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Editor's NOTE

"Like in the MOVIES"

 Let's do more Swadhyaaya. Who does not like movies?
Doing a little reflection, we realize that we do not necessarily have to go to the movie theatre to see them.
Everything that happens around us, far and near, is a movie and the genre (drama, comedy, action, romance, science fiction, horror, documentary, adventure, etc.) depends on our psychophysical state and surroundings.
In some films, there are more persecutions, in others there are more emotions or fantasies, etc. Almost always, the scenes are continuously changing. And all this sometimes becomes so overwhelming that it can affect our physical-mental health.
* What to do to maintain good health?
* Can we be good actors without attachment to the characters that we have to play?
* Can we be in the world without being part of it?
* Can we get above praise / rejection, win/failure, joy/ sadness, good /bad, health / disease
and other dualities?
* Can we walk on water without getting wet or fly without wings?
Yes, Yes, Yes! But, it is clear that  there is a kind of crisis in each country. In some countries, you see much corruption, violence, crime, robbery, injustice, insecurity, recession, unemployment, poverty, religious fanaticism, terrorism, hunger, indifference,


Life is like a movie, where you can be the protagonist or the victim.
You decide, because your actions and thoughts are creative.

  mass migration, mental illness, family breakdowns, pollution, etc.
Without any doubt, we are in a war between the forces of light and darkness.

 However, Truth, Love and Light always win in the end.
  And sooner or later,
we realize that:
1) The enemy is not outside of us.
2) We are all "ONE".
3) We will remember and return to the Source.
4) We are actors and co-producers in the
"Movie of our life".
5) No one hurts another consciously. If he/she was conscious about our oneness, he/she will not do it. Normally, you do not hurt yourself.
6) Love your neighbor as yourself is a matter of common sense.
7) Everyone is part of the same Divine Body.
8) We have no enemies outside, but we do have challenges and
lessons to learn.

The practice of Fivefold Path (Yagnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma, Swadhyaaya) helps us  to play our role and ease the way back Home (God).

Your experience, comment, questions, suggestions and stories for the Homa Health Newsletter are welcome;
Please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com  Thank you!



Virginia Socorro Ocampo
President of the Educational Unit 'Pio Jaramillo Alvarado' in Loja, Ecuador, South America

     "Several years ago, in the newspaper ‘La Hora', I read about Homa Therapy. I went to Quito, where Mrs. Virginia Morales (from the Homa Center), taught me and told me many things about Homa Therapy. I got my Agnihotra kit. At that time, I myself had no health problems. I got the kit to help my dad and then kept it in a safe place.
                  But in 2007, I started having severe headaches and dizziness. I fell several times and I did not know what the problem was. The tests did not reveal the problem either.  (Photo: Mrs. Virginia Ocampo)

      In 2008, during a trip, my eardrums practically burst and I lost my hearing. My throat and nose were also affected and I had terrible headaches.
           I returned to Loja immediately and made an appointment with an ENT specialist  (otolaryngologist). He prescribed me rest and antibiotics. After one month, there was still no improvement, and the infection continued. It was terrible. Then, the doctor told me that the infection had gone to the brain and that there was nothing left but to operate. I went to the social security hospital to arrange a date for the operation. There, I saw patients walking with bandages on their heads. That's when I said, 'No more. I will not be operated'. I ran out of there and went home.
            I went to my room and unpacked my Homa instruments. I had everything, including ghee and cow dung cookies. I started doing Agnihotra by myself in my room. When the fire would extinguish, I placed my ears close to the pyramid, left and right, left and right, again and again, every day, until I was healed. I got completely healed.
      When I returned to the doctor, he said: "This operation is no more necessary because you are cured"!
        So I started taking Homa Therapy more seriously. I went to Guayaquil to the Homa Center and learned more. We went to various Homa events which I enjoyed very much.
    It has been a wonderful experience. Through this problem of hearing loss, my emotional situation was also very much affected. I was very down. But I got over it and I managed to continue my work as a teacher.
     Now, I place Homa Therapy at the service of my students because I know that Homa Therapy works for all diseases.  It can heal even animals and plants.
        It has always been my desire to open a Homa Therapy Center in Loja. I feel committed and I hope you come back again to give us all the support, for the teachers, for the students and for the whole community of Loja."

