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(Part II)

   What is fate?
There are many factors related to fate.
Two people can:
a) Have the same parents
b) Live in the same house
c) Eat the same food
d) Go to the same schools
e) Have the same teachers
f) Get the same fair treatment from their parents,
However, they can become very different individuals.
Some people say:
"That's  KARMA".
And yes, yes, yes, this is partly true because there are many true stories about people who seemed to have been born in very difficult circumstances, but who achieved great goals, while others born in favorable conditions did not.
Is there anything else?
 Spiritual Scientists say
"Although people are born with certain tendencies, people can change their fate to some extent."
 "With Will Power and Constant Affirmative Thoughts, people can change their Destiny."

However, to change the type of thoughts in a positive direction, awareness is usually required.
This awareness usually comes via (physical, emotional, mental, intellectual or spiritual) experience.
This awareness can motivate and push us to change.
What are the 9 elements needed to generate Positive Changes?


The Power of Perseverance

 These 9 elements are related as follows:
Consciousness -> Discernment
 -> Wishes/Desires -> Willpower -> Thoughts -> Concentration
-> Habits -> Character
-> Destiny

1)  Increase Awareness
2) Sharpen your Discernment
3) Choose your wishes/desires better
4) Increase your Willpower to control your Senses
5) Filter and prioritize your Thoughts
6) Have passion for what you do. Visualize your goals and focus your mind (concentration).
7) This creates New Habits
8) That changes your Character
9) These modify your Destiny

      Why do some people find it difficult to change their negative habits?
1) They do not take a sincere resolution to change.
2) They do not have the internal and/or external motivation to change.
3) Some people need positive reinforcement.
4) They experience some pleasure with negative habits.
5) They cannot see themselves objectively and impersonally.
6) They lack any of the above 9 elements.
7) They have unstable minds.

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EDITOR's NOTE continued:

8) There is not a unified approach among the mind, the heart and body.
That is, the body/senses say:
 "I want (X) thing."
The heart/emotions say:
 "I want (Y) thing."
And the mind says:
 "I do not want (X) or (Y), but I cannot help it."
9) People have a distorted image of himself or herself or mental illness (examples: anorexia, obesity, alcoholism, smoking, perversion, etc.)

Let us remember that:
a) We can we shape our thoughts or we can let others do it for us (through propaganda, fashion, friends, etc.)
b) Positive thoughts produce positive results.
c) The reality is a projection of our thoughts.
By changing your thoughts, you can eventually change your reality.
d) The seeds eventually become plants that will produce fruits with similar seeds.
Therefore, some ideas and plans can produce achievements that will generate more similar ideas.
e) A simile of Perseverance:
 "A thought is to an obstacle what a drop of water is to a rock;
It can perforate it because of its perseverance and not necessarily because of its force."

What can you do if in spite of knowing this, you are still stuck in an old path and negative attitude?
Well, you can try Psychotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT - "here and now"), visualization, positive affirmations, or any other technique of behavior modification. These can be helpful.
If you have not already done it, you can also try the Fivefold Path (FP) of the Vedas. This is Agnihotra, Daan, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaaya.

Allow "Grace" to help you. The FP brings Light, Wisdom, Joy, Health, Peace and Prosperity to your Mind and Heart.

Om Happiness Om
Om Fivefold Path Om
Om Shree Om

Note:  Above the Law of Karma is the Law of Grace. When you surrender to the Divine Will and align with it, the Law of Grace operates.

Happiness is not only our birthright;
it is also our birthduty.
So let us be happy today and every day.


Anil Deshmukh
Dhule, Maharashtra, India

     "On the 5th of July 2011, my eldest daughter Asmitha had birthday and we visited Tapovan with the whole family. We saw all the great things in Tapovan and came to know about Agnihotra and started practicing it right away.
Then all the good things started happening in our lives, in our mind, in our family."

Amruta Deshmukh (daughter)
"I am studying for the computer engineer degree. Since we started doing Agnihotra, I have more concentration for my studies and a positive energy is created. We all feel happy when we do Agnihotra".

