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    The development of a country is directly proportional to the development of its educational system. Education helps to develop body, mind, personality, character, etc. and creates good citizens. The government’ educational programs usually pushes careers related to the sciences, technologies, business management, industry, production, etc. according to the major local needs. Arts and humanity careers are usually secondary choices. In some countries, they also promote research and innovation through the meetings of “creative minds or scientists”.
        However, Education is usually “Partial Education”. Why do we say this? The individual has body, mind, emotions and something more. The mind is connected to the brain (?) and this has left and right hemispheres.       The left hemisphere is related to analysis, language, logic, math, etc. The right hemisphere is related to art, music, creativity, face recognition, etc. Most people are right-hand dominant, which is usually controlled by the left side of the brain. Right brain controls muscles on the left side and vice versa. Sports are linked to the development of the physical body.
       By the way, some research relates  the midbrain activation  to the development of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception).
Example: reading with the eyes covered.  


AGNIHOTRA helps in the Integration and Development of mind, body, heart and soul.

  Therefore, it seems that conventional education is mainly a left-brain education worldwide.
       Few places promote music, arts, dance and other right-brain activities. Very few places promote whole brain development. And very, very few promote the development of moral values. What are the moral values?
         The moral values are codes of conduct, which regulate our behavior to ensure harmony in society.                Conventional education seems to ignore these moral values and focus on the left-brain and sports. This creates groups that grow as anarchists or tumors in a society.      These abnormal groups tend to overpower and control the rest to fulfill the personal desires. They are detrimental to society.
       To change society positively, we can change this partial education into a holistic education that focus in the total development of body, mind and loving heart in the individuals.    
These “healthy” individuals will make a “healthy” society free of corruption, violence, hypocrisy, etc.
     Is there a way to do this?

Your comments, questions, suggestions and healing reports for the Homa Newsletter are welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com


EDITORs NOTE continued

           Yes, yes, yes,  adopting the YYMM Education Program or any similar program as a complement to conventional education. YYMM stands for Yagnya-Yoga-Mantra-Meditation and it is a practical method that comes from the Fivefold Path of the Vedas. More about the YYMM program will be in the next HHNL.

         In the meantime, you (a cell) can start your auto-didactic learning and transformation from a “cancerous” cell into a “healthy” cell for the making of a healthy body (society) by practicing Agnihotra.


Nilima and Rajesh Sonkusare
Amalner, Maharashtra, India

       "I am 40 years old. There are many benefits from Agnihotra. I had diabetes- type 2 for 5 years and I was taking pills, but my blood sugar level was not under control. It was about 400. Now, with the practice of Agnihotra, it is at the constant level of 105. And I sleep well.
   My husband could not talk due to a vocal cord problem in his throat; it was paralyzed.    We went to 4 different doctors and he received their medical treatments, but without any success. Since he works in a bank, he had to take leave because of that for one year.
    When we met Eng. Dilip Patil and his wife,

Prerna, they suggested us to practice sunrise and sunset Agnihotra from Homa Therapy and take its healing ash 3 times a day. When we started doing this, he got well just after a few days. The doctor checked his vocal cord and found the problem was solved. Then he started working again.
We have two children and we also have seen with them that Homa Therapy has changed their behavior positively."
(photo: Nilima and Rajesh Sonkusare in Amalner)

Prof . Kalpana Bhagwat
Dhule, Maharashtra, India

        "My sister is practicing Agnihotra and Homa Therapy since 18 years. When the earthquake came, many people got hurt; there was much destruction all around in buildings, streets, vehicles, etc. However, her home did not receive a single crack; it was completely protected by the Homa Fires."

(photo: Prof. Kalpana Bhagwat in Dhule)

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Rohan Bhosale
Nashik, Maharashtra, India

    "I am practicing Agnihotra since 5 years and I have very good experiences. One of these experiences is that I have an uncle who is suffering from cancer in an incurable stage. My uncle and my brother have a very sound background of allopathic medicine as surgeons. My sister in law is also a medical doctor. They worked very hard to cure my uncle, but they have lost all their hopes.
I suggested them to start doing Agnihotra and my aunty invited me to come and teach them.

