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Let us continue our self-study, we investigate the health of our big patient "The Earth".
1) Fever
: extreme high temperatures well above normal in some parts.
2) Cold: extreme low temperatures well below normal elsewhere.
3) Fractures, spasms, tremors and cough:
earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, avalanches, etc.
4) Increased secretions: hurricanes and floods in certain areas.
5) Dehydration: droughts in some sectors.
6) Pains: perceptible when we watch and listen attentively to Nature.
7) Tumors: abnormal growth of populations that destroys the surrounding.
8) Paranoia and Generalized Madness:
 Increase in violence, greed, envy, selfishness, lust, etc.

1) Intoxication (poisoning)
2) Infection:
 “Homo sapiens egotitis”
(inflamed human ego)
3) Planetary cancer in Critical Condition

Ignorance of Our Unity and Divine Nature.

1) Increase the Planetary Consciousness.
2) Inject beneficial energies of solar radiation at sunrise and sunset through the practice of the Agnihotra healing fire.


Healing the patient through the constant practice of Homa Therapy.

3) Daan: sharing our material resources.
4) Tapa: mental and physical self-disciplines such as: meditation, the practice of truth, non-violence, etc., for human cell temperance.
5) Karma: the increase of selfless service.
6) Swadhyaaya: do more self-study at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Let us remember that Balance is Health and Imbalance is Disease. Homa Therapy brings us closer to point of equilibrium. Thus is “Total Health”.


Let us be conscious
and beneficial cells to
our great body:
Mother Earth.

Peace, Bliss and Prosperity for all for over a thousand years
 after the planetary cleansing.
Through the practice of Agnihotra, we contribute to neutralize the toxicity and reduce the discomforts of planetary healing crisis.

OM Fivefold Path OM

The Part and the Whole are One.
Yes, yes, yes. One, not two.

Your experiences, comments, questions and suggestions for the Homa Health Newsletter are welcome;
Please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com  Thank you!



Vanesa Ijar Sierra
EsSalud State Policlinic in Carabayllo
Lima North, Peru, South America

      "I am 32 years old. I came because I had severe hair loss and at night, I suffered from an allergy throughout the body. Since I was an anxious and restless person and have a quiet strong character, I was sent to see psychologist Dr. Jorge Torres. He recommended that I come to the Homa Therapy sessions in the hospital. So I started coming and I really felt calm, felt more harmony, more tranquility and my hair stopped falling.

And I no longer had that itching all over my body at night.
But I have stopped coming to Homa Therapy during the whole summer and again I feel that the problems might return. For me Homa Therapy is like food for the spirit that helps to put things in order and to control oneself a little."
(Photo: Mrs. Vanesa Ijar Sierra with Psycologist Jorge Torres.)

Leandro Acosta
EsSalud State Policlinic in Carabayllo
Lima North, Peru, South America

     "I am 17 years old. Before Homa Therapy my life was messy and everything was more difficult. There were always problems and hardships, not only in my life, but also in the life of my family.
Since I started Homa Therapy, everything has changed. It was 2 years ago when I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder. This came so suddenly and from nowhere. My mom arranged an appointment with Doctor Jorge Torres and he gave me the Agnihotra ash. (Photo: Leandro Acosta)

     At first, I thought he wanted to drug me, because I was in very bad shape.  But then, because he also took the Agnihotra ash, I trusted him. Since that time, I am taking Agnihotra ash and my life changed radically. Since I started coming to the Homa session, my family has also improved a lot. Now, even though there are some problems, we are still fine.
    6 months ago, I fractured my shoulder. I was going to be operated, but the cost was roughly 1,200 Soles (approx. 400 US$). That was too much for my family. So I just rubbed on the Agnihotra ash with ghee. One night, on the seventh day, while moving the shoulder, there was a sound and the weirdest thing I had felt in my life happened:
the shoulder returned to normal! From one moment to the next!
   When this happened, my family said "wow". We all were surprised and they took me to Traumatology. The doctor asked, "What have you done? Have you gone to a bonesetter or did you do some witchcraft?” So I told him about the Agnihotra ash cream and he then said:
"You no longer need to be operated. You're fine."
     Then later, I fractured the tibia and fibula. I had surgery but my recovery was very fast. I was told I would be able to walk in 8 or 9 months, but in four months I could already walk and also left the crutches aside. I applied the Agnihotra ash with ghee every day and had great faith. The doctor was amazed and asked me: "What are you eating?" Because I should still be walking with crutches and limping. But as you can see, I can even run. I give thanks to God who has brought me here."

