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    It is very common to stumble when walking in the dark.        However, it is also very easy to walk when there is light on the road and the path is clear.        Thanks to the light and knowledge, we can avoid many accidents, mistakes, pains and diseases. That said, let us think about "Divine Love".
    The transcendental teachings prescribe "To Love God above all things" as the first commandment. But, how to love God?
   Then, this is clearer with "Love your neighbor as yourself".
 How to do this?
   This is suggested with the next Commandments with "no killing, no stealing, no envying, no lying, etc."
     Most people also know about the greatness of the love of the mother and the father towards their children, the love of friends and family members, etc.      "Love is a feeling that unites us, connects us."
     In some cases, the love of pets is included, yes, yes, yes, those animals that are always jumping, barking and wagging their tails, etc., when they see us coming home. Some consider their pets as family members.
    Many people say their pets feel, understand and almost speak to them.        What do you think?
  Others say that all animals feel and have their own language.
What do you feel?
   Normally, nobody would think about killing a pet to eat it.


Agnihotra brings us closer to Nature
and Divine Love

       But, what is the difference between killing a guinea pig, a rabbit, a cow, a chicken, a fish and killing a pet?
   Saint Francis of Assisi referred to animals as his brothers/sisters for he considered them as children of God as well.           Do you agree with him?
           Furthermore, recently the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that certain meats are carcinogenic. Yes, yes, yes, their intake increases the possibility of getting cancer. Actually, this has been known for several decades and is openly reported now.
Let us move to the next point.                          "Conscious Nutrition"
  What do you take inside through the mouth, the senses, pores, emotions, thoughts, etc.?
   What surrounds you that eventually enters and becomes part of you?

   The practice of the Fivefold Path (FP = Yagnya, Daana, Tapa, Karma y Swadhyaaya) helps us to:
1) To realize our role as
Protectors and Guardians of our little brothers/sisters (animals)
2) To become better
Servants of our Great Mother / Father Earth (Pacha-mama).

Let's start with the practice of AGNIHOTRA to improve our mental discernment and stoke the fire of love in our hearts.
   CONSCIOUS NUTRITION -> Divine Love ->  Love for Nature -> CONSCIOUS NUTRITION
          OM Fivefold Path OM
                  OM SHREE OM

Your experiences, comments, questions, suggestions and stories for the Homa Health Newsletter are welcome;
Please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com. Thank you!



Hilda Rocio Correa
Municipality of Utcubamba
Bagua Grande, Peru, South America

     "I am 63 years old. I had many Homa experiences, one of them with my husband. One day, he woke up with back pain and could not walk. I took him to the hospital and we were told that it was his spinal column. Then I took him to receive a back massage, but they charged from 50 to 100 Soles, and we did not have the money. So, I told my husband that I have an ash which works as a miracle rub. He agreed and I rubbed the Agnihotra ash mixed with ghee on his shoulders down to his legs.

      The next day, he woke up without any pain. And until now,  he still is without pain. That was one year ago. I had accompanied you during Agnihotra in the hospital in Bagua Grande with Mr. Margarito (2nd tallest man in the world) and a group of handicapped people.
      My husband told my nephew about this for he had a bad leg. So I also gave my nephew a massage with the Agnihotra cream and he also got healed; the pain has not come back. I tell them that this Agnihotra ash is amazing.
        I myself got burned with boiling water. I was alone and it was quite horrible. I burned my skin from the knee down to the foot. This happened when I was lifting a pot of boiling water from the stove and the handle broke. Later, they told me to go to the doctor, but since they scrub away the burned skin, I did not go out of fear. So, I washed the leg well and grabbed the Agnihotra ash cream and spread it all over. No blisters appeared and not a single mark remained! I did take one pill for the pain. The skin was black from the ash when I woke up the next day, but it cleared gradually. There is no scar left and I was healed within one week."                                           (Photo: Mrs. Hilda Rocio Correa)

Noemi Figueroa
EsSalud Hospital in Ventanilla
Lima, Peru, South America

"I am 44 years old. Last Friday, I came very stressed out to Homa Therapy. While participating in Agnihotra, I felt a great peace and left relaxed. I had never eaten the Agnihotra ash before, but that day, I did, because of the horrible pain. I had lost a dental filling 15 days ago and had not had the opportunity to see my dentist.

