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As we continue our Self-study, we can see that despite being
“Equal in Essence”
, some people tend to perform certain activities more easily than others. There is Diversity within Equality in nature. A couple produces different children with different talents. A tree bears similar fruits, but each fruit has different characteristics, is unique.
It is a natural process. The hand has five different fingers, each finger with a specific energy function. You can check this through acupuncture.
Thus each part has a reason for being, which in one way or another, it contributes to the proper and natural functioning of the whole.
So we can understand that the differences between people can be complemented and engaged to work and grow together as a single organism.

 This (organism) may be: a couple, family, team, company, community, city, country, world, etc.
We see it in nature when we look for example at ants, bees and birds migrating from one place to another.
But unlike animals, which use their instincts, man is guided by the intellect. If the intellect is clear, stable and healthy, it seeks to develop its potential harmonically, which contributes to the welfare of the body and the soul.


United by love, we are stronger.

  Similarly do the body parts (head, heart, arms, legs, etc.), which work harmoniously, we also can join to work and grow together.

 What do you prefer:
-Listening to a symphony or one instrument?
-Contemplate an array of different flowers or just one type of flower?
-Eat different compatible dishes or just rice or potatoes or wheat?

Thanks to the differences among the players, we can make good teams if we are disciplined and place the welfare of the group above the personal.

Are you alone or
 are you part of a team?

The practice of Fivefold Path (Yagnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaaya)
can help us to be better, to serve better within this team.
Viva la difference!
Long live the Fivefold Path!
Om Fivefold Path Om

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Miriam Farro Quica
EsSalud Hospital Marino Molina, Comas, Lima  Peru, South America

      "I am 46 years old. My father had heart surgery and could not walk for two months. He is 86 years old. He was given lots of medication. Since I know Christian Alvaro Vasquez for many years as a physical therapist, I asked him to treat my fathers’ legs, because he was in a very delicate state due to varicose veins. Christian recommended to practice Homa Therapy with him, since he could  not do much physical therapy in this condition.
    So we did the Homa fires and my father started taking a lot of Agnihotra ash. And suddenly his legs

began to loosen up and he started walking, at first holding onto the walls. Now he walks normally. He does not use a cane or crutches, nothing.
I also had another experience with a dwarf aloe vera plant, which usually does not exceed 10 cm in height. But, after giving it some Agnihotra ash, it has grown to about 30 cms of height. And it is supposedly a dwarf plant." (Photo: Miriam Farro Quica)

Judith Arce Lopez
 Magda Lopez Alazar
EsSalud Hospital Ventanillas
Lima, Peru, South America

     "More or less 10 years ago my mother was very ill and we took her to the doctor. She suffers from hyperthyroidism. Among the routine tests, an electro-cardiogram  showed that my mom has had a pre-stroke. This was confirmed by my family. That means that a part of the heart is dead and cannot recover.
    In the past 4 years, I was doing Agnihotra irregularly.
But in recent months, we have been

consistent in doing it daily. (Photo: Judith with her mother Magda Lopez.)
About 2 weeks ago, I took her to the doctor and some tests were done, including another electrocardiogram. When the doctor revised it, he said that my mom has an excellent heart."
I asked the doctor about the pre-stroke and he said: "Her heart is perfectly fine and there is no sign of a pre-stroke". We were astonished! The only thing we are doing is practicing Agnihotra and giving her Agnihotra ash with her extracts three to four times a day."

Rosario Obregon Giraldo
Lima, Peru, South America

        "I am 50 years old and I am a nurse. I started with Homa Therapy because I have a very stressful job with old people. They are very difficult patients with Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, etc. The Homa Fires help me to relax and to take things a bit easier.
Homa Therapy is part of my life and I will not leave its practice, because one lives better with these Fires.
Also, I never get sick, while my

companions always get colds and suffer from pains. In addition, we live harmoniously at home and we also can help the neighbors with this."
 (Photo: Ms. Rosario - first on the right - during Agnihotra in the rest. "Sabor y Vida".)

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Flor Paico
EsSalud Policlinic Carabayllo
Lima North,
Peru, South America

     "I am 27 years old. I have three experiences with Homa Therapy. One with my son, another one with my husband and one with me.                       
       I was an angry, extremely angry and aggressive person. When my husband arrived at home after work, I was like crazy. I fought with him, because I coul not stand him and I didn’t even know why.