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María Vásquez Sandoval
Bagua Grande, Amazonas, Peru, South America

      "I have three months with Homa Therapy. My problem was the back pain, since I had fallen from the second floor of a building. The pain did not let me sleep. I was taking many drugs and also got them injected. I even got tachycardia from taking so many drugs. My legs were numb and I could not stand. If I stood up, I needed to be in constant movement to keep my legs from falling asleep. In the hospital in Chiclayo, I was told that I had to be operated, but I escaped. Thanks to the invitation of Mr. Montalvo, I came to the Homa Therapy session. Now I feel very well without any medication."  (Photo: Mrs. Maria Vasquez)

Lilia Gonzáles Vásquez
Bagua Grande, Amazonas Peru, South America

    "I am 16. I came to the Homa Therapy sessions, because I was invited and due to my constant suffering from headaches. Now, with Homa Therapy, I feel I'm getting better and I am also doing well in school.
 I invite everybody because there is no charge for this therapy. It is for free."

(Photo: Ms. Lilia Gonzáles)


Dr. Tomas Zapata Silva, Pathologist
EsSalud State Hospital Merino Molina
Comas, Lima, Peru

Excerpts from his speech:
         "I am a Medical Clinical Pathologist in the Hospital ‘Marino Molina’ in Comas, Lima, Peru. I have just accomplished one month with Homa Therapy. I also have experimented with Complementary Medicines for two years. After 30 years of medical practice, it has been disappointing to see the results of what we were taught in Medical School.
(Photo: Dr.  Tomas Zapata - left, learned HOMA

Therapy with Med. Tech. Christian Alvaro Vasquez. Here practicing Agnihotra in the hospital.)
I decided to study medicine, because I want to serve, heal and alleviate people. Bu we are truly far from doing that. 30 years in the laboratory, between tubes and blood samples, between machines, between demands of the people seeing that we really do not heal them, not even relieve them.

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Dr. Tomas Zapata Silva, Pathologist
 Marino Molina EsSalud State Insurance Hospital
Comas, Lima, Peru, South America

Excerpts from his speech continued:
 With Complementary Medicines, I discovered that what we are taught at the Faculty of Medicine is only to see people as flesh, bones, nerves, veins, arteries, altered metabolites (some too high, some too low, etc.) and that they must be given medication to raise what supposedly is too low and to bring down what supposedly is too high.
We have an energy dimension about which we have not learned in the university. This knowledge is almost banned in the faculty. Some still do not understand that we are not just flesh and blood. We have a soul and that soul is an energy dimension. By the Grace of God, I found Homa Therapy through Christian Alvaro because I was disappointed, even with the Complementary Medicines. These are also contaminated with the mercantilist behavior of Western Medicine. To study Complementary Medicine is expensive.
Even the public is spoiled, they think what is free has no value. You have to charge them a lot, so they feel that it is effective.
Many people say they read the Bible, but do not understand the message. Jesus used his hands, he used mud, used simple things like Homa Therapy does: clarified butter and dried cow dung cookies, both products from the cattle and brown rice. These are natural products.
I am finding that Agnihotra is changing the behavior of people. No need to take hallucinogens, Ayahuasca or San Pedro to find the diagnosis. Here, the healing smoke is inhaled. Only by understanding and reading for years about quantum physics, maybe we can try to find some explanation. But Homa Therapy is producing a phenomenon that is healing people and we are taken into the path of justice, truth, and reason. Homa Therapy is centering the people, without giving drugs, prolonged psychotherapies, or hallucinogens. Homa Therapy helps people find their way, to be honest with oneself and be better with others. Finally, it is helping us understand God's commandment “Love your neighbor as yourselves”. My dream has always been to be a healer and that God will provide, because I do not have the vocation to charge. This is my hope.

