ 200.00) monthly. I took these pills.
   My wife came to Homa Therapy in the Reategui Hospital in Piura,
but I used to wait outside for her.

However, when I saw that she got well with the Homa Fires, I also started to participate. The doctor had prescribed me rest. I could no work nor practice any sports. But my passion is sport and I needed to work because if I didn’t work, there was no food.
  2 or 3 years earlier, the doctor had diagnosed me with high blood pressure and I was supposed to take pills for life. I was following this treatment. However, the heart problem aggravated and the cardiologist prescribed me a stronger pill for the pressure.
     But thanks to Homa Therapy, I could stop taking all these pills. I constantly come to the Homa Therapy sessions. My focus is Agnihotra and I feel completely well. I take Agnihotra ash with my breakfast, lunch and dinner.
My blood pressure is completely normal. The Therapeutic Yoga Exercises and sports also have helped me."

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Irene García Rodríguez
Social Security Hospital (EsSalud) Ventanillas
Lima North, Peru, South America

        "I'm 57 years old. I did an experiment mixing one teaspoon of Agnihotra ash with cold boiled water, which I put in a dropper. Since I suffered from sinusitis, I put a couple of drops into each nostril. The doctor had told me that there was need to place some tubes into my nostrils for drainage because I was not able to breathe.
I applied these Homa drops for 15 days, once a day, mostly before going to bed. Holy remedy! I got completely well.
I did not take any pills or other remedies, only these drops.

    When I went to the doctor, he said I was fine. Do you realize what is happening here?  (Photo: Mrs. Irene García Rodríguez) 
Then I did another experiment with the Agnihotra ash mixed with Ghee like a cream. My 83-year-old mother was bedridden. She had swollen varicose veins and could not walk. The skin had become hard. I applied the warmed Homa cream with a warm cloth over her veins and the skin sucked in all the cream. Within a week, my mom got up and walked! Do you see what is happening? The miracle is Agnihotra and its ash! I have so much faith!
      My mom also had her fingers bent and could not move them. With the same warm cream, I rubbed her hands and she was able to open her hand. She slept with this cream on her hands, which I wrapped in paper towels and then put gloves on top.
Her fingers are no longer bent.
This is so fantastic."

Mariza Liliana Carrera Garrido
Piura, Peru, South America

    "I'm 35 years old. About 10 years ago, I went to visit a gentleman in the company of my children. My eldest daughter had a wound on her forearm which did not cure. It was getting bigger and after 2 months still had not healed. It seemed to be a very resistant fungus. The wound suppurated in spite of the cicatrizing creams. It looked like raw meet.
The doctor had said that it was a spider bite and she did receive injections. But later he said that it was a fungi and I applied all the

prescribed creams. But it did not heal. (Photo: Mrs. Mariza Carrera with one of her daughters)
     The gentleman noticed the wound and asked what it was and I explained the situation.
 He then told us a story of a child who has had severe wounds all over his body and who had received several medical treatments but did not heal. Only with an ash it got healed. Then he brough this ash and applied it to the wound of my daughter. I did not ask anything else, because I was very young and quite shy. We left and did not return again. It was only once that the ash had been put on, and the wound healed completely. She felt no more burning or pain. Later, in the State Hospital Reategui of Piura, I learned that this ash had been the healing Agnihotra ash of Homa Therapy."

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 By Carolina Morales Pavez, Agronomist

              Let us continue with the Homa  biopreparations. This time, we will talk about the elaboration of a biofertilizer called Gloria Biosol*, which in Homa agriculture is considered an eco-physiological soil improver by promoting the microbiology of the soil by being a phyto-stimulator. We must remember that in the first 15 to 20 cm of the soil live all the macro and micro fauna, being this space the most fertile layer and it is responsible for the fertility and nutrition of the plants.
* This name was given by Master Vasant in recognition of the Biosol Homa research work done by Dr. Gloria Guzman Mendez during many years.

