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     It seems that life for many people is a series of problems to be solved or needs to be met daily. There are real and simple natural needs such as food, shelter, clothing, health, etc.
     And yes, yes, yes, there are artificial and complex needs such as fashionable clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, consumer electronics, domestic appliances, additional furniture, etc.
      The products can be classified according to their functionality or the feeling of wellbeing they induce in us.  In this modern age, it is common to see people immersed in the collection of objects and assuming the many roles prescribed by society.
        Sometimes, you may feel trapped in a loop or in a cage.
          So, it is good to remember these phrases:

       "You do not get more than you can handle."
    "Each lock has a key. If it does not have a key, it is not a lock."
     "Similarly, every problem has a solution. If it does not have a solution, it is not a problem."
   "We create our own reality."
     "The mind is creative."
    "There is a Law of Cause and Effect (Karma)."
     "Above the Law of Karma, there is the Law of Grace."
    "Many problems are to test and help us grow."
     "The answers to many of our questions are within us."


- The Inner Light can guide you in the darkness
-And transform your creative mind
- You create what you think
- And you reap what you sow.
- The Fivefold Path is the key that can liberate you and
-Take you into Active Meditation,
- Then Grace operates and it
can change your Karma.

        Sometimes the problems are very complex and to face them, patience, concentration, courage, flexibility, intelligence, commonsense, a good sense of humor, humility and some wisdom are required.
 Sometimes, you may feel that there is an answer or solution, but it seems to be hidden in a dark room or it is like a needle in a haystack. Well, you can get a flashlight to look in the darkroom.
 How do you find the needle?  
  OK, for this you can get a metal detector or just a magnet to pull the needle out of the haystack.
    The magnet is to a needle in a haystack what Divine Grace and Devotion is to the uncertainty in a challenge.
   The Practice of Fivefold Path (FP = Yajnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma, and Swadhyaaya) is a door for the entrance of Grace.
     The practice of the FP helps us to see the good behind the apparently bad. The FP helps us to give thanks for every situation.

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Jorge Alvarado
Guayaquil, Ecuador

             "I'm participating in Homa Therapy here at the Holistic Center "Vida Nueva" (New Life) of the couple Viviana Esteves and Mario.
          Even though I am a little skeptical, I have good experiences. The first time I participated in Homa Therapy, which by the way is offered as a free treatment, I had pain in my back and during the Therapy, while we were doing Mantras and meditation, suddenly, when I rearranged my sitting position, the pain was gone.
This caught my attention and I do come here every week to participate.

          Once I had a wound near the elbow. It was quite deep and usually this takes quite some time to heal.       We just had finished with Agnihotra and Viviana placed some cream with this ash and ghee on the wound and it healed surprisingly fast.
             Playing sports, I had been hit in the leg and it got completely purple.
 I know from other hits that the healing delays. But at night, I received the same Agnihotra ash cream, applied it and the other day at night, the skin was practically clear.    I asked myself if this had been just dirt or something. Because when I wiped my leg clean, there were just one or two dots left. But I know that my body does not reabsorb blood so easily. This caught my attention and these are good experiences.
            I keep coming back, because beyond this health effect, Homa helps also in relaxation. For example, when one comes worn out from a tiring day, with stress and does Homa, one feels relaxed and discharged.
Independently from the healing effect, is a good way of relaxing and taking time for oneself.
That is very important these days, because everything is so fast, so stressful. I recommend it."    
Photo: Mr. Jorge is the 2nd from the right - Agnihotra at "Vida Nueva" Holistic Center)