     In the laboratory, we have sown Agnihotra ash in Petri dishes to know if it contains microbes. We put Agnihotra ash on agar, on blood, etc., in 4 different medias and nothing grew. I waited 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours and nothing, nothing. Agnihotra ash is really a sterile and aseptic substance.
    You take a glass of fresh cow's milk and you do not even have an idea of all that you are taking with it. I have also sown cow milk and there are cocci, diplococci, streptococci and staphylococci and a whole flora that you cannot imagine.
Homa Therapy is a Vibrational Medicine.

Finally we understand that the frequencies are important. For example, healthy people under normal conditions have a

frequency of 80 mega Hertz, a dead body has 20 mega Hertz and those with 40 mega Hertz are on their way of having a disease like cancer for example. Homa Therapy has a Bio-energetic base.
I was totally exhausted physically and discouraged by reality of how things are, but Homa Therapy has raised me up. And curiously, one day, I was trying to heal myself with some Homa ointment, when my kittens got the ointment first and ate a little. Within minutes, they began to jump. They were so happy jumping around in the house." 
 (Photo: Prof. Abel and Dr. Tomás Zapata with his Agnihotra kit box in the Hospital Marino Molina of Comas.)

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         Mrs. Lisa Powers from Madison, Virginia, USA, shares her experiences with the 'Agnihotra Garden':

      "In our neighborhood, several families practice Agnihotra and Om Tryambakam Homa, so our garden benefits from Homa atmosphere.
My husband
Richard and I have no training in gardening,
but for many years

we have grown plenty of delicious produce. The garden has always been full of surprises.     Several years ago, in an uncultivated area, dill, cilantro and heads of endive just appeared; maybe we had spilled some seeds there the year before.  We reaped abundantly from that untended spot, and called it, "The Free Garden." For the third year, the Free Garden has re-seeded itself and has produced generous yields with little or no help.  Photo above: "The Free Garden" with abundant dill, endive and cilantro.

In our spring planting, we had forgotten to plant green beans. Still, a few weeks later, a number of bean plants triumphantly returned where they had grown the year before. Some old vines, left on the fence all winter, had dropped their seeds, which sprouted and flourished. This seemed unlikely, as the seeds had been exposed to ice, snow and sudden temperature changes over the winter.

A variety of wild edible plants have also sprung up all over the garden, such as dandelion, violet, lambsquarter, chickweed, purslane and sorrel. They are highly nutritious and/or medicinal, so even our weeds can be a blessing!"
Photos from left to right: 1) Lettuce and kale
Photo 2): The onions sprout at the top, then fall over, and the sprouts form new plants. Walking onion bed.
Photo 3): Chives, lettuce, spinach and beets (with one volunteer potato plant mixed in with the lettuce)
Photo 4): Wild edible plants - from top to bottom: dandelion leaves, lambsquarter, sorrel, purslane, chickweed and violet leaves.

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Japan, the newspaper that becomes a plant (again)

Living Published on 11 Feb 2016 by Chiara Riccio
       In Japan, one of the most famous national dailies invented a one hundred percent sustainable newspaper. If you plant it, it will bloom!
Japan once more demonstrates to be an advanced country. Its latest invention consists in a newspaper made of recycled and

vegetable paper that you can plant after you’ve read it. It is called “Green Newspaper” and was invented by the publisher of the famous Japanese daily, The Mainichi Shimbunsha.
Please see: http://www.lifegate.com/people/lifestyle/newspaper-becomes-a-plant