   There was a big hole, which ached so horribly, that even my head hurt. My daughter encouraged me to put Agnihotra ash into the hole. And  the horrible pain  disappeared after 10 minutes. Until today, I am without pain. I could  truly check out the effectiveness of this Agnihotra ash."                                    (Photo: Mrs. Noemi Figueroa)

Rene Escate
EsSaud Hospital in Ventanilla
Lima, Peru, South America

"I am 71 years old. I had lots of diarrhea and suffered from colon problems for years. I have undergone many tests and scans. The doctors were studying my colon and liver, but apparently they were normal.
       However, since I started to take water with

Agnihotra ash, my diarrhea problem has improved a lot. Now, I go normally to the bathroom, 3 or 4 times a day, with just a little diarrhea in the beginning and after that my stool is normal. I have improved tremendously. Before, I even did it in bed. I can see that this Homa Therapy is very effective."                     (Photo: Mrs. Rene Escate)

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Dr. Carmen Luz Mendoza (Ph.D.)
Hospital Reategui – Complementary Medicine
Piura, Peru, South America

"I had an eye surgery due to a retina problem. I recovered completely from the eye problem, but I remained extremely nervous, with obsessive ideas and very afraid of everything. At the same time, I was going into a Deep Depression. I could not work and take up my normal family and social life. I felt very bad and very distressed. I went to see a psychiatrist. I was diagnosed with "Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with Panic Attacks". I was taking Fluoxetine and Clonazepam 0.5

       God allowed me to hear about Homa Therapy. I started attending it and since the first session I found much sense in this practice and I believed that it helped me to overcome the tough situation I was living. In fact, I could experience improvements from the beginning. I had completely lost all appetite and lunch was a torture.   However, after doing the Agnihotra fire every evening, I returned home in better spirits and looking forward to eat for the joy of my family, which was very worried because I had lost so much weight.   I felt no desire or enthusiasm to perform daily activities, nothing made sense at all.      The only thing, I truly did with interest was preparing my bag with the fire pyramid and the other implements needed to practice Homa in the area of Complementary Medicine in the Hospital Reategui.     Here, Homa Therapy is done every evening. It was the only thing that made sense to me!      The only thing that encouraged me was to experience the atmosphere of love, selfless service and help.     I felt that this was produced by practicing the fire, which increased my feelings and concern for others, solidarity and welfare for everyone. That is, I had begun to experience a holistic healing process, improving my physical and spiritual being.
     This process was not fast. With perseverance, I attended daily Homa Therapy. I  concentrated and followed the directions of whoever assumed the role of being the guide, with great love and generosity, 

       I take Agnihotra ash at least three times a day. My family is convinced of Homa Therapy's healing effect.
   This Conviction increased with the healing of my daughter's puppy dog, called Sem (photo right). She had a nasty skin condition  who lingered to heal with veterinarian medication.
    With one single application of Agnihotra ash mixed with ghee, she got cured completely. The fur grew again in the affected area.    The rapid healing  caused astonishment in my family.
        Gradually, I've been feeling better and better in all aspects. Currently, I do not take any medication.

        Something that I don’t want to miss sharing is my experience with pronouncing frequently and especially in difficult circumstances, the Mantra OM SHREE, thinking about the Divine, that is God, Love and the supreme good.
     At that time, by Calling His help, His mercy for all with the utmost humility and sincerity of my heart,  I get amazed and I feel in all cases, the Grace of His comforting relief.
       I feel, above all, that the Homa Fires have greatly helped me to grow spiritually and positively contribute in forging more rewarding family and social relationships."
(Photo: Dr. Carmen Luz Mendoza sharing Agnihotra in the Hospital Reategui.)