Rafael Dietsch
West Palm Beach, FL, USA

                         "I am 67 years.  I participated in the Agnihotra session just now in the home of Ms. Miriam Molano.   My muscles are torn on both shoulders and I am attending physical therapy since last year. Since I have these tears, the neck muscles have to work harder and they really hurt. It happened during Agnihotra that I was entering into a deep relaxation and went off. When it all ended, I woke up.
           And now, I no longer feel the pain
. Look, I can rub and hit my neck muscles and I do not feel any pain; before I could not even touch them. After Agnihotra my pain has disappeared completely, but completely.
            And in the foot, I have a problem with a plantar fascia inflammation that is terrible. Now, I do not know if it's really true, but I do not feel the pain any more.
  No more pain!
Thank God for these blessings! Recently I have gotten my kit and I am practicing Agnihotra daily."
           (Photos:   1) Don Rafael is showing where the tears with severe pain were.
2) Strongly rubbing the muscles. Before, he could not even touch them without pain.       3) Don Rafael surprised, happy and grateful to Homa Therapy)

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Dr. Mario Chavez
West Palm Beach, FL, USA

"I want to share an experience I had with a case in Aguazul, Casanare, Colombia.
Three doctors recommended amputating the leg at the knee due to danger of gangrene.
The young lady (approx. 25 years old) came with her several months old wound (a venous complication by insect bite) that smelled really bad.
           It was washed with a
decoction of horsetail and colloidal silver. And Agnihotra ash cream (ghee mixed with Agnihotra ash) with a little turmeric was applied.  This was done several times.
   At the time, when the wound was bandaged, very close to the lesion, a Yantra was also placed, touching the skin. After 2 months she fully recovered.
            The problems of wounds, diabetic ulcers, skin problems, etc. can be treated very successfully with Agnihotra ash cream."

Before Treatment During Treatment - Agnihotra ash mixed with ghee and turmeric Towards the end of the Homa treatment

Víctor Raul Lopez
Policlinic EsSalud Paul Nogier
Carabayllo, Lima North, Peru

        "I came with an anxiety and low self-esteem problems. When I was little, I suffered abuse from my mother and I had no one to talk to.
   When I came to Dr. Jorge Torres, I felt relieved. Without my knowing what it was, he gave me  a cup with a little

Agnihotra ash and water.  And this calmed me.
     I have been quite a complainer in my house and I sometimes yelled at my kids. But this has almost disappeared. Now, I'm happier in my home, less irritable and that is why I keep coming. I am constantly participating. Thank you."

            (Photo: Dr. Jorge Torres – first left- with his patient Mr. Victor Raul Lopez.)

Rocio Pazmiño Garrido de Obando
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

        "About 3-4 years ago, I constantly went to Dr. Jaime Montufars' office to share Agnihotra.    I heard about the Agnihotra eye drops.    I asked the doctor for a bottle for I have had always the problem of myopia. Then I started using them as I was indicated by the doctor: 2 times a day, two drops in each eye. I did that for a few months and I had the feeling that I saw better. Then I stopped using them. After approx. one year, I went to an ophthalmologist to have the measurement done for some new glasses.

        He told me he that the graduation in the left eye, in which I had more problems, had dropped by 2 degrees and in the right eye it had fallen 1.5 degrees. That's a lot and the doctor asked me: "What have you done ?
                            You must have done something or did you take something?"

     I told the doctor that I was practicing every day Homa Therapy and that I was also using eye drops prepared with Agnihotra ash
and he asked me what that was. I told him I could not explain, that this has to be experienced.
 But that's all I've done to improve my eyesight and I thank God."
(Photo: Mrs. Rocio Pazmiño)

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Dr. Jaime Montufar,
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

       Homa experiences with pineapple

    "Currently, we have pineapple in our Homa farm 'The Good Shepherd' and we are using the seedless method of planting.
      Usually the pineapple top is put in water for 30 days to develop some roots and afterwards it is sown. Then the plant begins to take root in the soil.
         But keeping the plant in Homa atmosphere, the roots begin to emerge in just eight days.
     Photo right: Dr. Montufar telling this experience and showing the small roots of the pineapple top.

      Photos below: the pineapple tops are kept in the room where every day Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset and Tryambakam Homa is practiced massively.

