September 21, 2005

Message from Shree Vasant

            “You should order grains for six months period.

 Buy paper supplies for six months period.

 Get into the habit of stocking food items and necessity items six months ahead. After six months you can use those supplies if necessary and replenish the supply. That way, grains are never out of date.

Matches you should have.

Then, water, if water is not naturally available.

If pump runs on electric power, how to have back up supply of water at least?

Or alternative electric power.

This you have time for, but it has to be a goal and not a long-term goal.

Then, put away as much food from the garden as possible for six months period.

Any fresh food that stores well if you do not have a garden.

Buy sacks of potatoes for example, to store in a dry basement or cellar. “