‘Gloria Biosol’

     The fertilization system consists of processes that lead to the bio-degradation of organic matter developed within the Homa atmosphere (in a Homa Resonance Point), using Agnihotra Ash, cow dung, vermicompost (humus from earthworms), Agnihotra ash solution and a Yantra. The organic material described should be biodegraded in a bio-digester. Agnihotra ash will have a significant positive effect on all materials used and will make the Biosol rich in macronutrients.
     Pranay et al. (2015) in an essay on plant growth and germination of chickpea seeds concluded that Agnihotra ash-treated chickpea seedlings showed higher growth compared to the other treatments: cow dung ash, rice ash and control (water) and also indicated that this Agnihotra ash contains magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc and aluminum from the burning of brown rice and cow dung, while potassium and calcium come from the ghee (unsalted clarified butter).
           Gloria Biosol is a biofertilizer whose chemical composition is:
soluble nitrogen (N) of 305 mg·L-1, soluble phosphorus (P2O5) 117 mg·L-1, soluble potassium (K2O) 898 mg·L-1, soluble calcium (CaO) 594 mg·L-1, soluble magnesium (MgO) 304 mg·L-1
(Agrolab, 2013).**
(mg·L-1 significa mg en un litro de Biosol)

**It is necessary to note that this is a reference since the results of the contribution in nutrients essential for the plants delivered by this product will be relative to the amounts of nutrients used in the process of elaborating the biosol. The nutrients and benefits delivered to the soil and crop are important. However, the standard of the recipe and behavior of soils and crops should be further investigated.

     Ideally the vermicompost should be an input that is also elaborated under Homa management, that is to say that the process of treatment and maintenance of earthworms happens with the application of Agnihotra ash as part of the management applied in the vermiculture practiced in place.
    The water used to make Gloria Biosol should ideally also be Agnihotra ash solution, so that we have more nutrition from the ingredients used for the preparation of Biosol.

Materials used (for a 500 liter container):

       We can use liquid biosol for foliar application to nourish the plant kingdom, as well as we can rebuild soil health with it and treat diseased plants. Applications should be weekly to crops on a permanent basis. Consider, that before filling any spray equipment, you should filter the biosol as much as possible to avoid having nozzle capping problems.

Continuation of this article in the next Homa Health Newsletter.

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EPIGENETICS - The Driver is  Responsible, NOT the Vehicle

By William James
Dr. Bruce Lipton is a diehard scientist.
 He discovered that things aren’t what they seem to be. Nor are they what he was teaching in med school or what we’ve been told to believe. “Our health is not controlled by genetics,” he said in

his characteristically upbeat and excited manner. “Conventional medicine is operating from an archaic view that we’re controlled by genes. This misunderstands the nature of how biology works.”  To read more: https://www.brucelipton.com/resource/article/epigenetics



         UN Environment reveals the six exciting and inspiring winners of the 2016 Champions of the Earth award, the United Nations' most important environmental award.
       Among them is ecologist Berta Cáceres, recognized for her tireless campaign for the rights of indigenous people in Honduras and the protection of their natural environment.

Cáceres, before her being murdered, devoted her life into a tireless grassroots struggle for the rights of marginalized and poverty-stricken indigenous peoples in her native Honduras.
Her death in early 2016, aged 44, sparked an international outcry at the unacceptable levels of violence and intimidation facing environmental activists in many countries around the world. To read this article, please enter: http://web.unep.org/champions  



By David Burrows, 15 September 2016

  CTI's (Carbon Tracker Initiative) report suggests renewables are already cheaper than fossil fuels. The study compares the power-generation costs of four new-build coal, gas, wind and solar plants across three scenarios.

More info please see: http://www.windpowermonthly.com/article/1409075/renewables-already-cheaper-fossil-fuels


Monsanto GM corn MON810
 damaged the intestines of rats

    Rats fed GM Bt corn MON810 for only 90 days suffered serious damage to the surface mucous membranes of the jejunum (part of the small intestine), according to a new study.