Then the pineapple tops with the roots (picture right) are planted in the soil or in a pot.  Usually after a year and a half, the plant is producing fruit.
        But with the Homa method, just after 7-8 months the plant has already an edible pineapple.    This Pineapple flavor is different, sweeter.      It has no acidity and to peoples taste sense, it is delicious."
          This is the solution for feeding the planet! It is the method to produce healthy, nutritious food, in less time than 'usual'.
     We have already harvested and  distributed pineapple among all our patients. They collaborate by collecting the pineapple tops which are normally discarded. Nobody uses them. But the patients ask for those in the stores, shops and markets where they are sold and  bring them

 to me. From here, we go to the farm to sow them. By the way, we have proposed to plant 10,000 pineapples in the Homa farm 'The Good Shepherd'. We are trying to have each week between 100 to 200 plants  sown. So, we will continue growing."

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             The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved the sale and planting of Monsanto’s genetically engineered dicamba-tolerant soybeans and cotton.    This approval follows that of 2,4-D tolerant soybeans and corn, billed as the next generation of herbicide-tolerant crops to tackle glyphosate (Roundup)-resistant weeds.
               Dicamba-tolerant soy and cotton are simply the latest example of USDA’s allegiance to the biotechnology industry and dependence upon chemical solutions.

         Once again, the USDA has neglected to look at the full range of impacts associated with these GMO herbicide-tolerant crops. Instead the agency has opted for a short-term solution to superweeds that have become resistant to herbicides because of previous approvals of GMOs, thereby perpetuating and escalating chemical use. For further info please see:



       Environment damage followed by worldwide economic instability and Isis in list of concerns, according to survey by Pew Research Center
Climate change is what the world’s population perceives as the top global threat, according to the Pew Research Center,

 with countries in Latin America and Africa particularly concerned about the issue.
• It is followed by global economic instability and the Islamic State militant group.
• The survey, conducted in 40 countries and taking in the views of more than 45,000 respondents, attempts to measure perceptions of global threats. In 19 of the 40 countries polled, climate change was found to be the issue of highest concern.     For more info:



      Lativia and Greece have chosen the “opt-out” clause of a European Union rule passed in March that allows member countries to abstain from growing GM crops, even if they are authorized by the EU. Scotland and Germany also made headlines in recent weeks for seeking a similar ban on GMOs.
According to Reuters, in many European countries, there is widespread criticism against the agribusiness giant’s pest-resistant crops, claiming that GM-cultivation threatens

biodiversity. See: http://ecowatch.com/2015/09/02/european-countries-ban-gmos/

        This young director and author helps us reflect on many themes; He presents himself beginning with: "My name is Spencer Cathcart and this is a short documentary that I made to question our freedom, educational system, business, money, the American capitalist system, the US government, the global meltdown, the environment, climate change, genetically modified foods, and our treatment of animals."
Do not miss to see one of the best videos of the moment:

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After the arrival
from the US,
 Dr. Montufar had already organized a Homa welcome in his office.

For those who are connected with their heart, there is no time or distance!

So it is with the Homa family!

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   In Guayaquil, the meetings, lessons, presentations, practice, etc. with the Homa Fires continued daily with much joy.
 (Photos above and to the left were taken at the Homa Center Guayaquil in Urdesa.)

    Our wonderful host, Dr. Cesar Merino, loves to have Homa encounters in his office/home, since he feels that the air gets purified and the entire atmosphere gets charged with peace and tranquility.      (Photo bellow: Agnihotra with Dr. Cesar with friends by the pool.)

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The photos of this page were taken in the office of Dr.Jaime Montufar, celebrating the gift of life with the family of souls, ignited with the love and warmth of the Homa Fires.

      The weekends lend themselves to dive with mind, heart and soul to a deeper level of our existence.
Through sharing Agnihotra in larger groups, Meditation, Chanting and Singing, we can touch softly the source of
 Light Within.
This brings us Peace and Joy out of the ordinary and it can carry us further...

