13th June


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(Part I)

    Life is made up of relationships and habits that lead us to a destination.
What is life?
It is a continuous series of processes that take place every day.
How do you live? Let's make this easy and talk about:


AGNIHOTRA helps us to selflessly plant seeds of love
in our hearts and minds.

Complex Life +
Low Thinking                 Versus

Simple Life +
High Thinking

Pride Humility
Envy Satisfaction
Jealousy Trust
Lust Temperance
Anger Peace
Extremes Moderation
Attachment Detachment
Desire Acceptance / Satisfaction
Intelligence Wisdom
Exterior Focus Interior Focus
War / Fight Peace / Harmony
Material Achievements Spiritual Achievements
Worry Tranquility
Past and Future Here and Now
Appearance Reality
Accessories Essence
Others / Separation We / Unity
Pleases the senses / mind Pleases the heart / soul

           Personal relationships can contribute to our personal growth if we can handle them properly.
Some are easy and enjoyable, others are difficult and challenging.
Why is there conflict between people sometimes?
These are just some possible answers:


1) Because one or more people are in pain or feel attacked, misunderstood, despised, insulted, belittled, threatened, etc.
2) People see what they want to believe or what they preconceive in their minds and not the reality.
3) Some people are sick.
4) Some people are not aware of their actions.

Your comments, questions, suggestions and testimonies for the Homa Health Newsletter are welcome:
write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan to <terapiahoma@yahoo.com>. Please add your address. Thank You!


EDITOR's NOTE continued:

How to Improve Our Relationships?

1) Practice Yama and Niyama
2) Remember that:
a) To achieve absolute peace, everyone should be in peace because we are one and we are all connected.
b) We have a very partial peace if  we connect only with those at peace.
c) We have more peace when we connect with peaceful and non-peaceful people and we are not disturbed.
d) If you can be content with whatever comes and remain unaffected by the pairs of opposites such as: success and failure, praise and insult, pain and pleasure, cold and heat, black and white, vice and virtue, etc., you can be at Peace. This is 
"Equanimity in Action".

 What is Fate?
   There are many factors related to fate. Two people can:
a) have the same parents
b) live in the same house
c) eat the same food
d) go to the same schools
e) have the same teachers and
f) get the same treatment from their parents
However, they can become very different individuals.
Why? Some people say: "That's KARMA".

         And yes, yes, yes, this is partly true for there are many true stories about people who seemed to have been born in very difficult circumstances, but who achieved great goals, while others born in favorable conditions did not.

   (To be continued in next HHNL...)


Doris Alza Lopez
Puerto Stanta María, Spain, Europe

         "Even though I always had lots of energy, I have much more energy than usual now with the practice of Agnihotra. I also can control myself better. I am very relaxed. I control my emotions better and I am delighted with life. Even my husband appears to be more handsome."

(Photo: Mrs. Doris Alza Lopez)

Gabriela Ludueña
Mijas, Malaga,
Spain, Europe

        "Although there was a drought earlier this year, the gardens around my house, where I practice the Homa Fires, were green and looked good.
          I live on a mountain and when I do Agnihotra, birds, an owl and an eagle fly above the house. When I do not do it, they do not appear. It is as if they feel the smell and come.
         In addition, the energy at my home has improved a lot. In the photos we take you can see many orbs."

  (Photo: Mrs. Gabriela Ludueña practicing Agnihotra)

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Xiomara Machado
Antonio Conde
Puerto Real, Cadiz, Spain

      "I (Xiomara) started Homa Therapy one year ago.
        I had trouble sleeping, but since we are practicing Homa, I sleep well. 
    I had sleeping problems all my life. I was taking sleeping pills, but they did nothing.

        If something would wake me up, I could not fall sleep. Now I can. Now I also do not feel so nervous. The stress does not get to me any longer and I feel very healthy.
       My husband suffered with high blood pressure but he is OK now. He does no more have anxiety problems.
        I do not take much Agnihotra ash, but my husband does. He never forgets to take the Agnihotra ash. He now has more energy, like a wasp. He used to get up in the morning with drowsiness. Now, he wakes up with a lot of energy, like a child, with the batteries fully charged. I recommend Agnihotra to the people. It is very good."
(Photo above: Mrs. Xiomara Machado and her husband Antonio Conde.)

