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     If we look at the current situation in the different countries of the world and we wonder what is the emergency # 1 that affects all?
What would you say?
Most scientists would say:
 "Global Warming" or "Climate Change",
but what is the cause? Many agree that the
environmental pollution
has devastating effects on everything and explain:
the increase of population implies an increase in:
 °Food consumption
°Consumption of Natural Resources (water, minerals, wood, fossil fuels, etc.)
°Traffic (terrestrial, marine,
 air, river communication,
space (?), etc.)
°Communication (telephone, cellular, Internet, cinema, etc.)
°Electricity and Electromagnetic Networks
°Consumption of Basic Services

These activities become problems when they are accompanied by:
1) Energy generation through
a) Fossil fuel (gas, oil, etc.) causing an increase in CO2 linked to
the Greenhouse Effect
b) Nuclear plants related to radioactive products and the reactivity
2) Cutting and burning of tropical jungles and forest areas for:
a) Conventional Toxic Agriculture of monocultures in large extensions
Examples: Oil palms, rangelands, etc.
b) Excessive and Irrational Livestock
c) Mining


3) Increase of synthetic substances, plastics and waste of all kinds on the planet
4) Increase of Space Debris
5) Chemical Trails
6) HAARP or Geo-Engineering (-)
7) Others

These extreme activities have altered the energy cycles, the natural balance and poisoned the planet with
excess of greenhouse gases (C02, methane, etc.), toxic substances, electromagnetic fields, radioactivity, etc.
Of course, this affects all the inhabitants of the earth, including us. This is a kind of


However, the Spiritual Scientists tell us that the primary causes are the Mental impurities,
such as: greed, selfishness, anger, envy, lust, etc.

 Fortunately, the solution has been revealed. Homa Therapy can help us to mitigate and resolve many of these problems. Yes, yes, yes, only the Science can help us to get out of the hole that we have got ourselves into and not the superstition of thinking that we can continue poisoning and not be harmed (?)

Homa Therapy helps us to: clarify our mind,
transform our awareness, clean our home, and
heal the planet,
our Mother Earth.
Let's get on with it!
Let’s light up the Homa Fires.


Your experiences, comments, questions and suggestions for the Homa Health Newsletter are welcome;
Please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com  Thank you!



Dilip Palakaladinna
Chicago, IL, USA
during his visit in Rio Blanco
Puerto Rico, Caribbean

      "I am visiting with my wife Keerthi 'Casa Picaflores'. I have been doing Yoga since my childhood, with occasional breaks, but now I am more steady with it and meditation.
I came to know about Agnihotra when I called Mrs. Barbara Rogers to make the reservation. Then I investigated Homa Therapy through internet.
         (Photo: Mr. Dilip Palakaladinna in 'Casa Picaflores'.)

         I ordered my Agnihotra kit and its practice has helped me a lot with my Meditations. It helps me to focus and it has normalized a lot of pressure I had in work and otherwise. It neutralized any depressive thoughts.
      More importantly, it has improved my teamwork with my colleagues. I started sharing more knowledge and more work. It has given me more collaborative and innovative ideas.
        It has improved my out of the box thinking. I am more outward going now as compared to before. Agnihotra has a healing effect and its vibratory powers go around my home and I can feel its energy that is going into my nerves and veins.

José Ricardo
Naranjito, Puerto Rico, Caribbean

     "The first time I was participating in Homa Therapy was on the farm of Elena Biamon. I used my pyramid for the first time there. I was very surprised by my experience.
      I had the feeling that my spine was straightened out. I felt a very interesting energy. I have practiced Agnihotra several times and I came to learn more."