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      In the gourmet vegetarian restaurant "Amaranto", Agnihotra is practiced on Sundays and Mondays for the public.
           Its distinguished owners,     Mr. Patricio Feijoo and his wife Maria Agustina are Agnihotris for many years and are always ready to serve unconditionally.      Here, we were sharing some experiences from our journey to India.   Prof. Abel  also taught simple exercises to improve the posture and relax

body and mind. This is so much easier in Agnihotra atmosphere. The meditation during Agnihotra brings silence into the environment and even more though to our inside.                                                          (see photos on this page)

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       Although during the week, everyone has to work, some Agnihotris make it in time to join and enjoy Agnihotra in group.         When there are many healing Agnihotras fires lit, it is as if a Magnificent Silence takes hold of our mind and takes us to a state where there is nothing to be desired and nothing to be rejected.
       It feels, that the hearts unite and beat as one, grateful, grateful and again grateful for so much beauty, so much light, so many blessings ...

Photos above - celebrating the Homa Fires and learning new things in Amaranto.

Photo to the right: Agnihotra in the courtyard of the office of Dr. Sandra Mercado and her lovely family.

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After more than half a year of absence,
we joined the daily Agnihotra sessions in EsSalud State Hospital Reategui.
Here, Homa Therapy is in the good hands of Dr. Marisol de la Rosa, Prof. Cesar Gonzales, Don Francisco Peralta and Homa volunteer William.  
(Photos: sharing Agnihotra and its teachings.)

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   Dr. Marisol de la Rosa has taken the Agnihotra Healing Fire on Wednesdays to the Red Cross of Piura, where she also sees patients and practices Yoga with children.

  Photo left: Agnihotra session with patients at the Red Cross.

In the EsSalud Hospital Reategui, more patients keep coming to Homa Therapy. We listen to health improvements just after a very short time of attendance and feel that the Fires are increasing their Healing Power.

   On Saturdays, after Agnihotra, we share optional devotional songs which lift the joy in our hearts.   
  Every day, Prof. Abel shares some talks or stories to awaken the soul.  This is easier in a Homa atmosphere.

(Photos above and to the left)

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Photos above: "Healing Homa Therapy sessions" in the Hospital Reategui.
    Sometimes, as an optional activity, Prof. Abel makes us think through questions, short stories, spiritual tales, dialogues, experiences, etc. In the meditation, following Agnihotra, he guides us to calm the mind with the Mantra “Om Shree” and by focusing on the breathing. As an optional practice, we also pray together, the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi: "Lord, make us instruments of your peace ..."
   These daily meetings create a bond of love and appreciation for each other; it is renewed daily.

PHOTO - below left: During a creative meeting with Dr. Marisol, Mr. Eulogio and his wife Juliana.
PHOTO - below right: Eng. Luis Tafur, Homa promoter, with his wife Rosa and their 3 daughters Lucia, Tina and Raquel, visiting Piura.

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     Med. Tec. Christian Alvaro Vasquez Soto, Homa promoter in the EsSalud hospitals in Northern Lima (Photo right - doing a Vyahruti Homa to open the event), organized with the help of Dr. Jesus Borjas, Psychologist Dr. Jorge Torres, others  Agnihotris, and employees in the hospitals, several meetings to present the benefits of this therapy of Medicinal Fires.  This occurred in the Department of Complementary Medicine and Doctors, administrative staff and a wider public of patients were invited.      (see photos this page)

        Prof. Abel introduced Homa Therapy with its beneficial effects on health, its power to balance and strengthen the various body systems.  
        He also showed a range of healing testimonies related to the medical problems of the patients and public present.
        Aleta taught the Mantras just before Agnihotra and explained how this ancient healing technique works according to the Vedic Knowledge.  At the end,  all participants received  some healing Agnihotra ash.