Anuja Deshmukh (wife)
      "For the last 3 years, we are doing Agnihotra and we all feel good.  We experienced a big change in the behavior of my daughter Amruta. She had a very difficult character. If she wanted something, she made us feel a lot of pressure.
Now, she is focused on her studies. She is a wonderful daughter. She is calm.  she takes what comes. All together we experience more harmony,  understanding and love in our family." 
               Photo: The Deshmukh family in the home of their inlaws (Mr. Abhay and Mrs. Anjali Paranjpe)

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Hanny Maldonado
Madrid, Spain, Europe

           "Agnihotra came into my life when I was  about 12 years old through my mother Almendra Bello and it has been a wonderful experience. It changed a lot  our family dynamics. My mother found her center, her path. Agnihotra has been the salvation of my family.
 My mother used to be very nervous. However, with the practice of Agnihotra, she began to enter more into silence and in a state of love with nature and the people. She visited many Homa farms and orchards where she has been staying for three months at a time, doing the Homa fires, chanting Mantras several hours a day and practicing Agnihotra.
   I've seen:  a) great harvest of fruits, huge avocados (+/- 30 in one branch), 

tasted Homa tomatoes  b) sick animals were healed with Agnihotra ash and ghee wrappings  c) people  recovered colon movement and no longer felt pain with the Agnihotra ash in 3 or 4 days.
      I recommend Homa Therapy to all the people who want to help heal themselves in body and mind. It is a Divine gift."
                                                                 (Photo: Ms. Hanny Maldonado practicing Agnihotra)

Mariana Hilgers
Foundation "Center Las Torcas"
Velez, Granada, Malaga
Spain, Europe

         "I have a German friend called Helga. She is a Naturopathic Doctor. She went to Germany  for she needed to be operated on the gallbladder and liver.
She had serious problems. During the operation,
 she suffered a heart attack.
Then her daughter Sabine received a phone call from the operating doctor, who was a friend of Helga. He told Sabine:  "Your mother is about to die." Sabine called me and I called Christa and Ricardo Mena and also the Buddhist Center, because they were also practicing Homa Therapy.

This was at 10:30 pm. We all did Tryambakam until 11:30 pm in Spain.  Sabine was doing it in Germany. Helga then recovered and the doctor said to her: "Helga, we as physicians could not do anything; but tonight, you had many angels at your side." This is an experience of a real case. I'm a very realistic person."
(Photo: Mrs. Mariana Hilgers)

Raul and Rocio Obando
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

         "We are pleased to send the photo of our dear and beloved dog Viveka.
She loves to be present in all the Homa fires and specially likes eating ghee.
After the Fire extinguishes, she sleeps about 15 minutes before she incorporates into the daily activities. She prefers soy products and vegetables pies over

meat or dog food. She has become the inseparable companion of Rocio in the practice of the Homa Fires. She is very healthy. She has a wonderful fur and takes Agnihotra ash in her water. Best wishes from Guayaquil."

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Lola Roncal
San Sebastian, Spain, Europe

                 "I am 61 years young. I started with the healing Fire practice last year in August in the Homa farm "Shreedham" in Algodonales. I went to visit there with a friend at a key moment of my life; these were very difficult moments. I decided to take a few days and go south. Christa explained to me the Homa fires and  we did Agnihotra.
The following day I noticed that my problems and my attitude towards them was different and
I noticed that I was fine
I returned to my home in San Sebastian with my pyramid, continued with the practice of the Homa Fires and my life has changed. My relationship was saved. Now, we both do Agnihotra. The economic situation has also changed; what did not sell, now it sells.