     When I went to their home, we started with Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset. I was there for 3 days. When I came he said that he had not slept since approx. one and a half month; he was sitting on his bed during the night. He suffered from anxiety attacks, he was very fearful, had an unstable mind and his character was quite unbearable.
With the practice of Agnihotra already the 2nd day he started sleeping well at night. His confidence level did rise and his anxiety became less. When I left, my uncle insisted that his wife continues doing daily Agnihotra. Now, both of them do Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset and they also do Tryambakam Homa and take the Agnihotra ash. Now he also found new hope that things can change. All this just happened recently."  
(Photo:  Rohan Bhosale during his visit in Tapovan.)

Sanjay Kumar Bhavsar
Nashik, Maharashtra, India

         "I am 49 years old. The most important experience in my life was when father was diagnosed with 2nd stage carcinoma in his colon in July 2014.
We started the treatment with the oncologist. Since this was an allopathic treatment, he got very heavy doses of chemicals. And it was very painful for the patient as well as for the family. I am practicing Agnihotra in the last 5 to 6 years. In October, November of 2014, I requested my father to please do Agnihotra in his house and he agreed. The day he started the practice of Agnihotra, was the day when he

 started to get relief from his pain.He completed the 3rd round with chemotherapy with no pain, no hair loss. So this was a good experience for the whole family.
We don´t plan to undergo further chemical treatment, because he is completely okay.  He walks like a normal person and he is 76 years old. He did also attended the Somayag in Maheshwar and came to visit Tapovan 2 or 3 times, which is a ride of over 8 hours.
    I also want to share the following experience of my friend’s mother, who was suffering from eczema, which is a skin disease and it made her skin look very dirty. This eczema was itching and she scratched for the whole night. She had it from the knees down to her feet and her arms and hands. She did not take food with her hands (like it is used in India) for 10 years, because her hands looked so very dirty and full of injuries.
When I met her, I advised her to start practice of Agnihotra. Within 10 days of starting with Agnihotra practice, she starting eating with her hands and all the injuries had cleared.
    Another experience was with my friend’s father in law. He Is a diabetic patient. He visited my friend, who also does Agnihotra daily, and stayed overnight. Due to his condition, the father in law was used to get up 10 to 12 times every night to urinate. The day he slept in Homa atmosphere he only went 3 or 4 times to the bathroom. He told everybody about his experience."   (Photo:  Sanjay Kumar during his visit in Tapovan.)

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Nayantara Sendane
Teacher at Tapovan School, Maharashtra, India

         "I have 30 to 35 students from age 6 to 7. We have seen many changes in the students since we have started the YYMM (Yoga-Yajnya-Mantra-Meditation) classes with the children. Their concentration has increased.
       They are focusing on the studies and do their homework regularly
. In the classroom, they were mischievous and did not listen, that has changed now. They do listen.

      Before the children hesitated to answer, when I asked questions. Now, the students are encouraged to participate and they give the answers regularly. Even students, who were not participating, are rising their hands and answer questions now. They have full confidence.   There is a lot of difference."

Nita Patil
Teacher at Tapovan School, Maharashtra, India

        "One of the differences I experienced since the beginning of the YYMM program is, that before we had to use a harsh language with the children to make them listen and obey. Now, we have changed our language.
   We teach the students with love and the students are also happy and enjoy the class and the studying."

Sheeta Patil
Teacher at Tapovan School, Maharashtra, India

       "Before we used to speak loudly to the children, however with this YYMM program, we have changed that into a soft language. We teach them with more love and care and especially to the child that does not understand."

Jagruti Patil
Teacher at Tapovan School, Maharashtra, India

       "Before the YYMM program, the students behaved very mischievous in the classroom. Now, we as teachers use a soft language and are more caring. So we communicate to the children that we can play, but first we have to study. And they understand. And that is a big difference."

Suresh Patil
Tapovan School Principal

          "With this YYMM Homa children's program, we have experienced much difference. The children are concentrating now on their tasks and there are fewer disturbances.
     I also see a lot of difference in the teachers and their way to communicate with the children. In fact the children are happy with the teachers and the teachers are happy how the children behave."

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TAPOVAN HOMA FARM, Maharashtra, India

There can be no Homa farm with- out a cow. She is a Mother to all.

  Honey Bees settle down to create their hives in the trees and produce good Homa honey.
Biosol is made with cow dung and earthworm compost.