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    Dr. Ada Pucuhuayla and Dr. Jesus Borjas (photos left) are the directors of the Dept. of Complementary Medicine in the Hospital EsSalud Sister "Maria Donrose Sutmöller".                   They and Med. Tec. Christian Álvaro Vásquez, Dr. Jorge Torres and Agnihotra practitioners (employees of the hospital) invited the patients to participate in a "Anti-Stress Homa workshop", which Prof. Abel facilitated.

         We had to wake up many muscles and bones. We all enjoyed the teachings such as how to stand and sit properly and how to relieve pain and remove energy blockages in our physical body through pranayama and therapeutic yoga postures.         (see photos)

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In addition to the healthy exercises, deep breathing techniques and laughter, there was also an audio-visual Homa  Therapy presentation.
 We also heard a variety of live testimonies from Agnihotra practitioners and

participants in this hospital.
      At Agnihotra time, the Doctors, technicians, nurses, social service assistants, etc. lit their Agnihotra Fire ...
   Then, the healing energies coming from the last rays of the sun took charge.
   As it is described in the Great Ancient Vedic tradition:
      "At sunrise the many fires, electricities, ethers and more subtle energies emanating from the sun extend all the way to the Earth and produce a flood effect at those coordinates where the sun is said to rise. It is awesome. The flood enlivens and purifies everything in its path, destroying what is impure in its wake. This torrent of life-sustaining energies causes all life to rejoice. At sunrise that music can be heard.

The morning Agnihotra Mantra is the essence of that music. It is the quintessential sound of that flood. At sunset the flood recedes."
(Source: "HOMA THERAPY - Our Last Chance" from Master Shree Vasant Paranjpe)

We all remained in Silence in front of the Healing Fires, with our thoughts directed into the healing and purifying Light that emanates from them.
We received the healing with gratitude and humility as well as its ashes.

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Prof. Humberto Guerrero's Vegetarian
  Agnihotra is shared every Saturday.
There we met a couple of times with the Lima Homa friends.

Despite the cold weather in these winter days,
in front of Agnihotra, the heart becomes warm and this warming love expands to the rest of our being.
 It is even capable of igniting other hearts with joy, light, gratitude and kindness.

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Ms. Pilar Cerda wrote from Santiago de Chile:
"I am sending you news from the "Festival Out of Time" held on 25th and 26th of July in the "Aldea El Encuentro" in the suburb La Reina of Santiago de Chile.
     It was a celebration welcoming a new solar cycle governed by the Mayan calendar; a celebration of the culture of peace, combining art, science and spirituality.
Homa Therapy was present on both days of the festival.
On July 25th, "Day Out of Time", Tryambakam was done from sunrise to sunset Agnihotra.
On July 26th, "Mayan New Year", a routine of Homa fires was performed during the entire day (Agnihotra, Vyahruti, Gayatry and Tryambakam). 
Juan Pablo Lazo (Homa volunteer) organized this festival and the following Agnihotris participated:

Héctor Rosas, Paramprem Kaur, Almendra Bello, Stefano Zaccarelli, Sebastián Figueroa and other Homa friends."


Veterinarian Dr. Carla Cossyleon sent these photos of the "Earth Day Festival" where the Agnihotra Tribe of West Palm Beach participated with the Homa fires to heal the atmosphere, plants, animals, humans and all eco- systems.
Photos: 1) Ms. Yogini addressing the public      2) Dr. Carla and Mrs. Conny preparing Agnihotra Fire       3) Grandson of Dr. Carla in awe with a turtle

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          Mr. Jose Maria, his wife Idalia Maria and Daniel from Malaga took these photos, documenting that the practice and sharing of the Homa fires in groups still continues. They also enjoy the good company like minded people, the meditation, the singing and making music. These give joy to the heart and soul, especially in an atmosphere full of harmonious, loving and creative energies.

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       Mr. Ricardo Mena and his wife Christa sent these beautiful photos of a workshop on Homa Therapy they shared in the Homa farm of Mrs. Mariana Hilgers in Velez de Venaudalla.