Antonio Conde

      "We have learned Agnihotra with Christa and Ricardo Mena in September last year. The first time I participated in Agnihotra, I felt a special energy and I slept very well. The next day when I woke up, I told myself "I have to do this." And since then, I am practicing Agnihotra every day in the morning and evening and also take the Agnihotra ash. Sometimes I needed to take anxiolytics to sleep, but not anymore. This Homa Therapy may not be the panacea for everything, but I feel very happy and see things now differently.
   Besides, I had a rotation problem in my shoulder joint and it improved. I can now bring the hand behind and touch the upper back which  I could not do before."

Kamla Kanayalal Motwani
Malaga, Spain, Europe

      "I am a nurse and holistic therapist. At the time when I was practicing Agnihotra I had many patients with joint pain. Some patients also had serious problems with depression and fibromyalgia.   The pain was one day in the arm, another day it was on leg or in the back, and sometimes it appeared even on the hair.
      I gave Agnihotra ash with ghee to a woman with this problem and the pain was gone.
     I could not believe it, because I did not know that Agnihotra could create a kind of healing. The pain did not just disappear, but this woman was cured.

   I experimented with several people in my neighborhood and I saw that constipation was cured the next day with the intake of Agnihotra ash and water." 
(Photo: Mrs. Kamla giving her testimony)

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Mariana Hilgers
Foundation “Centro Las Torcas”
Velez, Granada, Malaga, Spain

        "In 1998, there was nothing at all growing here on our farm due to a severe drought.
    Then we have planted, seeded and nature has self-sown many plants and trees.
The people from the town said that the previous owners were very lucky for they found two fools (my husband and me) to buy that land. There were only stones and no

(photo above: the land when they bought it)

water. But a few years later, they said that we have been very lucky to find such fertile ground.    
    I practice Agnihotra since 1991. I talk to the plants, the land, the water, and the elementals and ask for their permission and assistance. When I plant or water the plants, I sing the Tryambakam Mantra and I am full of joy.

     (Photos below: the bio garden has 5 weeks after being planted. It only took three months from seed to harvest. The onions, leeks, paprika, tomatoes, salads, cucumbers, eggplants, zucchinis, etc. are ready to be harvested.)

  I have two Australian pines; a friend gave them to me in 1998. We had to make a hole with the pick because the ground consists just of rocks.  Near Otivar, there is a friend who has a farm by the river with good soil and his trees do not have even half the height of our trees. 
    Our trees are huge and all they get is just a little water with Agnihotra ash.

    I also have 120 varieties of culinary and medicinal herbs, some of which grow wild.
(photo right: from one lettuce seed we sometimes get 3 heads; they share the same stem.)

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Mrs. Mariana Hilgers cont.:

        "This tree (photo below) typically does not grow in this region, because this is a place of drought.... (almost no water). This tree needs plenty of water.
    It is a Mora tree. I was told that it was not possible to plant this tree here and that it will not grow. I still planted it in 1998, after the drought, 17 years ago.  
(photos above are showing different flowers and the beauty of Marianas' place)    

    And see: this Mora tree gives fruits every year and it receives water only through drips in two points, nothing more. However, we water it with Agnihotra ash water. This is another witness that Homa Therapy works. Check out its health!"

In 1984, I  started my first lecture about organic farming practices at the University of Seville.  Nobody had any idea about the practical work
in this field.
   Then people and institutions called me to give courses on this.

    I have also written three books on organic farming from the beginning up to the processing and marketing. In my courses, I not only speak about and practice organic farming, but also what follows. I seek ways so people will not leave their villages, but be able to make a living there. We also give guidance in other income-generating activities such as: family tourism, small businesses, search for the market, how to attract tourists to the towns, etc. In these courses, I also teach Agnihotra and Homa Farming Technology.
    In December (2014), I turned 85 years old. My secret is that every morning, the first thing I take is warm water with Agnihotra ash, 2 tablespoons apple

cider and two spoons of honey and I am a positive and grateful person.
   I have not given courses in South America yet, but I would love to serve there too."
(photo above right: Mrs. Mariana is exercising by lifting a bucket filled with rocks.)

