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  • Respiratory Stop 
  • Bronchial congestion 
  • Cough 
  • Lack of Appetite 
  • Weight loss 
  • Vomits
"I am 29 years old. My experience with the Homa fires is excellent. We have a four year-old daughter that suffered from a respiratory stop about three months ago. I saw how she choked, it was so bad that we had to take her to the hospital. There she was thoroughly checked by specialists, a cardiologist and a pneumologist. They prescribed her an infinity of recipes and a quantity of antibiotics. But the girl did not get better. On the contrary I saw her getting thinner, her eyes became bigger and she did not eat. Then I found out by chance about the fires of the Homa Therapy and I began to come and assist with my girl. From the beginning I alternated the Agnihotra ash with the prescribed medicine, later came the time where I definitively left the traditional medicine and treated her only with the Agnihotra ash. I received three bottles with the Homavida pills, because they were easier to take than the Agnihotra ash and this way my daughter began to improve. Her appetite awakened, the cough improved and she no longer vomited when she coughed. All these positive changes happened only through the Agnihotra ash pills, which I gave her four times a day and the attendance to the Agnihotra fire. The girl responded so well. I returned later to the clinic for a checkup and the doctor told me that her bronchi were completely clean. I continue taking her for control, but I don't give her the medicines the doctor prescribes. I make the doctor believe that I give her the medication, but it is not this way. Now I cure her only with ash. This way she got healed of asthma and rhinitis. I give thanks to God and to the fires of the Homa Therapy that my daughter now is very well. Her name is Daniela Elizabeth Ocho Gomez."

2005: Coraima is now a little older, healthy and loves practicing her own fire.