Please see full article in:  http://responsibletechnology.org/monsanto-gm-corn-mon810-damaged-intestines-rats-new-study/

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Sharing Agnihotra and its benefits in Lima, Miraflores in the Restaurant "Sabor & Vida",
where this healing technique is practiced on Saturdays under the direction of Prof. Humberto Guerrero.
(Picture above and to the left)

Photos below: Mr. Patel, owner of the new 'Mantra Garden' restaurant in Miraflores, Lima, invited Prof. Abel and Aleta to make audio visual introductions to Homa Therapy. That was done for two consecutive days.

128 / 06



Photos of this page:

The Homa Healing encounters and presentation of
'Homa Therapy applied in Human Health'
at the Mantra Garden restaurant,
under the attentive and loving look of Shiva.

128 / 07



         In Piura, we enjoyed for more than one month, the daily classes of Therapeutic Yoga, Agnihotra and teachings for life. Aleta and Prof. Abel try to fallow the steps of Master Shree Vasant, an example of self-discipline and a walk with love and joy in the light that leads to the Divine Path. (Photos on this page.) 

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The Inner Silence and the total Calm of the mind is a gift of the Homa Fire bestowed again & again with every dawn& dusk. This silence shelters everything. It is Love that expands ... and we can literally feel.

Photos from this page:

 Among brothers and sisters, we acknowledge the Divine in everyone.
 No matter where we come from, in front of the Agnihotra Fire, we are only Light and Love.

128 / 09



 Photos on this page:  Connecting to and thanking Mother Earth through Agnihotra, which brings nutrients to the atmosphere. We enjoyed Agnihotra’s charm under the trees with a whispering breeze and the joyful songs of birds ...

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Every day is a Divine Gift, which we can use  to find our true self deep inside, to serve, to share ...

 Homa Therapy is a Powerful Tool.

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 Eng. Hernan Posas and manager Damaso of the Homa banana farm 'Joselito' invited for a Rudra Yagnya.
Prof. Abel joined the Agnihotri group of Piura and we left in a little bus for the farm on a sunny sunday. The atmosphere in Joselito is very energizing and there was no mosquitos to bother us. But we found serenity and tranquility.

 We could feel the blessings bestowed on this farm. Daily several people practice Agnihotra and approx. 8 hours of Tryambakam Homa are chanted. 24 hours Tryambakam Homa

 is done on full moon and new moon days.
The nutritious Moringa trees propagate themselves on this land. They have not been planted.

(Photos to the right of the Tryambakam hut and a moringa tree.)

Photo below: Prof. Abel explaining some details before starting the Rudra Yagnya to the Agnihotris from Piura and the farm.

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Eng. Posas (photo left with Prof. Abel) and managing director Damaso (right) set the example and mark the path of

Homa Therapy on this Banana farm. To increase our joy,  Eng. Luis Tafur with his family (Photo top row with other Agnihotris) arrived from Jaen, Cajamarca to participate.
    Photos with the Rudra Fire: hundreds of "Suaaja's" were chanted with full concentration at the indicated moments during the 3 hours of the Rudra Yajnya, which was guided by Prof. Abel and Aleta. There comes a moment when one feels completely liberated and full of joy ... It is a blessing to be present.

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The gently blowing wind carried with it the powerful vibrations of the Mantras, pronounced with force, for the good of the whole land, its environment and people.

   Homa Technician Andrés Arango
 (photo right), in charge of the organization of the Homa Fires at Joselito, is well versed with the Mantras of the Rudra Yajnya and will continue with this uplifting practice.

Photo above: Happy women (means also happy children and happy husbands - happy families) working on the farm and participating in Homa Therapy.

 Photos left: sunset in Joselito.

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In the "Agro Eco Fair of the Andes" where ecological products were presented, we shared the knowledge of Homa Farming and Agnihotra.  (Photos to the left and below.)

(Photos above:)  Teaching the Tryambakam Homa in Ñari Walac Foundation with Don Manuel Trelles, who is an Agnihotri since many years.

