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        Let us continue with more self-study (Swadhyaaya).
     A great deal of the problems we have to deal with on daily bases are related to “communication”.    In order to communicate, we usually  need at least 2 people with the ability to transmit and receive messages.    What are the most common problems in communication?
1) They (A & B) are talking different languages.
2) They are talking the same language, but with a different code. Example: A says over the phone that she is pulling her hairs out. And B thinks that A is going crazy, but A is simply doing a waxing.
3) A & B are in the sending mode (talking), but nobody is in the receiving mode (listening).
4) A & B are in the receptive mode, but nobody is sending messages.
5) A & B are sending and receiving signals, but they are out of synchronicity.
6) A & B are sending and receiving messages in synchronicity, but
a) one or both are not loud enough to be heard.
b) one or both are not sensitive enough to hear.
7) Our mouth say something like "X" and non-verbal body language say something different like "Y".
        It is important to notice that communication problems worsen when A or B or both are afflicted by mental disorders (pride, anger, envy, jealousy, etc.).              
            We usually need to communicate effectively among ourselves to function in this world.


Can we talk?

        Misunderstandings are causes of many unnecessary wars or fights. A & B usually have different backgrounds and different expectations, so problems can be foreseen.            How to reduce these conflicts? Psychologists and social experts give the following suggestions:
1) Place yourself in the other person's shoes.
2) Think about the other person's feelings and needs.
3) Show compassion and remember that only a sick person will enjoy hurting others.
4) Learn to function out of your comfort zone or expand your comfort zone.
      In spite of all efforts, communication problems may arise.    However, the Spiritual Scientists tell us that all answers to our dilemmas are within.            If we can improve our communication with the Self (Soul or Divine essence), our ability to understand can expand even beyond our human range.     We can be rigid in our views like a rock, or adaptive to containers like water, expansive in all directions like air, or illuminating like light.
         The practice of the Fivefold Path brings us closer to the realization of our “ONENESS”.
      Yes, yes, yes, Yajnya, Daana, Karma, Tapa and Swadhyaaya are Master Keys to open the gates of “Communication”.

Your comments, questions, suggestions and healing reports for the Homa Newsletter are welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com



Felicidad Ferrer Roura
Malaga, Spain, Europe

       "I certify that the healing sunset Agnihotra fire (now my most anticipated moment) also acts in animals. Isis (photo right), is 10 months old and was terrified of fireworks and thunder.
       My big surprise was that during such a firecracker event, she did not even flinch at any time by this unpleasant and very loud noise. She was lying there and seemed to sleep.
         She does not know what Agnihotra

is, she cannot practice it, but she can benefit from it without understanding or believing in it.
There are also other changes I've seen, for example with my neighbors who have become very friendly. They were quite cold before. Now, I am surprised by their kindness. They have no idea that I light a sacred Fire everyday. 
     I want to thank the people who have helped me to discover Agnihotra. These are Jin Shin Jyutsu and my beloved friends America Camacho and Josue Gomez. I am very happy that God put them in my way to show me the Light. OM SHREE OM."

Isabela Suarez
Guayaquil, Ecuador

        "One of my angora rabbits got hurt; it had scratched the entire half of the face and was bleeding. I put Agnihotra ash on its face and after half an hour it virtually had nothing, not even a scar or a sign of a scar!
        I also give them water with Agnihotra ash. One bunny was protecting one of his forelegs; it did not want to move. After drinking the Agnihotra ash water, it is has become more active.  They have changed very much with the ash. "

Rosa Castrejon
Polyclinic EsSalud Paul Nogier
Carabayllo, Lima, Peru, South America

         "I am 52 years old. I suffered from insomnia and deep depression and I was diabetic for the last 2-3 years. And I could not get out of this and had to take drugs. When I started the Homa treatment in the hospital and took the healing Agnihotra ash, I began to sleep well and I stopped taking pills. My sugar level always was between 300-380. By taking the Agnihotra ash, it began to fall slowly more and more without 

medication.     I am now stable at 109 and 110 and my blood sugar level does not go over or under these values. I feel good and do not need to take any pills."

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Raul Obando and Rocio Pazmiño
Guayaquil, Ecuador
South America

    "We practice Homa Therapy every day since nine years.    Few Sundays ago, we were in a restaurant waiting to be served.  Two armed robbers entered and began assaulting all persons who were present, except us.        The restaurant has tables inside and also outside and all of them were robbed.