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Cristina Atarama Altuna
Hospital Reategui – Complementary Medicine
Piura, Peru, South America

       "I am 74 years old. I am participating in Homa Therapy in the hospital since one month. I suffered from knee pain for two years, but it has disappeared.
    The diagnosis of my knee pain was Osteoporosis.
And now, I also sleep better. I am taking the Agnihotra ash that is given here for free. "
                                                      (Photo: Mrs. Cristina Atarama)

Berta Carranza de Rodríguez
Hospital  for the National Police of Peru (PNP)
Chiclayo, Peru, South America

"I am 67 years old. A few years ago, we learned Homa Therapy through a friend of my son, which is Eng. Luis Mamud, an excellent person.      He came to our house to teach us and we acquired the material to practice it. It is a very easy technique and it does not cost much either.
         I had back problems (2 hernias in L5 and L3).
This problem led to a lot of worries and depression in my family, because I could not walk. I had to stop working

and could not do anything. I did worry a lot.
       But we started doing Agnihotra and I am convinced that Homa Therapy heals.      Sometimes, we were quite disturbed within the family itself, but the Homa Fires relaxed all of us. It is something so beautiful, so wonderful. Then I had surgery for the hernias and everything went well. We kept doing Agnihotra for a good time, until my son moved.
    This was a beautiful experience, because Agnihotra gives tranquility to all, and everyone at home feels better. And now, I am very happy to have the chance to take it up again."    (Photo: Mrs. Berta Carranza)

Jose Ramirez
Hospital Reategui
Piura, Peru, South America

          "I am 61 years old. I have five weeks attending the Agnihotra sessions in the hospital and I feel much better.
    I was suffering from a "Cerebral Neuropathy" caused by a Diabetes. My brain got numb and I was in treatment with doctors and neurologists, who did a magnetic resonance. I felt strong dizziness when getting up in the morning. Dizziness that would not let me live normally. Sometimes, I fell.  

       Then, I was sent to psychology, where Dr. Marisol prescribed me to participate in Homa Therapy and to take the Agnihotra ash. And now I am well, in good health and do not have this dizziness. In the mornings, I get up happy and pray. I thank everyone here and I encourage the new people to keep coming, because this is very good for health. I wish happiness for everyone. Thank you."
(Photo: Mr. Jose Ramirez)

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Loma Negra, Piura, Peru, South America

Manager Damaso Posas:
"We had a rather difficult experience because of the high conductivity of the water from the well, which is the only water source we have to irrigate the farm. This high conductivity creates a

complex situation; it is not easy.
          Its effect is that most of the nutrients are not assimilated well by the plant. We have calcareous salts, which limit the absorption of nutrients through the roots.
   By having this situation, the plant would usually not be green.

     We have applied adequate organic fertilization. We have also had some rain, but something that we believe causes us great benefit is the implementation of Homa Farming Technology. We have monitored this.
 We can say that the plant has an ideal absorption of nutrients. It has good vitality.

Photo 1st row: the ground has been leveled before planting.
2nd row: banana seedlings in the nursery.
3rd row: banana field growing under the influence of Homa Super Technology.
Photo left: Agronomist Eng. Hernan Posas, Ms. Erin, (daughter of the founder José Luis Posas) and Manager Damaso Posas.

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Cont. Mananger Dámaso Posas:

    "The harmful effect that we should have had with this high  salinity cannot be seen.    We can say that we have mitigated the risk of this type of water.
      The plantation looks normal like one with an ideal kind of conductivity.
With Homa Therapy, the effect of the salinity in the water has diminished greatly.

     We have thick, lush banana plants and we have no Black Sigatoka or other phytosanitary health problems. We have banana clusters of an average of 8 to 9 hands. We also have 13 hands."  (Photo above the entrance to the washing and packing area.)
Read more about the Homa Farm Joselito in the next Newsletter.

Photos of July 2015:

Photo above from left to right:
Prof. Abel Hernandez, Economist Damaso Posas, Eng. Hernan Posas and Homa Technician Andres Arango in the field, surrounded by healthy, strong and vigorous banana plants, achieved with the implementation of Homa Technology and the appropriate organic management.

Practicing sunset Agnihotra on the
Homa farm Joselito.
(Foreman Mr. Christobal Macias - 1st left)

Healthy, nutritious and export quality
fruits growing in a saline soil, supported by Homa Farming Super-Technology.

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Devote the act of cooking to the Essential Being,
make the kitchen an image of cleanliness and pleasantness,
the food that you elaborate with dedication and care
can harmonize mind, body and spirit.
What comes to your mind while cooking will be in essence
consumed by those who eat this food.
Understands that the food you serve contains
your energy, your thoughts, and your love in subtle and essential form.
So it's always advisable to COOK WITH LOVE.   