Florián Gabriel Torres
Bagua Grande, Amazonas, Peru

          "I work in Social Communication. When I came to the first Homa Therapy session, I had a terrible headache. It was due to my high pressure. I spoke with Eng. Luis Tafur, who told me that, in addition to the regular practice of Agnihotra, there was a seed, called Rudraksha, which comes from India and it also helps with the problem of high blood pressure.

I got this seed with Mrs. Aleta and Prof. Abel. This seed, combined with Homa Therapy, has made a complete difference in my life.
      Before, I lived discussing and fighting with my wife due to my explosive character with high HP (blood pressure). Today my BP stabilized, and I have no headache. This has also brought joy into my life and it has changed me. This is the experience I wanted to share with you."

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Natalia Aguilera
Valparaíso, Chile, South America

     "I came to know Homa Therapy at a time when I was very lost in life. I came to the Elqui Valley where I met Cristina Cid, who taught me the Homa Fires.
        Now, I have almost four years practicing Homa Therapy. And the changes that have happened in my life are wonderful.
       I could let go of a very harmful couple relationship and gradually I have become more aware of the root of my psychological problems.

     In each place I live, I practice the Homa Fires and the space become warm, welcoming and full of abundance.
    Agnihotra ash also has helped me with physical pains. I got healed from a tendinitis I had due to playing electric bass. I always share the ash with people who have pain and want to take it.
          I think, the Homa Fire is a tremendous way to increase our consciousness when linked to meditation and to drop the ego and merge with the essence. Thank you very much. Sat Nam."  

(Photo: Natalia on the right - sharing a Homa Fire with her friend Patricia.)

Manoj Kumar Pandre
Hyderabad, Telangana, India

                  "I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Bruce Johnson for bringing Agnihotra into my life.
             My wife and I have been performing Agnihotra since July 2015. I have seen tremendous changes in my life and my wife's life as well. I have become more spiritual and follow Vedic lifestyle now.
       As you know, my wife Purnima, had itching and red rashes on her body and

infections on her private parts since 1.5 years. She had two miscarriages. We visited many doctors and all of them said it is allergy and gave her loads of medicines.
      6 months ago, one doctor rightly diagnosed her problem as Anti-Phospholipid Syndrome by Lupus Anticoagulant test.
    The miscarriages and the rashes are because of a harmful antibody. If she gets pregnant, these antibodies in her will kill the baby inside her. She cannot have children while these harmful antibodies are present in her body. Doctor gave 6 months treatment. When she gets pregnant again, she has to take loads of medicines and  one injection of HEPARIN daily until the day of delivery.
    At the time I started performing Agnihotra, I did not know about the healing powers of its ashes, so I was just throwing the ashes away. Then we started following your advice on using the Agnihotra ash.
   Before this Agnihotra came into our life, we tried many doctors and medicines, none of them worked. Finally, through Agnihotra and Ayurvedic medicine her condition is better than ever. After two premature miscarriages, I am very happy to share with you that my wife is now 3 months pregnant!  Thank you."
(Photo: Mrs. Purnima and her husband Manoj.)

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Luzedor Rodríguez
Botica Sol, Armenia, Colombia, South America

"I am 56 years old. I came because I  had a lot of pain in the right arm and I could not hold anything with my hand, everything fell. I had done acupuncture and other things.  Now, participating in Homa Therapy and taking the Agnihotra ash, I can grab the packages well.
I feel a little pain in one point only.  I have strength in my hand and I don't drop anything anymore. We have come here for 15 days daily to participate in the Agnihotra Fire.

