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  • Depression for 30 years 
  • Insomnia
"I like to share an experience with the Agnihotra-ash. At that time ,I still did not do the fires but I was given  the agnihotr ash (one and a half months ago). It was in a moment, when my dad was very bad, he was on the edge of death: He could not eat without help and he had been taking pills for 30 years to sleep and also antidepressants, a substance that is very poisonous, the "Fluoxetina". This substance was causing a kind of Parkinson disease, spasms; He could not walk nor talk, the spasms were more and more frequently and stronger. I took him to a neurologist, who said that there was nothing left to do, since my father was dependent on the "Fluoxitina". 

At the same time my father received the Reiki harmonization, level 1. I really gave him the Reiki harmonization because I wanted to help him to die easier, because it is one way to help people and at the same time I gave him the Agnihotra ash. I gave it to him and I told him that it was Ayurvedic medicine and that he had to take it with his food. 

Then the spasms disappeared and he began to eat again, he has been so thin. I found another neurologist that suggested him to lower the medication gradually. All that came together at the same time, the Reiki, the Agnihotra ash and the new Neurologist. Now my father does not take tranquilizers, neither antidepressant. He continues taking the Agnihotra-ash. He still does not know what exactly the ash is, but the results are incredible. 

He is CURED. He now works with me in the clinic and has discovered a gift that was kept during many years inside of him. He is a new man at 62. He did not have any reason to live and now he is working. He is a Reiki practitioner and helps other people in their healing process."