13th February


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        Let us do a little more Swadhyaaya (self-study) to discover
"the invisible thieves". We know that thieves are individuals that rob us when we do not have much protection. Sometimes, we go to the police and we catch the thieves and recover the stolen goods or part of it. But this usually does not happen. This is occurring in many places and is sometimes accompanied with violence.
For this reason, people are investing more money and resources in equipment or personnel for safety and prevention.
However, what if the thieves were invisible, yes, invisible, so they cannot be captured by any cameras or trapped by any police?
It would be a big mess. Do you know that this type of thieves already exist and they work full time, Monday through Sunday. These thieves are very bold, cunning and disguise as good friends. You could ask, “Who are they?”
They are "the mental thieves". Nevertheless, specifically, what are they called? They are: pride, greed, lust, envy, attachment, anger, etc.
To understand the danger, we have personified them, but we could use other analogies. For example, in the "Virtual World" inside a computer, there are a lot of data and valuable information, but viruses, malwares, spywares, Cyber worms, etc. They can steal these data and alter or damage programs (software) and equipment (hardware).
Today, it is almost impossible to navigate in "internet"


The Fivefold Path is a program against the Invisible Enemies.

without a good protection program or programs on the PC.! Incidentally, these are invisible!.
Likewise, our thoughts sail on a "Mental World" that is highly infected and contaminated where there is a danger that the unit (mind-body) can be attacked and hurt if we lack proper protection.
Investigating carefully, we realize that many of the "friendly" programs, offered as "free" in internet, can hide 1) other applications to create unnecessary needs 2)viruses to steal information or simply do damage.
Similarly, these mental invisible thieves (pride, greed, anger, etc.) are fake friends. They offer to help you be stronger, bigger, more powerful and happy. However, in reality, they steal, weaken, sicken and depress you. They behave as parasites.
It is easier to escape the cyber trash (which is not easy), than to escape the mental garbage.
Yes, it is easier to keep out the virtual invisible thieves, that the mentally invisible thieves.
Are there any suggestions?
Yes, yes, yes
1) Auto-generate thoughts, emotions and positive actions, which will attract other similar thoughts such as: kindness, compassion, charity, service, joy, humility, temperance, gratitude, forgiveness, etc.
2) Partner or associate with beings who manifest the above qualities.

Your comments, questions, suggestions and healing reports for the Homa Newsletter are welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com



3) Improve your discernment and reflection
4) Read books, listen to audio or watch videos for self-improvement or self-realization produced by sages or saints.
5) Do Meditation.
6) Practice Fivefold Path Program (Yagnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma, Swadhyaaya)
so 1), 2), 3), 4) and 5) become easier.       

If you install this protection program (the Fivefold Path) in your Mind-Body Unit and you used it, your actual navigation will be more efficient and

Do not believe this. Test it!

     Note: Agnihotra is a simple technique that not only counteracts the toxicity and physical pathogenicity of the atmosphere, but also purifies "the Mental-Emotional World."



Dr. Mario Chavez y Yuri
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

       "When I squeezed out a pimple on my cheek, it changed and transformed itself into a wart which began to grow and grow to the point that it was a very visible spot on my cheek. I started to apply all natural remedies that I knew, but nothing worked and it still kept growing and growing.

        One day, at about 12 midnight, I was doing Tryambakam Homa and suddenly the idea dropped into my mind to use Agnihotra ash with ghee.
It hit me – of course - how could I have forgotten about that? I had used clay, urine, oil, honey, etc., everything that Naturism suggests. Therefore, I got up from meditation, prepared the cream with Agnihotra ash, stood up in front of the mirror and I placed it directly on the wart with a small piece of toilet paper so it would not dribble down the cheek. I did this every night for three or four days. Then, the opened wart was closed and it turned into a small black point. When I moved it, the skin moved with the point. After about ten days, that dark wart fell off and it has not reappeared till today. This happened in the beginning of my practice with Homa Therapy and prompted me to use this technique with my patients.