Almost every day people and farmers from all over India arrive and keep Sanjay Patil, the Tapovan Homa farm manager busy with questions.
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TAPOVAN HOMA FARM, Maharashtra, India

Every day fresh - Homa veggies & herbs for the kitchen...

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       His story quickly went viral after a rural Oregon man was slapped with fines for collecting rain water on his own property.       But now, as of last Wednesday, Gary Harrington of Eagle Point, has been sentenced to 30 days in jail and more than

$1,500 in fines, all because he had three reservoirs on his own property, that he used to collect and use rainwater. Harrington says he plans to appeal the conviction in the Jackson County Circuit Court. That conviction revolved around nine misdemeanor charges that come from a 1925 law. That archaic ordinance bans what state water managers called “illegal reservoirs." http://countercurrentnews.com/2015/04/man-gets-prison-sentence-for-collecting-rainwater-on-his-own-property/



        Cities use glyphosate to control weeds in parks and along verges. Now that the WHO says the pesticide is ‘probably carcinogenic to humans’, is it time to stop.     Several European countries, including Holland, Denmark and Sweden, have banned or

restricted the use of glyphosate herbicides by local authorities, because of alleged links with a variety of health problems – not just cancer – ranging from birth defects and kidney failure to celiac disease, colitis and autism. Please see:


 An important achievement from the International Year of Family Farming which the UN declared in 2014, in the context of the food crisis, has been to amplify the

debate between agribusiness and peasant agriculture, which the symbiosis between the former and big media had practically silenced.
At the official level, for example, FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization) General Director José Graziano da Silva, in his opening speech at the 24th session of the Committee on Agriculture (COAG) in Rome (September), declared that policymakers should support a broad array of approaches to overhauling global food systems, making them healthier and more sustainable while acknowledging that “we cannot rely on an input intensive model to increase production and that the solutions of the past have shown their limits”... Calling for a “paradigm shift”, he said that today's main challenges are to lower the use of agricultural inputs, especially water and chemicals, in order to put agriculture, forestry and fisheries on a more sustainable and productive long-term path.
(*CLOC = Coordinadora Latinoamericana de Organizaciones del Campo)
To read full article, please see: http://www.alainet.org/en/articulo/168854#_edn1

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 Following an invitation of Mr. Anil Deshmukh, his wife Anuja and their daughter Amruta, Prof. Abel explained about Homa Therapy and its effects in the Shree Sansthan Math Narayanbuva's Samadhi Mandir.
The person in charge, Poojya Bhaumaharaj Rudra kindly made all preparations and
Mr. Abhay translated.
(Photos above and right)


      We just arrived in time for evening Agnihotra, which is a daily celebration of Light and Healing, not only for Tapovan, but these special energies reach far beyond...

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    In the town Almalner, the devoted Agnihotri couple, Eng. Dilip Patil and his wife Prerna, (photo below) organized several Homa Therapy presentations. One of them was in the home of Mrs. Nilima and her husband Rajesh

Sonkusare, who have experienced wonderful healing results.
        Bruce Johnson
from Tapovan explained to the newcomers the correct practice of Agnihotra. Aleta taught the Mantras. And Abel Hernandez inquired about the health problems of the assistants, showed testimonials and videos of South America, where hundreds of people practice this scientific healing technique. This family offered to share Agnihotra with anyone interested.
   We also had the company of Elinor, visiting from Australia and Kailash from Tapovan.
(photos from the Agnihotra gathering)

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   Another meeting  organized by Eng. Dilip was in the Rotary club. Here specially Dr. Rahul M.D.  showed much interest and  visited Tapovan several times to learn more and get his Agnihotra kit.

           Even though all these executive people originally could only spare 20 minutes, the meeting took 2 hours upon their request. It seems that people everywhere are looking for health and happiness - this is what we can achieve with the regular practice of sunrise and sunset Agnihotra.
(photo above: audio-visual introduction to Homa Therapy after the Vyahruti Homa,
 photo below: Bruce Johnson talking about his personal experience of healing from asthma through Homa Therapy.)

surrounded by so much LOVE!