Text from Advaita Vedanta, VII century


New study confirms: Air Pollutants Get Into the Body via the Skin
          The finding has led researcher John Kissel of the University of Washington in Seattle to tell Science News that “we’re big sponges for these chemicals.”
The risk from both pollution breathed in, and now via the skin, is where a noxious chemical enters the blood stream in sufficiently high concentrations as to cause

a toxic reaction.         The risk of skin absorption of toxins is the main conclusion of the research, which is published in the journal Environmental Health Perspective, titled: “Transdermal uptake of diethyl phthalate and di(n-butyl) phthalate directly from air: experimental verification.” 
To read article, please see:


The Healing Power of Performing Arts

Dr. Jingduan Yang
Founder and medical director, TAO Institute of Mind and Body Medicine

       Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) looks at the human body beyond the (cellular) structural level. It is capable of visualizing and mapping the human body on an energetic level. 

      TCM practitioners can see a connection between the body's organs and how we think, feel, and react to things beyond what modern Western medicine has recognized.          Perhaps the very best example of performance art that is both healing and inspiring is Shen Yun Performing Arts. Known as the world's premier classical Chinese dance company, Shen Yun tours the world from December to May of each year, bringing a whole new program to audiences each time they hit the road.      The company is widely known for awe-inspiring costumes, uplifting scores and the very finest classical Chinese dancers anywhere. Please see: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-jingduan-yang/arts-health_b_1421645.html

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Sharing Agnihotra,
its silence and
its healing power daily in
the area of Complementary Medicine in
the Hospital Reategui

(See photos this page)

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  Due to the great response towards Homa Therapy and its visible effects through many healing testimonies, we were again invited to visit Bagua Grande and continue the teachings and practices.
      The invitation came through Eng. Luis Tafur, Homa promoter and Eng. Manuel Izquierdo, Mayor of the city.

Every day, there were meetings, encounters, reunions, audio-visual presentations about the wonderful effects of the practice of the Homa Fires. The City Mayor was constantly present, practicing and sharing the healing Agnihotra Fire and its ash with his people.

(Photos - first day of teaching, practicing and enjoying the relaxing and balancing energies of Agnihotra in the auditorium of the city hall in the municipality.
Photo above right: City Mayor Manuel Izquierdo -sitting- sharing Agnihotra ash next to Mr. Segundo Montalvo.)

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Prof. Abel, with the joy of a child, also taught and practiced therapeutic Yoga each day to make the body stronger, more flexible and relaxed. Everyone enjoyed the challenge, regardless of age or difficulty.
(Photos above and left)

      The practice of Agnihotra and the chanting of the Mantra "OM SHREE" creates a special atmosphere of peace and surrender. (Photos above and below left)
      Agronomist Eng. Luis Tafur, a tireless Warrior of Light, related to the audience some of his many experiences with Homa Therapy, which changed his life in the best possible way. (Photo below right)

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See, listen, learn and practice and again practice  the Homa healing fires.

We hear
"live testimonies",
the effectiveness of
Homa Therapy
in many different aspects.
All participants receive Agnihotra ash and  take some home to share.

All attendees receive with respect
 and silence,
 without shoes,
the healing Homa Fire with its Blessings.

(Photos this page)

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Prof. Abel interacts with the public and finds out about their problems, pains and sufferings to guide them and present healing cases of these specific problems.
He always shares hope and joy with the people and moves the energy through the body with certain simple and effective bio-energetic exercises.
 Photos: Sharing Fivefold Path teachings with physical-mental activities and visible relaxation in front of Agnihotra

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     Silence spreads in the EsSalud Hospital (Social Security Hospital) in Bagua with the flickering flames of the Agnihotra fires. All are focused on looking at the sacred and healing Light. The assistants are guided to breathe deeply, receiving a healing energy bath.
     Our children are the future. If they can grow up in a loving environment, which is created and sustained through the practice of Agnihotra,
they simply can once again  be  joyful, playful, and healthy
                                (Photos on this page: Agnihotra & children participating)

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           In the nursery of the Municipality of Utcubamba, where Segundo Flores is the manager and where women work, who form the "Mothers' Club", the training of Homa Therapy began with an audio-visual presentation and  continued with the teaching and practice of Agnihotra Mantras and the Tryambakam Homa in a series of mini-workshops.
This nursery, at the request of the City Mayor, became a
      "Homa Resonance Point".