     Later we had an experience with a dog-named Bruno. In the world of science, we often say, "this is a placebo", but the truth is that plants and animals cannot believe. It means that a certain type of energy is present, vivifying, re-establishing the matrix of life, producing these changes. And this happened with Bruno. Bruno was a golden furred Labrador. He had a tumor of the size of a lemon on his nose. He was going to be operated. We then started to do Agnihotra and put the ash together with ghee on this tumor. With his paw, he took off the cream and licked it. We continued applying it and also gave it to him in a plate to eat. After 4 days, there was no tumor. It was as if the ball had been deflated and peeled away. Two months later, when we went back to see him, this spot was covered by brown fur. We realized that Homa Therapy in its bio-energetic form enters into a frequency range of life. Homa Therapy re-establishes and rearranges the energy matrix of life."

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Continuation -
Dr. Mario Chavez  and Yuri

"We had a case of a 3 year old child with a tumor in the lacrimal duct and the prognostics were very serious. He needed a many hours surgery and a plastic surgeon to reconstruct the lacrimal duct. It would be costly.

     This family that did not have the money. However, through the social department and the village priest, they managed to receive the authorization for surgery in eight months to a year. Meanwhile, I suggested them, to apply the Agnihotra ash with ghee on that spot when the boy was sleeping. The tumor looked like a corn seed. In the beginning, it was little but it grew. The family continued applying the Agnihotra cream.
Months later we saw them again; the child was fine and we asked what had happened? They said that the operation only took 10 minutes and everything went well. In addition, there was no need for a reconstruction surgery.
It seems that the tumor seemed to grow, but it was actually moving away from the lacrimal duct. Then it was easy to cut off the tumor in 10 minutes. This was an awesome experience.

        A woman came to our Homa Therapy workshop, learned Agnihtora and bought her kit. She lived with her very rude son who was using bad words.
She planned to move and was packing up boxes. She immediately began the practice of Agnihotra in the house to clean it energy wise. After one week of doing Agnihotra, her son asked her: "Hi Mommy, how are you? Can I help you? I will take care of the move; please do not lift any heavy boxes, because you are so fragile. I will do it." He had turned around 180 degrees.
She told us "it was a miracle" because he had treated her very badly for years.

     Another beautiful experience was with a woman who also came to a class to learn about Homa Therapy and took her Agnihotra kit home. She managed the family business of manufacturing sweaters, which her parents had built.
They were at the point to file for bankruptcy because many employees left. They have seen a ghost that scared them. However, after starting the practice of Agnihotra and Triambakam Homa, the employees watched this ghost jump into the void and did never return. She said that Homa has saved her business.

We can keep talking and talking, because we have about 25 years of experience with Homa Therapy."  (Photo: Dr. Mario and his wife Yuri)

Yuri Chavez (wife of Dr. Mario)
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

        "What I like most about Homa Therapy is the psycho-emotional part is to see how broken relationships are reconstructed. This very wonderful gift of forgiveness awakens. When this happens, everything is empowered in the human being. I have a personal experience with someone close to us. Due to business matters, he became distant.
From our side, we were sending prayers, beautiful thoughts. We dedicated many Homa Fires to this person. On my birthday, he came, gave me a big hug and sang "happy birthday". Everyone present, jumped of joy and applauded, because that was something wonderful, something unique."

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Odalys Révero Menéndez
Artemisa, Cuba, Caribbean Island

      "I am 48 years old. I came to know about Homa Therapy through my daughter, who knew Mrs. Renate. I had a lot of pain in my body. I also was suffering from hot flashes due to the menopause. I started doing the Homa Fires and I felt improvement after one week. I do not have body aches any longer and the hot flashes disappeared little by little.