(Photo: Mr. José Ricardo)

Yolanda Collazo
Utuado, Puerto Rico, Caribbean

   "5 years ago, I was in an activity with Homa Therapy. I came to know this precious healing technique through a friend, an ayurvedic astrologer.
          I remember that I suffered from a severe cold along with other 5 or 6 people. And, when Agnihotra had finished, everyone’s cold was gone. This friend had given us also the Agnihotra ash.
      Then, a year ago, there was a terrible drought in Puerto Rico. We participated with 3 people in the practice of morning and evening Agnihotra. And, on

the third day, it started to rain in this area."           (Photo: Mrs. Yolanda Collazo)

Luz Elena Granada Restrepo
Armenia, Colombia, South America

        "I am doing the Homa fire in my home every afternoon.
I feel very well, with patience, harmony, tranquility and with the desire to do many things and to share. It is an inner peace that was given to us through the teaching of Homa Therapy and I wish to preserve it. Many thanks! Have a happy day and may the Lord bless you."

(Photo: Mrs. Luz Elena Granada practicing Agnihotra)

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Juan Carlos Valencia
Manizales, Colombia, South America

 (Photo: Mr. Juan Carlos Valencia)
"I am 51 years of age. Since we had the blessing to learn about Homa Therapy in Manizales, we have always been in tune with the Fires. I have 4 testimonies which are very important for me.
I worked in Armenia but lived in Manizales. So, I kept a fire pyramid in Armenia in the house of my father, where I practiced Agnihotra. In our farm house, where we went for the weekends, we had a shrub that was completely dry. So I thought 'let’s check out the Homa Fires'.

 1.) Then I started doing Agnihotra fire, collected its ash and prepared a solution to spray that dry plant regularly. It turned out that one month and a half later, the shrub began to sprout and it recovered completely. That was a very nice experience for the whole family.
2)  My mother also was very much in tune with the Homa fire, because every time we practiced Agnihotra, a very beautiful energy was generated. There was so much peace and the birds felt attracted.

3).  Once, thieves entered into our farm house. They turned the whole place upside down and took objects from different rooms. The only room which remained untouched was the room with the Agnihotra pyramid! It is the room where I sleep when I go there. On that weekend, I had left very valuable equipment in this room with the door open.
4.)  But the best testimony of all, occurred at the time of the earthquake in 1999, when my father lived in Armenia, although the rest of the family was living in Manizales. We heard on the radio that the earthquake had been quite destructive in Pereira, but Armenia was not mentioned. So we said that surely nothing had happened in Armenia. But, later on came the news that Armenia had been completely destroyed. This was for us a very, very big shock. We tried to communicate with our father and contact him by different means, but nothing. My brothers-in-law suggested that we travel to Armenia, if we would not hear anything from him until 6 in the evening. I told them that this time was a very special time and I wanted to do Agnihotra. Exactly, when I was with the Fire, the communication with my father entered. He told us that he was alright and that he would be coming the next day to Manizales. In his department, I also had an Agnihotra pyramid.
     I am fully convinced of the goodness of the Homa fires. It is very difficult to rationally come to the truth. The truth is mystical and it cannot be checked through the mind. But, when one has lived experiences with the heart, one knows what is real. Sharing these, is my gratitude to the Fire."


         Juan Carlos has worked several years in the development of this extra-ordinary game:

Now it is ready so that you and your family can enjoy and spend some quality time together and get to know and love each other in a deeper level.
: it is in Spanish

For more information about this "game" please see:

To order your game, please write to Mr. Juan Carlos: juangeometra@gmail.com or you can call: cel: 311 605 8868 or whatsapp: +57 312 790 4238

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    Mrs. Elena Biamon, farmer with studies in Microbiology, Environmental Sciences and Culinary Arts, shares her experience from the Cripiña Farm, Utuado, Puerto Rico, Caribbean:
"I have dedicated the last 12 years to organic farming. We did Agnihotra in the farm for the first time in the year 2015, a year of a very terrible drought. Already the next day, that is in less than 24 hours, the whole farm was completely green, green, green! We were in the midst of a drought, the plants had been much stressed, and they looked as if they had been released from that stress.
                          (Photo: Mrs. Elena doing Agnihotra on her farm.)

            I sell some products from the farm at the organic market of San Juan. They all say that ours bananas are the best. Sometimes, I carry cherry tomato and people tell me that they are spectacular. I say this with all humility.