I felt the improvement already after 8 days. I appreciate the welfare Homa Therapy brings." (Photo: Mrs. Luzedor Rodríguez)

Esperanza Murillo
Cali, Colombia, South America

       "I have had many experiences with Agnihotra, especially in Florida Valle, which is a very violent village and where even children are set up to steal. There are dangerous streets and people have to retreat very early. They are afraid to leave the house late. There, I went to visit a friend, and I brought my Agnihotra pyramid. I left her the Agnihotra ash and suggested to spread it around her house.
   She informed me that since then, robbers have not  passed any more through this area.
(Photo: Mrs. Esperanza Murillo)

      Also, the mother of my friend, a woman of almost 86 years, is fascinated by the Homa Fires. She is a Gnostic and has known the sacred fire. Every time I come with my Agnihotra pyramid, she wants to participate. A few months ago, she had a crisis with a large open wound on her foot. She even had to stay in bed for three months because of that open vein.
    One and a half month ago, I went to see her and she has completely recovered from the wound. With the help of the Homa Fires, Agnihotra ash, her Gnostic prayers and the practice of forgiveness, she was completely healed."

Laura Daniela Serondaza
Popayán, Colombia, South America

            "I had many problems with my sinuses and I could not touch my forehead due to the pain caused by the sinusitis. I also had a continuously runny nose, especially when it was very cold or very hot. Besides, I also had allergies to dogs and cats.
      I came to SENA (National Learning Service), to participate every Saturday in the Agnihotra sessions led by Prof. Pedro Henry Ariza. I deeply inhaled the smoke and took the Agnihotra ash. And my allergy and sinusitis left.

 I am completely healthy."
(Photo: Laura Daniela giving her testimony in the SENA, in the background Prof. Pedro Henry Ariza.)

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Rodolfo Alarcón Coronel
Municipality Utcubamba
Bagua Grande, Amazonas, Peru, South America

       "We live in Buenos Aires and I work in the Municipal Nursery Utcubamba.
 First, thanks to Homa Therapy, we, my wife, my son and I are calmer than before.    There is a big change in the way we treat each other at home.

Everything is changing towards more peace, tranquility and understanding as well.
       One day, we arrived at our house at night and we found that the dog had eaten a large part of the tail of a small duck. He had left a big hole. We thought the duckling was going to die. So we said that there was nothing left to do but put Agnihotra ash. So we took the ash and spread it all over and then left it there to die. There was no thought that the duck was going to live with this terrible wound.
On the next day, the duck wanted to stand up and walk. So, we again treated it, this time with Agnihotra ash mixed with ghee. On the third day, it was walking in the front of a group of ducks.
     Now, it is perfectly healthy. Its feathers have grown back equally to the others and it is well nurtured, happy and content.
We talked about this and we say that this is a miracle. If we would  have not done this, it would have died. We see the wonder that exists within this Homa Therapy, and we practice it. We also want to share it with others."
(Photo: Mr. Rodolfo Vargas with his wife Vitalia Nuñez giving their testimony of how Agnihotra ash saved a duck destined to die)

Mariana and Rob Adbeel
(photo above) share from
Saravena, Colombia:

  "Talking about the farm, here it is something we want to share with you:

We were walking around in the farm and decided to rest for a while in a very beautiful forest before reaching the plateau. I asked Rob to take a picture of the forest with this surprising result:  See photo to the right ... That walk was a very special experience, energizing and unforgettable, with lots of magical moments. Om Shree."

Miami, Florida, United States
Mr. Eulogio Heredia shares about his successful harvest in his small garden:

            "Dear and remembered friends. I have attached a picture showing  two exquisite fruits.
       A papaya and banana plant growing in our yard as a result of Homa Therapy. This is a great joy!
My greetings and affection."