I also take the Agnihotra ash with water every day. I have received enormous blessings through Homa Therapy."
(Photos: 1) Mrs. Odalys Reveró 2) Mrs. Renate, who teaches the Homa healing Fires on her trips to Cuba)

Yamila Cano Rivero
Artemisa, Cuba, Caribbean Island
"I'm 23 years old. I started practicing Homa Therapy through my friend Renate. I had a problem with tonsillitis and during the crises’ I felt horrible. I suffered from headache, fever, weakness and I could not eat.
My therapy was based on medicines and injections. Nevertheless, it did not help me to improve my health. However, thanks to the practice of Homa Therapy, I have never again had these problems. I also take the Agnihotra ash. Homa Therapy gives me energy."    
(Photo: Ms. Yamila)

Miriam Rivero Menéndez
Artemisa, Cuba, Caribbean Island
"I am 52 years old. I have always had problems with my eyes. They were shedding many tears and in the afternoons my vision was super blurry. Since I started attending the Agnihotra Fire and using the eye drops prepared with Agnihotra ash, I have improved a lot and I no longer need to use the glasses all day, but only for reading. Thanks to Agnihotra, my eyes are no more tearing. I do take its healing ash orally and I feel great the whole day."
(Photo: Mrs. Miriam Rivero)

Alexis Martínez Gómez
Artemisa, Cuba, Caribbean Island
      "I am 47 years old. I suffered from back pain for years. I have been using drugs for the pain because it made it impossible for me to sleep. I felt a strong pressure on the nerves and the pain was desperate. I could not stand or lie down. I had no peace.
Now, I have practiced Agnihotra for several months, thanks to a neighbor. I take its healing ash orally and also prepare the ointment with ghee (clarified butter) to apply on the back. Now I can sleep perfectly without any obstacle. This is more than a miracle for me."  

(Photo: Mr. Alexis Martínez)

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      Cecilia and Francisco Fernandez, reporting their HOMA garden success in spite of living in an extreme climate:
"Dear friends, here some photos of our fruits such as peaches, grapefruit, apples, chestnuts, walnuts, figs and tunas. They are in full production with the help of Homa Therapy and despite the very high temperatures. We have seen how the peach trees have improved with continued application of Agnihotra ash. 
Loving greetings from Cochiguaz, Elqui Valley,Chile"   (see photos this page)

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       The Harvard School of Public Health sent a strong message to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and nutrition experts everywhere with the recent release of its “Healthy Eating Plate” food guide. The university was responding to the USDA’s new MyPlate guide for healthy eating, which replaced the outdated and misguided food pyramid.

    Harvard’s nutrition experts did not pull punches,

declaring that the university’s food guide was based on sound nutrition research and more importantly, not influenced by food industry lobbyists. The greatest evidence of its research focus is the absence of dairy products from the “Healthy Eating Plate” based on Harvard’s assessment that “…high intake can increase the risk of prostate cancer and possibly ovarian cancer.” The Harvard experts also referred to the high levels of saturated fat in most dairy products and suggested that collards, bok choy, fortified soy milk, and baked beans are safer choices than dairy for obtaining calcium, as are high quality supplements.
Kudos to Harvard for promoting greater consumption of vegetables and fruits, as well as healthier protein options such as fish, beans or nuts. And kudos to Harvard for ignoring the lobbyists and showing the USDA what healthy eating is all about.  Read more:



By Dayal Chandra Soni

God or Goddess Nature gave hands, a heart, and a mind to every human being. This means that human beings, who are using their hands, must combine this with the use of their hearts, as well as with the use of their heads.

God made human beings as ‘whole’ people. God did not create one class of people with only hands (having no heart and no mind), nor a second class endowed with only hearts (having no hands and no mind), nor a third class of only minds (having no hands and no heart). But our schools today have only been dealing with the minds of their students. They forget that the mind alone cannot be educated or developed properly, without combining it with the use of hands and heart. Thus, our schools are creating a society of crippled human beings as they are engaged in a rebellion against what Nature has ordained. Our model of education today is Anti-Nature and that is why it is proving to be a pollutant not only of our ecology, but also of our minds. If this very school education is continued and universalized, it is bound to prove itself a great calamity for our future generations. So, let us not continue to keep our school education ‘Crippled and Anti-Nature’ but let us make it ‘Wholesome and Pro-Nature’, so that it may prove to be not a bane but a boon for the future of humanity. To download full article:  www.learndev.org/dl/VS3-00eProcOfLife.PDF



     About a year ago I got fed up with carrying a purse full of tampons. I also noticed, that wearing tampons seemed to cause more severe cramping. Not wanting to wear a giant pad each day, I began looking for alternative solutions.