 There is something that occurs energetically. The people who buy our produce feel that energy. They feel that they are strong, beautiful and energy charged. They also have a delicious taste.
 PhotoSome of Elenas' products on the Ecological fair in San Juan, which is on sundays.

      I know that the energy of Agnihotra has helped a lot with my crops. This farm is in recovery and we see the results.
       We have seen coffee trees born in the farm, almost instantly, with a strength as we were making a selection. It is as if the trees were saying 'we are the ones that can do it'. And from these we collect the seeds and we are propagating them.
    What is happening is a Natural Selection
The challenges of high temperatures and the drought continue. This year it is not so strong, but it continues.
     I wonder and ask the trees: ‘And you, how did you get so well? How did you improve so much?’
And they do speak to me.
       I have concluded, that a

In 2010, we did the complete transition.
 We began to use commercial organic fertilizers and
 then came Agnihotra
 and Biodynamic.
We did heal a soil that was mistreated  with pesticides, etc.
 Now, after 6 years,
we are seeing the biodiversity on the farm, the amount of bio-controlling insects, butterflies, earth worms, etc.

Although we began with Agnihotra right at a time of much challenge for our coffee cultivation due to the drought and the Roya disease, we are definitely in an
Active Recovery."

Photo: Elena with her husband Miguel and Abel at the market.

natural selection is taking place and that these are going to be the indicators who will provide the seeds for me to keep propagating.
        We lived the transition of our farm, where pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers were used. When we acquired the farm, it was not organic and we knew nothing about farming.     It is a constant learning and we as vegetarians and lover of organic products, made the transition little by little.

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Yucatán, México, state is declared
free of GM crops

     As published in the Official Journal of the state, the reasons why Yucatan is declared  free zone of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are several. However, the  primary one highlights the risks to the human health.

For example, they are related to cancer disease, to the pollution of the subsoil and waters, etc.  In addition, GMOs can damage the bees and the economy of some indigenous peasants is based on beekeeping. The link can be opened in google chrome by right clicking outside the page. Then click on “Translate to English”. This is also valid for below articles: http://www.ecoportal.net/Eco-Noticias/Yucatan-se-declara-estado-libre-de-cultivos-transgenicos 


Where is the most environmentally friendly resort in the world going to be?

By Miguel Mañueco 01/11/2016
   It is going to be built in the Emirates and will be inaugurated in 2020. This Eco-Resort will be possible thanks to the presence of underground water, which will be brought to the surface through a fountain.

To see article: http://www.ecoportal.net/Eco-Noticias/Donde-se-va-a-construir-el-resort-mas-ecologico-del-mundo


Everyone can plant, donate
or adopt a (native) tree

By Matilde Moyano 01/11/2016
We need to reestablish our link with nature, and know that anyone can plant, donate or adopt a tree. This year more than 55,000 were already planted. "Many people make seedlings, but once the tree grows they can't keep it in their home. They donate it through a website so that someone can adopt it and plant it", said Elizabeth Fogwill and Milagros

Sánchez of the Water and Youth Movement.                                  To read more please see: http://www.ecoportal.net/Eco-Noticias/Todos-podemos-plantar-donar-o-adoptar-un-arbol-nativo


  We recommend watching:

A documentary on CLIMATE CHANGE
        Leonardo DiCaprio analyzes the
current environmental situation.
He also interviews personalities in the field such as Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Ban Ki-moon, among others.

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      Arriving at the airport in Santiago de Chile, invited
 by the Fivefold Path Foundation, Ms. Karina Ohme, from the 'Satsang' farm, welcomed us. New Homa adventures started in this Southern country.
 (Photo right
 The first meeting happened in the Hospital of Curacaví, where acupuncture therapist, Mrs. Cecilia Garrido introduced Homa Therapy to her colleagues 

in the area of Complementary Medicine with the help of Prof. Abel Hernandez.
      Then an ''Audiovisual Intensive Sanskrit Workshop' was held at Satsang Farm, where the participants learned: to read the 'Devanagari' alphabet, to connect letters and the correct pronunciation of the Homa Mantras. This workshop ended with the practice of Agnihotra. (photos below)

Agnihotra in the Satsang farm, where the Devas are dancing with the Fire, full of joy.

