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        Let us do more Swadhyaaya (Self-study). You may have already discovered the joy of serving others. Almost everyone knows the joy of  “self-service”.
    The majority of our actions are to benefit us first of all. It may be when you can pick up a glass of water, a plate of food, clothing, etc.
    But, some people may be helping others throughout the day, as a mother, a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, a bus driver, a garbage collector, etc.
   However, most people also look for a reward (directly or indirectly): money, pleasure, happiness, recognition, fame, power, etc.
    Occasionally, you meet someone who lives happily serving selflessly.    And you realize this because they do it anonymously. They are behind the camera or the curtains or in an annex room or elsewhere.       They are the invisible actors / doers.     Sometimes, they are like Invisibles Angels behind the "Miracles".   Usually, they are working in the background or foreground as unrecognized shadows. And yes,yes,yes, they are the real actors or doers.         This reminds us of the story of a Loving Master who taught by example.
        Once upon a time, a student came to the Teacher


Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth:
 "You owe me."
Look what happens with a Love like that: it lights the whole sky.
(Sufi poet- Hafiz)

and said: "I feel uncomfortable because people are applauding me, thinking that I am responsible for the fabulous things happening, but You are."       
        However, the Master said, "It is Okay, someone has to get the credit." Then, the student realized the Great Humility of His Master.
    Then, this student told himself. "He is the Master Mind and the Cause. People can think whatever they want, but I am not responsible for these wonders, He is." Since then, whenever people mistakenly praise the student, in his mind and heart, he bows towards his Master. And whenever there is a possibility, the student says:
                            "It is All His Grace."
  The practice of the Fivefold Path (FP) takes you in the direction of Unconditional Love, Selfless Service and what can be called
          'Total Surrender'.
     This is Great Joy or “BLISS".

      OM Fivefold Path OM
OM Master OM     OM Guru OM
           OM SHREE OM

Your comments, questions, suggestions and healing reports for the Homa Newsletter are welcome;
please write to Abel Hernandez & Aleta Macan at terapiahoma@yahoo.com



Ivonne Medina
Hospital Reátegui
Piura, Peru, South America

     "I am a midwife by profession. I got healed with Homa Therapy. I suffered from asthma and I was using inhalers when I was invited to participate in Homa Therapy in the Regional Hospital Cayetano Heredia.
          After two days I no longer needed to use the inhalers and no longer took drugs.   I was in treatment with a pneumonologist  and after one week I went for a control, but the doctor did not find anything wrong in my lungs.     I have no crisis, cough or phlegm.     I was healed with Homa.
All I did was to go there every day.  

     Til today, I no longer suffer from asthma; I have not had a crisis since then.
       3 years have passed and I feel great and cured.  
            I am grateful for the healing with the Homa Fires."
(Photo: Ms. Ivonne Medina giving her testimony in the hospital.)

Marleny Benites
Hospital Reátegui
Piura, Peru, South America

       "I suffered with bad asthma for years and I had gastritis. I always carried food with me and I was eating all the time. When it was my turn to eat, it was time for the practice of the Agnihotra. After we finished it, I completely forgot to eat something.
      I had no feeling of burning, although it was already 9 pm and I had been out doing

 shopping and had not eaten anything.
        When I saw the smoke from the Fire, I wanted to leave, thinking it was going to be hurt me, because that always had happened with other fumes. But I endured and began to follow all the instructions given.        We finished it and I was fine. I felt relaxed. I slept very well and I have not felt bad with my allergy.   It did not do me any harm."
 (Photo: Mrs. Marleny Benites giving her testimony.)

Socorro Arce López
Cono Norte, Lima, Peru
South America

     "I have some very nice experiences with Homa Therapy. I had a disease and I was going to have surgery on my vocal cords. Thanks to Homa Therapy there was no need for this any longer.
            In my house, thanks to God, there lived a person who did  HOMA

 Therapy and I attended it as often as I could.
                  Also, I suffered badly from a problem in my stomach and I was told that I had gastric reflux. This affected my throat. The medical doctors could not cure my problem.  They gave me some medicine to try to control it, but there was no cure.
    I could not talk much. I was not allowed to speak for three months. They told me to put a tape or whatever on my mouth to keep quiet.      I did not want to lose my voiceI also felt pain and I had a bitter taste in the mouth.        I had to be eating, eating and eating in order to avoid that bitterness, that sour taste in the mouth.
       I was in despair. I cried night and day. I could not sleep
         All this has disappeared by taking the Agnihotra ash and practicing Homa Therapy with Christian Alvaro at home.                   Now, I do not feel any of these discomforts.     I am calm and I am happy.    Now, I can sleep peacefully. 
It is a Miracle!"