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The classes with Prof. Abel always begin with the Vyahruti Homa.  
While weeks pass with the continuous practice of Therapeutic Yoga, we advance in flexibility, balance, strength, stamina and joy, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. We recover a conscious gratitude for having this wonderful temple, our body. Together with the daily practice of Agnihotra, health and a sense of well-being return as a natural consequence. (See photos on this page.)

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Homa Technician Juan Rodríguez sent the following information:
"In Santiago, the First Expo of Complementary Therapies was established, where a Homa Therapy Stand was installed to demonstrate and

disseminate the benefits of the Healing Ayurvedic Fires, as well as the benefits of Agnihotra ash and its application in medicines.

Homa Fires were done from the beginning of this event, practicing Agnihotra, Vyahruti Homas and Tryambakam Homa, which were demonstrated and practiced by volunteers.
This was done for the benefit of the participants, who came for information and healing.

Heartfelt thanks to all the people who attended and to the volunteers who spread the love for Homa, especially Macarena Pilar, Ana Lidia, Cristian and Almendra Bello.      OM Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi".

Photos on this page show the activities of the Homa Stand at the Expo for Complemen-tary Therapies.

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We received these photos and following information from the Homa Center Bogota:  "In one of the Homa meetings, we performed a beautiful meditation directed by Mireya Sánchez, where with one voice we asked to be instruments of Peace and Love.
 We prayed for Freedom, filled with happiness and harmony that is lived in a Homa atmosphere.

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Ms. Michelle Balandra wrote:

"I am sending you some pictures of our 'Womens’ Circle' where we held a very detailed workshop on Homa Therapy and how to use Agnihotra ash combined with Ayurvedic oils and herbs. I am trying to make sure that every person who acquires the pyramid learns how to practice the Homa fires step by step and is well informed. It was a day full of joy with 15 Agnihotra pyramids lit! They almost called the fire-fighters, haha. A big hug!"


Mr. Benedict Carausu
wrote and sent the photo where he shares Agnihotra:

"I first came in contact with Agnihotra in 1996 through my Ukrainian friend Andrey Guzanov.  Later in 2000, I met
Dr. Ulrich Berk,

who visited Moldova and we organized several meetings in Chisinau (capital), where many participants started the practice of Agnihotra. After having a deep personal experience with Agnihotra, I began to teach and disseminate it with the help Dr. Berk. He visited us again in July 2001 and at that time we also visited Romania to present Agnihotra. This was a good start, but we still have to do more. The year after we went to Russia and Ukraine and introduced many people to this healing technique. Since then I have been practicing Agnihotra regularly and I am organizing meetings once or twice a month in Chisinau."

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    From Santiago de Chile came these photos and Good News through Param Ananda about Homa volunteering in CESFAM (Family Health Centers), Quilicura:

       "This volunteering with Homa Therapy came about with the purpose of helping people with limited resources, who do not have the possibility of accessing these types of therapies. The surprise was great when I arrived there and realized that there was an even greater need for spiritual and mental help as social workers do not cater people with depression, low self-esteem, aggressiveness, etc. Homa volunteering is being carried out since one and a half years, giving wonderful results. Offered are personal Ayurveda evaluations, Bach Flowers, meditation and yoga sessions, sound therapy for general public and a modified one for children with neurological problems, besides the once a month sound therapy with Reiki. In the waiting hall, we have sometimes incorporated Homa Therapy, but not continuously since we did not have enough scientific bases to present the Homa Fires to the executives. However, with the arriving of Prof. Abel and Aleta, who presented Homa Therapy to all the hospital officials, thanks to that, now we will begin with a continuous program of Homa Therapy. Therapists have committed to do Agnihotra3 days a week. But, we are inviting and teaching more people in order to be able to do it every day of the week.       We started with the first meeting in the waiting room and we had about 20 people meditating with us and taking the Agnihotra ash!
 Om Shree.
(Photos above: Agnihotra at the CESFAM of Qulicura and Sound Therapy)


  Naturopathic Doctor Sonia Hunter from the Homa Center  Guayaquil sent this photo (right)  of New Moon Tryambakam Homa and Agnihotra practice. This Homa Center was the first one in Guayaquil established with our beloved
 Dr. James Peterson
in 2001.