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         Following are answers to the most frequently asked questions by people beginning the Agnihotra practice.
       It is important to practice this technique correctly in order to receive all its wonderful benefits:

* The shape, size and measurements of the pyramid are specific for Homa Therapy.
* The Agnihotra Mantra needs to be chanted at the exact time to the second specified, in the time table.
* People who perform Agnihotra or any other Homa need to remove their shoes (do not place your feet on top the shoes either). Also, people who just participate in a Homa Fire are asked to remove their shoes during this healing process. It is something similar to ‘grounding’ used in electricity.


*  Whole grain brown rice mixed with ghee is used as an offering in this bioenergetic healing process. The amount of rice equals to whatever you can grab using the deer mudra (thumb, middle and ringfinger) twice.
* Only one person adds rice to one Agnihotra fire.
* The offering must always be given with the right hand.
. * If you cannot do Agnihotra, you can lend your pyramid to another person who will do it.
* After chanting the Agnihotra Mantra, do not move, add, rekindle or disrupt in any other manner this healing process. The Fire will extinguish by itself. Wait until the ashes are cool.
* The ghee is made from unsalted cow's butter. If prepared properly, it does not need to be refrigerated. The ghee can be stored in a glass jar, covered. When adding ghee to the fire, there should not be any sound.
* Only cows’ manure is used for Agnihotra. And only manure from bovine cattle (male or female) which are not fed balanced meals that contain derivatives of animal origin (examples: fish meal, bone meal, etc.).
* Agnihotra ash can be stored in a glass or ceramic container. Keep it covered. It is not advisable to store it in plastic or metal (except copper). The cap can be of metal or plastic, as it is not in contact with the ash.
* Manipulate Agnihotra ash with clean copper or wooden utensils. Do not use your hands.
* Always, clean the copper accessories with paper or cloth after use.
* Ideal is to use wooden matches to ignite the Homa fires. Prevent the burnt match from falling into the fire. Do not use lighters or a gas stove. If you have to use a candle, be careful that the wax does not fall into the pyramid or on top of the cow dung cookies. Extinguish the candle during Agnihotra.
* The Homa pyramid needs to be placed at a height above the sacrum.
* Only dry cattle manure, whole unbroken grains of brown rice and ghee (clarified unsalted cow's butter) are used for Agnihotra. NO OTHER SUBSTANCES MAY BE USED OR ADDED.
* The exact time table is essential for Agnihotra. You can do your own time table with the free calculation program  for Windows PC's on www.terapiahoma.com and www.homa1.com
You can also write with your exact address (country, city and sector) to terapiahoma@yahoo.com and ask for your Agnihotra time sheet. We will calculate it for you.
* You need to set your watch to the exact atomic time.
* It is correct to sit facing east for Agnihotra. But you can also sit facing west for sunset Agnihotra. You can also perform Agnihotra sitting in a circle.
* If possible, leave the pyramid untouched (and uncovered) till the preparation of the next Agnihotra.
* It is better if there are no metals near the Homa Fire, except copper.
* Do not use the pyramid for storage of  accessories like spoon, dish, etc.
* The pyramid used for Agnihotra can also be used for other Homa Fires. However, do not mix the ashes. Only Agnihotra ash (done properly) is suitable for medicinal use. The other ashes are used as fertilizer in agriculture.
* Agnihotra ash is neither sold nor bought as well as the teachings of Homa Therapy. These are always given for free.
* If the Agnihotra fire goes off and makes a lot of smoke after singing the Mantra, it is better to take it out in the open and not to cover it. This ash is only used for plants.
* Women during menstruation cannot practice any of the Homa Therapy fires nor touch the material or prepare the ingredients – this is due to energetic reasons.