(Photo: Ms. Socorro giving her testimony in the Essalud Hospital in Northern Lima.)

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Natalina Urteaga Ruiz
Hostal El Cabildo
Cajamarca, Peru, South America

I'm 80 years old. I usually could not rest peacefully. But the first time I came to Agnihotra, I slept all night.    I woke up at 6 in the morning to send my grandson to school. Then I went back to bed and slept until 9:00 am.     At that time I got up, took my medicine and had breakfast and went back to bed because I felt sleepy.  Then I got up at 11 in the morning, had lunch and went back to bed until 5 p.m.  when it was time to come over here for the Homa Fires.
    This has never happened to me before. If I slept again, it was only for an hour or three quarters of an hour.

I really needed this break.    I had told my daughters that I wanted to go to the Hospital so that they could put me to sleep for one week, because I felt so tired, so tired.
And they said to me ‘Mom, go ahead and do it.’
     But with Homa Therapy I am well rested and I feel much better. I no longer have this anxiety, this desperate feeling.    And I thank God that He has sent this therapy to remove our demons.      I'm also calmer and happier at home."

              (Photo:  Mrs. Natalina practicing Agnihotra at the Hostal 'El Cabildo' in Cajamarca, where Homa Therapy is practiced on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays – and everybody is invited.)

Luís Alberto Pasareli Peña
Hospital Reátegui
Piura, Peru, South America

"I am 53 years old. I have been suffering for about 4 years with depression and anxiety. I have been taking many medicines. On Saturday, I came for the first time to the hospital Reategui to see the Homa presentation and participate in the massive practice of Homa Therapy.    
          I sat and watched everything and I felt so much peace and I decided that I was going to stay until the end.    Then I talked to another lady who was there also for the 1st time. She said that she was feeling good too.                When I got home, I did not take my drugs, only the Agnihotra ash, which I had received. That day I had run out of my regular medicine and wanted to buy them, because when I run out, after a certain time, I get a crisis.         On Saturday, Sunday and Monday I felt fine, extra-ordinary and without medication.
       I only took the Agnihotra ash and participated in Agnihotra.
             Usually I sleep 4 or 5 hours, but on Saturday,

   after the Homa event, I arrived early and slept all night. I woke up more animated and with another face."
(Photo: Mr. Luis Alberto participating in Agnihotra in the Reátegui Hospital.)

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Consuelo Mercado Quevedo
Cajamarca, Peru, South America

         "In this month of November, I will be 82 years old.   I came to know Homa Therapy through a presentation in Complementary Medicine of the hospital Essalud in Cajamarca.   Dr. Paredes invited us to attend. Over there, I received acupuncture and do tai chi. Since that time, I have practically not missed a Homa Therapy session, which we do with Mr. Cristobal Sandoval.
                               Some time ago, I had serious diseases,
 breast Cancer and a kidney had been removed. I was in pain, discomfort, etc.    I had to take drugs.     Due to this, I had a chronic gastritis. Always at 5 pm,  I had a strong stomachache.

         I had to drink water and eat a biscuit, but  not anymore!         The pain is gone!
Also my knees, when climbing some steps, I had pain and it is gone! Now, I do not need to take any medication,  not for the stomach, not for the knees.
But I also want to say that I feel much peace, much tranquility. Not a single pain in the body. I have a sister who suffers from diabetes and another sister, younger than me, who says that her whole body hurts. I frankly thank Homa Therapy, which is doing me good. The Agnihotra Fire, the ash and sharing it, I think all these has given me that Peace."
 ((Photo: Mrs. Consuelo, 82 years old, practicing Agnihotra.)