Agnihotra is something that activates you so positively. It is not like winning the lottery, but it transforms you positively.
    Now, my passion is in Agnihotra.  I asked Christa and Ricardo to come to San Sebastian to spread it around more. The people who are doing Agnihotra are delighted. We want to spread it a little further. My idea is to do that from the Homa farm, which is a wonderful place. You are invited to visit and experience the energy on this farm, you will find this not elsewhere. It's like a paradise.
   If one’s attitude towards life changes, everything changes. If there are other things on your mind, the surrounding is also transformed. I practice also Reiki and Yoga, but Agnihotra has a power that I invite you to check out. You simply have to get a pyramid and do it; it is wonderful.    In addition, children also love to be in front of the fire, it is a nice practice. It's a small bit of Divine meditation. I have much more energy than before. I do things differently and I have time for everything.    I get up at 6 in the morning and I have no more sleeping problems. I'm better at everything. Before, my nervous system was extremely devastated.
      My husband did not believe in these kind of things, but now he is changed and he is happy.
I want to say that things can happen to you, but you can be well anyway. Even if this does not sound correct - it's true. This process is available to anyone and I have not met anyone who has practiced it and has not felt a positive change.
     I had another experience through my daughter who participated in Agnihotra and took the Agnihotra ash. She had a lump in her throat. All doctors said that she had to be operated.  But my daughter was continually repeating 'it bothers me, it bothers me." So I told her to do whatever she wants, but to come to the Homa presentation with Christa and Ricardo and take the Agnihotra ash. She did it and afterwards she went with her boyfriend for dinner.  While she was eating, she had to cough and she threw up this lump. She had being in Agnihotra before, but this time she took the Agnihotra ash directly."

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Yuri de Chavez
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

       "My brother lives in Ocala. He has a farm with some horses "de paso fino". He bought a mare called 'Queen' which was worth a lot of money. The problem was that she was not getting pregnant. She was taken to the University of Horses in Texas, specialized in fertilization. She was taken to Canada and brought to different veterinaries. They spent a whole lot of money but nothing happened.

      One day, we went to visit him and we practiced Agnihotra. We took the Agnihotra pyramid, which was still smoking to the stable where the mare was. The mare turned around and lifted her tail to receive the healing smoke from behind. In just a short time the great news arrived that the mare would have a baby horse. It was done in vitro, but it was successful. That was exceptional and my family could not believe that something that costs practically nothing has helped.
(photo: the 'Queen' of my brother)

    Besides, things on this farm began to change for the better. They had an infestation of rats and although there were 30 cats, they could not keep the rats away. However, with the Homa Fires, the rats disappeared and not one came back. The whole environment harmonized through Agnihotra. Homa is magic for people who do not understand the science behind it.


Vet. Dr. Carla Cossyleon
Boynton Beach, Florida, USA

  "By doing Agnihotra under the mango tree and giving it Agnihotra ash,  we had a very generous harvest this year. We had a lot of production and the fruits are so much sweeter.

 (see photos left)

     I also want to share my experience with a parrot. I thought that the blue parrot (1st photo to the right), which is already very old, was about to die. And in order to assist in her transit, I did Agnihotra in the aviary.
       But what a surprise -she bore a  yellow parrot (2nd pictured right), which now has the name ‘Homa’."

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         Peter C. Gøtzsche, MD is a Danish medical researcher, and leader of the Nordic Cochrane Center at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has written numerous reviews within the Cochrane collaboration.  
Peter C Gøtzsche, MD exposes the pharmaceutical industries and their charade of fraudulent behavior, both in research and marketing where the morally repugnant disregard for human lives is the norm.
The main reason we take so many drugs is that drug companies don't sell drugs, they sell lies about drugs. This is what makes drugs so different from anything else in life… Virtually everything we know about drugs is what the companies have chosen to tell us and our doctors… the reason patients trust their medicine is that they extrapolate the trust they have in their

doctors into the medicines they prescribe. To see the interview please enter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZIhpYXOFgg&feature=youtu.be

June 22nd, 2015 by Raven Fon
There are countless benefits to teaching children meditation. A few years ago, the school district of San Francisco was searching for a way to help troubled teens in their schools. After much thought and deliberation, they went forward with a program called "quiet time".