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May 19th, 2016 by Tereza Pultarova

      A team from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM), Spain, conducted a study focusing on the most banana-intense region of the South American state and found that up to 55 per cent of the region's

electricity needs could be met if waste products such as stems, leaves and fruit not fit for selling were processed by a biomass power plant. In addition to that, Ecuador could cover up to 10 per cent of its bioethanol needs using banana waste.
To read article: http://eandt.theiet.org/news/2016/may/banana-energy.cfm



May 8th, 2013 by Chad W. Lutz

     China—which has experienced widespread legacy pollution—recently debuted recycling-for-payment programs in busy subway stations in Beijing. The initiative saw the installation of recycling machines which accept plastic bottles as payment. Passengers receive credit ranging from 5 to 15 cents per bottle, which are then applied toward rechargeable subway cards. The first of the machines officially opened for use in Shaoyaoju station, Beijing in December 2012.


NOBEL PRICE FOR MEDICINE: “The drug that completely cures is not profitable”

By Charlie G/2007

       Nobel Prize for Medicine Richard J. Roberts:  Research on human health can not depend only on its profitability. What’s good for the corporate dividends is not always good for people. Pharmaceutical industry wants to serve the capital markets …

    It’s just not any other industry, we are talking about our health and our lives and our children and millions of human beings.
Question: "And why do researchers stop investigating?"
Roberts reply: Because drug companies often are not as interested in healing you as in getting your money, so that investigation, suddenly, is diverted to the discovery of drugs that do not heal completely, but chronify the disease and make you experience an improvement that disappears when you stop taking the drug.
To read complete article:

 The Corner of Joy

                   Would you like to speak 7 languages easily? If your answer is YES ....

Please See this link:

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    Following an invitation to present Homa Therapy with the YYMM program (Yoga-Yagnya-Mantra-Meditation) in a school, we traveled to Loja, in southern Ecuador.
     Mrs. Virginia Socorro Ocampo, President of the Educational Unit 'Pío Jaramillo Alvarado' had called for help, regarding the stressful circumstances of the teachers and students. (Please also see her health testimony on page 02.)

     It was a joy and a great opportunity to serve the teachers, children and teenagers between 5 and 18 years of age.

Photos of this page: Introduction of the YYMM class with a Vyahruti Homa; Prof. Abel talking, explaining, teaching and listening to a group of students.
In each class psychophysical exercises, Yoga and conscious breathing were practiced to balance, harmonize and

soothe tense bodies and restless minds.
 Aleta did continuous Tryambakam Homa during all meetings. It helped to keep the concentration and focus on the here and now.
The classes lasted between 1.5 and 3 hours and consisted each of 50 to 200 students and their teachers.

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     The continued practice of the Bioenergetic Homa Fires in schools combined with simple Yoga exercises can help students to increase their interest for the more important things in their lives, change their behavior and thinking patterns towards the positive, achieve better self-esteem, live more conscious and with lasting joy, etc. ...

121 / 09



Also the smallest ones of the Educational Unit Pio Jaramillo Alvarado received the healing energies of Homa Therapy.
 They did physical exercises and learned to sit still and channel their attention inward during a few minutes of  Homa Meditation.
(see photos)

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School President Virginia Ocampo
 also organized meetings with the school teachers,
so they could also receive help through Homa Therapy.

         When asked about their physical health, there was not one person free from stress and problems such as insomnia, body aches, migraines, etc. and chronic diseases such as diabetes, etc. 
                 Photos - meetings with the staff of the Educational Unit "Pio Jaramillo Alvarado" in Loja, and teaching through video testimonials the benefits and the multiple positive effects one can receive in the fields of physical and mental health with the continuous Practice of Homa Therapy.

Photo below:
Sunset Agnihotra
 with teachers, some interested students and their parents.

121 / 11



Photos: Promoting and increasing physical and mental disciplines, achieving short and long term goals, nurturing self-esteem, embracing differences and recognizing that we are
"One Family".