Flor Jiménez Pimentel
Hostal El Cabildo
Cajamarca, Peru, South America

"I am 53 years old.    My first Agnihotra experience was yesterday. My husband invited me and came along. I felt good in my whole body. I have lived under lots of stress, my eyes hurt, my head, part of my neck and back. I lived  sick and actually took medicines every day religiously and I did not felt much improvement.
          But yesterday, being present at the Homa Fires, trusting in God and asking Him to remove my heaviness that I have in my body, I put my hands above the pyramid into

         the smoke and placed them on the parts that hurt me. I felt like the tiredness came out of my sight and the pain went out of my body. And actually I feel more relaxed and my husband does too. Now, we have the kit to keep practicing Agnihotra in order to feel better, without stress and depression, which are in fashion here in Cajamarca and everywhere for the many problems we all have. But, truly everything was in pain and now I feel better.
        I also thank the participants for their affection, because I felt good sharing with them. Nobody knows the problems each one has and when we are sick we need simpathy.          Sometimes we miss affection and all we need is love. We are looking for this since childhood. For this reason,  we do not love ourselves, we live unhappy and sick sometimes.
                                                              Here I feel so much love and I feel better."
(Photo: Mrs. Flor Jimenez practicing Agnihotra.)

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Experiences with Homa Therapy in the garden

The Homa Medical Center 'La Botica de la Abuela' (Botica Sun), Armenia, Colombia reports:
         "Cristian Camilo Gallego (photo below left) is the person responsible for coordinating the Homa organic farming activities of the ‘Botica de la Abuela’. He is a student of agricultural production with emphasis on agro-ecology. Camilo is also involved in alternative agriculture. In his investigation of alternative agro-ecological schools, he found that with Homa farming it is possible to obtain positive results:
- The use of Homa ash complements very well the process of fertilization in organic farming.
- Homa farming is economically viable since it saves farm costs by using ash for fertilization and for detoxifying the soil.
-  the workers are more energetic
- It’s therapeutic; while the farmer performs Homa in the garden, the eco-systems are  harmonized.
- Accelerates the process of reproduction.

Don Edgar Alonso Fernández Rendón (photo left to the right)           performs the work of Homa organic agriculture for the ‘Botica de la Abuela’.          For 12 years, he has been applying the Homa organic farming technique.    He does Triambakam fire in the garden.
            He uses Homa ashes for the Homa biosol,  irrigation,  fertilization and  leachate  as biological pest control.

    In the photo 'Magic of Homa Harvest' we can see the different products obtained in the Homa greenhouse of the Botica: bell peppers, radishes, beets, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, onions, chard, cabbage, limes, cale, cherry tomatoes, aromatic and medicinal plants such as basil, lemon grass, oregano and mint.

We received following email from Mr. Eulogio Heredia from Miami, USA:

             "Remembered friends, I am sending my loving greetings and appreciation for the banana fruit production in Miami. It is thanks to Homa Therapy. Hugs."

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     Surprising film in high definition. Immerse yourself in the beautiful details of the tropical rainforest. Aspects that often go unnoticed when you visit spectacular places. The video was filmed in the cloudy forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica. (Duration: 08'56 ")




     For your friends that still think that genetically engineered food is as natural as breathing, send them this video, What is a GMO?, (an excerpt from Genetic Roulette — The Gamble of Our Lives) to learn about the spider-goat, the cowhide-pig and other ways that the biotech scientists want to replace nature.

full movie: geneticroulettemovie.com



Options such as Agro-ecology and climate-smart agriculture should be explored, and so should biotechnology and the use of genetically modified organisms, FAO's director-general said, noting that food production needs to grow by 60   percent by 2050 to meet the expected demand

from an anticipated population of 9 billion people. "We need to explore these alternatives using an inclusive approach based on science and evidences, not on ideologies," as well as to "respect local characteristics and context," he said.
(Photo: 29 September 2014, Rome FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva (r) addresses COAG)
For more info please see: http://www.fao.org/news/story/en/item/250148/icode/



"Greetings. We are from the future.
Everything is going to be alright.
You are about to undergo a staggering revolution. ..."

The next transmission From the Future is here:

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      We are celebrating and appreciating the gift of life every day in the major hospitals in Piura with the healing Homa fires, with prayers for peace, devotional songs and circle dances to honor Mother Earth.
     Joy expands our hearts!
           What Divine Grace!