New map shows alarming growth
of the human footprint

August 24, 2016 Source: James Cook University
Scientists says a new map of the ecological footprint of humankind shows 97 percent of the most species-rich places on Earth have been seriously altered. "The most species-rich parts of the planet -- especially including the tropical rainforests -- have been hit hardest. In total, around 97 per cent of Earth's biologically richest real

estate has been seriously altered by humans," said JCU's Professor Bill Laurance. "Humans are the most voracious consumers planet Earth has ever seen. With our land-use, hunting and other exploitative activities, we are now directly impacting three-quarters of the Earth's land surface," he said.  Please click here to read article:


Secret Weapons

Kate Cooper: Marketing
How and what we do to make you want to buy our products!

To know some of these secret marketing weapons please see this informative short video:


Controversial neonicotinoid insecticides
 linked to wild bee declines

By Miquel Sureda Anfres, 16 August 2016
   “Our results show that neonicotinoids are harmful to wild bees — we are very confident about that,” says Nick Isaac, an ecologist at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) in Wallingford, UK, who worked on the study. To read  article:


  The Corner of Joy


     Arden Hayes    and    Justin Bieber


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        At the invitation of Eng. Luis Tafur, the President of the Chamber of Commerce Eng. Alex Cordova and Mayor Walter Prieto, we arrived in the Department Cajamarca to teach Homa Therapy.

  Photo above left:   Sharing Agnihotra in the ‘Charity Hall’ with the staff working for the municipality.
Photo above right: Speaking to the community about the benefits of Homa Therapy through the local TV program "Directo al Grano" (Straight to the Point).

Photos below:
private meeting

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Agnihotra in the Municipality of Jaen with Mayor Walter Prieto and some people from his team. He has known Homa before being mayor and has had good personal experiences. That is the reason why he wants to integrate Homa Therapy into different areas to help the people.  Photo above: Agnihotra in the Mayor's office and photos below: Anti-Stress Workshop and Agnihotra practice with employees.  

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Back in Piura, we participated in the daily Agnihotra meetings in the Foundation 'Ñari Walac'. Prof. Abel also took the opportunity to continue supporting the health and fitness of the participants with

Agni-Yoga practices. (See photos on this page: enjoying Agnihotra and physical exercises.)

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Enjoying therapeutic Yoga and conscious breathing exercises in an environment where Agnihotra is practiced regularly; the atmosphere is charged with healing energies and one can observe the effects of Yoga quickly.

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       Photos above left and below: Taking advantage of the weekend to meet in the "Quiñones Park" of Castilla, Piura to do collective Agnihotra, surrounded by trees, singing birds and a soft breeze ... Anyone can join to help heal the atmosphere and Mother Earth. We feel so much peace, gratitude and love in our hearts!
We also had the lovely presence of Betty Brown and her daughter,Nicole, visiting from the USA  (photo above left).


       Before leaving Peru, we had meetings in the Gita Ashram in Lima to share Agnihotra, thanks to Eng. Kishore Gupta, president of the Ashram (wearing glasses in the photo below right). Yajnyas (Homas) in the Bhagavad Gita are considered highly beneficial, necessary and our duty to practice them.

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      At the airport of San Juan, Eng. Matthias Erismann and his wife Ayrad waited for us to take us to the home of Mrs. Barbara Rogers.
    These 3 wonderful people (angels in disguise) are truly Light Workers, completely devoted to the Homa Fires and with the fervent desire to help people on the island through this ancient healing technique.
They were our hosts, companions, guides, helpers and brothers at all times.

There are no words to express our gratitude and appreciation towards them. Photo top (from left to right): Abel, Barbara Rogers, Gabriel - grandson of Matthias and Ayrad- Mrs. Ayrad Dubocq, Matthias Erismann and Dilip Palakaladinna, who with his lovely wife Keerthi were guests in the ‘Casa Picaflores'  (House of the Hummingbirds) of Dona Barbara. They are also Agnihotris.
Photo left: evening Agnihotra with guests in Casa Picaflores.