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         Agnihotra with our wonderful host, Dr. Cesar Merino, his mother and friends. Dr. Merino is a well-known and famous Urologist in Ecuador, who encourages his patients to participate and experience the healing effects of Homa Therapy.

In the Homa Center in North Guayaquil, the couple, Viviana Estéves and Mario Angulo, organize regular Homa Therapy sessions with their patients and friends.(Photos right and below)

Here, we met the happy parents (the Rangels’) of the little baby girl named Kiki-Homa (left).
She was born into a family Homa. She is healthy, happy, and already meditates!

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  In the Homa Center Guayaquil, which operates under the direction of
Sonia Hunter,  classes are being held for Agnihotris to learn the Tryambakam and other Mantras.

In this Homa Center Agnihotra is practiced daily and it serves the community for over a dozen years.
Dr. James Peterson was inspired to establish this Homa Center.

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       In the Homa Medical Center "The Good Shepherd" of Dr. Jaime Montufar, we shared a Rudra Yagnya with a group of Agnihotris.

 The Mantras, the power of thousands of "Swaha's", the Fires with their heat and energy created an environment where the mind concentrates in the moment, one breathes deeply and enjoys being in this wonderful company.

(Photos this page)

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        Before Agnihotra time, we lit our pyramids again to celebrate the last rays of the sun and capture their healing energies. Then we sat in silence while the Fires were burning with full force, purifying and healing everything in its way.
        The wife of Dr. Montufar, Olga, had a delicious salad prepared to nourish our physical body and to come back on planet earth.
(Photo left - Dr. Jaime Montufar and his wife, Eng. Olga Benítez. Photo below- during Agnihotra in the Homa clinic "Good Shepherd".)

Sharing Agnihotra in the "Amaranto" Restaurant,
or as we call it "Amar-tanto" (love so much)

(photo left)

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  A Festival of healing Fires before leaving Guayaquil. This city is in good hands with the many Agnihotris practicing daily this technique, purifying air and atmosphere.

(photos this page)

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       The Tribe ‘MaYu’ in West Palm Beach knows and practices the Homa Fires for many years. In this nutrition store and trainings center, Dr. Mario Chavez and his wife Yuri invite their customers to know this powerful practice.

     It was a great joy, after a long time, to see the MaYu Tribe again and celebrate Agnihotra together.
  (Picture to the right - the MaYu tribe; Dr. Mario Chavez holds the pyramid, his wife Yuri is to his right.)  Ms. Elena accompanied with Tibetan singing bowls. (photo below)

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It was wonderful to visit the house of Mrs. Miriam Molano and her lovely mother to share Agnihotra in this peaceful environment.

 (photos this page)

Since some people did not know Homa Therapy, Prof. Abel gave an introductory talk and presented the effects of Homa Therapy in the fields of health and agriculture. Some Agnihotris also shared their personal experiences.

   To make use of every moment, we did concentration exercises and posture correctors, while we were watching videos of healings achieved with the implementation of the Homa fires. Afterwards, all were invited to share a healthy meal prepared with love.

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     Mr. Carlos Mahecha and Mr. Helman Ruiz interviewed Prof. Abel about the benefits of Homa Therapy. Mrs. Miriam invited the listeners to have their own experience through coming to the workshops and visiting the Homa Centers   (photos above)

     Unforgettable moments in front of the Sacred Fire in the company of seekers of Light. The sounds of the bell helped us focus on the moment; our hearts were full of gratitude for such beauty.

    After Agnihotra, we shared prayers for peace, blessings for Mother Earth, the joy of birds, the sounds of the wind and natures’ serenity.