     The robbers checked through the bags, touched down the people’s bodies, raised their clothes, took wallets and everything. As soon as we realized that these armed robbers had entered, we began to repeat the Mantra "OM SHREE" mentally, nonstop. And we were invisible to them; they did not see us. They did not look at us, they did not realize we were there, in spite of being in the middle. They robbed the table on our right side and on our left side, behind us, but they did not see us. Such incredible was the impression that a man who sat at the next table that he asked me: "Do you know these thieves?" We replied: "No sir."
    This experience was amazing. We received this GRACE through Homa. We also always wear our Bio-energetic Protectors and Healing instruments (Shri Yantram, Holy Sand, Shiva Lingam and Rudraksha) around our neck. We do not remove this necklace at all.

       About 4 to 5 years ago something similar also happened to us in a bus. The robbers were sitting right behind me. I carried the mobile phones from my wife, from my son and mine in my pockets. The thieves got up and almost kindly one touched my shoulder and said. "Give me your wallet" In the wallet, I never carry any money and all I lost was a document. All other people were treated with insults, curses and some even were hit. My wife and son were four rows ahead and the thieves jumped this row. They took the belongings from the people behind and in front and the other side of that row, but they did not see my wife and son. We were all three singing the Mantra "Om Triambakam" mentally until they left the bus. After that, everyone calmed down."  
  (Photo: Med. Tec. Raul Obando and his wife Rocio during Agnihotra.)

Maria Montes
Polyclinic EsSalud Paul Nogier
Carabayllo, Lima, South America

         "I am 31 years old. Starting this year, in January, I felt a strong and intense pain in the head that reached down the neck. I went to the doctor and he had analyses done. Afterwards, I was told that apparently I had nothing and that it was stress that was causing this pain. I also suffered from insomnia.
    Then I went to Dr. Jorge Torres, psychologist in this hospital in Comas, and he said that a good choice would be Homa Therapy. It was a new experience in my life. I had never heard or seen anything like this,

 neither on cable TV nor on regular television.    I found it to be something spectacular, because I understood that sunlight was used in this process. I found this fabulous, because I started to feel totally different.    I took the ash and felt like a new person.
                                         My headache and insomnia disappeared."

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Ms. Karina Ohme from Curacavi, Chile tells her experience of the Amazing recovery of almond and fig trees with Homa Therapy

     In March 2013, we realized a long awaited dream: Satsang, a beautiful farm with native forest, silence and harmony, located a few kilometers outside Santiago de Chile.
     We started immediately to perform the Homa Fires and we have seen a surprising recovery of the old fruit trees. René (photo right picking almonds), our gardener, who lives and works in this plot since 19 years, was surprised to see the almonds loaded with fruits this summer.       Just two years ago, his suggestion was to cut them, since they were full of downy mildew and partially moth-eaten, practically dry and without giving any almonds.
(see remnants in photo below left)

  But this year, they were so full with so many fruits that its branches almost touched the ground due to the weight. There were thousands of almonds.

 (Photo right: Basket full of freshly harvested almonds in Satsang.)

      The old fig tree is also loaded with beautiful fruits. "Before it gave some small figs, which were dry inside. Now they are big, juicy and beautiful," says René.  
(photo below)

     Silvia, Homa volunteer, gladly shows the branches of one of the elderly almond trees loaded with fruits.
  (photo below)

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       Major pesticides in US agriculture may produce antibiotic-resistant bacteria, according to a new study. Glyphosate in Roundup, already linked to health issues like cancer, and two other widely-used herbicides were shown to induce resistance in two common human pathogens against broad classes of drugs.

With the high amount of pesticides applied to our countryside expected to rise, this is worrying news.   For further info see:



        Global sub therapeutic antibiotic usage could rise by two-thirds over the next 20 years as the demand for meat surges, experts estimate.
       Factory farms use nearly two times the amount of antibiotics used for human healthcare
, primarily to bolster growth and maintain livestock health, especially for pigs.