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          A group of students, age 11 to 13, enjoyed the exercises, lessons and videos of the YYMM workshop.  (See pictures of this page.)
At this age, some girls can be very susceptible to represent the stereotype image of the slim woman, the 'successful model' represented in the medias. There were cases  of bulimia and anorexia. One way to help is by loving and appreciating the Unique Being each one of us is. See the joy, smiles and the laughter that comes with  Homa Therapy at home, in schools, colleges and universities!

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    We are grateful for this opportunity to serve with the healing Homa fires.
        Our gratitude also goes to Mrs. Virginia Ocampo, her team of teachers, the students, children and last but not least to our hostess Mrs. Janneth Alvarez Galvez and her family.
     Photo above: YYMM class with a group of 18 year old students.
Photo right: Yoga and rhythmic breathing during Tryambakam.
Photo below:  practice of  the basic Agnihotra fire.

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 Radio interviews with Dr. Cesar Merino at the Catholic University and Dr. Eufemia Guamán in the Holistic Center Ollantay about the effects of Homa Therapy in the health field.  (photos left)

           Sharing the healing Homa fires and Good Company at the home of Dr. Cesar Merino, our dear host and his lovely mother.

We also did so at the Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant "Amaranto" with Patricio, Mari and the family of dedicated Agnihotris, brothers and sisters along the path towards Light ... 
(see photos)

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     Photos above and left: Homa Therapy found a new home in Castilla, Piura in the Foundation Ñari Walac through Dr. Carmen Luz Mendoza.  
After a long journey, we felt the warmth of the Piura Homa family, who is continuously forged by the constant practice of the Homa Fires.

  (Photo above left: Dr. Pushpa, Dr. Carmen Luz and Carola)  
  Mrs. Carola Zamudio had her friend Dr. Pushpa was visiting from England.
 We celebrated this lovely encounter with a Vyahruti Homa.                                       
Days later, we did a Rudra Yagnya with some Homa sisters in Carolas’ home.
 We were invited to delicious Indian food, cooked with love by Pushpa.

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 Via Skype we connected with
Sonia Hunter
 and  friends in the Guayaquil 
Homa Center.
   We celebrated Agnihotra together, meditated and prayed for Ecuador and the world!

     On a daily basis the Homa fires are practiced in the Ñari Walac Foundation.

 It is a joy for the soul to get together for the purpose of healing, to meditate and practice self-study through questions from participants and stories of Prof. Abel.  (photos this page)

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Arriving in Lima, we organized Homa activities and meetings with our dear brother,
Prof. Humberto Guerrero de la Luz  
in his Vegetarian Restaurant "Sabor y Vida".

 Wherever Homa Therapy is practiced, one can find friends along the blessed path.

(see photos this page)

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Ms. María Ángela Restrepo shared Agnihotra with a prayer group
 in Cali.

(see photos to the left)

     (Photos below) Also from Cali, Colombia, we received photos, where Mrs. Esperanza Murillo shares Agnihotra with a group of friends.


     From Calarca,  we received pictures from our friend Lucas Maya, practicing Agnihotra on his farm and at home with his family. (Photos: left his son Chico; below: his wife Martha Inés with a friend; right: farm)


       Mrs. Patricia Torres from Pasto sent the photo to the left, showing a Homa meeting in Pasto, which Mother Haya Lady Villada had organized for the welfare of the community.

  121 / 19



Reiner and Manuela Sczypior wrote from Gleissdorf, Austria:

"We had the opportunity to inform the community of Gleissdorf about the Holistic Healing Science of Homa Therapy and the Fivefold Path Mission School

through exhibitions, presentations, talks and local newspaper articles. This happened during the month of April, since, by Grace, we had the chance to rent a shop in the main Street of Gleissdorf.
         During this time, we performed evening Agnihotra with the public. It was a wonderful experience to share this ancient Vedic knowledge with the community."
See photos on this page and the next: sharing knowledge of Homa Therapy through teaching, practice of Agnihotra, preparation of Homa folk medicines, lectures, etc.)
                                                                                                        Article continued on next page.