       Since I’m coming to the Homa Therapy sessions with Dr. Jorge Torres, I've calmed down. I am more passive and understanding. I feel relaxed and more relieved. I like the Homa Fires, because I have experienced very nice things.
      My son was very violent in school. He is 13 years old. He had to change schools several times. One day I decided to take him to Dr. Torres, who advised me: "Do the Homa Fires!" Now I bring him to the Homa Therapy sessions and this year, he has been one of the best students. The teacher says that he is very attentive. Also, he does not fight any more and does not get expelled. He takes Agnihotra ash in his milk. We all (my husband, my son, and me) consume Agnihotra ash daily.
   My husband used to drink alcohol. Now he does no more. He doesn't even know that I give him Agnihotra ash. That's what I like - that he does not want to drink any more. That is why I come to the Homa Therapy sessions in the clinic."
                                                             (Photo: Flor Paico with Psychologist Dr. Jorge Torres.)

Maria Silva Becerra
and her son Anderson Jara Silva
EsSalud Policlinic Carabayllo
Lima North,
Peru, South America

    "I am 43 years old and my son is 10 years old. He could not sleep alone. I had to sleep with him. He had panic. It was like a nightmare. If I was not with him, he came into our bed and slept between my husband and me. He was frightened. Thanks to God and Homa Therapy, now he can sleep alone.
   I had a small tumor in the neck. My doctors

said it was a very simple problem and that I would be operated and then I would be fine. During the operation, they realized that the tumor affected the vocal cords. They stopped the operation due to the danger. They thought that I would not be able to speak and part of my body would be paralyzed. So my daughter had to sign a document for them to continue the operation.
   When I woke up, I could not speak, I could not walk, I could not move my head, I could not move my arm. I was in pain and had a constant cough when I was trying to speak. I did not know what was going on. It was a very tough situation. Then I started coming to the Homa Therapy sessions and I took a lot of Agnihotra ash. It has become like sugar for us.
  After one year with Dr. Torres in Homa Therapy and physical therapy, I can move my arm, I have no pain, I'm talking and I'm emotionally much better. And no more coughing when I talk.
   Before, I could not do anything. My daughter bathed me and she cooked, etc. It was very hard for me . Of course, I still cannot do everything, but I am healing.
   Before, my husband quarreled and fought a lot,
specially at lunchtime. Now we're fine and peaceful. We also put Agnihotra ash into the food. My husband was losing his hair, but when I put Agnihotra ash into the shampoo, his hair stopped falling."   (Photo: Maria Silva Becerra with her son.)

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Jesus Manuel Pineda Rivas (photo right), wrote from Mérida, Venezuela:

       "Twenty years ago, a friend named Maria came from India and was standing in the waiting line for lunch at the ‘Universidad de los Andes’. She was joyfully talking about her experiences with the Homa fires, the benefits of the resonance of the Mantras, the sunlight in the morning and the afternoon. In short, she told us about Homa Therapy.

In addition, when Maria grabbed a mangy street dog, who was eating the student's leftovers, we learned also about the benefits of the Agnihotra ash. She rubbed the dog with clarified butter and Agnihotra ash and it got healed.

       While Maria explained the benefits of the Fires, we planted little trees in the desert like gardens of the faculty where we studied. Today this area is converted into a beautiful forest, where the students sit with their books, their music instruments, they play football and enjoy the shadow of these large trees.

       After one month, I was with a lady friend doing Homa fires in her back garden. I was gradually learning more about Agnihotra, which is done at sunrise and sunset.
Later, I continued practicing the Homa Fires on my own for a while longer, but then I dedicated myself to other activities.
Now I'm thinking about producing food because there are many farms that have been abandoned.

      Don Ismael and his son Alberto (photo left) live in the plains of Barinas (5 hours from Merida). Don Ismael's mother is the owner of the farm. She has been very careful not to allow poisons on her farm. Don Ismael, following the wishes of his mother, sought and asked around until he got my phone number. He called me to learn this organic technique of removing Black Sigatoka in bananas. Gradually I was training him with Homa Therapy. He got the butter, dried cow dung, brown rice, the matches and the coordinates of the farm. After some time, during the Carnival 2016, I took a pyramid to this plantain farm.
    Already at Easter time, he was reporting with great joy that his plantains did not die this summer from the extreme heat and not from the Black Sigatoka. They were healthier than ever, giving many offsprings and fruits free of

fungi stains (Black Sigatoka). We can go and see this farm as a testimony today." 

