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  • Kidney stones
  • Breast  Inflammation 
"I arrived to the Homa Therapy healing and I also found out about some "YANTRAMS", which are charged copper medals. I got some and gave one to a friend, called Lastenia Tingo. She placed it for a while in water and then she drank this energized water. The following day, she expelled stones for she was suffering of renal calculi; She called me and said that "a miracle had happened". The inflammation was gone and she didn't have any more pains. 
I am a Reiki therapist and I did a session with a girl, called Karla E. Karla had been injected collagen in her breasts to increase their size. After a short time her body rejected this liquid. Her left breast became inflamed tremendously and was all red, almost purple. I placed a Yantram on her chest and did Reiki therapy with her. After one and a half hours, the inflammation had come down a lot and she did not have any more pain. She only drinks Yantram water and does not take any antiiflammatory pills."