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Photos this page: 
     This has been an event with acts, gestures and words of love. We did a massive Vyahruti Homa, followed by a meditation for inner peace. We listened to words of wisdom, practiced exercises to strengthen the will and enjoyed music and dance with a joyful and grateful heart.
          This meeting was organized by Mrs. Caterine
(photo left -doing Tryambakam Homa)

It was guided by professor Abel and had the assistance of many Homa volunteers.
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    In La Serena, the northern area of Chile, we stayed with Mother Carmen Hurtado. She is a dedicated Agnihotri and Guardian of the Point of Light 'Bhargava Dham' in the Elqui Valley.
Here, we had preparatory meetings with Harinamji and Ms. Pamela (photo below left), who organized the Homa Festival in the village 'Pisco Elqui'.
    Prof. Abel was invited for an interview about Homa Therapy in 'Radio SUN' of Paihuano by Mr. Humberto Vásquez (photo below right)
   The whole community was invited to the healing Festival.            We are grateful to the Municipality of Paihuano for all the support received through Mr. Jaime Rivera.

 Enjoying the Homa fires Homa in Bhargava Dham and on the banks of the river Cochiguaz, Colorado.
Photos below: Tryambakam hut, Homa Fire with Leo, Carmen, Jimena and friends, Abel and Aleta.

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Photos: The river receives the healing ash from the Agnihotra hut of Bhargava Dham.

         It is a wonderful place to feel the flow of these extra-ordinary and magnificent energies for Meditation, Introspection, Swadhyaya, Service,
Tapas (Auto-disciplines),  etc.


Agnihotris arrived from the valley and from the neighborhood to take actively part in a Rudra Yagnya in Bhargava Dham.
The Mantras sung with enthusiasm and devotion
can free us and make us fly...

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Photos this page:
We spent an afternoon with our dear brother and sister, Francisco & Cecilia, in their lovely farm in the Elqui Valley. They are dedicated Agnihotris since many years.

      Their neighbors are astonished by the effects of HOMA therapy in in their plants. Cecilia and Francisco have a wide range of fruit trees, medicinal and culinary herbs, as well as flowers and ornamental shrubs.
    There is a special charm in this place and one can feel the presence of the Devas in the environment.
Before leaving, we did another Vyahruti Homa with the neighbors.

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 Photos: To the joy of all, a group of young and disciplined Agnihotris came from Santiago to Bhargava Dham to help in the preparations of the Homa Festival and experience it.            These were Camila, Josefa, María José and Matías. Together with Carmen, Caterine, Ximena and Jimena.
                We practiced Fires, chanted Mantras, Yoga, prepared food, bathed in the river, packaged Agnihotra ash for the attendees to the Festival, etc.

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        Photos: During the Homa Festival in Pisco Elqui, the public learned about the beneficial effects of these Ayurvedic Healing Fires, through audiovisual presentations.
       Prof. Abel also encouraged participants to do some therapeutic physical exercises in order to feel more energetic and to assume the correct posture while sitting.
    There was a lot of variety in the artistic presentations and people enjoyed the attention and love received. We had the joyful presence of the artists: Amayté, Ximena Moya, Miguel Ángel Padilla, Jaime Rivera Esquibel, Patrick Valenzuela (photos above from left to right), the Wayras kids (photo below) consisting of Elena, Victoria, Constanza, Javiera, Millarat and their teacher Ms. Ángeles.

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Matías, Mariana and her friend kept the public attentive and amazed with their acrobatic acts, jumps and flowing yoga. (photos above) Tryambakam Homa was maintained throughout the Festival. Volunteers took turns (photo above right Camila).

Photo left: Again, we had angels sent from heaven in the form of the couple of internationally recognized musicians: Juanita Ozamiz and Alvaro Díaz, who helped at any moment to insure everything was running well.

At the time of Agnihotra, heartbeats full of love and joy could be felt.... Grace expanding infinitely... All participants received thankfully
an envelope with the Healing Agnihotra ash.