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Sounak Mitra, Jun3 03, 2016
       Baba Ramdev is parlaying his popularity as a yoga guru to build a consumer products empire that’s up against global giants like Unilever and Colgate.
“People trust us, and that’s what is making Patanjali big,” Ramdev said in the 24 May interview with Mint at Shant Kutir (peace cottage), his abode, dressed in saffron robes and sitting cross-legged on an over-sized chair. “We are not into small things. Whatever we do, we multiply—be it yoga, be it ayurveda and now business.”

“Today, more than one billion people know me in this country, and the whole world knows me. Our promise is we’ll never ruin the trust people have in us, come what may,” he said.
For further information, please read:



08 June, 2016
    Consumers International (CI) has launched a social media campaign using the hashtag #JunkFoodGames to draw attention to the need for strong global action to protect and promote healthy diets. In line with current trends, companies associated with unhealthy

products and brands do not just rely on TV advertising, but use a mixture of marketing techniques to cash in on sports events. Official sponsors of both the Euros and the Rio Olympics include food companies associated with unhealthy products, such as McDonald’s and Coca Cola.        Please see article: http://www.consumersinternational.org/news-and-media/news/2016/06/junkfoodgames/



Published June, 13th 2016
Consumers International Director General Amanda Long discusses how CI and its Members are calling on multinational restaurant chains, including McDonald’s, KFC and Subway, to get ......
Please see: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XK8evMln_g

 The Corner of Joy


     To know these moments of intense prayer, please download this short video clip and enjoy:

Moments of Prayer and Holding Still

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 The benefits of Homa Therapy are shared freely on a daily bases.
(Photos this page.)

When we ignite the Agnihotra healing fire, we also bring light into our hearts and minds and make an effort to align with the Divine Will.

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      In the Foundation Ñari Walac,  the daily meetings with Agnihotra Fire continue.  We are grateful to be able to share these sacred moments silently. Prof. Abel takes us afterwards, through the help of stories and tales, to inner journeys of introspection, and self-study.
 And yes, yes, yes, we find joy in the way to our true source.
(Photos this page - sessions of physical, emotional and mental healing through Agnihotra.)

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The International  Day of Yoga in Piura was organized by the Piura County and Yoga Teacher Karen Espinoza.

  (Opening with a Vyahruti Homa, Ms. Karen is the first from left.) 
Prof. Abel taught therapeutic yoga exercises, simple asanas with synchronized breathing in the acoustic shell of the ‘Parque del Niño” in the center of Piura.

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A small observation: In ancient times much importance was given to the place where Yoga (asanas, pranayama, meditation, etc.) was practiced. The following places were suggested:
-  the forest  - the fields   - the mountains
- by the river side     - in the temples
- Or anywhere where AGNIHOTRA is done
to ensure that the atmosphere was sufficiently fit and pure to receive the benefits from these disciplines.
Today it is very difficult to escape air pollution.
Even the penguins at the poles  cannot escape, since the toxic gases expand around the globe. However, wherever Agnihotra is practiced, toxicity is neutralized and 
it is
an ideal place for the practice of

 Then, there were also short talks from various speakers, about the origin of Yoga, its benefits for body and mind, the need to be vegetarian from an energy point of view, etc. 

 We also shared healthy snacks.

(See pictures of activities on the International
Day of Yoga.)

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    The International Day of Yoga  had given us the necessary push to continue practicing this discipline at least 3 times a week for 45 minutes before Agnihotra. These exercises make us feel better physically and with each practice we are more flexible and stronger.

With Agnihotra,
 we receive a subtle food that allows us to experience Deep Relaxation and feel the Joy that comes with Inner Peace.

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    Every day people (if their work allows) are participating with more enthusiasm in the Therapeutic Yoga exercises combined with
 Homa Fires
 to feel better.

 (See photos this page.)

During Agnihotra we chant the Mantra "OM SHREE", sending Light and Healing to the world...
Agnihotri Giuliana Sotillo says: "We always look for something to help or be helped. 
Homa Therapy
is the way."

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          Visit to the Homa farm "Joselito" to do a Rudra Yagnya with a group of Agnihotris from Piura. Eng. Hernan Posas and the manager of the farm, Damaso Posas, organized a bus to bring us to this Super Homa Bananera.

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   Performing a Rudra Homa in this atmosphere was a bliss! Several of the farm workers in charge of Homa Therapy also participated.  (see photos this page)

 At the end, we felt like flying with this wonderful energy...
We all were invited to a very tasty vegetarian lunch, which was followed by a small tour on the farm. When we parted, everybody received a package of deliciously sweet Homa bananas to share at home.
We also observed something very surprising:   There was not a single mosquito or insect bugging, biting or stinging us !   This is only possible on a Homa farm !