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     Letter from Reiner and Manuela Sczypior from Austria continued:
   "We also had the attendance of organic farmers, to mention
Mr. Peter Painer
the Garden Paradise in Eggersdorf and
organic apple grower
Mr. Reinhard Steinbauer.

Agnihotris from neighboring villages also participated and

shared their Homa experiences.
So did our dear friend Eduard Aichbauer, a great devotee
 and one of the first practitioners of
 Homa Therapy in Austria.
One evening was spent just listening to graceful and wise stories.

We are thankful for
the opportunity to live our lives
in the company of Agnihotra,
Grace Provider of this Era.
God bless us all."


      Eng. Dilip Patil from Amalner accompanied
PhD. Ulrich Berk from Germany
to a conference on the Science Behind Homa Therapy for graduate students in a University in Amalner, Maharashtra.

    (see ph
otos left and below)

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Student Mauricio Reyes wrote from Colombia:
        "I want to share that Homa Therapy has  balanced my life. I've noticed that it fills me with energy. I am very happy and grateful for this knowledge.
     Attached are photos of my Homa Therapy presentation in Barranquilla to at least 35 people who are learning Reiki. I left one Agnihotra kit with this Reiki group.
    During the retreat, I had the chance to explain for 4 hours Homa Therapy and everything related to it with the help of the website and what you taught me personally in Villavicencio. A hug from Barranquilla!" (see photos above)


Vet. Dr. Carla Cossy León shared photos of a visit to an organic farm, where the Mayu Homa Tribe of West Palm Beach practiced Agnihotra and Tryambakam Homa.
 (see photos)

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Botica Sol in Armenia sent the photos of this page, where  the Homa healing fires are shared daily with
 a large audience.

 Mother Dora Betancur, Yoga teacher Andrew Clarke and Amanda Jaramillo are responsible for teaching and practicing this ancient healing technique.

121 / 23



            Joaquin and Diana, a devoted Agnihotra couple from Villavicencio wrote:
"The Homa meeting in Villavicencio on Thursday, April 20th featured the wonderful presence of 10 Agnihotris who filled with light and healing energy the headquarters of the
 University 'Minuto de Dios'.
Thanks to Sandra Monroy, we could use this space to show Homa video testimonials, review the main things about this technique and share its practice. Some also shared their experiences:

Mr. Audo Quesada said:
    "I feel happy. I suffered from insomnia for more than 3 years. Now, I sleep all night. Now I also have more patients for my massages and yoga classes."

Mrs. Beatriz Rangel shared her experience:
     "I started to apply drops of water, reposed with Agnihotra ash, in the nostrils to relieve the rhinitis, which did not allow me to breathe for many years. Now I breathe well."

  121 / 24



     Agnihotris Roberto Merino (photo 2nd row to the right) and Lalo Urueta (photo 2nd row to the left with red shirt together with Mr. José Yaguana) sent the photos below and wrote:
           "It's a pleasure to share with you our first experience bringing Homa Therapy to the province El Oro, canton Huaquillas, thanks to the invitation of our friend José Yaguana who   also now practices Agnihotra. Thanks to the Divine, this new space for Homa healing and harmony opened. Om Shree Om."

Mrs. Cecibel Aviléz  (first from left, dressed in white)
invited a circle of friends to practice Agnihotra together and send healing energy, light and love to the places in most  need in Ecuador ...

(photo left)

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  If you always behave in a selfless manner, people themselves become more inclined to be selfless with you.
If you study your own behaviour, you will begin to understand
the behaviour of others.
So first and always, look to your own self before judging another person. So quick we are, to point the finger toward another individual and say "he is at fault" but often what is meant for one person is also for another.

       No need, no longing, no prayer is unheard. All is known. All is attended to. Divine cares for every single solitary need. Divine surrounds with LOVE.