  Such overuse leads to antibiotic-resistant bacteria, but US policy has yet to curtail these practices. For further info please see:

You have heard the statistic: Less than 1 percent of water on the Earth is freshwater that is accessible to us.         We have to make use of that 1 percent to fulfill all of our needs so conservation is important.       PortaPotty created this infographic to show you the very best ways to conserve precious water.     To read article, please see:


         Thursday,  February 19 - 6000 farmers marched in Warsaw to protest the Polish government's failure to address their long-standing demands. After failed talks between Union leaders and the prime minister during the afternoon, farmers built an occupation camp outside the prime ministers palace and have vowed to remain

until their demands are met.        Jadwiga Lopata, a family farmer and co-director of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (ICPPC) said:      "The health and welfare of the nation depends on consumers and farmers having access to traditional seeds and good quality food. The Polish government does not accept this and is destroying the roots of Polish agriculture by listening to corporations rather than the Polish people."
   For more info please see: http://icppc.pl/index.php/en/polish-farmers-in-protest/589-19th-february-in-warsaw.html

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Quiet moments in Maheshwar after the busy Somayag!

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       We had the honor to spend some time with Mr. Abhay Paranjpe, his wife Anjaly and her mother in their home in Dhule, Maharashtra.
Almost every morning and evening, neighbors and friends  come to attend Agnihotra and start or end the day in this peaceful way (photo above left).
 Before starting her tutoring classes, Anjali and the kids do a Homa Fire, which helps them to understand  better. (photo above right)

     Prof. Vila Chavan organized an audio-visual Homa presentation and Yoga class with Agnihotra practice at the "Yoga Vidhyadham" school in Dhule.
(photo above and below)

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       In the HOLY CHILD ENGLISH SCHOOL, Dhule, under the direction of the owners, Prof. Manmohanjit Cheema and his wife Prof. Sarbjeet (photo left participating in the program), the Yoga-Yajnya-Mantra-Meditation (YYMM) workshop for children and teenagers was introduced by Prof. Abel Hernandez.           More or less 350 students between 5 and 16 years old (from kinder- garten to 9th grade)  benefited from this program.
        The Cheema family practices Agnihotra regularly since several years. They have had wonderful experiences. Therefore, the Holy Child English School was the perfect place to deepen Homa Therapy through more Homa Fires like Vyahruti and Tryambakam, concentration, meditation, and body strengthening Yoga exercises with rhythmic breathing. The children, teachers, the Cheemas, Aleta and Prof. Abel  enjoyed the program.
 (photos this page)

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        Each of the YYMM classes were organized considering the age of the students. Vyahruti Homa was performed at the beginning to synchronize the minds and get maximum attention.
       Stretching and bending the body in all directions, using every muscle,  concentrating and stabilizing the mind with certain yoga asanas and rhythmic breathing in a healing and loving environment provides a healthy body, clear mind and happy heart.(see photos)

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  Attention, movements, concentration, breathing and relaxation in harmonious cycles, bring health, joy, enthusiasm, knowledge and satisfaction.
   With just a little daily effort, The YYMM program contributes  to educate our children physically, mentally and emotionally and to be able to cope with  the challenges of life.
(photos on last row show 1) an unexpected visit of a govt. agency and 2) the helpful students and manager of Holy Child.)

        The slogan of the Holy Child English School is "Expanding Light".  Light comes from  happy, self-confident and loving people. The YYMM program is exactly doing this, using the ancient science of Ayurveda for an integral human development.

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       We need our children to grow up happily in a loving environment, and the Homa Fires help to create it.
     Mathematics, physics, grades, competition, money, etc. cannot occupy more than only a small part of a life that is filled with  wonders.

   Prof. Abel is a  trained Yoga teacher, who enjoys "Playing" with the children and transmitting the message:      "Happiness is a Choice and we can decide to be Happy Today and Everyday by following Simple Disciplines".  He also uses educational videos and music to enhance the effect. 
            We want to thank Mr. Abhay Paranjpe for his supportive company during this 4 day workshop, Prof. Cheema, his wife and staff for providing this great opportunity to serve.

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The Chilean sisters Camila and Josefa Molina Llamazares visited Mozambique and took the opportunity to teach Homa Therapy.
 They did 2 Agnihotra sessions in the "Shanti Yoga & Massage" Center in Mapu.

