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        Let us do a little self-study (Swadhyaaya). According to Ayurveda, man is composed of:
1) Annamaya Kosha - food layer
2) Pranamaya Kosha - vital layer
3) Manomaya Kosha - Mental layer
4) Vignanamaya Kosha - wisdom layer
5) Anandamaya Kosha - layer of bliss, Soul
         These layers make up the bodies: physical, astral and causal. These bodies move in their respective planes or dimensions.               As a being achieves mastery (control over one body), he/she/it also gets some freedom in the respective plane. This depends on their degree of identification with a body and the attachment to that plane.
            These bodies intertwine and they are vehicles for the soul to learn certain lessons.       Along with the physical body, we also have senses. They are windows to the outside world and they can be used properly or improperly.      
The relative sensory percentage of the senses is more or less:
sight - 80%
hearing - 14%
smell - 3%
touch - 2%
taste - 1%
           These percentages vary according to the activity that is being carry out. Thus, 90 % of the perceptions of a car driver are visual.                 If the senses are well used, they can protect us, maintain and support our activities and psychophysical development.        For example, through smell and taste, we can accept or reject certain foods.


The practice of the Fivefold Path helps us to control the Mind and the Senses.

     The mind is connected to the senses. The mind can confirm or deny the conclusion of the senses. Thus, what a person with thirst in the desert would pick to drink:   a) a liter of water,
b) a liter of beer, c) a liter of whiskey...?
       A fine and precise reasoning would choose water. A clear mind with disciplined senses leads to wellness.        However, a cloudy mind and undisciplined senses (unstable) lead to the disease.   Let us use our imagination and a bit of symbolism to understand this and look at these characters:
   Animals or horses = senses
   The chauffeur or pilot = mind
   The passenger = soul
   These are two scenes;
1- A carriage with 5 well-trained horses, and a sober driver who can take the passenger to the correct destination.
2- A carriage drawn by five Broncos and a drunk or weak driver who would take the passenger to a wrong destiny or rollover.
Today, it seems that many carriages  show: the senses as the masters, the minds as the servants and the souls are totally ignored
If we control the tongue, it is easier to control the other senses. The tongue can serve for eating and speaking. If we eat nutrients and speak with precision, compassion and love, we help others and ourselves.

Your comments, questions, suggestions and healing reports for the Homa Newsletter are welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com



   If we eat non-nutritive or toxic substances and speak with anger and harshness, we hurt others and ourselves.
Question: What do you eat and what do you do with your other senses?
      The Fivefold Path (FP) helps us to purify the mind, control the senses and recognize the soul.

    Yes, yes, yes, the FP (Yagnya, Daana, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaaya) leads us to Peace.

OM Fivefold Path OM



Christian Alvaro Vasquez Soto
Carabayllo, Lima, Peru

    "I am working in a Social Security (EsSalud) Hospital in emergency services. I learned about Homa Therapy 10 years ago, but I started with its daily  practice only two years ago. I remember, six years ago, when I did the Homa Fires for a while, I made some small fires, but found no one to advise and guide me. Even though I did not give  much credibility to Homa Therapy, I experienced  two significant changes in my life.
  When I started practicing these Fires, I suddenly got a visa for Australia. It seemed that someone knocked on the door and gave me the visa, money, ticket, everything.

    Another interesting thing is that my partner was sterile and could not have children. Now, we have a daughter and she is a Homa child.

Then I distanced myself from a lot of people who did not allow my personal evolution and I became a vegetarian. Abroad, I saw many things that happened with these Fires. They generate a tremendous vibration, not only for health; this is just one of many fields where it manifests. I returned to Peru and entered a job contest, which Dr. Jesus Borja was evaluating. He is the director of the "Hospital EsSalud Paul Nogier" and he asked me: "Well my friend, why did you go abroad, leaving everything here and what did you do there?" I said that I went to study and learn some things about a bio-energetic therapy. Then he told me that just recently he had met a person who has healed his father with a pyramid fire and he asked me to explain and he said: * "I'll give you a 19. If you win, please come to my hospital, we need your support. I have a specialty in Complementary Medicine. "
And I won the contest and entered EsSalud again. But not only did I win this contest, I also won five others and I do not think that this happened because of my intelligence. The practice of Homa Therapy gives you an optimism at all levels and gets the best out the person. Then I went and introduced myself to Dr. Borja and he said: "That is good." And we quickly started with Homa Therapy in the hospital together with Dr. Torres.
         We have seen many dozens of cases of healing, we can explain some, but many are beyond our intellect and are inexplicable, for example, the case of a girl of 4 years of age with diabetes. The doctors could not resolve her problem.               
 *In Peru the evaluations are from 1 to 20                                             (continued next page)