Mr. Ricardo also attached very interesting information:
Through a sonoscope, it has been revealed that the Shree Yantra is the graphical representation of the primordial vibration of the sound OM.

The Shri Yantra Mandala has thousands of years.
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      The constant affirmation of a loving mind alters the material conditions around us. We become better receptacles for the manifestation of Divine Grace.
    We get into the habit of always performing the right action. This is character building.     This habit loosens the grip of desires that cloud the intellect.
             This is purification. This purification is functional, i.e. it enables us to reach higher states of evolution. One cannot truly improve conditions unless inner improvement takes place.

            Of course the use of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, you will find these three things interfere greatly with meditation. So some effort may be required on your part to overcome temptation to indulge in these influences.  Again, if you are sincere in your attempts and devoted in your spiritual path you will also find natural attraction to the positive increasing and negative decreasing.

           Yajnya (Homa) acts as a catalyst if someone consciously tries to get away from drug habit.

          If you continue as you have been in making every effort, doing good Karma and being honest with yourself and others, you will rise very quickly now. We must turn our thoughts towards helping others, serving others.
Do not think "What about me?" Everything is given.

           The work you do is for your own liberation.

         All this situation is a conflict of desires and jealousies. You can never be happy by gratifying these jealousies which you find in a family. An ungratified desire leads to anger. Thus either way your mind is in trouble. Do not expect that any member of the family will be persuaded to your views howsoever wise or otherwise they may be. You have to learn to be an example and then alone you can command true respect from other members of the family. You have no right to demand respect from them.

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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Creating a Buffer Zone
           Yes, yes. Realize the effects of atmospheric pressure on the mental state of human beings is great. Therefore, with awareness of the intensity of the energies on the planet combined with the energy fields’ disruptions all around you—comes the added responsibility to prepare your physical, mental and emotional bodies.
          Creating a buffer around your psychic energy field is essential. Eat nutritive foods, with the aim of 100% organic food. Walk daily or get some minimal aerobic exercise. Drink water in abundance, preferably with Agnihotra Ash added to it.
         Practice Breath Meditation. Keep your spirits uplifted with the fires you practice and chant sacred Mantras daily. All this is preparation for your multi-level bodies to be fully present on the Earth.
Preparing one’s body, mind and soul will be given a boost from the Source of all Light. One must also learn the fine art of surrender. OM.

On Positivity and Unity
Dear vehicle, we have a message for those beings living in harmonious interchange with the elements and with Nature here on planet Earth. It is important that all of you pay heed to this urgent plea.
We come at a time in this planet’s history where at every turn, there appears to be yet another apex or point where choices need be made. This exists in Nature, as well as in human nature. What is reflected in your environment can also be seen directly in your individual, as well as collective, lives.
Here is where your attentive minds need to listen. There are all sorts of negative energies poised to influence human minds, in

order to cause apathy or lethargy, in order to cause confusion and even depression. Do not listen to that. Do not surround yourselves with negative news broadcasts designed to frighten you into submission.
Tune yourselves to the Truth, which is always that which uplifts, inspires and creates. If what you are attending to is not of the Light, shut it off.
    The best way to thrive in these times and through these times—you will get through them—is by joining together, working in unity and refusing to be divided.
      It is important to cease the tendency to compete between yourselves and actually, embrace your individual differences in favour of the greater whole.

      Of course, if there are quite strong differences between schools of thought, then there may be the necessity to stay true to your own understanding and not join with others who are not of the same mindset. However, speak kindly of them. They can be different; they can walk a divergent path. Live and let live.
The main focus is to strengthen and support each other in times of need, in times of growth and development. Refuse any acts which could cause division.
The ‘dark side’, as you may call it, thrives on divisive politics, separation and denial.
When you know the Truth, you can rise above all that separates and divides.
Walk in Light, brothers and sisters of the Flame.

More info: www.oriontransmissions.com

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