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        We would like to take the opportunity to wish a Happy Fathers Day to all the dads.
Following a quote from Paramahansa Yogananda:
"Fatherly Love is Based on Reason.
Fatherly love is wisdom-born, and based on reason. Uppermost in the father's consciousness is the thought, "This is my child to take care of and protect." He does this unselfishly, expressing his love by doing things to please and instruct the child as well as providing for its needs. But fatherly love is partly instinctive, as are all forms of familial love; the father cannot help but love his

child."  Please see this video - "A super dad does anything!"      https://youtu.be/O5H10SnLkr8

           Peasant seeds, the pillar of food production are under attack everywhere. Under corporate pressure, laws in many countries increasingly limit what farmers can do with their seeds. Seed saving, which has been the basis of farming for thousands of years, is quickly being criminalized.

What can we do? A new booklet and poster from La Via Campesina and GRAIN documents how big business and governments are moving to stop farmers from saving and exchanging their seeds, and shows how farmers are fighting back. For further info:


 June 10th, 2015
        Smudging-or the ceremonial and ritual burning of medicinal and fragrant herbs and resins of specific plants for spiritual cleansing, is an ancient practice that has been honored and carried out the world over in cultures spanning the centuries.

          It is also one that is finding a great surge of added popularity in many non-indigenous cultures and circles in the modern world.
The basic concept is that by burning particular plants parts and resins, the energetic blueprint or spirit/intelligence of that plant is released, producing a medicinal smoke. The smoke is then utilized to cleanse the energy of individuals, groups, spaces or object. Herbs like Sage, Palo Santo, Copal, and Sweet-grass are common smudging herbs that are widely used for healing. It removes bacteria and unwanted energetic and spiritual buildup and also to instill blessings.



    Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice of ancient tradition. The word "Yoga" comes from Sanskrit and means unity because it symbolizes the union of body and mind.
     Currently several ways of YOGA are practiced and its popularity is growing in the world.

 This Yoga Day wants to raise awareness about the benefits of this practice.
To view pictures that inspire you can enter:        

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       Christa and Ricardo Mena are dedicated for over 25 years to Agnihotra, its teaching and promotion in Spain and other countries. They invited us to join forces in the promotion of Homa Therapy.
      They had the opportunity and Grace to accompany Master Shree Vasant on many trips around the world and they established the "Shreedham" Homa farm in Algodonales, Andalucía, Spain.
    (Photos left and below: practicing Agnihotra in family with their daughter Maria del Mar, grandson Adrian and daughter Elizabeth)

    Christa Mena is a Yoga Teacher.   She always starts her classes with a Homa Fire and continues with a flow of asanas, streching and bending exercises, pranayama and a deep, peaceful relaxation at the end. Some of her students are close to 70 years of age, but they are  as flexible as children and always have a smile to offer. They not only practice Yoga, but also live it!

110 / 07



     Various Homa presentations under the Umbrella of the "International Day of Women's Health" organized by the city council of Cadiz. Prof. Abel was invited to talk about the achievements of Homa on issues related to stress and disease.   Some of the meetings happened in the 'Shakti Centre' of Puerto Real. (photos this page)

110 / 08



    Photo left: Mrs. Doris Alza Lopez reporting for a local TV station about the many benefits that brings the practice of Homa Therapy with its medicinal Fires.
    Photos below: Video-presentation with the topics "Homa treatment applied to Hypertension and Diabetes," and "Homa Anti-stress techniques."
 Mr. Ricardo Mena (photo below left) introduced this ancient healing technique and Abel Hernandez presented some successful cases achieved in different countries.

        We ended this day, which was filled with new information, with the experience of Agnihotra: "Breathing peace that calms body, mind, heart and reaches far beyond that."

110 / 09



        In Jarana, the "Women’s Association" also invited to present Homa Therapy and its effects on stress and health. First we talked about  the large variety of stress factors in a woman’s day.

Then Prof. Abel presented possible solutions to many of these factors, applying Homa Therapy. The videos showed women relating their transformative experiences achieved through the practice of Agnihotra. (see photos this page)

   The women also learned some simple yoga postures that relax body and mind.
 Homa Therapy is part of  the ‘Complementary Medicine’ in several State Hospitals in South America. 

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    Homa meetings, talks, teachings, questions and answers about this ancient healing technique and massive practice of sunset Agnihotra in the Mena family's home.
     Here, Master Shree Vasant visited on various occasions and one can still feel His blessings.
     We heard live healing testimonies and all felt much joy knowing these improvements.