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           So I invited the father to bring his child to Homa Therapy and he was coming with his daughter for two months and then said that his daughter’s diabetes has disappeared.    The doctors could not explain that !!!!!
         I also saw how 3 dry trees in front of the hospital that never had bloomed, suddenly were filled with flowers and humming birds and

people gathered around them. I could see how the Homa fires generate purity and healed some women with cancer. Also, one begins to meet beautiful people and to bring out the best we are. I think this is the best job I ever had in so many lives - the power to bestow and teach the Agnihotra Fire. I do not see it as an expense or loss of time, but as a gift to the world, a service. We invite you to our Medical Center and to join us."
(Photo: Med Tec Christian Vasquez (center) teaching Homa Therapy in the hospital.)

Sofia Reñego
Hospital EsSalud Paul Nogier
Carabayllo, Lima, Peru

"I am 53 years old. I came to Homa Therapy a year ago. I was very depressed and suffered from anxiety. I could not sleep; I had insomnia. The drugs I took no longer had an effect on me. I was awake all night and had to work the next day. I was like this for about half a year. Then I saw the invitations to Homa Therapy, which were posted on the walls of the hospital and I immediately came to the session with Dr. Torres and Therapist Alvaro Vasquez.
Already on the first day, I felt a big change.

After the third or fourth Homa Therapy session, I stopped taking the pills and replaced them with Agnihotra ash until today. I take it every day and  every time I can. I like to invite everyone to practice Agnihotra for this wonderful technique changes one’s life. It helped me exchange all the bad thoughts with positive attitudes. Before, I remembered all the bad things and suffered from grudges, but not now. All this is forgotten. It has regulated everything, also the sleep and my appetite. Now, everything is balanced."                                      (Photo: Mrs.  Sofia giving her testimony in the hospital.)

Fortunato Quiroz García
Clínica Universitaria
Comas, Lima, Peru

      "I am 72 years old. Before I was depressed and did not converse with people. But coming to the Homa Therapy sessions lifted my spirits. Now I talk with people and laugh. My life has changed. After more or less 5 sessions I felt this change."                                                       (Photo: Mr. Fortunato)

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Norma Yanet Silva Estela
Hospital EsSalud Paul Nogier
Carabayllo, Lima, Peru

     "I am 42 years old. The doctors detected third stage breast cancer. , because when you are told "you have cancer", you are full of fears. You think that you will die.  Chemotherapy treatment of third grade had not shown any effects; the tumor continued to grow and reached a size of 12x10 cm. It was quite large.  After surgery, the Chemotherapy treatment applied was for  fourth stage Cancer. The procedure was chemo, surgery and again chemo. During the chemo therapy I could not walk, the pain was intense and I felt

it even in my bones. I could not eat. I was pushing and screaming when I was alone in my room. I did not allow anyone to visit me because I felt like a human sponge.
The doctors had told me that treatment would be very strong and that everything depended on whether my body could endure such treatment which finishes the defenses. I could not sleep and thought the worst. I was worried about who will care for my children. By taking the Agnihotra ash, I slept as if I had been taking 4 Diazepam tablets and  I felt completely peaceful the next day.  My mood began to change too. I was no longer with this tension, this nervousness and my mind did not betray me any longer.
              I did not want to receive the fifth chemo, I was scared. But after taking the Agnihotra ash, it was easy. This Ash helped me a lot. Only one day I was in pain, but the pain was mild and bearable. Before, they had to give me 3 times strong painkillers to endure the pain. Then I did not need them and the doctor was amazed and asked me if I was not in pain? The chemo therapy practically did not affect me anymore. After the chemo, back at home, I was quiet, and sleepy. Before taking the Agnihotra ash, after chemo I suffered with pain for 7 days, I felt my body like stabbed by knives. All this occurred in March. This was 9 months ago and I feel great.