 This is a pilot project for farmers in this province to see and touch
 the effects and results of Agricultural Homa Super-Technology.

(See photo this page)

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  The city library quickly got filled up with people looking for relief from their
pains and ailments. Prof. Abel and Aleta explained the Homa technique.
Many participants had already tried multiple other methods, but without improving their situation.

Photos above: 1)taking inventory of health problems 2) the massive practice of Agnihotra.
 3)  The many Agnihotra Fires with their harmonizing and balancing effect make some fall asleep instantly.
Even the greatest “earthquakes” (hyperactive children) cannot withstand it.
(photos left)

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   All are barefoot, humbly receiving the blessings of the Agnihotra Homa Healing Fires, which open our hearts and minds and allow us perceive the cleansing and healing silence reaching deep inside of us.
    Everyone wants to receive Agnihotra ash to consume it, rub it or apply it according to their needs.
                                                         (photos this page)

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    Prof. Abel and Aleta installed a "Homa Resonance Point" (Power Center) in the Municipal Nursery Utcubamba (photo left).
With continued practice of the various required Homa fires, an ideal environment is created for growing seeds, seedlings and plants. : Eng. Lucho Tafur, Mr. Flores, Mr. Montalvo and his wife Alicia,
 Mr. Alarcón
and other workers of the nursery were present for the activation
(see photo above)

       More Homa training for the workers and women of the “Mother´s Club” in the nursery. The practice of Homa Therapy will  benefit the nursery and the participants'  health and wellbeing as well. (Photos above and below- practicing Agnihotra morning and evening Mantras and doing Tryambakam Homa.)

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    New people join daily. Prof. Abel gives a variety of introductions to Homa Therapy and its benefits.
Every day, there is more evidence of the remarkable Homa effects through healings. And the word about Homa spreads like wildfire in the village...
We are very grateful for having been given this opportunity to serve!
 (see photos this page)

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       Field day in the Homa Farm “Joselito"  
    A group of 22 people arrived on a bus from Bagua Grande, including the City Mayor Manuel Izquierdo, Eng. Luis Tafur, managers of farmers' associations, etc. to see the results of the application of Homa Farming Super-technology in this banana plantation.
           Eng. Hernán Posas and the manager, Economist Damaso Posas welcomed the group. Homa Technician Andrés Arango (
photo above middle) explained the various tasks, disciplines and Homa fires involved in a Homa farm and the application of the Homa ashes. 

Photos above:Main hut- Agnihotra and Healing hut- Tryambakam  
     Prof. Abel explained the details and showed the necessary constructions of the 2 huts
, etc. at a Resonance Point. He also taught the correct pronunciation of some letters of the Sanskrit language in the Tryambakam Homa, in which everyone participated.

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 - Eng. Hernán Posas (photo above in yellow shirt) led the walk through the banana plantation, showing important and interesting details to the visitors.
   Photo left above– the cable track transports the banana clusters
Photo below right- a vigorous banana plantation in full production with Homa technology and adequate organic fertilization.
Photo left-
Manager Damaso Posas showed the group the washing and packing sector and explained through a ppt presentation the evolution of the farm.

Some farmers happily took Homa banana seedlings to plant them in their farms in Bagua Grande. (photos below left)

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Photo right - Beginning of the dissertation about Homa Therapy with a Vyahruti Fire.
Photo below - Prof. Dr. Walter Vegas Olaya and students of the Faculty of Medicine attentively listening about the benefits of Homa Therapy, a Science from Ayurvedic Medicine.

Prof. Abel was invited to the Faculty of Medicine of the University Cesar Vallejo in Piura to lecture through a several hours workshop about Homa Therapy
 and its benefits on
human health.

We continue to share the Agnihotra fire, its love, warmth, light and hope.

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Mrs. María Teresa Núñez shares from Homa farm Tenjo, Colombia: 

"Again, events start moving in the Homa farm, where the constant practice of Homa Therapy creates a healing environment, a purified atmosphere and where the benefits of the various workshops and events can be experienced at full capacity.
       Teachers from diferent disciplines arrive to fill us with light and wisdom. To begin this new cycle, there is “creative dancing” with Lisbeth Cepeda every Tuesday since one year. Then, every 15 days in the afternoon, from 2pm on, Beatriz Ospina guides us with the "constellations" of the unknown and fascinating world of the ancestors. Also, every other Thursday, Laura Chavarro, artist and resident of Homa farm, welcomes us to discover ourselves through drawing.