      During Agnihotra, we felt a brotherly/sisterly bond that sometimes can be felt in a harmonious family. Christa explained how to prepare some of the home-made Agnihotra ash medicines.                                                              (see photos this page)

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 Photos of another Homa meeting in the Shakti Centre of Mrs. Maria Felisa Gallardo Campos (photo below) and her husband Efraín Rodríguez (pictured at the bottom - 4th from right), both dedicated to service.
 This was the time for the full moon Homa Fires in the Shakti Centre.
Here, one can recharge the batteries with a wide range of therapies such Chiromassage, Reiki, Yoga, etc. and Homa.

      We watched videos showing some of the amazing effects that the practice of Homa Therapy brings. We also learned and practiced the Tryambakam Homa. This inspiring meeting was crowned by the many Agnihotra fires burning away silently the impurities of our minds and making their way to our heart to join the Divine spark and make it shine a little brighter ...

  110 / 12



Mean-while, the 4 weekly yoga classes continue. Yoga and Homa combined  for the experience of another great day. (see photos this page)

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    Through José Maria Garcia and therapist Daniel Raimundo Pailla, both Agnihotra practitioners, Homa Therapy came to the ‘Spanish Association against Cancer’ in the city Fuengirola.
The manager, Javier Gonzales del Rosario, opened the doors of this institution and invited all members to know about this healing technique from the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda.

    Prof. Abel, with the help of video testimonies, explained the great assistance provided by the practice of the Homa fires to patients with cancer  and other serious or terminal illnesses.        He always makes clear, that Homa Therapy is not to avoid death.
     It is to live consciously. We can get out of these clothes (our body) without fear and leave peacefully!

110 / 14



     There was much interest in knowing more about these Medicinal Homa Fires and people asked many questions.
   Aleta explained the procedure of Agnihotra, the description of the Vedas about the healing energy of sunrise and sunset and taught the Mantras.
    During Agnihotra, we could hear the chirping of the birds and the rhythmic sounds of the waves; And a gentle breeze from the ocean touched us and took away all our worries ....

.... we could breathe freedom in this purified Homa atmosphere, realizing that we are the creators of our destiny!

      We had the joy to meet our Peruvian friends, America Camacho and Josue Gomez, who also practice and teach this healing technique in Malaga.       Maribel, Idalia Maria, Noelia and other Agnihotra friends were present. It was great to see them all and to know that the Fires in Fuengirola are burning with more strength!

     After Agnihotra, we listened to some testimonies and then shared the Agnihotra ash with everyone.
(see photos this page)

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     Presentation of Homa Therapy and its effects in the Yoga Center 'World of Wellness' of Mrs. Maricarmen and her husband in Alhaurin de la Torre.
      This meeting was organized by Jose Maria Garcia and Daniel Raimundo Pailla. When Prof. Abel mentioned different health problems in order to find the topics of interest, some participants kept their hands up. This means that they suffer practically with

     The regular practice of Agnihotra can help in any situation and at all levels.
  "Healing the atmosphere, we heal ourselves".

   Brian, 10 year-old son of José Maria and Idalia, practiced with enthusiasm his first Agnihotra. His greatest desire is to help his mom get well.
(see photos above and to the right)

 In Malaga, we stayed with Daniel Pailla and shared the morning Agnihotras overlooking the ocean. (photo below- from right to left: Christa, Daniel, Ricardo and Abel).
   Practicing Agnihotra on the road - wherever we happen to be. (Photo below right)

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A wonderful re-encounter with Mrs. Mariana Hilgers in the Foundation 'Centro Las Torcas'. 
 Mariana was born in Germany.
She resides in Velez, Spain and has dedicated her life to Service.
In 1998, her son, Hans Michael Daiss died in El Salvador,

working on international development.    After that Mariana, together with friends, created the Foundation 'Centro Las Torcas' in memory of her son. The foundation teaches organic Homa Farming, including the processing and marketing of the products. (please also see pages 4 and 5).
      This was one day workshop. It was about sharing and deepening the knowledge on Homa Therapy.

    Mariana was recognized for her social work in Spain in 1999 when she received the residence of Honor. And in 2008, the town Velez adopted her as ‘Daughter of the Town’.       
(Photo above: Mariana opening the workshop with a Vyahruti Homa)
(Photos below:
           1) sharing a rich and healthy pot luck lunch; 2) part of the group during Yoga Nidra guided by Prof. Abel; 3) questions and answers; 4) with the afternoon Vyahruti Homa began the last part of the workshop where Christa and Ricardo explained details about the Homa medicines, etc.)