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        Mrs. Prerna Patil is a teacher in St. Mary's English Medium High School in Amalner and the director, Sister Rose invited us for the YYMM program for the 7th and 8th grade children.
 (see photos)

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       Through the invitation of Headmaster BH Patil and Supervisor PD Salunke, the YYMM program was taught  to 150 students of 9th and 10th grade in the GS Highschool during 2 days.
 Teacher, Mr. Bhatu Shriram Patil was translating and was very excited for some foreigners were bringing this Ancient Vedic Wisdom back home. This is so urgently needed, specially in education.
     YYMM always starts with Vyahruti Homa to synchronize the mind. So, the teachers and students were focused, participated and enjoyed the  interaction, the Yoga exercises with rhythmic breathing and the relaxation and meditation and Music.  (see photos on this page)

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        Each morning the Tapovan English School starts with a Homa Fire. The children know the Mantras by heart. Afterwards the daily routine starts.
      The manager, Shreekant Paranjpe, was happy to receive Prof. Abel's support with the YYMM program to bring better understanding and

more family-style interactions. This private school has  nursery, kindergarten, 1st and 2nd standard.
            If we want to better society with loving and caring people, the teachers are good examples for these formidable children, who just copy what they see.        Truthfulness, forgiveness, compassion, Ahimsa (non-violence), Fearlessness, etc. are mentioned in the Ch. 16 of  Bhagavad Geeta as attributes of the Wise.

This is the stuff of what a healthy and caring society is made of. Children are just a mirror.
Since the school is constructed in the Tapovan Homa farm (under  the influence of Agnihota and 24-hour Tryambakam Fire) the YYMM program has almost immediately shown wonderful results in teachers and students.

(see photos where children are disciplined with love and learn to be happy.)

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      By using some simple Yagnyas, Yoga exercises combined with rhythmic breathing, etc, we can enhance concentration, balance, focus, strength, endurance in body, mind and spirit.  This is easily done in a loving Homa atmosphere. The kids learn to be happy, feel safe and evolve to their highest potential.

     Prof. Abel had a short meeting with the teachers after the YYMM program, explaining the law of Karma: 'You reap as you sow.' If we act with love, care, strength, firmness, and kindness, we will reap this behavior in our children. If we sow the opposite, we will continue in the drama of a violent and turbulent world. Teachers have the power to change this. The practice of HT helps to take the necessary steps.

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       Under the shadow of an old and big tree, the YYMM classes continue on  daily bases. The teachers take videos of the program. They participate actively and it seems that a new wind is blowing. There is a wind of cooperation,  fearlessness,  happiness, and freedom - it's the wind of LOVE.
       This program not only makes us strong in body and  mind, but also it opens the heart. How many intelligent, well educated and wealthy people are honest, happy, healthy, etc.? Just studying and good grades are not a license to happiness.

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    So wonderful to see happy children, developing their potential to the fullest - in body, mind and heart in a place, where they spend most of the time - the school.
So wonderful to see strong, firm, clear, self-disciplined and loving teachers with the capacity to embrace all the children as their own. Practice YYMM and experience the change.

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The 2nd YYMM program in the GS High School caught more attention from the teachers.

They experienced how quickly positive changes can be brought about. Now, the teachers plan is to learn in Tapovan more about Agnihotra and continue the program for the benefit of all.(see photos this page)

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      For the children being brought up in Tapovan, the practice of Agnihotra is like brushing teeth - you do it every day without thinking. They are all experts!

Photos: top row: 1) Anil's daughter, Purvi with her mother. 2) Bablu's boy, Nandip and 3)his daughter Pinu. Middle row: 1) Nandip and Pinu preparing their Agnihotra fire. 2) Purvi preparing her Agnihotra pyramid. Row above: 1) Sanjay's daughter Smitha and 2) her brother Vinit.       - OLD SOULS IN A YOUNG BODY -

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       In Tapovan, the 24-hour Tryambakam Homa has being done for 14 years. This is unique. At this time, Tapovan is the only place on the planet

 where this is happening. This is not only GOOD  for Tapovan; it is also good for the whole planet. As Bruce said in his short talk, the effort is big, but it is shared and everyone working and living in Tapovan contributes so this can happen. It is a great example of team work for others to follow...

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Tapovan is one of the projects of Fivefold Path Mission set up by Shree Vasant Paranjpe. Anne Godfrey and Bruce Johnson, the devoted couple from Australia, together with Sanjay Patil and his family are the caretakers of this sacred place, where also Shree Vasant's Ashes remain in the Mahasamadhi.