    I did all the exams and now I have nothing. Emotionally I feel good and I take more care about what I eat. I take the Agnihotra ash with water all day long. If I feel some anxiety, I take a little more ash and I feel good again.
Also, I have an 8 year old daughter, Patricia Yanet, who was very restless. She has a big anxiety to eat and was quite overweight. At first she did not want to take the Agnihotra ash, but I mixed it with yogurt and after 5 days her anxiety disappeared. It is amazing, because before she was eating and she wanted more and more, but then she started telling me ‘mom, I'm not hungry, I do not want to eat more’. Her anxiety is gone. She only eats what is necessary and she is losing weight."
          (Photo: Mrs. Norma Yanet giving her testimony and practicing Agnihotra.)

Mirella Campodorico
Hospital EsSalud Paul Nogier
Carabayllo, Lima, Peru

      "I am 40 years old. I have always suffered from migraine and lately I have been suffering also from insomnia. When Dr. Torres invited me to the Homa workshops, I participated and I took the Agnihotra ash. My migraine has not yet disappeared completely, but there is more time between the crises. And now I sleep peacefully."

(Photo: Mrs. Mirella)

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Dr. Jaime Montufar, Guayaquil, Ecuador explains his Homa experiment:
"We planted two plum plant in our farm. Both seedlings are daughters of the same plant. It is sown by using a small branch and not by seed. To one, we applied the Homa treatment (photo below right) and to the other one, not (photo below left). So,  one  got Agnihotra ash and was irrigated it with Agnihotra ash water and the other one only got the regular tap water.
          When the fruits were ripe and we began to industrialize them making pickles in vacuumed jars, we noted that
the fruits that had received the Agnihotra ash treatment, remained very well and intact. The fruits that had not received the Homa treatment, began to decompose after some time.
        The flavor of the fruits is also different. The taste with Homa Therapy is sweet, delicious and the fruit has more flesh.
Whereas the other is rough outside, and the taste is acidic. They are quite different! These two jars are about 3 years old and they show us that products with Homa energy have more life."

Plums without Homa treatment.

Dr. Jaime Montufar with the results of his experiment.

Plums with Homa treatment.


Mrs. Luisa Aurora Correa wrote from Argentina:
         "I like to share an experience I made with an orange plant that was drying. It recovered within one month of Homa treatment putting Agnihotra ash directly on the soil and with water macerated with this ash.
Not only that it recovered, it also gave flowers and was filled with little fruits in December, almost January.  The orange trees usually bloom in September. So, by Homa Blessing and personal effort I have oranges this summer."
Photos below from the recovered orange plant.)

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Photo by Vilainecrevette, Alamy


Huge animal die-offs, along with disease outbreaks and other population stressors, are happening more often.

Jane J. Lee, National Geographic
We're not talking about a few dead fish littering your local beach. Mass die-offs are individual events that kill at least a billion animals, wipe out over 90 percent 

of a population, or destroy 700 million tons—the equivalent weight of roughly 1,900 Empire State Buildings—worth of animals. And according to new research, such die-offs are on the rise. To read full article, please see:



By Fabiola Ortiz
Pisac, Peru , 23rd Dec. 2014 (IPS)

     In this town in Peru’s highlands over 3,000 meters above sea level, in the mountains surrounding the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the Quechua Indians who have lived here since time immemorial are worried about threats to their potato crops from alterations in rainfall

 patterns and temperatures.    "The families’ food security is definitely at risk," agricultural technician Lino Loayza told IPS. "The rainy season started in September, and the fields should be green, but it has only rained two or three days, and we’re really worried about the effects of the heat."
        "We are all joined together by potatoes, in our style of life, gastronomy, culture and spirituality. Potatoes are sacred, we have to know how to treat them, they are important for our livelihoods and they connect us to life." says Lino Mamani. To read full article, please see:


By Jency Samuel /IPS

NAGAPATNAM, India, 9th Jan. 2015 (IPS) -
Standing amidst his lush green paddy fields in Nagapatnam, a coastal district in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, a farmer named Ramajayam

remembers how a single wave changed his entire life.
The simple farmer was one of thousands whose agricultural lands were destroyed by the 2004 Asian tsunami, as massive volumes of saltwater and meter-high piles of sea slush inundated these fertile fields in the aftermath of the disaster.
"The general perception is that organic farming takes years to yield good results and revenue. But during post-tsunami rehabilitation work [...] we proved that in less than a year organic methods, we could yield better results than chemical farming." - M Revathi, the founder-trustee of the Tamil Nadu Organic Farmers' Movement (TOFarM)  For further information please see:

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      The Medical Technician, Christian Alvaro Vasquez, organized a Homa Therapy presentation at the EsSalud Polyclinic Paul Nogier, where he works in the emergency room.  

