Om Tryambakam Homa

With the Tryambakam Homa, same as with the Vyahruti Homa, it is important to practice regularly Agnihotra.

In this HOMA there is only one Mantra and after the word Swaha you add a drop of ghee to the fire. Repeat the Mantra and again add a drop of ghee. You can do this for any period of time continuously. However, if it is sunrise or sunset time while you are doing this HOMA then actually at that time you utter Agnihotra Mantra and add the mixture of rice and ghee ot the fire as stated in Agnihotra HOMA procedure.
It is good if one can do this HOMA at night in a room where a child is sleeping. It has a good effect on the child. There are thousands of people in all continents who practice this HOMA regularly in the evening for fifteen minutes in their homes.
For HOMA Farming this HOMA is done for four hours consecutively by people taking turns. If a new person sits for fifteen minutes he would like to sit for a longer period next time as he experiences the healing effect. As stated before this HOMA can be done in a place where Agnihotra HOMA fire is practiced regularly.
In U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia there are hundreds of places where this HOMA fire is kept for several hours a day. This HOMA fire can be maintained round the clock continuously and the atmosphere becomes very healling.
If there are enough people available they can perform twenty-four hours Om Tryambakam HOMA on full moon and no moon days. Full moon, no moon is a very special cycyle which has terrific impact on the mind. The word 'lunatic' meaning a mad persona comes from luna meaning moon.







(add some drops of ghee to the fire with the word 'Suaahaa' and repeat the Mantra and so on.)

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