Bread preparation with Agnihotra ash

A variety of workshops are held at the Homa farm

Master Jairo Palchukan

      This November, our beloved Andrea Jaramillo will continue the “Pranic healing” workshops. Soon, we will also start with the long-awaited vegetarian culinary course, dictated by Giana Ananda, a wonderful and wise follower of Khrishna. She is going to introduce us to the wonderful world of spices, smells, tastes and the art of healing through recipes from India. The last Saturday of each month, we will be visited by Master Jairo Palchukan who heals at very deep levels through his music and special gifts, .

  (Photo above, center:)
   Meetings and workshops are held in the multi-purpose hall of the Homa Farm, a perfect place to meet, dance, meditate and do all the activities that lead inwards.
   Some of the workshops are free, others have a small fee.
   (Photo left:) All workshops begin with a Vyahruti Homa, which harmonizes and connects us with our inner self, to our Divinity and helps us to live every moment of the day in the Divine will.
 (Photo left:)
 Every day, since 4 years, we do all the Homa fires, starting with Agnihotra every morning and then Vyahrutis during the day and 4 hours of Tryambakam, which the residents of the farm perform. Here we support each other and we close the day with evening Agnihotra.      
       It is really wonderful to live on a Homa farm, where peace and harmony surround us and fill us with happiness".

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Mrs. Jimena Clarke shares about the Congress in Santiago de Chile: 

"The 12th International Congress of Complementary Medicine was held August 22-23 2015, in Santiago, Chile and featured promotion of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy.
  The Congress was organized by the School of Oriental Medicine and Culture, the Amanecer Clinic, and Fivefold Path Foundation Chile, a foundation recently created for the support of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy.
(Photo below shows the audience during the dissertation of Prof. Carlos E. Bustamante about Sanskrit and Vedic Philosophy.)

       Dr. Ulrich Berk (PhD.) from Germany (photo to the right), spoke about the effects of Agnihotra on human health. His lecture was very well received by a large number of the Congress participants.
Sponsors of the Congress were the Faculty of Medicine of Finis Terrae University of Santiago, and the Medical Association of Chile.
      On the second day, two students from this university presented a research paper on stress reduction effects of Agnihotra. These studies were conducted at the suggestion of  Drs. Ernesto Vega and Andrea Chávez.
     Stress level was measured by testing hormone concentration in the saliva.
    In order to avoid placebo effects, the persons tested were not performing Agnihotra or even sitting for Agnihotra; they were

just sitting for some time in a room next to the Agnihotra room.
Still, the results were highly significant. This was motivation to start a larger experiment with more people and over a longer period of time. Also they will try to find a way to show any differences in a scientifically acceptable way among being next to an Agnihotra room – sitting for Agnihotra – and performing Agnihotra oneself (avoiding the possible objection that it is all just due to placebo effect).
In the two days, more than 50 Agnihotra kits were sold, evidence of peoples’ enthusiasm about Agnihotra after listening to Dr. Berk’s talk.
    He talked about how regular practice of Agnihotra can lead us to a happier life in harmony with nature and each other.

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Continued 12th International Congress of Complementary Medicine: 

"Dr. Purushottam Rajimwale from India, ngrandson of Shree Gajanan Maharaj (who revived the practice of Agnihotra in modern times), spoke on Ayurveda. Also he gave a workshop on the second day of the conference on Ayurveda and diet, with practical solutions, easy to use in everyday life.
      Dr. Berk has been working for many years with various universities around the world, urging scientists and researchers to conduct more studies on the effects of Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash and their underlying mechanisms. One of the things he said that created a strong impression among those who did not know of this technique, was that this fire, performed in such a small copper container, has such immense power, which not only produces significant environmental changes, but in many levels of our lives.