(see photos on this page)

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          A new Homa banana Farm is being born in the desert of Piura. With much effort, dedication and commitment, the Posas family together with the people of a nearby small village are creating a new Homa Oasis with the help of the Divine.         Bananas, a staple food filled with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, when grown in Homa atmosphere, also carry healing energy to each cell of our body. In this case, we can apply Hipocrates’ saying:
      "Let your food be your medicine."

Meeting with the workers to explain how the Homa Super Farming Technology implementation, benefits and achievements are obtained in different parts of the world in a large variety of products. 
(see photos on this page)
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   Prof. Abel asks them also about their health and the health of their families. In spite of living in the countryside, far from the city,  the villagers have all sorts of health problems due to noise and pollution.
       The practice of the medicinal Homa Fires on the farm can also help them personally in regard to their health issues and they will be able to take the healing Agnihotra ash home and share it.

    They were shown how to prepare the Agnihotra Fire and learned the sunset Mantras.
During Agnihotra, Prof. Abel guided us to breathe deeply, thereby relaxing body and mind.
The wind blew softly, taking the healing smoke all around the farm, applying a real fumigation ...
(see photos on this page)

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        Taking advantage of the weekend, the public was invited, through local newspapers, to experience the benefits of Homa Therapy.  
   They participated in the massive Agnihotra healing Fire in the auditorium of the State Hospital 'Jorge Reategui' in Piura.

(see photos on this page)

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     The many Agnihotra Fires filled the atmosphere with energies of healing and love.   These energies also knock on the door of our heart and if we let them in, we can experience Peace, Silence, Bliss and Joy.
   This fills us with humility and gratitude!  
                                                        (see photos on this page)

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The weekly meetings of the ‘Women's Healing Circle' and the 'Spiral of self-study' continue in Piura.
There, inspirational reading and reflections are shared.
We do mandala drawings,  songs and dances –  in an atmosphere charged with the healing Homa Fires.    We unite in heart and strength and send energies of Peace and Love to places in need.

Women celebrating the Homa Fire!
 We feel gratitude and joy.
We learn to trust in Mother Earth, the Divine Mother, in life and in ourselves
(photos on this page)

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   Prof. Abel continues with the preparation of the staff of the banana farm where the Super-Technology of Homa farming will be applied. He shares more information through stories, anecdotes, videos and by answering many questions

regarding this simple technique, which strengthens, supports, protects and nurtures the land, water, atmosphere and humans.
 Then nature offers us healthy and abundant crops, full of life energy.(see photos on this page)

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              To begin the practice of Homa, one can be young or old, educated or  illiterate, may have a difficult or angelic nature, one can live an exemplary life or not -  The practice of Agnihotra Fire leads us to a better condition, increases the Light in our hearts and takes us H O M E.        (see photos on this page)

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  Arriving in Guayaquil, we had the honor of sharing sunset Agnihotra with
Dr. Cesar Merino,
 his families and some Agnihotra friends.

Calm, silence and peace that can be inhaled!

(photo left)

We also shared Agnihotra at the Veg. Restaurant 'Amaranto' with Mari, Patricio and more friends. (photo right)

             Dr. Sandra Mercado invited to present and practice Homa Therapy in her
      Centre of ‘Medical Bio-Magnetism’
in Urdesa Guayaquil. 
                        (photo above left and below)

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We received the photos on this and on the next page from Ms. Camila Paz from Santiago. She shares:
        "During October and November, we have been doing a cycle of “Circles with Homa Therapy” in different places in and around Santiago. For example at the Centre" Corner of Peace" in Pirque, "Centro Bless" in Santiago, in the " Centro Mizen", in "Casa Sol Buin", in the "Casa la Florida”, etc. to generate a network of healing and purification through the Vedic Homa Fires.   OM SHREE."

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Ms. Camila Paz participated in the workshop "Recreating Education" in San Pedro Atacama and wrote:
    "There was a 3 days workshop of study and experience of holistic therapies and disciplines for human development and its application in an educational context in San Pedro Atacama. During the meeting, Homa was performed every day.    The photos show the practice of Agnihotra in the "Moon Valley" San Pedro Atacama and during the workshop."

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           The most effective way to change another person’s perspective behavior, attitudes is by your own example. If the person is judgmental towards others, once you notice this fault in them, let it go. Otherwise you are also in danger of doing the same. Then show acceptance and tolerance to that individual. Do not be afraid of the person, what they will say or do to you. If you are reacting with love where is the question of fear?