 Jimena Clarke, together with Harinamji and Pamela, offered to continue with more meetings in the village for the sick and anyone interested to test the effectiveness of these Homa Healing Fires.
We are very grateful to all those who made this lovely event possible!

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   The day after the Festival, before the Santiago group left, we met for a special farewell fire. (Photos right)

Always there was the affectionate presence and support of Mrs. Jimena Clarke. (Photo above left: Jimena alongside Susana and her granddaughter)
  Jimena lives in the vicinity and supports constantly and unconditionally the necessary Fire disciplines at this place.
   We stayed at Bhargava Dham for a few more days in the company and love of Mother Carmen (1st. photo left) and Mrs. Ximena Moya (2nd. photo), a singer and clairvoyant, who with her voice, is able to touch the depths of the heart.   She also

 shared some of her sacred meetings on this site.
       We all enjoyed the long-awaited visit of Álvaro Díaz & Juanita (musicians and songwriters). We enjoyed their singing until late in the company of neighbor Susana and her children.  
         Mother Carmen
sent us these lines: "The Jasmine flourished for the first time this year. It has many years in Bhargava Dham, but only grew leaves. I believe that it enjoyed your visit which brought many Homa fires."        
   (Photos below: roses in front of the Tryambakam hut, a goodbye to the river Cochiguaz, and the jasmine flourishing.)

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   At the bus station in Santiago, coming from La Serena, Camila  Llamazares picked us up and took us to her family's home, which became our base of operations for the next 10 days.

Camila led us to a SOME Hospital (Sistema de Orientación Medica y Estadística = System of Medical Orientation and Statistics Hospital),  where Ms. Sol Henríquez and Mr. Pablo Gómez (photo in the middle above, front row), both Homa Therapy practitioners, work. They had organized an  "Anti-stress Homa Workshop" for therapists.

     Everyone learned various simple and effective techniques of therapeutic Yoga and they saw through a video presentation the many benefits that the constant practice of HOMA Therapy brings. (see pictures on this page)
We relaxed deeply during Agnihotra and let ourselves be carried away by the sounds of the crystal bowls touched softly by Mr. Denis Robert (photo above).
    Ms. Sol, Pablo and Mrs. Caterine offered to continue with Agnihotra 2 to 3 times per week for all interested. Workers in a hospital are not exempt from aches and health problems.

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 Photos around:
Homa Therapy Conference and collective Agnihotra organized by the AgniYoga Center in Santiago,
where Agnihotra is regularly performed by volunteers.

          Photos below: On Sunday, a group of Agnihotris from Santiago gathered for a Rudra Yajnya at AgniYoga Center.  Participants: Silvia & Jorge, Matias Muñoz, María José Geldres, Ravidass Kaur, Josefa Molina, Raul Heauty and Camila Molina. The Rudra was guided by Abel and Aleta.

At the end of the Rudra Yajnya, sunset approached and everyone practiced Agnihotra. Thus a day filled with Mantras ended beautifully and serene.

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The group of Homa volunteers arrived early to beautify the place for the Homa Festival.
They also did Tryambakam Homa  during the whole Festival.
Ms. Maria José was the hostess guiding  the Event.

         Ms. Camilia Paz wrote the following summary: "The day for the Fourth Santiago Homa Festival arrived. It was organized by the Fivefold Path Foundation in the Gymnasium “Juventud Providencia”.         The activity was supported by the Municipality of Providencia.            Workshops about Homa Farming, Homa Health and Mantras were given during the Homa Festival.          Among the speakers were Carolina Morales, Tania Salobreña, Carlos Bustamante, Héctor Rosas, Abel Hernández and Aleta Macan.         It was accompanied with music of the band Om Bhakti, dances from the Bharatanatyam Chile School and Dances of Universal Peace with Denise Dutrey.       The crystal bowls were played by Miguel Angel and Ximena Moya surprised with closing song for this Healing Event."    (See photos of this and the next 2 pages.)