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       From Puerto Rico arrived these photos through Mrs. Franchi Fuente and Eng. Matthias Erismann, where they share Agnihotra among friends in Rincón beach, in Bayamon and in the homef Mrs. Ayrad and her husband. They commented:

"Healing the atmosphere and protecting our home - the planet."


Dr. Mario Chavez  send these photos (right with his wife Yuri and with Dr. Vet. Carla Cosyleón).  
He wrote:
"Evening Agnihotra during the member meeting for the opening of a new frequency for internet radio.
 Om Shree."

Dr. Vet. Carly Cosyleón sent the photos with her grandson doing Agnihotra and says that he loves the Homa Fires. He is a healthy & happy child of 3 years of age.
Yes, with the practice of Agnihotra, we can help children feel safe, loved, cared for, guided, ... despite any unfavorable circumstances.


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  Eng. Matthias Erismann, who lives with his wife Ayrad and his daughters in Puerto Rico, arrived for Christmas in Switzerland, where he shares Agnihotra with his relatives.

Christmas is a time to share all the good things that bring us happiness.


  We received the photos below from Ms. Mery Tippe, Homa volunteer assisting
Dr. Jorge Torres Segovio
, psychologist at the
Paul Nogier University Clinic
in Carabayllo.  Dr. Torres helps his patients also with Homa Therapy. And he is very successful in treating people suffering from depression, anger, violent behavior, addictions, etc.
(Photos show Homa healing sessions in the month of November and
in the beginning of December)

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 Mr. Miguel Angel David Incacari (left) took the Homa Fires several years ago to Zorritos, his home town, and since then 

continues their practice and shares their benefits with his family, neighbors, and friends anywhere. They have wonderful experiences and are very grateful.
(Photo above to the right: Miguel Angel sharing Agnihotra with his wife,

his children, his mother and friends. Photos above: his mother doing Tryambakam Homa and his son in front of Agnihotra.)  


Dear visitors of the Somayag 2017,
We are running against time with the hotel bookings this year because of several events taking place in Maheshwar at the same time as our Somayag!
If you are not sure that you are accommodated either in Goshala or Hotels please contact:
Karin <kasardevi8@yahoo.com>, Anne <annegodfrey@rediffmail.com>,
Arun <arunkanand@hotmail.com> or write to <info@somayag.org>
to make sure you have a place to stay.
Normally Hotels charge 50% in advance and only after they receive the down payment they secure the rooms. Warm greetings from India.
Somayag Committee

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Dear friends,
         We are pleased to announce that the last and final Somayag in the series of seven Somayags inspired by Shree Vasant Paranjpe, will be held at the Homa Therapy Goshala, Maheshwar, India February 7-12, 2017.

To date six of these Somayags have been completed successfully.
This is an opportunity for all of us to come together again for a cause mightier than all of us together, an opportunity to contribute ourselves to a Higher Goal; no matter how small our individual efforts may be. By coming together in a united effort, we can achieve more than the sum of our parts.
Supporting and attending, if possible, such a Somayag helps us realize that it is the journey together which gives us great joy and enhanced meaning to our lives. In those moments together we understand and learn more about life.

This 7th Somayag is known as Aptoryam.
This Somayag is to help all our families and all living beings in good health as well as to purify our environment and thus help all the planet to regain good health again.
On a more subtle level Aptoryam Somayag is for purification and strengthening our sense organs - and as it is the sense organs through which we perceive the World. If these sense are pure and strong, we will be able to achieve Equanimity of Mind and Ultimate Peace. So this particular Somayag will help to unite all humanity.

The beneficial effect of each of these Somayags last for several decades. The atmosphere becomes medicinal, nutritious and disease free.

Somayags yield great benefits to the psyche. They are, of course, part of the Science of Yajnya, of which daily sunrise/sunset Agnihotra is the core practice for the common person.

So let us come together and celebrate this time with each other in
 Unity and Harmony.