(see photos this and next page)

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Agnihotra classes in Maputo
           "We welcomed all the new Agnihotris in Maputo, Mozambique Africa!
      We appreciated these encounters around the fire in unity, love, humility and gratitude !              
         Remembering this ancient Vedic technology for the restoration of the atmosphere, nature and those who inhabit it.
        Thanks to the Center
"Shanti Yoga & Massage" for their support. OM SHREE"   (photos this page)

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Mrs. Cecilia and Francisco Fernandez wrote from Elqui Valley, Chile:


 "Here we are doing Agnihotra at the Lotus Center, Pisco Elqui with some friends, including Mr. Errazuriz, an agronomist, who is very interested in learning more about Homa Farming. Om Shree" (photo above)


Eng. Jorge Rivera shared from Panama City:

    Mr. Ezequiel Herrera and Psychologist Vera Martinez have been doing their Agnihotra Fire in the Omar Park in company of  friends.
            Om Shree."

(photo left)


   Dr. John Matlander  wrote from Cuenca:

      "Dear Friends, during the five Somayag days, the Cuenca Agnihotris got together for sunrise and sunset Agnihotra, sending love and peace to the world. Om Shree."

(photo right)

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Agnihotra at the Metropolitan Park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
A Festival for Nature ...

(Photos: Puncak Ribu)


Ms. Mariela Pugliese wrote from La Rioja, Argentina:
      "I continue sharing and teaching the blessed Homa Fires and I keep finding myself every morning and every evening of my life within that Sacred Flame ...
    Photos above: left- during Tryambakam with the Yoga group and right- the "spirit of Peace" manifest in the Fire

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Ms. Javiera sent following letter:

      "I am writing from Puerto Montt, Chile.
      Along with Sukhmani I've been learning and facilitating Homa Therapy.   Currently I have included the Homa Fires at my workplace. They are giving very good results.
    I am working in a kindergarten and also do activities with families.

       I am grateful for this knowledge of Homa and its medicines and also to count with the help of well prepared people, dedicated to serve with Love.
Sending hugs. Om Shree."

   (Above photo - visit of Dr. Irma Garcia in the kindergarten and right -teaching and sharing the Agnihotra Fire in Puerto Montt.) 

Sebastian Figueroa shares following photos from Homa encounters between Viña del Mar and Santiago de Chile in this spring season:

 Photo above and to the right from Agnihotra meeting in Santiago de Chile.

   Showing Homa Therapy in a Fitness Fair in Viña del Mar Chile, guided by Angeles Kaur, Param Prem and Sebastian Figueroa.

   Homa Healing and Meditation meeting in "Ayur Yoga", Valparaiso, Chile, directed by Antumapu Therapies.

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              The director of the Homa Center in Guayaquil, Sonia Hunter, shares pictures of Agnihotra done in a park and majestic Agnihotra flames in the Homa Center. (see photos above)


   Sandeep Pangarkar and Juan Rodriguez visited the birth house of Shree Gajanan Maharaj in Kharagpur and shared Agnihotra with the family living there. They feel very blessed for having had this unique opportunity. (see photos)

In the nearby Yajnya shala, every Thursday, Agnihotris meet for Satsang after sunset Agnihotra. The meeting starts with Om Tryambakam Homa.

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     The chairman of the Lion´s Club in Dhamnod. M.P., Mr. Nahar  requested a  Homa Therapy presentation in the Maa Narmada College.
    This was done by Abhay Paranjpe, Reiner Sczypior and Ulrich Berk, Ph.D. (from left to right)
 Mr. Nahar is first on the right

The head of the Dept. of Zoology, Dr. Usha Guar, from the Govt. P.G. Girls College, invited

Dr. Ulrich Berk to present "Homa Therapy-
 A Scientific Perspective"

     The students were able to experience a Homa Fire and learn more about this method through a power point presentation with data of scientific studies.

     IIT Roorkee (Indian Institue of Technology)       organized a 1-day workshop for Dr. Shailendra Sharma and Dr. Ulrich Berk on Agnihotra and Homa Therapy,          which was presented with scientific data from various studies done in universities.

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         Do not become miserable over past mistakes. Let it be a springboard for the future.

        Now we do more Yajnya, particularly in the densely populated areas where pollution problems are paramount.

         All the time have Mantra on your lips, all the time. Do not become thrown to and from every day by troubles in life. At least say, “For this trouble I am deeply grateful, as this is my Karma and it shall no longer anger me, but humble me.” Then the whole thing changes. You can reverse your negative life Karma. Try it.


         Take refuge in silence. All else will come.