         Photo below: Eng. Matthias and his wife Ayrad, organized a meeting with their neighbors in Cubuy where Abel and Aleta shared an audio visual presentation of the effects of Homa Therapy in the areas of health, agriculture and ecology.

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   In Huamaco, Eng. Matthias Erismann  had organized a Homa Conference with the RAMA group, brothers and sisters in the path of consciousness and meditation. Several of them are also practicing organic farming.
 (see photos)

Photo left:
Meeting for the teaching and practice of the Agnihotra Fire in the County Hall of the town called Las Piedras.
Here we heard the first testimony: Ms. Marilyn Lopez  related that her French rooster had always been very aggressive and now with the practice of Agnihotra has become surprisingly friendly.

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      A group of organic farmers in Luquillo was interested in knowing more about Homa Therapy. Thus, Prof. Abel showed them the advantages of applying Homa farming technology and Aleta taught the correct practice of Agnihotra.


Ayrad and Matthias Erismann are the owners of the wonderful organic farm ‘Shangri-La’ (see photo series left ) situated in the hills, from where one can see the capital San Juan and the wide ocean. They grow vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs, fruit trees, etc. However, some diseases and phytosanitary problems are common everywhere in Puerto Rico. Their desire was to become Homa farmers and so a Homa Resonance Point (HRP) was installed.

Ayrad and Matthias have been practicing Agnihotra for 10 months. Now they also promote it. They learned this

ancient healing technique with Mother Barbara.
Photos above: Ayrad and Matthias learning and practicing Tryambakam.
Matthias is already preparing cow dung cookies for the growing number of Homa practitioners in Puerto Rico.

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  Activation of the farm as Homa Resonance Point in the presence of the owners and their farming assistants Heriberto & Francisco.

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  There was an audio-visual presentation of Homa Therapy and its benefits in the environmental, health and agricultural fields in the University 'Colegio de Ingenieros de Puerto Rico' (Engineers Association of Puerto Rico), located in Hato Rey. We could practice and enjoy an outdoor Agnihotra, which enveloped the busy minds in profound silence.

     Since there were many questions, the meeting continued until all concerns were cleared and everyone left very relaxed and happy.
Homa Therapy is a new, but ancestral knowledge. Its' practice is simple and easy and it changes one's life positively. (See photo this page of the University in Hato Rey.)

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       Ms. Michelle Balandra (photo far right) and her mother Cecibel Avilez (photo right), Ecuadorians living in NY, USA visited their homeland after the earthquake to bring help through Homa and other therapies.
Ms. Michelle wrote:
"These (photos below) are a part of the home-made Homa Medicines we prepared for Ecuador.

        All these natural medicines contain the healing Agnihotra ash. Some also contain Ayurvedic herbs. We prepared eye drops, creams to reduce pain and inflammations, sachets with pure Agnihotra ash, ghee, and medicine for respiratory problems. I enjoyed the preparation of more than 200 creams which have as main ingredients Agnihotra ash, neem oil, castor oil and ghee. This cream is very effective in curing body pains. I love it!

     We were in Babahoyo doing the Homa Fires with our family and friends. (Photos above- sharing Agnihotra and photo right- preparing Sampa balls.)  For me, it was very significant to be in this area since I was born here. The opportunity to do the Fires with the support of my family was fantastic. When I practice and teach Agnihotra I feel at home."

(Continued on next page.)

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    "The 'Organic Farming Community Rio Muchacho' in Canoa is absolutely wonderful! I felt like staying there. Children, adults, plants and all animals look so happy. There is an atmosphere of joy throughout the farm. We could share with them a workshop on Agnihotra and Tryambakam Homa and the preparation of Sampa balls, a very nutritive food. We donated two Agnihotra kits with the necessary ingredients so they could continue the practice. They also received a lot of Agnihotra ash medicines like eye drops, creams and Agnihotra ash.
     During Agnihotra I felt the sounds of the animals around us, helping to amplify the healing Homa fires, creating a stronger resonance. That was my impression. This area was really destroyed by the earthquake. We were able to share sunset and sunrise Agnihotra and put some Agnihotra ash in the River Muchacho.  (see photos this page)

   (Photo above left) As we prepared the nutritious Sampa balls with Agnihotra ash, we continued singing and performing Tryambakam Homa.
This meeting took place thanks to the invitation of Eng. David Mantilla. We appreciate the warm welcome and loving service of Nicola and Darío (farm owners) and of all the volunteers of this farm."                                                           (Continued on next page.)