- Photos of the Therapeutic Yoga workshop with Prof. Abel Hernandez.
- Photo above 1: Homa Farming Conference by Carolina Morales.
                     2: Lectures of Sanskrit and Mantras by Prof. Carlos Bustamante and
                       Ayurveda and Homa Medicines by Mrs. Tania Salobreña.

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Photos this page:
- Photo left:
     Mr. Hector Rosas speaking about the Fivefold Path
-  Picture below left: Heavenly music with
 'Om Bhakti'.
- Photo below and center: Dances of Universal Peace with Denise.
- Mr. Miguel Angel Padilla making the water
sing in his bowl.

- Photos below: Professional dances from the Indian tradition from the Bharatanatyam Chile School.

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Photos of this page: during the massive practice of Agnihotra at the Homa Festival. Silence, Peace and Healing for each being. Mrs. Ximena singing Ave Maria deepened this unique experience.       Expanding Light through the Homa Fires...

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          Photo above and below the workshop - YOGA & FIRE. A group of over 50 school children from the 'Paula Jaraquemada' Women's College, participated in a special class of Yoga and Homa Therapy. The activity was supported by the school psychologist: Scarlett y Camila Molina, Agnihotri who works in the school.


 Photos to the right and below:
Yoga & Fire
meeting where the Chicureo neighbors participated, at the home of Orietta, Camila and Josefa.

We enjoyed a therapeutic Yoga class and we performed Agnihotra at sunset.
Some of the participants: Silvana, Moreen, Orietta y Karen.

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      Mrs. Denia Cordero (photo left, along with Mrs. Sandra in the background)
shared from San Jose, Costa Rica:

     "In one of the beautiful parks of San José, Sandra, Marian Lisbeth, Ricardo, Aurora and I, Denia, met in order to connect with the pure Love that emanates from the Homa pyramid and encompasses the whole world. Wonderful Healing Fires.
Thank you ... Thank you ... Om Shree Om."
(Photos above and left.)  


   Excerpts from a letter of Eng. Matthias Erismann and his wife Ayrad addressed to the Agnihotris of Puerto Rico:  
   "We are expanding Homa Therapy with its healing fires all over the island. Recently we were in Mayagüez, creating a new Agnihotra group and in Bayamón, expanding another group.

This coming weekend we'll be in the Rincon area...
We want to remember that the purpose of Homa Therapy is to purify and heal the atmosphere. Then the atmosphere heals the earth, the water, the plants, the animals and us. The I, I, I comes last. Let’s not lose this approach. We need to detoxify our environment first to have the benefits later. So let’s continue to practice these healing fires for the benefits of Puerto Rico.
(Photo: Sharing between Agnihotris on the Island. Ms. Ayrad and Eng. Matthias the first ones from left.)

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The Agnihotri couple Diana Molano and Joaquín Rozo share the following:

        "The photos are from the Homa meetings at FunLibre in Bogota
(photos below) -  and from the Restaurant  'La Revolución de la Cuchara' (photo right), where Mr. Eduardo Rodríguez and other practitioners gather for Agnihotra.

    In Villavicencio, we shared Agnihotra in the home of the  Ayala family (photo left) who opened their heart to the healing fire and received the instruction to do them correctly.
(photo below right) Endir Joaquin shared Agnihotra in the suburb ‘Barcelona’  with Alison, her husband and their baby. They enjoyed the energy of this place, where

Agnihotra is  done constantly.  
      (photo below left)
Also in Villavicencio, Mr. Audo Quezada, makes his academy 'Samadhi Yoga School' available so that people come to know about Homa Therapy and obtain the benefits of the Agnihotra healing fires. With love."

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Dear friends,
         We are pleased to announce that the last and final Somayag in the series of seven Somayags inspired by Shree Vasant Paranjpe, will be held at the Homa Therapy Goshala, Maheshwar, India February 7-12, 2017.

To date six of these Somayags have been completed successfully.
This is an opportunity for all of us to come together again for a cause mightier than all of us together, an opportunity to contribute ourselves to a Higher Goal; no matter how small our individual efforts may be. By coming together in a united effort, we can achieve more than the sum of our parts.
Supporting and attending, if possible, such a Somayag helps us realize that it is the journey together which gives us great joy and enhanced meaning to our lives. In those moments together we understand and learn more about life.