(see photos above and left)

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     Prof. Abel taught anti-stress techniques in a workshop at the Nutrition Center Mayu. We did a range of relaxing chair exercises and we also saw a presentation about over-stress and its effects. We know that the Agnihotra drastically reduces stress symptoms.  (photo above)

    The second part of the Anti-Stress Homa workshop was given in Boynton Beach and organized by Veterinary Dr. Carla Cossyleon.
     Through movements and exercises, we learned about our weaker parts and how to strengthen them and correct our posture. Everyone including the children enjoyed these practices.

(photos above and right)

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       There were many exercises, tests, laughter and new teachings that afternoon. The basic fire of Homa Therapy, Agnihotra and its multiple effects on health and wellness were explained before sunset. We were all amazed and happy to experience Agnihotra in its most relaxing way. Then, the workshop continued with a variety of video testimonies according to the problems of the participants.    (see photos this page)

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Yajnya is the science of purification of the atmosphere through the agency of FIRE. This science is as old as creation. There are various types of Yajnyas for fulfillment of various objectives.
    Basic YAJNYA is AGNIHOTRA tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/sunset. A small fire is prepared in a copper pyramid of fixed size. Dried pieces of cowdung, clarified butter from cow's milk and a few grains of unbroken, raw rice are the materials used in this process of offering to the fire.
    In all ancient civilizations of the world, cowdung i.e. dung from male or female progeny of a cow, was considered as an important medicinal substance for treatment of various human diseases.    Ancient science describes sunrise thus:
“At sunrise the many fires, electricities, ethers and more subtle energies emanating from the sun extend all the way to the Earth and produce a flood effect at those coordinates where the sun is said to rise. It is awesome. The flood enlivens and purifies everything in its path, destroying what is impure in its wake. This torrent of life sustaining energies causes all life to rejoice. At sunrise that music can be heard. The morning Agnihotra Mantra is the essence of that music. It is the quintessential sound of that flood. At sunset the flood recedes.”
The offerings to fire are done with the accompaniment of Mantras.
What is Mantra? Definition of Mantra: There are vibrations that exist everywhere. It is only vibrations when you go into it. Where there is vibration there is also sound. When we do these Mantras, the sounds we utter activate these special vibrations that will create certain atmosphere of effects. Then the desired results are realized. These vibrations exist for everything, so anything can be activated, controlled or changed by Mantras.

When one with a pure mind utters the Mantra into the Agnihotra pyramid at Agnihotra time, the ash retains that energy and the healing properties of the ash become more powerful.
    The effects of Agnihotra atmosphere and Agnihotra ash for growing healthy crops in a shorter period are well documented (please see: www.homa1.com) Agnihotra ash medicines are used by thousands of people with great benefit to themselves.
    Agnihotra is to be performed DAILY at sunrise and sunset to keep the Nature's cycles in harmony.
    At the junction of 2 seasons there is likelihood of epidemic. Hence several medicinal HOMAS are prescribed with different sets of Mantras.
    Then there are special HOMAS for getting rains, for getting a male child or a female child. This forms part of biogenetics.
    Bigger Yajnyas (HOMAS) like SOMAYAG, AGNISHTOMA, JYOTISHTOMA are done for purification of the environment, reducing the burden on the mind, making mind full of LOVE. In such Yajnyas chanting of Mantras and offerings to fire goes on for several days. In Somayag there is one process where first all the surrounding area is charged with Mantras and their vibrational effects. Then cow's milk and goat's milk is obtained while chanting certain Mantras. These two are then mixed while chanting certain Mantras. Then simultaneously Mantras from SAMAVEDA and other Vedas are uttered. This energizes the whole area. When the mixture of these 2 milks and ghee (clarified butter) are offered to the fire a flame shoots up, up to 10 meters high and the effect goes up to the biosphere.
    By using this Supertechnology we can eradicate pollution factors on a large scale.

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     Maheshwar, the site chosen by Master Shree Vasant, for these planetary purifying Yajnyas.  (Above photos, show the temples of Maheshwar town in front of the sacred river Narmada, a sunset, invitation to the Somayag, art created with colorful spices and the large Somayag hall.) 