    I, (photo to the right shows Mrs. Jimena Clarke, Agnihotri and Homa promoter) After nearly 30 years of living in England and having only returned to Chile 12 months ago, it was a wonderful surprise to hear about the visit of my dear friend Ulrich Berk. So I came down from my beloved Elqui Valley to have the privilege to accompany him and be at his service as his translator during his stay in Chile, and also to share with old and new friends.
Events like these help us to consolidate ties, unify our knowledge, learn from those with more experience, but above all interact in harmony with each member of our global family of fire.

      There is no doubt of the impact that the visit of Ulrich to Chile had, especially in giving a push to the promotion and teaching of this magnificent tool that Shree Gajanan Maharaj, via Shree Vasant, has left us, for these times of so much misery and uncertainty which our society faces.   
(Photo below: practice of Agnihotra during the Congress.)

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Excerpts from the letter written by Ms. Karina Ohme from the Homa farm “Satsang” in Curacavi:
      "Over 60 people gathered in Satsang to share with Dr. Purushottam Rajimwale, listen to his teachings and practice together sunset Agnihotra. The day started early, with free Ayurvedic consultations offered to the community by Dr. Purushottam and coordinated by Monica Santos. People arrived from various cities like Villa Alemana, Valparaíso, Lo Orozco and Curacaví. It was a wonderful day, full of teaching and friendship, which had its peak with a beautiful Agnihotra, where dozens of pyramids were lit.
I give special thanks to Dr. Purushottam for sharing his experiences and knowledge, his assistant Yogendra Vora, Silvia, Monica and all the volunteers for their care and dedication which made this beautiful meeting at Satsang possible."         (photos below)


Eng. Jorge Rivera and Architect Alejandro Cajas wrote:
       "We shared Agnihotra with our brothers and sisters “Earthkeepers” during the weekend of the Mother Earth Festival 2015 held in the parish Tarqui, city of Cuenca, province Azuay in Ecuador."
(Photos during the Agnihotras of this festival for Mother Earth.)

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We received great news from Caracas, Venezuela. Following are excerpts from the letter:

      "My name is Gustavo Leon. I am plastic artist and practitioner of Homa Therapy since 1999 in Venezuela. I am sending this email with photographic records of events called "AGNIHOTRA: A Social Sculpture", which has been ongoing since early this year in the museums: African American Museum (MAA) and Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) in Caracas by the Civil non-profit Association “Colectivo 5 Umbrales”, which is directed by Ingrid Ruiz and myself.
        “AGNIHOTRA: A SOCIAL SCULPTURE” is an art proposal in the contemporary language ofperformance art. It is a pyramid gathering where Agnihotra is practiced and the public is informed about the benefits of Homa Therapy. We have adapted the pyramid gathering to present it within museums as a particular art performance that we have called Action Art Ritual (Live).
    Thus, we are achieving institutional alliances that have given us access to media and museum spaces, in order to practice the Homa fires and give conferences for free."

 Photos on this page show "Agnihotra - a social sculpture" activities in the MAC on 3rd and 17th of Sept., 2015

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Continued "Good Homa News from Caracas, Venezuela":
      "The dynamic is as follows: “Colectivo 5 Umbrales”, calls the Agnihotris, and the museum offers its facilities and summons the public. We have received valuable support from several Agnihotris, including Irma Garcia (from abroad) Aquiles Mendez, Tania Barreto, Mary Fuentes, Beatriz Hillsberg and others, who continually come to these pyramid gatherings.
       What we have been doing this in the Contemporary Art Museum continually, every other Thursday since August 6th. There also have been a three conferences. The last one with Dr. Aquiles Mendez as guest speaker. The conference had the title "Memoirs of a Possible Future: Art, Agnihotra and Science - with Aquiles Mendez and “Colectivo 5 Umbrales”. This was on Thursday, October 15th, 2015."

 Photos on this page show the "Agnihotra - a Social Sculpture" activity in the MAA on 6th of March and 3rd of July, 2015.

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Continued "Good Homa News from Caracas, Venezuela":

      "The “Colectivo 5 Umbrales” is comprised of a team of artists and healers.
We collaborate in informing to raise awareness of the Human Collective through exhibitions, workshops and events.
We are committed to the realization of the Fires and to inform the community about Homa Therapy in urban spaces. We believe that inner work is essential in solving the problems facing the contemporary world.
           We propose a space to re-establish balance and responsible awareness in what we deliver to the world. In this sense, Homa and Agnihotra in particular, have been the cornerstone of our work since its inception in 2011. Om Shree."