  110 / 17



Audiovisual presentation of “Homa Therapy and its effects on human health” in the "House of Angels" at the invitation of  Jose Antonio Partida Lavillo in  Jerez de la Frontera.

    Prof. Abel first found out about the health situation of the participants and their families. Nowadays, we find even children suffering from stress, diseases and problems that affect their physical, mental and emotional health.

       The name 'House of Angels' was perfect! - since Homa Therapy is an angelic work, using light and vibrations.  During Agnihotra one could almost sense gentle wings touching the heart of each and everyone ...

       Ricardo and Christa Mena are  facilitators in everything related to Homa. All participants received Agnihotra ash and some also took it home to share it with their loved ones. 
(see photos of this page)

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       In the Homa Center of Guayaquil, under the direction of Mrs. Sonia Hunter, the Tryambakam Homa is taught and practiced weekly. (see photo left)
Sonia explaining and practicing Agnihotra. Sometimes, she accompanies the meditation after Agnihotra with the harmonizing sounds of crystal bowls.
(see photos below )


 Ms. Camila Paz shared from her trip to Easter Island:

          "Agnihotras at dawn on Rapa Nui - Easter Island, Chile.
Healing energies for our inner and outer wellbeing with Agnihotra in Rapa Nui (site of the 15 Moais in Easter Island) Om Shree."

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             Eng. Jorge Rivera (photo below right) wrote from Panama City:
          "I'd like to share with you some of the experiences with friends in Panama.
 Mrs. Maribel (photo below in front of the pyramid) came to Homa Therapy with the issue of constant throat problems and they disappeared with one single practice of Agnihotra and taking its healing ash. 
Last week, she came with her nephew (photo below- second from right) who is a baseball player and being pitcher, he  suffered with elbow pain.

 The Elbow pain dis-appeared instantly!

Om Shree Om."


(Photos left and below:)

     Erikson Rivera, director of the 'Feenix Rehabilitation Center' in Florencia, Caquetá  sent these photos and let´s us know that they are doing Agnihotra judiciously, along with physical exercises (asanas) and breathing techniques that they had learned with Prof. Abel some few years ago.

110 / 20



Mrs. Maria Teresa Nuñez  wrote from her Homa Farm in Tenjo:
           "Every Monday, at 5pm, we offer the basic workshops on how to perform the Homa fires, as well as how to prepare medicines with the Agnihotra ash and how to use this healing ash in our daily lives. With this knowledge we are able to fill all the space of our material, mental and emotional life with the harmonizing Homa energy.
     Above photos show the encounter with Master Jairo Palchucan and his ancestral healing music. 
      We also have many other activities such as baking bread (photo below left - with Sebastian); weekly women’s meetings with grandmother Colibri; lectures and practice of different types of self-help, etc.
          All activities start with a Vyahruti Homa.

We also invite Agnihotra practitioners for the full and new moon Tryambakam Homa which we start usually at sunrise Agnihotra and end with sunset Agnihotra.

        Our shop with products from the Homa farm, Agni-hotra supplies, etc.  and our doors are always open to serve...

      Allow me to invite you to reflect on the following: Every day our mind is filled with catastrophic and sad information and this makes us feel hopeless and helpless. We always ask and convince ourselves with the phrase: "But what can I do? ... NOTHING."  And forget again and again that we have in our hands the MOST POWERFUL TOOL to help the planet in every aspect, in every corner, in every circumstance:  AGNIHOTRA!     
         It was given to us exactly for this time and is designed for this historic moment on Earth. All we are asked for is a few minutes a day, a tiny sacrifice in the morning and evening, for the good of all; without leaving the house, without bragging, without deep wisdom, a simple Mantra and an easy technique well done, and we've accomplished more than a thousand tanks, a 100,000 soldiers and many nuclear bombs ...
In this sense I invite you to return to the practice of the Homa Fires NOW, tomorrow might be too late."

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Sebastian Andres Figueroa Soto sent photos of Homa activities in Chile:
Photo left: Agnihotra at the Farm 'Artesanos de Paz' in Olmué during the workshop

     "Learning about healing techniques using the Homa Fire". 
Photos below:
"Conscious Encounter" in the Eco-Farm Kimünwe, which has already started with the daily practice of Agnihotra and is taking the first steps to become a beautiful eco-conscious Homa Farm. The Promoter and manager of the work there is Humberto Garcia Buscaglione. Homa volunteers are the Agnihotris Param Prem Kaur and Sebastian Figueroa. Further Agnihotra volunteers are welcome to assist in the work being developed there. Om Shree."