            Through Anne's Cottage Industry, Social Work with various NGOs throughout India, thousands of women have been trained and can work from their home. This is good news for a country like India!
Photo above: the hut, where 24 hours of Tryambakam Homa are done daily.
Photo right: part of the Tapovan boys, who work in the garden, field, with the cows, in the kitchen, etc.
Photo below right: some of the women working in Tapovan with Anne.
Photo below  left:
Beauty has always been a strength in Tapovan. Through the Homa Fires this place has changed from a desert to a paradise with a wide variety of flowers,

trees, etc.
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    Ms. Hari Kaur shares about the Dharamsala Healing Center:
       "I am writing to tell you that we have had beautiful and powerful activities in Dharamsala, Cochiguaz in the Healing Center of Dr. Fernando Aguilar.
     We will continue to work with Homa Therapy also during 2015 and are very happy to do it! 
 Om Shree."      (photos this page)

Dr. Fernando Aguilar Fuentes wrote from Cochiguaz, Elqui Valley, Chile:
"I'm involved in many Homa Therapy activities and invite people daily for Agnihotra here in the Dharamsala Healing and Meditation Center. Also Volunteers visit from the International School of Oriental Medicine (EIMCO) to do all disciplines with the Homa Fires and service in this place.
 Om Shree"

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Mr. Vinayak Lokur shared from Belgaum:
We celebrated the World Agnihotra Day on 12th March 2015 at our factory. People from various sectors of the society were present: the residents of Shantai Vridhashram (home for elders), of Aadhar Orphanage (orphans affected with HIV),

practitioners of alternative medicines, people from nearby towns (Nippani, Dharwad, Kolhapur, Pune & Mumbai, etc. We then performed Agnihotra in a group at sunset time. In addition to the people already performing till now 12 new families started to perform Agnihotra on that day.
Abhay Mutalik Desai, Tejasvi Naik, Satish Nilajkar, Mahesh Durdi, Vishwas Lele
– are Agnihotris  that guided the people and answered their queries.

After the group performance and experiencing the calmness – the audience expressed their gratitude for making them familiar with the magnificent Science of Agnihotra.

They expressed their desire that we should meet – at least once a month & perform Agnihotra in a group."          (see photos this page; Mr. Vinayak is on the left photo above)

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      Ms. Jessica Auza wrote  following note:
        "We went off to a retreat in Cieneguilla, in a magical space where Homa Therapy healing fires are being performed. This is getting ready to welcome in the near future people wanting to retreat for a few days away from Lima city and live a healing experience there.
             During our stay we performed sunrise and sunset Agnihotra y took turns to keep several hours of Tryambakam fire going. 

We also shared inspirational readings, walks, vegetarian food, music, therapy with roses, etc. This weekend was filled with pure fire, magic, peace and love."


    Ms. Karina Ohme sent following information from the Satsang Homa Farm:

     "Teaching Homa Therapy at the International School of Medicine and Oriental Culture (EIMCO) under the direction of Dr. Andrea Chavez and Dr. Ernesto Vega.
         During 2014, several free workshops, (open to the community) on Fivefold Path and Agnihotra were performed at the International School of Medicine and Oriental Culture (EIMCO) in Providencia, Santiago; this activity will continue during 2015.
      In addition, students of the EIMCO have been doing 24 hours Tryambakam Homa and practice regularly Agnihotra.

      In recent months, a group of EIMCO students participated in the First National Pyramid Gathering in Chile, traveled to Cochiguaz, Valle del Elqui, to the Homa Fires close to the Cochiguaz River. They also formed a team of volunteers to support the maintenance of the Sacred Fires in the Elqui Valley."

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        From West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, we received many wonderful photos from Vet. Dr. Carla Cossyleon and Mr. Rafael Dietsch.
     The WPB Agnihotra tribe practices the Homa Fires several days a week together in their homes, offices or at work.
     Dr. Carlas' grandson, Anthony is 3 years of age and is learning Agnihotra.  Photos show Agnihotra practice at the 'Nutrition Center MaYu' of 

Dr. Mario Chavez and his wife Yuri; in the Healing Center of Mrs. Miriam Molano, in the home of Mrs. Elena Eusebio and of Dr. Carla Cossyleon.
(see photos this page and next page)

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Mr. Rafael Dietsch (photo left) wrote:

   "We are practicing Agnihotra and have new members. We are moving forward slowly, but consistently with firm steps."