      If you tell someone what to do, then in a sense you are partially responsible. The person can always come back to you later on and say, "See, you told me to do this and I am unhappy". So you can give suggestions and better yet, be an example, but you cannot tell people point blank, "Do this". That is interfering with their Karma and you suffer consequences on some level. It may not be noticeable but still what you do comes back to you.

       There is so much allotted to you. You cannot handle it by intellectual means. Only thing is Mantra. Do the Mantra all the time. Then your capacity will increase thousandfold.
    You don’t have to think anything. Just do the Mantra. Just do the disciplines.
   You will think you are in a dream. So perfect everything will be. You will be strong for others. They will find shelter and relief in you.
You shine as a light unto the world. Just the Mantra and think of Shree’s image. Everything for you is Grace.
    It is more than destiny. It is Divine Will. Treat difficulties and success equally in Shree’s name. All else will be added unto you. Do the Mantra and think of Shree.
     All peace is coming now. Heaven on earth is awaiting us.

121 / 26


as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On the Path of Truth and Spirit
       Yes, yes. For those of you whose eyes have been opened, this is no time to close them and return to life as usual. You must embrace your highest goals, unleash your greatest potential and follow with resolute determination and inspiration, your spiritual path.

     This is the time to intensify one’s Sadhana. (spiritual practice) It is the path of the Truth, the path of wonderment and of the creative force ready to work through you. This is for many of you now. The path is made ready for further exploration of Truth.

    When one embarks on one’s spiritual path, when one’s celebratory entrance upon the path of Light is marked—though in actuality it was seeded in your soul from lifetimes before—there is an immediate moment of recognition. Your colloquial reference may be what you call, an ‘Aha’ moment. Indeed, aha!

      From that point in time, one’s past begins to unravel, sometimes gently, other times with such intensity one can be literally stopped in one’s tracks. The inner work takes one into a deepened state of conscious awareness. At those times, it may even be difficult to maintain one’s equilibrium enough to continue in one’s outer material employment or involvement. At that time, many pull back and hesitate to follow the spirit. Thus, many beings continue with life as usual, dabbling ever so lightly in the spirit—on weekends or late night meanderings when time permits. This is understandable for those whose responsibilities toward family maintenance and security appear paramount.

      However, there can be a balance if one sees the path of the spirit as a wholistic way of life, instead of a spiritual activity done once or twice per day. When one goes deeper into spirit, one comes to realize that in order to fully embrace one’s highest nature, one must shift one’s attitudes and even one’s understanding of what is spirit.

     One begins to know that one’s love for others is what is paramount in importance and not whether one meditates and for how long, whether one becomes a Sanyasin or a householder. It does not matter.

     Spirit is not a mythical journey into the unknown, as much as it is a conscious daily effort to seek and follow the highest way.
 It permeates all of what one thinks, speaks and does. It colors one’s relationships and forms one’s demeanor which reflects one’s highest good. It is a distinctly different way of life, but it is real and tangible, whether or not one discovers and revels in cosmic truths! Unless one can translate those cosmic realizations that human beings are so fond of discussing, into life experiences, one is simply getting lost in the starry cosmos, leading to nowhere.

      When a being embraces the higher truths as revealed to him/her in prayer, in meditation, in somber reflection, or in the pursuit of loving awareness, one’s life begins to change. It is indeed a process of becoming, rather than a process of reaching a particular set of goals. One can become expert at Yoga Asanas and completely miss the point.

      All the tools in the world cannot set you free without earnest self-examination, without actual deep and pervading surrender to Divine.

     When you meet a fully realized soul, there is no pomp and glamour, no fame and fortune necessarily. The feeling is often quite subdued, but there is a deep knowing that can be observed in silence, often in stunning mesmerizing silence. Indeed, as the great Master spoke, all things are revealed in Silence. It is astonishing the effect one human being, fully engrossed in spirit, has upon any number of beings in the world, near or far.

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