If you want to come please register using this link:
For more information: http://somayag.org/

The Somayag Committee

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By Dr. Ulrich Berk

Effects of Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash on Soil

Earlier we had discussed how Agnihotra purifies our atmosphere and the water resources. Now let us have a look into the effect of Agnihotra on soil. Mostly people are not aware of how important soil is – although it is obvious that our lives depend on the thin layer of topsoil as we all feed on plants (even non-veg people do indirectly), and most plants need soil for growing.
Conventional chemical farming has led to a degradation of our soil on large scale. With Homa Farming techniques this degradation can be reversed and healthy, productive soil will be restored, on which healthy plants will thrive.

When you perform Agnihotra and the other techniques of Homa Organic Farming, following are the effects on the soil:

§ Aeration is increased.
§ Moisture holding capacity is increased.
§ Both acidity and alcalinity are controlled.
§ Salinity is removed.
§ Beneficial microbes prosper.
§ Earthworms multiply at a higher rate.

   Some of these results have just been confirmed by observations. E.g. it was found that in Tapovan, a Homa Farm in India (the only place we know of where continuous Tryambakam Yajnya is going on for many years), in a very dry summer you had to dig half a meter deep to find moisture in the soil. On neighbouring lands you had to dig one meter deep!
     Regarding other points scientific studies are available. One was done on one farm with highly alcaline soil, pH was 9.86. The land was divided into three plots. One was cultivated conventionally with agrochemicals; second plot was cultivated organically, using vermicompost; and the third one was cultivated organically with vermicompost and Agnihotra Ash.
     After only one season – approximately three months – you see that conventional farming did not change the pH, organic farming brought the pH a little bit down, but Homa Organic Farming nearly brought the pH back to nearly normal – IN JUST THREE MONTHS!

Soil Treatment


with agro-chemicals


with Vermicompost


with Vermicompost + Agnihotra ash


(continued on nex page)

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Dr. Ulrich Berk :

         Interesting is that on the other hand with highly acidic soil, Homa Organic Farming brings the pH up as we have seen in Bhrugu Aranya, a Homa Farm in Southern Poland. Before Jarek and Parvati started farming there a government agricultural engineer came and tested the soil. The result was discouraging: pH was 4.4, and the agricultural engineer told that nothing will grow on this soil unless you add a lot of lime to it. For that, money was not available but still all kinds of vegetables were growing on this land just because of the Homa Atmosphere and adding of Agnihotra Ash. Some time later the pH was measured again and it had come up to 7.2. That means that Agnihotra Ash does not just push the pH in one direction – it brings Nature back to harmony.

        Very important for soil health and soil fertility are biological properties. We have seen that earthworms thrive in Homa atmosphere. Earthworms are actually an indicator for healthy soil. But also different kinds of microbes are essential, e.g. phosphorus solubilizing bacteria.
       All plants need phosphorus. However, regardless of how much phosphate is added to the soil, only the water soluble portion can be utilized by the plant. One study done long time ago by Dr. Tung Ming Lai, Denver, Colorado, USA, showed that water solubility of phosphorus in soil increased if Agnihotra Ash was added:

              The question arises how this effect comes about. It is known that certain bacteria can help in turning non water soluble phosphorus into water soluble phosphorus, and the hypothesis was that Agnihotra Ash supports these bacteria. A recent study done in Ratnagiri, South India (a place famous for the Alfonso mangoes) confirmed this hypothesis: By adding Agnihotra Ash, the count of phosphate solubilisers increased 1000 fold.
Another kind of useful bacteria in soil are nitrogen fixer. Their count increased 100 fold.
              This explains why in Homa Farming it is not necessary to add chemical fertilizers. The following graphics shows the comparison of useful bacteria with and without Agnihotra Ash (using different media to cultivate those bacteria for measuring).

          The researchers summarized their findings saying that „addition of Agnihotra ash to the soil positively increases the number of effective organisms while suppressing the fungal growth.
        In all the sample, the ratio of positive to negative micro-organisms is 100:0. i.e the soil contains 100 % positive or effective microorganisms upon treatment with Agnihotra ash“.
       Really a powerful substance, this Agnihotra Ash!