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         YAJNYA effects are now amplified. Fifteen minutes of Yajnya is completely rejuvenating and the healing effects of Yajnya and Agnihotra are now amplified to the highest degree. You will notice change in the atmosphere instantly after fire is done.

       Efficiency in action is Yoga. Whether the work is small or big, with every event a unit of time is consumed. That means a chunk of your life is bitten off. Do you want this to be spent efficiently or wasted? With one-pointed attention you are more likely to bring efficiency.

        If you believe Agnihotra to be beneficial and you do not mind practicing Daan but Tapa you don’t want, then you will get benefits from practice of Agnihotra and practice of Daan. However, without TAPA one cannot rise higher. But this is the person’s choice. That is ‘you take what you like and leave the rest’ adage. However do not then expect benefits to come from what was the rest you left.


            Of course Agnihotra is at the base. This is the science. Then many are practicing this ancient Vedic healing fire and reaping great benefits. Many are practicing other meditation disciplines following their own Guru or teachings from their own religion. So they will get benefits from Agnihotra if they practice it regularly as well as benefits from whatever other disciplines they may choose to follow. Agnihotra need not conflict with any path or spiritual teachings of any kind. Do Agnihotra and actual benefits from the teachings will be made stronger because Agnihotra cleans the mind.

       Mantra is the key. Forget everything else. Mantra is everything. Then home, marriage, work all become a joy and so simple. What seems complicated now becomes terribly simple. You will laugh at it later on. If you practise Mantra with great intensity Grace will abound. When you are feeling sad do the Mantra intensely. Mantra, all the time Mantra. Then everything changes.

      Listen to the Fire. It is strong.

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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

“Wheel of Life” by Parvati

On The Year 2015
Yes, yes. As the world enters the year 2015 it will be a year of great floods of awareness, like a mass awakening of sorts.

However, the year 2015 will not be without global challenges, increased volcanic activity, resultant tsunamis likely to follow, as well as new areas where wars may be on the edge of erupting. There will be various crises facing the world, but many not without amazingly simple solutions.

There is grave danger in Middle East at this time, as news events will reflect. However, an unlikely resolution is near at hand.

In regards to the ‘mass awakening,’ this has been long in the developing stage. Actually, many who have parked themselves rather sturdily on the proverbial fence will now be forced by their own natures to take a leap of faith into the realm of consciousness. Indeed, and there will be many. Some famous faces will join the global consciousness movement which will be growing by leaps and bounds in the year 2015.

On Genetically Modified Products, a Warning
We expect some rather stringent ecological reforms to take place in the middle part of 2015, if not sooner. Stricter laws and a growing awareness of healthy living will

change the course of the genetically modified foods blanket of deception quite radically. It will become more increasingly well known as a dangerous venture into destruction of farmlands, not to mention physical bodies of those blindly eating these substances.

No longer are these recognizable as vegetables, grains, fruits, and their resultant products. These foods actually begin to act as foreign substances, wreaking havoc on the digestive system.

We advise all of you to cease to cooperate with the deceptive genetically modified products being imposed upon you. Buy and grow only certified organic foods, support local organic farmers and cease to buy products containing genetically modified substances whatsoever! Your health and well-being and the health of this planet depends upon your diligence and insistence.

On Compassion
Yes, yes. Intense energies today. Tomorrow, these energies shift, giving way to a lighter, brighter period.

Consider the humans suffering on this planet. “No man is an island,” as the saying goes. Indeed, following grave losses of human life on a large scale, there is a period of deep mourning all around the globe. Even though one may interpret this as one’s own inner turmoil or the astrological predictions or numerological readings—the fact remains that when suffering increases in any area of the world, it is felt and experienced everywhere in the world.

Give time for prayer for those suffering, those in mourning, for those living in poverty, for those homeless and destitute, for those frightened, for those alone. When you expand your own heart, your own sorrows fall away and your spirit is uplifted.

Always, when you are used to strengthen, to comfort and uplift others, your own life reflects that which you give. As you give, so shall you receive.

More info: www.oriontransmissions.com

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