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    Mr. Rafael together with Oscar, Myriam, Carla, Conni and Esperanza decided to take the production of the Homa cow dung cookies into their hands and this way be able to help others.
       First, they searched for a cow shed where the cows are NOT eating concentrate (which contains animal products). Then they took the car, buckets and shovels and drove up north to Lake Okeechobee.
    With the shovels, the collected the fresh manure of the cattle.

This was not only fun but also a gracious activity!
Upon returning they paused at Lake Okeechobee and did Tryambakam Homa with the intent to purify and help this wonderful lake.

    Arriving home at night, they arranged a big table with a plastic sheet on top, then distributed the cow dung in very thin layers. After a few days, they were able to enjoy the Homa Fire with self-made cookies.
 Thus is the Homa Tribe from West Palm Beach!

(See photo this page)

110 / 23



           When you practice Tapa, destiny changes and by Grace, ego is whittled away. All temptation, all desire is removed by Grace. Thus you become more capable to fulfill your allotted task. Then peace and bliss just rain on you.

           The pressure from other planets is great now. So all of you must focus on Meditation and Yajnya. Do Yajnya wherever you go. Move with the fire in all humility as Grace is being given for this work.

       Through your instruments, others will get Light but you also will get Light.
Use this opportunity for your own inner development. Through service alone you get light.

       You see one level and feel some of the energy on another level. However, there is so much more you cannot imagine. A person is kept in that very innocent state because what is being done through him is not what can be understood on an intellectual level. Because you don’t know what it is but still you have respect for it, this energy can operate. You can be used as an instrument more and more. THIS IS A TIME FOR FULFILLMENT.

        Be honest with yourselves and look at big, important issues in your lives that heretofore have not been properly addressed. Then greater transformation evolves.

       Our army moves swiftly and is most effective because of devotion. We are not in the habit of gathering followers or giving initiations to more devotees. We are not interested in getting more devotees. We have our army selected and it is through the few we will reach the many.

       It is always better not to fight. If someone disagrees with us, simply let them disagree. They don't have to agree with everything we are saying. Why argue the point? Be an example of your beliefs and state them in your actions. It isn't necessary to speak about them.

110 / 24


as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Creating Oases, Arks of Fire
Yes, yes. Your human race is living on borrowed time. There is an erroneous assumption that Nature can take all abuse and manipulation of its precious resources for the greed of humankind. However, this is a deadly assumption indeed.

If human beings continue abuse and negligence of natural resources at the current rate, whole landmasses will be destroyed.

It is beyond the political realm what is being foisted upon inhabitants of this sacred planet. Dear ones, be aware. Seek to create oases where you can grow your own food, develop your own technology, practice alternative methods for healing the atmosphere, body and mind.

These ‘Arks of Fire’ we have been referring to are the wave of the future. It is through these healing fires that the Nature is nurtured, that the human organism can be fortified to begin the process of self-healing. It is through these ancient healing fires that the balance of elements in Nature is restored.

Dear ones, learn from the Ancients the ways for the future.

Blessings abound. OM.

On Homa Organic Farming
Yes, yes. Begin securing your borders whenever possible, should you own land and wish to farm it organically, free of genetically modified crops and chemicals. We would suggest in particular, those of you whose land borders other farmland try to secure that bordering land. If you are unable to do so, there are protective measures which can be devised to keep your crops safe from genetic infiltration. Study what is available at this time.

The practice of Homa Organic Farming is 

actually an ancient solution for modern times. There is great power in the Agnihotra Ash, as we have said on numerous occasions. This itself is a protective agent. If one uses additional methods such as permaculture and working with subtle energies, Devas and the like, it will only enhance the Homa Organic Farming techniques.

The base of fire is like insurance that your gardens will be surrounded by a protective layer or shield, which, when done correctly, will nourish and enliven the soil, cleanse the air and energize water resources.

Subtle energy fields at sacred places, such as here at Bhrugu Aranya, are infused with Light. A high-pitched sound is emanated from all around the area. One can experience this energetic resonance when present on this land.

At such high-energy sites, there is a greater harmonious element which eludes explanation but does not elude experience. Beings present, particularly those who have come for the purpose of meditating or ‘decompressing’ from the world outside, will feel a marked difference. It can lead initially to light-headedness or sensitivity. However, deeper realizations are far more possible in such an atmosphere.