We were also happy to meet Dr. Jorge Torres, other Agnihotra practitioners, patients and people interested in learning more about this ancient healing technique. Prof. Abel Hernandez gave an audiovisual introduction of Homa Therapy in the field of human health. There were many healing testimonies to record, since Homa Therapy is practiced regularly in this clinic for almost a year, under the guidance of Christian Vasquez and Dr. Torres.

       At Agnihotra time, a dozen pyramids were lit, radiating healing energies. There were flames reaching over a meter height, bathing, harmonizing and healing us with Light. (photos this page)

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   On Saturday, we met in the vegetarian restaurant "Sabor y Vida" of Prof. Humberto Guerrero and his wife Ana Maria.  We enjoyed the company of beautiful beings together with the healing Homa Fires.

            In front of the Fire, we are able to recharge our batteries. The Prana flows freely reconnecting us with our essence and with the whole universe.

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   Sharing Agnihotra healing fires Monday to Saturday with a guided meditation and prayers for Peace in the heart of all beings and on all the planes.

(photos this page)

Although we are in the midst of Christmas time, the Agnihotris firmly stick to the daily practice of Homa Therapy. Some even feel more necessity for it in these busy days...

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 Agnihotra allows us to find strength, light and inner silence. Then we join our voices in singing the Mantra

    A gentle wind takes care to carry the blessings in all directions ...

    (photos this page)

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                   Christmas with HOMA Fires!
The mind is at peace, the heart is full of love and the spirit is flying with wings of Light. We are filled with gratitude and feel so blessed.  
                         (Photos this page)

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     In order to say goodbye with gratitude to the year 2014 and receive 2015 with the blessings and energies of the Homa Fires,
we met for a
Rudra Yagnya

in the late evening of December 31st.
  (photos this page)

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      Before midnight, we chanted the Mantra "OM SHREE" (photo above) and rang a bell for one minute until exactly midnight; then everyone did the Vyahruti Homa and we remained quietly in meditation as the healing flames blazed and paved the way for the blessings of 2015. (photo below)
This is a wonderful way to celebrate this very special night with friends treading the Path of Unconditional Love. Yes, yes, yes, 2015 can only be a Happy Year!

       After the Divine Communion, we turn into our brother-sister union. So, we shared a rich vegetarian meal, fruit juice and cake - all prepared with love.
       We also shared tales, stories and anecdotes about Homa Therapy and Master Shree Vasant, who is always present in our hearts.
      We all feel so fortunate, blessed and full of Gratitude to have been guided to know Homa Therapy, which has changed so much the life of every practitioner. What we are longing for now is to share it; to serve others and  Mother Earth every day again and again with the first and the last rays of the sun through Agnihotra.

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          The New Year also began with a therapeutic yoga class taught by Prof. Abel, which helps us to be more flexible and more aware of our physical and subtle bodies.
       We enjoyed the gentle but powerful exercises, the conscious breathing and the total relaxation through Yoga Nidra at the end of the class.   
More patients are learning about the ayurvedic healing Fires thanks to Dr. Marisol del Mar, who is in charge of Homa Therapy in this hospital along with other volunteers.

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Every day, there are explanations about the many benefits of Homa Therapy and live testimonies. There is also  teaching and practice of Agnihotra fire, questions and answers, etc.

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        Prof. Abel always comes up with some inspiring story to awaken within us the yearnings:
to be better, serve better, give the best of us, recognize that we are created in the image and likeness of the Divine, and to return Home.
          We are being reminded that through the regular practice of

 Agnihotra and Fivefold Path, Divine Grace comes to help us realize these goals.
We also share daily prayers for World Peace, prolonged and guided meditations and Silence.  (photos this page)

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     Upon the arrival to  Guayaquil city, we shared a special Homa with Agnihotris to start the New Year. Afterward its performance, we remained still, breathing deeply the Silence. This wonderful encounter happened at the vegetarian restaurant "Amaranto" of Mr. Patricio Feijoo and his wife Mari.  Mrs. Sophia and her husband Lucas came from Esmeraldas (a 9 hours car drive) to share this experience.  

Upon approaching sunset time, we prepared our pyramids for Agnihotra, a guided meditation and prayers for world peace.
 A deep joy spread from heart to heart.