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         "Homa workshop in Jipijapa: In this beautiful community we were able to share Homa medicines and Sampa food balls. We also did Tryambakam Homa. Several of the participants began to sleep better after performing Homa Therapy. I'm glad to hear that they will continue practicing Agnihotra and will meet to make Sampa food balls.  Thanks to my aunt Carmen  and my uncle for this beautiful invitation." 
(Photos above: sharing Agnihotra in Jipijapa.) 


"Homa Therapy workshops in Manta.  Thanks to the hospitality of  Mrs. Janice, creator of the Holistic Center 'La Sirena' and thanks to the kindness of Dr. Merly, creator of the Center 'Natura Medicatrix',  we shared the teachings of Agnihotra and Sampa food. Many people felt relaxed, and slept better after the practice of Agnihotra.

We are grateful that they continue the Agnihotra practice in this area, since Manta was terribly affected by the earthquake. Most of the buildings are completely destroyed. During the Agnihotra Fire and Tryambakam Homa I was able to feel and see how many souls who had died in those buildings, rose to the Light. I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve."                               (Continued on next page.)

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      "Om Shree. Here are pictures (this page) of the Homa Therapy and ‘Emotional Freedom’ workshops in Guayaquil. It was fantastic! I could guide people to Emotional Freedom through ‘Dynamic Meditation’ and Homa Therapy.
It was a pleasure to share with everyone. We had about 25 Agnihotra pyramids on Fire. It was really wonderful! After this workshop, many felt the desire to mourn, others felt like laughing. Many liberated the fears created by the earthquake. What happens is that the movement of the earthquake created much fear and this fear is housed in the physical body. What this fear produced was a movement; with the same power of dynamic movements, this time consciously, the participants can release that fear.

Later we practiced Agnihotra and it was beautiful to focus and unite through the agency of these Healing Homa Fires. Hugs! Michelle Balandra. "

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       We received the following information and photos (above and below) from Bogota:
    "We share with love the images of the Homa pyramid gathering in the National Park in Bogota city. The occasion was to pay tribute to Rosa Elvira Cely, a victim of violence. We had an explanation and advice regarding Agnihotra through Doctor José Magmud and María Tereza Nuñez. Diana Molano organized this event with the aim of generating spaces for Homa Therapy practitioners to meet and unite.


Sharing Agnihotra and its benefits in the 'Samadhi Yoga Academy' in Villavicencio.

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      Agnihotra in the Homa Center "Funlibre" of Bogota, where this ancient knowledge of healing is practiced, shared and taught every Thursday. Address: Carrera 57A N 44A-06, Barrio la Esmeralda.
This center is in charge of Mrs. Diana Molano and her husband Joaquín Endir Rozo. (see photos of various meetings) 
Mrs. Diana wrote:
     "It is a pleasure to share these images of Homa meetings held in the Homa Center and Colombian Foundation for Leisure and Recreation - Funlibre.

  Sometimes we watch videos about the multiple effects of Homa Therapy and we receive recommendations from people having more than 10 years practicing the healing Fires such as Mrs. Maria Tereza Nuñez.  Sometimes the voice and joy of the songs of Jaime Valbuena (pictured below right with Ms. Mireya) accompanies us and the presence of Dr. José Magmud and Franklin Cerinza, Agnihotra practitioners for many years.

    They keep inviting us to be constant in this discipline in order to serve through healing of the atmosphere as it is with Homa Therapy."

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      Forces outside are working to cause disharmony. All these outside forces will be stopped. This is all energy misdirected. YAJNYA is the cure.