The program gave students the opportunity to practice transcendental meditation, which involves the use of a sound or mantra within the technique, for 15 minutes a day. The school board had hopes that this would assist students in letting go of stress and confusion in their lives. The school saw a 79% decrease in suspensions, a 98.3% increase in attendance, and an increase to student's GPA by 4, only four years after the start of "Quiet Time", according to Collective Evolution. For more info please see:

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           We arrived with Christa and Ricardo in Madrid and had a wonderful time. Ms. Susana helped to arrange the Homa Therapy presentations. The first audio-visual presentation was in the "Center of Holistic Therapies San Bao" of Ms. Ana  Antiga.
(see photos this page)

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       Another Homa Therapy presentation took place in the studio  "Yoga Mukunde Ubuntu" of Ms. Paz and Ms. Cristina. There we also heard some amazing Homa health testimonies.
      Ricardo and Christa talked about the effects of the Homa Fires in farming.

 (Photos on this page:
1) Opening the event with a Vyahruti Homa
2) HT Presentation
3) Agnihotra practice)

111 / 08



 Prof. Olga organized a Yoga
 workshop in the High School  "Santo Domingo",
which started with a Vyahruti Homa.
With the cooperation of Christa, the teachers Olga and Jesus, the students learned some of the basic dynamic Asanas.
  (photos this page)

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     Balance, equilibrium, walking and breathing correctly can be learned, better still when you're young.    However, only the continuous and correct practice leads to a state of physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.
     Young people are often sitting for hours in front of the computer, TV and mobile phones. For them, exercises such as Yoga with rhythmic breathing helps to  strengthen and harmonize all bodily systems. Yoga is useful for their overall health. Also, there is always something to cheer the soul ...  (see photos this page)

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        It was time to say good bye to our dear friends on the Path of Light.
 In our hearts, there is no distance, nor time that can stop us  from feeling  love and gratitude towards all.

     We especially want to thank Christa and Ricardo Mena, tireless promoters of Homa Therapy, for their unconditional love, support and communion.
(photo: the night before leaving Spain - practicing Agnihotra with the Mena family and brother Efrain.  Feeling the heat of the Fire of Love deeply and being grateful to the Divina for every experience, for each Agnihotra lit, and for every person whom we had the honor to meet...)


   In Tschagguns,
(Eastern Austria) a yoga class came to the primary school  through the student Johanna, her mother Danja and her teacher Ms. Anna. The class started with a Vyahruti Homa to synchronize and focus the minds.

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     Everyone enjoyed the  mental power exercises such as fixing attention at a point to achieve balance, and using the breath for utmost stretching and bending, etc.
The time went by too fast. At the end, the video clip "The Lions’ Hug" received much applause. It shows how service and love can overcome all the limitations that our mind might have acquired.


       Arriving in Miami, the sunset time caught us in the car outside the airport, where we practiced Agnihotra with Don Rafael, Mrs. Miriam Molano and her lovely mother.

(photo left)

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     In the Nutrition Center "Mayu" of Dr. Mario Chavez and his wife Yuri,
Prof. Abel and Aleta shared some of the many wonderful experiences they had in India carrying the Homa Fire to different places.
 Newcomers were also informed about the basics of Homa Therapy. In the evening, we gathered in the courtyard to practice Agnihotra and enjoyed it very much in such great company. (photo left and below)

Then there were more questions and explanations about Homa, ancestral techniques and knowledge from the wisdom of the Vedas.
(photo left)

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   In Lake Worth, Mrs. Miriam Molano (photo above right) leads Homa meetings a couple times a week and we participated in one of them.  (photo above left)

        In the house of our dear hosts, Angie and Esteban, we shared Agnihotra every morning, and sometimes more friends arrived.
 (photo left)
   To meditate in front of the Agnihotra Fire feels as if the sky opens up to send Light, Peace and Love to every corner of our being. Only thing left is to receive these gifts gracefully.

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Dr. Mario Chavez (photo left) organized an interview about the benefits of Homa Therapy in the radio  "Programa Comunitario" of Mr. Helman Ruiz. That happened in the company of 
Angie & Esteban.
 (1st photo left)

     Agnihotra with the Homa Tribe of West Palm Beach, guided by Dr. Mario Chavez, his wife Yuri, Mr. Rafael Dietsch, Mrs. Miriam Molano and all practitioners of the Homa Healing Fires.
    They meet almost daily to share the blessings of Agnihotra.

(photo right- Agnihotra in the courtyard of 'MaYu'.)