(photos this page)

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                Mrs. Analia Cuesta sent the following comment and photos:
    ""We had a meeting on Sunday, 21st December. It began with a brief relaxation.    Then I did an introduction to Agnihotra and Homa Therapy and explained who was Master Shree Vasant and the important task of spreading Agnihotra worldwide.
      I emphasized the need to live the Fivefold Path and mentioned the procedure to practice Agnihotra. My team mates helped with this explanation since they have more experience. The event went very well! We were 31 people, four of us with

pyramids and everyone left happy. Thanks for everything!
(see photos above and below)


Eng. Jorge Rivera ( photo left)  wrote from Panama city:
"I'm sharing Homa Therapy with my Hare Krishna friends.
We also did a Rudra Yajnya with Orlando Guia, his wife Maria Alexandra Brito and Mrs. Ida Araujo."
(photo to the right)                    

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We received these photos and letter from Sebastian Figueroa from VIÑA del Mar, Chile:
"I am sending some photos of Homa activities we have been organizing during the month of December with my friend, Paz Manriquez, in Vina del Mar. The photos below show a service activity called  “Afternoon with Homa healing and Meditation" in the ‘Centro Integral Purnam’.        The other photos show: a small gathering at the beach ‘Caleta Abarca’, a unifying consciousness with the vibration of healing sounds and the blessings of the day with much gratitude through sunset Agnihotra.

Purifying and energizing the sacred waters of the ocean."


Reiner Szcypior wrote from Austria:
       "The Project 'World Peace', initiated by Dr. Masaru Emoto, invited Fivefold Path volunteers to participate in the fair called
"Health and Happiness"
 by sharing Agnihotra Homa Healing Fire.
We do shake hands to create a world of peace, happiness and prosperity for all."

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Mrs. Maria Teresa Nuñez reported from the Homa Farm in Tenjo:
"I want to share the wonderful day we spent with Grandma Hummingbird Devi and other women full of light and strength while celebrating the winter solstice. It arrived full of beautiful signs that were delivered as that rituals developed. It was really beautiful. (photo below)
Agnihotra was performed in a sacred space we devoted to the "moon". All this space was filled with healing, purification and vibrations of love.(photo left)

Now we await the arrival of the New Year.  We are sure, according to all the signals we received and our inner feminine force that has been growing in consciousness and power

through all these spiritual encounters that allow us to recognize ourselves in each other, and unify as ONE.

     We received the following information and photos  from the Research Dept. of the "Botica Sol" (formerly Botica de la Abuela) from Armenia:
        "Recently we were involved in the activity 'Urban Garden', a fair that promotes the consumption of healthy foods. In this activity the Botica Sol joined with 3 hours of Tryambakam Homa."  Marcela Peña C. (see photos below)
We continue our daily activities, and the Fire remains very important.

       We perform sunset Agnihotra daily in the company of clients and visitors, invited through ads and posters.
(see posters below)
       On new moon and full moon, we do 12 to 24 hours of Tryambakam Homa respectively.

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Mrs. Luisa Aurora Correa shares:

       "This was our end of the year meditation the Homa way!

Some of my students, who have their Agnihotra kit, participated and it was very beautiful! Sending a million Namastes."

(photos left and below)


      Mrs. Jessica Auza shares these pictures about the 24 hours of Triambakam Homa on full moon of January 4th:
     A happy beginning of 2015!
  We gathered with people coming from different districts of Lima city and began taking turns during the day and night to keep the Tryambakam fire going for 24 hours.

(photos above and below left)

In this healing atmosphere, we made a flower mandala, shared inspirational reading material, meditations and vegetarian snacks; played singing bowls and also lit our AGNIHOTRA fires at sunset and sunrise.

Photo right: A beautiful and spontaneous new moon solstice celebration at home! ...
We suddenly came together without much planning … Evening Agnihotra followed by Tryambakam Fire, singing bowl playing, vegetarian snack and beautiful company.

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      We received the following letter and photos from Mrs. Rocio Pazmiño:
    "I am sending some pictures I took at the meeting of the 'group of friends' (formed in the office of Dr. Jaime Montufar" The Good Shepherd"), on Saturday, December 27th, 2014.
    It was a beautiful meeting where sincere friendship, love, light, happiness, respect, harmony and a beautiful sense of gratitude reigned.