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Prof. Abel, through
Dr. Washington Calderon, Director of the Office of International Technical Cooperation,
came to the Faculty of Agronomy at the UNP "National University of Piura", to present “Homa SuperTechnology applied in Agriculture”.

This presentation started with a Vyahruti Homa, followed by explanatory videos and testimonies from farmers, then followed by questions and answers. (photos this page)

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Although the students are young and strong, they struggled to keep their column straight, during a few therapeutic exercises. At the end, they have
 to laugh at themselves, recognizing that one must also do something to have

more strength and better health.

      The Students are aware of the environmental problems caused by agro-chemicals. So they enjoyed knowing about this new, clean and healing Agricultural SuperTechnology.
    During Agnihotra, we heard the wind blowing through the open windows and birds singing, accompanying us joyfully.        -
A direct Agnihotra experience of tranquility with personal well-being and well-being of Mother Nature and her creatures.

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 At the UNP
 ( Universidad Nacional de Piura),
in the Faculty of Agronomy,
 the Homa Therapy and Yoga sessions  continue twice a week.

This happens with the support and service of Dr. Marixza Chávez
(photo left, first to the right)
and Ms. Mari Vásquez,
both from the University.
 Mrs. Adela Córdoba
(photo left, first to the left)
 is sharing her skills
and yoga exercises with students.
(photos  this page)

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Mrs. Irina Kolchina wrote from Almaty:

   "We are very pleased to receive the Homa Health Newsletters and always share the good news. As a group, we also practice Agnihotra often in our city. Many people like the Fires. Receive all our love."

 (Photos above: massive Agnihotra practice in Almaty.)


   Jorge Rivera shared these pictures received from Psychologist Vera Martinez in Panama City.
  She wrote: "Today,  Mr. Yanuzzi Salazar, Hugo Avendaño, his wife and his sons Isaac and Arturo began with the practice of Agnihotra. They are Venezuelans, residing in Panama City. Om Shree."     (Photos during Agnihotra practice.)

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Mrs. María Teresa Nuñez wrote:

    "Little by little the new Homa Center of Bogota 'Funlibre' is getting stronger, thanks to the dedication of Diana Marcela Molano and her husband Joaquín Endir Rozo.
   We can support them with our presence. The power of many Fires lit is helping this area, the country and the entire planet. Our country needs now more than ever, many HOMA FIRES and many AGNIHOTRAS. May no pyramid remain unlit, because this is our power, our FIRE weapon of LOVE, COURAGE and STRENGTH ... and this is the time, this is the occasion!

(Mrs. María Teresa Nunez in the center)

   And those who do not remember the technique well, please come to this Homa Center to remember, or join the centers in the different cities or look for constant practitioners and unite. Because AGNIHOTRA is  The light that Colombia now needs! Om Shree Om."  (Photos of this page- meetings in the new Homa Center of Bogota in the Esmeralda Barrio.)

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           Mr. Audo Quezada, from the Agnihotra Family of Villavicencio was teaching Homa Therapy in the 'National Course of Gnostic Missionaries' in Santa Rosa de Cabal, Risaralda.                  (Photos above: sharing Agnihotra and its practice.)


Joaquín Endir Rozo shares these photos of Homa meetings at the 'Yoga Samadhi School' of Mr. Audo Quezada,
 where every Friday practitioners of Homa Therapy meet with people who want to learn, receive the ash and breathe the healing atmosphere of Agnihotra.

They are highlighting the constancy and dedication of Beatrice Rangel and Blanca Linares.

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Agnihotri Lalo Urueta Sanchez wrote:
   "Om Shree. Friends, we share our experience in the city of Arenillas. Thanks to the invitation of Dr. Jose Yange, who received us warmly in his home,
 we performed Agnihotra, Vyahruti and Tryambakam Homa and

a meditation with Tibetan bowls. By Divine Grace, there were healing testimonies at sunrise and sunset."
(Photos this page from the Homa activities in Arenillas, El Oro Province.)

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      The photos on this page came from the Botica Sol in Armenia as an example of the daily Agnihotra encounters at this Health establishment. In charge of teaching and correct practice of this Ancient Ayurvedic Science are Mother Dora Betancur, Mrs. Anandaji and Andrew Clarke (Yoga teacher) .

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Jorge Rivera, an arduous practitioner of Homa Therapy, shares these photos of a Homa meeting in July in the Natural Reserve 'Cerro Blanco' close to the city of Guayaquil.