Photo above left: Mother Kusumji (wife of Master Shree Vasant) giving her blessings to the chief priest Achal and Bhakti (his wife) who were responsible for implementing the Somayag successfully with the group of priests.
Photo top right: Mr. Abhay Paranjpe (son of Master Shree Vasant) with his wife Anjali, receiving the fire (inside the red box) as it arrives at the Goshala; on his left side, the chief priests Achal y Bhakti Apte.

The priests are lighting the Sacred Fire which was lying dormant in the red box.

Sarvajit Paranjpe (grandson of Master Shree Vasant, responsible for the Homa Goshala Maheshwar) his wife Asmitha and their little daughter Ishwari also have a specific role in the Somayag.

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The photos above show some of the instruments and ingredients used in the Somayag, such as special wood, cow dung cakes, the Soma plant, cow's and goat´s milk, etc. and watchful priests. This whole process and knowledge comes from the Ancient Vedic Wisdom.

The priests handle a variety of Sacred Fires in different Kundas (determined specifically marked sites) within the Somayag shala in these five days. Each one of their actions is accompanied with Vedic Mantras. This is a Science of Sound and Light. The priests study and follow strict disciplines for many years in order to partake in these Somayags.

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During these five days of the Somayag hundreds of Agnihotras are lit by people of all ages, continents, creeds, etc.

Each Agnihotra Fire contributes to the welfare of our planet, purifies the atmosphere, increases the capacity to love and clarifies our thoughts, just to name a few of the many positive effects of this simple and inexpensive healing technique.


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     There is a Great Healing Power and Purification happening through the Somayag, the massive practice of Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset and the 24 hour continuous Tryambakam Homa. All this is occurring in a simply beautiful environment. The mind, body and soul rejoice...

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    It is highly recommended to put all the attention on the process of the Somayag, meditate, watch and focus on Flames, listen carefully to the Mantras, etc. to maximize the benefits of the gift of being able to be present in a unique event like this.

However, there was also enough time to meet new friends, walk on the banks of Narmada River; share music and songs from different countries, etc. Lisa Powers taught some of the wonderful Universal Dances for Peace.

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Aaron Kidd, an angel from Australia (photo above), came about 6 weeks prior to the event to plant the garden with an ever wider variety of vegetables (lettuce and pumpkin varieties, carrots, beets, cucumbers, squash, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, fennel, beans, okra, aromatic and culinary herbs, etc., etc.) for the many national and international visitors coming to this auspicious Somayag.

Later on, Aaron had many helpers for this task of providing organic Homa products for the cooks that created wonderful menus.

(Photos to the right show the Homa Goshala garden and above some of the delicious Homa crops.)

         We want to take this opportunity to clarify that it is virtually impossible to mention all people, angels, and beings that directly and indirectly contributed to the happening of this Somayag. But, we bow in front of all and express from the depths of our being: "THANK YOU".

Note: The photos from the Somayag have been shared by Ricardo and Christa Mena, Camila Paz, Ashley Fernandez, Frank Lusman, Prem Yogi, Ernesto Vega and Aleta Macan.

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      The two kitchen teams (eastern and western food) were responsible for the physical welfare and they did it the gourmet Homa way. Under the wings of chef Suwindi and her assistants and volunteers, some also chefs like Sara Lee and Josefa, all participants enjoyed the tasty and remarkable meals.
For Karina and her team, there was no obstacle on the site that could not be resolved.
The doctor couple, Ernesto and Andrea and their assistant Marisol always appeared when it was necessary or even before.
Thank you all for your service given with so much love and joy!

      On the sixth day, the Somayag ended with dances and music on the way to deliver some of the instruments used and now highly charged into the sacred river Narmada.

At this time, most of the participants also glide into the river, swimming and enjoying Mother Narmada. After this bath one feels renewed and energized.

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       Silence. Keep silence one hour a day, at any point in the day. Each day find something to do which makes you happy. Any small thing. You will become aware that this will make others happy as well.

       Cycles of birth and death are never ending. TO HAVE THIS OPPORTUNITY IN THIS LIFE TO TRANSCEND IS LIBERATION. It is a time for total surrender, but do not surrender to a physical form, but to the Divine. Indeed, HE is above all—PURE and completely ONE.