On Sunday, we met in the Okeeheelee Park, near Lake Worth, to share sunset Agnihotra outdoors with Mother Nature.
 It was a joy also to meet brothers John Papavaritis and Jorge Lara
(photo left)

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     In Lake Worth, Ms. Yogini and Ms. Maria Elena (first row 2nd and 3rd photo) organized a Homa meeting in the park in front of the library. During the practice of Agnihotra, curious people arrived, who later received answers to what is Homa Therapy and how does it work?
      Maria Elena and Yogini wish to continue a weekly Agnihotra meeting with the help and assistance of other Homa friends.
(photos  show the Homa meeting in Lake Worth)

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More meetings with Homa healing Fires, lectures and audio-visual presentations about the effects of Homa Therapy in the fields of health, agriculture and ecology kept us busy. Special thanks to our friends Dr. Mario and Yuri from the Nutrition Center.

(photo this page)

More and more people are interested in learning about this ancient Ayurvedic Super technology, which is a holistic treatment for overall health and wellbeing.

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Ms. Camila Paz wrote from Santiago:
"Women’s’ Homa Fire Circles in the "Sala Siri Gaitri"
are a place where a special loving atmosphere is generated that leads us to reconnect with the healing and all containing feminine energy.
We share in a circle, where we recognize our sisters, honor our gifts and accompany our processes, radiating healing to all of Mother Earth.
Gratitude to the female creative energy that nourishes us ... heals ... awakes...
Gratitude to the sacred Homa Fire for the many benefits it brings. Om Shree Om"


Mrs. Denia Cordero wrote from San Jose, Costa Rica:
     "These pictures are from a meeting where we explained Homa Therapy in the capital of Costa Rica. With my sister Lisbeth and dear friends, practitioners and supporters of Homa Therapy, we performed a Vyahruti Homa and did 20 minutes of Tryambakam Homa. Later, we shared the wonderful healing energy of Agnihotra, leaving an atmosphere of great peace and love. With love. Om Shree Om."

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Dr. Ulrich Berk (Ph.D.):
Ancient Knowledge of the Vedas states that Agnihotra purifies the atmosphere and our whole environment. Modern science has not yet fully examined this statement – but we have quite a bit of experiments, mostly on the effect of Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash on purification of water.
       It is well established that if you add Agnihotra Ash to polluted water, the water gets purified. But also if you keep a water bottle open next to the Agnihotra fire, water gets purified, even if no Agnihotra Ash is added. This can be due to the effects of Agnihotra fumes.
A further step was taken and polluted water in a closed bottle was kept next to the Agnihotra fire. Again, water got purified.
       This shows that just the energy field of Agnihotra has the capacity of purifying water (as no chemical reaction was involved, no contact with Agnihotra Ash or with the fumes of Agnihotra).
        But which kind of energy field is that, created by Agnihotra? This is not known to modern science. In order to find out more an experiment was designed where polluted water was kept in 25 glass bottles. A few bottles were taken to the lab immediately, the others were kept in the Agnishala in Maheshwar Goshala. Half of these bottles kept in Agnishala were put in metal containers which act as Faraday Cages – shielding electromagnetic waves.
       After five days the water of all bottles was tested for five parameters, namely COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), DO (Dissolved Oxygen), pH, total hardness, and number of coliform bacteria.
   The water of all the bottles kept in the Agnishala was of much better quality in all these five respects compared to the water kept in the lab. The following table summarizes the results.

111 / 19



        These results show that there is a definite improvement of water quality in all the bottles kept in Agnihotra Atmosphere as compared to those kept in the lab.       But most interesting is that there is no big difference between those bottles kept in metal containers and those without these Faraday Cages.           This means that the effect of the Agnihotra atmosphere cannot be restricted to electromagnetic waves.     The energy field of Agnihotra must extend beyond the electromagnetic range.     This result has far reaching consequences as it seems to show that some kind of energy field like Prana energy must exist.       Now it is the challenge for the science of physics to find out the characteristics of this energy field, how to measure it, how does it effect our environment, plants, animals, and human beings.
      The full text of the article published in Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge, January 2015, can be received from the author at: dght@homatherapie.de

Dr. Ulrich Berk


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           Retain that good humor. This ability to laugh and make others laugh is a specialty. Your laughter is infectious. Laugh more. Others begin at least to smile at themselves. Realize your gifts and utilize them. You are wonderful. You just don’t see it.