Here, members of the Homa family followed the call of Mother Nature for healing, purification, meditation and connecting with our deepest roots...
(Photos this page: preparing and practicing Agnihotra in the forest.)


        HOMA Therapy is coming to Puerto Rico this August! To know more and to participate in the upcoming events, meetings, lectures and presentations about the benefits of Homa Therapy applied in Health, Agriculture and Environment, please contact Mr. Matthias Erismann through his e-mail: <matthias@prtc.net>.

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        Always attune yourself to that higher force and you will be constantly taken care of as if a hand is above you directing you to your goal.

         Take care of yourself and your family. Spend time together and apart. You can do all activities and enjoy your time together and still do meditation. It is difficult staying with your family, but at least you are doing Agnihotra regularly. Spend some time alone also.

        Honor, respect and love one another. No more lashing out at each other for real or imaginary hurts. Open yourselves to receive the Light given to you by Grace.

         Let these so-called animosities fade away. Let them clear the air. You can be of greater support to each other if you try now to mend the situation.

        When you are an instrument of the Divine, whatever develops in time is HIS WILL and not your own. Be pure of heart and intention. Then whatever is the Will of the Father will be THY WILL, not my will.

        When you stray from Mantra go back to it as you remember. Same way with diet. If you start it and then fall back, again start it. Do not take it as an activity. It is a way of life. If you start a diet and go off it, it is like the path. It is always there. It is not like starting a new path. The path is there. If you go off, come back to it. Do not waste time lamenting, "Oh, if I could have done this". Forget it and begin again quickly. It is in the time you spend feeling sorry for your mistakes that you only add to them. Be strong. Forgive first yourself and then you will be better able to forgive others. Be very firm but gentle with yourself. Take care. Things are going to go in high energy cycle now.

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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On ‘Conspiracy Theories’
      Yes, yes, yes. As situations arise on the global front, the news carries the headlines across oceans and through the airways to reach into everyone’s living room. The news is disseminated via newspapers, radios, televisions, computers, and is efficiently broadcasted with impact in mind. However, the real news that you don’t see goes on behind the scenes and is never reaching the widespread panic of headlines.

Indeed, the public gets inklings of the rumblings underneath the surface, but these are dubbed ‘conspiracy theories’ and treated as such. Though many of these conspiracy theories find their source in individual imaginations run amok, there are many that actually are feeding from a rightful source.

That said, the habit is to become an avid collector of such theories, rather than a person who takes action or actually digs further for the truth. The theories often reflect simply ‘the tip of the iceberg’ and provide no understanding of the depth they are attempting to uncover.

It is like a series of underground tunnels, so intricate that it can be impossible to ascertain what leads to what and where these complex networks began. We do not encourage beings to become avid collectors of such theories, as the tendency will be to lock one’s wheels and keep one from taking any action whatsoever in life. These obsessions become what lead man to withdrawal and can lead to extreme depression.

To be curious and to be aware that there is deception in the world can actually bring one realizations not based upon the theories of others, but on one’s own developed intuitive awareness itself. In other words, to quote the Great Ones, “Go within.’’

On Architects for a New Tomorrow
Yes, yes. This is a time for planting the seeds for MANIFESTATION.

 You can feel or sense growth beginning to burst through the boundaries, those self-imposed and those erected by forces outside of you.

This is a time of breaking through boundaries, an excellent time for deep visualization and strengthening one’s inner depths of devotion.

It is not only via prayer and meditation, but also by taking resolute action with positive intent to heal situations and beings with whom you interact. Release resentments. Time to move forward, while still time of hibernation in winter. This is the time to generate and germinate, so that when Spring arrives, you will be prepared for the revolution-evolution of spirit rising! Indeed, powerful times.

We are engineers, architects for a new tomorrow.
Blessings abound.
We are, ORION.

 On Celebrating the Myriad of Humankind
We observe the human tendency to label and define, rather than to explore and comprehend—rather than to reveal differences as shades of the same humanity, embracing and celebrating the myriad of humankind. We see instead, a marked tendency to establish a way of defining and determining types rather than individuals. There is a box for everyone and everyone is thus installed in a box! Do guard against these very tendencies in your own awareness, all of you. Because in defining and labeling the individuality which creates diversity or the diversity which creates individuality, so much is lost.
Champion that which defies definition! Celebrate that which is unique, original and groundbreaking!
Understand the differences and unite, with all your magnificent shades of being, as One Humanity. It is in the blending and uniting of humanity’s various cultures that you all shine, as ONE. OM.

More info: www.oriontransmissions.com

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