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Marital Problems 
Problems with the son 

"My husband and I were fighting a lot, it was a very bad situation. My mind was already made up, to go to the lawyer and get a divorce. Coincidently I was invited to a Homa Therapy healing session, but when I saw that they used dried cow's manure, truthfully I wanted to leave and said to myself: "I will never do anything dirty like that". But then I told myself that I should be a little more humble and I stayed. I listened and I was asked to taste the Agnihotra ash, which I then started to take regularly. 

In just a few days I felt a very big change. I did not have fights with my husband any longer. He also became more affectionate. So much, that he later took me to a trip where actually another person was supposed to accompany him. I don't know what happened, but he invited me. We had a good time. 

My son is a teenager with many problems and he had a lot of hate towards me. But now it is "mommy I help you, mommy I do that for you". Yes, I really feel a change, I feel more dynamic. I also swim a lot and feel very active. My husband feels calmer. I feel a wonderful change. I hope, that everybody does Homa Therapy and the Agnihotra fire and will know that it is something really good. 

I come to the fires and take the ash. In the beginning I gave "my men" at home the ash in lunch, dinner, in their hot chocolate or in their yogurt, without them knowing . They ended up saying that the food tasted somehow strange, but delicious. 
It is not even important that the Agnihotra ash is fresh, because even older ash has the same effect."