   Increase of disease surpasses all scientists’ expectations. We provide the solution with such a simple process of purification i.e. AGNIHOTRA.
The atmosphere we are in determines our health and our state of mind.
Happy atmosphere = Happy plants = Abundant produce and good taste.

         In life there are many normal attractions between people. Take, for example, physical attraction. If the mind is not clear and disciplined, then immediately it will respond to the attraction - and the body follows. The attraction may last a shorter time or a longer time, but what is behind it? One must have a little more control over the mind, not allowing it to go from one sense object to the next. In human affairs this can be costly to one’s own spiritual development and much more.
The Divine has knowledge of what it is you need and one has to have stronger faith, intensify devotion, work hard on one’s own spiritual development and surrender. This is not a path for ascetics. It is a householders’ path. When two souls meet who are directly guided to come together, in marriage for example, it is not the same as physical attraction, sexual desire and fulfillments of such desires. In fact, when one is like a moth to a flame, going from one to the next in search of the light, one may miss the one whom he is truly to be with. So the lesson is not to give any energy to these desires; keep the mind affirming the holy and allow the Divine to arrange your life for you. Have more faith. One can work out Karma. One can rise much above the Karma through practice of Yajnya daily.

       If your house has no order then your mind will be affected. So it makes no sense to focus your energy on anything until the house is in order. So first clean the house and set everything in order. Then arrange your schedule around meditation timings. So from 8 am until 9:45 am you can schedule one thing. Then from 10:15 am to 11:45 am you can schedule another thing. The 12 noon meditation, fire (Homa) and lunch. Then 1 pm to 2:45 pm another block of time. Then 3 pm meditation and so forth.**

(**Observation of the Editor: "These additional Homa and meditation practices mentioned in the last paragraph are complementary and optional suggestions, which can be followed by Agnihotris, who wish to deepen these disciplines. They can be practiced at home, at work or any other place.")

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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Trust and Peace of Mind
Yes, yes. If you follow political trends and base your peace of mind upon these fluctuating events, prone to change and bound to change radically—your happiness will be temporary at best.

Do not be deterred by government changes and political upending. What goes up will come down. Just as day goes into night, such shifts are never so definitive. From the crumbling of governments, always comes a rise in human development. Do not fear what you cannot understand nor control. Trust in Almighty’s plan for your spiritual evolution.
Trust fully in the prophecy given to you re: this sacred land and the purpose under heaven for its development.
You are embarking upon a new and higher direction.
Do not concern yourself with matters of politics or earthly diversions, chaos and miscommunications.
Walk in Light.

On Putting Spirit First
... Indeed, in every realm, every aspect of human existence on planet Earth, there exists great strife, chaos that has just begun and, no doubt, shall escalate. Yet, we plead with all of you who walk on the many paths of Light, realize the opportunity to not only rise but soar beyond your greatest expectations.

You must put spirit first. You simply must extricate yourselves from the workaday madness and, at least, at pivotal points of the day, focus all your energies on the One.

When you experience stress, are overburdened with life’s demands and with your own expectations of yourselves, know that to be your signal—to show you to value greater power—connection to your own spirit, ultimately to that which propels you forward into Light, from whence you came. Ultimately, it is a return to spirit.

On Extreme Climate Changes
Yes, yes. Weather presents challenges due to unpredictable sudden shifts in temperature, precipitation and total climate reversal in some cases. Thus, such concerns, i.e. volcanoes for example, cannot be allayed. Due to the extreme changes in the planet’s environment, brought on in part by the industrial age—yet still more man-created—nothing can be told for certain.

If purchasing land or an existing farm or home, best to avoid locating near a volcano, whether more recently active or threatening activity or long-dormant. Settling near the sea is also not recommended. This we have reiterated over many years. For short-term vacations, one can decide. For long-term plans, it is best to seek greater elevation from the sea and greater distance from volcanoes.

More info: www.oriontransmissions.com

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