       At the time of creation the Vedas were revealed to the Rishis (seers). The Rishis then each selected families to whom they gave this knowledge with instructions to hand it down from one generation to another by word of mouth. Nothing should be lost. There was a travesty of trust in that and now much more than ninety percent has been lost.

      Maharaj Shree has vowed at the feet of Lord Parashuram to resuscitate the Vedas. Now, the Rishis will reveal all this knowledge and we must preserve it exactly.
        The world will be made up in small communities. They should be self-sufficient. A certain part of Vedas will be assigned to each of the communities. So together we can share and utilize this ancient knowledge amongst the one culture which lives SATYA SANATAN DHARMA, true and eternal religion.

       If you are doing all with love, with Mantra, then there is no need to push oneself too hard, too fast, too much. Pace yourself.
You want to do this work in all humility to serve others. Still more effort has to accompany such a positive mental attitude. If no effort is made the attitude deteriorates. The benefits come with efforts.

       Concentrate all the time by practicing your Mantra. Then this will help you overcome anger, fear, temptation. If you practice Mantra continually on a conscious level you will then automatically fall into constant repetition of Mantra on a subconscious level. You will find when you begin to get angry the Mantra will begin to intensify in vibration. Sound may become louder or pace may move quicker. This is to overwhelm the negative response the mind has created in these stressful situations. Automatically this subconscious process will have a greater effect on the mind than any relaxing drug or any conscious effort to remove anger. So practise Mantra.

        If you see things around you in a state of confusion don't become that confusion. If you can change it or make the situation clearer then do that. Otherwise rise above it.

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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Orion’s Promise
    Yes, yes, yes. While the news media is full of terrifying headlines, and alternative media sources are reporting the news from between the lines, it is our understanding of your human nature that leads us to believe that you are already besieged with enough information—true or not true. It is sufficient.

      All of you can see the dire situation played out on every level around the world, from overtaxed environment to political corruption, from dire scientific predictions to prophecies from the Ancients, to the end of times.

     Indeed, you are aware of it. We will not entertain conspiracy theories to such an extent that it puts the mind into a booby trap that catches itself in a mire of illusory disillusion. Nor will we paint an overly rosy picture to satisfy the faint at heart.

      What we will do is to train you to see with the eyes of the wise, listen as Nature listens, walk with gentle spirit, respect your diverse landscapes, honor each other and face the future with courage and determination to save this great planet.

We will seek always to guide our Earth brothers and sisters to the higher road.

         We will continue to encourage those of you who walk always toward the Light to seek commonality while retaining your true individuality, aiming always for a unified existence on the planet.

        We will encourage you to attune your hearts and minds to a higher vibratory scale that uplifts this great human race and leads you to ascension.

   We will use our resources to protect your resources, all the while teaching you how to become more resourceful.

    We will assist you in increasing your inner resonance and heed your highest calling.

      What is essential is your insistence on the Truth in your own lives, as well as in the world around you. And, above all, resist fear which has been set loose like a wild beast in your universe. Resist by embracing all that builds and fortifies your resolute FAITH.

Breathe deeper.
Focus sharper.
Attend to Nature which surrounds you. Walk in Nature.

      Attune your humanity so that your own nature becomes that of a warrior leading you through the jungles of your life.

    Do not entertain an imagination that creates monsters to paralyze you into submission. When you attune your errant minds to Divine Nature, to a Higher Will, your true calling in life, doors swing open. Light appears to lead you on your way, obstacles are removed, blockages shattered.

       The strength of a pure heart will always reign supreme. That, you must believe in your heart of hearts. FAITH.

      Once you know your path, walk that path. We hear our brothers and sisters talking, convincing others of their way. Dear ones, walk in Light. A life lived in Light is the most convincing, the most inspiring to all. We see nothing blocking you.

In blessing, we are, Orion.

More info: www.oriontransmissions.com

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