 Photos on this page show to the left:  "Agnihotra - a Social Sculpture" in the MAC on October 1st and

photo below: in the building Tajamar in the Central Park on September 17th, 2015.

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        We must be in control of the mind, not the mind in control of us. If every small thing can either rise or fall this mind causing 'mood changes' constantly, then there can be no serenity, no peace of mind, no clarity of thinking and thus no positive direction can be attained. So aim first to control the mind to be on an even keel with every event - positive or negative - in one's life. Do you understand?
This can be achieved through discipline. To discipline the mind, even to grasp the concept, one has to go into disciplining the body. Thus dietary Tapas, meditations, Yoga, All of this helps. This is only a beginning. Agnihotra gives the boost that begins to clear the mind of subtle distractions brought on by fear, doubt, anger, lust, etc. Through Yajnya one can achieve such higher states that otherwise one may only get a glimpse of in this lifetime.

           Service is the best way to cleanse ourselves of Karma, debts incurred in past lives and present as well. If you follow 'Love Thy Neighbour as Thyself' in thought, word and deed, you automatically become the fit instrument for service. This is how you get rid of the chain of Karma. The law of 'reap as you sow' is inviolable. GRACE is an aspect of this law.

            Main thing required for this work is humility. Everything begins inside. It is not an idea or a concept. Practice of service to others will breed humility. Then quite naturally it will develop. All the time service. Think of everything as service and you will find great joy in it.

         When two people seek to control what is uncontrollable, inevitable disagreements arise. Let one person take another approach. Then the whole thing changes.
Outwardly you blame each other. Inwardly you blame yourselves. Better to have full forgiveness of yourselves, of each other and be full of love towards each other. Don’t say, “Oh! There is no love here.” Bring your love here.

           Then, reserve 1 day each week for silence. Do Yajnya, write, clean, whatever. Put the phone on answering service and until 12 noon keep silence.

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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Strength in Numbers
Yes, yes. So much suffering in the world at this time. Dear ones, bow your heads in prayer for those less fortunate than yourselves. Expand your hearts to include the whole of humanity. Seek not to condemn or place blame.

It is possible to take a stand and unite with those whose voices combine as ONE—to drown out hatred, to build bridges between you instead of erecting roadblocks to keep you apart.

Where there is injustice, where there is grave error in judgment, dear ones—speak with a voice that calls for brotherhood and sisterhood, yet speak with honour and self-respect. Walk in Peace.

There is strength in numbers—numbers of beings assembled in Light, in Love, with the breadth of compassion and understanding—for harmony, unity and equality for all.

There is little time to waste in anger fueled by fear. One must work for peace in a world that seems devoid of peace.

We salute those who seek peaceful resolution and who, arm in arm, refuse to be defeated. Love is the mission and the goal. Remember this always.

Walk in Light.

On Sustainability
Yes, yes. Sustain. Sustain. Sustain yourselves with your own foods, your own resources as far as possible. We realize that some of you may need to depend upon the grid, at least for the time being. However, the goal should be self-sufficiency.

What you cannot manage as of yet in terms of say, electric power, you can make up in improvement of soil and growing your own foods and herbs, preparing your own medicines and tinctures. You can manage the resources you have at your disposal. Later, alternative energy will become available at quite an affordable offer. This will come soon, actually.

Orion on Refugee Crisis
Yes, yes. The influx of refugees in great numbers is only a beginning. As wars and conflicts erupt in Middle East more and more families will be seeking refuge in every country throughout Europe.

Humanity must expand itself to embrace those whose lives are endangered, whose very existence is threatened.

As the heart of humanity opens, the balance will take place naturally. Many of these suddenly homeless beings have great gifts to offer and can enrich whatever land they finally are allowed to call home.

As these shifts can put a strain on the economy, they also can create a greater diversity and expand awareness of other cultures and ways of life.

Europe’s cultural diversity is an essential element in growing, in tolerating and accepting ideas, faiths and lifestyles other than what is the sanctified ‘norm.’

We see a great shift coming in Europe when truly boundaries crumble and the beings in residence become global citizens, rather than cloistered groups.

More info: www.oriontransmissions.com

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