This 7th Somayag is known as Aptoryam.
This Somayag is to help all our families and all living beings in good health as well as to purify our environment and thus help all the planet to regain good health again.
On a more subtle level Aptoryam Somayag is for purification and strengthening our sense organs - and as it is the sense organs through which we perceive the World. If these sense are pure and strong, we will be able to achieve Equanimity of Mind and Ultimate Peace. So this particular Somayag will help to unite all humanity.

The beneficial effect of each of these Somayags last for several decades. The atmosphere becomes medicinal, nutritious and disease free.

Somayags yield great benefits to the psyche. They are, of course, part of the Science of Yajnya, of which daily sunrise/sunset Agnihotra is the core practice for the common person.

So let us come together and celebrate this time with each other in Unity and Harmony.

If you want to come please register using this link:
For more information: http://somayag.org/

The Somayag Committee

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Purification of the Atmosphere by Agnihotra

The main statement of Homa Therapy is: Agnihotra heals the atmosphere – and the healed atmosphere heals the environment, plants, animals, and humans.

How can we understand that statement in terms of modern science? And then, as a second step, see whether modern scientific research can either confirm or refute such statements?
We will cover all these aspects of Agnihotra – effects on our environment (air, soil, and water resources), plant life including agriculture and horticulture, animal health and animal breeding, and human health in the following issues of this newsletter.

Let us now begin with the effect of Agnihotra in purifying our air. We can distinguish three forms of air pollution: biological, chemical, and physical air pollution. Actually, there is one more form of pollution of our atmosphere – that is thought pollution. Although this perhaps is the worst form (as it leads to the other forms of pollution), we will deal with that aspect later on as a scientific examination is a bit more complicated.

         Biological air pollution is the presence of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Will this contamination be reduced by performing Agnihotra? Several studies have confirmed this assumption. The first of such studies was done in the eighties of last century at one Warsaw university, Poland. It showed that the bacterial count went down, starting right after Agnihotra. After 12 hours less than 10% of the original bacterial count was remaining. That would have been the time for next Agnihotra.

Alas we do not have a photo documentation of this early experiment. But we do have photos and data from replications – one was done at Fergusson College (one of the leading colleges in Pune, India) a few years back. The difference between before and after Agnihotra is obvious – although the "after“ measurement was taken only half an hour after Agnihotra.

It will be interesting to see the effect after 12 hours, and even more interesting to see what happens if we perform Agnihotra regularly for one week or for one month.

(continued on next page)

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Dr. Ulrich Berk - continuation:

Chemical air pollution refers to chemical compounds detrimental to our health. Modern technology has brought a lot of such compounds into our homes, many of them potentially harmful for humans. A series of experiments was conducted recently at Vikram University, Ujjain, M.P., and at North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon, India. They tested the chemical compounds SOx and NOx which are produced by any form of combustion, and the levels are getting alarmingly high especially in cities because of all the cars with combustion engines. Also these experiments measured physical pollution, i.e. particle pollution. See the results:

Ambient Air Quality Report
(Values are in µg/m3)

Sampling Period: - 30 min









5:15 to 5:45

Before Homa






6:30 to 7:00

During Homa






7:00 to 7:30

After Homa






10:30 to 11:00

After 15 hrs of Homa






SOx: Sulfur Oxides
NOx: Oxides of Nitrogen
SPM: Suspended Particulate Matter (particles floating in the air)
RSPM: Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter (particle size equal or less than 10 micrometres – these small particles can go deep into our respiratory system)

The sampling was done with a high-volume air sampler which sucks in the air and then presses it through a filter. Particles are stuck in the filter, depending on the filter specifications.
     Although the values go up a little bit after Agnihotra (which is to be expected as fire creates some level of SOx, NOx, as well as some smoke means particles), after some time all values go down well below the levels we had before Agnihotra, means Agnihotra purifies our air also from these chemical and physical pollutants. The experiments were done both at sunrise and at sunset in order to rule out any effects of normal variations between day and night.
Next step will be to do this experiment for one week, performing Agnihotra regularly morning and evening.