We highly recommend it. OM.

On Ancient Egypt & Orion
Ancient civilizations are again in our awareness, as we were fully operational in conjunction with those of ancient lands. Egypt, dear one, holds ancient secrets totally attuned to our star formation. Egypt is infinitely intertwined with our star system. We reflect that which has been erected in our honour, and likewise, Orion’s star formation is reflected in the great pyramids and constructions of ancient temples in the ancient land of Egypt.

More info: www.oriontransmissions.com

Thanks for sharing the "Good News" with this Homa Health Newsletter!

Further official web sites on Homa Therapy:

www.terapiahoma.com    www.homa1.com   www.homatherapy.info
www.agnihotra.org     www.homatherapie.de      www.homatherapy.de
tapovan.co.in    www.homatherapyindia.com     www.homatherapy.org
www.homapsychotherapy.com www.agnihotra.com.au    www.terapiahoma.org

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         "This Centre of Light is to provide sanctuary, refuge for coming times."

It is with great joy that we announce that the construction of the Centre of Light at Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya in Poland has begun!

On May 17th 2015, Shree Gajanan Maharaj’s birthday, we performed a powerful Rudra Yajnya with all the community and close friends present. Afterwards, on this beautiful spring day we officially broke ground. One by one, we took shovels and dug into the earth where the Centre of Light will stand. (photo right top)

 Two days later, contractors arrived to begin the excavation work. 
(photo right)

It is really happening!

The Centre is being built with sustainable materials—wood, straw and clay, and will be capable of housing 36 guests. It will also include a full service vegetarian kitchen, a creative arts studio, a large seminar hall, and therapy rooms.

The Centre of Light represents a new phase in the development and expansion of Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya, as this powerful energetic point becomes an international hub for propagating the teachings of Homa Therapy.

Already we have a steady flow of visitors from Poland and abroad who come to learn about Homa organic gardening, healing herbs, creative arts, and spiritual self-development. The atmosphere at Bhrugu Aranya is infused with high vibrations from Ayurvedic fires that are performed daily. This energy radiates to heal the Earth and all life - plants, animals and humans. Those who visit receive healing and leave feeling inspired and uplifted by the rarified healing environment.

In the completed Centre of Light, groups of people will gather for the healing fires, learn sustainable ways of living and receive holistic healing therapies. It will become a crucial venue for healers, artists and Light workers to share their gifts for humanity to the growing numbers of people awakening around the world.

We envision the Centre, as we walk through its beautiful spaces. We run our hands over the clay and wood textures, and taste delicious gourmet vegetarian food made fresh from our Homa organic fruits and vegetables.

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The Centre of Light (see painting of the future Centre of Light) will offer an infrastructure where our ecovillage can be self-reliant. It will generate income, providing many new members the possibility to live here at Bhrugu Aranya. This means that our ecovillage can expand to serve a greater whole.

Now, we need your help to bring this vision into fruition. We urgently need funds to complete the first phase, the foundation and basement level.

We have until August to come up with an additional $30,000 USD for the first phase. This is a call for help to our international Homa community. Please help in any way you can by donating to our building fund.

Whether you live in Bhrugu Aranya or not, we are all part of a global Homa community helping to create a new world. Help us complete this Ark of Fire, a blueprint for the new age.

We thank you all for your loving support.
With love,
Jarek, Parvati and all at Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya

FOR THOSE IN THE U.S. who would like to make tax-deductible contributions:
Donations from the U.S. (or from U.S. bank accounts) may be made by check, money order, or online by PayPal, using a credit card or PayPal card. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by U.S. law.

Checks and money orders should be made payable to Fivefold Path, Inc. and may be mailed to: Fivefold Path, Inc.
278 N. White Oak Drive.
Madison, VA 22727 U.S.A.
Please note “For COL POLAND” on your check or money order.

To donate by credit card or PayPal card, please go to www.agnihotra.org/help, then click on the DONATE button. Under “Add Special Instructions to the Seller,” please type “For COL POLAND”.

If you have any questions about making donations for the Centre of Light, please contact Fivefold Path, Inc. at info@agnihotra.org.

IN EUROPE, TO DONATE, please go to: http://www.homatherapypoland.org/en/news/centre-of-light

For more information, please feel free to write us directly at info@homatherapypoland.org

To see our ecovillage in action, please view our video:

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