     We thanked our Heavenly Father for all the blessings received in 2014. I particularly feel very happy to be able to perform the Homa fires every day. They have brought great happiness into my life.
May God always protect all of you and have a great year filled with blessings."


The next Somayag will be held in Homa Therapy Goshala, Maheshwar between 3rd and 8th February, 2015.
     This will be the sixth in the series of seven Somayags, the inspiration for which came from Shree Vasant Paranjpe. To date five of these Somayags have been completed successfully. There are still two remaining.
        This 6th Somayag is known as Atiratra. Amongst other benefits its purpose is to give nourishment and longevity to all living things on the planet. The beneficial effect of each of these Maha Yajnyas last for several years. The atmosphere becomes medicinal, nutritious and disease free. Soma Yags yield a great benefit on our psyche.
For more information please visit: www.somayag.org

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       All of our sense organs are focused outwards and not inwards. The sense of touch, the sense of sight, smell, etc., all these five sense organs. Then the body gets used to finding pleasure through these sense organs. All the time the body is trying to seek pleasure by making use of these senses to procure material things and specific situations. So that means, we have to take care how we feed all these five sense organs, so that this ‘I am the body’ consciousness is not more fattened and it is reduced.

        The instrument must be cleansed of anxiety, regret, of doubt, of anger, of lust, of greed, of envy, of pride, of laziness, of desire and of prejudice.

         Be ever grateful if a man gives you a crumb of bread.

           Release the past instead of carrying it around with you. All the time use Mantra to re-focus the mind. When the mind wanders or becomes drawn to one thing or the other, just do the Mantra. Stop, sit and do the Mantra until that center is again in focus. This is like a conscious waking meditation. It will prove quite useful.

           Just follow what you are told now. Things are moving very quickly now. Your mind should be clear. Only way to clear the mind is through intense purification, through Mantra. Do all disciplines. Do the Mantra intensely. Just always think of the other person.

            Main thing required for this work is humility. Everything begins inside. It is not an idea or a concept. Practice of service to others will breed humility. Then quite naturally it will develop. All the time service. Think of everything as service and you will find great joy in it.

          There is going to be a lot of destruction around us. We have to act as instruments to help the people, as a refuge, shelter.

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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On Resisting Fear
Yes, yes—present and accounted for. Indeed, it has been a long visit to the ‘homeland’ dear vehicle. Now, much works awaits you.

Warnings and responses to all fear-generated news events will be brief and to the point. Our main focus will be on the rush of energies coming your way.

As the Press and public arena become laden with frightening headlines, scare tactics, and the next in a series of viral outbreaks to terrorize the world, there is a grand concerted effort on the part of beings from other planets to uplift, protect, inform and redirect those Light beings who are being pulled, prodded into submission—but who decline the global invitation to give into mass hysteria and hyped-up mania.

The way to control a population is through producing, promoting and propagating FEAR. Do not fall prey to fear.

While always there have been and will be health risks and dangers, it is plainly obvious to us the timing and urgency have been well-planned, executed and publicized by the ‘powers that be.’

911 ushered in an era of fear-mongering and crisis control. Certainly, it had its beginnings earlier on, but reached the point of no return in 2001, 9-11.

Do not become fearful. Do not pay over attention to news. It is good to keep abreast of world events, but be sure to keep a filter on your mind and trust your intuitive faculties. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by the news, switch it off for awhile. Go within.

Seek company of those of like mind and heart. Support each other. Become proactive with Nature’s natural herbs and preparations to guard against illness and keep your bodies well-cared-for and nourished.

Steer clear of genetically modified foods and substances. Investigate purity of anything you ingest into your bodies that has not been proven pure—trust that which has. Support those brands.

Concentrate on good health, boosting your immune system and building healthy well-being.

On Warriors of Peace
Yes, yes. Those of you with awareness of the methods employed by the dark side, be aware. And practice, promote and propagate TRUTH. Lift your voices high. Reach and teach through avenues of the creative arts—music, dance, film. Do not be deterred. Hold firm in what you believe and know to be true.

Let no fear assail you, dear brothers and sisters. And above all, seek ways to create and renew UNITY among you.

Light Workers carry the flame for the future of this lustrous planet.

Fortify the youth. Encourage creative self-expression. Listen. Keep their hope well fed and surround them with Love.

You are the warriors of Peace on this planet.
Take your places.
Rise to the heights where all is One and One is All.

More info: www.oriontransmissions.com

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