       When a person rises higher, do you think he becomes someone else? No. He just really lets himself be innocent and uncovers the diamond within. All the layers of ego have to go.

           After some time the strain becomes more and more and even the best personal relationships fail. So one has to have humility. Until one is willing to really go a little deeper, all the relationships are the same: highs and lows. Pride is the worst enemy. Humility is the way.

          Blood takes on every colour which we produce in the mind and carries it to the body. Therefore it is necessary to cultivate and preserve in the mind the clear, pure attitude of the spirit so that the bodily atoms get pure. This helps the welfare of surroundings.

          Start some ladies classes, not to teach but for devotional singing. This is now necessary. Few women will teach Fivefold Path in the way men will go. However women will carry major part of this Divine message. You are to give love to the people through simple means. When you reach a stage where all you do is serve others and be full of love all the time, people come to you. There is no need to speak. You only look into the eyes and it is done. Power is not put into the hands of those unworthy or incapable of it. Use this strength to deliver impacts to the people. You will see how through your humble love it will go.

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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Mind Altering Substances
Yes, yes. The forces of darkness know no boundaries, but Light forces them to retreat. Thus, if your concentration is one-pointed on the Light, no negative energies can enter your auras.

We shall discuss the use of mind-altering substances, no matter how seemingly innocuous they may be. When one alters the mind through stimulants, depressants or hallucinogens, one leaves the mind in an unguarded state, thus open to outside influences. One has less control over one’s perceptions and thus puts one in a state which negative energies can permeate. What is amazing is that human beings will likely not perceive the inherent danger, due to a sense of fearlessness artificially created by the drugs.

By the way, the recent use of Ayahuasca falls directly into this category. Indeed, there is a sinister reason behind why it has become so widespread.

Those of you Light Workers who continue to use alternate substances to increase your mental capacities or instill states of consciousness which you perceive as ‘higher,’ beware! This substance, Ayahuasca, is particularly dangerous for those who have affiliated themselves with pure spiritual pathways. Your sensitivity levels are higher than the normal beings. Drugs are the opposite. You thus become more susceptible to negative influences on the mind.

Yes, yes. More crucial information on the substance Ayahuasca. While certainly mind-altering and mind refining in some cases where use of this substance was more carefully supervised—the effects of it are far more deleterious than one would think. Energetically, this substance can wreak havoc with one’s entire system. It most certainly leaves one more open and vulnerable to dark energies. In some cases, permanent damage has resulted; in others, even possession has been recorded. It is not safe to experiment with it, especially in times such as these.

One needs one’s wits about one. It is not ‘of the Light.’
Be aware.

On Levels of Meditation
What you perceive are the various levels of awareness, as you go deeper into the realms of consciousness via meditation. You come to experience these states in rapid succession whilst sitting in still repose.

The mind initially quickens and is in a more pointed state of sensitivity where outside noises maintain one’s conscious awareness.

This is swiftly followed by the next phase during which sounds fade away and thoughts are more profound, more expansive.

The next stage is where the very thoughts begin to disappear, as that literal state of awareness gives way to a wordless sense of peace. Go beyond this, where higher vibratory sound begins to carry you further into stillness. High-pitched sounds of bells or ringing fill the ears and vibrate through the body. Breath is attuned to these sounds.

It can be said that in this higher realm, one no longer perceives what is outer, what is inner. A subtle sense of Oneness pervades. A wordless sense of peace is experienced.

At this stage, the new energies coming into the planet find no resistance. At this stage one is vibrating with the universe.

It is carrying this awakened state into everyday life that requires balance in material and spiritual reality. One’s every movement becomes an act of meditation. One, at this point, to bring it into the vernacular, begins to ‘walk the talk.’ One’s vibratory level remains intact. One no longer experiences such great highs followed by devastating lows.

To reach this state—
More meditation.
More conscious creating of still, peaceful spaces in which to feel that peace.
More fires.
More prayer.
More music—from the heart.

This is the time for rising.

Blessings abound.

Más info: www.oriontransmissions.com

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