          You will always find all Answers you seek  in Meditation.

         Yoga is most beneficial for body’s systems rejuvenation. If done correctly, Yoga can slow down the aging process.

         After some time, the strain becomes more and more and even the best personal relationships fail. So one has to have humility. Until one is willing to really go a little deeper, all the relationships are the same: highs and lows.
Pride is the worst enemy. Humility is the way.

         It does not matter where you are living now. There is no place free from pollution and its degenerating effects on the mind. No matter where you go in a few years, you will see in the country and in the city the same anger, same mental disturbances. Everywhere. We must protect ourselves and our families from impending disaster. Only through Yajnya this can be done.

         Proper diet, Meditation, Prayer and Service.

         There are choices we must make. Always the choice is yours to take. No one is going to tell you right from wrong. When you are given such clear guidance there need be no questions about this.

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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Fortifying Body, Mind and Spirit
      Yes, yes. Do enjoy this quiet time, dear vehicle. See it as a strengthening, centering period during which transmissions will certainly increase and interplanetary communications will be at a zenith.

             Present day circumstances on the planet are being intensified, in part by the powers that be, to cause fear to manifest in the minds of the unsuspecting public! However, those of you schooled in Grace and Light will see beyond the ruse.

     Fortify yourselves with organic foods, healing herbs, alternative treatments for ailments. Fortify your spirits with gatherings of like-minded beings, with projects which benefit and uplift those less fortunate than yourselves. Seek ways to serve.

     Begin to create and adhere to a culture within the culture in which you find yourselves living.       That is, create an alternative culture upon which you will be better able to subsist once the outer ramifications occur in the world that surrounds you.         Create a healthy bubble around your families and those near, to strengthen and shield yourselves for times to come.      Extend your arms to hold each other.          Extend your hearts to welcome others who will find themselves drawn to the love with which you live your lives.

         This is the time to realize that you will never be able to get what you need in this life from the outside.         Once you fortify yourselves and become strong, inwardly and outwardly, no fear can assail you. In this way, the planet will survive and change will manifest all that is positive, life-sustaining and evolving.

         Yes, yes. Let us continue our thread and encourage all who have been tapped for Light Work on this planet to be aware that the methods employed by forces of darkness—and there are more dark forces, not one mass conglomerate dark force—are cunning, divisive, invasive.

       Those of you whose faith is strong and who know and honour the value of loving kindness and possess forgiving hearts, shall repel darkness with an ease to which you may be as yet unaccustomed.

        Though the trials of darkness may be convincing to some, your minds will easily recognize no seed of Light in their premise.

   Thus you will know it is not of the Light, of the good.

        Dear ones, dear ones. These times are wrought with humans’ imperfections and penchant for mass hysteria. We know those of you who walk in Light, and you will always be guided and directed out of harm’s way.

               Do not allow for forces which would divide you in any way—by political means, by racial or religious strife, by the injustice which runs rampant in your great societies. Steer clear of the sharp edge of divisive politics.

     Remain one-pointed. Champion the spirit and the true word of Divine as it resonates in your heart of hearts.

        Refuse to be divided, no matter how clear the evidence appears otherwise.
Oneness is the answer.   Be aware.
Divine calling is for all.
Blessings do abound.

On Protecting Our Children
Yes, yes. In this world of increasing violence, such disturbing incidents toward children send shock waves around the world. When a society becomes numbed to the pain of others, to the plight of its youth, hope slips from its grasp. It is crucial to take greater measures around the world to protect children of all ages.

             Dear ones, those of you living in cities especially, take steps to ensure the safety of all children.           If governments no longer fund projects and safe places where children can congregate for creative activities, music, dance, drama, the arts—then, as communities, as families, step up to fill the void.          Do not accept the role of victim of crimes against humanity.        Create an armor of protection which cannot be penetrated.            That ‘armor’ is a bridge, hand-in-hand, heart-in-heart, which can stretch around the world and connect with brothers and sisters in various countries.

              Turn misfortune into creative action. There are quite gifted ones amongst you who are motivated by love.      It is you who can inspire, educate and motivate others to join the cause.       We would say that, above all else, children’s rights and safety need be preserved.    Safe, protected children are then free to create the new world so desperately needed to replace the old crumbling one.

Blessings unfold. Begin. OM.

More info: www.oriontransmissions.com

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