          Strife will be apparent in even best of neighbourhoods. Anger is so close to surface. We must be humble. We must rid ourselves of the angry ego. If we must be harsh then we must do it with total love just as I was harsh with you. Now already in short time you are showing improvement so I need not be so harsh with you. Now we can get the work done. Ego prevents this. Ego delays this. Try and try again. You will be rewarded tenfold as you are told.

       Tomorrow there is no time. Tomorrow, future, many things will move so quickly. We move at a snail's pace now as compared to then. The future is so soon always. On this path, we begin to transcend the limitations of time and also space as you have seen.

       Now comes a time when we have to learn to live in this world and still maintain spiritual life.
People generally are not able to integrate the two. Of course, that is everyone’s lesson in this time. We cannot run off to the Himalayan mountains and live like monks. It is not that way now.

       When he mistreats you, is abusive to you or cold towards you, remember it is his own pain that causes him to do this. It is not your fault. Do not constantly blame yourself. He is unhappy. That is not because of you. Still he has no right to cause you pain.
Nothing on this physical plane is going to give him joy. Nothing. Beautiful women are not what he needs. Fulfillment of desires is not what be needs. He needs love and support.
You are his support. Serve him. You are the woman who can give him the Divine motherly love. That he needs deeply, especially now. To give Divine motherly love is to give acceptance, understanding, support, concern. Be affectionate.

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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

A Critical Mass of Prayer
     Yes, yes. A critical mass of those lifting their voices in prayer, in song, all calling out for peace—this, yes, will have a powerful transforming effect on the world. But make this effort a lasting one.

Theories will not net you peace, nor will they stop the spread of disease or the environment’s decline. Putting so much mental energy into conspiracy theories and partaking in blaming one country, one race, one religion, one ideology for the state of the world is a grave error in judgment, one which is also part and parcel of a troubled society.

      Seek not to blame or shame. Seek not to judge and condemn. Give your energy, focus, time and effort into creating solutions and resources for healing this planet. Strive for UNITY amongst all people of this planet. Begin within yourself to assemble all the broken parts to become whole. Begin in your families, your places of work, with your neighbors. Then branch out to others in your community, then globally. Expand your awareness to embrace all of humanity.

      If you pray for peace, do so with all your heart. If your way is through music, through art, through the written word, through dance, through any avenue of creativity—use your resources to create with intent to heal and spread Light on this planet.

This is expanding your awareness so to see the whole and not be limited to one part.

May you walk in Light.
The future is golden bright. See it as such.
Do not despair.
Raise your hearts and voices in harmony.

On War and Peace
           Yes, yes, yes. There is, as always, more than meets the eye. Horrific crimes against humanity continue to rise. What incites human beings to embark on roads of destruction? Dear beings of planet Earth, these are not part of a healthy human nature.

Yes, yes, yes. There is, as always, more than meets the eye. Horrific crimes against humanity continue to rise. What incites human beings to embark on roads of destruction? Dear beings of planet Earth, these are not part of a healthy human nature.

      In a world where greed and avarice have taken hold on the souls of men, where Power is prioritized over life itself, everything is out of balance.

   Nature suffers. Human nature, intricately a part of its environment, is also in a state of imbalance. Add to that the imperialist goals of world domination—and the weak get weaker, the strong take control. What does this tell you, you need to be?

      The strength of those in power is rooted in darkness. Those of you whose awareness is growing in Light should overcome the nebulous, the perilous, the seemingly impossible odds of an environment under siege and a humanity self-destructing.
     Those who put their Faith in that which is Light shall persevere through the dark night of this planet’s soul and you shall inherit the Earth.

In this time of darkness, you must stand guard against the tendencies to judge, to take sides in the political parlay. NOTHING IS WHAT IT APPEARS TO BE. NOTHING.

Do not allow your minds to be swayed. In war, no side is the right side, where killing is being done in the name of peace. This is not valid. No peace can be fraught from war. PEACE is the absence of war, the quelling of the rise of hatred. Peace is born of compassion and understanding that surpasses all.

Remain one-pointed in this.
TRUTH shall be revealed.
UNITY is your lifeboat in the storms to come.

Blessings of Light to all.
In camaraderie, We are, Orion

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