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      Our army is being trained to move all over the world. This army of Love, no weapons, no enemies. Only Love and science of Yajnya. Our aim is to rejuvenate the planet from the roots to the heavens. Through the agency of fire this atmosphere surrounding the planet will be healed.
 What is required now is one pointed attention and intensity of Mantra and the fires we do.

    Put all attention on the Divine, the love of God, and place all desires at His feet. Only then can the judgment of the mind in such matters become clear.

    If you are doing all with love, with Mantra, then there is no need to push oneself too hard, too fast, too much. Pace yourself.


    You must not lose one precious moment. Don’t talk about yourself and do not discuss the shortcomings of others. There is little time. It is not necessary that you discuss someone else’s faults. Until you become faultless do not indulge in the habit of finding fault with others. When you become faultless you will also not do this, as it too is a fault in oneself.

   Yes, suffering does become less because joy becomes more, the joy of love and devotion.

   You must be willing to be wherever you are needed. It does not always follow logical sequence.

   Time is crucial. This work must be done. Work as if you had to escape from a building on fire, and it was your only way out, only way out.

     Surrender all fears to HE who has sent you. It is HE who sent us to you.

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( received through Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

Somayag 2017
        We now wish to impress upon all of you the vital importance of this final Somayag to be held at the sacred ancient site in Maheshwar, India. The planet is going to benefit from its existence. We shall explain further.

On Revealed Knowledge
     In this realm of understanding, many of you find yourselves at a loss for words to explain what you come to know as truth.     However, truth is undeniable, once it is revealed. Thus, revealed knowledge is never that which can be easily explained with facts, figures and data. Revealed Knowledge stems from a human contact with that which is referred to as Divine or Divinity.
   That Divinity has no name, though human beings have a tendency to label and identify. Hence, revealed knowledge is identified as Christian or Muslim or Hindu or Judaic, to name a few.

   If you look deeper into that revealed wisdom, you can find threads which tie these great revelations to every culture, every religion. It is universal knowledge, which is owned by and created by no formal religious body, though it will be accepted as the gospel in each of them.

On Dogma and Separation
       It is when human beings give into dogma that they separate themselves from others and create rifts between cultures and beliefs, when in fact there is a common thread that binds all! Unity, in fact, is a natural state of being. It is humans that defy it.

        We do not blame any one body of knowledge for separating itself from others, nor do we celebrate any as superior to the rest. That is left to the religious fervor which engulfs human beings, moving them to try and ‘save’ others from going down a divergent path, one which is not clearly understandable or identifiable to them.

On Divinity and Unity
    Let us take note that there are many paths to Divine, all of which can lead one to access the higher state of consciousness known as God Consciousness or God Realization. No one group or sect can lay claim to it, and anyone can achieve it if their heart is pure and their aim is true. If it is in their life’s plan, their karma if you will, to reach this highest state of consciousness, all efforts will be made by Higher Beings to lead them to it.

      Divine has no preferences as to one’s belief system, one’s way of life, one’s diet, one’s sexuality, or one’s cultural background, race, religion or creed. There is no hierarchy or ladder to climb to reach status or success in spiritual matters.

     All are One in the eyes of the Divine, as they should be in the eyes of humankind.

... The error of thinking common amongst humans is to believe only in what can be seen, heard, weighed, measured, quantified, qualified, certified and proven by scientific fact to exist. To believe only in what one sees is a fallacy...

    On Changing World Consciousness
    Yes, yes, yes. (I could hear Orion, but at a distinct distance) Yes, our communications are interrupted but only temporarily. We reach you via intuitive perception and your presence, albeit straining, is sensed by us.

      All of you must not concentrate on what moves are being made around you, but instead focus on fine-tuning your listening and clarifying abilities. Keep questioning, but do not become self-absorbed in the quest for answers. Be more drawn actively into finding the clear ways in which you, as individuals and as masses, can begin to change this world’s consciousness to bring the ‘powers that be’ to their knees.

More info: www.oriontransmissions.com

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