In the next issue of this newsletter we will discuss how Agnihotra purifies water resources. A lot of interesting results!

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       Fire ceremony, as it is called in some places, is ancient. It is known to mankind all over the world. Many ancient cultures have long lost their fire rituals. In nearly every ancient civilization fire rituals of some kind were performed, generally for some kind of healing purposes. In old American Indian cultures certain tribes had ceremonial rites using fire as a spiritual force, source of energy and healing vibration. 

Much of this has been lost or distorted but still much literature remains and the elders themselves can be interviewed on such matters. In Africa, Asia, in some countries still it is practiced from old. So it is not new. It is very, very old healing. Let it be known now all over the world. All over the world again.

      If you are committed to do this work, then have goals to achieve and systems for achieving those goals.

       In the Bible, there is reference to the coming of the destruction. It is given in code. It is given, clearly given. It is time as told in the Bible. It is past time when destruction was to start.

There is no time. No time left for the planet.
Faith is to be rejuvenated.
Whole lands will be saved from destruction, cause of destruction being altered.
Rapid deterioration is evident. Still reversal is taking place due to YAJNYA in atmosphere.

People ask, "Will there be a nuclear war?" Certainly there will be some kind of war. Every day there is war, but all out nuclear war will not come. It will not come to this end. Still much work must be done to avert dangers now present in contamination of water, air, earth. This is the big killer - POLLUTION. We do not need nuclear attack. We are already exterminating whole species of animals, trees, our natural resources, streams, lakes and rivers. This is man's destruction of his environment. So let us concern ourselves with the environment.

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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

Yes, yes. It is urgent that you do not become embroiled in the negativity that is being foisted upon all of you. Across the world stage the horrors of war have become frightening sudden explosions of fury they are occurring all over the world.

There is an orchestrated plan behind it all, but it is neither a particular racial or religious profile to blame, nor is it one governing body. It is being orchestrated by those in power, many of whom no one is even aware of. Yes, it is sinister. And yes, the effects are widespread.

You must not give unto fear. Those troubling events will continue, well-timed and fear inducing. When a population is fearful, it can be controlled easier. Yes, yes. It is the ‘new world order.’

Detach. All of you Light Workers have honed your healing skills, learned the properties of herbs as medicinal balms for body and mind and spirit. You have found ways to rejuvenate the natural resources through the healing fires of old and through sounds which resonate with five elements, and created songs and imagery to uplift your souls. You have collected wisdom, ancient and new, for just these times.

Build your oases.
Come together in communities.
Raise children with Love, human decency, honour and integrity.

Learn to love your brothers and sisters.
And above all, create bridges of UNDERSTANDING, held firmly with compassion and TRUTH.

Know that these times have been foreseen and foretold.
You have been forewarned. Thus you are forearmed – with LOVE, tempered with GRACE.

Stand firm in the TRUTH. Your souls are moving into the LIGHT.

The enemy is FEAR.
The ally is FAITH.
And Faith shall always yield GRACE.

Walk in Light.

On Communication from the Heart
Yes, yes. May we speak to this subject? If one side of a paradigm is fixed, unmoving, inflexible and set, and the other side is evolving through effort, uncovering and discovering not only new realizations about themselves, but also new, more effective ways of communication—there can be a standstill between two divergent sides.

What is important to remember here is that, generally speaking, two halves make a whole.

However divergent the thinking may be, it is more a matter for the hearts than the minds. We have discovered that, when the approach comes from the heart, there is far more possibility of successful negotiation and heartfelt communication.

If you choose to lead with your hearts, then this effort must be consistent, no matter how much the heads disagree! If you keep shifting the communication from head to heart, and remaining basically grounded in love, there is not only hope for the future, but probability of success. Yes, successful outcome is possible.

You have no choice but to hear how others feel and interact with respect, even if you cannot agree with their stance on matters. You can agree to disagree, but to come together for the sake of unity and camaraderie, as your hearts would surely dictate. Indeed, follow your hearts.

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